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Review #26, by firefly910Memory Lane : A Frosty Start to the Festive Season

11th September 2013:
I want my very own Lucy! She really is hilarious!

Draco Malfoy in a suit. Now I could see why Lucy would think this a sight pleasing to the eye. lol.

Great description of the dining hall. And I love all the little nods you give to Hermione having had a muggle up bringing. Who couldn't not listen to good old muggle Christmas songs?!

Ooo I wonder what the memory could be . . .

Author's Response: I do to! Every time I write her I love her a little more :) Though I'd rather have a Draco in a suit ;)

Who doesn't love muggle Christmas music?! Hopefully if you liked the nods in this you'll be enjoying the next chapter :)

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Review #27, by firefly910Memory Lane : Murder and the Manor

11th September 2013:
Wow, best chapter of this story so far.

Seriously I think we should be best friends because you seem to have exactly the same ideas about Draco as me. I always used to sit and think about Voldemort would not have let Draco get away unpunished for not killing Dumbledore. To him that would have been a kin to betraying the cause. It was a good but horrible thing to have Lucius perform the cruciatus curse because well a part of me thinks he would have wanted too.

I loved how you had Hermione react, she wouldn't have stopped to think the consequences Draco would have faced. And trying to tell him she knew what being crucioed felt like and him shouting at her. The whole ending was perfect. It does always seem to be Draco's bad memories and maybe its for Hermione's benefit to see what he had to go through but it's not going to be nice for him to see it.

p.s : glad Jane's Hufflepuff, forgot to add that in my last review :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D

I absolutely think we should be best friends! It drives me mad that everyone thinks he's just this awful person because he can be but I think he was heavily influenced by his father and then forced into being someone he didn't really want to be. The fact that he couldn't kill dumbledore even though he had the perfect opportunity speaks volumes to me. And I also think Lucius is way more awful than people think he is.

Don't worry, Hermione has her share of bad ones coming!

Jane would have to be a hufflepuff, just because I am :D

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Review #28, by firefly910Memory Lane : A Very Happy Halloween

11th September 2013:
I wonder how Harry convinced Ron to be nice to Draco at the party?

I think it's nice to break it up a bit and give us chapters than involve more people because not only does it gives us something different to read it also keeps us up to date with everything and gives us a chance to see how their relationship works outside of work.

I loved the bit where she changed his clothes. Do I get a little hint of flirting going on there?

Author's Response: That's something I need to go back and edit in, the idea is that Ron played alongside Harry in the Quidditch match and helped to organise it :)

I'm pleased you liked the break in the memories, I didn't want it to be repetitive and like you said, there's more going on than just those two.

And yes, definite flirting ;)

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Review #29, by firefly910Memory Lane : The Polyjuice Plan

11th September 2013:
Great to see their relationship progressing. I would have thought Draco might have reacted a little stronger to them thinking he was the heir of slytherin but then seeing Hermione as a cat would have 100% took his mind of that anyway.

Once again loved Lucy! I could so imagine me doing the same thing if a hot guy walked into my office!

Author's Response: I'm right there with you, I can barely speak to hot guys without saying something stupid of not getting full sentences out!

I'm writing a side story to this one that is all about Draco after the war up to the point he starts working with Hermione that has him heavily reflecting on his younger days, it goes into a little more detail there about him realising that he was a, for want of a better word, toerag, hence his amusement more than anger at them in this :)

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Review #30, by firefly910Memory Lane : A Day in Diagon Alley

11th September 2013:
This chapter gave me the warm fuzzies!

I loved Jane, she seemed so cute and bewildered by everything. I hope we get to see which house she gets sorted into!

I really appreciate how you introduced Draco's view of Hermione into the story with this chapter. You didn't have him tell her how amazing she is in a gushing cliched way, you had him do it because he was being a good person for someone elses benefit. Which I think Hermione would appreciate and warm to more because of the type of person she is.

I also like how you showed that Malfoy acknowledge what it used to be like when they were at school because that also shows that he's changed and lets Hermione slowly begin to see that side of him she's so dubious about.

Author's Response: Yay for warm fuzzies!

You'll probably know by now which house she's in ;) I really had fun writing this one, I tried to think of how I would be if I were in that situation and just went with it.

Draco's speech was something I wrote and re-wrote countless times. I wanted it to sound sincere enough for Hermione to thaw a little but not to sappy. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out :)

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Review #31, by firefly910Memory Lane : Wedding plans

11th September 2013:
Yay more Lucy! I love it when minor characters are written well! That comment about his top lip was so funny.

I like that you're showing Hermione's relationship with everyone else and not just Draco. Her whole life isn't suddenly going to stop just because he's come back on the scene.

The group dynamic with the three girls is written really well. I like Juliette as well, she seems like a good fit for Ron.

And lets face it who doesn't like to read about a wedding? :)

Can't wait to see them showing the new students around, I wonder if Hermione will melt a little bit when she see's how Draco is with them.

Author's Response: I do love Lucy! I worried that she would be a bit of a Mary-Sue type so it's great to know you like her too!

I really wanted Ron to have someone well suited to him in this. I adore Ron and I sometimes think he gets a hard time because he has moments where he's an idiot but as one of five children I completely understand why. There's no need to Ron bash just because you're writing a Dramione, hence Juliette!

Thanks again for all of the reviews!

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Review #32, by firefly910Memory Lane : Bad timing, a bedroom and a bathroom

11th September 2013:
Oh god, nightmare situation it happening to her whilst in the shower. Can you imagine how she would have reacted if she hadn't grabbed her itsy bitsy dressing gown? Naked in front of Draco so soon! He wouldn't have anything to imagine! Ha.

Okay so I loved this chapter because of the way you wrote about Hermione wanting to warn her younger self about what's to come. I think we sometimes forget how much she went through and it pretty much started the minute she joined Hogwarts. Getting bullied, ignored and nearly killed by a Troll all in your first ever term? She had it rough.

It's a nice little touch because it allows your story to kind of lay in continuation of the actual series. That little girl we all read about in the books is still there in Hermione, no matter what we write about in fanfiction.

I also like the fact you're showing different memories and ones that weren't in the books. It gives you room to add what you thought happened in their lives and its always interesting to see what other fanfic writers think!

Author's Response: I completely agree about Hermione. Her life before Hogwarts really interests me, I even wrote a one shot about her getting her Hogwarts letter. I do think people forget that she was bullied so badly, it sort of gets shadowed by Harry's constant drama haha.

You'll see more in later chapters that I've tried to have a balance between the ones we know about and some new ones. The new ones are my favourite :)

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Review #33, by firefly910Memory Lane : Memories in the Manor

11th September 2013:
You know I always believed that the only reason Draco turned into the arrogant brat he did because of his father. Now I know that he was a bully and I am in no way condoning his actions but don't they always say that bullies have something in their background that makes them that way. He would have just been getting constantly lectured about blood purity and the like from Lucius and it was bound to have an affect. Combine that with the fact he was probably frightened to death of disappointing his father and you get snotty little Draco who we saw in the books.

Seriously I could go on about Draco and my theories behind him all day. If people can be so lenient towards Snape about they way he was then why is it so hard to believe that Draco could change once he was away from his poisonous father?

*rant over*

I seriously thought they were going to see Bellatrix torturing Hermione. I love how you had Draco react to the memory. It shows how much his childhood did affect him.

So it was the unspeakables doing! I wonder why he sent them on the little trip? Maybe to show them both there's more to both their histories than they know? Intrigued indeed!

Author's Response: Don't worry, the Manor makes an appearance again!

I truly believe that Lucius was like this toward Draco as a child, I think we see hints of it in the books and I wanted to explore that a bit more. I'm with you 100% about Snape changing, there's no reason Draco couldn't too. I think the way he is when we see him in HBP and DH shows us that he's starting to regret his actions already so why would he not continue to change after Voldemort has gone? Now I'm ranting ;)

Thanks for another great review!

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Review #34, by firefly910Memory Lane : Mudbloods again

11th September 2013:
Totally wasn't expecting that! But then again if you go to the Department of Mysteries you're always gonna get a few surprises.

Still loving their relationship. Especially how incredulous Hermione was at Harry seeming to be getting on with Draco. I can just imagine her face when she saw the pair of them having a laugh together.

I also love how you're still incorporating their work into the story. A lot of other people would have just used the office as a setting but you actually show the progress they are making which is great. Proves they could actually be a good team if they stopped squabbling.

The bit where he accio-d her leter was so funny.

The last section of the chapter was brilliant. Whatever caused them to go back to that memory, it sure created an atmosphere. Its a good plot line because it'll force them to talk about their past. I especially liked that Draco followed the younger Hermione to see how she was affected. I think he's gonna be in for a few shocks if he see's more of what he did to her.

Author's Response: Ah yes, the plot twist :D I wanted to include something really 'magical' in the story, as odd as it sounds I think magic is sometimes neglected in fanfiction...

I really have fun writing the annoyed side of Hermione, I love how easily Draco can get under her skin. You're right about their work too, they'd definitely make a good team if they stopped fighting but where's the fun in that ;)

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Review #35, by firefly910Memory Lane : Strange Behaviour

11th September 2013:
I do love the relationship you're building between Hermione and Draco. I know they hated each other at school but it kind of reminds when two people who used to have a thing for each other end up in some sort of situation together and there's just sarcastic quips flying around everywhere.

I just love how she's so sceptical of him! I mean I would be as well, can a leopard /really/ change his spots? I do like the ideas he's coming up with and getting Harry involved is a stroke of genius because he's close to Hermione so if he is genuine Harry is gonna vouch for him.

Again loved the line where Hermione thinks about Lucy in relation to Draco's bum.

(I tend to talk about the story line as if it's actually happening in my reviews. They won't be in the least bit helpful because I get /far/ too into the storylines. Ask TenthWeasley she'll tell you!)

Author's Response: Don't be silly! I'm enjoying your reviews! I like when people get caught up in my stories, I take it as a huge compliment :)

I think their relationship is definitely reminiscent of hair pulling and name calling at school when you actually like someone.

I wanted Harry to 'warm' to him first, if only to be a little different to other Draco/Hermione stories where she has to convince him that Draco has changed.

Lucy and Draco's bum is quite possibly my favourite thing to write about in this haha.

Thanks again!

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Review #36, by firefly910Memory Lane : Defeat and Dinner

11th September 2013:
"So...the bum, we don't like him?" Lucy finally spoke after watching Hermione for several minutes -best line in the whole chapter!

I think you give a very plausible reason for Draco changing his opinion. I know people who have travelled and they've come back with different views on certain things. I am interested to see exactly how he's going to be with Hermione. Somehow I think there might be some sarcastic banter coming, which is going to be great!

I think I would react exactly the same way Hermione has if someone who used to treat me the way Draco did her came to work in the same department. Hermione is usually a very level-headed person but there is a person for everyone who makes our blood boil so it's completely normal for Hermione to react the way she did.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like that line, it's one of my favourites in the entire story.

There's definitely a plausible reason for his sudden change of heart, the travelling is only part of it ;)

I'm really happy you find Hermione's reactions believable, let's face it, Draco doesn't exactly bring out her good side does he?

Thanks for another lovely review!

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Review #37, by firefly910Memory Lane : Bad Dates, Hangovers and a Nightmare.

11th September 2013:
It has been so long since I actually read a Dramione and I can tell after the first chapter that I am going to love this!

I think part of the reason I've stayed away from reading Dramione because I started to read a lot of stories where I just knew I couldn't imagine them in that situation. However I have always pictured one way of them coming into contact with each other is through work at the ministry.

Oh and I hope Lucy features more because I love her! She reminds me of my best friend, talking about a guys bum is exactly something she'd do.

Looking forward to reading the rest!

Author's Response: Hello! I'm glad you decided to come back to dramione with my story :) I can definitely imagine them getting together post-war more than before

Lucy becomes a main character in this, which took me by surprise as when I planned this story she was only going to be in the first chapter but I had so much fun writing her I found myself unable to stop ;) Your friend sounds like someone I definitely would like to meet!

I hope you stay with the story and enjoy the rest of the chapters. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #38, by firefly910Breaking Even: Lily's Son

11th September 2013:
It's all getting to close to events that I don't want to happen.

You write Bellatrix and Voldemort perfectly. I can just imagine the pause before he said 'I must kill Harry Potter' and I can imagine Ralph Fiennes saying it in his raspy voice.

So I have a theory. Snape is going to Dumbledore to tell him about Harry. There's maybe a chance that he will ask Dumbledore about Beth and then it will be Dumbledore who will think it's time to give him his memories back. I'm probably way off mark but I don't think their conversation is just going to revolve around Lily and Harry.

Author's Response: Everything in this story is building towards "those events" -- those big, Marauder-shattering ones. :( It was sort of tense the entire way writing to those, because I knew they were coming, and it was hard to have to see my characters be so ignorant of it! If that makes any sense at all...

I'm so happy you like Bellatrix and Voldemort here! That really means a lot, because they're the two canon characters I probably struggle with most, though practice makes them easier.

Ah, your theory... I can't say if it's right or not, of course, but it IS a good one. You'll have to read on and find out if you're right about Snape!

Thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #39, by firefly910Breaking Even: Boys' Night

11th September 2013:

Powerful chapter Jane. I think it worked even more because it was from Remus' POV because he has always been the more perceptive one in the bunch.

Whilst I hate Peter and that's never going to change I think it's important to understand what might have drove him to do the things he did.

The little things you added in to this chapter such as Peter correcting his nickname and Remus noticing how odd he's acting just adds that crucial layer to his character. I can't feel sorry for him even though I know how frustrating it is to have friends who never listen to what you have to say; he just went so extreme. I understand that some people do desperate things but, just, The Potters man. You can't do that.

Plus he's thinking if you bring Snape's memories back and get him connected to Beth again the fact that Snape keeps seeing him is going to come out and Peter doesn't want that.

So the memory plot thickens. I am so intrigued to know what's going to happen.

Author's Response: Remus is someone I see as the quieter Marauder, but I did include his POV here largely because he'd been so absent for earlier chapters -- for a reason, which you'll come to see later, but I did somewhat miss writing him. Peter had a big part in this chapter for somewhat the same reason, but it's hard at this point in the story to write him without disliking him intensely... or in the entire story in general.

But I do feel sorry for him at the same time, just like he said. We don't know the canon reason for his betrayal, but how I've written it, it's largely because his friends drove him to the edge without them knowing they were doing it. Which is sad. :( Still -- not an excuse, eh?

The memory plot thickens indeed! You're actually very close to discovering where that all ends up. ;) And I'm excited for you to get there!

Thank you for your review! ♥

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Review #40, by firefly910Breaking Even: Bathilda and a Broomstick

9th September 2013:
Cutest chapter of anything, ever. I love the Potter's I really do. I love baby Harry so much! An idyllic first birthday and the bit with the broom was perfect. And the vase. And Bathilda. And . . . JUST EVERYTHING.

The only thing that made me sad was the 'you better get used to it' because that's the last time he's going to have a birthday like that. *sobs*

Author's Response: Writing the baby Harry chapters were so much fun! Which is arguably why he's in here as much as he is. :) And of course, like I said, somewhere along the way James developed into my favorite Marauder. ♥

I do like to include little barbs of lines like that, though -- but nothing's happened as of yet, and that should comfort you a little!

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #41, by firefly910Breaking Even: Treason

9th September 2013:
OHMYGOD. I did not see that coming. I literally did not breath for a good portion of the first part. Seriously Jane that first section was amazing. The tense atmosphere seeped it's way through my laptop into my room. Good lord when Sev remembers Beth! How is he going to live with himself?! And what is she going to do when she finds out it was him that killed her father?

Just proves that some people thought they knew what being part of Voldemorts cause was. Just donate some money and that's it? Nope, when the Dark Lord comes knocking you better be ready to act.

God the bit where you described the sectumsempra spell and its affect on Calvin. I had shivers.

Best chapter you have written so far.

Author's Response: Yes! Ah, now I'm sad, skimming this chapter again (which is often necessary when responding to reviews, which is probably part of the reason it takes me so long to do). I'm glad that you enjoyed it, though! ♥ I do love that you talk about Severus's memory recollection is inevitable, though. That's just the sort of hope that readers need!

Calvin Bridger was basically 212% arrogant, thinking he could just pay off his promises and let nothing more be said about it. Beth's parents make me so angry, really. *shakes fist at them* And strangely enough, they had a very lovely daughter, and now not only am I talking about fictional characters like they're real, but they're MY characters. I will stop now.

I'm just so pleased you enjoyed this one so much, though!! Thank you for such a lovely review!

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Review #42, by firefly910Breaking Even: An Awkward Encounter

9th September 2013:
And that scene with Timothy has just cemented him as the fictional version of the guy I used to date. Seems there's a few of them hanging around. Why would Beth tell him there was someone else if there wasn't? Ergh men, honestly. Bless her though, to be so hung up on Sev like that. I know how she feels and it sucks big time.

Oh wow, now things are getting serious. I DON'T WANT OCTOBER TO COME. Can we just stick the plotline on pause now and just leave it there? Please? *glares at ALL the chapters I have left to read*

I could feel Beth's pain when Sirius told her. It's like when people say 'you never think it's going to happen to you' in relation to crime. Yes, they've had to bear the loss of other Order members but it's never been someone with whom they had a connection. Losing someone who you spent time with and can remember in such a personal way is on another level.

Plus it highlights the fact that things are only going to get worse. Specific people are now being targeted and that can only mean that Voldemort is upping his game.

Gah, I just want to scoop them all up in a blanket and hide them!

Author's Response: *thumbs nose at Timothy* I just... I half-cringe every time I have to reread what I wrote about him, because it's really pretty accurate to some scenarios of my own life, but writers always make what they write personal, don't they? That whole Beth/Sev/Timothy thing is actually REALLY closely related to my own life in ways I honestly never discovered until recently. Ah, subconscious, you have done strange things in this story.

You're making great headway through this book! But I would not blame you at all if you quit reading just so the horrible end results never happen. :( I remember there being a point when I kept avoiding writing the last three or four chapters because I so, so, so didn't want to finish writing this trilogy. Completely understand where you're coming from.

*hides* I JUST REALLY WISH THIS WAS A HAPPIER STORY THAT I CHOSE TO WRITE. But I don't think I'd have liked it half so much -- and besides, it needed to be done. Blanket-scooping is encouraged!

Thank you for reviewing! ♥

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Review #43, by firefly910Breaking Even: Two Meetings

9th September 2013:
So I have a feeling that this chapter marks the moment where things change. Just the way Moody came in and so abruptly said that the meeting was over and then even more abruptly said that the Prewett's were dead, it just seemed that this is the watershed moment. There's always an event that sparks everything off and that was it. The war had already been affecting them with losses but I always felt that the losing the Prewetts and the way in which it happened tipped it over the edge.

Combine that with Voldemort making moves on the whole prophecy thing and it all just smacks of bad things from here on out.

Aww Harry teething. I loved the beginning bit with the interactions between the gang. You really have created such a great dynamic between them. I think it's natural for some friends to drift away like Remus and Peter. I know we are privy to the reason why Peter keeps being a no show but I get the feeling that Remus would drift away because of how 'normal' their group dynamic is after Hogwarts. I also think that James having a son would affect him as we know he thought if he had children they would end up like him. Plus it adds another level to the whole secret keeper drama that's about to unfold.

You write Bellatrix brilliantly. And the way she teased Sev about not knowing information pertaining to his own mission. He really does not like to be kept out of the loop does he?!

I like the way you have him react to where his memories of Beth should be. It's almost like his mind knows something's wrong and it's trying to fix it but there's that vital piece missing.

Author's Response: There's a definite shift in tone and attitude here -- you're absolutely right. There are probably a couple of moments over the course of these books where you could say the same, but this one in particular sort of hits home for Beth's current problems, if that makes any sense at all. This is where the incline toward the story's climax gets just a bit steeper than it already was!

I miss writing this friendship SO MUCH, I can't even say. ♥ One of the things I wanted to do from day one is create the kind of close-knit Marauder bond that we know is canon but I personally feel is lacking in some Marauder-era stories. There are varying strengths and friendship ties, but when it comes down to it, at this point they all (with the possible exception of Peter) are so closely tied by friendship that it nearly eclipses everything else. That's one of the true tragedies of this era: how quickly that friendship was fractured in a matter of hours.

I'm glad you liked Bellatrix! Out of all the canon characters, she's possibly the one I like writing least, because her voice is tricky for me. ;) And I love how you phrased that thought about Sev's mind trying to mend itself!

Thank you for this review, and for all the others as well!

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Review #44, by firefly910Just A Game: It's not a miracle we needed

9th September 2013:
So this was an intriguing chapter! Why does she have so many wounds? Why would Sirius want to help her?

The fact I've got all these questions proves that this chapter has done what it's supposed to, I definitely want to read more!

Great job :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Ah, well this is the prologue so everything is explained as the story plays on!

I'm so happy you want to read more, that was the plan!

Again, thank you! and thank you for taking the time to review!

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Review #45, by firefly910Breaking Even: The Reparation

9th September 2013:
THEY MADE UP!! I knew she wouldn't stay mad at him.
He must have thought she was going to do a lot more than wallop him when he was walking back up those stairs.

PLEASE don't let Sirius do something stupid to get those memories back! I don't know what he could do but knowing him it'll be so quickly made up plan and he'll get himself into bother.

I'm just glad that they're friends again. Beth and Sirius don't function without one another, it affects Sirius more but then I think that's because of his background. He's more vulnerable then he lets on.

Author's Response: They made up indeed! No matter how dumb Sirius can be, or how stubborn Beth can be, she very much needs him. I am very proud of him for being brave enough to return and talk to her. ♥

Still staying mum on the memory bottle developments, though, because I know you haven't got to that point in the story yet! Sirius probably would do something stupid to get them back, if only to prove his loyalties... Oh, I just CAN'T TELL YOU THINGS.

Sirius and Beth, while not romantically involved, are very dependent on each other's friendship -- and I do think that's because they're from startlingly similar backgrounds, rejected by and disdainful of their pureblood families. Beth just knows how to make Sirius toe the line a bit. ;)

Thank you for your review! I feel very much like a broken record, but it seriously does mean so much that you've been reading my stories for three years AND YOU'RE STILL HERE. ♥ I'm flattered beyond words!

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Review #46, by firefly910Breaking Even: Bridger

9th September 2013:
So was it Sev asking someone to find Beth for him? That could be so potentially DANGEROUS! Because he's going to need a reason and then when whoever is searching for her finds out she's an Order member is going to be all 'Yo Sev! Why are you looking for someone who works for the Order. Shall I bump her off for you?'

NO YOU SHALL NOT. Oh I hope the whole memory plot works out. But then that could cause chaos too and I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO BE SAFE!

And I read someone else's review (Sarah's maybe) and she was talking about Sirius hiding the fact that is was him from James and that it makes him look all sneaky. AND IS HE STILL GOING TO GO TO AZKABAN?! Oh gosh I don't want to read that, especially not from his OR Beth's POV.

You may not be planning on writing that but just so you know if you do, you will kill me!!

Author's Response: By now you've reached the point in the story where you should be able to more accurately understand who Snape's talking about. ;) No one's bumping Beth off any time soon, I can very much promise you that! So no worries!

I can tell you nothing about Sirius in the future. I make no promises either way -- and there are things even Sarah doesn't know about where Sirius ends up, so I am going to be 100% silent on that front!

Thank you for your review! ♥

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Review #47, by firefly910Breaking Even: The Confession

9th September 2013:
Oh Timothy. Leaning in for a kiss and getting snubbed. Oh Beth making an absolute fool of yourself avoiding said kiss. Bless them, such an awkward situation.

OKAY. She walloped him. Which he deserved but I feel so sorry for him. He thought he was doing the right thing and now he's realised he hasn't so he confessed and now his best friend doesn't want to talk to him or see him.

*hugs Sirius close to self*

I have a feeling Beth will stay mad at him for a while but I don't think she could never speak to him again.

I wonder how he's going to react to her not speaking to him. Please don't make him do anything stupid!! :(

Everything is just so sad and things aren't going to get better for some people even if it does for others.

This story messes with my emotions!

Author's Response: Honestly, can't blame Beth in this position -- I'd have avoided that kiss, too! After all, he's not her man. ;) Timothy probably could use a bit of sympathy here, really, but I am not going to give him any, because I am a selfish Sneth shipper.

I didn't intend for Beth to actually hit Sirius until someone suggested it, but I am very proud of her for doing it in the end! He's like a big puppy, but he also really deserved it. And Sirius does know he deserves it, too, so any extremities aren't really a concern. I promise everything'll be all right! (And I'm aware of the fact that you're far ahead of this chapter in the story now, but alas.)

This story is like 90% depression and only 10% happy things. But the happy things do exist! I promise! ♥

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Review #48, by firefly910Breaking Even: A Proposal and a Promise

9th September 2013:
Ergh. Timothy reminds me of a guy I used to be into. I can just imagine his smug little face when Beth goes all girly and blurts out 'you remembered my name'. He thinks he's so suave. Are we meant to like him? I think the combination of being 'quidditch guy' and how confident he was at asking her out just combined in my head and the result was the sleaze ball I used to date. Once again - ergh.

Oh poor Beth. I say that a lot but I do mean it. She's just trying so hard but it's impossible for her really isn't it? I know I would be feeling exactly the same if the guy I loved gave up his memories of me and all to protect me.

SIRIUS BLACK!!! One day Beth is going to find out it was him and I hope she gives him an almighty wallop round the head. I know he thought he was doing what was right and now he's agreed to get the memories back for her but she wouldn't be in this position if it weren't for him. AND HE WON'T OWN UP TO IT.

I love the way you write James. So reliable and reassuring. I love him.

Author's Response: TIMOTHY. I will not expound much on Timothy, but he was inspired by someone who's probably a lot like the guy you're describing. He's not evil, and it's really up to you if you like or dislike him -- I wouldn't necessarily call him a "sleaze ball," but he's perhaps not the greatest person ever. :P

If Beth had had some more closure, then I think she would have been better at this point in her life -- but bless her, she lost Severus with almost no explanation in 24 hours. :(

♥ ♥ ♥ These responses so aren't the greatest, but it's so hard for me to respond to such an impressive string of them coherently! But I really am so happy for them!

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Review #49, by firefly910Breaking Even: A Course of Action

9th September 2013:
Okay so that first paragraph? AMAZING!! Seriously, so vivid. I wish I could write like that!

You are making me want to read lots of fluffy James/Lily stories because the way you write them is so darn cute. All of the little things like Lily talking to Harry, James /still/ not being able to believe how lucky he is and BABY HARRY IN GENERAL.

Please change this story NOW. AU!!! AU!!!

I just don't think I'll be able to read the chapter dealing with their deaths. AND SIRIUS, oh god I cant' Jane is just CAN'T.

Bless James being bored. There's only so much baby drool a man can take! Especially when you're part of the Marauders. I feel like Lily is only going to give him so much rope with the whole memory thing though. Like she's going to let him scheme with the others but then she'll be like 'nope' when it actually comes to the plan.


No! It has too!

Author's Response: Thank you for the compliment! ♥ No lie -- writing these books did lead me to seek out James/Lily stories! ("Checkmate" by babewithbrains was one I really enjoyed, though it's not strictly fluff.) James definitely turned into my favorite Marauder over the course of these three novels.


No matter how much he loves his wife and son, I can't see how James would be happy cooped up in that house all the time. Although I will say that nobody can control James Potter, and certainly not Lily. :P At the end of the day, he still does just want he wants!

Thanks for your review! ♥

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Review #50, by firefly910Breaking Even: Malfoy Manor

9th September 2013:
Loved this chapter. You write the Malfoys brilliantly. Narcissa reminded me of a statue the way you described her. I got the impression that everything in their house is extremely stilted, as though nothing is actually ever used. I have always felt somewhat curious about Narcissa, what her motives were and the like. We know she was never a Death Eater and to my knowledge she was never involved in anything aside from being married to Lucius. She just intrigues me, why would someone go along with all of that? She must of really loved Lucius, or just saw no way out especially once Draco arrived.

I can just imagine Sev's face having to put up with Lucius acting all high and mighty. We all know that Sev got into the game because of a hunger for power and knowing that he has the same (if not more) as Lucius whilst he's still acting superior must infuriate him.

It was almost as if Lucius got Sev there just to say 'Don't go thinking you're better than me. Look at my Manor and the information I know' which is a very Lucius thing to do.


Oh I just love all these little flashes of Sev sort of remembering Beth you keep putting in. It's so realistic that he would still have something in his mind that would react to her, she was a big part of his life. And the fact he wants to find out who she is and Beth is determined to get his memories back is going to lead to something BIG I can just tell!!

Author's Response: Narcissa is very much a statue in this chapter -- maybe it's the general Malfoy coloring, but I imagine them to be a very cold and private family. I think she did love Lucius, and he loved her in turn, but they wouldn't have expressed it in overtly romantic or mushy ways. She probably condoned what Lucius was doing, too, or else she wouldn't have stuck around; she strikes me as being strong.

Severus basically wanted to punch Lucius in the face throughout this entire chapter, though, for sure. :D It's the same deal when people older than you act like they're so much wiser -- and sometimes they are so NOT.

More memory flashes are coming your way! I'm so pumped for you to read the rest of this story, just so I don't have to keep up an air of mystery when I really just want to squawk about impending developments.

Thank you for reviewing!

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