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Review #1, by EmccentricWithout a Trace: Statues

7th February 2012:

(still not coherent enough bleurgh)

Maybe Terry will meet the Doctor in the past and they can go back to the present and Sherlock will be like whut O_O and ahh I just don't know! I love Sherlock's deduction with the statue and the soil and how he thinks someone's moved it oh and I can't wait to see his reaction towards the existence of magic and aliens and yeah this review only squees the storyline in a fangirly fashion that is all. I mean, you've combined all my fave fandoms into one and I'm usually coherent in reviewing but I just cannot! D: I fangirl squealed at school just at the thought of how this fic are going to progress no joke and don't look at me that way k

That is all. For real, this time. :P



Good theories, but you'll have to wait and see what happens :P I love Sherlock's deductions as well. It's always hard to write a character who's about 10 times more intelligent than I'd ever hope to be but I'm giving it my best shot. -nods-

I'm usually coherent in answering reviews but I can't do that very well either because I am amazed and blown away by the reception this story's gotten and I never dreamed there were so many Wholockians on HPFF my goodness.


Careful now, my ego'll become as big as Sherlock's.

...Actually no, that's not earthly possible.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #2, by EmccentricWelcome to Blunderland: { introduction }

20th January 2012:
OHMERLIN JULIA well xxzxcuzx me while I break out from my liquid state into a solid matter once more (this is why my parents shouldn't put me in a decent school) for this 1st chapter had me giggling/yelling "no"/quoting things on Twitter/concerning my mother 5 minutes after I've finished reading.

I mean, WHY IS EVERYTHING SO PERFECT? If this is what you call Blunderland, then I'd like to inhabit it LIKE IN TRON EXCEPT LESS VICIOUS HUZZAH. I blame your hipster CI for the Tron reminder. The second I saw it, then BAM. The old lightbike sound effect just pops to my head like a chocolate frog and DON'T TELL ME SCORPIUS IS REALLY WEARING GLASSES Y HE PERFECT *jumps excitedly*

Extra sugary snacks for spectacled charries, yes you go Julia (give them some for Flora for being a brave Hufflepuff youu).



Author's Response: WAITWOT DID YOU JUST QUOTE A CRYSTAL CASTLES SONG TITLE THERE? I am not in love with your love and caring and this review is really just to pass the time before i go and do my alice practice on my celestica and then attend the baptism of the doe deer i met through courtship dating. And I'll stop now. Good band, good choonz.

blunderland as tron? YES. PLEASE. ALWAYS. Albus and Scorpius have to compete for Flora's heart by racing. Or maybe that'll be my next vague AU crackfic idea.

ALL the spectacles. There aren't enough of them in fanfiction, but they are truly magnificent. I tried on some total moz specs last time I was at the opticians but, sadly, they did not suit me, and I had to go with the good ol' square black frames instead.

I see you in your hipster volkswagen van and I raise you one hipster pushbike with, like, a hipster basket and hipster tassels on the hipster handlebars. (Also, could you give me a lift to hipster summer camp in your VW? too far to cycle, especially with my wee puny legs).

thank you for a lovely review my lovely ♥

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Review #3, by EmccentricThe Love Affairs: James Potter: Part one.

18th December 2011:
I'm hopefully first? :P
Kay, so first of all, seeing the banner weeks ago definitely makes me want to read it and after days and it still didn't come up on the newly validated list, I started thinking, "Maybe Daryl only made it for a plunny that would never develop?"


This is brilliant. Seriously.

I love how you start this slow. Some background information to build up Lucy's character and how she comes to get close to James, yus! The words on the banner and chapter 1 really clash with each other, the banner screaming FUN FUN FUN while this chapter is full of adorableness that fill me with warmth like a mug of hot coco after riding a broomstick on a rainy night. Have I mentioned that Lucy is just adorable and squishable? Yes, that is a word in my dictionary.

I wonder how Lucy's going to fall for Al after James' cheeky stunt, doing that to poor, tired Lucy. All the more reason you need to write more.


Nope, there is no pressure pressed in this review. :)

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Review #4, by EmccentricGrowing Up: Growing Up

4th December 2011:
I'll admit, I was stalking your page to look at your pretty CIs on SA and the spawns of SA >:D Then I thought I'd take a look at your angstier stuff and it's the point of no return. Basically. SHOW ME THE WAYS OF WRITING ANGST. :"

If you wrote this is in 2 hours flat, the thought of writing something similarly themed for, say, a whole day breaks my mind. Don't feel guilty about taking the banner (I've creepily read the rest of the reviews because I'm creepy like that) because it absolutely deserves the pretty graphic it has.

Besides, I think a couple of long reviews > lots of short reviews that only says "Love it!" "Write more!" ^_^

When he died and she kept berating herself for not apologizing to him and be friends again beforehand, Draco not being able to fill Astoria's crater of a heart ugh THIS GLASS CASE OF EMOTION HAS ENCOMPASSED ME And Colin being sorry for trying (random line right there but I just have to say it. Reading it is like putting my heart in a paper shredder and/or blender.)

Keep on being awesome angst writer. This world needs more awesome angst writers. Yes, someone like you.

Author's Response: The hipster CIs! Haha. Oh, me and my angst. I can't stay off the angsty stuff.

How to write angst: wait until it rains. then put a smiths record on, press your face to the window, and unleash your inner mope onto lined paper. Okay that's totally not how I write because it's hard to balance on a windowsill when you're holding a laptop, but, still.

Eee thank you so much~ yeah, I agree. Long reviews are far, far better (but when I wrote this I was all ~woe nobody likes it~ and felt really insecure about what I'd just posted. Ergo the review angst.) Thank you so much for stopping by to review it, by the way!

So much pain. ('I'm not crying, it's just raining on my face!' etc etc). I think I wrote this after coming across a ship discussion thread or something. Or maybe I requested the ship. Idk. But they're two pretty minor characters that I adore for different reasons (Astoria ship Drastoria like nothing else, and Colin because he's hilarious) and for some reason it made sense in my mind for them to know each other and stuff. And then this thing happened~

Thank you so, so much ♥ this review pretty much made my day! Oh, don't worry, I'll keep up the angst ;D thank you again!

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Review #5, by EmccentricFrom the Abyss: Prologue

4th December 2011:
PJO and HP crossover muy bien! I gotta say, though, the prologue's kind of slow but I think that opinion is just going to fly out the window. I can smell the greatness in the air *wiggles fingers mysteriously*

Just to be sure, when exactly does this take place; between the HoO world and the HP one?

To clarify, write more. Pleasums? :)

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Review #6, by EmccentricThe First Haven: The Sorcerors' Intelligence Agency

24th October 2011:
*flails* *flails* *flails* *rolling on the floor flailing* *flails* *flails* *flails*


You seriously need to, um, get. a. FLOOTLY. AWESOME. BANNER. to. compliment. this. FLOOTLY. AWESOME. FIC. idontevenknowwhatflootlymeansijustmadethatup but seriously seriously seriously people need to know more about this flootlysmashingfic! They tend to skip fics that have no banner (I doubt they even read the summary altogether) because they like pretty things, I don't know. Get. A. Banner. And it sure as hell better be FLOOTLY!

Anyway, *clears throat* the escape part is so exciting and fast-paced. Your ability to write action scenes makes me weep. I can see everything in my head and my head likes what it sees. And you write the normal scenes just as well. It flows. Everything is just BA, okay?!

One teensy little thing that I suggest you revise is the summary. I don't know, but the "...three people face sentencing for crimes against wizardry. Among them is Hermione Granger, for whom there is no place in the Dark Lord's new world" part doesn't really flow. We know England is under Voldemort's regime, if there has to be 3 people he has to kill, it would probably be Harry, Ron, and Hermione. If I were you, I'd go straight to the point, something along the lines of "England is ruled by Voldemort behind closed doors. The Golden Trio is no more; 2 awaiting death by Dementor's Kiss and 1 condemned to life imprisonment." and so on.

That's it, really. :D Write moarr!

Author's Response: Haha, awesome :) I have wondered about the banners before... and I think I will change the summary! I'll reconsider my abandoning the story I think...

I'm really glad you enjoy it. I really haven't been sure how people are taking to this story, and I worried that this chapter in particular would be incomprehensible :P I think it should become clearer, but the fact I'm splitting up the chapters all the time might make it difficult to follow :P

But alright, I'll try to ignore my brain's advice :P I'll keep writing the story! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #7, by EmccentricThe Quiet Outcast: Albus Potter: Part II

18th June 2011:
ohmagassh you updated!! *waddles frantically to the computer*

ohmagassh I want to hate you because of the BIG cliffy but how can I hate you when you're such an awesome writer? So hating you is out of the question.

Have I told you how much I dig your writing style? It's really effortless which pulls me deeper into the story without having to use complicated, big words heebie jeebies, describing things, writing Hugo's train of thought without getting into too much detail. You might wanna shorten a couple of paragraphs, though. Some of them are huuuge :)

To the chapter! I think Albus is the most interesting (and curious for me) character Hugo has tried to help so far. The way Albus needs help is unlike any other and I think he has the problem most of us have: we just need someone who understands us. Not someone who's being sympathetic, but someone who actually underwent what we've been through.

Eh, you're the writer, you've gotten the message across and I get that. Just the moral from the entire story makes me warm and fuzzy inside...

...until Hugo gets tackled outside of Hogwarts by an invisible being. My guess would be James in his Invisibility Cloak? Yes, that sounds quite predictable, unless you have a major twist up your sleeves? ;) I wonder how/if Connie plays a part in this.

I shall flail on ze floor until jou post ze 13th chapter.

Author's Response: Have I told you how much I dig your reviews? Albus is definitely an intriguing specimen, and I was very interested in writing him, so I'm glad you enjoyed his character! Your review is fantastic, it made my day!

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Review #8, by EmccentricThe Quiet Outcast: Albus Potter: Part I

3rd May 2011:
I think I'm in LOVE with this story... and also Hugo.

Where should I start?

You make the characters real and completely relatable. I see Hugo slowly breaking out of his shell with every person he helps. He's brave enough to voice his opinion when necessary but still has a hard time forming words to say, and so on. He's getting there, alright, and somewhere along the way it's hard not to love him, his voice, his struggles, basically everything.

I also have a soft spot for every person Hugo's helped. Makes me realize that even the most perfect people or people who give you troubles also have their own problems. Very nice.

Kudos for you for being an awesome author. :)

One of my favorite moments in the story so far? "I swear if we got to the station at five in the morning, Uncle Percy would already be there ready to inform us happily that he and his family had camped there for the night." That cracked me up.

10/10 for sure :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the crack about Percy, I must admit I snickered when I wrote it. "An awesome author?" You flatter me. Thank you so much for the read, the review, and the rating! You really are too kind, my dear.

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Review #9, by EmccentricA Change of Heart and Character: Forgiveness

28th January 2011:
It's really refreshing to read a nice Dudley. I always thought his change of heart isn't explored much further in the books. Him having an epiphany when seeing James and Lily's graves is a great twist.
Love it! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I wanted to explore a bit of the change of heart JK hinted at in the beginning of Deathly Hallows + Dudley. I'm glad you enjoyed! :)

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Review #10, by EmccentricThis Ends Today: Perspectives

15th January 2011:
This is absolutely well-written, like any other fics you wrote, of course.
I can't pick whose POV I like the most, but if I must choose, it'd have to be either Ron or Ginny. Their memories of Harry had me bawling. My tears are as big as my thumb, I swear.
When I read Hagrid's part, it nearly killed me. Having to carry Harry's body is unbearable. To be inside Hagrid's mind during that particular moment... just wow.
Draco's part is intriguing, to say the least. You really nailed his character, or anybody else's, for that matter. Job well done.
Using Luna's point of view to close the story is spot-on as well. That lady is hard to fool indeed. Knowing that at least one of them knows Harry isn't dead is, well... a spot-on move to close the story.
But I keep wondering what Cho is probably going through. After all, she hints that she still has feelings for him earlier in the book. Crushed, maybe, that another guy she likes passed away? But I love it nevertheless.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your lovely review :) It's really nice to hear from you again. I appreciate your comments about the various sections. I'm glad that you thought the characters were in character (wow, I'm so eloquent :P) My heart always broke for Hagrid at that point. For Harry, too. He has to just lay there and pretend to be dead, knowing that he's causing all the people he loves so much pain. I don't envy either of them.

I wasn't planning on writing Luna at first, but it dawned on me right before I submitted that she would have a unique perspective. I wasn't planning on her realizing Harry was still alive, but she's got a mind of her own and that's where it went :P If anyone is going to notice, it's her.

I actually thought about writing Cho, but the only thing I kept thinking was "OMG, every boy I date dies! What the heck?!?!" And I didn't think that would fit in so well :P

Thank you again for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #11, by EmccentricBefore the Dawn: Before the Dawn

24th December 2010:
Words cannot describe how perfect this is. I was shaking and crying uncontrollably while reading this. It's just so well-written. I wish you'd write the part where Hagrid carries a pretending-to-be-dead Harry back to the castle, though. With your writing style and everything, I'm sure it'll crush my heart, which is classified as a good read for me any day.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review. You're incredibly sweet. While I'm not exactly glad that this made you cry, I've always thought that the best compliment a writer can get is knowing that something they've written has really had an emotional impact on a reader. So thank you again for reading and reviewing.

Also, I'm kind of working on a follow up to this story that is kind of a mash-up of several different people's perspectives at the moment that Voldemort announces that Harry is dead. We'll have to wait and see if it works out...

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