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Review #1, by ValerieVioletteThe Night Will Go As Follows: Sorry to Leave, But I Had to Go

12th August 2013:
This is really interesting, and I'm wondering how it all go. Hope you update this soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. :) Updates should come more regularly as I get a writing schedule lined out.

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Review #2, by ValerieVioletteI Am Man, Hear Me Roar: Dominique

11th August 2011:
In the beginning, I was like, "Dominique's a girl! Doesn't this person know this?" Then I was reading and it hit me that Dominique is actually a vague name for the character. Very funny and interesting. Hope Dom "Nick" and George do well.

Author's Response: Yup, the idea for this fic grew out of the fact that everyone in the fanfiction arena automatically assumes that Dom is a girl - so I thought, wouldn't it be funny if Dominique the character actually had that problem in life? Being a guy but everyone assuming he's a girl.

Thanks for reading! Glad you liked it.

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Review #3, by ValerieVioletteFragments: White Noise

1st August 2011:
I thought what you wrote to be actually very good despite it having cliches(?) in it. (P.S. The banner was really cool).

Author's Response: Did you write cliche with a question mark after it because you do think there are cliches on the story or because I complained to the world about the story being cliche on the author's note? Just wondering :>

And thank you for the completely-not-for-me praise on the banner. I guess. Because Maya (the banner maker)'s supposed to say that and not me ha xD

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Review #4, by ValerieVioletteSomewhere in Brooklyn: Somewhere in Brooklyn

1st August 2011:
I like the way you wrote the story, especially since Theo/Luna is such a rare pairing (one of my favourites, though). The only thing that I thought was kind of weird was Seamus being a ladies man. Never thought I would see/hear of that; most of the fan-fictions with Seamus in it make him, apparently, gay.
Otherwise, it was really great.

Author's Response: I don't know. Since I have a major teenage crush on Seamus - which is pathetic because I'm way out of my teenage years ;) - I always imagined him to be a ladiesman. With a couple of freckles, Irish accent, lopsided grin; a smooth operator :p

Thank you for the review!

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Review #5, by ValerieVioletteUnspeakable : For Justice

25th July 2011:
That felt kind of confusing in the beginning, but once I got it, it was very good and entertaining.

Author's Response: It was supposed to have that confused "What is going on?" feel too it in the beginning. I'm glad you liked it once you figured out what was happening. :D More to come soon.

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Review #6, by ValerieVioletteDraco Malfoy and the Auror's Light: The Fact of the Matter

27th February 2011:
You get a 9.4 out of 10 this time, unlike that last time where you got an 8, or something like that. The .6 off of 10 is because, yet again, it ended and I can't continue. But later on into the story, I'll just gives you 9's and 10's. So that's good to know, right?

Author's Response: Ha, thanks, good to know!

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Review #7, by ValerieVioletteDraco Malfoy and the Auror's Light: Goose bumps and Loopholes

8th February 2011:
Good, I would say great but that would be cliche and whatnot. Thumbs up, both of them, and can't wait until the next chapter.
[8.5/10] only because it ended. Don't you feel loved?

Author's Response: Awww, how about a 9? Or not over a 9.8? (A Very Potter Musical anyone?) Thanks for the review, ValerieViolette, and keep reading

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Review #8, by ValerieVioletteDraco Malfoy and the Auror's Light: My Love

28th January 2011:
I don't like George right now, in this story, but I love him in any other circumstance. Draco and Ada For-The-Win!

Author's Response: George will be an interesting character to write. Fred and George were my absolute favorite characters in the books and I don't want him to be the enemy, and he won't be. You'll just have to see how the story progresses! Thanks for the review, and keep reading.

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Review #9, by ValerieVioletteDraco Malfoy and the Auror's Light: Equals

17th January 2011:
I thought they were going to be all romantic with kisses, but this is really good. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: No, no kisses yet. :) I really don't want to rush them. They are both too logical to just rush into their emotional side head on with a screw the world attitude. They need time to develop, like every strong relationship. Thanks so much for the review and keep reading!

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Review #10, by ValerieVioletteSpace Bound: Disheartened

15th January 2011:
Good start to the story. Makes me want to read more.
Update soon.

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Review #11, by ValerieVioletteDraco Malfoy and the Auror's Light: Acquiring Memories

14th January 2011:
Very, very good. If only there was more to read.
Hope you upload more.

Author's Response: Chapter five is in validation as we uh, type! And thank you so much for the compliment, it means a lot.

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Review #12, by ValerieVioletteDraco Malfoy and the Auror's Light: Internal Connections

20th December 2010:
I like how it's Draco Malfoy in his smug attitude, but I like how he's changing.

Author's Response: I'm really trying to convey how much Draco is struggling to be who he was and who he hopes to be and I'm glad that you picked up on it. Thanks for the review and keep reading!

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