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Review #1, by dinasayahThere's Nothing I Do Better Than Revenge: The List

13th August 2011:
i love this story,you should really update it.I really want to see sirius put in his place :)

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Review #2, by dinasayahRed And Green should Never Be Seen: Chapter Thirteen: Star Rocky Horror Wars?

16th June 2011:
Im a bad person.
I havent been on in sooo long!, I missed yur wonderful update!
im sorrry :(
but i have good news!
I LOVE IT!, yes i know it's like my catch phrase but seriously i love your story soo much!, olivia is a BAMF, Snape is Sexy Beast, and yur a badass writer :)
Keep on writing! your doing so well!
i can't wait for the next chapter!
Lovee you boo :)

Author's Response: Next chapter is posted, first in a two parter which is taking ages to upload as they aren't accepting submissions atm. :[
Will have the second part up asap though!
Thanks for yet another lovely review!
Feel like you have nothing bad to say about my story, so i thank thee! Lol.
I dont think i am such a badass writer, but i accept your compliment all the same. :P
Hope you continue reading and reviewing! :D

Jessica xx

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Review #3, by dinasayahThere's Nothing I Do Better Than Revenge: A New Year A New Start (Yeah Right)

2nd May 2011:
Omg I want more please please update!

Author's Response: I just sent in more for validation so it should be up soon.

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Review #4, by dinasayahMatters of the Hart: Mothers, Memories and Muggle Studies

1st May 2011:
i love it!
please please please update!!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad you like it! Next couple of chapters are done, just re-editing them so there should be an update soon (hopefully by the end of the week).

Thankyou so much for reading and especially for really makes my day! =D

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Review #5, by dinasayahTurtle the Wallflower: The Day

26th April 2011:
pleas update!
its soo good!
i wan to know more about susan!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It's my favorite thing when people think my stuff is funny. Because there's always the alternative, which is they could tell you were trying but it didn't... exactly... work. That's always awkward. Glad to know you liked it! I'm working on getting the next chapter up.

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Review #6, by dinasayahMoonlit Meetings: Skeletons in My Closet

24th April 2011:
I love love love it!
Please please update!

Author's Response: Thanks I love love love your reviews! :D I'll try my best to update soon! Keep reading and reviewing! :)


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Review #7, by dinasayahRed And Green should Never Be Seen: Chapter Twelve: Love Is In The Air

23rd April 2011:
Lmfaooo ahahahah I love the awkwardness of sev :)
he juss makes ma day!!
I love your story!! Please please please update!!
I want more of Olivia awesomeness !! ;)

Author's Response: Yeah, Severus is rather wakward, but in a cute lovable way sorta. Lol.
Glad you are still liking and reading the story. :]
Next chapter will be us soonish, promise. :P

Jessica xx

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Review #8, by dinasayahIn her eyes: What's a girl to do?

22nd April 2011:
Lmfaoo aww poor mamas boy!
Love it!
Please update!!!

Author's Response: Yeah I know. :D But Ginny can be scary, so I can see where he's coming from. :P
Thank you for reviewing.
The next chapter is in the queue, hopefully it will be up today or tomorrow.

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Review #9, by dinasayahMatters of the Hart: Whack em with a Broomstick!

18th April 2011:
awww that was soo cute!
i love it!
Pleas Please update!
its really good!

Author's Response: Thankyou! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. I'm putting the finishing touches/editing the next chapter so it should be up soon.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by dinasayahRemus' Secret: Christmas with the Family....

18th April 2011:
OMG did her dad die?
aw! poor lizzy!, first her love gets stolen now her familys breaking apart!
that girl is tough :)
I love your story!
Please update!

Author's Response: Yeah :( but I kept getting one chapter he was alive but in this one he was dead. I tried to fix that...

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Review #11, by dinasayahRed And Green should Never Be Seen: Chapter Eleven: Queen Of Apology

16th April 2011:
Awww she aplogized!
I loove it! It's soo cute!
Lmfao at the tutor part, dirtyy oliva :P
I love it
pleae update!

Author's Response: Well she needed to as Severus certainly wasn't going to, no matter how much he might of wanted to. Lol.
I know, shes a filthy minx! Haha. :P
Thanks for the review :]

Jessica xx

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Review #12, by dinasayahIn her eyes: I saw a light

16th April 2011:
Holy shit!
I love this!!
It's soo intresting please update!!
I love it!

Author's Response: Thank you :D
I just posted the next chapter, I hope you like that on too.

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Review #13, by dinasayahRed And Green should Never Be Seen: Chapter Ten: The Almost Duel

15th April 2011:
i love the spunk ;)
lol at the gorilla comment, stupid muclubir :P
Love your story!, but you already know that!
i feel like such a creep thou, im on your story like a fat boy on cake :P
oh wells, Love it!, please keep it up and please update!

Author's Response: Fat boy on cake!?
Love the comparison. :P
Yeah, thought the gorilla comment would just add to Mulcibers unapealing personality that little it more. Lol.
Thanks soo much for the review! :D

Jessica xx

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Review #14, by dinasayah108 Things I should not attempt to do at Hogwarts: Stage a rebellion on a Wednesday afternoon

14th April 2011:
gawd i love your storys!
Please update!
its really good!

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Review #15, by dinasayahRed And Green should Never Be Seen: Chapter Nine: Invasion Of The Unwanted Hug

9th April 2011:
Oh my god!
I love it!
aww oliva hugged him!
thats was so sweet!, i friggin LOVE this story!
pleasee please pelase pelas please update!
I love your story! and severus, but that kinda obvious ;)
love you!

Author's Response: Im glad you like my OC soo much. Lol. :P
The next chapter is just waiting to be validated so should be up in the next couple of days. :]

Jessica xx
Ps. I hope you like Severus also or you are in the really wrong place! Haha :P

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Review #16, by dinasayahHyde and Seek: Chapter 2

5th April 2011:

Author's Response: thankyou!! :)

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Review #17, by dinasayah108 Things I should not attempt to do at Hogwarts: Sneak into Transfiguration (via a window)

4th April 2011:
LMFAOO ahah poor girls went through at that trouble for nuthing!
LOL, I LOVE this story!
PLEASE updatee!

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Review #18, by dinasayahRed And Green should Never Be Seen: Chapter Eight: Babies

4th April 2011:
OMG, seriosuly, i love your story!
It's so good!
I Love how olivia's so different from the rest of the gryffindors she's friends with!
she's like the oddball of the family!
please pleasee update!
i love your story!
~your Loyal Fan

Author's Response: Well every family has one dont they? Lol. I'm actually probably the one in my own family come to think of it, but for more subtle reasons than that of Olivia. I lack her spunk. Lol. :P
Loyal fan? WOW! Im more than flattered! Would never of thought anyone would ever want to read my stories never mind gather a fan base! Flattered just doesnt cover it i'm afraid. Thank soo much for your reviews. :D

PS. Next chapter is just awaiting validation. :]

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Review #19, by dinasayahRumour Has It: Gossip, SDB and Demented Avatars

3rd April 2011:
LOL i love it!
I wanna see char getting her revenge on Al!
PLEasee update!

Author's Response: She relly should get revenge on Al shouldn't she. But she is still really un sure of herself and her currant status at the moment. but thank you so much!

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Review #20, by dinasayahSaving Grace: June 26th.

3rd April 2011:
i LOVE Grace, LOL she's such a BAMF :)
Please keep updating!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love Grace too!

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Review #21, by dinasayahUtter Insanity: What happens When Cam doesn't have candy

3rd April 2011:
WOw, i LOVED that chapter!
PLEASE update!

Author's Response: wow!! thank you! I am updating as soon as i can but have been struck with writers block so it might be a while :/ oh well it will come to me eventually

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Review #22, by dinasayahWhat's in a name?: The story of Juliet Cosgrove and her unexpected Romeo: Confetti, Impersonations, and Broken Noses

2nd April 2011:

Author's Response: already on it my friend :)

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Review #23, by dinasayahRed And Green should Never Be Seen: Chapter Seven: Detention

2nd April 2011:
HOLY SHIT, i love Olivia, seriosuly i do, she's such a BAMF!
i love your story soo much!
its sooo good!
P.S OHMYGOD, i severus in my pants, like legit i want him now! i love how you made his character in the story!

Author's Response: Glad your liking my OC. Thought people might of found her a bit OTT. lol.
Glad i am fueling your Severus love with this story. Haha :P
Next chapter will be up soon hopefully. :]

Jessica xx

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Review #24, by dinasayahTrite.: Prolific

2nd April 2011:
OMG i love this!
Please PLease update!
i can;t wait to find out more!
ohh does she have twins? :D

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Review #25, by dinasayahThere's Nothing I Do Better Than Revenge: Prologue

30th March 2011:
Holy Shit, please please continue with your story, it's so good.
its different,in a good way, i love the idea of her standing up for herslef and getting even, i love your story!
Please PLease please update!

Author's Response: I really, really wanted this story to be different than any story you read there. The only revenge stories in this certain pairing are usually girls getting their revenge against Sirius by dating him and then breaking his heart and I wanted to get outside the mold a bit. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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