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Review #1, by firefly910After: One.

11th April 2015:
You have serious talent!!

The idea of writing it in sections and do it backwards is really interesting. A lot of people would have done it the other way round but I think the fact that you have done it that way shows how time doesn't heal as much as people like to hope it does.

You captured Amos brillantly. Especially the part where he's thinking about how insistent he was that Cedric enter the tournamnet.

And the nightmare was chilling. We all have those nights where we dream about being able to change things that have happpend. But to constantly dream about nearly saving your only son and then watching him die repeatedly is horrible.

Also like how you showed us a glimpse of how it affect his marriage to Elaine, so often events like that put strain on people and relationships break down.

Great story and brilliant entry for the challenge!!

Author's Response: Callie :D Thank you♥

That's exactly what I wanted to show by writing the story backwards, I did worry that wouldn't quite come across so it's such a relief it did.

Amos was never a character I gave a lot of thought to until I got him for the challenge. I think because he just disappears after GoF I forgot about him. It was really tough as a parent to explore how he would have felt after.

Thank you so much for another amazing review, Callie ♥

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Review #2, by firefly910Seized: Who is Keeping Secrets Now?

8th April 2015:
The last scene reminded me of NCIS when they have their 'campfires' to go over the case. That will make no sense if you don't watch the show!

I'm wondering why Hermione is so adamant about keeping the info about the notes a secret? I know that Ron would be all for pinning it on Draco but would Harry? It would put Draco under suspicion but he's already been ruled out of the actual kidnapping.

I know it's probably all going to come to light at some point. It'll be interesting to see Ron and Harry's reaction when it does.

Author's Response: LOL, I don't watch the show so that makes no sense :p I'll take your word for it ;)

I'm not sure if you're up to date with the story so I'll not spoil anything for you!

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Review #3, by firefly910Seized: Does Anyone Win When You Compromise?

8th April 2015:
Oh Draco, you tortured soul. The backstory you have given him as to how he's come to change his views is perfect. It isn't to over the top, he hasn't had this HUGE epiphany and started hugging muggle borns all the time. He just wants to do what he feels is right now that he's out from under his father's influence.

Narcissa is characterised perfectly as well. I can imagine it was hard for her to have such a fall in society. As much as she may have detested her husbands way of life, it did bring a certain level of living (as I mentioned with Astoria in my last review) and I can imagine her wanting to have that once more, without the Death Eater associations.

You write about the Malfoy's brilliantly.

Author's Response: Hi again :D

I'm really pleased you like his backstory, I think it's important to have one in a Draco/Hermione story, otherwise it just seems unrealistic to me. Thank you for another great review!

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Review #4, by firefly910Seized: What is Draco Malfoy Hiding?

8th April 2015:
What is going on?!?!

Once again great dynamic between the two of them. Hermione is always going to get the answers she wants.

It's also a nice touch that you have Draco kind of still being controlled by his family. His mother did always have some sort of hold over Draco and the fact that whatever is happening is her idea is a nice little twist.

Author's Response: Everything is going on!

I think after the war, Draco would still be pretty heavily influenced by his parents, he doesn't really know any different.

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Review #5, by firefly910Seized: Can a Leopard Change it's Spots?

8th April 2015:
I love Dramione dynamics. Whatever situation people put them in you can just tell they spark off of each other. Not in a necessarily romantic, they just seem to have this . . . thing between them. Well for me they do anyway.

I like that this is obviously going to be slow burning Dramione. It's the best type.

Also interesting (but not surprising) that he covered for his mother. If he thought her innocent then surely he could have just told Harry what she had said about her being on the visitor log?


Also liked that you introduced relationship problems with Draco and Astoria and the fact that she didn't like his work. Although Astoria probably wasn't a raving dark magic supporter I always imagined her to like the lifestyle that came with being a Slytherin in high social circles.

Having her fiancee putting Death Eaters away isn't really conducive to the life she wanted is it?

Author's Response: Hello again, Callie! ♥

I totally agree about Draco and Hermione, they have such a great chemistry. Slow burning is definitely the best, I wanted to make it realistic.

You're definitely right about Astoria...

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Review #6, by firefly910Seized: Haven't You Heard that Big Boys Don't Cry?

8th April 2015:
Well. . . Does Narcissa know something or doesn't she?

You would be inclined to think she does. Her relationship with Lucius was always presented as steadfast even though she herself was not a Death Eater. I don't know, she just seems the type that would protect him or at least not let on what was going on.

I'm glad Hermione is back on the case!

One of the things I like about this story is your characterisation of Harry. A lot of people don't like writing Harry as main character because they are scared of getting his voice wrong. I think you write him well. I like that he wants to get the job done but realises that Stan won't be up to it. Other aurors may have pushed on regardless. But Harry always has his moral compass in tact and you show that.

Author's Response: No spoilers, Callie! Narcissa isn't as innocent as she seems, lets just leave it at that ;)

I'm the total opposite with Harry, he's that character we know best so I feel comfortable writing him because I can take a good stab at how he would react in any given situation. I'm glad you think I get him right :D

Thank you for another great review!

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Review #7, by firefly910Seized: Does Hermione Granger Know Everything?

8th April 2015:
The body switching spell is clever. I always struggle to come up with my own spells.

Of course Hermione would have kept hold of those books, she's the type that knows things will come in useful at some point. She really does need to rejoin the team, they aren't going to get very far without her.

The description of Stan turning back into the real Stan was great, made me feel a bit queasy. Especially loved the bit you added about the guard turning green. You would think they'd be tough as nails!

Where is Lucius Malfoy?!? So intrigued!

Author's Response: Thanks :D I wondered if it wasn't realistic but it's been pretty well received thankfully.

That's exactly why I wanted to make the guard physically affected by the transformation, just to show how awful it was.

Lucius is.not in Azkaban :p

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Review #8, by firefly910Seized: Are there Answers in Azkaban?

8th April 2015:
Okay so I am back!

Oooh a cliff hanger. What is going? Why does Stan Shunpike look exactly like Lucius Malfoy?

Dun dun dun

Loving the story once again. You mix the serious side of the case and Ron and Harry's friendship really well.


Does Narcissa know where her husband actually is?

Author's Response: CALLIE! These reviews really made my day, thank you so much!

I'm answering none of your questions because I don't want to spoil it :p

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Review #9, by firefly910Love is for Fools: Not a Fool

7th April 2015:
So I just saw your status on the forums and thought I'd come over and check this out (I'm the only one at work and I am procrastinating!)

I miss reading your stories. I know I'm a few chapters into Seized and I will be getting back to that sometime soon (I promise!)

But onto to this one. . .

I have always had a bit of soft spot for Remus/Sirius and like you have written here that they would never have broached the subject, letting it simmer beneath the surface.

Their friendship would have too important to them for them to ever admit to each other how they felt. Which is sad because, especially later on, they could have found solace in each other. Sirius always struck me as a lonely character. He hid behind this bravado, being the bachelor but I always imagined that he craved intimacy and companionship after he escaped from Azkaban.

The idea of him saying 'love is for fools' has a twofold meaning for me. School age Sirius would not have wanted to be committed I don't think. He liked to have too much fun and well I can't imagine any girl putting up with half of what the Marauders got up to! Post school and azakaban Sirius may have hidden behind that saying, protecting his heart and also Remus' as their feelings for each other would have turned their world upside down.

You capture Remus' emotions perfectly. His relief to learn that the man he loved wasn't the monster he was made out to be and the pain he feels when Sirius is gone. The unspoken feelings that he has held onto for so many years permeates the story and I can just imagine him sitting on Sirius' bed and feeling so overwhelmed.

But there is also a little hope in your story. The idea that the dead live on in another universe and that Sirius pictures heaven to be like Zonkos obviously brings a little comfort to Remus because it is nice to imagine Sirius living on in his own personal jokeshop.

Great story. Really impressive that it is alphabetised as well!

Author's Response: CALLIE! Sorry it's taken so long to respond to this gorgeous review, I'm so rubbish! ♥

This was my first attempt at writing Remus/Sirius, so I was pretty nervous about posting it. I'm so relieved that you liked the characterisation of Remus and Sirius, and I agree that if there ever was something between the two of them it would have been an under the surface thing that neither of them acted upon.

Thank you so so much for this review, it was lovely as always!

Dee ♥

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Review #10, by firefly910Seized: Is Something Dead Worth Trying to Save?

3rd February 2014:
I do love it when fan fic authors put their own creations into their stories! The name Knights of Walpurgis sounds so mysterious!! Can't wait to read more about them.

I like that you had Draco take a week to decide what to do, keeps him in character. He must be in turmoil!

And they're after Harry! Bless him, I bet he thought the days of being chased were over. Interested to see where this story is going to go now. Sounds like there could be some great action.

Excellent portrayal of Hermione and Ron post-break up by the way. Very realistic. Loved the line where Ron threatened to tell Ginny Harry fancies him. Humourous even in heart break.

Author's Response: Hello again :D

I'm glad you thought the break-up was realistic, it's the first time I've written one so I was a little wary about it. I tried to keep Ron and Hermione as in character as I could :)

There's a fair bit of action and twists in the story from here on out, I hope you keep enjoying it!

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Review #11, by firefly910Seized: Must All Good Things Come to an End?

3rd February 2014:
Oh bless Ronald's little cotton socks. That must have been so hard for him to do. But he's right, being in a relationship that has so obviously run its course is cruel to the people in it. Trust me, I've been there.

I'm glad you had Hermione react the way she did. She needs to realise that what she had with Ron was good and that she is partly to blame for it ending. It's all well and good being passionate about work but if there's no-one to share your success with then isn't it going to be a little bit hollow?

I am glad you got Ron to end it. He needed to do that to save his dignity and show Hermione how hurt he is. It's better than writing him hanging on waiting for things to get better or have her end it when she falls in love with Draco.

Author's Response: I know, I'm so mean to poor Ron :( There was no point in keeping them together any longer though, not if we want Draco in her life :p

I've always had their break-ups in my writing being a mutual thing but wanted to do something a little different with this one, I'm glad you approve :)

Thanks again Callie!

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Review #12, by firefly910Seized: Could the Timing be Any Worse?

3rd February 2014:
Great chapter once again!

Draco and Astoria's engagement announcement is perfect. It is something the likes of them and their families would do. As much as I love Draco, he does come from a rather pretentious set in society.

Hermione and Ron. Bless them. I do feel for Ron in this chapter. Hermione is putting her work before him and it's only going to be a matter of time before he's had enough. I sometimes think that Hermione probably could end up taking Ron for granted because of how devoted he appears to be to her. Whilst Ron should realise how much work she has to do, I think Hermione needs to realise that losing Ron could actually be really heartbreaking for her. (Well if I didn't want her to end up with Draco lol)

I like Loretta as a character as well. Most bosses are depicted as nasty and pushy but she seems really nice.

Author's Response: Thank you!

I definitely think they would make their engagement a big deal, even post-war, status would matter to the Malfoys.

It makes me sad writing the fight scenes between Ron and Hermione, but if she's to be with Draco they have to be done :(

Loretta is a fun one, she's not going to be in it much from here on out unfortunately, I tried to work her back in but she just didn't have a place in the later chapters :(

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Review #13, by firefly910Seized: Who Ever Said Relationships Were Easy?

3rd February 2014:
Dobby's Law!! Oh I ADORE the idea of that!

Okay so. You portray Ron and Hermione's relationship EXACTLY the way I picture it. Hermione is always going to be the type of person who puts her work first. She is just so passionate when it comes to things she loves and wants to achieve. I always imagine Ron trying to accept that, because he should know what Hermione is like. However because of his family background I think it would be hard for him to accept that Hermione doesn't just want to live the idyllic family life. I dunno, I saw Ron wanting a quiet life after the war and in that life I think he saw Hermione wanting the same thing. Which is not to say that she doesn't want a family with Ron, it's just that she wants to have a career and do some good first. Hermione needs challenges to keep her happy. I like the way you didn't have them having a blazing row. I've read many fics where people make Ron really aggressive and I don't like that. He really loves Hermione and he just wants to spend time with her.

Loved the description of Diagon Alley and the addition of the Cafe. And Harry and Hermione's friendship. She'll always have time for Harry.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it, it just seemed so Hermione to me :D

I imagine that even in JKRs (albeit regretted) version of Ron and Hermione, he would have to remind her a lot not to overdo it with work, it's just her nature to throw herself into whatever she is working on 100%. I'm with you on Ron, even though he ended up being an Auror, I think a family life would have ultimately been his dream. I hate agressive Ron too, never once did he show even a hint of being a person who would be violent to the woman he loved, it never makes sense to me when he is portrayed that way in fanfiction. I mean, come on, if he didn't hit Lavander when she was his very annoying girlfriend why would he ever hurt Hermione?

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Review #14, by firefly910Seized: Prologue

3rd February 2014:
Ohhh how very intense! Great opening chapter, you've created a feeling of suspense and got me wondering who these people are and what they could possibly want with her (who I'm guessing is Astoria.)

Writing darker pieces seems to be suiting you immediately, you set the scene really well and the description is vivid.

What did Draco do?!

Author's Response: Callie :D You're so wonderful for leaving me so many reviews!

The woman is indeed Astoria, as for the other questions it will be a while before they're answered ;)

I enjoy writing darker peices but it's not often the inspiration strikes for me to write them, I like being happy too much :D

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Review #15, by firefly910Memory Lane : Epilogue.

2nd February 2014:
Dee! This story was lovely from beginning to end!

The wedding was just so perfect. The way Hermione is so happy and Draco is beaming at her as he walks down the aisle is perfect.

A lot of people don't like Dramione at all or if they do, don't like Dramione's that end happy because they sometimes believe they could never actually end up together. Although I do tend to write quite depressing stories when it comes to Dramione, I love reading happily ever after stories.

Ugh. I just loved the idea of the memories to bring them together. It allowed them to see each other objectively which meant their growing relationship wasn't just them getting drunk/deciding they loved each other from nowhere. The back story with Evelina was a perfect way to humanise Draco and allow his sensitive side to come through. And Lucy, I loved Lucy!

Brilliant story!!

Author's Response: I'm sad you've finished this story Callie!

I couldn't agree more about Dramione's, I really prefer the happy ending ones :)I've read so many stories where Draco and Hermione get together as a result of alcohol or they just suddenly decide they love each other, neither are particularly realistic. I wanted something that hadn't been done before and that was a little bit 'magical' and this was it. I also wanted something big to happen to Draco to explain his change of heart in life. Lucy was just an added fun bonus for me to write.

I cant express how greatful I am that you reviewed every chapter and that each one was so lovely. Thank you so much!

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Review #16, by firefly910Memory Lane : Damned Unspeakables

2nd February 2014:
*squishes the fluff*

Is it weird that the second part of this chapter really reminded me of a Friends episode? Love the fact that Harry and Ron are bonding with Draco over Quidditch, it's just such an organic thing for them to find common ground over.

I know there's an epilogue but I do love how this chapter wraps up the memories and leaves Draco and Hermione embarking on their relationship. And also the fact that they aren't acting overly soppy with each other and declaring their undying love for one another. It's a very realistic representation of a relationship that is just starting out.

I don't want this story to end!

Author's Response: Yay for the fluff! And not at all, if it reminds you of a Friends episode I take that as a compliment, I love Friends :D Boys bonding over sports is so cliche but I really couldn't imagine those three being any different.

I could never imagine Draco and Hermione being immediately soppy with each other after having been through so much, I'm happy you agree :)

I didn't want it to end either, I'm still suffering the withdrawal symptoms :(

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Review #17, by firefly910Memory Lane : Cimitero

2nd February 2014:
So I am back to finish the story. University has basically taken over my life, but I am giving myself this evening off!!

Great chapter. Finding Evelina's grave fits Hermione's character so well. There's a little reflection of the scene in DH where she visits Lily and James's grave with Harry. She just knows how to act in those situations. I mean come on it can't have been easy for her to take Draco to the grave of his first love, props to her for doing it.

I just love how you've developed Draco's character in this story. The way he is acting with Hermione doesn't seem at all out of character now that you've given him this back story with Evelina. I think it works because you still have him saying that Hermione shouldn't be with him. Even if it is for a different reason than usual, it keeps that hint of his old character in there.

Not long til the end now!

Author's Response: CALLIE!! *squishes* Where have you been?! I hope you had a nice christmas and new year, I can't believe it's been that long since we spoke! I'm thrilled you came back to finish this, it's always nice to get new reviews on it even though it's completed.

The two going to Evelina's grave was something I debated over a lot and it was never in my original plan for the story, I'm so happy you think it fits with Hermione's character.

I worried so much about Draco seeming OOC in the earlier chapters before we find out about her but I always wrote him as I imagined he would act having been through that with her, I'm glad it makes sense for you now :)

Thank you for coming back!

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Review #18, by firefly910Memory Lane : Going Solo

15th September 2013:
Squee's at all the fluff!

*runs around with a Dramione banner*

So c-ute!

I love that you had Draco react the way he did. Bless him, I don't think he'll ever think he's good enough for anyone what with his past. He's always going to think that Hermione is going to come to the realisation that she shouldn't be with him.

I adored Lucy in this chapter. Acting like a best friend should. Her line about Voldemort was hilarious. I also loved that you had Hermione be privy to the conversation. Like the unspeakable said the memories are happening for a reason and having her see something that is /becoming/ a memory for Draco that lets her see what he's feeling is a good thing. Because let's face it he isn't going to give up that information to her in person very easily is he?

I am intrigued to see what happens with them next. Whether Hermione is going to tell him straight out that she saw his conversation with Lucy or if she'll hint at it. Or if he'll bite the bullet (which being Draco is unlikely) and tell her.

I can't believe there isn't many chapters left!!

Author's Response: Haha! *joins in with a second dramione banner*

I did write a happier version where he didn't run off like a coward but this just seemed more...Draco. I'm glad you agree.

I just love writing Lucy, I'm starting to think I should just write a whole story about her :D The Voldy line was one I'm particularly proud of!

Draco definitely wouldn't have told her that, even with a push from Lucy, I debated whether or not to have him there as well but decided it would be better just Hermione on her own.

I've already sent the next chapter for validating so you won't have too long to wait before you find out. I'm in complete denial that there are only 3 more :(

Thanks for another wonderful review!

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Review #19, by firefly910Memory Lane : Torture

11th September 2013:
Okay so a completely contrasting two halves in one chapter.

Brilliant first half. You got Hermione's emotions spot on. When she said please no I could hear how she would be pleading with the memory to just disappear. And the way Draco just pulled her into him and the fact he wanted to protect both versions, just perfect.

And the second half. I think it wouldn't have been enough to just have them kiss. They've just witnessed Hermione's worst memory and probably oe of Draco's worst as well to be fair. There's all this pent up emotion and they are the only two who are privy to that. I don't think Draco went to Hermione's with that in his mind, he was just extremely worried. I think it's the perfect climax (pun not intended) to the chapter because they need to release all those feelings somehow and in that moment they would feel like the only two people in the world because of what they're going through. It's not really for the sex the reason it's happening, it's because they feel this kind of need to be close to each other because they're the only ones that can fix it for one another.

Author's Response: Once again you've understood EXACTLY what I wanted to get across in this chapter. I didn't want it to be about sex (granted it was an adde bonus!) they both needed it to get through what they'd had to suffer again.

I really laughed at your 'no pun intended' I probably wouldn't have noticed otherwise LOL :D

I've said this tons already but thanks so much for all of the lovely reviews and for taking the time to leave them. I really appreciate it :)

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Review #20, by firefly910Memory Lane : A Date with Destiny?

11th September 2013:
Well men can be pigs sometimes can't they? You got the post-break up emotions spot on. With Hermione questioning what was wrong with and thinking she'd never be happy again, been there and you got it in one. Lovely Lucy turning up with wine, exactly what my best friend did when I had a big break up a few years ago.

I don't think Draco knew what he was getting into with that conversation did he? I think having the romantic back drop of the wedding and the two memories they'd visited the conversation and the feelings that rose from it were inevitable really. Who hasn't stood there and wondered what if after having a little bit of a deep conversation with someone. It's human nature.

I only have one more chapter left!!

Author's Response: They really can! I confess, I had a little trouble with this one. I've only been in one serious relationship and I'm still in it so I've never experienced post-break up sadness, it's great to know you think I got it right though, very reassuring :) and it sounds like you have a great best friend!

Weddings make everyone evaluate their love lives don't they?

I'm sad you only have one chapter left, your reviews are making me very happy!

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Review #21, by firefly910Memory Lane : Coffee and a Confession

11th September 2013:
Completely and utterly a plausible reason to change. He was away from everything he was used to so all of that blood purity wouldn't be so prevalent in his life. Plus we cannot help who we fall in love with. He obviously fell in love with her for a multitude of reasons and he then realised that being muggle born didn't mean diddlesquat to him so why should it have mattered to anyone else. It doesn't make a person.

Bless him. Losing her like that, but at least it pushed him to prove that he could change. I also like that it was someone else completely separate from Hermione who changed him.

And now they're going to the wedding together. Interesting.

Author's Response: It's like your taking all of my thoughts when I wrote the chapters and then using them to leave wonderful reviews. Seriously, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship :D

I was so determined to avoid all of the usual cliches in this story (my first dramione was FULL of them) and Hermione 'changing' Draco was the biggest one for me. I'm actually writing Draco and Evelina's story as a seperate fic now :)

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Review #22, by firefly910Memory Lane : Draco's Best Kept Secret

11th September 2013:
Oh wow, was not expecting that. Poor Draco, was she a muggle or muggle-born? God I could feel all the emotions you were describing and the bit where Draco ran to where she was lying on the road was so realistic, like a movie in my head.

Seriously good chapter, sorry it's not a longer review but I need to know what happens next!

Author's Response: You'll soon find out!

I worked really hard on the description in this chapter, I'm so thrilled that you could imagine it so well :D

Don't worry about the short review, I'm still amazed that you've reviewed every chapter! Thank you!

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Review #23, by firefly910Memory Lane : A Forgotten Potions Class

11th September 2013:
Oh dear, as soon as they get back on track something else happens to derail them again.

I think it's good that you drop these little reminders of how Draco used to be into the story because it helps to keep a clear picture of his character. Just because he's changed doesn't erase all the bad things he ever did or said.

Hermione isn't going to forget that one in a hurry, even if he did only say it too show off to the other Slytherins and get a rise out of Harry and Ron.

Can't wait to read about his secret, I think it might be a little sad? I don't know why, I just get this feeling he went through something major.

Author's Response: Ah I know, I'm cruel! As they say, the course of true love never runs smoothly.

You're absolutely right though, he may be different now but Hermione doesn't have a concrete reason to believe him...yet ;)

You're also right about his secret, hope you're enjoying it!

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Review #24, by firefly910Memory Lane : Festive Flirting

11th September 2013:
Drunk Draco is just perfect. Just as I imagine him to be. And I like the fact their first kiss was somewhat of a mistake because it's crossed that line without being all star crossed lover like.

Loved having Seamus and Dean pop! And Lucy, loved her as always.

Author's Response: That's exactly what I wanted it to be like, I'm so glad you understand, I had a few complaints that their first kiss wasn't a stereotypical complete moment of clarity and love type thing. This way was much more fun :)

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Review #25, by firefly910Memory Lane : The Two Christmases

11th September 2013:
That ending! Lucy basically wanted the ground to swallow her whole! Loved the wink from Draco as well.

Poor Draco seeing how his life was compared to Hermiones, even if he doesn't understand a muggle Christmas at all. Although I do imagine that in a rich muggle family Christmas would have been largely the same as Draco's with the parents not really interacting with their kids. Maybe not so much these days but definitely in the past and the wizarding world is very old fashioned in some aspects.

Author's Response: Aha I know, poor Lucy she brings it on herself though!

I completely agree, I think they're very old fashioned. I used a lot of aspects from my own family Christmases to write Hermione's and my family were far from rich but I definitely think you're right about rich muggle children having a similar Christmas to Draco in this :)

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