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Review #1, by SchwansBloody Tuesday: Cooperation, Mr. Caine

1st August 2011:
People in power doing bad things, I like this. Now what exactly are they working towards? Who is this person's name that starts with an R? Is it the same person from chapter one? Wondering is so much fun.

And alas, poor Caine.

Author's Response: I know! Poor Caine. Sigh. But don't worry, he'll turn up again...just not quite in the expected way...

I'm also a fan of people in power turning traitor. Bad Williamson! As for what he's working towards, well, I'm sorry to say that that issue won't be resolved for a few more chapters...on the bright side, however, you WILL get a bit more insight into mysterious Mr. R in the next chapter (already almost finished!).

Looking forward to your thoughts on the next chapter!
xoxo wenderbender

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Review #2, by SchwansBloody Tuesday: The Seventh Murder

19th July 2011:
It's a gory start, now how does that first chapter tie into this storyline? I suppose the readers will find out later, but it will be fun to guess.

Author's Response: I'm glad guessing is fun (not irritating!). The next two chapters are almost finished, and they'll tie the prologue and chapter 1 together pretty clearly.

Thanks for much for you reviews!

xoxo wenderbender

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Review #3, by SchwansBloody Tuesday: What Do Death Eaters Dream Of?

12th July 2011:
You rewrote your opening chapter. I was unable to review last time. Hmm, well this does raise some interesting questions. I imagine the dreams of Death Eaters are full of power and glory, the kind of thing they never see in the waking world.

Good luck with your challenge!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Don't worry, the original first chapter should be back up in a day or so...I had to delete it because I wanted to add a prologue (that's what's up now).
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on chapter 2, should be ready next week!

xoxo wenderbender

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