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Review #1, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawWallflower: The boy who smiles like hot chocolate

23rd January 2011:
Yay! She made it! I knew she would!
I hope Delilah and Remus fall in lurrve. I know its a bit early to be saying that, seeing how they just met and all, but he smiles like hot chocolate for Merlin's Sake! :)
I love Blossom! She would be my homie if I went to Hogwarts, fo sho.
And, thanks for saying I am smarter than everyone else, since I read the whole author's note (I seriously read the stories for the author's note. Sometimes they make my day).
I actually found this chapter quite interesting, I must say. Write another one soon, please!

Author's Response: You read the author's note! Cyber high-five to you! I love Blossom too, NEARLY more than Delilah, but not quiet. Lupin is pretty cute, isn't he? So you think him and Del should end up together? We'll see...
I'd thank you a thousand times for the review, but that won't fit in the box, so I'll settle with one big one:

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Review #2, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawApple Sauce: Meet Susie Clive

21st January 2011:
OMG! Albus Freakin' Potter! :)
I'm so excited for this story! I can totally relate to Susie (except for the poop-head parrot). And I also think Sansta is amazing. He doesn't give me coal. ;)
I think she should randomly yell her name out the window. It's a way to get someone to notice you. Right? I'd do it. Seriously.
Susie is so funny. I like her. And I like you. XD

Author's Response: I can also relate to Susie, beside the poop-head parrot ;-) Santa is a col man!
Haha, that SO sounds like something Susie would do!:-)
Anyways... I LIKE YOU TOO! :)
Thank youuu!!

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Review #3, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawThe Scent of Snow: The Scent of Snow

17th January 2011:
I love this! I love how you seperated the two's point of views... did that make sense? Anyway. Tonight I'm going to go outside and sniff the snow. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Yep, that made sense. I was attempting to juxtapose their POVs, something my english teacher says I can't do :p
I LOVE the smell of snow, I can always smell snow coming(:

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Review #4, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawLosing My Reputation (and Finding Something Else): Losing My Reputation (and Finding Something Else)

17th January 2011:
Awww! It's so cute and awesomely written and stuff! F-off Ginerva Smith! Hehe... :)

Author's Response: Thank you(: I hate her too... Did you get the subtly placed irony of Ginny vs. Ginevra? LOL NOT SO SUBTLE.

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Review #5, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawOf Boys and Girls: Itís All In the Eyes

17th January 2011:
Oh dude. I can't wait for more of this story! ^_^
I love the part when James is just like "and it just got real." Ahaha. I love him so much! I love how you introduced the characters. Very nice, very nice. :)

Author's Response: Well I'll try not to make you wait too much longer then! I'm almost done with the second chapter, so should be on the queue very, very soon. Poor James, life's hard for some isn't it? :P Oh there's quite a few characters left, many more introductions to come - Lucy and Sophie ARE my favourites though.

Thanks so much for reviewing, much appreciated!

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Review #6, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawHyde and Seek: Chapter 2

15th January 2011:
Anyway. Yay! Another chapter!
I can't freakin' believe what just happened. Now, I'm starting to laugh at Hyde instead of pity her (I'm not very good on the whole sorrow thing, you see?)
Anyhoo. Very good writing! :)

Author's Response: yep sirius did fall on her hehe (god I make Hyde's life hell) and don't worry, even I sometimes smile at her misfortunes :D
thanks for reviewing!!! xx

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Review #7, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawOperation Happy Ending: Tempt Not a Desperate Man

15th January 2011:
Poor James. All alone and sad. But he beat the boy! YES! Potter shall rule FOREVER! Hehe... ;)

Author's Response: Oh don't you worry. It's at this point where James can prove himself to be a man or not ;) We'll see what happens...haha!

Thankyou for stopping by again! Please come back? Haha!


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Review #8, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawTo Seduce a Gryffindor: To be a Malfoy

14th January 2011:
Aha. :)
Draco is so funny. And Harry.
This was so awesomely written.

Author's Response: thanks hun- i am glad you liked it!!

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Review #9, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawWallflower: The Girl with Two Flowers in her Name

9th January 2011:
Haha. This is going to be AWESOME! Just saying.
I like her already. :) And I hope she makes the team! She has to, right? :P

Author's Response: wow, thanks for the review! I love reviews, I really do.
Their like my bread and butter, I can't go on without them...
Anyway, overdramatasizing aside, I'm glad you like Delilah! Because I know how horrible stories are when they are from an annoying point of view. And I have written a fair few like that myself...
But thanks again (:

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Review #10, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawMemories of Tomorrow: ...Two Steps Back

9th January 2011:
WTF?! A freakin' love potion? Okay okay... I'm sorry about what I said before! Hermione is a good person again! Hehe...
But no! James and Lily HAVE to get together and... make... Harry! They have to! Oh dear... the woes of time travel, eh?
I wonder what would have happened if Hermione hadn't traveled back in time... hmm... And Lily getting detention? Haha wow. :)

Author's Response: Yeah, Hermione would NEVER do that - too much like Harry, plus the whole destroying his whole existence! And yes indeed; time travel does seem to ruin things somewhat... we can only hope that Hermione finds some way of getting those crazy kids back on course!

Yeah, Lily's a right mouthy individual, so detention had to happen sometime!

Thanks so much for the amazingly insightful and encouraging reviews - you've really given me an insight into how my story might be read!

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Review #11, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawMemories of Tomorrow: One Step Forward...

9th January 2011:
Anyway, I won't even think about the end yet...
Yay! They kissed! I want Sirius and Hermione to be together so bad! Ahhh! And yay Leggy! Some action from her in there. :)
I'm glad Lily and Hermione are getting along. Until the end!
WTF! (again) Is Hermione TRYING to ruin Lily's life and possibly literally destroy Harry Potter himself? I can't even begin to wrap my head around what she just did.

Author's Response: Go Leggy indeed - they definitely needed a push, and Leggy seemed suitably blunt! Glad you liked it, coz I've been looking forwards to writing it!

Dun, dun, dun! Glad this chapter had you asking what was up, because it was supposed to be surprising and a little confusing. The clues are there though - never eat chocolate that someone was given as a present!

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Review #12, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawMemories of Tomorrow: Gryffindor v. Slytherin

9th January 2011:
Aha! I am back! :)
Just like to say you are welcome for the reviews! I love this story!
Yes Yes! Make them fall in love! I would love you FOREVER! :D
Stupid Bellatrix! Always messing things up! Grrr... and it would so FUNNY if Bellatrix and Voldie had it going on... Ahaha!
Yay Sirius! He finally accomplished something! Hehe...

Author's Response: Woohoo - you're back! Sorry I've taken so long to respond to this - busy week is my only excuse!

I'm glad you're liking the increasing romance - we all know that the greatest cliche is Hermione going back in time and falling in love, so I'll see what I can do!

But, we do need to keep some difficulties present, so Bellatrix really deserves our thanks! And clearly Bellatrix has a disturbing level of attraction towards Voldemort, so I had to comment on it!

Glad you liked it, will go see what you thought of the next two chapters!

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Review #13, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawMemories of Tomorrow: Keeping Things Simple

7th January 2011:
AHAHAHA! YAY! I actually wanted her to 'go out' with Sirius! I hope they actually fall in love or something. :) Please?
This is going to be awesome! I hope she... well I was going to say pwns but...she's not really going to pwn anybody... I guess I could say I hope she gets what she needs! Hehe!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you've gotten into the storyline - will she get the guy? Will she relax long enough to have fun at all? Find out in the next thrilling instalment of Memories of Tomorrow!

But seriously, thanks for all the support - I've been really focussed on building the suspense and tension in this story, and your reviews have encouraged me to think I'm managed some of it!

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Review #14, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawMemories of Tomorrow: Look Before You Leap

7th January 2011:
Yes ma'am. I like this chapter. :)
You know what would be even funnier than Hermione dating a any of the Marauders? Her dating Remus. Ahaha. I wonder what it be liketo date a younger version of your ex-teacher. :)
YOU CAN'T LET HERMIONE DIE!! Make sure Dumbledore figures out how to send her back... or else...

Author's Response: Hermione not dead... I'll do my best! Honestly though, I'm glad to see you care so much - not many have taken the danger exposed here seriously, but it is a real one - the plot-line as yet has no reason to say how it will end. Mwahaha!

As for Remus and Hermione... well, we'll have to see, but I think it would be a tricky thing for her to go back if that were the resolution - because how would she cope with him being married (and older?) So, Hermione living, or Remus dating? Only one can occur!

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Review #15, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawMemories of Tomorrow: Same Place, Different Time

7th January 2011:
Oooh! Yay! I got to read again!
This was the first story I read today! :)
Anyway... Emma Watson. Ahahaha! Good name choice. Easy to remember I guess. :)
And you what I think would be funny? If Hermione fell in love with one of the Marauders and messed up the whole thing with Harry. That would be hilarious! Except quite sad at the same time. Hehe...
I instantly loved Leggy as soon as she said something. I love Quidditch peeps. :)

Author's Response: Glad you found more time to read!

Emma Watson... yeah, when I was trying to come up with an apt and amusing pseudonym, it just jumped out at me. Also, I find it makes it easier to associate the two when people are talking to her, so there was some practical purpose.

Well, if you're looking for Marauder romance and time travel disasters, you've come to the right place - the course of time travel never did run smooth!

Glad you liked Leggy - I just couldn't have all the characters be the same, and an blunt sporty type is a new thing for me to attempt.

Thanks for taking the time to let me know what you thought!

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Review #16, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawMemories of Tomorrow: The Seer Overlooked

6th January 2011:
I like it. :) This story is going to be SO awesome! I can't wait to read more!
And my fav line has got to be when Dumbledore says, 'I'll see you soon, if I remember correctly."

Author's Response: Awww! I'm pleased you like it. And that's one of my favourite lines too - time travel just lends itself to punning so well!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing - I hope the story continues to please!

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Review #17, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawHyde and Seek: Chapter 1

4th January 2011:
Ahaha. She has a phobia of boys. And she goes to school with James Potter and Sirius Black. Aha. That's gonna be funny. :)
I feel so sorry for Hyde. I mean, to always freak out and stuff when a boy is around you would be utter hell for me. but I guess it's just cause most of my best friends are guys. :P (no, I don't like them in that way. I'm a proud Tom-boy.)
You know what I just realized? If Val took Hyde's last name, her name would be Val Vale. Aha. :P

Author's Response: so true that Hyde's life totally sucks with her phobia not to mention the fact that sirius and james are just gonna make it worse hehe

thanks for the review :)

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Review #18, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawOperation Happy Ending: All That Glistens is Not Gold

4th January 2011:
O.M.G. Can I just comment on the end, first?
HOLY FRIGG! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! Is it Moldie Voldie? Or who! I need to know! AHHH! I'm freaking out here on the other side of your computer and I just can't handle the mysteriousness!
Okay. Now that that is out of the way... :)
Haha. Greasy, slimy, Lily Evans. Pftt... couldn't imagine that! That's what your MUM said! Ahahaha! Why couldn't I have lived at that time? In Hogwarts? Geez, I just fell in love with the Marauders for, like, the 74th time! :D

Author's Response: Haha, well I could say there is more to this story than meets the eye...but I'm pretty sure that's Transformers, not Harry Potter :D

And I've always loved the Marauders too! They have some fun times ahead...

I'm so glad you like the story so far! Can't wait to hear what you think of the next one, which should be up VERY soon.


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Review #19, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawOperation Happy Ending: Our Play is Cast, Our Stage is Set

4th January 2011:
Haha! I love this!
Operation Happy Ending. I like that name. :)
Oh poor Lily. But... I'm glad her and James ended up together! I just need to know how so write more!
I hope they don't die in the process of Operation Happy Ending. That would be so... sad. :'( Don't let it happen, alright? :P

Author's Response: Aw shucks, thanks! Well there is a bit of adventure and mischief to get through before they end up together...And yes that would be very sad! But it is called Operation Happy Ending, so you know no matter what there will be a very happy ending. It may just not be the one you're expecting.

Thanks for your review! Hope to hear more of your thoughts!


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Review #20, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawBeautiful People : prologue

4th January 2011:
Wow. That's deep.
Please update soon! :)
There's so much... mysteriousness going on here. I need to know more!

Author's Response: aha thats me master of mystery.

I wrote this chapter on a whim. Just something that popped into my head.
I'm working on devloping the characters and clarifying the plotlines and hopefully getting a banner.

So next chapter will be out in a week tops.
Thank-you for reading and reviewing, it makes me soo much more motivated to write more.


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Review #21, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawWondering: Wondering

4th January 2011:
Holy shmokers! I love this so much!
I have noticed Crabbe wonders alot.
You know what I think? I think Crabbe should ditch his so-called friends and hand out with better people so he wouldn't have to wonder so much. (eh, he's probably wonder anyways) Haha. I think that is what good friends and good people would do. :)
I'm still having trouble imagining Crabbe as a Hufflepuff first year... hehe... so short and cute!

Author's Response: Aw shucks! Thanks so much! I definitely think that you're right; Crabbe should totally get rid of his stupid Slytherin friends and come hang out with some better people... maybe, like, me! I could deal with that! Heck, anyone from Harry Potter could come chill with me and I wouldn't complain... even ol' Voldie! Except you're probably right about him wondering still. He's just that kind of guy, I guess. As for Crabbe as a Hufflepuff first year... hehehehe yeah, I wish they'd put that in the movies. It would be very interesting to watch, that's for sure! Thanks for reading and for such a nice review!

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Review #22, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawExplorers: Explorers

4th January 2011:
Haha. That was funny.
I loved this story! :) James is so... I don't know! just,,, funny. And good ol' Gilderoy Lockhart. Never really liked him in the first place!
My favourite part was when everyone was like 'Harry Potter is your dad?' and James says 'no! Our dad's name isn't Harry!' :P
And of course how Al does whatever James does. Such wonderful brotherly love!

Author's Response: James is a very funny little lad! I love him to bits... as long as he stays fictional that is. If I had a kid like that, well, let's just say that I wouldn't find this story quite as amusing anymore :) I know what you mean about Gilderoy. He's annoying to say the least! I had to put him in there though... and I think it's safe to say that he met his match in James! When I was a wee 'un, my parents had no first names. They were just mom and dad. And nothing else. I figured that would be James' reasoning about the whole 'Your dad's name is Harry.' thing. As for the brotherly love... well... it's cute. I like cute stuff. That's the whole story behind that! Thanks for reading, and for another lovely review!

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Review #23, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawDudley Departing: A cup of tea

3rd January 2011:
Aww! Dudley and Harry sorta had a moment there. :)

Author's Response: Or at least came really close to having one :)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #24, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawLong Forgotten: Long Forgotten

3rd January 2011:
Awww. So sad but so cute! I cried when Neville was talking to his mum, by the way. :)

Author's Response: Thank you again for leaving me such a kind review. I know it's sad but at least we know that in the books Neville does go make his parents proud! I'm really glad you could connect with the story so well, I hope it didn't make you upset though!Thank you so much for your encouragement, it means a lot!

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Review #25, by Black_Lupin_RavenclawInvisible: Invisible

3rd January 2011:
wow. That was... i don't know... ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKINGLY AMAZING?
I loved this. Never thought of Dom as a heart-broken invisible girl.
Thanks for showing me that side of her. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for leaving this review!! Aww I'm so so pleased you like it, it means a lot. Ahh that's the fun with NG, we can play with them heheh ^_^ I do feel bad for poor Dom though, as she's one of my favourite characters. Thank you so much for taking the time to review, it means so much

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