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Review #1, by Lizzie MelodyFate: Lost

20th December 2010:
I really like how you started it off and i although i loved the original version i think yours is better and please continue soon!

Author's Response: thankyou! chapter 2 should be finished by tonight/early just depends how long it takes to post! But thankyou for reading:)

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Review #2, by Lizzie MelodyOver the Edge: Chapter One: Over the Edge

20th December 2010:
you have to write more!!! This is really good and you do need to write more

Author's Response: haha thank you I will. :) I am working on another story currently.

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Review #3, by Lizzie Melody3 months to live: Prolouge

19th December 2010:
Aw that is sooo sad! You should update as soon as possible!

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Review #4, by Lizzie MelodyMy Light In Darkness: I'm Ready

18th December 2010:
This is a very good and well structured story! I sound a bit like a writing boffin but i'm not. I just think its really good and could you please try to get the next chapter up soon?

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Review #5, by Lizzie MelodyCrazy things love does: Finding Ginny

17th December 2010:
This is a really good start and yay i'm the first to review! Can you please update soon?

Author's Response: Thank you for reveiwing, i just started chapter 2

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Review #6, by Lizzie MelodyForbidden Love: Wrong Words Weasley

17th December 2010:
ha! i love it but you have to update soon!

Author's Response: I will we're on brake so i'll be able to post more often! and thank you! I'm so glad that people enjoy it!

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Review #7, by Lizzie MelodyLosing Lily: Fragola

15th December 2010:
awww this is so cute! I cant believe you killed Lily! Lol but can you continue it because i want to know what happend when Lily meets other Lily!

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Review #8, by Lizzie MelodyIf you only knew...: Chapter 5

13th December 2010:
woah.lots of cheating going on! can you please continue with the next chapter so i can find out what happens with hermione and harry

Author's Response: haha yes I will get right on that ;) I'm glad you like it thank you SOO much for reviewing

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