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Review #1, by CandinoxrushAn Insignificant Life: An Insignificant Life

24th July 2011:
Fantastic! You captured the early years of Neville wonderfully! I am a huge Neville fan and I am doing one WIP and I am working on a second installment of a trilogy.
Excellent!! 10/10

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Review #2, by CandinoxrushI'll Catch You: Ready to go

27th May 2011:
You are the second person to recommend the Hunger Games...hmm I am going to have to look into that.
Also, I think you did an excellent job of giving us JUST ENOUGH info about what Ace and George were doing. You made it very sweet. Reading it didn't make me blush, it just made me smile. Which is a very good thing. :)
I don't even know what to think about Ace and her little potion friend any more. =/ I think I am going to give up trying to work it out in my head and let the genius (you) lead me to the conclusion.
Once again- Wonderful, Brilliant, Epic.
:D Candace

Author's Response: Hey Candace! They are awesome, you should definitely read them :)
Thats what I was trying to do. I dind't want ot make it too graphic because, well, that would be too awkward to read. You've got to keep it classy, you know?
Ace and the potion will come back very soon? Will she be strong enough to quit? I don't know! Or do I?
Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by CandinoxrushI'll Catch You: Remission and Reunion

27th May 2011:
1) I have re-read this chapter twice trying to figure out what you left's KILLING ME! Emily, why!?
2) I think it will last until she is without George again :/ Addiction is funny in the way that it will rear it's ugly head again. Poor Ace.

Another Brilliant chapter. You continue to amaze me.
:D Candace

Author's Response: Hey Candace! I'll put you out of your misery. SHE DIDN'T THROW OUT THE POTION! Trouble, possibly.
Maybe she will go back once she's without George. Maybe she wont.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by CandinoxrushThe Bystanders: Laura: Adorable and Amazing

23rd May 2011:
EMILY!!! Why are you so brilliant? Why is Neville so adorable!? Why is Laura so wonderfully amazing?
I am so happy you updated I could dance! This story makes my heart do this funny flipping thing. It's just so perfect! *sque*
I can't wait to read more. :D You write Neville really well. Much better than I do and I am extremely jealous of your amazing writing abilities!
Keep it coming, I implore you!

Author's Response: Hey Candace! I'm glad I made you happy and that your heart does a little flippy thing! You write NEville brilliantly as well, so don't sell yourself short! In fact, you are an amazing writer so you should give yourself some credit!
Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by CandinoxrushI'll Catch You: Temporary Withdrawl

6th May 2011:
O.O What on earth is Ace's subconscious doing?
That being said, I loved the line about Ace's lie being scary and strangely empowering. When I was a Freshman in HS I was so worried that I wouldn't be interesting enough to make friends that I lied all the time, I can totally relate her feelings! Needless to say it blew up in my face around the end of Sophomore year. Will Ace's lies blow up in her face? I bet they wiiill!
So anyway- Another amazing chapter by one of the greatest authors ever to grace HPFF with her words! :D
10/10 as per usual!

Author's Response: Hello Candace! What is Inner Ace doing? It's craziness I tell you, craziness!
And will the lies blow up in Ace's face? Well well well, I hope that your situation got better!
Thanks for the gracious review! You're a pretty amazing author as well!

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Review #6, by CandinoxrushThe Bystanders: Laura: The First Tutoring Session

5th May 2011:
.please...please let there be more of Laura/Neville. I am begging, on my knees begging. IF THERE IS A GOD THERE WILL ALSO BE MORE!
I am Favoriting this and I am going to read it AGAIN!
...This is unhealthy. I should not be so obsessed.

Author's Response: Candace, Candace, there is no need to beg. Laura/Neville and Kelly/Lee are coming whether you want them or not.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by CandinoxrushI'll Catch You: The Great Escape

5th May 2011:
Ohhh, it it titled the great escape because Ace is escaping from her pain by taking that potion?

Ace is going to be terribly sad D: He should have swept her off her feet in a passionate kiss before riding off into the sunset!

Once again AMAZING! I look forward to MORE MORE MORE!!
Emily, you truly are amazing!
PS. I found you in the forums! >.< You are now on my friend list!

Author's Response: Hello Candance! You are absolutely right! She is escaping from her pain!
OH yes, she is going to be quite sad. They did have a rather cute moment until Ace went all crazy and was rejected.
Thanks for the review! You're an amazing author too!

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Review #8, by CandinoxrushI'll Catch You: You are my favourite memory

5th May 2011:
As for my favorite line- well...I can't quote the whole chapter so.“Wait, back up for a second. You two were in the library?” I reached my hands for the boy’s foreheads and felt them simultaneously. “Well, you don’t seem to be feverish. Are you going insane, then?” - Only because I can actually see it happening, and even though it's just a quote it was really well written and it made me laugh! :D

Numero Dose: is it affecting her in the way that she can't think of a happy memory in order to produce her patronus? Am I right? Do I get a biscuit and a pat on the head?
10/10 as always, dear!
Excellent, wonderful, stupendous, phenomenal, amazing, exemplary, groovy...are just a small spattering of the adjectives I could use to describe you and this chapter.

Author's Response: Hey Candace! No, you can't quote the wholoe chapter but the wuote you chose is very amazing! I love seeing you guys' favourite quotes.
Yes yes yes! You are absolutely right! The potion is affecting her because she can no longer remember the good things, let alone the bad. You do get a bisciut and a pat on the head.
Thanks for the flattering review!

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Review #9, by CandinoxrushThe Human Factor : The One Where Pippa Can't Sleep

27th April 2011:
Goodness. Might Pippa have a touch of OCD?
And what could Albus have been dreaming about? Maybe Pippa's death?
Probably not correct but I had to have a guess. :D
This is great, Pippa is so funny. I want to be her! And that bit about her wanting to steal Albus' watch? Totally something I would think!
Well done!
10/10 of course!

Author's Response: Hi! I hope you're having a good day.

She might have a little bit ;) Haha, that may be a understatement.

Hmmm, maybe ;) You just never know with Albus. His nightmares will pop up later on in the story.

I'm so glad you're liking Pippa so far! Haha. Watches are lovely.

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the next couple of chapters! Thanks for the review.


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Review #10, by CandinoxrushThe Human Factor : The One Where It All Begins

27th April 2011:
This chapter was so funny. I love Pippa's inner monologue!
She seems clueless at times but then I wonder if it's sarcasm?
Either way it's wonderful and I can't wait to read the next chapter.
In fact I'm going to do it right now.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you thought the chapter was funny! It means a lot to me. Haha, sometimes Pippa is just clueless, she's kinda thick at times :) I'm so glad you like it and I hope you enjoy the next chapters! Thanks so much. x

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Review #11, by Candinoxrushetc. etc. (and life goes on): May I Have This Duel?

27th April 2011:
Could you be any more brilliant?
Seriously? Is it even humanly possible for you be any more witty/intelligent?
Loved the Freud reference. I personally detest Freud. I think he's a crack.
I'll be back for more!

Author's Response: Hah! Well, crack or not, Freud's always going to be there, someway somehow. Silly Freud.

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy future chapters too ^__^ You're too sweet!

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Review #12, by Candinoxrushetc. etc. (and life goes on): Chess for Three

27th April 2011:
I don't even know how to put into words how unbelievably talented you are.
I wish I could squeeze you and take a bit of it for my own actually.
My mind has been successfully blown. Congratulations.

Author's Response: Aww haha. Well, I'll try to squeeze some for you xD I -am- 70% water! Thanks again!

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Review #13, by Candinoxrushetc. etc. (and life goes on): Manic Panic Mondays

27th April 2011:
I am... speechless.
You should be a novelist. This writing is just amazing. I knew it would be good when I saw the number of reads. I just never imagined it would be THIS good.
Such an interesting concept. A gossip paper at Hogwarts.
I could write much more on your brilliance and the brilliance of the chapter but if I don't read more I'm afraid my eyes will fall out.
200/10 (if that were possible)

Author's Response: Aww you're too sweet! -blush- Haha I didn't think it'd be such a popular concept with people! It's been done before, I thought. Thank you so much ^__^

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Review #14, by CandinoxrushRaising the Stakes: Not So Invincible After All

27th April 2011:
I...I don't know what to say about Keegan's mother. If I were Keegan I would be so royaly pissed that it wasn't me she wrote to. If she wants to know about Keegan-Here's a thought ASK KEEGAN! The dolt.
I really love the way you can write drama and then jump back into humor with enough of a transition so we poor readers don't get whiplash.
I am so sad that this is the last validated chapter. D: What am I going to do!? My head is going to explode with all of my questions!

Author's Response: Hehehe... I hope you've read the one after this!! And ah I wish I could hug you for reviewing and being so kind and super nice!! Thank you!! xxx

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Review #15, by CandinoxrushRaising the Stakes: Changes

27th April 2011:
Oh no...ohnoohnoohnoohnoohno! If Keegan's mom is writing it can't be a good thing can it? I sure hope Keegan's dad is alright.
And will Oliver be the one helping Keegan through this (possibly) dark time?
My goodness! I MUST KNOW!
Anyway...perfectly wonderful in every way. How do you do it?
And could Fred be more adorable?

Author's Response: Fred is one of my favourites to write! SO CUTE.. hehe. and YES the MUM! DA DA DA DUM!!

you're awesome.. have i mentioned that? xxx

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Review #16, by CandinoxrushRaising the Stakes: Ravenclaws Aren't Just All Brain

27th April 2011:
I loved LOVED the change in POV.
At first my brain was like "Wait...what?"
But when I got it I really enjoyed it.
It seems that our love-birds are both suppressing feelings for each other. This can only lead to hilarity.
I really love the long chapters. I am a short and to the point kind of girl and its really nice to be reading and not have it all of the sudden end.
You let me prepare for the end. I appreciate that. xD
10/10 as always!

Author's Response: Awwwe yaaay I'm so glad the change was understandable. I was worried it'd confuse people too much :P

Hehe thank you. I write long cause I always have so much dialogue! I love dialogue! xxx

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Review #17, by CandinoxrushRaising the Stakes: Overwhelmed

26th April 2011:
You should have seen my face just...fall when Keegan started her flash back. It was just so sad.
This chapter gave some real depth to the story. Not a generic 'He's a player and I hate but I love him too' story.
This took a turn from Amazing-Funny-Romantic to Just-The-Best-Story-Out-There.
I am... speechless over how good this was.
12/10 (if that were possible)

Author's Response: They MIGHT be in love ;)

"This took a turn from Amazing-Funny-Romantic to Just-The-Best-Story-Out-There."

OMG!! you are too sweeet that's so nice!! I'M speechless... and blushing. Teeehee, thank you for reading and reviewing and again, being awesome!! xxx

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Review #18, by CandinoxrushRaising the Stakes: Idiots with an Ego

26th April 2011:
"You'll have no problem snagging that one."
Poor Justin. I kind of have a soft spot for him already! He reminds me the tiniest bit of Neville ( and I am madly, desperately in love with Neville)
I hope Keegan doesn't do her usual tough girl thing and lets him down easy!
But that Amanda-Douche? Someone needs to set her strait. She must be a complete fool to mess with Keegan.
As per usual, very amazing chapter and I can't wait to read more.
I love how Keegan is not a Mary-Sue at all. You get that with a lot of OC's (I am pretty sure I am guilty of it myself)
You are one amazing humor writer. Oh how I envy you!

Author's Response: Teeehee I love Neville too!! And dont worry justin totally makes a comeback!! Ahh you wrote so many reviews and I keep saying the same thing so I want to say once and for all... YOU ARE AMAAAZING!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

literally, it's people like you that keeps me going!! awesome people, hehe ;) xxx

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Review #19, by CandinoxrushRaising the Stakes: The Gryffindor Magnet

26th April 2011: that little bit at the end there going to get back to poor Justin "Just-in" time to get his poor little heart broken. (by the way, that pun...totally intended)
Can I just say (once again) how much I love Keegan and the way she calls Miranda (little drama sponge!) 'Mate'. It's cute. She really is 'just one of the guys'.
And what is this with Fred and George, hmm?
Is there going to be hilarity or chemistry?
And what will Wood do now that the girl he is destined to be with 'likes' Justin? So many questions, so little time!
Once again, Grammar and spelling is spot on. You're an intelligent little writer aren't you?
Enough of my awkward rambling- I MUST READ MORE!

Author's Response: Wow.. I'm so crap at responding!! Anyway you're too cute, thank you again and again x10 for reviewing every chapter!! And Fred. George. Oliver.. gaahh so many boys so little time ;) hehehe. And i'm not thaaat intelligent *blushes* you're awesome!! x

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Review #20, by CandinoxrushRaising the Stakes: Upping the Ante

26th April 2011:
I love Keegan. I LOVE HER.
She is so freaking hilarious! She really is a tough little thing, isn't she? And all that sexual tension? It really makes for an amazing story. Keegan's inner monologue just keeps me smiling continuously at my computer screen, I probably look like a complete nutter, but I would say that is Keegan's fault for being such a funny little pistol!
Quidditch Camp? Let me guess: Hilarity ensues?
Really no grammatical/spelling errors that I picked up on, but then again I am not really one for details (as you can probably tell from the story of mine you're reading.)
I love Keegan's little brother. Quite the girl-crazy lad isn't he?
I also really like the friendship between Keegan and her team. It's rather endearing.
Off to read more!

Author's Response: Hahaha YAY!!! Keegan's pretty hilarious, isn't she?? She's so much fun to write and yeah she is tough alright! A little insane here and there, but you know it's part of her charm haha. Oh god yeah the sexual tension!! I was scared I overdid it, but I can't help it... I just feel like Oliver just loves pushing her buttons and that usually results in him being very... sexual with her. Hahahaha xD
Quidditch camp! Deff hilarity... well in the future anyways. and Keegan's brother is adorable!! I'm in love with him! I might write a sequel in his POV ;) Anyway thanks for another awesome review!! xxx

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Review #21, by CandinoxrushRaising the Stakes: Making Bets...

26th April 2011:
I am favoriting this.
I am in love with this kind of humor at the moment.
:D Excellent. I tried to keep all of the things that made me laugh out loud in my head, so I could specifically comment on those, however there were far far to many to do that. This review would be 15 pages long.
Amazing amazing story.
( I also really love the chapter images)

Author's Response: Heeeyy awwwe!! I'm so happy you like the humor and find it funny... that was totally what I was aiming for! I don't even know what to say, but I'm so flattered and you're kind of awesome!! Thank you!! xxx

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Review #22, by CandinoxrushSnogging Sarah Simpson: One Man Wrecking Machine

21st April 2011:
...Sydney and James are going to end up together...aren't they.
D: But...but SARAH!
I..I have to be alone for a while...

(Only joking, mostly.)
Brilliant, Amazing, Fantastic, Phenomenal, Great, Wonderful, Epic, Beautiful...those are only a small spattering of the adjectives I would use to describe this chapter/story/the author!

Author's Response: Well, you never know. He could end up with anyone. My friend refuses to ship anything but James/Filch and I could just randomly put that in there and not choose Sydney or Sarah at all. :P Thank you so much for the review!!

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Review #23, by CandinoxrushSnogging Sarah Simpson: She Drives Me Crazy

21st April 2011:
This might be the very best chapter. I laughed all throughout the conversation between the boys and Sydney. Forbidding her to date Walter- Too Funny!
I'm sad to see the story end but excited to see how it ends...? Well those are some conflicting emotions. There is a tornado in my chest. Right. Now.
Anyway...enough of my weirdness. I'm off to read more.
You're wonderful!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! And a tornado in your chest? That sounds rather painful! Hahaha. I'm so glad that you like this story! Your reviews are always so lovely.

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Review #24, by CandinoxrushRonald's Box: Little lies corrected

20th April 2011:
I love how they are learning things that we've known for ages for the first time.
I also love how Hugo takes after Hermione so much.

Author's Response: Hehe, yeah, it's difficult to find the right balance between what the kids logicaly must know from stories and school history classes, and what really happened (or, you know, the way they - the members of the Trio - perceived it). And also trying to have it brought through different scenes that are canon but were not shown in the books... Glad it works!!

Ah yes, Hugo is so much fun to write. He is quite similar to his mother but lacks her "live-by-the-rules" attitude.

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Review #25, by CandinoxrushRonald's Box: First Look at Hogwarts' Fall 1991

20th April 2011:
Can I say this enough? Totally AMAZING.
I can't get over what an original idea this is. It's the first fan fic I've read like it and I really wish there were more.

Author's Response: *blush*

Thank you so much, you have no idea how happy I am to hear that people consider this original. It is so hard to come up with something different nowadays, don't you think?
Well, all this to say that I'm glad you enjoy it!

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