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Review #1, by zeebeescillaRanny: Lancelot

7th September 2011:
Very well written chapter! But, I really don't like Albus and Ranny together. They just... don't seem to fit together, I guess? She should just tell all the boys to shove it and go about her merry, single, way. xD

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad that you're enjoying this still! :) Not everyone is a fan of Albus and Ranny together, and I know how annoying that must be for you, to have read all of this for it to come to an end with a pairing that you don't like. But I do hope that you like the ending. :)
I have actually considered that, and I do like the idea of Ranny going about life by her whimsical self, but you'll have to wait for the epilogue to see for yourself! Thank you again.

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Review #2, by zeebeescillaRanny: King John

1st July 2011:
If HPFF was Facebook, I would like this ;D

Author's Response: Why, thank you. I'm glad to hear it! :D
The next chapter is in the queue, I hope that you like it! And thank you for the review!

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Review #3, by zeebeescillaPure Poetry: My Charlie

24th May 2011:
(my favorite line)
"Yet, by fearing, I had tamed a dragon, the most beautiful dragon of them all. With skin as hard as hide, and a tongue as fluent as water. A boy of pure poetry. My Charlie."
You, my dear, write pure poetry. Every single time. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. :)
I am so glad that you've enjoyed this, and honestly, I am very flattered. Thank you again.

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Review #4, by zeebeescillaRanny: Prince Charming

24th May 2011:
Lovely, as always :) Your take on Rose was really unique. People usually portray her as the goody-good/overly nice type of person, seeing her in a meaner light was refreshing :D
I quite like Tom. A potential love interest, perhaps? Can't wait for the next chapter! < 3

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review. I have just answered your other one, on my one-shot about Charlie - another sweet one, thank you :D
I'm glad that you enjoyed this chapter. :)
I can't seem to write a character for Rose that stay's nice, I have tried to many times to make her sweet, and also to write stories from her point of view, but I always struggle, so I thought that I would embrace it all in this story, and go ahead with full force :D
I'm afraid that you'll have to wait for that. ;) Thank you again!

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Review #5, by zeebeescillaBreathless: Rainbows and Sunshine Unicorns.

28th April 2011:
"Shiny!" Scorpius said excitedly, dropping the food and running over to me so he could take it. "Can I keep it?"
lol that's my favorite quote.

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Review #6, by zeebeescillaRanny: Captain Hook

18th April 2011:
i think that scorpius and ranny would make a better couple than albus and ranny, they just seem to... fit. so i am secretly shipping them ;)
i really love this story so far. the characters are already so vividly developed, and it's only chapter 3! it's different than your other stories but in a good way. keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I wondered how long it would be before someone said that! :P :D
It's okay, I had planned at one point for them to end up together, but then . we'll you'll just have to wait and see!
Thank you for the review! I'm glad that you're enjoying this! I have tried to make it different to my other stories, so I hope that you still enjoy it! :D

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Review #7, by zeebeescillaThe King Of Hearts: Queen

8th April 2011:
i loved it! the ending was perfect!
and i'm glad that adam got what was coming to him ;)

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!
I thought of so many things that they could do to Adam (however most of them were illegal) and so I went with this one in the end. Thank you again!
I'm so glad that you liked the ending!

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Review #8, by zeebeescillaOh, the Tragedy of it All!: Scorpius' New Years Eve Dissapointment

27th March 2011:
gah! stupid seven! he ruins everything!
rose better turn him down! why can't she see that he's no good?! scorpius is so much better than him! grrr.
i really liked scorpius' POV :) you should do more chapters with him narrating (hint, hint ;D)

Author's Response: He is quite the poop head. I just can't wait until you get to the next chapter :) it is the dance from Rose's POV... more to be revealed and possibly reviled. :)

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Review #9, by zeebeescillaThe King Of Hearts: Jack

15th March 2011:
my favorite character is scorpius. he's exactly how i imagined him to be :D my least favorite character... i don't have one yet. i don't know enough about adam to hate him haha.
awesome chapter! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!
I'm glad that you're liking Scorpius, I love the bloke! :D
I will update soon. Maybe you'll have an opinion on Adam then :D
Thank you again!

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Review #10, by zeebeescillaClair de Lune: Leaving

13th March 2011:
"Give me a minute; I'll make it beautiful for you." that's my favorite line :)

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