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Review #1, by JohannaMarieSeeing is Believing: Facing the music

6th March 2012:
well, finally! except, that didn't really go too much as planned. I would have expected the anger, i guess, but noone really seems mad at peter. of course, it hasn't happened yet, and it probably hasn't really sunk in either, i suppose.

Author's Response: yes, finally :) i ended just after they found out so of course, we will only really see their reactions in the next chapter. thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #2, by JohannaMarieSeeing is Believing: Secrets and lies

25th February 2012:
WHAT? okay. she told them, that's start . . . but she didn't REALLY tell them. *gah* it's so frustrating! and now, we know that aparently she died. and she knows that too! without any details, of course.

Author's Response: im sorry your fustrated but all i can say is read on!
also, i never said that alexis dies. everyone seems to be getting that impression so maybe i didnt make things very clear :/

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Review #3, by JohannaMarieSeeing is Believing: Something to tell you

23rd February 2012:
I thought you did pretty well. Wouldn't Alexis know that Lord Voldemort is the main guy going around killing people at this point though? and that his followers would call him "my lord?" I am worried about what's going to happen when she tells her friends though. It's about time she shared this with someone she can actually talk to, but, still. She just found out how two of her classmates are going to die. and that her two best friends will both have children voldemort is after... but she may have missed the part about Alice's son with everything else that was going on/going to happen.

Author's Response: thanks XD
things are still a little spacey for alexis, although id imagine that the marauders and maybe alice would know. maybe not lily seeing as she's a muggle-born...and don't worry, things are about to get big in the next 2/3 chapters :P

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Review #4, by JohannaMarieSeeing is Believing: The truth

13th February 2012:
Aw, I kinda like Rebecca now (for some reason I was reading her in a southern accent). I can see why her dad is taking the news kinds hard though. He probably thought he was over it, or as over the death of a loved one as someone can get, and then Alexis comes out with this news.

Author's Response: i really didnt want rebecca to be someone that alexis ended up hating.
and it would be very tough for her dad.
thanks for reading and reviewing :D

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Review #5, by JohannaMarieLily's Daughter?: Portraits, Potion Masters, and Prats...Oh, My!

8th February 2012:
That was a chapter worth waiting for! I think you did a really good job of covering her first week at Hogwarts without repeating everything from the books. You changed just the right amount too! Not so much that it's unbelievable, but enough that we can see the story is going to evolve differently. Her confrontation with Malfoy was epic, and I just had to laugh at McGonagall, "she couldn't shake the feeling that there was something very obvious about Ashley that she was missing." ah, the power of the Fidelius. The "He-Who-Has-A-Ridicculus-Name" was pretty good too :D only other thing I though of- When Hermione does eventually figure out how much education Ashley has in the muggle world, how likely is she to ask that Ashley tutor her in muggle subjects as well as her regular magic classes?

Author's Response: Glad I didn't change do much or to little. The Malfoy thing just had to happen and there will be plenty more to happen between them, because not only does she just not like him he likes to pick on Neville. Oh and it will become very important that she didn't get mad until Malfoy mentioned her family, because she is super protective of those she cares about. McGonagall is missing the fact that she looks just like Lily, and that she is super smart. Voldy's new name I just threw in becuase I always thought it was really stupid, I mean Darth Vadar sounds menacing, Voldemort? No it sounds like some fancy pastry. Hermione may or may not ask, as they may or may not be friends. That is the question...

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Review #6, by JohannaMarieSeeing is Believing: Avoiding explanations

8th February 2012:
O_o Why didn't she tell Dumbledore about Smith?! I know, petty student drama- but he's drugging her! That must be illegal! And she's going to have to talk to the Marauders eventually. They are going to find out. And I have a feeling the next chapter will have something about a confrontation with her dad. A very unpleasent conversation.

Author's Response: mmm, alexis will be alexis and she'll do what she thinks is best-even if its not. and the next chapter will be coming out soon :)

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Review #7, by JohannaMarieSeeing is Believing: She knew

8th February 2012:
Well, that explains why she doesn't like purple for the wedding. . . But her grandparents tried to kill her? and killed her mom instead? hopefully they went to Azakaban-at least the one who actually cast the spell. and I thought her dad was a muggle? because you say "revealing my parents with their wands at the ready." indicating her dad is a muggle-born, but everything else you say in the story indicates he is just plain muggle. typo? And you updated really fast . . . I hope everything works out okay. It looks like it's going to anyway.

Author's Response: Yes, that is why she doesnt like purple: its not just some random colour :P
as for her grandparents, i guess its up to you to imagine what happened to them.
arrghhh, omg i knew something was bugging me when i wrote that - i just could figure out what! thanks, i think ill have to make things a bit clearer there.
the queue was 0 hours so everything got validated in about 3 minutes!
as for what's going to happen, i cant say much because i dont want to reveal the ending!

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Review #8, by JohannaMarieSeeing is Believing: Someone else's secret

8th February 2012:
Of course, you always reject the first perfectly good explaination you come to that fit because you don't want to believe it - then it's shoved in your face that that explaination is indeed correct. oh- and is Sirius really that drunk? unbelievable. (I can't be aghast at the possibility of death to Alexis because I accidently read the next chapter before this one- makes more sense now)

Author's Response: hahaha, she was in denial. and yes he thought that the stars were diamonds so he was quite drunk (i think maybe i havent got the inner workings of a drunk person down properly). and you spoiled the surprise!! :P

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Review #9, by JohannaMariePrincess Sunburst: Ravencrest Manor

7th February 2012:
What? Did someone just take Lily's ring? Was it just a ring, or her wedding band? Why? :( Now I have questions left to be unanswered. But I really don't like Ron. I wish he would just get over it and grow up. I know it doesn't seem like he will, but I can hope, can't I?

Author's Response: Ron will change eventually. But, he needs to hit rock bottom in order to do that. And, I have the perfect way for that to happen.

As for Lily's ring; well, you'll see...

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Review #10, by JohannaMarieSeeing is Believing: Diamonds in the sky

7th February 2012:
Poor Sirius. I think he's gone a bit crazy. Did he just leave to get "Rosie" a diamond ring? Anyway, in my last review, I figured it was Sirus, because, hey, it was an unnamed guy with Alexis. But the full moon part wasn't that hard to figure out, I mean, dangerous, nighttime sneaking, not his secret to tell . . . Great chapter though, I really hope this buisness with Smith gets solved soon though. I don't care for the guy at all.

Author's Response: he was very very drunk and he thought the stars looked like diamonds. he wanted to get Alexis a diamond (ie. a star) so he goes outside.
hahaha, yeah, i guess it wasnt that hard to figure out :)

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Review #11, by JohannaMarieSeeing is Believing: Just Alexis Rose

4th February 2012:
Um . . . wow. kinda curious about her dad, and i'm sure that "apology" she sent isn't going to help anything. And Sirius; what was she thinking? He says pretty much what she wants him too, and she gets mad! What was he supposed to say, "I don't know where this is going?" That wouldn't have helped either! And then she went and hurt his feelings . . . life is never easy is it? Can't wait to see how Sirus gets rid of her at the full moon though, or why he didn't leave with James and Peter in the first place.

Author's Response: her apology definately isnt going to help *hint hint* :P. And i guess alexis just got a bit tad confused about the answer she really wanted from sirius.
btw, that wasn't sirius' pov right at the end (it was james') but how did you know it was the full moon? im pretty sure i havent mentioned anything about full moons for quite a few chapters.

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Review #12, by JohannaMarieSeeing is Believing: Taken for granted

1st February 2012:
I like purple for a wedding personally, whenever I get married the color scheme will be lilac. My sister and decided this when we were in middle school. But Rebecca is ridiculous. She truly sounds like evil step mother material. It's kind of nice that the girls randomly met up with the boys so they could be there for support at the funeral. But I think Lily should have gone and stood with James. I know that she is technically dating Callum, but he really could have used a shoulder to cry on, or a hand to hold.

Author's Response: thanks, as always, for the review :)
purple has never really struck me as a very wedding-ish colour but it would be pretty cool. And i think Rebecca is bad. Maybe I over did her charadter a bit too much? Anyway, she's actually not that bad as we will find out later *hint hint ;)*
Also, the fact that James FELT that he was standing along does not nessaserily mean that he was. Afterall, he was extremely distressed so he didn't really register much that was going on other than his own emotions.

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Review #13, by JohannaMarieSeeing is Believing: A friend in need

24th January 2012:
:'( it's still so sad about his dad. but hopefully, having his friends know will help him with it. as for Alexis, I think she is being too hard on Rebecca. It is her wedding, after all. Alexis is probably biased against her, but I am kind of interested to see if Rebecca is really as bad as Alexis is making her out to be. on the bright side, at least they both couldn't make it to hogsmeade . . . :/ is that a bright side?

Author's Response: i really didn't want to kill james' dad, but it's actually totally important to the storyline (hope im not giving too much away).
as for rebecca, you'll have to read the next chapter!
and yeah, i guess it is a brightside :P

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Review #14, by JohannaMarieThe Little Sisters: Incident

18th January 2012:
No! That's just not right! Regulas may have been a prat, but he wasn't seriously evil. Malfoy and Nott are set to be Death Eaters. The different reactions really shows how Regulas could have joined up, and then backed out and turned against Voldemort later. But Rome! poor Rome! You actually had me tearing up a bit there. Brain damage is serious, and people are never the same after. They become more irritable, and have memory problems that, if they don't necessarily affect those before the accident, will affect short-term and long term memory afterwards. I really hope she gets better without too many lasting affects, and is still the person Lucas wanted to be with when she does. When everyone finds out what happened, Malfoy and Nott (and probably Black too) will be sorry. I really hope they get caught.

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Review #15, by JohannaMarieLily's Daughter?: It's Just a Ratty Old Hat...Right?

18th January 2012:
Very well written! I liked that you put in Snape's POV of first seeing Ashley. Even though the fidelius charm protects her identity, I'm sure it will torture him to see her and Harry in class, especially if they argue or something because without looking at the eyes, he would probably feel as though he is looking at James and Lily :/

Author's Response: I know I am thinking that will be absolutely hilarious, because if he say gets irritated with Ashley, that will hurt him becuase when he looks at her he sees Lily. And also I thought it was important to see the limitations of the fidelius charm.

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Review #16, by JohannaMarieLily's Daughter?: A Scarlet Steam Engine

18th January 2012:
I really like that he became friends with Neville right away. I think it will help his confidence to have a close friends so soon. He always seemed like such a loner.

Author's Response: Yeah I agree I feel like Neville never really got his due...and besides that I have a slight obssession with one Neville Longbottom.

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Review #17, by JohannaMarieJust One of the Boys: Chapter Ten

15th January 2012:
That line about the first kiss made me laugh too! I kinda would have liked to "see" Sirius' thoughts about the kiss. Is he dating Regina to assure himself that he isn't gay? or did the relationship get set up before that happened? I can't remember if it was mentioned before or not, and I don't feel like going back and checking at the moment...

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
I don't really want to spoil anything, but at the party Sirius only danced with her, so it they didn't get together before the kiss.

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Review #18, by JohannaMarieSeeing is Believing: Believe it or not

15th January 2012:
I knew something was up with Smith! the creep. And I do feel bad for James, but at least the vision came to pass soon enough that Alexis didn't have too much time to worry, debate, and possible try to do something that could have made the situation worse. as for love potion ideas... maybe "foveoamoris" it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but it's latin for "encouraging of love" with the spaces removed between words. (this according to an online latin dictionary and google translate)

Author's Response: hahaha, i guess i kind of made it obvious that smith wasnt exactly getting lily due to his good personality :P hmm... 'foveoamoris'...we'll see :D

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Review #19, by JohannaMarieSeeing is Believing: Let me out

19th December 2011:
! well, that wasn't good! not good at all! . . . although, Dumbledore was't all that sensitive about delivering the news, was he?

Author's Response: no it wasnt, but it was coming. and yeah, i guess in my story, sensitivity isnt really his strong point :p

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Review #20, by JohannaMarieLily's Daughter?: Twas' the Night Before Hogwarts

17th December 2011:
oh, that last bit made me laugh! I am glad that Mr. Weasley was the one to come get Ashley :) I was like "oh, a person from the Ministry... hope it's Mr. Weasley" and then you said "Arthur Weasley" and I was like "YAY!" so, like, TOTALLY OMG! - sorry, I just had to ;D

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed my fangirl rhyme. And strangely enough the Mr. Weasley situation was the same for me, originally it was just going to be some anonymous person from the Ministry who would drop her off at the Leaky Cauldron for the night, but then I was like no Weasleys all the way :D

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Review #21, by JohannaMarieA Tale of Two Times: Losing his Sparkle, Return to the future, and One more day

14th December 2011:
Aw! That was so sad, and sweet at the same time!

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Review #22, by JohannaMarieNow Comes the Night: Sometimes the Night is All We Have

14th December 2011:
You are a very addicting author, you know that? Reading your stories took up like 5 hours of my day. But it's SO GOOD! some parts are really confusing, but time travel does that to you. And this involved not only basic time travel, but magic as well. confusing. I kinda feel bad for James now though, since he doesn't really have a girl. He does have a son, and his friends, but his two best mates ended up with the only two girls he ever really loved. and had kids with them. kinda awkward. and what exactly is the motivation behind severus and regulas joining the light side? what made them see old Voldy is wrong? and, if they have almost all the horcruxes destroyed already, does that mean noones's gonna die? because they can kill Voldemort before he comes for Harry? or because they wouldn't use Peter as secret keeper, right? I severly doubt Hermione would go for that, especially seeing as the future as she knew it is irrevocably changed. come to think of it, if the future is changed so much, is the Hermione that is a baby in this reality the same Hermione we know? or will she only be her for as long as their experiances stay the same, and beyond that they are different people, only as similar as identical twins because they come from different timelines, or, shall we say, parallel worlds? all this wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff is so . . . yeah. confusing.

Author's Response: Hell, I'm confused just writing it all and keeping everything straight. :P Nah, it's confusing to a point, but the thing with time travel is that Stephen Hawking is correct and a genius... I follow his POV on the theory of travelling through time. And strange enough, as restrictive as his perspective on time travel is, it has also allowed me to play a little bit within the rules while also bending them with the magic. XD I know, confusing, right? haha. Thanks for the review and the wonderful compliments and for letting me read your thoughts (which I can't really answer, which is why I threw in the Stephen Hawking red herring :P) x

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Review #23, by JohannaMarieSeeing is Believing: ...except Sirius Black

1st December 2011:
Aw, they made up! I'm glad the plan worked :)

Author's Response: im glad you liked it :D

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Review #24, by JohannaMarieLily's Daughter?: Of School Things and a New World

25th November 2011:
It's a good chapter. Now, can she speak only to owls, magical animals, or any animal she pleases?

Author's Response: this will be revealed when she arrives at Hogwarts (the test McGonagall spoke about) and I'm glad you liked it

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Review #25, by JohannaMarieSeeing is Believing: Ready for anything...

22nd November 2011:
Well, now that Sirus is maybe coming to his senses. . . What is up with Lily? Is there maybe a *weak* love potion involved? or something else? and now this. . . I have two predictions. 1) something to do with lily and calum - that's all for 1. 2) locking Alexis in a room with Sirus so they can work things out.

Author's Response: Lily is a crazy cat with many messed up things going through her head (that's what I've decided anyway). as for your predictions...i guess you'll just have to wait for the next chapter :P

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