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Review #51, by magnolia_magicBeat it: A Wasps Attention

17th July 2013:
Hi! I'm so glad this caught my eye; it looks like a really fun story! I'm already loving the tension between Jason and Roxanne. There's always that one guy around who takes things way too far, and it seems to me like that guy is Jason. He's going to have to shape up in order for me to like him, and I hope Roxie feels the same way :)

I like the view of the inner workings of the Quidditch league you show us. You know, I've never read anything like it before, but it makes sense that all the teams would have meetings and rivalries and such. I think this was a very creative way to begin a pro-Quidditch story.

Great start! I hope to be able to read more :)


Author's Response: I'm glad it caught your eye too! I love writing this story so I'm so happy that you're enjoying it so much. Haha, Jason and Roxanne have a lot of tension between them, which is only going to get a lot worse. :P

I was trying to think of what footballers might have to go through and I wanted to try and incorporate that into my story. I can imagine all of the ceremony's being similar.

Thank you so much for your kind and amazing review! :D

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Review #52, by magnolia_magicUndertow: Chapter Three

17th July 2013:
Hi again! I loved this chapter, just like the others. I'm sure you get a lot of gushing reviews on this story :)

I loved Makaio, and I was glad to see he wasn't a scary predator :) I was hoping to see Rose have some people in her life outside of just Viktor, to whatever extent that could be possible. Makaio seems like he could be a good friend to them. But I'm still dying to know whether she really did see Hugo in the village. Somehow I don't think that was just her imagination.

Viktor and Rose had some really precious moments here, and I loved reading them. He's got a sly sense of humor that I really liked. And your description of the festival was just lovely.

Wonderful job with this! And thank you so much for all you've put into the House Cup this year--it's so impressive!


Author's Response: I really enjoy writing OCs, so I'm so happy to hear you liked Makaio. Though the story is about Rose and Viktor, I think it's important to Rose interacting with other people. It (hopefully) helps put the way she interacts with Viktor in a better context. And the Hugo mystery will be an ongoing question, but hopefully in a good way!

Writing Krum's dry wit is so much fun. He says the sorts of things I never could :P

Thank you so much for the three lovely reviews. Sorry it took so long to respond. I really hope you enjoyed the House Cup!!

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Review #53, by magnolia_magicUndertow: Chapter Two

17th July 2013:
This chapter is the perfect follow-up to the first, I think. I love hearing about Rose and Viktor's exotic new life, and I love that you compared the jungle humidity to hot pea soup. That made me smile :) I'm glad you've included little things like that to lighten the mood a little every now and then.

I really think I like Viktor and Rose together. I didn't think I would, honestly. But your Viktor seems to be good for Rose, and I'm finding myself wanting to see more of them. And that ending! Haha, what a cliffhanger that is. I like that you get into some drama relatively quickly in the story; it makes for a thrill ride that will pull readers in for sure.

Awesome work! I'm off to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: A lot of people have commented on the humidity references. I guess we've all been there, where the air is so thick it feels like waking through water. I'm so glad that description stood out in lighthearted way.

Oh, I'm so happy you liked your first glimpse at Viktor and Rose. I can totally see why people might be turned off by the pairing, but hopefully their age difference pales in comparison to how they relate to each other.

I'm probably a little TOO fond of cliffhanger, but I do like to keep stories moving a good pace as much as I can.

Thank you for another lovely review!

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Review #54, by magnolia_magicUndertow: Chapter One

17th July 2013:
Hi! I've been meaning to read this story for a long time, because I'd heard about the Rose/Krum pairing on the forums. How could I not check it out? And I haven't read Over the Edge, but this first chapter didn't leave me confused at all. I think you're doing well in making this a stand-alone story :)

I am really looking forward to getting to know Rose better in future chapters. Right now there's a lot of mystery about her, which I think is a wonderful way to begin a story. I'm thinking she probably has quite the colorful past (which I'd know more about if I had read Over the Edge, but I sort of like the guessing game.) Hopefully more will unfold later about that! But for now I'm enjoying learning about her life in the present. Your writing style is really of great quality; it's very down-to-earth and straightforward, and it's a pleasure to read. Great work!


Author's Response: Hi Maggie! I'm so excited you decided to give the story a look. I'm glad to hear it can stand on its own from the first.

This is a pretty short first chapter, but I'm so glad that hint of mystery came through. Her backstory, both from the first book and since that story ended will unfold slowly, but hopefully this was enough of a teaser to get things started. I'm so glad you enjoyed the writing style. I try to make it as reader-friendly as possible so hopefully the story can take center stage.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #55, by magnolia_magicPolaris: Polaris

17th July 2013:
Ahh, this was gut-wrenching! I've never read any of your work before, but I'm glad I chose this oneshot to read. You did a really beautiful job writing it!

I'm still wrapping my head around the idea that Bill would stray away from Fleur Delacour, of all people. Who in his right mind would cheat on her? But I suppose they had different things in mind for life, as Fleur explains toward the beginning. I've just never thought about the idea that they might not have had a happy marriage. It's a very interesting thought to explore!

I loved Teddy's line: "We'll knit scarves. Never quite fit. Die." Wow, that's depressing. And it hits just the right tone for this story. It's just so hopeless. You have a way of writing very sparse, simple lines that really cut right to the heart. That's a wonderful skill, one that a lot of writers strive for. I'm so glad I got to see an example of that technique done right. Wonderful job!


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Review #56, by magnolia_magicI love you, Mum: Chapter 2

16th July 2013:
And the big reveal! Well, one of them, anyway :) I can see why Nikkole couldn't keep it to herself very long. Her baby has been her whole life; how could she pretend that he didn't exist? But I'm glad it was Roxie who caught her mistake. She seems like a very supportive friend, which is something Nikkole is definitely going to need. You're doing a great job of setting up tension for upcoming chapters! Will James find out, and how will he react if he does? Your readers will be dying for you to answer those questions!

This is such a fun read! Great work :)

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Review #57, by magnolia_magicI love you, Mum: Chapter 1

16th July 2013:
Oh wow. I can't stand Alexia already. I think we all knew one of those girls in high school; the ones who were so overprotective of their boyfriends that they have to be nasty to everyone else. You did a great job of making her the "villain" character here.

On another note, it was great to see that Nikkole's parents seem so supportive of her. She's very lucky to have a support system at home for Tyler, and I'm glad her parents didn't shun her or anything of that sort. I love seeing their relationship :)

Great job! I'll keep going :)

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Review #58, by magnolia_magicI love you, Mum: Prologue

16th July 2013:
Hi! I've had this story in my favorites for a while, so I thought it was time I stopped by to review!

I like this length for an opening chapter. It is really short, but I think it's good to get as much across as possible in a few words. It packs more of a punch that way :) I can clearly see Nikkole's love for her son here. You did a great job showing us that bond, which will be at the heart of this story. Overall, I think this chapter is a great one to pull readers in and get them hooked, just like me! Great job!

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Review #59, by magnolia_magicThe British Are Coming: May I Have This Dance?

16th July 2013:
Wow, what an intense chapter! I definitely was not prepared for the sudden change in Carter. I mean, James warned her, but I didn't expect him to show his true colors so soon. Addie's really lucky to have such awesome "brother" around to look out for her.

I especially loved the beginning, when Addie and Dom were talking about the future. It makes sense that Dominique would want to separate herself from the other Weasleys and prove that she's got more than just her looks. I really do like her, and I think she and Addie work really well together as friends.

This was such a fun story! I really enjoyed reading it. I hope you update soon!


Author's Response: Yeah, some people can change the way they act so quickly. Thanks again Maggie! You're amazing, I should be updating pretty soon!

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Review #60, by magnolia_magicThe British Are Coming: Bootcamp

16th July 2013:
So I know you said this was just a filler chapter. But sometimes it's good to take a step back and just let us get to know your characters a bit better. The two truths and a lie was a great way to do that, because we got to learn tons of little tidbits about them. And it was done in an interesting way...a great example of the "show, don't tell" technique. I had fun reading it!

And yes, Addie is being VERY stupid about James! Ugh, why can't they be cute again right now? Haha, I'll just have to be patient, I suppose. I'm glad Addie and Dom are getting to be better friends, and I really enjoyed getting to know your supporting cast better. Though Tyler is still my favorite of them all :)

Off to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah, I love playing that game, it's one of my favorites. Ty is amazing! I love him! Thanks again sweetie!

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Review #61, by magnolia_magicThe British Are Coming: Happy Birthday To Me

16th July 2013:
Aww, so precious! I loved this chapter, especially the end! I know it probably can't be happy forever with James and Addie, but it was nice to see her have a good birthday (and to finally let James in). I loved the little tidbits of jealousy you put in for both of them. It shows that no matter what they may say, they're starting to have feelings for each other.

My favorite part was the bit where Addie's describing her charm bracelet. I feel like I really got a sense of her in that moment; who she really feels like inside, just like she said. You're doing a wonderful job developing her. And side note: I'm so impressed with all the detail you gave about Salem! You were very thorough in your description of it, and it sounds like an amazing place :)

Off to the next chapter! Awesome work!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I love reading your reviews, that fill me up inside with warm and fuzzes! You're too sweet!

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Review #62, by magnolia_magicThe British Are Coming: Uncommon Name

16th July 2013:
So I wish Addie would just figure out why she dislikes James so much. The way I'm seeing it, he hasn't done anything to deserve her hatred, and I just wish she could soften up a bit with him. She's so rude to him, for no reason! Haha I was really frustrated with her at the beginning.

But then the second section happened. I loved the therapy session, and seeing Addie open up. Just when I'm starting to really hate her, you make me like her again. That's a great skill; it keeps readers on their toes, for sure! This chapter shed a little more light on her childhood, and why she's so guarded. I felt terrible for her, but I was glad to see some clarity there. (And I liked her moment with James at the end. So sweet!)

I have a feeling I'm going to get to all your chapters today! I'll be back soon :)

Author's Response: Yeah, sometimes Addie (and I) get like that. Thanks you so much, that means a lot!

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Review #63, by magnolia_magicThe British Are Coming: Mommy Problems

16th July 2013:
Hi! Back for another chapter!

I'm finding myself loving some things about Addie and hating others. Haha, I'm sure you get that from readers a lot :) She's full of contradictions, but that's what's great about her! Mostly she just hates the world and practically everyone in it. That does get exhausting for me to read, but then you show us unexpected softer sides of her. Like her vulnerability about her mom, or the fact that she's not a drinker (which really did surprise me.) I think you're doing an awesome job of keeping Addie interesting!

I love Ty best of all your supporting cast so far. He seems like such a sweetheart, the perfect compliment to Addie's sullen attitude and Luke's craziness :)

Great work, again! Haha I'm definitely getting sucked into this story. I'll be back for chapter 3 soon!

Author's Response: Yeah, I love the three of them together. My goal was to make a character that was real, so I hope you think I did that! Well that's amazing to hear! Thanks!

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Review #64, by magnolia_magicThe British Are Coming: Not Your Girl

16th July 2013:
Hi! I've always wanted to read a fic set in America, and I'm so glad I picked this one! You're off to an amazing start!

Addie's going to be fun to read, I can tell. I'm a Southerner myself, so I just love reading from the POV of one! She definitely seems like the type of girl who would have guy friends, and I think you wrote her tomboy side well. (And I love Tyler and Luke too, they cracked me up!) And you're already starting to build up this great mystery about her. Clearly, her home situation isn't the best. I'm excited to find out more!

I'm off to the next chapter now! I love the way you've introduced us to Salem life. Can't wait to see where this goes. Great start!

Author's Response: Oh my lord, this is just so sweet! This made my day! Thank you so much!

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Review #65, by magnolia_magicWhere are you now?: Where are you now?

15th July 2013:
Hi! I love a Snily story, so I thought I would check yours out. I think you did a great job getting inside Snape's head here, and it was a fascinating read.

I think a big constant in Snape's adult life is guilt over that incident with Lily, and you did a wonderful job exploring its beginnings. I really do like Snape (as much as it's possible to like him), so it breaks my heart to see him suffer. You've done such a good job of showing his inner turmoil, and how conflicted he is. I like that you describe the dark arts as an "obsession" for him. He isn't doing it because he believes in the cause, necessarily. He just doesn't see a way out at this point. In a way, that almost makes his actions more heartbreaking.

I enjoyed this venture inside Severus' head very much. I'm so glad I read it! Keep it up!


Author's Response: Hey Maggie! I'm not actually a big fan of Snily or Snape for that matter :P This was written for a challenge and whilst I was listening to the song that I drew, I couldn't think of anything but Snily. Which surprised me considering my apathetic feelings towards the ship.

He does carry around that guilt, and you have to feel for him because he lost a woman he loved because of one moment of stupidity. He's definitely a character of confliction, and it is something that JK played on when she wrote him, so I had to include that.

I think the dark arts are an escape for him as well, a way for him to use his talents and channel his focus away from Lily and onto something 'productive'. It is heartbreaking, because there is no light at the end of the tunnel. All he was ever going to amount to was becoming a death eater, a path he had chosen after he had lost Lily.

Thanks so much for the review Maggie :D I'm glad you're glad you read it ;)

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Review #66, by magnolia_magicThe Cusp: Time

15th July 2013:
I feel like I should open by saying that I love your work and rarely review it, and I'm sorry for that. But that said, I am so happy that I chose this piece to review. You did such a lovely job with it, as always.

I love the nostalgic feel of this, and the pictures you paint with your words. It feels almost vague in a way, like a dream. And since this story is made up of memories, I think that's the perfect way to go about writing it. The whole thing just made me smile, even when the memories were sad. And I like that you chose Padma to narrate this, because we got to see the bond between the twins. You end with the promise that they will always be there for each other, through everything that comes next. I think that message is just lovely, and I liked seeing the subtle ways that they support each other.

Beautiful job! Keep up the awesome work...I have really been enjoying reading your stories :)


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Review #67, by magnolia_magicDear Tom: The Monster Under the Bed

15th July 2013:
Hi! Your summary caught my eye, and I thought I'd stop by to review! I'm so glad I read this: this period in Ginny's life has always fascinated me, and I thought you wrote both her and Tom very well.

Even though there was no "dialogue" in this, I still think I can say you wrote their conversation incredibly well. Tom's voice is so perfect for the situation; he flatters Ginny, he advises her, and he pretends to care about her. I can definitely see how Ginny fell under his spell! And her ignorance just makes me so sad. You really captured her young voice very well. The things she worries about are so true to that age, and it was so sweet to see her crush on Harry play out at Hogwarts.

I love the last line, about the monster under Ginny's bed. So ominous, and so very appropriate for Voldemort. That was a great note to end on.

Awesome work! I'm so glad I read this!


Author's Response: Wow, thank you Maggie! I appreciate it so much that you took the time to leave me such a sweet review! Ginny has always been one of my favorite characters and I love the awkward unrequited crush she had on Harry in her younger years. I definitely identify with Ginny's naivete concerning the dubious nature of Tom's diary. I don't think i could have resisted a journal that talked back (que middle school angst). Thanks again for your kind words :)

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Review #68, by magnolia_magicWe Should Be Forever: We Should Be Forever

15th July 2013:
Hi! I'm so glad I stumbled across this precious story! I've never read this pairing, and I thought your interpretation was great!

You did a great job of capturing the overwhelming nature of young love. They are both so uncertain about the other's feelings (even though they've told each other countless times, probably) and a little scared about the future. But I'm glad Lily ended up taking the plunge and making her wishes known. Lysander's reaction was so cute! You made it so clear how much they love each other. That us-against-the-world feeling they have came through so well, and it made me smile. The whole time I was thinking, "I know exactly how that feels!" That's why I think this will resonate with a lot of people; it's a situation that so many people experience and look back on as a great memory :)

Great job! I had so much fun reading this!


Author's Response: Aw, thanks so so so much for this! It made my day! I am so happy that you liked it and could relate to it. I had a great time writing it, so I'm glad you had fun reading it. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!

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Review #69, by magnolia_magicLinger: Linger

15th July 2013:
Wow. Cassie, this is really beautiful work. I am so glad I read it! Your ability to take a character barely mentioned in the last book and make her so real is truly wonderful.

Can I just comment on the ending first? The way she stares at her breath, just as she does in the's such a fitting ending to this. I love the way this story seems to turn in a wheel; you start with the image of her breath, move to a happy memory, then to fear, and to another happy memory and back to her breath again. Was that a coherent sentence :P Anyway, I'm so impressed with the artistry in that.

Your writing is really beautiful, and I loved your imagery. Your attention to detail really helps this feel real. You did such an incredible job bring Mary Cattermole to life here, and I'm so glad I got a chance to review! Wonderful work!


Author's Response: Hi Maggie!
Thank you so much for this amazing review! This made me so happy to see, and I'm thrilled that you enjoyed this one-shot!!! :D
I wrote this all in one sitting, and didn't edit it much after that, so I'm really glad you liked the way it turned out! I wanted the story to feel like it was turning in a wheel, like you said, and that this could just be one of many moments like this while Mary waits for her trial.
I really can't tell you how happy and touched this review makes me! The fact that you enjoyed my writing so much really means the world to me. Thank you so, so much!
Cassie :)

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Review #70, by magnolia_magicPaper: Paper

15th July 2013:
I am so glad this oneshot caught my eye! Normally I shy away from Voldemort fics (I'm not a sad-ending kind of person), but every now and then I'll stumble upon one that I love. This is definitely one of them! Your style is just beautiful, and I was engrossed in Natalie's story.

I'm glad you filled us in on her childhood, and what she and her mother went through. It makes her transformation much more believable. And her mother's death was even more heartbreaking because she was all Natalie had to come home to. And her relationship with Tom was so convoluted that I couldn't see any hope for a happy ending. It just broke my heart that Natalie was so starved for love that she would turn to the one person who could never give it to her.

Much of this story consists of Natalie recounting past events; we don't really get into the present until the very end. The one suggestion I have is to make some of this happen in the present, if that makes sense. Have Natalie tell about some of the events as they happen; it would help the story feel more immediate. But that's just a nit-picky didn't detract at all from my enjoyment of this!

I love that you brought the whole story full-circle with the last paragraph. It brings this deeply sad story to a very poetic, haunting end.

Awesome job!


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Review #71, by magnolia_magicThe Fallen: The Fallen

15th July 2013:
Hi Kiana! I stumbled across this in my HC reviewing quest and thought I'd stop by. And I'm so glad I did! This was such an intense story, and told by one of my favorite characters.

At first I was confused as to who the narrator was, but when I realized it was Remus everything came together. (This happened close to the beginning, don't worry!) I love the way you've delved into his thoughts here. He feels out of place in the church, looking on at his friends' funeral, because he feels that he should have done more. Was that where the "traitor" comment came from? He feels like he betrayed them because he didn't do anything to stop their deaths? You did so, so well at making his guilt real to me; it's a heavy coat to wear, certainly, and I really felt for Remus here.

That last line of dialogue. "You will not be forgotten." So haunting! I love that you included it, because it feels like the beginning of Remus' redemption. From this moment on, he's determined to stand up for the right side.

This was such an awesome character study! I loved reading it. Keep up the wonderful work!


Author's Response: Hi Maggie! I'm so glad that you liked this one-shot, it means so much to me!

Phew, I was really worried then and thought I had to make some major changes :P I'm so glad that you got his thoughts because it was exactly what I hoped I would convey so yay for that! I'm glad that you picked up on the guilt because it is something which continues to follow him right up until his dying days.

I completely agree, it does seem to say that from then on he won't give any chances at being judged to be a traitor he will be him no matter what. Thank you for this fabulous review, Maggie!


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Review #72, by magnolia_magicMother Dearest: Helena Ravenclaw

15th July 2013:
Wow, this was so powerful! I love finding good Founders fics, and this is a gem. Wonderful job!

You're the first person I've ever seen attempt Old English in a fic, and I'm really impressed with the effort. Normally it does kind of turn me off because it takes me a while to decipher it, and that takes away from the mood. But your guide at the beginning was very helpful, and you wrote the dialogue in a way that got the message across regardless of the difficult words. And overall, I think it added to the medieval feel. Nice job with that!

Oh, Helena. I can see how slighted she feels by her mother, and how much it hurts her. But I can't help but feel like maybe she's mistaken about her mother's feelings toward her? Rowena doesn't seem like a neglectful mother, really, and all Helena's talk of "lies" seems a Something's been twisted in her mind, I think. That just makes the ending of this fic pack even more of a punch :/

This was a very striking, powerful, well-written oneshot! I am so glad I got a chance to read it!


Author's Response: Thank you! It took me a while to write this because I'm not really that good writing this type of era and I wanted to keep it as historically accurate as possible.

Really? I always assumed that people used some form of Old English in a Founder's fic so I thought I'd just blend in with using that type of language. Writing with Old English was difficult because I kept having to check to make sure that I was using the proper words and what the words meant and that they fit. The language was the most difficult part of writing this, I knew what I wanted to happen, I just needed to get it across to the reader properly.

Something is definitely off with Helena. She didn't really get as much attention paid to her as a child as other children probably did so she came to the conclusion that her mother didn't love her and that she was lying.

Thank you so much for your kind words, it really means a lot to me. Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #73, by magnolia_magicShattered Infinity: Marked for Destruction

15th July 2013:
Hi! I'm so glad this caught my eye to review, because I love a good tragic Snily. You've done a wonderful job with this!

I think you did a good job of showing how self-destructive Snape's thinking really is in this situation. He feels hopeless now that his contact with Lily has ended, and doesn't think he has any choice but to join the Death Eaters. That's what's so tragic to me about this; you really show us his despair in making that choice, and that he really sees no other way his life can unfold. Also, his thoughts about James are very well-done. He thinks of James as a "bigot," when he himself has made bigoted comments toward Lily (which was what ultimately ended their friendship.) He has this way of hating James no matter how hypocritical his thoughts may be.

You did such a wonderful job of portraying such a complex character! I am so glad I read this. Awesome work!


Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing my story! This was my first-ever EVC challenge attempt, and I was a little unsure of how it would turn out.

Yes, Snape is quite the hypocrite, and I tried to balance out his despair of losing Lily with his burning hatred for James. He's a very tragic character, but some of the tragedy he experienced is tragedy that he brought upon himself.

Thank you so much!!! I'm so glad that you read it, too! No matter how many or how few reviews I get, it's always totally awesome to see that someone likes the way I wrote things. Thank you!!! :D


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Review #74, by magnolia_magicGet in Line: Let The Games Begin

14th July 2013:
So the first thing I should tell you is that I don't usually read nextgen. But I couldn't resist stopping by for this one, and I am so glad I did! You had me laughing so hard at this chapter, and I'm already looking forward to the next :)

The thing I love most about this is that you aren't writing typical one-dimensional Slytherins. Hazel is Exhibit A of that. I loved her for that reason; she's so sweet and responsible, and that shows how misunderstood Slytherin really is as a house. Her qualities put her there, but she isn't an evil person (in fact, I'd say none of your OCs are. Except maybe the boys. But time will tell, I suppose.) I was really impressed by that aspect of this!

I love the style of this; it's going to be a fun read, I can tell. And I'm so excited to find out what happens with Scorpius and Rose. I always root for them, and I really like your Scorpius, so I want to see good things happen for him :)

Awesome start! I can't wait to read on!


Author's Response: Ahh well thank you so much! This review literally put the biggest smile on my face.

I usually hate Slytherin stories but I knew as I started to develop the characters in my head, that they belonged there. I like the fact that I'm finally kind of changing the face of the Slytherin house unlike in my other stories where I kind of make them out to be sort of evil. The boys are their own brand of evil, but honestly, what boy isn't?

The next chapter is almost finished I'm happy to say so hopefully I'll get that posted soon! Thank you so much for the lovely review.xx

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Review #75, by magnolia_magicOne Less Weasley: Believe It Or Not

14th July 2013:
Wow, this was so powerful! I ususally shy away from stories about the aftermath of the war, because they just break my heart. But I'm glad I read this one.

I think you did a good job of touching on a lot of things grieving families would grapple with. Arthur is clearly struggling with his sense of duty as a father, and it's truly saddening to see him turn anger on himself in this situation. Because we all know there's nothing he could have done, but it's still hard for him to accept that.

The one thing that struck me as surprising was when he said, "I will love all my children unconditionally. Even Percy" as if there was some question in his mind about that. I've never gotten the indication that Arthur felt less love for Percy in the books, despite his mistakes. I really don't think it would even cross his mind to love Percy less than his other children. But having said that, I'm glad you chose to tackle these tough issues, as they lend a lot of emotion to Arthur's narration.

Good job with this! I'm so glad I read it :)


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