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Review #1, by TheGoldenKneazleThe Quidditch Cup : Chapter Sixteen

21st May 2014:


I like the different POVs you switch between, to be honest having it evenly split between Cora and James is my favourite, because they I don't get too annoyed at James or too used to be an awesome power-girl either haha.

Also this was such a great bit in the story!! I'm so glad you didn't make it a fight because it was properly touching and lovely this way and I'm kind of sick of the "we're fighting constantly because we're in love maybe" trope. You're spin on the hate/love so far - ie. "we've discovered we're maybe good friends huh" is a lot more interesting because it's so much less predictable. Not that Cora and James should never fight - I just think they're a lot more readable and interesting when they're not :P

Good luck on your exams! This story is definitely helping me get through mine!

Author's Response: Ah that makes me extremely happy!!! I'm going to continue with the swapping povs cause you get a better feel at what they are both thinking and it'll help with the story later on mwhahahaha!
The good news is I know exactly where the story is going and there may be a fight on the way hehe in the long distance future maybe ...
And half term is coming up so I may treat myself to writing a new chapter before exams, so keep and eye out... And thank you! Good luck for your exams too!!!
Thank you for reviewing, it really does mean a lot!! :D

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Review #2, by TheGoldenKneazleThe Quidditch Cup : Chapter Fifteen

6th May 2014:
Ahhh I have read all of this story in one go because it's amazing, even though I really do have a zillion exams starting next week, but I am such a sucker for a Quidditch story. I am also a sucker for a good James II/OC story and dude this is actually such a great story!

I am desperate now to find out what is going to happen at the ball. James is such an idiot gah, I reallyreallyreally want him to make a proper move towards Cora, although I definitely missed the hints about Elyan. Please update soon - I have been on HPFF for years and this is already one of my all-time favourites :D

Author's Response: Aw that has made me extremely happy! And don't worry the next chapter is in the queue, so it shouldn't be too long away!
And I wouldn't sweat about it the hints were so small, they would come off as him being friendly hahah trying to keep up with his butch reputation haha and awww that makes me really happy so thank you for my confidence boost!
Again thank you for reviewing and I hope you like the next chapter, when it gets validated (soon I hope) x

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Review #3, by TheGoldenKneazleThe New Pride of Portree: The Dreaded Ex

2nd October 2013:
AHH MOLLY/FITZ ROMANCE!! I am so excited about next chapter because that ending was the BOMB. I kind of want to whack Mariah about the head, a lot; you've portrayed her too well, urgh. Molly's handling of her made me respect her all the more, though, and if Fitz doesn't get his act together he will be next on the Whacking List ;) I hope we get some mid-drill mid-air conflict, just because so much of the action is happening in pep talks! Eep this is such a fab story, I love it so much already, as per!

Author's Response: Aha yes, there is a lot of him on the ground, isn't there? More to come on that. Mariah is a butthead, that's for sure. Molly knew better how to deal with contrary people than Fitz did, though he did have a point about her not reacting as well had it come from her ex-husband. Fitz needs to get the Work Yourself Out talk next for sure. Thank you so much, I'm really glad to hear you're enjoying the story! ((wub))

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Review #4, by TheGoldenKneazleThe New Pride of Portree: The New Lineup

2nd October 2013:
Ooh TENSION ♥ I am completely adoring this chapter with all the training and the sparks between Fitz and Molly. All the team players so far are so fabulous, I'm expecting funny things from them, and also you always manage a fantastic balance between muggle and magic on naming people (I struggle with it!) Plus, all Molly's neurotic tendencies are making me feel more normal :P I am so looking forward to more Molly and Fitz development next chapter (hopefully with less of their irritating each other this time eep!)

Author's Response: lol. Tension! I love me some romantic tension. Even if it starts out as "oooh you're a jerk" tension. ;) Molly is rather neurotic. And she and Fitz are bound to clash, such opposite leadership styles. Perhaps "leadership" would be a better way of putting it for Fitz, at least for now. haha. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #5, by TheGoldenKneazleThe New Pride of Portree: The Harpy With the Mohawk

1st October 2013:
YAYAYAY MORE MIDNIGHT RUN UNIVERSE ♥ I love your writing and characters so much; Molly and Quidditch is an excellent new addition to the family, I am so excited to find out more! As a Quidditch fanatic, all the team references in this were so brilliant. I am really looking forward to more Fitz, too ;) and EEP tension turning up already?! TNPoP is like Christmas come early in my reading terms XD

Author's Response: Yay I'm glad you're here and reading! I hope you enjoy this outing of Midnight Run next genners. I'm glad you like my new addition there, Fitz. Tension will (hopefully) run high for a while. Thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #6, by TheGoldenKneazleReason to Fight: Entre par effraction

29th September 2013:
*bombs in with review* HEE.EEY VAL!! I have finished enough revision pages to reward myself with this chapter, so WOOO~

THIS WAS SO EXCITING ASDFGHJKL I mean, first Xavier is all wounded and hot and vulnerable and stuff (and omg your shippy feels balance is just PERF because I want Xavier/Camille sooo much but I don't want it rushed either and there's enough but I'm still all donkey-and-carrot about the whole thing). omidays exciting times, and then with Camille caring for him ♥

AND THEN JEAN. Dayum the whole operation was so exciting, with all the "one in ten chance" and then how much of a close call it all was, especially with all the details you had about them speaking German, badges on the wrong side, etc. and Johanna having to blast through! Your flow was so excellent here because I felt like I knew exactly what was going on but it was still making my heart race and all exciting and shiz!!

All the details about how they planned to do stuff is so great. It makes it so much more realistic to have them planning exactly how to go about missions, and having to actually brew potions/ration etc, since so often in adventure bits it's all "we grabbed the supplies and went and this magically happened". Your way is so much more immersing, I looove it, also we can see how competent the girls are :3

I am so excited for the next chapter ahha too bad I have to do work before I allow myself this :(( still, it will persuade me to work faster (hopefully)! Fingers crossed for more wounded!Xavier and Simon and Astrid soon :D

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Review #7, by TheGoldenKneazleMistakes: Mistakes

4th August 2013:
Dod this was so beautiful but it was so heart-wrenching! Your back-and-forth present and past worked so, so well at getting the reader to feel more and more sucked in and in more and more pain. You introduced the romance beautifully, but it was unbelievably sad.

Your characterisation was at the heart of this, because it was so accurate and so realistic that almost immediately I could picture the whole scene in my mind, especially with all your gorgeous description! Booo, I am feeling exhausted and depressed from just reading this piece once (I'm sure it'll pass if I find some WAFF fics to read) but it was just so beautifully crafted :3

Basically I LOVED IT ♥

Author's Response: AW! Lottie!!! THANK YOU! This was incredibly sweet and unexpected, you are so kind! I am SO glad you liked it! :) You got exactly what I wanted you to get from it, thank you so much for the review, it means a lot to me! :)

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Review #8, by TheGoldenKneazleJohnny Lupin Goes to Hogwarts: Lupin. Johnny Lupin.

17th July 2013:
Oh. My. Gosh. This was just... beyond amazing. I am feeling pretty speechless because, well, Johnny Lupin's always been such a unique character in the Midnight Run series, and being able to step inside his head for this has been completely freaking AWESOME (much like Johnny).

Seriously, the characterisation and phrasing and how he repeatedly calls everyone boring? Beyond brilliant, and I am so glad that I too can now be as awesome as Johnny Lupin.

Some of the funniest moments were definitely the wry comments - "nobody would wan to miss saying goodbye to you, Johnny" - and Remus' and his friend's reaction, it was just 1000% pure win and I am so, so glad that this is in existence because I was nearly crying with laughter all the way through. Plus, I loved the balance of crazy and 11-year-old mind and how they created the Johnny Lupin monster.

Thank you for bringing this beautiful, beautiful piece into existence!

Author's Response: Ahahaha... Oh Johnny, he's so crazy. Writing his perspective is sort of exhausting. He is just so very certain that he's awesome, he takes it for granted that everyone else recognizes it too, so he completely disregards when someone is sarcastic about him (**cough*Rose*cough**).

Well, in Johnny's eyes, everything is boring compared to him. hahaha... You can be part of his crowd of admirers. ;)

I think my favorite parts of this are Rose's snarkiness and Victoire laughing hysterically - and Johnny thinks his mom must be crying cause she'll miss him so very much. He's the king of egotists. So I'm glad you liked Rose's bits! Remus and his buddy shaking their heads at him and going "Wow" were some of my favorite to write. Poor Remus. haha

Thank you so much for the review! It really made me smile. I'm glad you have joined Johnny Lupin's army of minions.

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Review #9, by TheGoldenKneazleReason to Fight: La Rafle

17th July 2013:
SIMOOON. Oh flipping heck I want to hug him so much right now - the insight you've given us to his life is shocking, real and raw. It's so unlike fanfic that I keep forgetting it's not some film, since it all plays out so fully in my mind! This extra info about him was really good though, and I am beginning to ship Simon/Johanna so, so much.

But I'm getting a bit scared for Astrid... evil boss, scary soldiers, creep assignment (which I don't understand quite yet in relevance to the War?) gah I hope to see more of her next chapter!

Seriously, your world- and character-building skills are so honed and wonderful, Val, I am getting so completely sucked in, it's ridiculous. It's been a long time (maybe since I read Violet's Out Of Time?) since I was this completely buried in their world!


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Review #10, by TheGoldenKneazleReason to Fight: La Faiseuse d'Anges

17th July 2013:
Aaah I loved the further insight here into how their unit works - the clever way that there's cover-ups and Polyjuice and all sorts to prevent their being tracked (although the measures being used to cover them up are slightly at odds with the fact that people will investigate random disappearances with no explanation?)

Also - Johanna's flashback was amazing, really throw-you-in-the-deep-end emotionally, gah. It was amazing, though, and I am definitely enjoying getting to know more about each character!

Jean's a bit irritating with this seduce-Astrid business, but I'm betting there's some other ulterior motives. Or maybe this is just because - as with last chapter - he's got that 'man of the 20th century' thing going on.


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Review #11, by TheGoldenKneazleReason to Fight: Le Phare

17th July 2013:
OMIGOSH I AM ALREADY SHIPPING CAMILLE/XAVIER SO HARD ♥ No seriously, that flashback with them? Complete win. I really, really hope for more relationship development in the future!

Arrgh Simon! I look forward to this humungous flashback next chapter, because I really want to know more about how he got there. And his family. And everything, basically, because he seems lovely and you've got this whole scene-setting down to a T!

Eeeep more action coming, WOOHOO, and I love how you're characterising Jean so far - you've written him as this relic of the past, who I don't quite understand because he wouldn't fit in nowadays, but it works for 1943!


Author's Response: YAY, ANOTHER SHIPPER OF CAMILLE/XAVIER. I want everyone to board that ship (and then blow holes in it and let the pieces rot at the bottom of the sea covered in barnacles. Maybe. Most likely not.)


Right, my rambling aside, it makes me happy (for lack of a better term) that Simon is the character you want to know the most about because I feel like what he represents is something no one should ever, ever forget about.

And yes, Jean wouldn't fit in today, but watch out for him -- he may surprise you yet!

Thank you for another super awesome review! ♥

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Review #12, by TheGoldenKneazleReason to Fight: Prologue

17th July 2013:
AAH THIS IS SO EXCITING ♥ I completely adored this prologue, because we got such a beautiful introduction to each character, and I cannot wait to see more of each of them. I love how you can see the fight in each of these characters, and you've breathed life into them so completely that I already feel as though I know them personally.

I thought you explained this slightly complicated system of resistance really well, too - I can see how it works, and its gives a really good sense of the bigger picture. Also, that ending!! I am so excited to read on because it's so tempting and ARGH I want to know more about these characters so much :3

Onwards ho!

Author's Response: LOTTIE ♥

It really means so, so much to me that you like this story, and it means even more that you love the characters and feel like you know them.


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Review #13, by TheGoldenKneazleThe Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven: Act VI

13th February 2013:
aargh I am SO sorry that it's taken me this long to review! I am a terrible gifter (& I also apologise for the incorrect gifting name, I apparently can't sign out?)

anyhoo, I absolutely LOVED this chapter! The developments with Sirius and the Marauders kept me grinning all the way through, as I do love however you write your Sirius and Remus. Remus is such a strong character the way you've written him, with secrets but a big heart, and I am very excited to find out what has happened/will happen to him!

Similarly, I LOVED James' development at the end of the chapter. Since he was best friends with Sirius in canon (I think?) I've been wondering how exactly they would bond in this. I think you brought them together wonderfully, as Sirius begins to be accepted more - although the tension from the issue of magic keeps us from getting too relaxed!

I loved the development of Sirius' world with his trip to the village, as the poor village opened his eyes a lot and it contrasted nicely with the values and living of the other Blacks up at the castle. Sirius being worried about Regulus really made me feel for him, though! It was a massive relief when he heard that all was okay, even though we already knew that... oops.

I do like hearing about the rest of the Black family - well, Cissy in particular, but it sort of keeps the soap-opera element without it becoming too absorbed with drama. Cissy's scenes reminded me quite a lot of the feasts in the Song of Ice and Fire series, actually! Your interpretations of refined Lucius and less-refined Lestranges were really fun to read, and I always get far too caught up in your storytelling!

I do hope it won't be too long before the next chapter is up - I am enjoying the development of characters & the world immensely!
~Yolanda Yaxley the Yuletide Yak

Author's Response: Haha, it's okay, Lottie! I knew it was you at this point, so I'm not to concerned about the name. :)

Aw, the Marauders are my favorite to write. I'm excited for their next chapter and I hope you continue to follow this story for when I eventually update. Remus is definitely a strong character and we'll find out more about his past (as we will find out about the rest of their pasts as well).

James can be a little rough around the edges, but he obviously has a reason for it. They will definitely bond more in future chapters. I cannot write a Marauder story without bromance. Hopefully the magic issue won't be too much of an issue soon, but it will be brought up in various parts of the story, not necessarily related to the Marauders.

The poor village is definitely a key point and it will definitely be brought up again (the whole contrast between the royalty and the villagers will play a huge role in this story).

It's a bit hard with rotating POVs because we learn things earlier than the other characters so hopefully that isn't too off-putting for some people.

I actually was watching Game of Thrones, which sparked the inspiration for this chapter, so I find it funny you got that vibe from the feast. I'm excited to play more with the inhabitants and the castle and to write more of the Lestranges and Lucius to broaden my horizons a little bit with different characters.

I'm going to really try to get a chapter written this week while I'm on break, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Review #14, by TheGoldenKneazleBlondie.: GJOISUEOUADOUAE.

10th December 2012:



In slightly more sanity now, I really love you man. All the redhead-bashing was fab and this little triumph for blondeness was just the best thing evaa :3 and all the fake blondes! It's just... so unbelievably perfect and flawless and I LOVE IT. ♥


Author's Response: WELL HURRO YOU

I'M SO HAPPY THAT YOU LIKE IT ♥ THERE ISN'T MUCH ELSE TO SAY I GUESS *jumps into pit of love to rescue the collapsed lottie*

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Review #15, by TheGoldenKneazleA Hundred Bloodied Sunsets: we will remember

14th November 2012:
N'aww Helen, you've gone and done it again - made me cry in so few words, but they're so beautifully crafted and gorgeous and I love it so much ♥ lots of tribute-to-the-dead type one-shots can drag, or feel like they're resurrecting demons they don't need to, but this was short and sweet and while each of the four people had their tribute paid well, it was simple and effective and a lot more enjoyable than I'd have thought.

Your emotions conjured by the clever sky imagery was just so perf asdfghjkl, they represented each loss and their pain and their grief and healing so amazingly! and I just loved your structure, with Harry's toast, the person's thoughts on their loved one, and then revealing who it was and what they were doing to heal. It gave us a snapshot into each life and almost put it back together again in one quick blow.

Also, I love how you chose Remus for Harry's lost one, since he's so often forgotten in the light of Sirius :( loved it all so much, Helen!

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Review #16, by TheGoldenKneazleAgainst the Dying of the Light: raw

29th October 2012:
SO MUCH DELICIOUS EVILNESS. This will be a rubbishy review because I'm heading over to your lovely PM to give proper feedback there but I do love Lila's creepiness. Such hate in a character is unusual - the only people who I feel come close are Pippa Nott and etc.etc.'s Albus - but I really enjoy it :D

It was nice to meet Roxanne! She's very enigmatic, I hope we see more of her (although the ending was slightly WTH?!-y... eh what) and she seems nicely evil too >:D and more Albus!! HE'S SO DELICIOUSLY ANTI-EVIL, I hope Lila brings him down with maximum sexual tension and minimum cliche.

I am clearly getting far too into this evil business, but I do like reading a less fiesty Lily II; it's nice and original!!

BACKSTORAY, WOOHOO~ It was awesome to know more about Lila's evil ways and why she's such a sun-sucker (fine, I made that weird word up) because all I want to do now is KNOW MOAR 8D

~Lottie xox

Author's Response: HEY THERE. Gaww this isn't a rubbish review, this is a very lovely review indeed!! Thank you. :3

Hmm yes SDF's Pippa is pretty similiar... but nicer... and less insane. There is something sort of refreshing about reading (and writing) about "evil" characters.

Yeah, Roxanne and Lila huh? It's not really a slash and it wasn't originally going to have any mention of slash but ... err ... it wrote itself? :P
Roxanne's a bit of a weirdo too - what with the whole gothic style and the tattoo.

Maximum sexual tension and minimal cliche! I like it! (but may need some help with it :3)

sun-sucker describes Lila so well omg! YAY FOR BACKSTORIES. There will be more backstory. Soon. Maybe.

thank youu

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Review #17, by TheGoldenKneazleThe Art of Surviving.: Average.

24th October 2012:
I may or may not have arrived for an R&R-spree :D Several things have contributed - I was rereading TAOB for, like, the fifth time and was halfway through when you won not one but TWO SHINY DOBBIES and suddenly couldn't bear not continuing to read this lovely part of the Marauders' story, and then just as I was on my way to your author page, I saw your fabulous blog! And since I was having fun debating which story to shower with your QTR riddles/SOTM reviews, this was perfect. So, in other words, HELLO HELEN.

Oooh it's such a lovely first chapter, especially with all the amaze parallels to TAOB! September 1st, Sirius, James, carriage things... asdfghjkl it's just so beautiful and made we want to cry ALREADY :'( it was refreshing to see how things had changed, though; some of our characters are so similar, some are so different, and most in the middle somewhere :P

Lily was characterised so brilliantly! From seeing her from Mary's POV to 1st-person post-Mary and post-Dad it's just fabulous how you've managed to cover that large a gap in such a relatively small word count.

It's nice to watch such drama brewing too :O feels like coming home haha! and you've laid down so many foundations for big, blow-up-type issues that suddenly feel as though they need addressing. especially now we can have another byotch-Brocklehurst (I FEEL MARY SO MUCH IN THIS). And though you're not overdoing the 'Mary's dead' thing, her presence is strong without Lily walking around with a sign over her head saying "I AM ANGSTY ABOUT THIS". It's just demonstrated nicely, and the camaraderie already coming is LUSH 8D

Yup, this cliffie officially kills me (minor one though it is) and sadly these reviews will be weirdly spaced because there's stuff I have to do now :( BUT I'LL BE BACK. xoxox

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Review #18, by TheGoldenKneazleJump and Fall: November

13th October 2012:
Ahh this was so, so lovely! This tiny chapter was a perfect introduction for what you're going to write, and the length was a bite-sized opener that I loved since you managed to slip in so many little details that the scene felt very rich and full anyway :3

Your characterisation of Lydia was just adorable! I find her so relatable already, with all the little details of how she can't get into real relationships and loves autumn, really helping us to identify with her. I hope you carry on putting the little things in there, because they're brilliant and I'd love to find out more about her books and high heels and butterbeer love next chapter (which I'm already excited for!!) :D

I loved the little snippet of James at the end, because he was very REAL and NORMAL and also NICE :) It was great that you didn't have Lydia immediately realising - I wonder if it'll be funny when she does - and his giving up the seat was very chivalrous and lovely :3 I'm guess-hoping that we'll see more of him, so it was great to have this quick glance through Lydia's eyes at him already!

I really hope that there'll be a longer chapter next, with a bit more of Lydia/James and her seeing him again :D I loved it all, great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate your review! :) I'm glad you like James, that was my goal, for him to be normal. Thanks again for your lovely review, it certainly made my day :)

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Review #19, by TheGoldenKneazleThe Dark of Night: VIII

10th October 2012:
Ahh it's been too long since I (re)read TDON, but your writing has always been wonderfully easy to slip back into and all the characterisations are easy to take on after we've learnt so much in the previous chapters. Also, I love how each little section devoted to the main characters reveal a little more about the expectations and history of that person. They feel more like real, fluid people who it's easier to connect with.

Rose and her plan! I adored reading her entrance to the class from all four points of view, because it gave us delicious character insight and more Elorpius (bad ship name but hey) history. Finding out the root of the Dom/Rose hate has been something I've wanted to do for a while, and it's great to read it and be able to compare how they've changed.

It was even more interesting to see the two compared by Scorpius, who is pretty much unaffected (and thus the reason for each cousin's annoyance). Actually, another great contrast that was enjoyable - because I like the contrasts, A LOT - was Albus' point on Elodie and Scorpius together and apart. His strange watching has become something that I root for and enjoy, because he's got such a different outlook and I can't help but feel sorry for the poor guy all the time :(

I'm very excited for finding out auror-related secrets and reactions to Rose - please update soon (despite rather rambling review)! :D

Author's Response: Hey Lottie! Thank you so much for your review - you're really too nice! :D I initially had qualms about this chapter - most specifically about the whole multiple POV things - maybe it was too confusing, too repetitive etc. I'm glad you think it worked, though! :)

Elorpius has been used before, if you can believe it. And yes, Dom and Rose hate each other massively, and that's the main reason for all of Rose's actions. She just wants to get back at her, really. And it doesn't really work...

I LOVE ALBUS HE'S SO FUN TO WRITE BECAUSE HE'S THE ONLY ONE WHO ISN'T IN LOVE OR INTERESTED IN SCORPIUS (although technically you could say that Albus is in love with Elorpius because he's obsessed with them) AND HE'S LIKE ABED OR SHERLOCK OR I DON'T KNOW I JUST LIKE HIM.

Thank you so much for your wonderful review; thank you, thank you, thank you! :D

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Review #20, by TheGoldenKneazleShadows of War: Prologue: August 2001

10th October 2012:
N'aww this is just so sweet already! So sweet, and so deeply emotional and full of feeling already. I love how you've brought this scene about, how it's Astoria before she went through this hinted-at emotional transformation. And it's very, very addictive - I definitely want to come back to this story and read the next chapter!

Your descriptions were just brilliant and I adored them; it really made me feel in touch with Astoria, and made me want to find out more about the world she's living in as she describes the people around her. You've already given her a backstory, an environment, and in so few words - it's just magical, how quickly you've captured the atmosphere for us.

Astoria's characterisation is already so well-fleshed-out; it seems silly that we could get a handle on her so easily already, but you've written her voice as so clear that it just snatches your attention immediately. The way she's recounting her difficult, traumatic memories of how she's helped to heal people; how she's making these painful observations about post-war life that have all this evidence; how she's not delving into pretentious metaphors (not that they're always pretentious but you know what I mean!) but stating it all so simply - you've just laid her out for us so simply and easily that it's impossible not to already love and connect with her :3

So, to summarise: I completely love this already, and you've done absolutely amazingly with so few words! :D

Author's Response: Ahhh! You are absolutely amazing. This review makes me smile and makes me just want to dance around every time I read it. Seriously, I’m so happy that you enjoyed the read and it seems as though you caught everything I was trying to put into this first look into Astoria’s mind. I’m totally awed that I wrote something that was so well perceived!

And I think what truly helped me develop Astoria’s character so quickly was the time I set aside before I started writing. I just sat down in front of my computer and closed my eyes. I imagined what sort of pains come from loss and from a war that everyone you know has been hurt by. I took the time to explore what sort of feelings would come from it and then I thought about how one would perceive it. I put that into Astoria, let it flow through my mind and then just went for it.

I will admit, though, I was concerned that the flashes of different people she helped, of her sufferings since the war ended were going to be a bit too much to throw into 500 words but it seems as though it worked out. But it seems to have made her character more real and easier to relate to, in a way. And I’m just…I’m glad it was simple and easy to get into and left you craving more…It really is good to hear!

Thank you so much for the review! It was really lovely and I apologize for being a scatter brain with this response, but really…Thank you so much! I hope to see you back for more chapters! :D


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Review #21, by TheGoldenKneazleTwo Mad Hatters and an Invisible Lover: The One and Only Chapter

9th October 2012:
Hee I did like this bit of fun! There wasn't much plot but it still felt fulfilling and like I'd been taken on a journey (perhaps one of discovery, that Lee Jordan was about! I loved not seeing that coming). It feels like the calm before the storm that Umbridge and then her demise brings.

All your description was so lovely, it really set the scene perfectly and made the reader feel right at home there beside Hogwarts. It also reinforced the falsely calm feeling, and loved how you described the beauties of the day - nothing felt like it was dragging, but you had the dialogue/description balance down so well :D

I loved your characterisations of the four (three?) characters so much, too! Fred and George were so in-canon-ly portrayed, with their sentence-finishing and not giving away all their pranking plans. My favourite line was Sometimes one had to wonder whether these two even knew themselves separately because it rings so true!

I loved your Lee and the mysterious girl, too - they were happy enough to give a hopeful air to your scene and it was a nice snapshot into their lives :D

Author's Response: Thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

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Review #22, by TheGoldenKneazleWeather for Ducks: Epilogue: Part Two

9th October 2012:

MY DENIAL WILL BE SHOWN THROUGH A 6000-CHARACTER REVIEW. Possibly a little OTT. But hey ho, these are desperate times and I have concussion from this lemon. IT CAN'T JUST END... RIGHT?!?

THIS WAS SUCH A PERFECT ENDING AND SO MUCH CUTENESS BUT I AM STILL MASSIVELY IN DENIAL ABOUT THIS ENDING; What will HPFF do without its routine dose of metaphor?! OMFG IT'S THE ONLY THING KEEPING US AFLOAT. The world is a drizzlier place without Weather for Ducks updates *sobs*

but i am totally and extremely and massively in love with all the parallels and repetitions and everything that made this epilogue like the other epilogue, i just feel like lucy and scorpius' love has been tried and come through the other side with all the trials and tribulations they've been through together - like Rose, and lack of money, and Burns Night (although there was never the Caber-Tossing I had been so psyched up for... or Irn Bru. Can we please have a sober-cause-preggers Irn-Bru-drinking Lucy watching Scorpius be taught the Scots national sport?!)

but yes, all the lovely bus stop and raining and Scorpius confessions and talking about buses and stuff... it made it all so beautiful and Scorpius-Lucy and was just the CUTEST THING EVER. :3 :3 :3 and it was sooo lovely to find out exactly what happened after they got together on that fateful night so long ago because FEELS ~~~

AND THEIR VISION OF THE FUTURE. IT'S JUST THE LOVELIEST THING, and it made me cry more than a bit, BECAUSE IT'S SO PERFECT. The fact that they grew up and were just shaking off the last of the studentiness may or may not have contributed to that sad gloominess and (mild) hysteria...

Scorpius can become a famous comic artist turned teacher turned still-life gardener painter, with his garden peas (is this a second-generation Drapple I see coming on, with Scorpeas instead? OMG fanfanfic with Lucy having sequins thrown over her instead of confetti at the wedding, Mr Andrew Socks carries the rings, Lettuce marries them, and ALL THE WEDDING FOOD IS GARDEN PEA-BASED.)

But getting hitched really cheaply? it's what Lucy wanted all along, right from the beginning where she was wishing they'd gone to get sozzled and hitched in Ibiza :')

I can't help adoring everything they said they were going to do, from the new jobs to garden peas. i hope the kid grows up to be happy and paint-covered and performance-arteestic with belled and sequinned cabers. it would truly be the duck on the pond if that was the case.

Favourite line was quite possibly 'I promise I'll get you a real ring someday,' he said.
'Nah,' I said. 'I like my foil.'
because it's so Scorpius/Lucy and they've been in the foil not the gold for so long, it's like... their thing. They're just scrubby and grubby together. and that's why it's so lush.

and SO MANY METAPHORICAL BUSES ahha i do love how you write Lucy as coming up with so many strange metaphors :')

I still dislike Mary-Susannah so much, but then, I guess that's just the problem with Mary-Sues. I still wish her well, and that Rose will produce tartan-wearing babies soon too.

Ahha it just felt like the "All was well." in DH epilogue; "all was well in New New Elgin". and i got the sense that it was such a bittersweet ending even as you wrote it long ago, although maybe that was just me? :( whatever it was, you ended it as perfectly as possible, and we know that Lucy and Scorpius will be very happy in their life... with Abraxus/Arthur/Narcissa/Audrey (and hopefully more) and Albus will drop in with his crazy wife from time to time and they will attend Scottish evenings with PRose at Albus' big house and Molly and her husband will give Scorpius gardening tips.

Amen, sistah. it's wonderful and you're wonderful and i love it all.

this wasn't quite hitting the 6,000 mark, unfortunately, but i do like to think that my appreciation (aka. love&tears) were shown through the squees and randomness.

THANKYOU FOR STARVING ARTISTS. It will forever be my favourite HPFF series. :')

Over and out :3

Author's Response: your 'no' is so epic it encompasses both letters and numbers w o w

'they said i must write so many lemons, cause i am so bitter' except lemon means something else in the fanfiction universe so oo-er

hpff will continue because, in the words of those great philosophers noah and the whale, l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n.

caber tossing at a burns night?!? WHAT EVEN okay this fic is kind of cracky enough to make that work.

don't be ridiculous. scorpius is far too weak to toss a caber. more like tossing the twig for him.

awhh! YES YOU PICKED UP ON THE SCORPEAS AHAHAHA. in the mad 3am land of skype chats we have collected a large list of variations on 'scorpius', one of which includes scorpeas. and yeah they're so poor their wedding food would really be all garden pea-based.

the child grows up to be happy. you know why? THAT CHILD WAS ME okay no but you get the idea.

HMS grubby foil, yeah that's a good ship name. although I think HMS grubby foil would be a bit prone to sinking if it really was made out of grubby foil.

it was pretty bittersweet. I felt I had to make it that way to counterbalance all the OVERWHELMING CLICHE of propsals and sprogs and whatnot.

psst. you want to know? it's Arthur. he grows up to be the pointman in a little film called inception, you've probably never heard of it.

thank you for what is definitely one of the nicest reviews I've had in a very long time ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #23, by TheGoldenKneazleWeather for Ducks: Epilogue: Part One

9th October 2012:

It feels so lovely and fluffy that everything is getting sorted out that I can't help but squeee :3 I love that Gwen and Tarks ran off to the circus and how New New Elgin is calming down (though a bit sad that it was Prose in the end - OMG THAT SHIP NAME - and Lettary but hey ho, Rose would've ended up chucking his sequins out the window).

And Lucy's pregnant?! I don't think anyone saw it coming, and there are mucho squees over here at the thought of a paint-covered toddler wandering after Scorpius :D I absolutely can't wait to see how Scorpius reacts, especially since they've got a bit more of an income now and everyone except Lucy - :( - is happy :)


Author's Response: haha! I only realised /at this point/ that Al practically vanished from existence after the end of starving artists and he's AL so I had to bring him back. which is a shame because it meant I never got space to write my albus-is-actually-gay subplot :c

Prose is a brill ship name! heh. and whether Mary ends up with Lettuce is really open to interpretation...


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Review #24, by TheGoldenKneazleWeather for Ducks: With Bells On

9th October 2012:

Ahem. I swear I've calmed down now. I DID love all the Roseness and mentions of Lettuce and how Lucy's sort of making peace with poor Rose. It feels natural and nice. Plus with all the brilliant trademark one-liners that have me in stitches were brill.

I can see why events would have built up to this crappy!Lucy bit and I feel sorry for Lucy and Scorpius and why it was needed :'( although Scorpius' speech was just the cutest thing EVER :3

Aaaand I should get a medal for self-control in writing a rubbishy commenty thing which is a pathetic excuse for reviewing when THERE'S TWO EPILOGUES STILL 8D *congas with hope*


eee, thank you. I wanted to bring Rose back and try to repair the damage I'd done to her character! and I sort of hope I was successful.

*joins your conga line*

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Review #25, by TheGoldenKneazleSometimes The Truth Hurts: The Boy Becomes a Man

8th October 2012:
N'aww this was so lovely and brave and just asdfghjkl NEVILLE!! I have always wondered how he made the transition to Hogwarts Rebel Leader and you laid it out so nicely :D

Your storytelling of how he thought out the change was simple and effective; there were no over-complications, bringing OCs into it, just brilliant strong words which felt so true and noble when you put them together in such a clever way.

Neville's characterisation was fantastic, I really thought you had his rebellious thoughts and concealed pain written subtly at times and cleverly too. His transition from underdog to Leader was made so much better by his constant comparisons to Harry; it constantly reminded us of how Harry and Neville were both boys in the prophecy, and how he was almost Harry too, although Neville doesn't know it.

It was just really great, and I wish there was more, to show how Neville started the rebellion fully! :)

Author's Response: Thank you!! I definitely felt like Neville's transition was missing something. I really just wanted to capture the moment he decided to stand up for himself. Im glad you enjoyed it. I dont think I will ever write more. I think extending this piece would lose some of its impact. Thank you for reviewing :)

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