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Review #1, by DetectiveMenaceWeather for Ducks: Post-Apocalyptic Romance

23rd January 2012:
I'm supermega jelly of your mad updating skills. Super. Mega. This is gunna be a short review, since I'm tired and I have school tomorrow and I'm just plain lazy.

Love the trashy zombie apocalypse smut - and yes, that should definitely be a genre...if it isn't already. Oh, that Scorpius; I'm certain he waited until Lucy had taken a hippopotamus bite out of bacon sandwich before asking a question on purpose. Well, no, probably not; it's far more likely that he is just has terrible timing when it comes to conversation.

Great chapter! It seems too good to be true, having one story update three times in two days. Holy crap, I think you're probably the first HPFF author to ever do that! You should get a trophy. It would probably be something really small and easily breakable - like a Christmas ornament, but in trophy form. A Christmas ornament/"Speediest author ever" trophy. That would be so sweet!

Author's Response: Haha, I attribute fast updating to my immense capability for word vomiting. I basically just open MS Word and bash the keyboard for an hour or two and then throw it out into the ether of HPFF.

Ah, yes, Scorpius: he of the tact and good timing.

Eee, that'd be such a cute little ornament. Like a miniature plastic house cup, only with one of the handles missing.

Thanks for the review! ♥

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Review #2, by DetectiveMenaceWeather for Ducks: Living In Sin

22nd January 2012:
Two updates in one day?! Wow! :D I haven't even updated any of my stories in a month. Oh my god, it's been EXACTLY a month! *cue X-Files theme song*

Right, chapter, yes. Molly getting married? Yikes! Lucy WANTING to get married? Double yikes! Lucy's poster falling down? TRIPLE-SUPER-YIKES!!! So much plot, I can't even...gah, I can't wait until the next chapter!

If this is fluff, then everything I've ever written is just mindless, pointless drivel. Guuurl, youse be making me jelly! ;)

KITTY YAY! I love cats! And, sorry Lucy, but I think Socks is a much better cat name than Andrew. Er, but the cat isn't really a major part of the chapter, so I'm sounding like a crazy cat lady now...oops.

Again, even though there's been two new chapters today, I still wants MOAR STORY!!! I'm a greedy little reader and I devour new chappies OM NOM NOM NOM! Ok, definitely gunna regret this review tomorrow, so I think I'll just end it here. Great work, as per usual! :D

Author's Response: -joins in with the doctor who theme tune, finished with an inception brrrm for good measure-

OFC LUCY'S POSTER SO DRAMATIC. Lololol. This fic is essentially me communicating my feelings about modern romance, especially in literature, using Lucy and Scorpius as mouthpieces, so marriage is going to pop up quite a bit.

IKR. Socks beats Andrew any time in my opinion. Buuut combined...

Thanks for reviewing & glad you liked it! ♥

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Review #3, by DetectiveMenaceGone: Pain

18th January 2012:
Yeah, didn't review the last chapter. :( Sorry, but I've been a bit out of things lately, but I am trying to get back into the swing of things.

That's it. I am now an official Al/Scorpius shipper for this story! They and their epic bromance remind me a bit of Frodo and Sam from LotR. And I love me some bromance!

Author's Response: Is it lame that I kept cheking back here for your review the first few days? :O Ha. It was pretty pathetic.

Epic bromance? Wow. Somehow, I can't see them together in this story. It just doesn't work for me right now. I suppose it's because I've always envisioned Scorpius/Rose.

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Review #4, by DetectiveMenaceStill Delicate: The Other Side of Normality

18th January 2012:
I was already bummed today because I have to go to the dentist and I think I have a cavity (curse you, giant gummy bear). But now I'm even more bummed because of this super sad, super serious, super Scorpius chapter! :,(

When I first started reading the chapter, I was rolling my eyes and I felt genuinely pissed off at Scorpius for his complaining; yeah, I felt a little pity, but then I was shaking my finger at him, saying, "Oi! It's your fault you're in this slump, so quit moping and just take it like a man!"

But then...

His marriage falls apart (for realsies, this time), his mom dies of a brain aneurysm, and Rose is (maybe?) engaged. It just seemed that everything happened at once, and while I'm still screaming "ROSE/TOM FOREVA SCORPIUS IS A LOSA" from the rooftops (not literally. I'm not skilled enough to climb onto my roof.), I'm, for the moment, siding (somewhat) with Scorpius. He needs Rose right now, poor guy. :,(

Legit, this chapter almost made me cry. Beautiful writing (as usual), a new perspective, and a mad plot twist. I'm on the edge of my seat (with a tissue in hand!) to read what happens next! :,(

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Review #5, by DetectiveMenaceAnd Capers Ensue: Destination Downhill

16th January 2012:
I don't know why Scorpius was mocking My Little Centaur tea parties; they're filled with awesome! I would so have a tea party with Al, because he's so precious! I JUST WANNA HUG HIM!!!

Ahem. Got a bit, er...excited, there. The real review shall commence!

Scorpius is to progress what Mt. Vesuvius was to Pompeii: DESTROYER. I love the comparison to radiation too; all Malfoys should only be handled in small doses. At least if he was green, he might match his plaid blazer! :D

"My room, my rules. Take your bravado somewhere else." Mmmmhm! You tell him, gurl!

" Trust no one." Okay, I'm sorta forced to love Scorpius now since he just used one of Mulder's catchphrases from the X-Files. Although I refuse to accept his many horrendous blazers; I wonder where he even gets them? *cue X-Files theme song* Nah, not really a mystery. It's probably from some snobby French designer.

"I happen to enjoy being hopped up on sugar." Who doesn't, Bea? Being hopped up on sugar is better than drugs! Or Sprite! (My sister gets really hyper when she drinks Sprite. It's quite frightening. I don't even know how she gets so hyper, since there's no caffeine in it...)

Oh wizard God, Scorpius; who legit says "grand" anymore? Classy folks, but he doesn't really qualify as a classy folk.

Great chapter, and sorry it took me so long to review! Been so busy lately, I don't even have any time for HPFF anymore. :( Ah well. Can't wait for Chapter 14! Albus...badass? Yes, please!

Author's Response: I know! he's got no right to mock tea parties until he's tried them.

LOL I love that metaphor. I think both Bea and Scorpius can't be handled in large doses xD But homg, can you imagine Scorpius with a radioactive blazer? That would be ridiculous. (Of course, as a scientist, I should probably point out that radioactive things don't actually glow green)

I didn't know that was one of Mulder's catchphrases! It's just something I figure he'd say xD

See, Scorpius doesn't appreciate sugar either. That boy needs to be reeducated.

LOL but I like the word grand. It's so grand.

Thank you so much for reviewing :3 ♥

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Review #6, by DetectiveMenaceMy Not-So-Imaginary Friend: V: Here is My Grandfather and There is the Clock

10th January 2012:
So, Benjamin thinks Sirius is good enough for "his" Marta now? I sense much plot in the future!

Awww, Remus! Taking a Sickle to the eye! Caring for his lady lurve when she was infirm! Being a sweetie! ^.^ He's so adorable!

Damn, that Marta's a trooper. Kicking a Quaffle with a shattered ankle? Aye Papi! Ouchie mama! Aye Dios mio! No-ho on the rojo! What? Alright then.

Marta's grandfather is so cool, especially for a Slytherin at that time! All the other Slytherins are like "Ssss, Mudbloods sssuck!" but he's all like "Hahaha I'm a nice grandfather!" I'm really excited to see what Marta's dad is like, but the way he's mentioned doesn't lead me to believe he's a very nice guy...

Can't wait for an update! (Oh my god RHYME!!)

Author's Response: Well, Benjamin was split between Sirius and James- he just made his final decision (not that Marta would agree with it). I'm really glad you like Remus- I keep feeling bad about everything I do to him. And Marta-she can ignore/forget a lot of things (except Benjamin, of course).

I'm really glad you liked Marta's grandfather. I didn't want him to be the stereotypical Slytherin since exceptions have always existed. Marta's father, on the other hand... You'll meet him when Marta goes home for Christmas.

Thank you for the review! (We're both rhyming now! :D)

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Review #7, by DetectiveMenaceStill Delicate: Double Negative

5th January 2012:
I love Tom! ROSE/TOM FOREVER AND ALWAYS. And 30 years later, I'll still fiercely ship them, and people will ask me "After all this time?" and I'll look them dead in the face and say "Always."

Anyways...Scorpius ignoring Rose cause she doesn't want him anymore? Yes, Malfoy, because THAT'S mature! Sometimes, I just wanna shoot Scorpius at close-range with an RPG, right in the face. He'd blow up and probably shoot straight into the air and it would be filled with nothing but pure EPICOSITY. (Sorry. But the Uncharted video games provoke my violent side.)

A unicorn in the garden is the best excuse ever. Absolutely infallible. But typical, typical Rose, running (or Apparating...) all the way up to Scotland in the middle of the night over nothing, using a double negative to declare her love (or not not love), freaking out about /maybe/ having sexytime - although I can sympathize with her on that last one. Sexytime is not a thing to be taken lightly.

You know what I just realized? You've unintentionally (or maybe not so unintentionally) created a leading man debate to rival Team Edward and Team Jacob. I'm Team Tom! And not just alliteration is fun.

Only four more chapters until Rose and her crazy shenanigans are gone forever? I kinda can't believe it. When this story's over, I might go through a Delicate state of withdrawal (see what I did there? Funny funny nudge wink, eh?). But I don't have to worry about the end right now! ;) Can't wait for chapter 32!!

Lovey luv and fanfic hugs!

Author's Response: This made me LOL. In fact, I am still LOLing. And I'm not one for the LOLing. I don't LOL lightly. Also, love that you use the word 'sexytime' of my favourite terms in the world. Well done my friend. Well done. My review of this review is 10/10.

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Review #8, by DetectiveMenaceGone: Private

19th December 2011:
Yaaay! Potters! And Lily and James will finally stop being such jerks to Al? I really hope so! :)

Dudley surprised me in this chapter. I was expecting a lot more awkwardness. And he still lives at Number Four? GREAT JOB MOVING ON WITH YOUR LIFE, DUDDY. (Kidding. Mebbeh...)

Augh I'm a lazy reviewer lately, so sorry for so little feedback from me lately. And so little feedback in this review. And for all the starving children in the Horn of Africa, but I don't think that has anything to do with the story...or will it?! TWIST ENDING! That'd be like a Stephen Moffet plot twist though, and we don't want one of those...

What was I talking about again? I don't remember. I've been really ditzy lately. ANYWAY here's your review! :D Reviews are nice.

Author's Response: Thank you!
Haha... XD
And reviews are very nice.

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Review #9, by DetectiveMenaceWeather for Ducks: A Duck in the Pint

18th December 2011:
foreshadowforeshadowforeshadow! What sort of place is New New Elgin, indeed...

Great chapter (and wickedly speedy update. I'm jealous.)! I sense much plotyness to come...(dramatic ellipses FTW!)

Lettuce's drunken advice would involve some form of the word 'glitter' - I'm guessing his sober advice would involve that too. XD Oh, Lucy. Diving headfirst into writing a book about some subject that she's not even sure of. Travel? Change? A steamy romance between two star-crossed lovers? Hopefully not that last one.

I'm so eager for the rest of the story! Troo lurve! Sequins! A guy named Socks! YAY!

Author's Response: foreshadowing! plot thickening! thickening like oatmeal! oatmeal of destiny!


Lettuce generally just involves glitter. It's his shtick. And Lucy...well, Lucy's certainly bought herself a lot more than she bargained for with this book thing, I'm telling you. Except the lovers might not be star-crossed, but, you know, more like two meteorites travelling at speed (hey, I might make use of that metaphor some day).

Thank you so much for the review! ♥

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Review #10, by DetectiveMenaceAnd Capers Ensue: Fishing for Wishy-Washy Wishing

16th December 2011:
YESS! An update! I'm so happy I could give Albus a million kisses (well, I'd probably do that anyway)! And the addition to Chapter 11? It's like an extra present on Christmas!

Aw, self-sufficient Bea! :,( And Fred/Anjali sweetness! And Bea gave half of her cupcake to Scorpius - IT'S TRUE LOVE.

Author's Response: Hee, I'm glad you like it! :) I think Anjali's a bit more venom than sweet though ;D She doesn't exactly do sugar. I'm eternally amused that desserts have become (a fairly accurate) judge of the level of fuzzies in my fics 8D

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Review #11, by DetectiveMenaceGone: Memories

8th December 2011:
YAY WOTTERS! I just love them so much. :) I love Al and Scorpius too, but sometimes I do get sick of them and their shenanigans. Actually, no, I don't. I just wanted to say 'shenanigans'.

Sorry it's taken me so long to read this; I'm have this story on my RSS feeds, but whenever you submit a chapter for validation, it tells me you updated. But then I look and HPFF is all like 'that chapter's not available HAHA N00B!"

SCORPIUS! I just wanted to hug him so badly in this chapter! I'm actually a bit surprised that more of the Wotters weren't nice to him; I don't know why. For a second, I thought "Why isn't Harry sticking up for him?" but then I realized that the main plot of this story revolves around the fact that Harry is GONE. *facepalm* I'm sorry for the ditzy review. It's been a long day. :/

Stupid Lucius! That old piece of hjsnsjxkcnfjrmrmrnrnrjf! Sorry, I can't think of any 12+ expletives to use instead. I feel like Draco might have intervened if he thought that his father was hurting Scorpius, but then again, this IS Draco we're talking about.

I can't wait for the next chapter! I'm guessing from the preview of chapter 9 Scorpius and Al will be running around like goofs? Sweet!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed. :)
I wanted to call Lucius a hjsnsjxkcnfjrmrmrnrnrjf too. It's okay.
Draco wasn't very centeral in Scorpius's life. Astoria was, but she's been sick for a while, and Draco's pretty much losing it.
Chapter nine is pretty much just Al and Scorpius, yes. I try to alternate.
Al adn Scorpius, Wotters, Al adn Scorpius, Wotters, Al adn Scorpius, Wotters... Etc. (You probably got the point a while ago.)
Thank you for the review!

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Review #12, by DetectiveMenaceWeather for Ducks: The Coven

4th December 2011:
OOOH! A hidden talent show cult...a mysterious, artsy 'coven'...SO MUCH MYSTERY.

I always love reading anything from the Starving Artists series, and I'm glad to have an update for this story! I love seeing where one of my favorite pairings is going next...

Sunday really is a lazy day. Unfortunately, this Sunday is not my lazy day - I ALWAYS leave my weekend homework for Sunday and I ALWAYS hate doing it! >:( Then again, I always hate doing homework on any day of the week.

Can't wait to read more of Lucy and Scorpius' wild, weird, metaphorically duck-filled escapades! :D


Sunday = ultimate laze. Or, for me, Sunday = ultimate write ALL the fanfiction day.

thanks for the review! ♥

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Review #13, by DetectiveMenaceGone: Trace

23rd November 2011:
Yeah! ROSE/SCORPIUS CUTENESS FTW! I'm really tired so this is gunna be a short review. :/

Teddy YAY! I love him! Well, I love all the Wotters. :)

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: :)
I've got another story validating and then chapter eight should be up.

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Review #14, by DetectiveMenaceMy Not-So-Imaginary Friend: IV: Are You Staying All Week for Halloween?

22nd November 2011:
YAY! An update!!! :D I'm so happy! So many authors on here participate in NaNoWriMo that updates have been scarce for the past month, so any update at all is better than none! XD

Remus/Marta cuteness YIPEE!!! And bye-bye Benjamin - for a while...But without him, Marta's life seems to be pretty crappy. It also seems rather crappy WITH him; maybe if she would have just let Remus tutor her while Benjamin was gone...

Treatment in St. Mungo's? Oh noes! - the plot thickens! And Benjamin can do magic?! I didn't know that before...I mean, I knew that he had more power than your average imaginary friend, but the fact that he has totally hardcore magic skills is beyond alarming.

And more about Marta's background? Nice - I can't wait to find out more about her! She's such an interesting character; I love her to bits! I can't wait for the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: I know what you mean about updates- none of my favorites have done anything since October. *Sigh* Although I'm glad you're happy about this update!

I really wanted to get a lot of background about Marta in this chapter, and I'm glad you enjoyed it and shared your reaction to it. :) I can hardly wait to reveal Benjamin's background, but that will have to wait. Thank you so much for this awesome review!

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Review #15, by DetectiveMenaceWeather for Ducks: Elgin Regrets

21st November 2011:
A fake wall?! WHAT THE HAN SOLO IS GOING ON?!!!? Oh, those New New Elginers (Elgins? Elginers.)!

Five Jeans? That's not even a little confusing! Everyone in New New Elgin seems so odd but so lovable. :D

What do you mean this isn't funny? Lucy/Scorpius banter? Bi-annual annual meetings? Star Wars reference? THIS IS FANFIC GOLD, BABY.

May the writing force be with your word processor!

Author's Response: New New Elgin, the town so good they named it with a double negative...
Yes...five jeans will be a narrative challenge and a half. I've devised a code, though, so hopefully everyone will be able to keep track. I mean, that's if I can keep track. I'm a bit scatterbrained at the best of times. It comes with the territory, really.
Thank you so much! May the force be with in the fanfiction community! ♥

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Review #16, by DetectiveMenaceTell Me Goodbye: Tell Me Goodbye.

18th November 2011:
AWH! Remus!!! :,( He's so precious; I always love reading him! Woah, that sounded weird...

Such a sad fic! I've never really read much slash, but the pairing Remus/Sirius just makes sense to me. I mean, they're just so adorable together! But Remus left behind and alone after Sirius' death...awh! So sad!

This was a beautiully written one-shot; Remus' emotions were so strong and his monologue (of sorts) throughout the fic was so heart-breaking! His pain was so real, and now I'm kinda bummed. D: But yes, this was a great one-shot!

Author's Response: I did not fangirl scream when I saw that you had reviewed. Well, only a little.

Thank you so much for the review and compliments. I know what you mean about Sirius/Remus, they've always seemed like canon to me...

Sorry for making you sad :(

Thank you again

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Review #17, by DetectiveMenaceGone: Looking

7th November 2011:
Anthrobibliophobia - the fear of librarians. I believe you, Al. After all, there are stranger phobias. Like Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (the fear of large words) or Hobophobia (the fear of homeless people. No joke - that's what it's called).

Scorpius, a writer?! DRAMATIC GASP NOT REALLY THAT DRAMATIC BUT STILL A SMALL RELEASE OF AIR IN GASPING FORM. Leo Phoenix - nice pseudonym. I definitely didn't expect anything like that. :)

YAY GINNY'S BACK!!! And...moody James, but still GINNY. I'm so excited for more of the Wotters next chapter (GO WOTTERS! That needs to be on a shirt). And hopefully there'll be some Rose/Scorpius cutesy-wootsy-flirtyness? I'll give you a virtual hug if there is!

(Virtual hugs are the best and most legitimate form of Internet bribery.)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed. :)
Al and his quirkness in this chapter amuses me. In this chapter and the next one we seem to get more in deepth of he really is (when he's not completly worried/losing it over the fact that his family hates him and that his Dad is missing), which makes me so happy. I love Al. :D
Scorpius always seemed like an artistic type to me and I just had to fit something in there, so writing it is. Chosing his pseudonym was easy I must say, because I knew I wanted it to relate to him and since Leo and Phoenix are both constellations as well... Yeah.
I was so happy to put Ginny back in... James, eh, not so much, but Ginny makes me smile. :)
(Go Wotters would be an excellent T-shirt, I agree)
Rose/Scorpius cutesy-wootsy-flirtyness will definitly be showing up more in the next few chapters.
(Just because I would love a virtual hug. They're the best. Although, virtual cookies are pretty good bribery too.)

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Review #18, by DetectiveMenaceAnd Capers Ensue: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Beatrice?

7th November 2011:
YAY! An update! I know what you mean about school eating you up - me too (just figuratively. I'd be very freaked out if it was literally). And less of a wait for Chapter 12? Totally awesome!

Oh, Bea. It's true that she expects a lot out of her friends and tends to take some of the things they do for granted; but the sadface! No one can say NO to THE SADFACE. :(

A store! I think that's a good investment for Bea to make; her inventions are great and would definitely sell well. (Heh. Rhyme.) However, she needs someone like Fred to keep her on track, and I think Fred would rather go on to bigger and better things than being a shop clerk.

The store really is a good idea, although Albus' idea of a 'private theme park' and Lucy's idea of 'a thousand cupcakes' sound equally as wonderful (maybe even more wonderful!)

I was looking forward to a Capers update last month, but alas - school must come before fanfiction. :( Congratulations on your Dobby win! Or should I call it wins, since one of your banners won one too? Haha. Won one. Sounds strange - like this review, actually! :D I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: ;_; Hellish week coming up. But I'm enjoying the brief break before that all comes crashing down.

YES THE SADFACE. Oh the irony of it, eh?

The shop is really just a fleeting idea Bea has for now -- she's unsure about the future and she's kind of going between ideas, trying to figure out what's best for her.

She is definitely considering the cupcake idea ;D

Thank you! :D Hee, I did get two ^__^ I still can't believe it. I'm on that page with so many legends!

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Review #19, by DetectiveMenaceThe Prime of Miss Gwendolyn Addwyfn Gordon: The Prime of Miss Gwendolyn Addwyfn Gordon

1st November 2011:
There's not really any good place to have an identity crisis...maybe right after you get a license?

So Gwendolyn/Raven's first boyfriend compared her to the raven in Poe's poem? How is that supposed to be romantic?!!? If the guy wanted to be just a LITTLE romantic, he could have at least compared her to Lenore!

Poor Nicodemius Entwhistle. Comes from a family of Nigels and gets named something ridiculous like Nicodemius...again, poor guy.


So that's what hedge-hopping's literally hopping a hedge...Hmmm...

I'd love to read that 'steamy historical novel.' Not really.

Such a cute fic, although I enjoyed the Color Wheel more - because, I mean...satsuma and blueberry! But this was really good too! :D

Author's Response: Or maybe when you're trying to get through customs after a very long plane journey...WITH VEGETABLES IN YOUR BAG. They don't like that. Right so anyway...

First romances are always a little awkward like that. Look on the bright side, he could have compared her to the Jabberwocky or something ;)

It's just typical. All geared up to be a Nigel and you end up a Nicodemius. Just bloody typical.

Haha, what did you think it was? Hehh. Never tried hedge hopping myself. Bit too much on the illegal side for me.

Thank you very much! Glad you liked it and thanks for reviewing ♥

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Review #20, by DetectiveMenaceThe Colour Wheel: The Colour Wheel

1st November 2011:
I know what you mean - my mind is either on fic, food or how excited I am to see Team Starkid and FINALLY register for Pottermore! The bad thing is that I always get my best ideas in Algebra II, which is my worst class. Maybe HPFF is what's bringing down my low test grades...

Lucy and Scorpius...Satsuma and Blueberry...Art students by day, fruit people by night...They'd be awesome superheroes. They wouldn't get anything accomplished, but they'd still be awesome.

So cute! So fluffy! So fruity-but-not-actually-fruity! I loved it! :D

Author's Response: Gah, my mind is always elsewhere! Also, seeing team Starkid - I am so jealous! They'll never even come near britain! (my creys, my eternal creys).

Art students by day, superheroes by night? Please do not tempt me with further plot ideas. You might kill me with fic. They'd be the worst superheroes ever, haha!

Thank you very much for reviewing - glad you enjoyed it! ♥

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Review #21, by DetectiveMenaceWeather for Ducks: The Dartboard of Destiny

30th October 2011:
Before I start off what is destined to be one of my longest and strangest reviews, I just wanna apologize for being such a bad, bad reader! I read Starving Artists (and got my minorly-artsy best friend/niece to read it too) and absolutely adored it. However, I did not review, using my mantra of "I'll do it later." And I kinda forgot to do that. Then, today actually, I read both of the Starving Artists one-shots. And I still didn't review. And just a minute ago, when I finished reading this wonderful beginning to what will surely be a wonderful sequel, I thought to myself "I'll just review later."

Then, I slapped myself. Mentally, of course, because even I don't choose random times to slap myself in the face. I don't what it is about the Starving Artists series that makes me put off reviewing, but I feel terrible about it. And so, I'm very, very, oh-so-very sorry that I procastinated this long with reviewing the story and one-shots; as soon as I'm done writing this monstrosity, I'm hurrying over to do that lickety-split!

Alright, here's the REAL review (I do hope your eyes aren't sore because of this).

Cupboard gremlins; I take it that's a reference to the movie Gremlins? I've never even seen that because I saw part of it once and it scared the *insert expletive here* out of me. I'm such a coward. But I love that the only place Lucy and Scorpius can afford is not only a crappy piece of work but it also requires the feeding of a gremlin. In the cupboard.

Poor Lucy with her face full of armpit and a uniform covered in baby vomit! I love her to bits and it's awful that not only does she have to live in a terrible flat and work three terrible jobs, but she can't even ride the tube without getting her nose jammed in a businessman's armpit. Is it always a businessman, or just any man in a suit?

Scorpius I don't feel quite as bad for, as he's at least working with music and photography - even if he has to go to freaky goblin rebellion reenactions in muddy fields. Still, at least he has Lucy, and Lucy has Scorpius. :)

SCOTLAND! I'm excited! I've never heard of Elgin, but then again, I'm American and know next to nothing about Scotland - besides the stereotypical kilts, bagpipe music and William Wallace. Merlin, I really hope I don't offend you.

A life of piracy sounds just darling; it's better than living with Rose! That would be just a little awkward. Only a little.

A great start, and again, sorry for my terrible reviewing (or lack thereof)! Oh, and for writing such a novel with this review. Oops. I can't wait to read the next chapter! Will there be Al? What about Gwendolyn/Raven or Tarquin? Uh-oh; will there be crazy Rose?! Voldemort?! I'm having trouble deciding which would be worse...

Author's Response: Haha, no worries! 'I'll do it later' is totally my mantra too - procrastinators unite! (well, unite tomorrow. or the day after that.) Don't kick yourself about not reviewing. I do it (or rather, don't do it, haha) all the time!

Nope, eyes aren't sore. Just got paint on my eyelashes, but I'll be fine. Don't ask why I have paint there. It's a long story.

Haha, no - although I can see why! It's a reference to the Socremlins, which is a bit of crack generated by some other authors and referenced in other stories (see And Capers Ensue for an epic example). Gremlins turn up in the prequel in a big way...Socremlins, to be precise, haha. And, ofc - there was a cheaper place for them in Vauxhall, but that involved looking after a neighbourhood Troll and, well...

Not just a businessman, or any man in a suit - more like anyone. The number of times I've got on public transport and had to sniff someone's armpit/listen to someone soapboxing/sit next to the bus drunk...I couldn't count them even if I had five million fingers on each hand.

Baha, no worries! Kilts, bagpipes and William Wallace are definitely our schtick. Although if you're basing the Wallace part on Braveheart, I should warn you that that film is an abysmal representation of the past and...the less said about it, the better, ahha! No offence at all. I'm proud of the kiltyness and such.

The old characters? meh, no, but Voldemort definitely gets a cameo fo sho. Haha, no - some old characters turn up now and again, but this is largely a new cast, just for kicks.

Thank you for reviewing - really glad you liked it! ♥

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Review #22, by DetectiveMenaceGone: Lost

27th October 2011:
"Yes… It will come together… We will win…" DUN DUN DUN!! Not really a cliffhanger in this chapter, but it's cool - if every chapter had a cliffhanger, I'd probably lose my mind with impatience...

'Is there an update? No? How bout now? Still no?! Well, it has only been five minutes since I last!'

Yeah. So really, it's nice to have a (slightly) more relaxed chapter. :) I've also been missing Rose and all the Weasleys, so I'm glad they made a brief appearance!

It's official: I hate Lily and James. Well, maybe not hate, but I strongly dislike them. They're such Debbie Downers, especially James. And they're so mean to Al, excluding him because he's a Slytherin! :(

Ooooh, a secret room in Harry's office? Signs of a struggle? Scorpius's dad is now a suspect?! MYSTERIOUS. SO MYSTERIOUS.

Poor Ginny. :( It's so strange to see her this weepy and vulnerable; it's pretty heartbreaking, too. Speaking of heartbreaking...MAMA MALFOY! When I read the scene with Scorpius and his mom, I was like :( times a million.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Well, I couldn't have anyone losing their minds, now could I?
I tend to get impatient to when left with big cliffhangers. It's slightly annyoing.
Ah, Lily and James. I was wonderingwhen someone would bring them up. Sometimes I wonder about them, because I'm begining to find myself hating them too. It's odd, because I don't want to make them too cruel, but that end up that way anyways without me even trying to.
I like mystery. And drama. Drama is fun.
Hence the many cliffhangers.
It was hard to write the part with Ginny, since she's always such a strong character.
I cried a little while I was writing the scene between Scorpius and his mom. It just felt so awful, because I love writing about Scorpius, and then to put him in a position like that... I was mentally beating myself the whole time, but I think it turned out okay.
I have a one-shot validating, and then I'll post chapter six.
I'm glad you enjoyed. :)

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Review #23, by DetectiveMenaceDescent into Madness: Constant Vigilance!

25th October 2011:
What a great one-shot! I'm entered in the same challenge, but I must say that I hope you win. Mad-Eye seems like one of those characters who's often overlooked and written OOC; you, however, captured his personality perfectly!

Grr...Mundungus. I'm still mad about him betraying Moody. No, I'm still mad at him for stealing things from Grimmauld Place before Sirius was even cold in his grave! But alas, I digress.

Constant vigilance! Such a fine way to start the fic off. :) The words he lived and died by...

Anyway, like I said, great job, and good luck in the challenge!

Author's Response: I'm so flattered! Thank you, although I'm sure you'll write/have written something wonderful as well :) I'm so happy that I captured Mad-Eye in the light you think is appropriate and didn't take him way out of character.

Yes, Mundungus does inspire much hatred, or at least annoyance. He was an entertaining character, and good for a bit of comic relief, but a coward through and through. Sigh.

Thanks again! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)


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Review #24, by DetectiveMenaceGone: A Thief in the Night

18th October 2011:
OH NOES! So this really is getting way plottier, and it was pretty plotty before! AH! DEATH EATERS! And Harry must've known they were planning a breakout before he got kidnapped because of the note he left Al! And that's probably one of the reasons he was taken (besides the fact that he's Harry Potter)!

I'm 100 percent sure that Harry is the prisoner, yet I still have no idea who the captor is.must think on this...

Well...I'm surprised. I never thought that Scorpius and Al would successfully pull off their mini-heist! I thought they were know what? I actually had no idea what was going to happen, so congratulations, I guess, for the twisty-turvey plot!

One thing that really caught my attention in this chapter was how easy it was for Al and Scorpius to find the documents in Zabini's house. In my opinion, I just feel like there would've been more enchantments guarding them, or they would've have been in a more secret location. And it also seems odd that the key to the filing cabinet happened to be lying around; wouldn't Zabini've had it hidden, or kept it on his person? I'm sorry if I'm coming across as overly-critical or snobby, and I really don't mean to be.

Oh my Merlin; Blaise Zabini, cat lover? I'm picturing him as an old, delusional cat lady, and the mental image is nothing short of disturbing. I can't stop laughing, though; I think I've read the part with the cats maybe three times now? And it's still funny. XD

A wonderful chapter, all in all; it had mini-heists, cat-loving Death Eaters, a huge conspiracy...In short, it had it all. And it wasn't actually that short, really, so don't feel bad about it! :) I can't wait to read what happens next! And I definitely can't wait to see the others in the next chapter, because I feel like I'm suffering a minor form of Weasley withdrawal. One more thing; I love the new banner! So misterioso! So conspiratorial!

P.S - I know that Scorpius and Rose have this cute crush thing going on, and I love it. However, I've officially decided that for this story, I'm going to be shipping Al/Scorpius. BROMANCE IS ETERNAL. If you don't like slash pairings, then I'm sorry, BUT MY DECISION IS FINAL.

But hey, I could have definitely chosen a stranger ship. Like Harry/captor, Scorpius/James, or Blaise/cat...oh no. Terrible mental images from that last pairing. AH SO DISTURBING I WON'T BE ABLE TO SLEEP TONIGHT GAAAH!

Author's Response: Yes, Harry did know about the break-out plan, which is a main reason for his kidnapping.
Thank you. The break-in was so much fun to write, it just flowed that way.
That is a good point about Zabini, but also, he's Blaise Zabini, so when would he expect that two teenage boys would try to break into his house? Or anybody for that matter.
The thing with the key for the cabniet is that Zabini was in there before when Scorpius decided to knock, so he had to lock it and get the door quick before someone became suspicious. That sort of makes some sense, I guess.
That's funny, because I started writing that scene first scene with the cat, but then I thought about adding another cat in and pictured the same thing. I loved writing that because it just gave me an odd/bizare/slightly disturbing image.
All Weasleys will be in the next chapter because I felt I was having Weasley withdrawl too. It was just too long without them.
I love the banner as well. It's absolutely amazing.
I'm not against an Al/Scorpius, (I actually have a one-shot with that pairing validating now), but I can't fit them into the plan of this one, because I always planned for a Rose/Scorpius, (a pairing I love also) and all twenty chapters have that interwoven. :(
Weird. All my favorite pairing just have to include a Malfoy apparently. Rose/Scorpius, Al/Scorpius, Draco/Hermione...
However, I am debating putting them in another story, though what I have no idea. I need to come up with that.
Blaise/cat... Now that would be an interesting one-shot- I should stop now.

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Review #25, by DetectiveMenaceStill Delicate: The Contenders

17th October 2011:
Alright, commence worshiping...wait, does that require getting on my knees and throwing myself before the banner? Because if so, it's not gunna happen; it hurts my thighs! I'm not even 20 years old yet and I already have arthritis. Yaaay.

Anyway, thighs aside, yay! James is back! Rose and Tom are officially together...sort of. But still, hooray! I wonder how Aiden and the rest of the Weasleys (and Potters) and the girls at work and her parents are all gunna think...

And, praise Merlin, it's finally come out. Rose has declared that she is over Scorpius. *lets out huge breath that's been held since April* The story really is coming to a close, and I'm assuming that there won't be a threequel? Hmmm, maybe there could be some oneshots! Yeah, like Scorpius's POV of some parts of SD, or Tom's. Or Aiden's!

Or am I just jumping the sharktopus?

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