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Review #1, by ariana588And All That Jazz: Conundrums, Shock, And All That Jazz

1st July 2012:
Formspring is basically a place where people can ask you questions and you can ask them. It is a great way to talk to fans of your stories... So I am told as I don't use it for that. I do use it to connect to the authors of my favourite stories though. On a completely different note I really liked this chapter. It was kind of sad when James just left even after he made her promise to never do that to him ever again. I am glad though that Jett and her might have another chance to just be friends, I prefer James still... :) I will be eagerly awaiting the next installment in this wonderful story. If you do get a formspring you can find me at ariana588, if you want... :) I never know what to say in reviews... Oh well!! I love your story!


Author's Response: Yeah, I got it now, thank you! I actually just made an account for myself on formspring - it's ShieldSnitch3 as well - but I don't really know how to work it... Anyway, I'm glad that you liked the chapter! Yes, she and Jett are working on their friendship again. Don't worry, the next update will definitely be coming soon! Thank you so much for the review ♥

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Review #2, by ariana588The Wizarding Trials: The Reaping, Part II

28th May 2012:
It seems that your obviously fantastic story has not been getting much love. I love it to pieces and can't believe that no one else does! Keep writing!


P.S. If you want you could check out my story An Average Life. Mine has only gotten a bit of love so I understand how you feel.

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Review #3, by ariana588Before I'm Gone: Epilogue.

28th May 2012:
I literally cried reading this. I loved it so much! I have only ever cried one other time reading and that was when reading my favourite book, The Fault in Our Stars. You are an amazing author. In my favourite book it is also about someone with cancer. Thank you for writing this amazing story.


Author's Response: oh wow thank you so much Ariana! I haven't been on here in awhile... I'm glad you like my writing! I may try to return to fanfiction at some point since this was my first serious writing experience. I thank you for reading and reviewing! Glad you enjoy my work :) this story has always been close to my heart

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Review #4, by ariana588Define Gravity: two.

27th May 2012:
I really like your story!! as;hjkrghdf;gha;ghorhv hoiroiv;ahvjdfhgk;adjghjkaghakghad;ghao; (keyboard spaxxum) I am not good with words!


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Review #5, by ariana588Running from the Truth: Epilogue: Forever

18th May 2012:
YEH!!! I really enjoyed it. It was just the right amount of cheesiness mixed in with some amazing characters. Fantastic job! I am working through all your stories at the moment and I am loving them all! You are an amazing author.


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Review #6, by ariana588Masquerade: Thus Spake Scorpius

12th May 2012:
No! Write more! Write More! Write more!!! :) I loved it! fhsdjklfghaejhglhgsdgjdfgkl; fjskldfjioruwaiotrupoqutirutqoituertureioutrjgkldgjs dgjesdhgjsdfhgsdjkghdjkfghjsgjkghsdfjkghdfjkghdj
A keyboard spazzum seems to justify my love for this story! :D


Author's Response: Haha thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! And thanks for taking the time to write this lovely comment--it really makes my day :)

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Review #7, by ariana588The Trouble With Life is...: Problem #11

1st May 2012:
OMG! So adorable!! I think I would have died if he wasn't there. I really like your story. :)
Update soon even though you updated like today! I love it! I am terrible at reviews. I never know how to end these things... :)


Author's Response: Thanks for the great review! I thought it was an awesome review! I'm glad you like my story! :-)

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Review #8, by ariana588Siriusly Out Of Control: From Homework to the Hospital Wing.

29th April 2012:
I thought I'd write you your first review because I really enjoyed your story!I liked how Al was portrayed as a "bad boy" instead of James as most stories are. I think, that Scorpius's character will end up being good as well. Keep writing!


Author's Response: thanks for the review! i'm glad you liked it. it's a little overplayed, but i'm going to add a little rose/scorpius and jen/james in the next few chapters. the next chapter is in the queue now :)

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Review #9, by ariana588Actions Have Consequences: My Sister Needs Help

29th April 2012:
UPDATE! Sorry I spazzed a little there. :) I read this entire story in one day! I love it! It is my absolute favourite story right now. Update as soon as you can.

Author's Response: Wow that's dedication :)

Sorry it took so long but the next chapter is waiting to be validated.

Thanks for the review


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Review #10, by ariana588Still Delicate: Epilogue

24th February 2012:
I have read through your stories and thoroughly loved them! Keep up the good work! :)


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Review #11, by ariana588The Potter Boys and the Enchantment of Redheads: Chapter Ten: The Quidditch Tryouts and the Falling Outs

5th February 2012:
Wow... I am so annoyed!! :) But you are a fantastic writer!!!I think Rose and Scorpius need to get together!! Love the story though!:) ~Ariana

Author's Response: :D :D :D. Thank you. Oh Rose and Scorpius. They're just gah! XD

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Review #12, by ariana588Speaking in Rainbow: Oompa-Loompa Orange

19th December 2011:
I love your story so much!!! Please write more, update it please!!!

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Review #13, by ariana588Welcome to the Chase: chapter.twentyone Mates.

7th December 2011:
MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE! I freaking love this story!!! It is DEFINITELY my favourite story ever!!! Please update soon!!! 10/10

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Review #14, by ariana588Breaking the Quidditch Code: Getting Mushy

22nd November 2011:
AAH! I love your story so much!! 10/10

Author's Response: AAH!! Thank you SO much! I'm so happy you're enjoying it!

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Review #15, by ariana588Home Is Where The Prat Is: Rings and Accidents

24th July 2011:
Please update soon you haven't since march!

1 000 000 000/10

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Review #16, by ariana588My One and Only Sweetheart: Explanations, pissy girls, and fun trips

1st July 2011:
what's with the random cassidy is that emily's original character name? Overall great story i have read it about 13 times!


Author's Response: Um, I was writing my other story A Tale of Elemental Rivalry at the same time. I guess I let it slip cause they both have names that end with y ha. Whoops! But thank you. I didn't even know people still read this story, but I'm quite flattered. Thank you very much (:

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Review #17, by ariana588Love Goddesses, Overprotective Brothers, and James Potter: Annoying Boyfriends, Evil Plans, and Forgiveness

20th June 2011:
hahaha omg!! I loved it!!! I was waiting for another chapter to show up on this page! update sooner please!!

(excessive use of exclamation points?)


Author's Response: nothing wrong with lots of exclamtion points!!!

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Review #18, by ariana588No Chance Of That: Sirius's 'Sister' VS Bellatrix

18th April 2011:
great story! I laughed a tonne!

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Review #19, by ariana588Love Goddesses, Overprotective Brothers, and James Potter: Grimpers, Noah Davis, and Flobberworms

3rd April 2011:
I am really enjoying this story. My favourite quote is

And then I'm the Seeker. I have to catch the Golden Snitch.
If I catch it, then the game ends, and our team gets 150 points. I said.

So basically you are the most important person on the team? She asked curiously.

It made me laugh.

Author's Response: I'm glad it made you laugh (:

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Review #20, by ariana58824 Hours In A Locked Room...With James Potter: Line-B-Gone

28th March 2011:
Love the story! Have you read the confessions of Georgia Nicholson If not i think you might enjoy them!!! They are real books encase you were wondering!! :)

Author's Response: I do know to which books you are referring to, and thank you for the recommendation. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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