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Review #1, by Faith100zLove and Be Loved: Hope Is Real

4th April 2014:
Hi there! :) I saw your status on the forums and decided to come check it out and I'm so glad I did! I completely adored this, your writing is amazing. I especially loved that you chose to write from Fleur's POV. I think she gets overlooked a lot, both in the books and in fanfic, even though she's a really interesting character. (Although that might just be my obsession with minor characters talking :P) I liked the choice of Rose as a character too, mainly because she's typically depicted as the perfect one of the next generation so I loved that you really went the opposite way with this.

My favourite bit was probably: "I was that girl. I had that face." It just hit me right in the feels and I wanted to hug them both so badly. I thought the flow was brilliant and really well-paced. The quotes from the vision page fit so well too. I was having a bit of a bad day and reading this just felt really comforting.

Sorry if this review is just a rambling mess, but I have absolutely no CC whatsoever. I thought the whole thing was just perfect and flawless. Amazing job, you should be really proud of this!

- Faith

Author's Response: Hi! You're super sweet coming to review for me! I'm so glad you liked this, and oh my gosh I'm blushing you're too sweet.

I really wanted this to be coming from a character that I think a lot of people overlook, and kind of see as distant. I also wanted to take two of the more percieved "perfect" characters and show that even those who seem flawless have huge flaws and doubts! I'm so glad you liked this.

Awe! I'm glad I hit you right in the feels! I'm so flattered that you liked this so much and that it was comforting, you're not the only one to say that and it means so much to me that I had that affect on people!

It's not a rambling mess at all, it's an adorably sweet review and I appreciate that you took the time to read through the story AND leave such a lovely review. I am, and your review has definitely made me even more confident about it!

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #2, by Faith100zMy (Fake) Wedding: Lily Bought Me Some Really Sexy Lingerie... Yeaaaah, That Happened

7th March 2014:
Hello! :) I adore this story so far, you've got a great writing style!

I've been reading way too many dark/angst stories lately, so this has been an awesome change from those. Not that it doesn't have it's own mysteries, I'm dying to know what the situation is with Elle's dad and the "her" Charity was talking about. Just a wild guess, but I'm wondering if it's their mum?

The shopping scene with Lily was hilarious, I love your characterization of her and all the Potters. Your dialogue is great too, it always feels really natural and realistic.

This was just really brilliant, well done! I'm already addicted and looking forward to the next chapter!

- Faith :)

Author's Response: Hey! :D Thank you so much, glad you're enjoying it!

I'd been really nervous about the whole comedy element to it because I'm just not a natural born comedian, lol. You'll have to wait and see what the mystery is ;) It shall unfold soon... maybe not, but it will unfold eventually.

Thank you, that was really fun to write for me especially because Elle was so nervous and embarrassed about the whole thing.

I'm so happy you're enjoying and I'm being genuine when I say that this review has really made my morning. Thank you so much Faith :)

~Aimee xoxo

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Review #3, by Faith100zWatercolours: Watercolours

7th March 2014:
Hello! This was such a beautiful one-shot, well done!

I have a soft spot for second person POV, so I loved the style of this. So many of the lines were really meaningful and held so much significance, especially since all the character's stories/lives end so badly. My favourite was probably this one: "The war was looming outside, waiting for them to be released into the real world so it could envelope them all, and slowly kill them." It's just so honest and heartbreaking.

The entire thing was so bittersweet, you've done a great job at writing sad stories in a good way. I thought your characterization was very realistic, since they all had both good and bad traits.

Overall, this was brilliant, great job!

- Faith :)

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Review #4, by Faith100zGuilt : Guilt

27th February 2014:
Oh. My. Goodness.

This was seriously one of the best one-shots I've ever read.

I had shivers the whole time I was reading, it was so perfectly creepy. The lines you wrote to rhyme with the lines from the poem were brilliant, it made their impact even stronger.

All the little references made it even better, particularly the bit about the stars. It really tied in the Black family history and traditions and how he has the weight of more than one family's history on his shoulders.

I loved the line, "For the Malfoys, it is too late." I've read so many Next Gen stories where their war crimes are kind of just ignored or glossed over, or Scorpius doesn't know/talk about them, so I'm glad you went the opposite way with this. It felt like they were really a marked family and that they were past the point of redemption, even with Astoria and Scorpius' good intentions.

I could ramble about this forever, but I'll stop now before I get even less coherent. This was beyond brilliant, super well done!

- Faith :)

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Wow, thank you so much! I'm really honoured you liked it.

The rhyming lines were some of the first things I came up with, and I framed the story around them, so I'm really glad you liked them. Creepy is so fun to write!

Yes! Poor Scorpius, he really doesn't stand much of a chance. I'm glad you liked the stars comments as well.

I completely agree - the Malfoys, especially Lucius, willingly did some terrible things and it feels right that Scorpius would have some sort of reaction to that. I like your interpretation of it here, and how even the innocent family members are past the point of redemption, at least in this story.

Thank you for the amazing review! :) It really made my day and was so thoughtful and lovely. :D

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Review #5, by Faith100zDevilish Delights, Wicked Ends: I. Luck

11th November 2013:
This is absolutely brilliant, well done! It's such an awesome departure from the typical next-generation stories and I'm super curious to see what unfolds. The idea of Albus as anything other than the golden child with perfect morals he is in most stories is intriguing, I'm excited to see more of how you've characterized him. I already love Sybil's character in particular, but you've written them all really well. It flowed great and I didn't notice any typos at all. I think you did a really good job of drawing the reader into the story, I'm already looking forward to the next chapter! Brilliant job!
- Faith

Author's Response: Eee, thank you so much! I am honestly super out-of-step with what's happening generally in fanfic right now, but at the time I started writing, there was a looot of either very dramatic or very comedic WeasleyBoy/OC going around, and I wanted to do a ~dark~ take on those dynamics. Mostly because I badly wanted to write a morally ambiguous and eventually maybe evil Albus, because I have a serious thing for morally ambiguous leading male characters. I try to work it into a lot of stories and sometimes it doesn't work out, which is why I'm so ecstatic this Albus became just that (and so much more, if I do say so myself). Not that any of the characters turned out quite the way I thought they would, but it was really great exploring their stories, so I hope you'll enjoy seeing all that. And hehe you would not believe the amount of times I've reread this chapter. I would cry if there typos at this point. (Although there WERE typos, and I DID notice as I was putting this into the queue, so you can imagine my almost-tears).

Again, thank you so much! This was a great review (I'm sorry I ramble a lot in responses but I have so much to ramble about now!) and I really hope you continue to enjoy the story! :)

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Review #6, by Faith100zRomanian Romance: Of Dresses and Decisions

9th October 2013:
Hi again! :) I loved the dialogue in this chapter, it seemed very natural and realistic, great job! The description was good too, I always like to have some sort of idea of what characters and settings look like when I'm reading a story. I'm excited to learn more about all the characters and see what happens at the dinner, if you're including that in the story. Looking forward to the next chapter!

- Faith

Author's Response: Hi!
Hm, where have I seen your penname before?
Oh right!
You're that beautiful Canadian who reviewed before and who made my day!
Okay, first, yay! I wrote good dialogue!
Second, yay, I have good description!
Third, I'm definitely including what happens at dinner (a Charlie encounter fits in there somewhere).
Fourth, will try and get the next chapter up ASAP, but I have approx. seven chapters from various fics to add to the queue, so we'll see how long that takes. :S
But thanks yet again!
This was extremely appreciated!!!

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Review #7, by Faith100zRomanian Romance: Of Ridgebacks and Redheads

9th October 2013:
I really loved this! I don't think I've ever seen a story on the archives with a Canadian character, so as a Canadian I was so happy to read this! :) It's a really great opening chapter. I loved the way you started with a bit of an action scene, it got me interested in the story right from the beginning and developed Tommy's character at the same time. I think it's really great that you've kind of reversed the whole damsel-in-distress cliche and had Tommy save Charlie in their first encounter. I think she's a character I'm really going to like! I'm excited to see how you portray Charlie in later chapters too, since we don't really see much of him in the books. Brilliant work!

- Faith

Author's Response: Hi!
First, Canadian pride!!
I think a big reason I made her Canadian (other than the fact that I am too) *was* because of the lack of Canadian characters. But, then again, HP *is* set in the UK, so not much of a reason to have foreigners.
But yay!
You liked it!
Score one for MT!
As for Tommy's damsel-reversal, I needed to do that because she's kind of (a complete) girly girl. I needed her to have some sort of substance, you know?
Yay again, though!
You like it!
Thanks ever so much!

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Review #8, by Faith100zSoaring.: Dear Mary.

28th September 2013:
*picks jaw off floor*

Wow, this was amazing, I loved it! I haven't read too many Regulus stories but I love minor characters and he really intrigues me, so I thought I'd check this out. I'm so glad I did, you're a brilliant writer.

The whole thing is so honest and matter of fact it breaks my heart. It's so perfectly worded I feel like I'm in Regulus' head, you've described his feelings so well. The end paragraph is stunning. You gave a really good sense of who they both were in a short piece.

You're really talented, this was fantastic! I hope I get to read more of your work soon!

- Faith

Author's Response: Oh gosh, thank you so much! I'm addicted to minor characters, but I haven't read much Regulus either, so this characterisation was kind of unprompted and I'm everyone seems to like it!

"honest and matter of fact" is honestly one of the biggest complements you could have given me for this fic, so thank you so much. I really tried to get across his heartbreak without making it too sappy, and emphasise the fact that really, he's so young, he's just a teenager with an emotionally stunted family, the girl he loves has died and he can't even talk to anyone about it, there's a war brewing and he knows he's on the wrong side of it - he's just a kid and he doesn't know how to deal with any of this, and I don't think he'd be waxing on in huge lyrical poems to Mary, I think he'd be talking just like he would to her when she was alive - like a blunt teenager.

Wow, this response is turning into an essay you probably don't care about, so I'll cut it off here! Thank you so much for the lovely review. I'm about to put another story in the queue right now, this time about the life story of Madam Pince, so keep an eye out if you like my writing here! Thank you so much!

~Maia < 3

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Review #9, by Faith100zAnywhere but Here: Anywhere but Here

26th July 2013:

This was just so gorgeous. I'm a sucker for anything that shows more of Lavender than what was presented in the books. I thought this was completely brilliant. The awesome description had me believing that she really had been to those places and then the part where you find out it's all in her head and her books--it makes your heart break for her. Your description was so great too. I felt like I could imagine her in those places really easily. There were so many lines throughout which were really beautiful, but obviously really sad at the same time. The whole thing was so well-written, amazing job!

Author's Response: Hiya Faith! I'm so pleased you enjoyed this! I'm definitely of the same mind when it comes to showing Lavender in a different light. I think it was a little unfortunate that we saw such a shallow look at her and although that was part of her I think there might have been more if she had the chance to develop as a character. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the description, that's the most important bit of this one-shot too as the reader needs to be in those places alongside Lavender so that the twist in the end actually comes off as a twist. So i'm really pleased that it worked for you. Thank you so much for your lovely review.

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Review #10, by Faith100zRoad Trip Down Memory Lane: The Trip

26th July 2013:
Hi Jayde!

I loved this! I thought both Ron and Hermione's characterizations were really great! I feel like Ron suggesting the trip and trying to make Hermione more spontaneous is something he'd really do, if that makes sense. His wanting to drive the car was a really great touch as well! :)

I thought the whole thing was really realistic too! Hermione's threats to Rose, the way the park was basically closed, how Rose and Hugo were fussy in the car. It just made it really believable and genuine, I loved it! Awesome job!

- Faith

Author's Response: Hi Faith!

Thank you so much for this lovely review, and I'm sorry I've taken so long to respond!

Aww! I'm really glad you loved it! Thank you so much for your comments about the characterizations! ♥

I'm glad you thought it was realistic, believable and genuine! Thank you SO, SO much for this amazing review! ♥

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Review #11, by Faith100zPotter's North to Alaska: Potters North to Alaska

25th July 2013:
Hi there! I really liked this! I don't think I've ever read a story about the Potters taking a family trip, especially when the trip is to a Muggle location.

The bit about Ron becoming "Supreme Ruler of the Auror office" made me laugh :) Just a bit of CC: I think flue is spelt Floo in the books, so just watch out for that. I loved the detail you put into the towns they were stopping in and such. It made it really realistic and entertaining. Great job!

Author's Response: I have some experience going to those towns so I really wanted to incorporate them into the story, also the supreme ruler is the title i would give my self in Ron's position, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Faith100zWelcome To The League: The Draft

20th February 2013:
Another great chapter! I really love reading this story, it's a nice change from all the angsty one-shots I read a lot of. It's so funny and light hearted but there's still substantial plot development each chapter. You're a brilliant author!

I'm excited to see where Rose's involvement in the League goes! And what was up with Seth and her in the corridor? Do I spy romance in the future?? :P

I really like Cody and Hugo so far, though I haven't put my finger on why exactly. Thanks for the great chapter, I'm looking forward to reading more! :)

- Faith

Author's Response: A brilliant author? Don't know about that, but totally flattered that you think so! What was up with Rose and Seth in the corridor? He snorted at the word "romance" when I asked him, but I'll keep you posted if he gets it together. Thanks for giving this new story a chance and being such a great reader and reviewer!

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Review #13, by Faith100zReason to Fight: Le Phare

14th February 2013:

I was so happy when I saw you had posted a new chapter! I'm really hooked on this story already.

I love the authenticity you put into your writing. It makes the story just that much better. All the details and description are wonderful. You end each chapter at such a good moment, it always leaves me dying to know what happens next.

The flashback was really well written, great job! It was really interesting to get some history and background on Camille and Xavier. I'm anxious to see how things evolve between them!

We also got a lot of insight on Jean's character this chapter. I love the way you've revealed some of his more questionable traits. I really got the sense that there's something a little bit off about him, in addition to being cruel and cold.

I also loved how you're keeping Simon present in each chapter. I'm excited to see what happens with him and his family. I'm really hoping they get out safe and sound.

The whole chapter was just amazingly well written, you're very talented! I'm looking forward to find out what happens next! :)

- Faith

Author's Response: Hello again!

Camille and Xavier will evolve, I'll say that much -- though it can be for better or for worse!

Jean is such a fun character to write, albeit spine-chilling and evil. You will also find out more about him in the coming chapters!

In the upcoming chapters, we get a flashback for Simon and his family, so I hope you'll like that. Them trying to find a way out is going to be a huge part of the story, as you can imagine, but I won't spill the beans...

Thank you so much for the review dear! :)

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Review #14, by Faith100zLittle Numbers: Little Numbers

13th February 2013:

I liked this a lot! You really started the story off strong, moving right into the plot from the very first sentence. The plot itself was really interesting and unique. I liked the idea of suspected Death Eaters getting number codes, that was really creative.

I did notice several typos, but nothing that a quick run through and edit couldn't fix. I've found that a beta can also be really helpful in catching little things like that. :)

Your description was really brilliant, I really enjoyed reading it. This was an awesome read! The ending really made me happy for Astoria after all her ordeals. Great job!

- F

Author's Response: Hi, thanks for the lovely review :) I'll go through and edit it soon. I swear, as many times as I read through I always miss something. Ive had beta's on other stories and they truly do make a world of difference, this was such a little piece that I didn't bother but with my spelling skills it probably would have been a good idea.
Thanks again for the review :)

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Review #15, by Faith100zYellow: Chapter II

10th February 2013:
Hello again!

Another brilliant chapter. :) I love how much effort you put into making the story historically accurate, it really helps the reader imagine everything. The imagery and description are wonderful. Your attention to detail is amazing as well, from setting the story in a real abbey to knowing the meaning of Miriam's name.

I also adored your characterisation of Cho. She's not some rebellious fiery heroine who wanted to go off on an adventure and be part of the war effort. She's an average girl (in a good way :p ) who just wanted to help in some small way, even though she had her doubts. I really liked that. The dialogue between her and Miriam was also very realistic.

The flow was great as well, and the chapter was really well-paced and moved the plot along. Amazing job, I really enjoyed reading this!

- Faith

Author's Response: Hi Faith, nice to see you again :)

It's great that the details work well for you and don't seem too overwhelming or minute. I like to draw from history whenever I can and let things in my story have a meaning, rather than just making totally arbitrary choices.

I did really want Cho to seem average. I don't like characters that are too extreme in either direction, because it seems like it would make it hard to relate to them if their emotions were always all over the place. I'm glad you liked the dialogue between Cho and Miriam, too. Miriam is one of my favorite parts of this story.

Thanks so much for another fabulous review! Chapter three will be up next Saturday :)


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Review #16, by Faith100zDefining Astoria: Gluttony (Part One)

10th February 2013:
Hello again!

You're such a good writer and this was a really well written chapter! I loved the interactions between Colin and Astoria. I loved that you showed she was kind of unsure about him and out of her depth since she's only a first year and hasn't really interacted with Muggle-borns before school.

AND THE DEMENTORS! ohmygosh I'm dying to know what happens. :O

I also like how you represented the general viciousness of Slytherin house. I'm not saying they were all bad, but a lot of them were. I've also imagined there's a lot of competition amongst all the purebloods, and I love that you included that through Pansy wanting to sit next to Draco. The old-fashioned ways of the purebloods were also well written. They way Astoria's mother is already talking about her getting married and needing to find a good husband to keep the bloodline pure, etc.

The emotions you've written Astoria having are also really realistic. Brilliant chapter!

- Faith

Author's Response: Hello again indeed! :D

Aww, thank you! ♥ Colin was really fun to write; it was extremely addictive writing him, actually, since he was just so fun! (And he's the reason that Gluttony was split into two, haha!) She hasn't interacted with Muggle-borns -at all- so to have Colin be the first one she meets affects their friendship in a good way, I think.

Haha, you'll find out in the next chapter! ;)

It's interesting to hear your view there, as I wasn't intending to portray just Slytherin House as bullies. Although I do agree with you - they weren't all bad. What I had in mind writing those scenes was that Draco and Pansy are canon bullies, and obviously they're a part of Astoria's life so it would be unrealistic to have someone else bully her. Gryffindors are bullies too - just look at Sirius (and to an extent, James). Indeed there is! Especially with "royalty" like the Malfoys - it's all so very Jane Austen-y, trying to make the best marriage possible. (And yes, even at the age of ten, Pansy does think of marriage!)

Thank you so much! I hope to see you again when further chapters are posted!

-Katie ♥

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Review #17, by Faith100zDefining Astoria: Pride

10th February 2013:
Hi there! I've been wanting to check out this story for awhile and I'm so glad I did!

I love that you've chosen to write about a pretty minor character and even started writing about her as a young child. You've also done a really good job explaining her motives and the reasons behind why she's prideful (beyond just the fact that she's a pureblood.)

The way Draco bullies her is also interesting since the reader knows they eventually wind up married. It's almost like the old "if a boy annoys/teases/makes fun of you it means he likes you" idea. But in this case it's obviously flat out bullying rather than teasing. I'm excited to see how you write them together in later chapters.

I thought the flow was excellent too! I didn't see any typos either, great work! Astoria's characterization is also really spot-on. You've given her classic pureblood traits without making her so big-headed that she can't be hurt by the things Draco says. Draco is also really close to what I imagine he'd be like as a child.

Awesome work! *rushes to next chapter*

- Faith

Author's Response: Hi! I'm glad you came to read this story too and that you decided to leave reviews! :D

Thank you - it's always a compliment to hear someone likes the ideas I come up with! :3 And it's great to hear that you think I've done a good job!

I felt it was overdone to make Astoria completely in love with Draco, so I wanted to do something different and more realistic. And thank you - you'll certainly see that in the last two or three sins! :)

I was really worried about characterization when I wrote this, so it's wonderful that you feel it's spot-on and Draco fitted your expectations of what he'd be like as a child.

Thank you for dropping by!


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Review #18, by Faith100zReason to Fight: Prologue

8th February 2013:
I JUST LOVED THIS SO MUCH, it really is amazing and you're very talented!

I've been scouring the archives lately and I keep running into historical stories, which I love!

The way you wrote each scene was so intriguing and intense, and then they all tied together in the end. It really makes me want to find out what happens next, so I'm looking forward to that.

The character that interests me most so far is Camille, but I feel like you've explained them all so well but still left out little things that we might unravel throughout the story. They all work for the same cause, but they're still so different. You also built up a wonderful atmosphere. The language and just the writing in general fits the mood and situations so well. You've written it in such a good way, the reader really gets a sense of the times and the tension in the area. It feels so realistic and well-paced.

Amazing chapter!

- Faith

Author's Response: I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU HERE!

Camille is my personal favourite by just a little(characters are like children, I should not be picking favourites, but psh), I'm so glad you like her.

Thank you so much. Seriously. This story really worried me, and I'm so, so, so glad you like it!

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Review #19, by Faith100zWelcome To The League: Welcome, Losers

8th February 2013:
Hi there!

I really loved this! It's a bit different than what I usually read but it was a really nice change!

The dialogue was pretty realistic and I especially liked Hugo and Cody's lines. You write humour really well to! I've always been scared to try it because I'm really not funny :P but I thought you did really well!

Great opening chapter, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next! Awesome job!

- Faith

Author's Response: Yay, first review! I wrote this story completely for me. I wanted to write a fun, goofy comedy (just the sort of thing I need this time of year) but wasn't sure if anyone in the world would actually want to read it or find it the least bit entertaining. Thank you so much for taking the time, not only to read this, but to leave such a great review! Thank you SO much!

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Review #20, by Faith100zYellow: Chapter I

7th February 2013:

I completely adored this! :) I've never read a story that takes characters from the books and puts them in a different time period, but I really like it so far.

You've done an amazing job pulling the reader in and leaving some questions unanswered (where are Finnigan and Thomas? O.o).

The description was brilliant too. You gave me a perfect picture in my head of what his surroundings were like without having to drone on about every last teensy thing.

I loved how you included the part about students signing up at Hogwarts. It does seem realistic that some wizards would go to fight in the war. It affected so many people and I don't think the magical community would have gone untouched.

I actually haven't read much Cho/Cedric. For some reason that ship's just never really interested me that much even though I have nothing against the characters. I'm sooo glad I decided to read this though, you really are a wonderful author! 10/10!

- Faith

Author's Response: Hi Faith, thanks for stopping by!

I've read a few great AU stories similar to this on the archive, and that's part of what inspired me to do my own. If you ever want some recommendations, let me know :)

I'm pleased that you liked the imagery and felt like it really drew you in to the story. I intended to leave quite a few questions unanswered with this first chapter, but answers are coming soon, I promise. It's good that you liked my five senses approach, too, in terms of putting you in Cedric's shoes.

Part of the fun and the challenge in this story was trying to intertwine the Muggle world and the magical world. I'm glad you liked the little bit about Cedric signing up to go fight, and that you felt like it would be a realistic scenario. It seemed like Cedric would be the perfect character to transform into a soldier.

Thanks so much for your compliments and this wonderful review. Hope to see you again!


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Review #21, by Faith100zBroken Values: Draco Malfoy

6th February 2013:
Hi there! I'm here from the forums with your review :) Also, sorry for the delay. It turned out I had more homework than I originally thought.

Normally I wouldn't read such a Draco-centric fic but I really enjoyed this! You described his epiphany (I guess that's what you would call it?) so well. How he slowly realized he could try and change his values a little and do what was right.

I especially loved how you stayed true to a lot of his core personality traits. For example, you get the sense that he will still always save his own neck first. ("Between Father, Mother, and I, it was an unspoken consensus that by this point of the War, the only importance was our safety.")

You also get a feeling that he's still arrogant and a little proud but he realizes killing people isn't the answer and that he owes Harry a debt since he saved his life.

Good job, I really enjoyed this piece! :)

- Faith

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked it!
Yeah, I normally wouldn't write a Draco-centered fic either, but this was the best opportunity, if that made any sense. Anyways, I'm glad that you can see Draco is still himself because that is the one thing that irks me: when Draco in Next Generation of Post-Hogwarts acts completely OOC xD

Thank you so much for this review! (:

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Review #22, by Faith100zPursuing the Unattainable: Lover...

6th February 2013:
ghdrfjkytnph this was your first story!? It's amazing! You created such an intricate story and implied such an interesting history (and future) in a short piece. Well done, you're a really good writer!

"Three words that don't tell the whole story." Eeek that is such a perfect line, I love it. It really says a lot about them and their history.

You've done really well at giving the reader insight into the characters in a short amount of words. I really feel like I can identify some of each of their characteristics even after reading only 500 words about them. You really managed to get the characterisation across strongly, in my opinion. :)

And then the author's note! I read that and my mouth dropped open hahaha! It makes the fic so much more dark and complex. I'm glad you included in your AN since it's a lesser known fact.

This pairing in general is just really complex and you've done a super job of showing that. I'm a diehard Sirius/Marlene shipper but I still really enjoyed reading this! :) The flow was very good and I didn't see any spelling errors. Brilliant writing overall, especially for your first story!

Also, sorry for the delay on this review. I ended up with more homework than I originally thought, but better late than never right? :) Great work!

- Faith

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. I'm sorry for the late response.


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Review #23, by Faith100zThe Circle: Again

5th February 2013:
Hi there! I'm here from the forums with your review! :)

To start off, I really liked the way you began this piece. It was a strong beginning that jumped right into the plot. I found that it drew me in by leaving some questions unanswered ("Last night they'd said a lot.") and that it made me want to keep reading.

"Their relationship lasted 2 years and for 3 hours, she mourned the loss of their relationship." --- I feel like repeating the word "relationship" twice maybe hurts the flow a little bit and using the word "it" at the end of the sentence would serve the same purpose.

The title is also well chosen, it really reflects the fic and James and Gia's relationship. You've really managed to put a lot of impact into a short piece. I also love how Gia knows he hurt her, but she still lets him back into her life. It's realistic since people tend to fall back into bad relationships sometimes and overlook the flaws of people they love.

I didn't see any spelling or grammar errors, but apologies if I missed some (I tend to be really bad at spotting them :s)

This is wonderful for being your first piece on the archives! It was really ambitious to take on a challenge for your first posted fic, but you did it justice! Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so so so much for the lovely review. All of your corrections will be taken into consideration and I plan to change them really soon. To be honest, this is the first story I've had the courage to publish to HPFF but your lovely review makes me want to write so many more.
Thanks again,

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Review #24, by Faith100zWhat's in a Name?: What's in a Name?

19th January 2013:
This is really brilliant, I loved it! You really wrote Victoire's thoughts in a way that was really honest and relatable which I really liked.

"She was a child that came of the Second Wizarding War and somehow she knew that was the reason for her morose. That it had damaged her somehow- tainted everything about who she was because she was birthed in complete innocence in a world that still grieved."

^^That is just perfection. :P The way it's worded is just so brilliant. I think that was my favourite line.

Overall such an amazing piece, great job! You're very talented!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for stopping by and reviewing! I really appreciate it. I don't even know how to respond to your compliments but i'm very pleased you've enjoyed this and the wording of it ;P

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Review #25, by Faith100zThe Scientific Method: Part One

19th January 2013:
Brilliant chapter! I really love your writing, you're really talented! I adore this story already, it's a new spin on James/Lily.

I especially loved the part where Lily despairs over how James doesn't reach his potential, it felt like a really accurate insight into his personality and stuff.

Really good characterization, and I didn't see any spelling mistakes at all. Awesome job! 10/10! :)

- Faith

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