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Review #1, by thethreebadgersMagical Thinking: Midnight

8th August 2011:
This is really pretty and sweet. I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you!

I'm glad you loved it and you enjoyed reading my story. And thank you very much for taking time to leave me this short, sweet and lovely review. It really made me smile. ^_^

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Review #2, by thethreebadgersThe Power of Love: The Passion of a Thousand Suns

2nd August 2011:
*sobs into hankerchief* It was *gasps* SO BEAUTIFUL!

Author's Response: INORITE?!

My best work eva.

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Review #3, by thethreebadgersLe Scorp!: This is the second chapter!

2nd August 2011:
I'm not even worthy to be reading this. My eyes burn when I look at his name and I swoon girlishly at the thought of him. But I could never have him because I am simply not worthy.
I think I'm going to go lay down and cry now.

Author's Response: Even though it is quite true that you are unworthy to read the saga of Scorindo Hyperius, you may pass into the lands of Nezza-Tonga if you offer him a human sacrifice and all scarves that you own. Preferably silk, because the shine complements his hair.

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Review #4, by thethreebadgersIs That You, Cedric?: Is That You, Cedric?

11th July 2011:
this is very pretty(:

Author's Response: thank you very much (:

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Review #5, by thethreebadgersThe Next Generation, like Never--I Mean, Always Expected: The Tragic Lives of Sixteen Unremarkable Teens and their Sorrows

11th July 2011:
This is absolutely hilarious...and sadly true.

Author's Response: Heh, well I'm glad you thought I was funny, at least! :) Thanks for reading and for the nice review! :D


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Review #6, by thethreebadgersFall For You: Sweet Retribution..Or Not

6th July 2011:
I love this, which should be a huge complement since i usually HATE dramione. good job(:

Author's Response: Omg thank you so much! xx AK

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Review #7, by thethreebadgersThe King Of Hearts: King

4th May 2011:
I really like this, it's original and well-written.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review! I'm glad that you're enjoying this! I hope that you like the rest! :D

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Review #8, by thethreebadgersFalling for Potter: Well, this is awkward

2nd May 2011:
It's really good! And Minnie and Black flirting was nasty, just saying.

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Review #9, by thethreebadgersIn For The Kill: But What Is Love Without Lust?

1st May 2011:
I love this song! Have you listened to the skrillex version of it? Its really good.

Author's Response: I have now :) I love it!
thanks for reading (:

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Review #10, by thethreebadgersThe Perks of Being Elizabeth Goodbody: Twisted

29th April 2011:
Ok, so i would make this review longer but I'm feeling particularly lazy today so i'm just gonna cut to the chase and say that I love and that it was awesomer then you think. so yeah.

Author's Response: hehe why thank you darling :)

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Review #11, by thethreebadgersThree Times The Charm: Haven't We Heard Enough About Chocolate?

29th April 2011:
Haha I would hate to be Emily right now. I love how she over-reacts to everthing. This is really good, can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: she can get very dramatic at times :) chapter 4 is 1/3 of the way done. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by thethreebadgersEnemies with Benefits : The Rules

28th April 2011:
For real though, I didnt even know what I was talking about.
That made me laugh so hard...I've done the exact same thing

Author's Response: Haha it made me laugh as I was writing it so I'm glad that you liked it too!

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Review #13, by thethreebadgersEnemies with Benefits : Enemies With Benefits?

28th April 2011:
They have the power to kill innocent little girls and send them to heaven. Takes skill in my opinion.
That made me laugh because its so damn true. Taylor Lautner's abs are the bomb digity.

Author's Response: Ah so true! Haha I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #14, by thethreebadgersBreathless: Rainbows and Sunshine Unicorns.

28th April 2011:
This WAS epic! And you really need to get James a girlfriend. It may do him some good.

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Review #15, by thethreebadgersLove Goddesses, Overprotective Brothers, and James Potter: Whining, Practice, and Sisters

27th April 2011:
Im sorry i haven't reviewed yet, i'm a horrible stalker, i know. But im back now!! *plays loud and obnoxious disco music* And this was not full of poop, it was awesome in a sad depressing kind of way. Hopefully Ro will relize what an arse Noah is and dump him and then she and James can ride off into the sunset on their stallion and everything can be happy and wonderful and can have twenty kids. Name one of them Badger for me okay? Thanks.

Author's Response: You got it! Badger Potter. It has a nice ring to it (:

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Review #16, by thethreebadgersIt's Always the Quiet Ones: Fresh Friendships and Petty Pranks

4th April 2011:
How does this chapter only have three reviews? (four, counting me) its friggen amazing. Which is why its now in my favorites(:
Update son please!

Author's Response: Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

I'll try!

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Review #17, by thethreebadgersDj Vu: Parchment Textures, More Visions and Decisions (Hey, That Rhymed!)

4th April 2011:
Thank goodness you updated! If you hadn't soon I was going to have a relapse, and you don't want a precious fan in the hospital, do you? I hope you don't. I didn't really peg you as that kind of person. This was really beast by the way, and i did NOT cringe. (and you shouldn't either)

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Review #18, by thethreebadgersWelcome to the Chase: chapter.seventeen Wild.

31st March 2011:
My favorite quote? All the times you said goat in this chapter. I'd count but im way to lazy to go through the chapter again so your gonna have to life with it ok? Good. Emma is a nutter she acts a lot like my friend Mariah, who is absolutely gorgeous but doesn't relize it. Goating annoying. Well review broski or imma have to get all mah brothas in the hood to be coming afta yah to do a little 'persuading.'
Peace Brodiiie.

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Review #19, by thethreebadgersThe Perks of Being Elizabeth Goodbody: Shock

5th March 2011:
Well Hello there. Happy 11:30 pm eastern time!
I just thought i'd tell you that this story is absolutly amazingg with TWO g's. And also, I had to go get a brownie to satisfy my hunger when i was reading the beggining since you kept listing some of my favorite foods and i had NO EGGROLLS in my freezer. Im blaming you for the estimated three pounds i just gained from eating that brownie. I hope your happy for making me three pounds fatter.
Have i mentioned I love Albus yet? Because I do. But don't tell Eliza or Dom. I dont need no nutty british chicks on my case.
Well, update soon or I'll send my -still_fly* fanclub after you to do a little *ehem* 'persuading'
Love your faithful fangirl, ~Grape

Author's Response: Heehee, this review made me happy!
If it's 11:30 out there, then it's 9:30 here.. hey that was eight minutes ago! Awesome :) Happy 9:38 middle of the U.S. time!
Yeah, I got hungry just writing that!
Thanks for the wonderful review, and the next chapter will be up before you know it ;)

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Review #20, by thethreebadgers15 ways to (Not) fall in Love with your Best Friend: Prologue - Introductions are in order, methinks

14th February 2011:
I love this story! Write the next chapter soon, woman! Or man, i dont know. I also expect an answer to that question. Yes im demanding, but im also the first reviewer, so you have to make exeptions for me! Right?

Author's Response: That'd be woman ;)

I think all men on this sight might be in question of that manliness. (They all just come on in secret).

Anyway, I'm writing chapter 2 now, and it's called Drinking Games and Disco Cats.

Does that sound exciting enough?

So there is the answer to your question (was that the question you were talking of? I was confused).

And you ARE the first reviewer! So congratulations, I now owe you a cookie, like I promised.

*Hands over cookie*. You must now imagine you have a lovely just-out-of-the-oven-cookie in your hands, and squeal with delight (:

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Review #21, by thethreebadgersEnemies with Benefits : And So It Begins...

8th February 2011:
omyfudge! A new story from dobbyismyhero22? How did I not notice this?! How long has it been up here?! Is there really life on mars?!

Errmm..Forget that last bit. Its for the best, really.

Ehem, back to what I was saying... HOLY FUDGER NUTTERS I LURVE FRED WEASLEY! And this story...just in case you were wondering. *grins*

Author's Response: It's only been up for a day. (: I hope there's life on mars. Marss would be sick to live on.

Dude, Fred Weasley is the bomb. DURR.

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Review #22, by thethreebadgersApple Sauce: Meet Susie Clive

5th February 2011:
I love Susie. Shes like my twin. I love the beatles, apple sauce, i have a parrot, and an annoying older brother and a demonic little sister sent straight from satan himself. Im pretty sure im the only normal one in the family. If you count me as normal. Most people dont though. I have no clue as to why...
Anywho, this story is the fuzz,, so its one of my favorites now. You should feel proud.

Author's Response: ohmygosh...Susie has found her long lost twin!! ;D I'll give you her address so you guys can call eachother up and connect over some warm tea:)

Thank you for the review!! And i deffinently feel proud:D

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Review #23, by thethreebadgersSnogging Sarah Simpson: Girl All the Bad Guys Want

5th February 2011:
I dont like Sarah. She just screams "Im a Cold hearted meanie pants" But i do like this story so update soon please!

Author's Response: Hehe, I'm glad people are forming such strong opinions about the characters already! And she does kind of have that persona doesn't she? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by thethreebadgersExplosives: Marmalade

5th February 2011:
this is great! I love that lorcan is a girl, very creative. And im just wondering...but what does entendre mean?

Author's Response: a double entendre is a sentance that has a double meaning. i.e. If Lysander and Dom where standing next to furnace, and he says to her "You're hot." But he means it as both warm-hot and attractive-hot. Thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by thethreebadgersConcupiscence: Concupiscence

20th January 2011:
" that's why I wear my rhinestone suit."

you dont want to know how hard i laughed at that part.
I really want to see what there kids end up like. I hope scorpy jr. wheres a suit made of rubies. that would be cool. It took me about five minuites staring at the computer screen to relize that Anastasia exploded everywhere. Yes, im that stupid. Can you make another one of these please?

Author's Response: HEE, seriously, Rhinestone!Scorpius is like the greatest idea everrr. Must thank my friend's offhand comment for that. OH MY GOD A FAMILY OF KIDS IN SHINY CLOTHING. Someone must have sequins. They must.

Hahaha, well I am quite vague about a few things. Blink and you'd miss it! ;)

I'm quite inclined to write crack fic, so this probably shan't be the last time you'll see crazy humor from me! :D

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