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Review #1, by yorkgalWhat they don't know: Prologue

29th December 2011:
Hey, heres your requested review

First off, i almost cried!! You portrayed Dominiques emotions so strongly, its really overpowering to read- well done! I like how you didnt just put- Ah im pregnant. Or along the lines of the blatant obviousness, the fact that you waited until the end to fully acknowledge it again showed that your really intune with your characters and all thats going on in her head. Next I'd like to see background, maybe introduce the father and show how he's going to be, show how it happened, give Dominique an age, more defined personality etc. to help me further connect with the story. Over all, i can tell this is going to be amazing! Keep it up!

Yorkgal- definate 10/10!

Author's Response: Ah! Thankyouuu this review made my day (And I needed a boost, I hate New Years! xD). I will be adding more detail as it gets more into the story at the moment I am focusing on how alienated Dom feels.
Bill (And Fleur) and going to be very important parts of this story but not until they find out :)

Thankyou so much and 10/10 Naw thankyou xxx

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Review #2, by yorkgalSomething About a Witch: Chapter the Third: Really Becoming the Game

10th December 2011:
Hi again!
That chapter had me laughing so hard and as cliche as it sounds- i almost fell off my chair! If people sold giant snitch suits i would sooo buy one, that was a really creative idea!

I love Scorpius' characterization, its different to usual, they're out of school and they DONT hate each other. phew. For once that is (as you may tell i hate it when they hate each other) also, i love their banter and Rose's witty comments.

Keep writing

Author's Response: Yay, I can't write stuff with out it at least trying to be funny. So its good that the funny is actually funny. lol. About Scorpius, and the turn for the norm, I didn't want to write the same old ScoRose and I'm glad that you like that. (I hate it when they hate each other too.) ;) Thank you so much for reviewing again!

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Review #3, by yorkgalSomething About a Witch: Chapter the Second: Three Years Later...Again

10th December 2011:
Hiya- this is your requested review again :)

I love, love, love this! I would probably read it even if you hadn't put in a request! There was a lot more of a impact than the last chapter and you wrote the quidditch beautifully!

Roses relationships with Ron and Hugo were sweet and quite fitting- especially when you put in about Hugo stealing the toys from the quaffle-o's (that made me laugh) :) i feel the 3 year gap was needed, it sped things up and still didnt lose the readers.

Just a side note, i think we should have heard a bit of Hermione in this chapter, i know shes not much of a quidditch fan but at least at the begining.

Onto the next chapter!

Author's Response: That's sweet thank you! I love that you love my Quidditch and all the little things, (my chapters don't feel right with out them).
About the Hermione thing, she's just not really in here yet because I am afraid of writing her. As well as her excuse for not being in this chapter was that she was working. ;)
Thank you so much for your review! Love it!

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Review #4, by yorkgalRebel International: A marauder story: Confronting those that howl at the moon

22nd May 2011:
hi im writing a story and id like to use your title i wont use the a marauder story bit on it and i was just wondering if you have claimed copyright on it?

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Review #5, by yorkgal20 Years Of Sleep: The Awakening

6th March 2011:
I like it it is original and intruiging. and id like to thank you for the review you left on my story, Loves Labours Undone telling me i added to many characters and now ive decided that im going to redo it or at least the first chapter and make it less confusing. I personally think you've changed my story for the better thanks again keep writing your good Yorkgal

Author's Response: thanks yorkgal!--- there were too many characters and different times in your story that i found rather confusing. my second chapter was rejected... i have to rewrite.. hope to see u in my reviews again~

Vivian( the amazing shape shifter)

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Review #6, by yorkgalThe Making of a Murderer: At the Orphanage

2nd March 2011:
wow wow wow i love this story the plot is a fabby idea and i would love 2 know more keep writing u r good

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm planning to put something up today so once it's been validated it should be up in a week.

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Review #7, by yorkgalThe Never Forgotten: Chapter 2

12th December 2010:
WOW!!i loved the memory box and then when i finished it i went right on to this one im keeping an eye on this one and NEVER give up your writing is FANASTIC!!! luv Yorkgal

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Review #8, by yorkgalBitter About You: Chapter 8

21st November 2010:
this story and living life are my two personal faves i dunno why but ive always kinda understood why lily was so harsh with james... eh well love is cruel ey
p.s i cant find reason to live i looked EVERYWHERE did u delet it or somethin pps im writin my first story called clueless and im not sure wether its good so if u see it gimme ur opinion thnx yorkgal xx

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