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Review #76, by AphorideEpitaph of a Good Man: The Crossroads

4th August 2015:
Hey Rose! :) Dropping by for this month's BvB fest! I'm usually pretty intimidated by novels, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to catch up on both Epitaph and HIKML, since the aim is to review as much as possible (and since I'm working occasionally, haha, or meant to be at least, it provides a good excuse ;)), especially since - I don't know if you wrote it this way or not - I kinda want to read them alongside each other, since it seems to make sense as an idea?

Anyway, ridiculously long introduction aside, I love this. I always love missing moment stories - Remus/Tonks, Bill/Fleur... - but there are so few of them, and so few which are good, too, so I'm so so glad I finally decided to stop by on this :)

I love your Tonks. There's something so thoughtful about her - which isn't a characteristic people often associate with her - in this, which I adore because it really brings a different side to her, a different look at her, which I always love in characters. I love, as well, how you retained her kind of spunky, randomly-blurting-stuff-out side, and the part of her which is a bit more childish, with the noses, too - it just makes her this fascinating, rounded, real person as a whole, you know?

I really like how you started it with a missing moment, too - with the meeting where they decided how and when to go and get Harry from the Dursleys - and how she'd only just joined at that point - it really helps amazingly to put things in context :) Plus, it was a lovely contrast to the very opening of this, with the sombre paragraph about how she led to Remus' death and all, which is so heartbreaking to read as a thing, because of all the guilt and bittersweet and pain in it :( (But is also extremely beautiful, as well, so it works out ;))

Your writing in this was so great, too - I loved the way you wrote this from Tonks' pov and directly from first person: it gave this beautiful honest quality to it, and sounds so much like I'm almost talking to her, or reading an email from her or something, which is such a lovely quality to get :) Also, the details in this were stunning, as well as the little references to canon (the changing noses with Ginny and them, her tripping over the troll leg :P) - they just made your description so gorgeous and so perfectly right for this, and really brought the emotions out of it, too - especially the pain at the beginning of it. I love the dialogue, too - you've got everyone so spectacularly in character, and I love it so much. It's so incredibly impressive! :)

Okay, okay, so I'm so sorry I haven't been here before - I really, really reget it now :) I'll be back soon! :)

Aph xx

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Review #77, by AphorideThe Story of Nicolae: The Tuatarian Greybeard

4th August 2015:
Hi again, Georgia! :) Hopefully you won't get too sick of me before this whole thing is finished (seven more chapters to go, waah! :P)! ;)

(Though, tbh, then you'll just have to updated ;) :P)

Ah, I loved this chapter! :D I loved them all going to the pub, and, well, just everything about that scene: how Charlie was so happy to be the person who knew everyone at the beginning, how Opal convinced him to dance, the little snippets about Andy and Sead's relationship we learned in this (and boy, intense is definitely the right word to describe him, haha :P), and how Opal kisses him at the end, and she really doesn't mind just sort of does that drunken outward thought train, haha, and metaphorically shrugs and goes to sleep :P It was just so good and so lovely - and so very natural and typical of students of any kind, haha. I really liked how Fabian, the day after, had the hangover potion he'd used, hehe, and didn't care Charlie's gay - there's something so true to life about it, I think, that often people aren't bothered, or are less bothered than people think - it's just that those who are shout louder, you know? But anyway, I loved Fabian reminding him about class, too - poor Charlie! :P

(Though it is his own fault, so maybe not.. :P)

I also really liked the scene with them in class - so many stories just skip over any kind of class time because it's 'boring' so I love you included it! :D Plus, the teacher's name, omg... if my teacher had a name like that I'd have to practice saying it in front of a mirror to avoid accidentally sniggering in class or something :P

The bit with him worrying about his mum's reaction, and him describing what he thinks it would be is so so great, too. There's something so true about it - about how Charlie presumes she'll react and how he can't bear to face it, and that's sort of a whole bunch of his motivation to do well at the programme. It was such a brilliant description - so so right, and in character for both Charlie and Molly, and I loved it so much :)

As always, your writing in this was incredible. Your description was amazing - I loved, like I said, all your character descriptions, especially Molly's, and how you described their night out. (The only thing I'd say is that I wouldn't use the word 'spastic' because it can be seen as offensive to disabled people ;)) Your dialogue was amazing in this too - I loved the bits of humour you used; they worked so so well :)

Another great chapter! :D

Aph xx

Author's Response: I'll never get tired of your reviews!!!

I'm hoping to be more consistent about updates... I'm really hoping to. Once I'm back in school, it'll either be easier or more difficult... we'll see.

Fabian is really... chill. There's not a whole lot that could make him dislike a person, and he's just a really great guy.

That name was the result of Nano. That was the whole thinking-while-writing (or really... just not thinking), and I typed something and that's what came out. It ended up working through, so I kept it haha.

Thanks for catching that! If I'm not mistaken that's a word that varies level of appropiatness regionally, so I'll be sure to edit it out :)

Thank you thank you again!


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Review #78, by AphorideThe Story of Nicolae: The Imperial Redhorn

4th August 2015:
Hey again, Georgia! :) So it's a little while later than I expected (blame the House Cup ;D), but I'm back! :D

I know I said this before, but I really, really do love this story. There's something so beautifully in-depth and complicated about the world you've created which makes it so real and so strangely simple to understand, because of the way it sort of connects, with the dragon training programme so like real-life post-school vocational things, and the way it sounds almost like any other real life animal sanctuary - perhaps a bit low on funds, but full of people who care about the animals they look after :)

I love your characters, too - Charlie is just so great. I love how he deliberately tries to somewhat arrogantly down-play his Quidditch abilities, haha, but then admits it when Andy prods him for them. I love that Charlie's making friends - and, actually, that a lot of his perhaps closest friends at the moment are girls, it's a refreshing change, and really, imo, ties into the fact that in the wizarding world it's made reasonably clear that magical evens the playing field. You've really captured that 'I'm new and hi everyone' kinda feel you get at a new school, or training school/camp or whatever. It's so so brilliant! :)

Okay, I have to talk about the Quidditch! First off: I really, really don't like Sead. There was no reason for him to be so rude and so aggressive simply because a girl he was engaged to wants to play on the same team as another guy. It's just... there's something almost controlling about that, you know? It's a very possessive characteristic and one I don't really like. But, that means he's a great character - I love the sense you give of there being so much history between him and Andy and perhaps Charlie's sort of unknowingly got into the middle of more than he knows. Poor bloke :(

Your writing in this is so lovely too - it's so descriptive, and so great; all of the emotions in this, the excitement, the sheepishness, the anger, they all come through so brilliantly, and really bring the whole story to life. Your dialogue is so great, too - I love how you're so aware of giving different characters slightly different voices, it lends such a great voice in general to the story :)

I'm so so glad I found this - it's so great, and I'm so looking forward to reading the next chapter! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Aph!

This is just... ADKJS;FKA. I have so much trouble expressing how fantastic these reviews are, and responding to them in a way that doesn't seem lazy.

I wrote this during my first semester at college, so I think there's a lot of my experiences with what's going on with Charlie, and I definitely used him to help process some of my own insecurities and anxiety.

Your feelings towards Sead are understandable and shared by me. He tends to be very possessive, yeah. Some of that is just him being that type of person, and some of it is explained by the past. I'm really glad that you like the characters! I'm really making an effort to make believable characters, with depth.

Your reviews seriously just mean the world to me. Thank you so much!


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Review #79, by AphorideThe Story of Nicolae: The Sahara Goldenwing

30th July 2015:
Hey there, Georgia! :) I spotted this in the Claw updates thread, and since it's BvB fest so anything goes - that and I have a huge weakness for Charlie/Original Male Character romances - so I just had to stop by! :)

Can I just say first off that I love so much that your chapter titles/summaries are all different types of dragon - and not just the ones from the series, which JKR talked about. I always love themes of things, haha, and it just really brings the story to life almost before it starts - with all the information there, and it makes the world you've created for Charlie and the sanctuary so rich in detail. It's so so lovely!

I love your Charlie, too. I love how, since we don't see much of him in canon so there's so much to embellish on, you've developed him in a way which makes him seem like the kind of guy who'd get his friends to bring him a Norwegian Ridgeback, haha. He's so excited and enthusiastic and seems pretty caring and friendly, too, and I love that you sort of play on those traits in this first chapter - especially by adding the nerves. The Charles moment made me laugh! :P Poor guy...

I'm so curious to see what happens with this - what happens with the egg he finds, how the romance develops (and with who!), and just how he grows, you know, with his friends and with the sanctuary in general. Like, I love how you introduce it all in this chapter, and I really, really wanna know what happens next - what happens at Quidditch (if anything), what classes are like, just everything!

(Confession: I, um, found this story last night and may have read the entire thing in one go :P Oops? But I don't regret it at all :D)

I love your writing in this, too - it's so clean and so clear (though I did spot a few typos/mix-ups of where/were and things, so it might be work looking it over again just once for those?), and your words convey all the emotion so so well. I could really feel his nervousness and worry at the beginning, when he'd apparated, and the sort of confusion when he asked where the dragons were, and his enthusiasm about them - it's so so great! :)

I'm so so glad I found this story - favouriting so I don't miss things! - and I'll be back soon ;)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey! I'm going to try to get all of these amazing reviews responded to tonight, because... really, they're just amazing. I can't thank you enough for leaving these for me. I'll ramble about it a lot in every single response.

I'm glad that you noticed (and liked) the chapter titles. I always struggle with chapter titles, so this seemed like a good way to make it original. I have a really dorky spreadsheet with all of the dragons and their characteristics.

I really do need to go over these chapters again. The first 35k or so was NaNo (the rest of the 50k was either non-chronological or rubbish)

Again... I can't thank you enough for these reviews. Getting these and rereading them motivates me to keep writing, and keep posting. Thank yo uso much!


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Review #80, by AphorideAtonement Is Coming: A Surprise Announcement

28th July 2015:
Hi again Kaitlin! :) I'm back for the second review - and again, I'm so glad I said to do two, because this was such a lovely chapter and such a sweet moment to include! :)

I really love the switch from the last chapter, with its darker, more angsty themes and the suspense building as to what will happen and where the group will strike next, to this one, which is a lot lighter, though still not without its own angst, and more hopeful, with the announcement of future baby James Sirius! :) Plus, all the other kids there (Victoire and Fred especially sounded so adorable - insisting he could stay up longer, mahaha... silly boy! :P) made it kinda impossible to be too down when they were mentioned, you know? :P

You write the trio so well, you know - in fact, you write all of the canon characters extremely well, which I'm so impressed by because I find them so hard to do, and so intimidating. I love how you've nailed Ron's habit of making jokes about other people - his comment about Neville and Luna was spot on for him! - and how Hermione's the more down-to-earth one as always, and the one who worries about protection with the house and all. The one I'm most impressed by, almost, is Hagrid. You know, I never write him in anything deliberately because I just find him so difficult to do - like, he is pretty much impossible for me; I doubt I'll ever write him - and then you do this with him, and he's just so right and so pefectly canon, it's amazing! Like, seriously, wow :)

Your writing in this one is just as good as it was in the previous chapter. I love so much how your dialogue still changes with the character, how it still adapts to each person mannerisms and way of speaking - it's so so great, such a gift to have - and it works so so well, especially in a chapter like this with so many different characters (who, by the way, you manage flawlessly). I'd only say to watch that you don't include phrases which are redundant (like when someone's speaking, say that someone's heard them - we'll assume they've heard unless you say otherwise ;D), and repeating things. It's not a huge problem - it's comparably minor, but I thought I'd mention it since I noticed it ;) Your description, too, in this is great - I loved again all the little details - Luna with the mention of the raddish earrings, George not having been making so many jokes as usual - it's just so so good.

Thank you so much for the swap - it was so great to do! :) I'm so glad I got a chance to read this story and I'm so excited to see what happens next! :)

Aph xx

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Review #81, by AphorideAtonement Is Coming: A Shadowy Threat

28th July 2015:
Hey there, Kaitlin! :) So I had to stop on this when I saw you were mentioning swaps, because it just looked so good and so interesting as an idea - and, really, it was well past time I dropped back on your page ;)

I've got to say first that I love how in this you've essentially turned the war in canon - purebloods as the villains, and muggle-borns and co. as the good guys - on its head, with the former good guys taking it too far with the 'hating purebloods' idea. It's a really clever idea, and one I've not seen often in fic.

I love, too, how it started with Minerva and Kingsley discussing the possible threat and not really being able to do anything, and not thinking it's as serious as it is - there's this lovely sense of hope in Kingsley's words, I think, which is so great, and kinda reminds the reader that this isn't long after the end of the war - maybe a few years - and the memories of those times are still there and still so strong. They were both written so well, too - Minerva especially, with her care for her students and generally stern demeanour and all :)

Also, I really love how some of the vigilantes are former members of the DA - though I do wonder if that might play a part in capturing them/working out who did it? Since they all have the same coins, and Harry has the 'master coin'... hm... we'll see, I guess ;) I really liked with them, too, how you made them as horrible and dislikable, if understandable, as the Death Eaters were - like, there's not much between the two groups on aimability, which I love, given the mirroring quality of this story :)

Your writing in this is so good, too! I love how you don't try to hide the identities of those involved from us, either - there's something refreshing about that, but I suspect it'll get frustrating when the trio get involved and don't know :P I really like your dialogue in this - it's so clean, but still gives each character a clear voice, you know? And your description is great, too - you pay so much attention to the details, it's lovely. The only thing I'd say is maybe a little bit more description around the dialogue - to flesh it out a bit more? Sometimes there feels like there should be an emotion in the dialogue, but it doesn't quite come through in the text, if that makes sense?

Anyway, this is a really, really great first chapter - it's such a brilliantly clever premise and a great idea, and you've written it so well - I'm so glad I found this! :)

Aph xx

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Review #82, by AphorideIn April: you lie.

24th July 2015:
Hey there, Erin! :) Dropping by for our review swap! I do love a good Drastoria, and the 500 challenge is always insanely hard but can produce some absolutely stunning results, so I couldn't really pass up stopping by ;)

I love how you've structured this - with the smaller sections of text in between the italicised sections with the quotes in from the anime (which, I'll admit, I have never heard of before, but are incredibly beautiful quotes! :P), like additional asides - kinda, the things perhaps he can't say to her, you know? It's so lovely, though, and it really sort of helps with the angst, too - all of those lines are so genuine and so sad and just ugh :(

I love the way you've characterised both Draco and Astoria in this. It's so so devastatingly sad, the way Astoria seems to have faded almost, and her illness (which just sounds so so horrible for anyone who cares about her to try and watch her go through, you know?), and Draco still loves her through it all, still can't quite let go of her or almost accept that she's going to go at some point, possibly soon, even though he knows that it's going to happen. There's this very real and wonderfully sad sense of avoidance and denial of the facts and a kind of desperation in Draco to hold onto Astoria, almost as if he can keep her there and try and make her better from sheer will. It's a really human response, and very difficult because of that, I think.

That little mention of her seeing Scorpius, hugging and kissing him is so so bittersweet - it's almost like she's saying goodbye and both she and Draco know it, but Scorpius doesn't necessarily know, and there's something so horrible about the idea that that's sort of their last proper moment, you know? That it's sort of the end... :/

Your writing in this was so lovely too - so clean and so clear, and with such a gorgeous style, too, especially given that it's only 500 words. Like, I'm almost jealous of how well you did with that restriction, but so amazed, because it's super super hard to do, and this is really, really impressive. I loved your description in this, too - with the sentence about her condition and illness and the seizures (which was just so good!), and the last line was well is so so pretty a line - it's jus so beautiful, really.

This is an amazing little one-shot - like, seriously. Wow. Thank you so so much for the swap - I'm so glad I got a chance to read this! :)

Aph xx

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Review #83, by AphorideWhere The Wind Takes Me: The Third Chapter

24th July 2015:
Hi again, Isobel! :) I'm back - I couldn't resist, really, it was too good to pass up :P

Omigosh, you are way way way too good at this whole mystery business :P With every chapter you post, I just get more and more curious about what's happened, but you don't reveal enough of it! :P Nah, seriously, the balance is perfect - frustrating, but that's how it should be, you know? ;)

I love how this chapter goes back in time to Mikhail and Louanna's first meeting - and I like how she's an Auror, too, and how she and Claire are sisters, though most people don't seem to guess it. It's such a lovely detail to include - and I suspect Claire might come into it again? That or die, haha. But there must be a reason for mentioning that they're sisters... I dunno, I feel like I might just be picking at straws :/

I do love the way Mikhail's so worried about them being women - though a lot of spies and so on during the world war were women, you know, so it makes a lot of sense from that perspective, which I love that you tied it in - and about whether or not his sister-in-law and her mother (I think?) will continue to help him once he can't keep giving them money to do it. It's a harsh question, a harsh thing to think about someone, but there's a certain amount of truth to it, I think.

In fact, really, just all of your details are so on point and so right, ugh, it's amazing :) I just love it so much - all of the period details, all of the little things which build the atmosphere of the war and the terror people are living in, all of the details about people; they're all just so so good and always so perfectly placed and just right.

Your writing in total is just amazing in this, it really is - it really makes your characters come to life so brilliantly (and they all have such different voices, in the text and in speech which is just so good, and I'm so jealous of :P), and the time period, too.

I'm so curious about so many things in this story - The Shadow Prince, who he is and why he's doing what he's doing, what happens to Louanna, why do they think it's Blue, what happened to Alice and Blue's mother, how is Alice connected to the Gorbachevs (her surname's Miller, like Louanna Chase's mother after she married, but I don't know if there's anything there?), just what happens?!

I'm sorry this is a bit short, but my wrists are playing up so I'm going to have to end this here - but I love this and I'm so excited for the next chapter! :)

Aph xx

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Review #84, by AphorideWhere The Wind Takes Me: The Second Chapter

24th July 2015:
Hey Isobel! :) So it's been a long time since I dropped by this story - way, way too long and I'm sorry for it - and I missed it so much (I think you updated recently? Or posted a snippet? But I saw it's name around and it reminded me how much I loved this story), so here I am! :)

Okay, so I love your characters so so much. They're just all so amazing and so real. I love Alice - she's so strong and so frantic to see her sister, so loyal to her family, but at the same time I loved the niggling little doubts she was thinking over, and how she expressed them but only to Frank. It's so true to life, I think, for people to wonder and especially where there's bad blood involved already. All of the emotions in this are just so brilliantly spot on.

I love Frank and Katherine, too - especially Katherine, because I like that for once a pretty, clever girl is insecure, that she isn't the 'other girl' who's just there to split up the main pairing before they inevitably get together, and I really loved how she prided herself on being beautiful and struggling to cope with the possibility of feeling overshadowed. I actually feel so sorry for her for that; it must be so difficult to live a life where something as shallow as that matters, you know? :(

The Aurors are amazing - and I love how Fausta Accorsi is everything Alice wants to be, and is clearly incredibly competent and just very cool :P She's just awesome, full stop! :)

The relationship between Frank and Alice and Katherine as a group is so fascinating - as is the relationship between Alice and Blue and the Gorbachev sisters... there just must be some reason to it, you know, and it being passed down from their parents makes sense, but I want to think there's more to it ;) It's a murder mystery, there's got to be more, right? :P

I love your writing in this, too. It's so beautiful and so clear, all of your imagery is so perfect for what you're describing, your dialogue is just too. good. Seriously - this is really an amazing story. The way you weave the suspense in and the mystery is so clever, and I really have no idea where you're going with it next, only that I really, really want to know.

So yes. I love this :)

Aph xx

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Review #85, by AphorideAreopagitica: Affiche Rouge

24th July 2015:
Hey there, Stefi! :) Dropping by for the BvB, since this story is so great, and it gives me a great excuse to come by (I'm meant to be doing work, oops :P).

I love this - I really, really love how it starts with such a bang with the first scene - Amycus and Ginny have a little tete a tete (well, not really, but it's not quite an argument - Amycus is just... woah O.o), the resulting torture and then their decision to go for the grafiti and posters. It's such a clever way to get into it - it really puts us in this world, in this really dangerous time and makes it so clear how bad it is, you know? And especially after the suspense/relative safety of the prologue this is a wonderful, wonderful change from it - it makes the atmosphere so very clear and tangibly terrifying, if that makes sense.

I've got to say, too, that I love the trick with the red gloves and Xeno's gifts to Luna being Quibblers enchanted into disguises. It's so so clever, and again, brings to mind those WWII stories of escape kits being hidden in board games sent to prisoners and things, and I just love that connection. To be honest, the way you connect WWII with the Second Wizarding War, as it was in the films, is so clever in general, and so well done - I loved the red posters and the affiche rouge (I'm a history nerd, and my dad has loads of books on WWII, haha), and how you sort of flipped what it was used for (which is such a lovely touch, you know, even if I can't quite explain why). I'm really looking forward to see what other little touches you put in this, because they're so wonderful and so perfectly placed :)

Your characterisation is so great, too. I'm so terrified of writing main characters, but you did them so so well - with Ginny's defiance and Neville being a bit more steadfast about things, and Luna being so very Luna-ish :P They're all amazing - and I love how you've included even people like McGonagall and Madam Pomfrey, and how they want to help, but aren't allowed to or feel that they can't for this moment because perhaps there is a bigger picture and it's not quite their place to do it. It's so great and so real, you know? And I love it.

Amycus and Alecto are perfect. So cruel and so callous and just being allowed to trample all over the school as they wish. Ugh. So, so awful, but exactly as they should be.

Your writing in this is so great, too - you capture the atmosphere so brilliantly, with the suspense and the horror of the other students and those who want to help but can't, and the sense of an absolute open secret, and the defiance with which Ginny and Neville and Luna are rebelling. It's so so good, really it is! :)

I'm so glad I stopped by on this - it's such a great story! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hi Aph!

Thank you so much for such an amazing review!! I'm always supposed to be doing work too, yet here I am, never doing any work :D

I figured it'd be good to just jump straight into the action. I didn't really want to have a slow build up or anything with this one, as the prologue is something of a build up already. So, I figured we'd jump right in with the Daily Prophet article as a time stamp of sorts.

The gloves (and other trinkets) turning into the Quibbler is definitely a reference to WWII stuff. I'm not a huge history buff, so a lot of research went into all this stuff. So, I'm so very happy that you picked up on it! There are definitely tons of parallels between the Second Wizarding War and World War II. They put a lot of that imagery in the films, so I thought I'd keep going with that theme. Affiche Rouge is a pretty obvious reference. The chapter titles aren't all WWII though, some are Cold War, Soviet Union, modern day references. I used a lot of stuff representing censorship and propaganda, stuff relating to the title - Areopagitica.

This is pretty much my first time writing about main characters. They've briefly appeared in other stories of mine, but this is a full length story about them. I was definitely really nervous about it because they have such fleshed out personalities already. I've tried to make Ginny really, really hardened. I feel like this war has personally touched her so much already - with the Chamber of Secrets debacle and Bill getting attacked. Neville is definitely steadfast. He's not quite so rash, but I can see him growing into that as things get harder. But Luna, she's just a beautiful ray of light. I love her so much.

I'm a little worried about Alecto and Amycus. I characterize them as a little more intelligent than they appear in canon. I feel like Voldemort wouldn't make a pair of blundering idiots professors. It doesn't show much in this chapter, but I've always believed the Carrows to be intelligent people.

Anyway, sorry for this long rambly response. You just gave such a marvelous review!! Thanks again!


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Review #86, by AphorideShenanigans, Capers, and Hi-Jinks: Missing the Feast

23rd July 2015:
Hey there, Branwen, dropping by again on this story because it's just too good to resist (and since I'm meant to be doing some work today, boo, I needed some kind of excuse unfortunately :P) :)

So, you know how much I love this story (though, admittedly I don't think this can be said too much :P), and really, that doesn't change a bit from chapter to chapter. There's something so original and wonderful about this, and yet at the same time there's this beautiful sensation that it could slot so easily and perfectly into JKR's world, which I just adore.

Victoire is such a brilliant character, as always. I love how she seems to find it difficult to tolerate a certain level of over-excitement, haha (which I totally get so much!), and how she struggles with appearing innocent and Goldstein knowing her so well (also, I love Anthony, haha - minor Claws ftw! :P). Her voice is so clear and so real, and has this wonderful little snippets of information, like knowing that Goldstein had been an Auror previously, and remembering Seamus but not well - all that kind of stuff is so true to life, and it really brings the entire story to life so so brilliantly.

Fred is great, too, and both of the Professors - I love how they know their students so well, and there was this great sense that they'd had to work together quite often dealing with Victoire and Fred :P I also loved how Goldstein made Victoire do her schedule then as punishment, haha, such a great little detail! :D

As I say every time in reviews for you, your writing in this was so so great. I loved how you included the little details about other people - Goldstein, Seamus, Juliet - and created people around them, so much so that even the smallest character in this still feels so real (which is a real gift, tbh). Your description is so good, too - I really loved the ending line about Juliet being thrilled at a lower decibel. All of your dialogue is flawless, too, which makes me impossibly jealous - and you manage so easily to give the different characters different voices, so much so that they're all distinguishable. It's so impressive, and I love it so much.

Okay, so I loved this chapter - really, really did - and I love this whole story and, really, this has spent enough time floating around without being on my favourites, so it's going there now :)

Aph xx

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Review #87, by AphorideUpon the Edge: Upon the Edge

20th July 2015:
Hey Laura! :) Dropping by for our review swap - I love your writing so much, so there was no question of me trying to resist it, you know? :P Plus, I will admit that I always look at stories before swapping, and this looked so so good and so fascinating - friendship fics are rare, and I've never seen a Lily/Sirius friendship fic - so I really, really had to come by.

I love the way you've characterised both of them in this. Well, your characterisation is always amazing, as you know, but I really love how you've taken a pair of such big canon characters and moulded them your own way so much so that they're so intrinisically canon - this whole moment feels so canon in itself, it's incredible; like, if someone told me this was true, I would believe them.

Another thing I really love about this, is how simple it is as a story. Like, it's this beautiful little moment - almost like a temporary truce between two characters - where two people comfort and help each other, perhaps even without fully meaning to, because, at the end of the day, they don't really hate each other as much as they think they do. It's so great, because life is full of moments like that - where someone you don't like around their friends is surprisingly nice when they're on their own and so on - and it shows, to me at least, the depths of human understanding, and how strong that can be. (I hope that makes sense... :P)

I love, too, how your writing brings this gorgeous sense of reality to the scene - like I can imagine it, I can almost hear it and see it if I want to; it's so good and so true to life, almost, that it really could happen in RL, between two people. Your description in this was just amazing - that first line, with Sirius glimpsing Lily on the roof from far away, was just to die for. So, so beautiful! The sensory details in this were so gorgeous, too - I loved how there was this sort of constant underlying silence and slight awkwardness in your writing, from the two of them, and how even with the dialogue, your writing felt so quiet, as though they really were looking at the sky from on top of the roof - there was such a sense of loneliness and hurt and everything. It was just so clear throughout the piece it was amazing.

I'm really kinda lost for words, oops, I don't know what else to say about this... it's just such a perfect little one-shot, and such a great missing moment.

Thank you so so much for the swap - I'm so glad I got a chance to read this! :)

Aph xx

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Review #88, by Aphoridebroken, broken: before the Departure.

19th July 2015:
Hey there, Emily! :) So you know how much I love this story - it's just so beautiful and so sad and ugh - so when I spotted you in BvB, I just had to stop by - especially when I saw you'd updated it :)

I really, really how you're tying Draco's trial, and the Malfoys' lucky escape from Azkaban into it (and it's strange, because I've felt slightly glad that they got out of Azkaban and avoided prison because certainly Narcissa and Draco never deserved it, but then in this you make me remember the rest of them, and how hard it must have been for them to watch the Malfoys get off, and know that they can't - or feel that they can't. Same difference, really :(). It just makes the whole thing feel so real - with the Slytherins sort of on the outside looking in at the changes taking place, but they can't see exactly what's going on, and they're so terrified. Uncertainty is something which can be so awful to have to deal with, and I love how you're including that in here.

I really love Daphne as a character - she actually reminds me of myself, which is a bit weird but kinda cool :P - she's being told she's so strong but she's still so terrified, and she's so afraid and just wants to be safe, and all these things are such human things to feel. I love how she also feels bad about leaving, but knows/suspects that she will anyway because she's a 'coward' - but really, she shouldn't feel like that, that's the unfair bit. She shouldn't have to choose whether or not to go :/

(I feel the unfairness of it very deeply, and I just wanna hug all the Slytherins, okay? :( I love them all...)

I loved your writing in this one (though in the top, just so you know, you repeated 'skin' twice in one sentence and it sounded a little odd ;)) - you use the repetition of the 'it's their/his coping mechanism' so well, and I loved the different sections going over the pass of time - it was so good, and so smooth. Also, your descriptions were so beautiful - I loved the way you described the news trickling down the Slytherin table, and the way you describe Pansy and Daphne's sort of not-quite-relationship. It's just so lovely.

Also, quickly, I forgot to say earlier, how I love that conversely, you're not making the Gryffindors/the 'light' guys, into villains either - it's just so beautifully done with showing grey and the problems winning a war causes for those who happened to be caught on the other side.

This is an amazing story. You are an amazing writer :)

Aph xx

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Review #89, by Aphoridefirst: first moment

17th July 2015:
Hey Carla! :) Dropping by for our review swap! :D I was so glad you asked me to come back to this, because I was planning to anyway, which made it really pretty easy to decide what to do :P

You know from before how much I love Esme and Albus - and I love that even now, when you've expanded the cast with Lily and mentions of Gaspard, the story still mostly revolves around them and their interactions. It makes the whole thing so very compact and really feels like you're viewing their lives through a kind of lens, focusing down on the relationship itself between them, which is something I just love.

Lily is a great character, too - I love how she's so much more outspoken than Albus, how honest she is and aware enough that it can be off-putting for some people and something others find difficult to deal with. She reminds me a bit of one of my sisters, actually, just less oblivious, haha. I like how different she is from Albus, but you can still see them growing up in a house together - they still tease each other, like siblings do, and it's such great writing.

I really like how you've developed Al and Esme as characters, too. I like how Albus talks about her at home, and thinks they don't see each other too often and is mature enough to know when not to pry. I really love how Esme is still that much more mature for her age than perhaps other people, somewhat serene and sombre, and has her own boyfriend, who she likes, even though Al/Esme is probably (possibly?) endgame in this and she's still not sure if she believes in love. You've managed to create such an obvious connection and friendship between them, and make them similar but different at the same time, and it's so subtle and so clever and I love it :)

Your writing in this is so great, too. I love all the little details you've developed in the world around them - the flowers and Fleur having a gift with them, the birdhouse and the bench and the tree for Bill's kids, even Lily having to explain what she means by 'a snake' to Esme... the world is so well constructed and so real and so full, it's so great. Plus, I love your description, and the different voices you've given each character when they speak in dialogue is amazing.

This is such a beautiful little story - I really, really wanna find out what happens next! :)

Aph xx

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Review #90, by AphorideShenanigans, Capers, and Hi-Jinks: Arrival at Hogwarts

17th July 2015:
Hey Branwen! :D Dropping by for the BvB - I really just had to come back to this after the first chapter, because it was just so good, so here I am :)

I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I love love love your Victoire and Fred, so much. I love how they're the troublemakers - it's such a nice change from it being James II and Fred - and, of course, they're just so real, such great characters. Everything about them - the way they talk, the way they act, even down to the details, is just so perfectly realistic for a pair of teenagers. It's really, really amazing.

That whole conversation with Fred - I've just got to mention it - about Teddy was just brilliant. I laughed out loud. It's so typical - people never knowing when other people like them, her having to be told by Fred, Fred half-teasing half-serious about it, and Vic not quite knowing what to say about Teddy afterwards. It's just so exactly spot-on, you know?

You do such a great job with all the characters, too - I love their friends, Lex and Micah, and the way they're annoyed their friends essentially skipped out on them - how Roxanne isn't happy Fred abandoned her (though being an older sister myself I'm more on Fred's side :P). They all feel so incredibly complex and real, even after so little screen time, so to speak, and I love it.

I'm so so curious as well, to see what happens next. I loved how Goldstein and Longbottom could corner them, knowing they weren't on the train (though I am wondering how? It's not like the students have tickets which get checked or something...), and clearly blatantly disapproving. Mahaha, such a teacher thing to do :P I'm really looking forward to seeing the fall-out from this, how Fred's little romance develops, if Teddy gets in trouble because he helped them (well, sort of), and what they get into next time...

This is just such a great, light-hearted, genuinely funny story and I love it so much - it's exactly the kind of thing I wish I could write, but can't :P It's amazing, you're amazing (but you know that already :P).

Aph xx

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Review #91, by AphorideThe Ides of March: Consider things like the stars.

15th July 2015:
Hey Kiana! :) I just had to drop by on this when I spotted you in the BvB because I was thinking about this story the other day - I saw some of Virginia Woolf's books in the bookshop and was reminded of my sister and this, haha - and how much I missed it so it was too good an opportunity to pass up :P

I really, really love your take on Helena. I love how lost she feels, and how, really, little there is in her life almost without Eleanor - it's an incredibly sad, raw portrayal of her and I love it so much. Plus, I love too actually how there are traits of her mother in her, too, but the kind of traits which clash - and it's so easy to see her ending up how she does in the books, you know? She's just so real and so fascinating because she's so modern, in a way, but stuck in a medieval time. It's so good! :)

(I'm rambling, I'm so sorry - I'm really tired, if that's any excuse...)

I actually really loved this chapter, with the philosophical/theological parts - I think it makes so much sense for Helena's character, you know, given her beliefs and how she really wants to be accepted, or at least keep the two things which mean the most to her: Eleanor and her religion. I loved how she spoke to the priest and he told her she was in danger for not listening to her mother, and how she felt like she almost had to make a choice between her religion and the possibility of redemption and salvation and Eleanor - it's such a heartbreaking choice, because we know how much they both mean to her :(

Your writing in this chapter was just amazing. Just so so amazing. Seriously. All of your description was out of this world - and I loved the end of the second section when she's almost despairing of the thought of not being able to have both of the things which are most important to her. It was such gorgeous writing. Plus, as always, your details were stunning - I loved the evocation of the moon maiden, and the moon versus sun bit at the beginning, and then the section about reality and what is and isn't real was so good - so thought-provoking but so interesting, especially with the feeling around it that maybe she was fainting or dying. It was so good! :)

This is an amazing story, as always! I've got to come back to this quicker than I did before :P

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey there Laura! ♥ Aw, I feel honoured that those books reminded you of the story so thank you so much for dropping by as I always appreciate hearing what you have to say about the story! :D

Aw, yay! I'm so glad that you do as I did want to write a more lost, forgotten Helena than the strong one I tend to see in a lot of stories so I'm so happy that you liked it. Hahah, I get what you mean because in so many ways she is like her mother, she is the daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw, but in other ways she's much more free and independent of society than her mother will ever be.

(It's cool I enjoyed reading the ramble)

Aw, thank you as I had tons of fun writing it so I'm never sure if others enjoy as much as I did. You are right to highlight the conflict between Eleanor and her religion which is why the history of religion fascinates me because it always seem to be in conflict with the most natural thing, that being love. It is such a hard choice, especially as she believes her soul is being decided on this but towards the end of the story she finally reconciles those two sides of her personality.

Aw, thank you so so so much! Virigina Woolf definitely helped a lot with this as her words are so amazing it's so easy to be inspired when reading her things. I'm glad that you liked as I always have so much fun coming up with new imagery for Founders stories as I feel that you can write much more creatively in this era and do a ton more detail.

Thanks for this fantastic review! ♥


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Review #92, by AphorideBody Builders: body language, or the beginning

14th July 2015:
Hey Mallory! :D So it's been far far too long since I dropped by your page, so when I spotted you in the BvB I just had to stop by - plus, this just sounded so cool.

You know, I'm just so so curious about what Freddy means by 'building bodies' and what's going to turn out to be in the room. It all sounds kinda Frankenstein-esque, with the whole 'body builders' title kinda reminding me of the body snatchers, you know, who used to steal bodies for science and things. You know I love all of that kind of Victorian stuff and the potential of the ideas joining is just way way too cool. Of course, I could be way off-base with this, in which case I'm so sorry! (And obsessed with the Victorians in a really unhealthy manner :P)

I really love both of your main characters in this. I love the way neither of them are really perhaps people you'd be friends with - Melisande with her snooping and knowing secrets and so on, and Freddy with his general approach to things, which is really distinctive (and so cool) but I can imagine would make him a bit of an outcast in Hogwarts, even in his own family. They're just such great people because they already have good qualities and flaws, and grey traits which could be good or bad depending on, and they seem so real and solid, and it's so impressive that they're so good and this is only the first chapter, too.

Your writing in this is so so good, too. I've always loved your dialogue and your style, too - and in this they both just are so great. Your style really suits this story and the kind of feel of it, especially with all the humour, which I just loved so much, and your dialogue - especially with Freddy's voice, which is (I think I said before) so distinctive, but so unique too - is just so strong, as always.

The details in this were so great, too - I have to mention them! I loved so much the details about Melisande chucking other students out of broom closets and some of the secrets she knew, and how she thought it was her duty to know these things and so investigate. It says so much about her character, in some of them, but it always expands so much on the world you're building around her and Freddy. And I loved all the details of Freddy's room, too, with the smoke and the wires and the big, blue bin and so on. It's just so great, and gives just enough detail that it really makes me so curious about what the whole thing looks like, but not too much ;)

This is such a great, great start to this, Mallory - I'm so curious and so looking forward to see where this goes from here! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Laura!! I miss you! Thanks for stopping by! :D

You're not wrong about the Victorian-inspired stuff! Of course, I need to reread Frankenstein, but it's sort of inspired by that idea and I hope to include more things from the Victorian era. (I am also slightly obsessed with Victorians now, after taking a class on them last semester.) Never fear, you're going to see things like that, although much different because I'm afraid of breaking the ToS and I don't want to do any necrophilia, blecch.

Melisande and Freddy are the same...but different. She's the type that has friends, but not really. He's the type that doesn't really have friends, for real. In that way, they can be the same and eventually get along, maybe. Thank you so, so much! I really love doing weird things with Freddy Weasley's personality, like putting him in Ravenclaw and making him a mad scientist. They're both very flawed, but I'm hoping that they'll turn out good rather than evil.

Aww, ♥ ♥. You are too kind! I'm really not very good at humor in real life because my jokes are badly timed or said in the wrong tone, but I'm hoping in this story I can write jokes that translate. I'm so, so happy that you liked the way I wrote it!

Melisande is a snoop, end of. And she's such a hypocrite because you can bet that she's snogged her boyfriend in a broom closet before. But that's what makes her perfect for being Freddy's assistant--her snoopiness. There will be more detail about the room in future chapters, so I hope that I can really give you and other readers a good picture of everything!

Thanks again!

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Review #93, by Aphoridefirst: first crush

13th July 2015:
Hey Carla! :) Dropping by back on this for our review swap since you very helpfully updated so quickly ;) Pretty sure you had better reasons for updating than that, but let's pretend otherwise :P

I love the way you have this theme of firsts set up throughout the story - I always loved themes in stories in general - but there's something so sweet and yet potentially so sad about this one, given how openended it is. Still, it's still incredibly sweet at this stage - and while pure romance/fluffy things aren't really my sort of things, this is so good it almost really doesn't matter, you know?

Esme is such a great character. I love how you've got the contrast of her home life in France, with the mansion and the parents not in love with each other (any more? Ever? Either way, it's sort of a cold atmosphere in general you suggest), with the warmth and homeliness of The Burrow and the Weasley family in general. Also, I loved the conversation with Albus - how she was cynical, but wanted it for herself nonetheless, regardless of if she believed in it (maybe she wanted to believe in it? Ah, I'm overthinking this I think :P). Like with everything, it was an interesting look into her character - and more so that she realised it, you know, especially despite being pretty young. She's just so good - nothing about her is cliche, and she feels so real, you know?

I love Albus, too - I love how much older, but still so kind and somewhat honest he is with her - and I get the impression perhaps not so with others - and how he finds her again and dances with her, just to keep her amused. Also, I laughed at his reaction to her crying at a wedding, haha. Though to be fair, at that age, I'd have rolled my eyes too :P

Also, I just wanna say that I really like how subtle the crush was - how simply it was slipped in and how it showed in the details, and she wasn't fainting/blushing like a beetroot all the time. It was so refreshing to see a more realistic impression of a crush ;)

As before, your writing is so lovely. The chapters aren't hugely long, but their not short either, and I really really love how it's such simple moments you've chosen to show the development of their relationship and how things change. the way you write it makes it so clear what has changed, while developing the characters so slowly and so perfectly from children to teenagers. And the details are amazing. I loved the little note about heels making her feel more mature, haha - but they do! :P (See, I still need them even now or people don't believe I'm the age I say I am ;D)

Gah, this is such a lovely little story - it's so good! :) So glad there's a third chapter up already; I can come back soon! ;)

Aph xx

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Review #94, by AphorideSchrodinger's Cat: Anhedonia

13th July 2015:
Hey Kevin! :) Okay, so I do love canon pairings, so I just had to stop by this to see how you sunk them (because just how? :() but also because I have a lot of Physics friends who talk endlessly about Schrodinger's Cat - lots of jokes about it - so the idea of using it in a story seemed so cool!

You really are a master of canon characters. Here I am and I'm so terrified of writing them because it would be so easy to mess them up, and here you are doing them so perfectly, and seemingly so easily, too. It's like... how? I'm just in awe because to me, this seems like the hardest thing to do.

The way you write Harry, Ginny and Hermione is just so good - and I love how you've transposed them into being adults, too. They feel so much like their canon selves - even Harry knowing what Schrodinger's Cat is, haha, which seemed so random at the time and not massively like him but works so so well - especially Ginny. Your Ginny is just perfect: I love how she still blazes even when she's older and she still loves Harry as much - for her it's a lot more like an all-or-nothing kinda thing. But then I guess it's similar for Harry, it just ends up being more complicated, as often happens :(

I loved as well the way you tell the story of the relationship, having Harry sort of describing it almost to the therapist in the chair who isn't just going to give in because he's /Harry Potter/, you know, and walk away. It's such a great idea, and such a great structure, especially considering the title and the analogy Harry makes to his relationship. Plus, it allowed for those beautiful bittersweet moments with Harry and Ginny together, when Harry should be happy but perhaps isn't and thinks he should be.

(On a slightly related note: Schrodinger's Cat is so perfect an analogy to these things. One of my sisters isn't sure about her relationship with her bf at the moment, and it really is that, for some reason, it feels so much more real if you say something - so you avoid it. She's been doing that, too, the avoidance thing, and that last line of Harry's, that the saying it makes it real and you can't go back, is so so true. So sad, but so true.)

Your writing in this is so so good too. Your style is so gorgeous, so so easy to read (and in the best of ways. Nothing is out of place, sounds weird, or anything at all, and it has this way of sucking me in until it's over) and, really, your description and your dialogue both are just so impressive (which I'm majorly jealous about too, haha, since dialogue is like the bane of my writing :P).

This is heartbreaking, though, with the ending - it's not loud or showy or overly dramatic. There's this quiet, understated devastation to it - because it is devastating, and especially for Harry, given his personality. It's so clever and such a great story - even if it is just so so sad, perhaps more sad than anything else, because there's always the idea of 'what if'.

Wah, this is too sad, but too good! :) Thank you so so much for the swap! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Laura! First of all, let me say that my extreme delay in responding does horrible injustice to your amazing review! Seriously, after writing this, I NEEDED a review like this to convince me that I hadn't just gotten the concept disastrously wrong (yes, Gryffindors can be insecure too :p). This was particularly true with the idea of Schrodinger's Cat as an analogy for the moment love dies - so I'm thrilled that you thought it worked.

You're also incredibly kind with your words about the canon characters - somewhat unbelievably even though I think the world knows they're my OTP, I've never written a Harry/Ginny centric story before this one, in part because I was worried about getting them right.

Part of getting Harry right for me, I think, demanded this being set with a therapist. Harry's so closed unless he's lashing out most of the time, and since he obviously can't open up to Ginny about this (one of the very few who REALLY opens him in canon), I figured it would have to be a professional (and one he was ordered to see at that :p).

I think the most important thing for me was what you mentioned last - the death of the relationship not being showy or dramatic. Part of that is because I think it's very often how relationships realistically die. There's not always a blowout or some single event that CAUSES the death. Of course, the other part owes to personal experience - but such is life, right?

Thank you so much for all your kind words! It really means SO much to me for a story that was deeply important to me and took so much out of me to write!

You are the best! And though it is MUCH belated, thank you for the swap too!

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Review #95, by Aphoridepaper cranes: letters to a (dead) sweetheart

13th July 2015:
Hey there, Emily! :) Dropping by for our review swap - and wow, I picked a good one! Well, not good in the sense of sadness, and all that angst packed in here, but it's so so beautiful and I don't regret it for a minute :)

Okay, so I'm not quite sure where to start with this, so I'm just going to have to find somewhere... Andromeda. Let's start there :P She's such an amazing character, and I love how you've portrayed her. There's this wonderful sense throughout it of her pulling away and becoming better, more free and more /her/ - right up until the ending that is. But I like that, and it works so so well in this, as a kind of thematic thing and for setting things up, leading up to that moment at the end. Plus, it nicely inverts the beginning, I think :)

You do the relationship between her and Ted so, so well - I love the way they develop so slowly, and she's not quite sure why she allows it to because she shouldn't, but it's obvious from your writing why, and that perhaps he understands more than he lets on. I love, too, that you off-set the sweetness of them getting together and that storyline with the storyline after Ted's dead, and what happens to her after the war. It's such a beautiful juxtaposition - and it really shows the depth of their relationship while not losing anything, you know, because we already know what happens.

(Also, I gotta say, I already knew the paper cranes story, and it's absolutely heartbreaking - and I loved the connection you made between that and the Andromeda and Ted story. It was so so good!)

Your writing in this was so amazing too. I loved how all the sections were different sizes, and your description was so so gorgeous - it flowed so beautifull, and your metaphors were always so so on point. I think my favourite bit, though, was in the last letter where she talks about the sunset and how he'd have liked the yellow. It's such a little thing, but I just loved it for the insignificance of it, if that makes sense. Like, it really speaks volumes about their relationship that she knows that, and she thinks of it and him even then.

Mahaha, cheeky little Sirius was adorable :P

I loved the way you included Dean in this, too - just before I forget! It was such a lovely thing, for her to meet him when Ted saved his life, and for him to feel bound by that almost, to help her. It's like she has another family now, almost, and I loved it. I felt almost stupid for not thinking of it before, haha. Headcanon accepted ;)

This is so heartbreaking, though. Andromeda loses so much and so many in the wars - throughout her life, really - with her marriage to Ted, and then her new family dying (and her old one, too, almost), and you really pull all of the emotion out of this, though it remains solemn, too, which I liked. It's such a heavy piece, but it's so so good, nonetheless, and I didn't stop reading it until the end because, really, I couldn't.

Wah, so heartbreaking, but so good! :( :)

Aph xx

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Review #96, by AphorideMoment of Clarity: In These Walls

9th July 2015:
Hey there Mikaela, dropping by for the BvB Battle! :) I have to admit, I stopped on this because Alice/Frank stories are so rare, and they're even rarer the ones which actually explore the reality of their situation and condition, so I just had to read this one. Hope it's okay! :)

I love the way you've written Alice, and how it's all from her pov. There's something so genuine and hauntingly sad about her perspective on the world, with all the wonderful confusion and everything you inject into your writing - there's this very real sense of pain and loss and a lack of understanding which I think goes beyond the characters' experiences and into the writing, which is so so good, because experiences that complete do take everything over, you know?

I loved how you dissected their condition, making it almost like a kind of forced amnesia-type thing, where they remember bits sometimes, but never everything altogether - which is probably for the best. It really reminded me of Alzheimers', which made it that much more poignant, since there's a real reality to it, you know? And I liked the bits in italics, too, explaining the condition - like a healer explaining it to Augusta when it first happened.

The way you wrote this, too, was so good. I loved how the timeline sort of weaved the present-day bits in with the glimpses of the past and the memories - it made the confusion Alice was feeling so real, and the mistakes she makes at the end when she thinks Neville is Frank that bit more heartbreaking because she doesn't see any difference until she does, and then it's gone. It's such clever writing and plotting and reads so effortlessly, it's so impressive. Of course, you manage the heartbreaking stuff so so well, too, and it's no different in this one than the last one-shot of yours I read - the language, the flow, everything works so well together.

Again, this is such a great one-shot - so heartbreaking and thought-provoking, but so so good! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey Aph! I am more than alright with this story being the one you've taken a look at! It's really quite new and one of the favourites of all the stories I've written so far...

AHH! The number of compliments you leave're so, so kind! I thank you for them, but really, I give much of the credit to the strategic use of Second Person POV. Second person, I've found, does wonders for getting readers to feel like the character being described. It forces them to feel things and see things like the narrator and I've spent over two years figuring out how to use this so the expereince of reading is taken off the (web)page. I'm so glad that I've figured it out and gotten it to work in a way that others can enjoy!

And with this story? The italics were written quite a number of years ago. I actually work with people with Alzheimers so I have first hand expereince with it. I've seen these moments, I've seen families at a loss or exicted or overwhelmed due to them. It just so happened that a couple weeks ago, I ran into the italics again just as I came back to HPFF and I knew I had to write a story with Alice and Frank, so really, this is really similar to those diseases, or at least that was my goal. Which it seems I've accomplished well.

Thank you so, so, so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed this and I think you should know that you are really, really amazing for stopping in with such sweet reviews! I greatly appreciate them!


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Review #97, by Aphoridefirst: first meeting

8th July 2015:
Hey Carla! :D So I'm back from holiday - I kept seeing that this was up and you'd just updated it so I had to stop by, it sounded so interesting! :)

And now I've read it, I love it more than I did before - it's such a lovely, original take on the more traditional Albus/OC romance, where they're the same age and all, you know? I love that, those differences you put in this and how much they are, how unique it makes the characters and the whole set up of it. It's so so great! :)

I love Esme, too. I love how she's French and the name reflects that so well and is such a great choice - and all her mannerisms are so sweet, so reminiscent of both her age and her nationality, you know? Like, she really reads so much like a young girl which is so hard to do and so great. (I gotta mention the surname, too, haha, as a Tolkein fan - I loved it so much! :D Whether intentional or not, it's still great! :D) She's so sweet, but so nervous about meeting people and so hesitant about talking to Albus, and so afraid of upsetting people, or causing upsets and arguments. It all says so much about her character, and hints so much about what has happened so her so far and maybe what will shape her or how she'll grow through the story.

Albus was so sweet in this, too - I love how he seems half-typical and half a-typical as a teenager; how he's so concerned about her, and equally out of place at the party - or at least he feels as though he is, which is almost the same thing, in a way - it really speaks about him as a character, like with Esme, and his relationships perhaps with his own family and so on. I love how they both seem to feel so out of place at the party and within the Weasley group especially. It's lovely to see someone including that kind of feeling, because I think that it must happen, and it must be so hard to deal with but also so easy to feel, in a way, too.

Your writing in this was so great, too - I loved all of it; your description and everything, it's so gorgeous and flows so beautifully. I know I've read - and loved - some of your writing otherwise before, but I love the way you've written this almost more than anything else; your style in this is just so perfectly wonderful.

I'm so curious to see where this goes, too, and how the story continues, especially with the 'firsts' theme, and all. I do love a good theme ;) The plot isn't massively suspense - but it doesn't have to be, you know? Your writing makes up for that so so easily, and it's so lovely, and your characters hold every bit of my attention.

It's such a great start - imma have to find you in the bvb again ;)

Aph xx

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Review #98, by AphorideHigh Romance: Prologue

22nd June 2015:
Hi Laura! Stopping by for the BvB battle - I know I haven't finished going through A Single Point in Time yet, but this looked so good, and I've been itching to read it for a while, so when I got a chance of course I had to stop by on this ;)

(Also, sorry for the slight delay - my computer ran out of power (oops?), so I lost the review, but tbh it just meant I had to read this twice, so I'm not that bothered :P)

I love the way you wrote this - I haven't seen many scenes, in ff or of, which are set in an airport, and it's always - to me - seemed to be a pretty difficult place to describe, being so white and almost surgical, but dirty, haha, so I'm so impressed and curious as to why you picked that, and how it all connects into the story with Rose and Scorpius. Still, as always, you describe it so beautifully that it makes me wonder why I ever thought it would be impossible - it's just... you really bring it to life as a place, and the feeling of it - particularly the early morning flights, omigosh. There's this beautiful sense of quiet in your writing in this which is just amazing - I really don't know how you did it, tbh, but it's so lovely and so evocative.

I love how you've written Rose, too - how you don't say who it is in the prologue, we know from the summary that it's her, but we get a definite feel of her, you know? And that's perhaps more telling than anything else. I love how she's so lethargic through the whole thing, and how she's almost nervous about going back to London - and back to Scorpius, more importantly, and perhaps whatever situation she left behind; it really says so much. I almost don't want to find out what happened, you know, even though I'm so curious; I almost want to see the aftermath of it all, because there are so many questions in my head about what will happen after Tokyo. I liked, too, how she hadn't written the report she was meant to in the airport; it was a lovely little touch of Rose to get in there ;)

I love, too, I just have to say, how you ended it with her flying up into the clouds in the aeroplane, and in the summary she's flying and soaring; it's just such a neat connection :)

Your writing, as I've said before - even in this review :P - is so gorgeous. You get the mood of the place so well and so instinctive - I've been to my fair share of airports, including late night and early morning flights, and it's just so true and so real, the picture of it you paint. It's so beautiful - and I can see it so clearly in my mind. I love, as well, how you describe the life it has, in a way, rather than the simple aesthetics of it, it's such a gorgeous narrative, in total :)

In total: this is too short. I need more. Please write more? You know full well (or you should :P) that I think you're amazing! :)

Aph xx

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Review #99, by AphorideJumping Off Swings: Moment of Death

19th June 2015:
Hi there! :) So I just had to choose this story to stop by on (which I hope is okay) because it doesn't have too many reviews, and because Laura (tangledconstellations) loved it, and she generally has pretty good taste when it comes to fic ;) Plus, I'm kinda morbidly curious about a fic called 'Moment of Death' as a secondary title :P

This is such a beautifully solemn, horrifying piece - which is so fitting, considering that it's about Snape, you know? He's that kind of character, and particularly given the manner of his death (that snake terrifies me so much it's not even funny, I can't lie...). Even though we know the end, you find yourself hoping that it's not going to happen this time, you know, and hoping that somehow, despite it all, he manages to find some kind of peace.

I love how you handled him as a character, too. He's one of those incredibly detailed, incredibly complex, incredibly difficult characters to write, and you just did him so so well here. I loved the way you referenced those moments in the Prince's Tale with Lily, and how he pleaded for her to be saved with Voldemort (which is just... wow, you know? Asking a person without mercy for it is pretty huge), and how, in the end, he sort of realises that she isn't in love with him but that she's grateful, and it seems like it's almost enough for him.

I have to admit, I'm not much of a Snape fan, and Snape/Lily as a pairing really doesn't appeal to me, but I love what you did with it here - how you portrayed Snape being in love with her as being something so pure compared to the rest of him, and him being so determined and brave almost on her behalf for Harry. It's so tragic and so desperate, and the way he's thinking of her when he dies, and those moments when he cared about her, and when perhaps he should have fought for her, and the moments he did, was just so bittersweet.

Voldemort, too - you did him so perfectly. He was creepy and cold and exactly like himself in canon.

Your writing in this is so so great. The description is just wonderful - I loved the way you kept having the pain he was feeling fade in and out, using it as a kind of segue from section to section, which was just brilliant. The way you tied it into the scene we know from canon, too, is just perfect. I remember you from way back when :P and you're so so good, you can't vanish again, mkay? ;)

Seriously, this is an amazing one-shot. Laura was exactly right to say so, and I'm so glad I read it :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: APH!

Where do I even begin with responding to this review? Can I even start? What do I say? What do I do? I just...I don't know!

You are so sweet and lovely and kind and just...I keep reading this review over and over and over again and I can't help but smile. It seriously is the greatest thing ever right now and I do not think I can say thank you enough for coming by and reading and leaving this review! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So. This is like, the most intense piece I have ever written. I'm going to claim it that way because not only is it horrifying how he dies (Totally agree with you there...that snake is just...*shivers*), but Snape's character is nearly impossible to write. I spent quite a while, when the idea first appeared, trying to figure out how to make Snape's character come out as complex as JKR wrote him. I found second person was the only thing that allowed his character to just be and the rest sort of fell into place.

The scenes from the Prince's Tale were a good starting point and it didn't take me long to figure out the pattern to work with the memories and which ones to invent and fit in. There were a couple others that didn't make this final cut, but I'm glad that what I added worked well and gave off hte effect I wanted.

And if I'm entirely honest? Snape/Lily is not a pairing I go out searching for either. Snape, just his character in any era really, is just the right character to spark my interest and having him being in love with her and having him help her son, despite Harry being James' son as well, was not something I could pass out. Especially when, with tragedy, things don't change for him in the end. It's just the essence of his character, in a way.

And awesome! I am glad Voldemort came out sounding canon! I was more afraid of writing him in those memories than I was having to write from Snape's POV xD

Your words in this review are so sweet, and I really appreacite that you came by and read what I came up with and enjoyed it and could see where I was going with it and feel what I wanted you to feel and just...thank you. I'll try not to disappear again any time soon! Just getting into some new styles of writing that I'm quite enjoying! XD

Thank you, thank you! Can't say it enough!

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Review #100, by AphorideA Single Point In Time: 1983

19th June 2015:
Hey Laura! :) Dropping by for our review swap!

So I love coming to your page - only I hate it, too because I have the annoying problem of having to work out what to read, and there's so much of it which I want to read - everything just sounds so good and so interesting :) In the end, though, I wanted to come back to this too much - so here I am! :)

I love the way you've characterised Sirius in this - the way you've tackled his mind sort of breaking down and slowing down and the lack of memories, of almost human-ness (if that's a word :P) in him. It really feels like he's losing parts of himself, and it's equally devastating and terrifying. It really hits home how much Azkaban affects you, and how important it was to him that he could change into Padfoot and survive like that - but also it makes it so sad to imagine the damage extrapolated into thirteen years of this, rather than just three.

I really loved, too, how you used it to showcase the qualities we know Sirius has in canon, so well: the almost obsessive loyalty he has to his friends, and the persistence with his own innocence that he has to keep himself sane, the sort of recklessness (sort of coz Sirius thinks the guy opposite him thinks Padfoot is a hallucination or something) to change into Padfoot so often in Azkaban, where he could have been caught, and so on. It's just so brilliant, and so subtle - and he's so perfectly in canon.

The way you write Azkaban as a place is so chilling, too - with all the greys and the dark colours used it sounds cold in temperature, as well as so creepy, with the inmates crying and that little almost throw-away line about the guy opposite him thinking Padfoot was only in his imagination, too. The idea that a place - or creatures, with the Dementors - could effect you that much is so scary, and it's so well done in this to be so terrifying.

Gah, I always hated the idea of Azkaban, you know - hated and loved it, because as a creative idea it's genius - but the way you portray it in this and the effects of it just makes me hate it so much more, and makes me feel so desperately sad for the people imprisoned there, even the ones like Bellatrix :(

Your writing is amazing. You know this - or should know this - and I think I've said this before, but it's true so I'm going to say it again :P It's so clean and so beautiful, and it just pulls me in and doesn't let me go. All of the emotions come through so perfectly - all of the fear and the sadness and the desperation - and your characters are just amazing. Also, having read three of these by now - though each one is still obviously written by you, there's a noticeable difference, to me at least, in terms of the voice you use for each of them - the way you use words and the phrases you use. It's so gorgeous and so clever and I'm so jealous (teach me? :P) ;)

So yeah, as always, this is an amazing story collection, and this is a beautifully devastating one-shot within them, and you're just an amazing writer. And this is every reason why I should never miss an opportunity to stop by your page again :P

Aph xx

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