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Review #1, by MaxtonSlythery Friends: Slythery Friends

1st November 2013:
nice little story
hope to read more of your stuff

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Review #2, by MaxtonClosest Thing: Intro Part 1

3rd May 2013:
I like it. It is just the way I believe real models are discovered. NOT

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Review #3, by MaxtonGreat Minds: Breaking Tradition: Part 1: Princess

24th April 2013:
very nice story. I hope to read more of your work.

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Review #4, by MaxtonIt's All Coming Back To Me Now: Prologue

12th March 2013:
Great story.
I really like the story line of leaving the amgic world and having to come back

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Review #5, by MaxtonObliviate: Obliviate

25th February 2013:
yes I did enjoy it

Author's Response: Thank you- glad you liked it.

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Review #6, by MaxtonReturn to the Wizarding World: Flashback

7th February 2013:
Good story line.
I couldn't stop reading.
It looks like you have a ways to go.

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Review #7, by MaxtonI need her. : It's Only her.

11th January 2013:
Nice little story,
Though I always hope to read a little about magic in these random stories

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Review #8, by MaxtonReturning Black Finds the Dragon: Meeting Brothers

31st December 2012:
I like the direction that this story was headed. too bad the series ended the way it did. Not sure you can bring back Sirius' brother 'Reggie'.

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Review #9, by MaxtonAre People born wicked?: One-Shot

1st November 2012:
It is amazing to read stories that were written not knowing the end of the tale.
I did enjoy and will read more.

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Review #10, by MaxtonDudley and Lavender: A Love Story: Dinner Arrivals

24th October 2012:
I really like your story and hope you are going to carry it on.
If not I would like to continue it where you stopped
I hope to hear back, but i will give credit to your beginning ideas
only gave it a nine/ten because you didn't finish

Author's Response: Honestly, I'm not sure if I want to return to writing or not at this point. I've had a bad year and I'm working out stress a different way right now. Unfortunately, this is a story I don't want to relinquish control of, but if I ever change my mind, I will PM you.

Thank you for the kind review. Glad you enjoyed it so far.

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Review #11, by MaxtonCan't Believe It: Can't Believe It

23rd October 2012:
Nice story,
I didn't try to figure when it was written for. But I am surprised that hermione and ron married so soon and started a family.

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Review #12, by MaxtonBroken but not Lost: Chapter 1

17th October 2012:
I like the story.
I hope you keep writing and come up with some other good story lines.
So much happens in the books that nobody reads
All you have to do is pick a chapter and fill in the blanks

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Review #13, by MaxtonI'll Never Leave You Alone To Tackle The World: I'll Never Leave You Alone To Tackle The World

16th October 2012:
good story,
I would hope that we all have someone waiting for us, like that, on the other side.

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Review #14, by MaxtonAre They in Love?: Are they in love?

16th October 2012:
Terrific letter,
Had to be the best Fluff I have read so Far

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Review #15, by MaxtonTeardrop: Teardrop

12th October 2012:
I am also a fan of Snape although his story before Potions Master is not the time of his life I like to read about very much.
You did capture much of what I thought he was like.

Author's Response: Thank you very much - Snape is very awesome isn't he!! :D

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Review #16, by MaxtonProud to be a Lupin: Proud to be a Lupin

12th October 2012:
Very good story,
I had hoped he realized at some point that she was going to give him a very good reason to stay a Lupin.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you that's very sweet you, you're too kind!
Thanks for reviewing, you deserve a big hug! :D

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Review #17, by MaxtonRegulus's Plight: Regulus's Plight

11th September 2012:
nice story, I think you hit it right on the mark.
Looking forward to reading something else you have written.
Although I am not sure voldemort would have been as snakelike at the time of Regulus' demise.
still good story

Author's Response: I wrote this story quite a while ago now, so it's nice to see that it's still getting a bit of love! You may well be right about Voldemort's appearance, I might have to check that one out. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by MaxtonSteady As We Go: If the Road Gets Rocky...

21st May 2012:
very nice story,
I think youdid a nice job capturing what everyone believes Harry witnessed in his early years

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Review #19, by MaxtonLost, Lonely, Betrayed: A New Day Brings New... Problems?

3rd May 2012:
very good story
there are a few spelling errors but really a good start

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Review #20, by MaxtonFace for the Brave: Face for the Brave

27th April 2012:
very nice i enjoyed that part of JK's books

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #21, by MaxtonSkipping Rocks: Skipping Rocks

18th April 2012:
Nice story, glad to read.
a few errors ingrammer and spelling
but good.

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Review #22, by MaxtonMissing Features: The Philosopher's Stone: 2

22nd March 2012:
Very nice bits of information
I think you have a good idea here.
can't wait for more

Author's Response: Thank you! I also did too, roughly three years ago haha. I don't believe I'll update any time soon, but maybe!
Thanks x

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Review #23, by MaxtonAnomalous: Magic's Skip

9th August 2011:
brought tears to my eyes.
this story is so typical of life for children all around the world.
Magic is a gift like art, music and sports.

Author's Response: It is, isn't it? =( Sad but true! Glad it brought tears to your eyes as that was definitely what I was going for! ^^

Thanks for the review!

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Review #24, by MaxtonBroken Souls: Chill of Sin

9th August 2011:
I cannot imagine who she is, I have read all the books numerous times.
your story was very interesting and I hope to figure out who she is through your other work.

Author's Response: no one from the books, she is an OC ^^ Glad you find her interesting, though!

Thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by MaxtonFireworks: Fireworks

2nd August 2011:
Very nice story.
I enjoy a good firework display also.
the birds were a terrrific idea

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