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Review #1, by you know whoYou Speak to Me in Riddles: Epilogue

7th June 2011:
I started reading this story a while ago, when you'd only written ten chapters. Then I completely forgot about it - though I have no idea to how; it's honestly one of the best Dramione fanfictions I've ever read. And so today I found it amongst my bookmarks and I literally dropped everything I was doing and read those 12 chapters :P
Such a sad yet perfect ending, I must say. You've succeeded with following the book, without making me feel like I've just read the whole sixth book all over again.
You've also made a great job with Hermione's and Draco's personalities and the way their relationship develops throughout the story. Amazingly good work! 10/10
I'll go check out if you've published any other stories right away! Hope you have a nice day!
~ you know who

Author's Response: I have definitely had a nice day now, thank you so much, this is the nicest review I have ever received, so thank you so much :)
One of the best? Wow. I'm flattered, you've made me blush, haha. Although I'm sure there are better ones out there, thanks so much.
I really tried to keep them true to themselves and yet make it interesting enough for a story to come out of it, and the 6th book is just perfect for a Dramione :)
I'm putting out a few more stories really soon, so keep checking, although I need to write another Dramione, they are too much fun!
Have a lovely week, I hope to speak to you again soon :)

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Review #2, by you know whoCooler Than Me: Saturdays

21st May 2011:
Sod off Black :O what an asshole. Guys are assholes...

Anyhow; you, HunterRiddle, is a god and I envy you. This is really good and I can't wait to read more. Please update soon!

10/10 :D

~ you know who

Author's Response: Haha, I wouldn't go that far, but thanks so much! The new chapter should be up soon!
Thanks again! :D

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Review #3, by you know whoFading Ink: Chapter 5: Deceiving the Deceiver

21st April 2011:
Really interesting story, love it! Can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! You made my day! :)

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Review #4, by you know whoThe Broken Hourglass: Meeting

19th March 2011:
I like this story a lot! I'm so glad I found it. Very intresting, well-written and thought-through and unlike anything else I've read. I'm very, very curious to see what'll happen next. Can't wait for more! Please update soon! 10/10
~you know who

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Review #5, by you know whoThe Daughter From Unknown .: The Plan

4th January 2011:
Wow! What a great fanfiction! I think I'm in love :) You had me completely hooked from the beginning. It's very intriguing and I'm curious to see what'll happen next. Oh, and Lucius can go drown himself! I'm eager to read more. PLEASE UPDATE SOON! (I want to read about their date!) 10/10

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Review #6, by you know whoThe Edge of Darkness: The Hospital

11th December 2010:
You had me hooked from the start!
I'm finding this fanfiction very intriguing and I'm curious to see what'll happen next. To bad it came to an end though.
Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, i'm trying to proceed with the story, i want to take writing these chapters slow to make just i've captured all the emotions that iwant to be portrayed and such. Thank you!

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Review #7, by you know whoMagnetism: I Surrender

4th December 2010:
Wow! Just... wow!
Amazing! Perfect! Awesome! Beautiful!

Now I've read this fanfiction for a couple of days and I've enjoyed every second of it! You're really, really good! Do not ever stop writing!
This is undoubtedly one of the best fanfictions I've ever read!
There's simply nothing I think you could've done better! :)
Thank you for the reading! 10/10

And please, please, please update soon! I can't wait! ;)

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Review #8, by you know whoYou Speak to Me in Riddles: X

1st December 2010:
Now I've spent the last couple of hours reading this fanfiction and I must say I really enjoyed it! I'm finding it very intriguing and I'm curious to see what'll happen!
Also, I've never read a story in second person POV before and to be honest it was kind of annoying in the beginning, but I got used to it and now I must say I like it! It's different! *thumbs up* :)
Very well done. Please update soon! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! The second person is hard to adjust to but I'm glad that you did. I used it mainly because my favourite stories were always written in the second POV and I found them easier to relate to :)
Well, I'm just about to update so make sure you check it out in a few days after validation :)

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Review #9, by you know whoTo Seduce a Marauder: Mates, Dates and Dragon Bladders

11th November 2010:
One word: Brilliant!
This is my favorite fanfiction of all times! I love it! Really, really good,
It's humorous and intresting and just perfect in all ways!
To bad you've abandoned it! Lucky me, you've began another one :)
Oh, and happy birthday, though it's a bit late ;)

Author's Response: Thanks so much :)
Yeah, Maddy and I just don't see each other as much as we did when we started this story and neither of us have the motivation anymore.
Even still, thanks for the review. And glad to see that you're reading our (mine and Liana's) new story!

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Review #10, by you know whoMiss Marauder: Prologue

11th November 2010:
Just awesome! Perfect start; I just wanted to read more and more and more. Lydia, Alex and Eva are really interesting characters to read about. I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Unfortunately, at the moment, there isn't any more for you to read :( We'll try to get a new chapter up asap

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