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Review #1, by L_MillerA Seer's Promise: The Brooding Professor

16th April 2005:
It was beautiful! =D Can't wait till you get the next chapter up. <33

Author's Response: beautiful? that wasn't something i'd expect... but hey i'll take any compliment i can get! w00t!!! anyway thank you Lynn *muah*

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Review #2, by L_MillerThe Arrow Mix Up: :D

7th April 2005:
Tee hee. I love this one Lissa. It's so cute. =D <33

Author's Response: i thought so

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Review #3, by L_MillerSwitching with Sirius: Over-Bloody-Whelming

2nd April 2005:
This chapter was nice! Hehe .. I loved the whole part where 'Sirius' dares James to kiss 'Lily'. Keep up the awesome job! <33

Author's Response: I liked that part too! But then again, i just love! Thanks so much for reviewing, it's appreciated!!

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Review #4, by L_MillerSitting, Waiting, Wishing: Lunch

2nd April 2005:
I already had a chat with you about this, but I so hate you for not saying what the gift was!

Author's Response: huggs and kisses dear, huggs and kisses

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Review #5, by L_MillerSitting, Waiting, Wishing: Draco POV

29th March 2005:
Lissa .. your evil. You know that? Who ends chapters with cliff-hangers? Honestly! =P <33

Author's Response: i do.... cause its fun and i'm evil?

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Review #6, by L_MillerSitting, Waiting, Wishing: Harry's POV

20th March 2005:
Aww .. Lissa .. i love it! hehe. you lied to me though, you said you hadnt added anything, AND YOU DID! ahh well .. what matters is that I read it and, more importantly, I LIKED IT! cant wait till you finish the second part. <33 Lynn

Author's Response: when i said i hadn't added anything sweetie, i ment that i hadn't finished the second part

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Review #7, by L_MillerImperfection: Brewing the Potion : Final Night

2nd March 2005:
Ohh .. a cliffie! lol. I really like your story alot. Can't wait till you get the next chapter up! <33 Lynn

Author's Response: Thank you! (: It's already waiting for approval from the admin..

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