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Review #26, by Toujours PadfootBreaking Even: A Change of Plans

4th March 2013:
Okay, right off the bat I have a sick feeling in my stomach. I am only like two paragraphs in, but I have this huge worry that everyone is going to think it was Beth when James and Lily are killed. Everyone will think she was the spy because she was the only one known to associate with Death Eaters. D: IF SHE GOES TO AZKABAN FOR TWELVE YEARS WHILE SEVERUS STILL HAS NO MEMORY OF HER, I WILL DIE. I REALLY WILL.

Has Sirius been telling everyone about the failed mission? OR WAIT. WAS IT SEVERUS. Oh my lord, I hope not. How humiliating, to have Severus of all people going around informing people that she'd freaked out and put them all at risk.

Okay he is just being too suspicious now. Sirius is looking more and more like the town gossip.

Really admiring James for telling her she was brave and pointing out that he'd be just as lost if Lily had her memories wiped and looked at him without any feeling. Of all people, I am really happy it was James who walked out into the alley. James understands her on a level the others don't, because unlike Sirius he doesn't just hear what he wants to hear. He's very astute. He notices the feelings of others and always knows the right thing to say to make them feel better.

On one hand I'm peeved at Moody for publicly removing Beth from mission work (I wonder who will replace her...). Totally could have just taken her aside and told her instead of announcing it. But I don't blame him for reassigning her. She's got a weak spot where Severus is concerned and could potentially be a risk factor because of it.


And now I am just sitting here with my jaw on the floor because he recognized the bracelet. SEE? See!? I knew she was hiding in there somewhere! She's all over the place in bits and pieces, and eventually it will all come together. I have to believe that. Ahhh, oh my goodness, this is such a hopeful feeling. That was...that was the most suspense I have ever felt reading any fanfic, right there. Him just staring at her and omg she must have been freaking out on the inside because of the confused recognition in his eyes; and they're all there to witness it.

Peter sounding almost scared when he asked if he was looking at her made me wonder why Severus never told Dumbledore, during these secret meetings, that Peter's been popping up at DE headquarters. Why doesn't he ever tell anyone? And if he truly is working with the Order now, helping their cause, wouldn't he want to out Peter before Peter gets the chance to inflict any damage? I mean, he knows that Peter spends a lot of time with Lily and James. Having Peter anywhere near the Death Eater circle is all kinds of dangerous, and goes against everything Severus thinks he's fighting for. WHY DOESN'T HE SAY SOMETHING. Dumbledore starts suspecting that there's a spy in their midst soon - if not already - and I'm dying to know which of them he suspects. In canon it was Sirius, but Sirius suspected Remus, but having Beth in the equation makes it impossible to guess.


Fabulous chapter, as always! ♥

Author's Response: Oh, how much you've learned since writing this review. :3 BUT YOU DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING, TEE HEE. ♥

The failed mission was discovered because Sirius and Beth have to make mission reports, remember. It was Sirius -- but not in a sneaky writing-letters-in-the-dead-of-night sort of way. Beth knew Moody would find out, but unfortunately, she didn't imagine she'd get taken off mission work for it. Moody definitely didn't handle it well, calling her out in public for basically failing, and I don't think she should have been taken off missions. But at the same time, she basically stood up and screamed at him. Poor girl cannot cope with so much right now, which means her brain's halfway shut down. D: She needs hugs.

I love James in this chapter, though! He's such good pseudo big brother. :) Which is ironic too because he's a month younger than she is, but anyway, that vibe's still there. I feel like if Sirius had followed her out there he just would have listened and nodded along to all the angry things Beth would have said, and she didn't need someone like that -- she needed someone to calm her down. JAMES NEEDS HUGS, TOO. HUGS FOR EVERYBODY ~

The bracelet, yarr! Didn't I say that it was going to be important? :D I was thinking about memory charms, and about that movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and how Joel forgot to remove just one thing that reminded him of Clementine and that was where it all unraveled. (I feel like you've seen this movie, but if not, just bear with me.) Severus had his memories removed, but I don't think the bracelet itself would be gone from his mind -- just the fact that it was Beth's. So he recognizes the bracelet, and of course he's bound to be confused as to why it's on that random young woman's wrist... :3

-and meanwhile Beth slowly melts into a puddle on the floor-

We discussed Dumbledore and Peter and Severus, yo, and that is dangerous territory because it makes my head hurt, trying to rationalize it all. Oops. J.K. ROWLING, THERE ARE THINGS YOU SHOULD HAVE EXPLAINED BETTER. I just tried to explain that in another response and failed with epic proportions, so feel free to trawl back and have a laugh. You are so much better at explaining things than meee.

That better have not been a cricket I just heard, oh my lord. I do not want a cricket in my room.

ANYWAY, SORRY. ♥ I hope I was able to answer some of your questions the other night, but I also hope you still have lots, because I am mean like that.


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Review #27, by Toujours PadfootOf Love and a Locket: Love and a Locket

1st March 2013:
Poor Salazar! It's so interesting to see how different he is in comparison to his last living descendant, Tom Riddle. The Gaunt family was so inbred that they were practically mutants; and here, at the beginning of it all, Salazar demonstrates such a clarity of mind and a sophistication that must have been lost over the years while his grandsons and great-grandsons struggled to marry purebloods (thereby frequently dipping into their very own familial gene pool).

I felt so bad for Salazar here, especially after hearing that Cecilia was his salvation and prompted a change of heart and ideals that apparently his children must not have learned of. If they'd known that he'd turned good towards the end, maybe the Gaunts never would have materialized. But then after reading the letter to Cyrus and his testimony that he very much wanted to die in order to join his wife in the afterlife, I didn't feel so bad for him anymore. In a way, he was going home.

Thanks for sharing!

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Review #28, by Toujours PadfootThe Sword and the Doe: The Sword and the Doe

1st March 2013:
What an interesting alternative to what could have happened! For a moment there I thought Harry was going to die thrashing down there in the water. When Snape of all people saved him, I had all but forgotten that Snape was of course hiding in the trees somewhere, as he was the one to have produced the doe patronus. It was lucky he knew enough to cut the chain; the fact that he had to drop the sword back into the pond because Harry hadn't rightfully earned it yet made me a little indignant. Poor Harry! The last thing he needs is another dip in that freezing water to try to get it again.

I was feeling much better about the state of things, with Harry's vitals starting to improve, until Snape started smearing ash on his forehead and chanting funeral rites in Latin. I quite honestly did not know what to make of that. Was he trying to get Harry to die?

Your descriptions were really lovely, like the 'cross' at the bottom of the pond and the way light played off the water. There were a few passages that could have been simplified a bit, simply because they were on the wordy side and everything seemed to happen in slow motion because of the attention to minute detail; but on the whole I was very pleased. I also liked reading Snape's thoughts on Dumbledore - Dumbledore's request when he was already half-dead, and keeping his promises, and it made me think of something I hadn't really thought about before.

Now that Dumbledore was dead, according to Voldemort Snape would have no reason to pretend to be loyal to him anymore. Sneaking away to the forest to help Harry could easily have cost his life. What would have happened if someone had gone up to his office while he was gone and reported his absence to Voldemort? What if one of the portraits in the Headmaster's office tattled on him after overhearing his conversations with Dumbledore's portrait? There were so many ways this could have ended badly for him, but he risked it anyway to help a boy he could barely stand. Call Severus Snape whatever you like, but no one can say that he's a coward.

Great one-shot!

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Review #29, by Toujours PadfootThe Bold, The Cunning, The Wise, The Caring: The Bold, The Cunning, The Wise, The Caring

1st March 2013:
I thought this was a nice summation of the feelings the Founders had towards each other, and I liked their physical markers with honeysuckle hair, facial scruff, etc. It was a visual image with just enough details.

I particularly liked your portrayal of Slytherin's appearance with dead, dull eyes and thin scars gouged in his face. Your word choice in describing him brought to mind an almost cartoonish sort of villain, with 'minions' and delighting in watching others suffer. As there are quite a lot of villains like this in canon (Vernon Dursley is remarkably unforgiving and one-note), I don't see this as anything negative.

Helga sounds quite nice, giving everyone a chance regardless of background. Rowena is at once fair but still placing her allegiance with Godric; your description of Godric with a 'heart like a dragon' was very apt.

There were a few typos, which made the sentences somewhat hard to read, and since you did not identify which characters were which in the separate scenes, it would have been helpful to make their individual passages longer so that readers could better figure out who they were.

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Review #30, by Toujours PadfootAmbition: Ambition

1st March 2013:
Ambitious is a very befitting word to describe Lucius Malfoy. Listening to him count his many blessings with an arrogant, entitled air strongly reminded me of what we know of adult Lucius from canon. Ugh, to think of him as actually being Head Boy! I completely forgot that Lucius was Head Boy. He gravitated towards positions of power from a young age, I can see, and probably abused it horribly. If he was anything like Draco during his school days, he would have made a nasty authority figure.

It struck me while I was reading him wondering about future jobs at the Ministry that Lucius never really had a particular affinity for any one career. It wasn't a job that interested him, but being someone with influence. Your description of him matches seamlessly with the man who eventually made himself one of Hogwarts's governors and learned who to bribe and who to threat in order to get what he wanted.

I'm pleased to see that he harbors at least a little bit of feelings towards Narcissa, even if they seem more casual than romantic. I'd like to think that their marriage was a loving one even if it did have its ups and downs.

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Review #31, by Toujours PadfootLittle Red: two sisters, dark and light, red and white

1st March 2013:

Wow. I am guessing this was Dominique, right? You said she was a shadowed speck and her sister was the golden-haired nymph, and Victoire is usually portrayed as blonde. Okay, I definitely was not expecting that ending. That was.

Omg that was just horrifying. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A FAIRY TALE. D: You could give the Grimm brothers a run for their money.

I am reading this over again to try to interpret it. I will probably get it wrong, because that is always what happens when I try to interpret dark, twisted, pretty things. So far I am getting that once upon a time, Dominique wanted to tame the vicious wolf that is Teddy, so she decided to become a Healer. But first she seduced him away from her sister. THERE IS SO MUCH BLOOD. Okay, after reading this three times I have ascertained that both sisters must have issues with wanting to fix men.

Omg she gave him her veela blood so that he would have to be attracted to her. THAT IS SO MESSED UP. And then aghhh Teddy lunged at Victoire and killed her while Victoire was only trying to help him; meanwhile Dominique is doing all kinds of bad stuff on the sly, totally making him the animal he's become. Dominique, what are you even doing.

Okay, she deserved it, then.

(My interpretation is wrong, isn't it.)

Gina this was so twisted, and still so gorgeous. The contrast of nice things - candy, white, sweet - combined with blood and wolf fangs and sdfjdfjjf. Haunting but still so lovely. You should compile a collection of OF fairy tale retellings just like this. You would make a mint, I tell you. (Or fanfiction. In which case you would make a...Dobby.)

Author's Response: DOMINIQUE INDEED. A redhead recessive and blondie... wondie.

It is marked as horror, o k. c: BUT REALLY THAT IS THE HIGHEST COMPLIMENT SARAH. I mean especially thinking back to that day, I was just like 'oh I think I'll write a horror story' and plop, it came out, and I would have never thought that I'd look back thinking this is one of the best things I've written. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW?

There is so much blood haaa. Ye almost got it. It's Victoire who wants to tame Teddy but can't, although Dom does want to tame him later, when she matures. And I think you got that after a few reads lol I'm sorry if I broke your brain. BUT YOUR INTERPRETATION TOTALLY FITS DON'T WORRY 8D

♥ guh guh guh, says the master of fairy tales plz. Fairy tales remain my favorite stories, but I've always avoided retelling them because retellings are a dime a dozen BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT TO NOW c:

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Review #32, by Toujours PadfootGreen: Green

28th February 2013:
That day, I learned that indifference was the opposite of love rather than hate.

I think you're absolutely right. Hate has a lot of passion in it. It's different from love, yes, but not quite the opposite. When you hate someone, you still feel something towards them - even if that feeling is negative. Indifference, on the other hand, is even worse to receive. Knowing that the other person genuinely doesn't care is worse than being hated. You feel small, ignored.

I like the way you used the reoccurring theme of green throughout - the color of her eyes, the color of envy, the color of her death. It was like watching all of Lily's days passing before us in different shades of green, while she shrunk smaller and smaller. To be so close to someone one day and then, like you said, lose it all forever in a moment of humiliation, would cause so much self-loathing in years to come. Your one-shot illustrated all of the beauty of Lily but also the coldness, too. He was fifteen years old when he said that word. He'd made a mistake. For all of their years of friendship, to cut him off after that like a cancer, never looking back, indicates that it wasn't just his fault that the friendship was over. She had been looking for ways to sever ties.

She died much too young, and her death clearly stunted Severus's growth thereafter. It's so sad what happened to both of them, and how her death sort of killed them both.

Beautiful one-shot!

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Review #33, by Toujours PadfootLoyalty and Honor: Loyalty and Honor

28th February 2013:
No! Turn around, Sirius!

I wish he would have stayed there like she wanted him to. I mean, just because James loves her doesn't mean that by giving her up, Lily will automatically transfer her feelings for Sirius to James instead. But I know why Sirius did it. He, more than most, knows what loyalty and honor is. He won't betray his best friend's trust even if that means his own heartbreak.

Sirius/Lily always makes me feel a little bit sad, because I can definitely see it as something that could have happened, but even if Sirius loved her just as much as James did, James had made his feelings public. In doing so, telling all the world from the very beginning that he wanted Lily, it was a way of saying she was off-limits. From there on out, she was untouchable amongst his friends. For someone like Sirius, who treated his friends with the utmost respect, it would be the worst kind of betrayal to go after James's girl even if she wasn't even his girl yet. The extent of his loyalty is really something to admire, and you realistically captured how torn he would feel if placed in a situation where he could have had her if he wanted, but chose instead to give her up. His sacrifice could have been for nothing, too, if Lily had just decided she never wanted anything to do with James. But she eventually did. His inner desperation, the urge to be noble clashing with the urge to be selfish, was so hard to watch. I really felt awful for him.

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Review #34, by Toujours PadfootBravery: Bravery

28th February 2013:
This was a really cute one-shot! It's so interesting to stumble upon stories that were written prior to the release of Deathly Hallows, and reading authors' predictions of what events would be like. You were accurate about the weather being lovely and the bridesmaids wearing gold dresses, which I found impressive.

If only Ron and Hermione had talked things out like this so early on in Deathly Hallows like they did here! It was adorable how Ron kept beginning to compliment Hermione and then changing it at the last moment, talking about the lake and the sky. When he told her that her dress was gorgeous, I snorted out loud. Classic Ron! But in the end, he summoned the bravery to tell her his true feelings, and his bravery definitely paid off.

I've always felt that Ginny really got the sorry end of the stick when Harry cut things off before running away with Hermione and Ron. Ginny had to sit in school without her older brother or Harry, enduring it alone, wondering how they were. I like how you had them reconcile during the wedding here, so that even if they were to be separated they would still be together in spirit - still officially dating. Because honestly, Ginny has a point. The Death Eaters know they were involved in one way or another. I'm sure the children of Death Eaters who attended Hogwarts will have spilled all kinds of information about Harry, including his weaknesses. Harry having a girlfriend would be at the top of that list. It kind of amazes me that no one ever kidnapped her to torture her for information, now that I think about it.

Lovely one-shot!

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Review #35, by Toujours PadfootSkywards: Chapter Two.

28th February 2013:
I knew that when I came back here to read the rest of this, it was going to be like a punch in the stomach. I don't know if there's any way one can prepare to view some of the worst times of their favorite character's life. But even though this was so sad, it was still so beautiful.

You demonstrated Sirius's unending loyalty so well here. Lily asked him to come and of course he did without a second's hesitation, sitting there on the bed where William lay dying. And poor James, exhausting himself trying to keep a vigil over his father, as if that would keep him alive. It just hit me that William must be a surrogate father to Sirius, that he loved him, too. He wasn't there just to support James. I think he must have needed those last few moments with William, too.

And then a very pregnant Alice, and Frank - so vibrant and alive and natural - they were like real people. Ordinary people just living their everyday life.

The ending just gutted me. I wish I could shout, "He's not dead! Peter's not dead!" at him and he could hear me, so that he would fight to stay out of Azkaban, fight for justice, but I think that this is the moment when Sirius gave up. This is the moment when the reality of James and Lily's deaths hit him - all at once - and he just completely lost it. By the time he came to, he was sitting in a cell in Azkaban getting all of the good memories sucked out of him by dementors. He never really had a chance to stand up and tell everyone the truth.

Your writing is so, so lovely. I loved your description of Sirius flying over the countryside on his motorbike, spitting up gravel when he landed on the Potters' property while light spilled out of the house, a pale Lily watching and waiting for him to come in and help somehow. I loved how vivid the explosion in the street was - the blood, the confusion, the eternal heartbeat of silence before screams started letting out. And Sirius's initial impulse to help people, trying to assist that woman, before he realized that everyone was pointing their fingers at him: Everything was perfect. Heartbreaking and horrible and perfect.

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry I put you through seeing such awful moments in Sirius's life! Just remember, what gets him through it is the memory of all the wonderful things in his life and the hope that he could be happy again.

I think you're right about Sirius's relationship with William Potter - if he and James were like brothers, it stands to reason that the couple who took him in as a lost teen would feel like beloved parents to him, too. He needs to be there just as much as James and Lily do.

I really enjoyed writing Frank and Alice's part, thank you for commenting on it!

Ohhh the ending! I'm sorry. Blame JKR. I hate injustice *so much* and the way Sirius never really has a chance to clear his name just... urrrgh. Too sad. You describe it so well.

Thank you for the comments on the writing and imagery. I always try to get a good balance of setting the scene and creating images, whilst not getting bogged down. You've actually picked out some of the bits I saw most vividly in my own mind (the spray of gravel, Lily in the doorway, the silence after the explosion).

And yeah, Sirius. Poor Sirius trying to help and then realising they'd all turned on him. I felt bad just writing that, but I had to show that a switch didn't just flip during that explosion that sent him mad - a lot of things came together and mixed in with his grief. It's when he realises he's utterly alone and trapped that something snaps within him.

I'm glad you enjoyed (if 'enjoyed' is the right word) this chapter so much. I really got my teeth into it when I was writing. Thanks for the wonderful review.

~ Sarah

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Review #36, by Toujours PadfootBreaking Even: The Mind's Eye

25th February 2013:
It had been a good thing his colleague, whoever she'd been, had yanked him away at the last moment - OKAY THAT IS JUST REALLY NOT NICE. Labeling her as 'whoever she'd been' made my poor feelings fall about fifty stories and land in a sewer somewhere to be chewed apart by rats. I hope that description was sufficiently unpleasant for you to read.


Pulling up the shun veil real quick to add that I absolutely adore your Severus. You must be so tired of hearing people compliment how canon he is, but you will sit there and endure listening, anyway.

I think that the ultimate testimony to how much he cared for Beth is in the simple truth that Severus values his brain on a higher level than most. He's a brilliant, brilliant man. He's naturally curious; he loves to know everything. The idea of voluntarily handing over his own memories - a real, tangible, part of himself and who he is, vulnerable to Albus Dumbledore of all people (and let's not forget that not long before this point, Dumbledore had been regarded as the enemy) - it speaks such volumes. It's louder than a hundred "I love you's". And this is one of the things I love the most about your writing. You show us instead of tell us, in ways that sometimes take a while to sink in for the readers, that are sometimes appreciated even more a long time after a character says or does something. Even now, I'm still not finished inspecting all of the angles of Severus and Beth and their decision to have his memories of her taken away. His sacrifice has made him ignorant in ways, which contradicts all of his high opinions of himself, his value for intelligence. He values intelligence so much that he gathers intelligence for BOTH OPPOSING SIDES IN THE MOST DANGEROUS WAR CLIMATE EVER. And still, he gives it up. He gives up a piece of himself to keep the girl he loves safe, and I will never stop adoring him for that.


Oooh is it wrong of me to hope that Severus risks it all and fiddles at the cottony stuff inside his brain? Because that is my secret hope. I hope he realizes that memories have been taken from him. In his present state of mind, he wouldn't know the circumstances of it because he didn't leave himself any clues about having memories taken for his own good, and such a thing would cause him alarm. But of course you're mean so you're not going to give me the swift resolution that I want.

Wait a minute. Now that I'm thinking about it, I can't remember whether Beth knows that the memories are still intact or not? DOES SHE KNOW? Omg I hope she knows. She needs that little bit of hope. All this time I've just assumed she knew, because I as the reader know, but she could just be walking around oblivious of it. That would be so horrible to not have that tiny hope. I CAN'T REMEMBER, PLEASE TELL ME THINGS.

Omg what if Beth gets drunk and shows up at his door and just tells him everything.

Moody! That was totally Moody!

Wow, Snape is like a robot. He is so coarse with poor Mulciber! Why did I call him 'poor', the man is a Death Eater. Well, in this light they're kind of not the enemy...what am I even saying... That was like the worst way to tell someone their friend is dead. Just showing up at the door, bluntly telling them they're dead, and then turning around and bolting off. Severus, you have so many issues. I really love you for it. And then of course he goes upstairs and hides in his room where he can be human and confused all by himself. I think what he's feeling probably has more to do with witnessing someone he knows well snuff it - someone who's his own age, and that would remind him of his own mortality. And knowing this was approved by Dumbledore would be kind of frightening. This would be the moment for self-doubt, for distrust, when it came to the Order.

BETH. COME BACK. BETH ON THE ROUNDABOUT. Okay this is giving me hope. I am going to sit here and tell myself that he will pick at his brain until things leak through. Because no matter how neatly and precisely Dumbledore removed memories, I'm sure Beth is hiding there in places one wouldn't expect to look. She's in the stitching between memories, on the edge, out of focus. I'm sure of it.

Author's Response: -cackle- I am cruel. ♥ And also take great pleasure in inserting those small barbs of words for the astute to latch onto. Although ew, that was a very unpleasant description indeed.

I absolutely adore when you analyze Severus -- gah. You get him SO well, and it always feels like you understand just how I see him when I'm writing him a particular way, and that is just so, so gratifying. And I completely agree with everything you said: I don't think Severus would agree to give up his memories, one of the most valuable things a person has, lightly. And you know, I don't think he would have, if he'd had the chance to think it over. It's similar in some way to his choice to join the Death Eaters, which again I think he might have backed out on if he had analyzed the consequences where Beth was involved more thoroughly. I think he's one of those people that makes up his mind about something and then must follow through with his decision, or he'd feel he'd look weak to others.

Your secret hope is a good one. :3 BUT YOU SHALL GET NO MORE OUT OF ME. I think it's pretty safe to say that if something's bothering Sev, though, Sev's going to bother it right back, as it were. (And that totally was Moody! So proud of you, knowing your canon. Not like I expected any different, of course.)

I don't think Severus knows how to deal with death -- well, obviously. He is so confused and cannot deal with the fact that he'll never see Rosier and Wilkes again, so of course he can't handle the people he WILL see, because they're going to have the same burden, and he doesn't like emotions. Poor Snape. ♥ And poor Mulciber too, really, because even though they are Death Eaters, they are still human! Slightly twisted, but that's what humanity is a lot of the time.

Reminding you here that you sparked inspiration with that last paragraph, and I shan't tell you why. ♥ WHY DO YOU LEAVE ME SUCH DELIGHTFUL REVIEWS EVERY WEEK. I CANNOT FATHOM HOW MUCH YOU DO FOR THIS STORY.

Youda best, yo. ~

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Review #37, by Toujours PadfootSweet Dreams: Sweet Dreams

20th February 2013:
Poor Lily and James! I have a very selective memory and the first year of my baby's life was such a blur that I can't recall too many sleepless nights. I do remember walking around in circles while carrying her, patting her on the back and singing Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer over and over because Christmas songs are the only songs I can remember all the words for when I'm sleep-deprived and in a pinch. Jingle Bells instead of lullabies, lol.

Lily totally said the f word in front of wee Harry! Bahaha! I like how Lily was so exhausted that she was ready to snap, and meanwhile James is still good old James, never too tired to joke. I've never looked better a day in my life, darling." - I cracked up at that. His good mood even in spite of the situation must have been infuriating for her. If she's miserable, the world must go down with her! And it was very realistic, too, because when you're tired the littlest things can make you cry. The constant wails of a baby and the frustration of not being able to soothe him would understandably send you over the edge. James's unhelpful suggestion of feeding him really, really took me back to my new motherhood days. Everyone's answer every single time my baby cried was to shove more food in her mouth. It might shut her up for a minute, but when she's done, she'll have an uncomfortably full belly on top of whatever problem she already had, and it just made it worse. The first response from other people, albeit well-meaning, is always to give them more food, so James had me rolling my eyes there and I smiled when Lily snapped at him.

What a sweet offer from Sirius and Alice! I'm glad you chose to write about a moment like this. It could have been very sunshine-and-daisies and only the wonderful aspects of parenthood, but you gave them the hard experiences, too, and I'm actually pleased you did so. They got such little time with their son that I hope they crammed a lifetime worth of learning experiences into that span of just a little over a year. You have to cherish the good as well as the bad, so that wherever Lily and James are they will still have all of those memories to reflect on.

Lovely story, Jami!

Author's Response: Hi Sarah! You know, I hear that SO often from parents. Especially when they're pregnant again. They'll make comments about how they kind of forgot about how terrible those first few weeks were, hahaha.

And I have to say, there's a very good chance I'm going to steal that bit from you where you said you walked around singing Christmas tunes because you couldn't remember any lullabies in a pinch. That feels very Lily. If I do use it when that time comes, I'll credit you of course :).

Yes! You're so right. She is miserable, and it can't be okay! James can't be joking and laughing when she's a second away from snapping into crazy mode! I'm so happy the feeding suggestion hit home. I think it would be so frustrating having people throw these obvious suggestions at you. "Oh, nursing? That's what I should try? Because you don't think I tried that five hours ago when she started crying??" yeah, we can tell I'm going to be a ball of sunshine when I have a baby, huh? :P

One of my biggest pet-peeves with Marauders era stuff is when James and Lily are made to be perfect. When they always just take things as they come, joke and laugh, are the saints of all parents... it just makes them feel so unearthly and that really diminishes the fact that they *died for their child.* If a saint dies for someone, it's almost expected. It's just as moving. But Lily and James weren't these little angel humans that couldn't have acted any other way. They were real people who dealt with some of the most stressful things a person could imagine. Okay, I don't really know where this rant was going. HAHAH. Sorry, pardon me and my over sharing of my Marauders era feels :P

Thank you so much for this review, Sarah ♥ And again for holding such an awesome challenge in the first place!! I'm excited to come by your AP this weekend!

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Review #38, by Toujours PadfootBreaking Even: Forget Him

17th February 2013:


You are totally going to burst my bubble but I HAVE A THEORY. PLEASE LET IT BE CORRECT. If Snape knew they were all Animagi, since Beth told him, this presents a complete change to the PoA timeline. Snape would have known about Peter the rat. He might have seen Scabbers any time in Ron's first three years at Hogwarts and recognized him - or maybe not - but he definitely would have known about Sirius being a dog. And he would have told Dumbledore. WHICH MEANS. THAT THIS ERASES ALL OF THAT STUFF FROM PRISONER OF AZKABAN AND HE NEVER GOES TO AZKABAN. RIGHT? Right? Wait. Omg. Oh no. What if it's PoA and Severus still doesn't have his memories back? NO, YOU CAN'T DO THAT. HOW LONG IS IT BEFORE THIS MEMORIES ISSUE IS RESOLVED.

I am really desperate at this point for you to save Sirius. I am searching for hopeful signs.



They walked almost the entire rest of the way around the block in silence, Beth pressed close to Sirius. Okay I know that this ship has sailed and then exploded and the sunken pieces are full of barnacles, but I have to admit that I hoisted a tiny Siribeth flag just now. I'M SORRY THAT'S JUST HOW IT GOES.

Poor Beth. D: The way that Severus looked at her! And Sirius, what are you doing, getting your wand out like that. Okay so Severus's memories of her are gone, but THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE CAN'T FALL IN LOVE WITH HER ALL OVER AGAIN. I mean, he did it before. It could happen again. He might not even need his memories back. It would be hard not to notice a girl who stares like I'm sure Beth does stare at him. At first it would probably be creepy to glance out of the corner of your eye and see Beth just like O O, but then he might ask himself /why/ she gets that kind of reaction to his presence, and then he might say BY GUM, IT'S BECAUSE WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER. Maybe Beth could extract his existing memories while he's asleep and tamper with them so that he sees falcons wherever he goes. It is probably a good thing I am not magical. I would be sent to Azkaban very quickly for tampering with everyone's memories.


I would be giggling if I wasn't half-terrified of him at this moment.

Nine months. :( That is so long! That is the span of a pregnancy! If Beth and Severus had done more than kissed, she could be giving birth to their love child right now! I'm so mad at the world that Beth just cannot catch a break. She deserves happiness. Severus deserves to know the truth. Knowing that he's doing all of this in Lily's honor just disgusts me. No. Lily is James's and Beth is Severus's and THAT IS HOW THINGS ARE MEANT TO BE. And now their relationship only has one person still in it.

Seventeen chapters already!!! And every single one of them are going to be like a punch to the face, I'll warrant. With every new book you write, they are successively MEANER TO THE CHARACTERS. If you ever teamed up with Moffat to write a Doctor Who episode, everyone would probably die in a fiery inferno of rubella and Daleks who shoot bombs out of their plungers.

I'VE MISSED FRETTING OVER THIS STORY SO MUCH. ♥ This is the last first review I will ever give to a Sneth story unless you decide to write that snapshot one.


Author's Response: THANK YOU. ♥ I will not say anything about your theory. You will just have to stew in the soup of your calculations. As it were. (I got that phrase from elsewhere, so please don't blame me if it sounds a bit silly. Which it does. :3) SIRIUS APPRECIATES HOW HARD YOU ARE PULLING FOR HIM, THOUGH. He also enjoys your clinging to the Siribeth wreckage!

Part of me just wants to post everything for this story all at once, so people see how things work out, and the other half will sadistically enjoy keeping you guessing. Also, that is probably a very accurate representation of how Beth is looking at him, but the key thing to that is that Snape has to look at her to see it...

Lulz! I have no idea where it came into my head to have Sirius say that particular word, but I laughed for a bit after writing it, and now I'm remembering my dad's eventually going to be reading this. -whistle- Also laughing at your semi-hatred of Lily 5ever. ♥

I AM REALLY MEAN TO MY CHARACTERS, I THINK IT'S A DISEASE. My new life goal is to be Moffat 2.0. Nobody is safe. :3

GAHH, I AM SO EXCITED THIS BOOK IS FINALLY POSTED. And that you are still sticking by me after over a year and a half (holy cow) and that you're STILL saying such amazing things to encourage me.

Last first review. Oh my God. (Although you know I'm weak, I may end up doing that snapshot one because I am going to miss these characters so much, good grief.) THANK YOU FOR BEING SO WONDERFUL. ♥

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Review #39, by Toujours PadfootMoonlight: Moonlight

28th January 2013:
I knew right away that I would love this. The feeling it creates is so warm and content - almost sleepy, but the imagery with ice and pale blues and shadow was cold - which is very much a wide-awake sort of feeling, and together it wove such an interesting mix of tone. I could see all of the Coming Home in this, but shifted so much to suit Harry and Ginny instead of Ron and Hermione. Their relationship was ingrained in your very word choice. I am endlessly impressed over and over.

Time for sap fest:

I think that out of everyone on this site, I am probably the most acquainted with your writing, and I can see the growth more clearly than anyone else could. It makes me so proud to see wonderful writing blossom into absolutely stellar writing. It's always been brilliant, but I get to see the variety of ways in which you shine by clicking around your author page and all the stories you've created; every single one of them, although different, are magnificent. That's the kind of statement you might appreciate more if it came from someone else, since by now you're used to seeing praise from me in all of my reviews, but I really hope that sinks in, because of how singular a truth it is. Do you know how hard it is to have over thirty stories on your page and have every single one of them be great?

And now I can vividly see Harry in the tent, gazing into the flames and thinking of Ginny, and Ginny and her friends taking up arms against the forces that be while she was in Hogwarts. (HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE GINNY. I MEAN, YOU EVEN WROTE HER WONDERFULLY HERE AND I BET YOU STILL DON'T LIKE HER.) I'd love to see more about Dumbledore's Army's stance in Hogwarts against Snape and the Carrows in DH. I'd love to see how Draco behaved, what classes were like, what the attitude of everyone was like under such a dangerous roof. The students that must have disappeared in the night, the punishments they must have endured at the hands of their professors, the information they must have been forced to dole out whenever asked... I wish I could read a really good story filling in that gap, and sadly I don't think I could find one, and it makes me wish you'd turn this into a novel. Because I'm selfish and if I could have it my way, you'd be balancing 20 WIPs so that I could read them, all the while yelling at you to stop writing so many WIPs. I am consistent. ~

Towards the end, I had to reread a couple of sentences because Ginny opened the window and the cold breeze came in, and then suddenly it's Harry feeling the cold breeze, and they fleshed together so perfectly that it tripped me up for a second that it was Harry! I didn't even notice the change from italics to normal. And then of course, their thoughts being along the same channel, and them seeming to speak to each other, to feel each other, across all that made me so sad but so...peaceful. That's the word I'm looking for. I had a half-smile on my face the whole time I was reading this, because the substance and style are so lovely, and the ending was perfect.

You are tops. ♥

Author's Response: Of COURSE the first review I have to respond to would be yours! ♥ You are currently not on Skype, and I am assuming that you are lost in the blissful throes of Community, which is a perfect excuse. Nevertheless, it's hard to respond to you when you're not at hand to complain to about it. :(

I am so, so glad you like this, and I think I'm more sincere when I say that to you than to anyone else, just because it MEANS something to me to have you enjoy a story of mine. I feel like part of me writes for you, just to see how you evaluate it; that's how much I value your opinion. I can't see my growth AT ALL because of my objective viewpoint, and knowing that you think I've grown as a writer in the nearly-three years (oh my gosh, how) you've known me is a tremendous, tremendous thing. I don't think I'd have had the courage to write an original novel, let alone seek out agents for it, if it hadn't been for you. I wouldn't have had the courage to finish a FAN FICTION novel. I will never not appreciate, or even appreciate less, any comments coming from you, no matter how many times you say things. You are the reason I am still writing, and I know I have said that before, but that is because it is absolutely, positively true.

(I STILL DO NOT LIKE GINNY, THAT IS FOR SURE.) And yet somehow... writing her here, when she's away from Harry, was very tolerable and almost enjoyable. I kind of write this story solely from the banner I found, but there was a peace to their being apart that was very refreshing from anything I've found described in canon. I wish there was a good novel out there about the missing seventh year; that's the kind of thing I think I'd be too intimidated to tackle. Plus I selfishly want to see YOU do it.

I was really kind of worried about the melding of their thoughts, because that was an organic thing in CH, but here I knew I wanted to do it /because/ of CH. And so your appreciation for it is, of course, absolutely amazing, and I cannot think anymore for all the things you've made me feel tonight. I should not respond to reviews so late, but that is how life goes.

You are never, ever, ever going to know how much your reviews mean to me. All the responses in the world will not be enough to express my thanks. I am truly so lucky to have you as such a great friend, and I hope that never ends. ♥

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Review #40, by Toujours PadfootAd Venenum: To Poison

27th January 2013:
Oh. my. god. Rachel. Sometimes you frighten me, the way you write murderers so well. ARE YOU ACTUALLY LOCKED UP IN AN ASYLUM SOMEWHERE, AND USE YOUR INTERNET PRIVILEGES TO WRITE FAN FICTION? The more I read, the faster I read, and I had to keep rereading lines because I was reading so eagerly, trying to see what would happen next. The format, separated with time stamps, emphasized the story's dramatic tone. Her heartbeat and the hypersensitivity and how clear and loud and angular everything was now that death was imminent; it was so freaking real and I have no idea how you do it, how you get into heads like these, but if reading your work doesn't turn people crazy someday, then I don't even know. It was so vivid! And all along I kept expecting for the plan to derail somehow; Hermione would come into the office instead, or Harry, or some innocent bystander, and Lavender would jump out and succumb to death herself. When everything went according to her evil plan my jaw dropped. I should have known you'd carry out such a dark scheme!

Author's Response: Oh, you've found me out now. I was doing so well, too, pretending to have this whole completely normal life, but now the cat's out of the bag. It's really not so bad in here, though; the shade of white on these padded walls is quite splendid.

THANK YOU FOR LOVING MY CRAZIES. ♥ I really don't know why I love writing them so much, but there's going to be a point in OF where one of the semi-main characters thinks he's going insane, so you're probably responsible for that as well, for inspiring me to that end. I don't think there's a single thing on my author's page you can't take credit for anymore.

Lulz, if I'm going to kill someone in a story, you know I'm going to. -cackle cackle- Thank you so much for reviewing this for me! Because you know that you don't have to, and I don't expect a single thing from you, what with everything that occupies you otherwise, and yet you still come over here and read stories from me and I am blown away always.

You are seriously the best, you know? ♥ ♥

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Review #41, by Toujours PadfootBreak Out: XV.

9th January 2013:
So there I was, popping on to respond to reviews, and lo and behold the last chapter of Break Out!

This ending is so, so fitting. Throughout the story there was a gradual slope upwards to a building climax, with the tension so thick you'd have to cut it with a chainsaw, and if you'd just left off with the last chapter without including this one it would leave us feeling all jumbled up in tension still, fretting with nerves. So to see this gentle slope back downwards, with peacefulness and a brighter horizon - it made me feel so much hope for these characters. And I felt horrible all over again for Harry, for Charlie, for Fred and Neville and everyone else who died; but those who survived this horrible nightmare will never, ever take a single day of their lives for granted. And Ron and Hermione will keep Harry's memory alive somehow, and Percy will continue to prove to others that he's a good man, and Molly will never have to watch her children be murdered by Death Eaters ever again. I felt all of these new futures for them being laid out here in this chapter, which was bittersweet. And like I keep telling you, you've got a knack for bittersweet because you've got sad things down pat. This story was such a rollercoaster! Action and duels and planning and grief and love of all kinds. You are such an amazing writer; you're one of the most well-known authors on this site, and for good reason. I have nothing but confidence that someday soon you'll be a well-known author absolutely everywhere.

Thank you so much for writing Break Out and sharing it with us! ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: Lo and behold! ♥ I was going to wait until this Wednesday to post the last chapter, and I probably threw people off by posting it early, but I just couldn't wait -- it /was/ the last chapter, and it was a short one, and it just seemed okay to me to post it then. Although I suppose I don't technically have to defend my choices, but I'm sure you know what I mean!

How to begin responding to this. I love the little map of tension you created for this story, especially because it's EXACTLY the sort of build I was going for with this story. And I wasn't always sure that I was getting it, you know? I don't think I could have left chapter 14 as it was without some sort of resolution, some bright spots that really let everyone know that all of these people, even through their losses, are going to be okay. So many people died fighting for this cause, but it's not the end -- not by a long shot.

Sad things. ♥ I think you're the person who made me realize that it was OKAY to write sad things, that I didn't have to make things end happily and it could still be valid. You support my sad/angsty stuff more than anyone. :) I'm getting all emotional now, like I always do in end-of-story reviews.

Aaargh. Snuff. I cannot even address what it means to have someone like you be /so incredibly supportive/ of my writing, because I've already told you millions and millions of times, and because there just aren't words for that sort of thing. Thank you for reading this story, like you read all of my stories; thank you for reviewing every single chapter, and saying such wonderful things, and inspiring other parts of other chapters, and recommending this in threads, and for having such faith that I'll get published, and... and just being there. Thank you for everything!!

♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #42, by Toujours PadfootIn The Red: The Remembering

6th January 2013:

D: D: D: D: D:

My mind is buzzing. Now that he's going to forget Beth, what will be his motivation to act as a spy? Will that be where canon seeps in? Or something else? His memory is going to have to be so severely modified... And if it's Lily who serves as the driving force behind his being a spy, and someone reached into his brain and found that out, this means he's willing for Death Eaters to use Lily to get to him. Right? Since that's his reasoning for forgetting Beth in the first place, to protect her. But if he's doing it for love in the name of anyone at all from the Order, he's still equally in danger. I am just on the edge of my seat wondering how he is going to justify to himself being a spy for the Order when, if it weren't for Beth, he would never dream of doing such a thing. Or will Dumbledore plant that in his mind? The desire to deviate from the Dark Arts? I AM SO FULL OF QUESTIONS. I FEEL BAD FOR YOU WHEN YOU GET ONLINE TONIGHT BECAUSE I WILL ATTACK YOU LIKE A SWARM OF BEES.

I should have known you would finally, FINALLY, FINALLY give us the long-awaited Severus-Beth kiss while simultaneously ripping away their happily ever after. DAMN IT, RACHEL. ARUGHHH. Their first kiss is minutes before Severus forgets all about her, while Dumbledore is piddling around the kitchen pretending to be interested in cocoa when in reality he was probably sitting there wondering why the hell he couldn't hear their conversation.

I feel so HORRIBLE for Beth and OH MY GOD SIRIUS I HAVE NEVER BEEN ANGRIER WITH YOU. I was hoping throughout the chapter that Beth would discover what he did so that she could tear him a new one, because he deserves it and I kind of want to see her terrify him because he has RUINED EVERYTHING.

This part: "I can't lose you - I don't want to be the person I am when you're not here -" and Please remember me - I THINK YOU ARE TRYING TO KILL ME. You have ripped my heart out and stomped on it and then called it mean names and then gave it to Sirius to give to Dumbledore like the traitor he is, and then Dumbledore ruined things with his ideas like he does, and I am no longer making sense but I do not know what is going to happen now because the extent of what I know of your plot after this point is murky, and I will have to force answers out of you. I know certain things but I NEED TO KNOW MORE.

How in the world is Beth supposed to go on after this. How is she supposed to cope. To see Severus come and go, and have him look at her without any flicker of recognition, not caring, and she meanwhile still has all of her memories of him, just thinking about it makes me feel so small and lost inside and sometimes I just really hate what you do to my feelings even though I also love it because it's worth it to have your feels stomped on when the author does it so deftly.

You are too talented at writing tragic love for your own good. Someday when you are published you will be renowned for breaking millions of hearts. And I will read every cruel/wonderful/miserably depressing thing you write. ♥

Author's Response: -hugs you and gives you lots and lots of hot chocolate cupcakes- ♥

You are quite correct; this is where a bit more of the canon seeps in. You'll see that in the third book, of course, but you'll probably wheedle more out of me before you ever see those bits anyway, since you've got a knack for wheedling. He is still very much in danger, though, and luckily he knows that -- oh my gosh, if he forgot how much danger he was in. D: The Death Eaters aren't exactly light on punishment. And the Order isn't too, when you really think about it. And now I'm wanting to type all of these things and I don't want to give too much away, which means the next time you're online I'll probably just start chattering like a pressurized hosepipe that's been released at long last and you'll just be like WHOA CALM THE HECK DOWN ALREADY.

I thought for sure you would have anticipated the kiss! :D That has been planned basically as long as the idea for his losing his memory has, because a) I am masochistic, and b) there is no second reason, because the first is basically it. (You obviously forget that you are friends with someone with strong Slytherin traits.) Although for some reason your mentioning Dumbledore piddling about with cocoa made me laugh, because he probably is wondering why it's so quiet out there but at the same time I can see him actually making cocoa. It seems very much like a Dumbledore-y drink.

I KEEP FORGETTING THINGS THIS FAR BACK, THIS IS WHY I SHOULDN'T WRITE IN ADVANCE. Sirius really screwed everything up, though. Like, majorly. And to be honest, he does not learn from his mistakes very well. Make of that what you will! Cackling, though, because this was basically the extent of your knowledge of the plot and you're probably envisioning whole natural disasters in book three. CACKLING. ♥ (Though like I say, it's not like I won't be liberal enough with details if you do enough coaxing.)

-rolls around in a huge pile of feels- I am glad the stomping was deft! I sometimes wonder if it's a good thing to write tragic love... but then I don't care and plow on anyway. You are /so supportive/ and you've given me so much confidence in myself and my abilities and just gah. If by some miracle I ever publish a book, you have a lifetime guarantee of a signed advance copy, and here's that promise in writing so I have to go through with it!


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Review #43, by Toujours PadfootHow to Draw Almost Anything: How to Find Employment

4th January 2013:

This piece of news was a shock in itself, as he rather liked her and was certain the school would never be the same with her gone
- I like that you said that. So often I see Dumbledore being the one admired, long after his death when none of the current students had personally known him. Having that same sort of experience - like how everyone used to think that Hogwarts would never be the same with Dumbledore gone - but in this new generation, with Professor House (and I like that you made it a woman running the show, instead of another man), everyone looks up to her instead. And she would be the recipient of that respect, that admiration, that Dumbledore had for so long. It gave me a definite sense of a change in the wizarding world. It feels very much like a different atmosphere. Lighter, happier. Students can actually focus on their academics for a change instead of fearing for their lives that some bald nose-less man is going to murder them all.

Baww, poor Scorpius, being a hatstall who never really fit in anywhere.

You know, I've never really thought about it before, but I don't think I would have excelled too much in Hogwarts. They don't have anything artistic. We get a hint of Flitwick leading a chorus, but there are never people going around with instruments, people heading off to art or creative writing or anything. At most, those types of things have been trivialized into clubs, like Gobstones. I struggle with a lot of rigid subjects that don't allow for any wiggle room, and would be horrible in Transfiguration and Potions. So while I'd like to think I would thrive at Hogwarts, I probably wouldn't. I'd be hiding out in Myrtle's toilet a lot.

Scorpius is going to make such an awkward teacher at first. Judging by his conversation with House, his first confrontation with his students should be amusing. Or maybe he'll blow my mind and be really intelligible and remember everything he wanted to say, etc.

I really enjoyed this! I shall come back later and read moar. ♥

Author's Response: SCALY MEN FISH ♥

or should that be scaly manfishes? I don't know anymooore.

Ah, thank you for saying that! Well, actually, this fic is based almost entirely (or mostly, anyway) on real life events at my school, and my school was headed up by a wonderful, benign & eccentric headmistress who was very Dumbledorish. But regardless of that, I do see Next-Gen as being a bit like what you've described there anyway. A totally new set of faces and a definite lighter mood. Even if this story isn't destined to be all light~

I love my misfit Scorpii. At least this one is smarter than my average Scorp.

Me neither! The things I'm good at don't even get a look-in on the Hogwarts curriculum; art, music, literature. The only subject I'd have a hope of passing would be History of Magic, most likely. When I'm writing Hogwarts-centric fic I do tend to insert art clubs and extracurricular photography classes, the like, because I just work on the assumption that these things /did/ exist but JKR didn't have the room for them. And I can't bear the thought of a school that doesn't teach art!

I would definitely also be hiding out in Myrtle's toilet a lot.

Hee, he might blow your mind in the latest update! But whether he can keep it up during the year remains to be seen.

Thank you for your reviews lovely! ♥

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Review #44, by Toujours PadfootIn Dreams: two

4th January 2013:
Someone's been poking around in Draco's brain while he's asleep? That's the only explanation I can come up with. Since he sleeps so oddly, so seemingly lightly, I wonder when this occurred, if it occurs often - if he's the one doing it to himself or someone else is doing it, and why. To be delving into the brain of someone whose profession is to delve into brains, that feels quite risky.

Maybe it's Astoria, forcing into his subconscious?


Julia this story sounds so cool. I am excite. ♥

Author's Response: Perhaps! Perhaps not! All shall hopefully become clear in time! Once I've worked out my plot! Exclamation marks!

You could be on the mark, but equally you could be off it. Your guess is as good as mine seeing as I've not really worked this story out for meself yet.

I am excite that you are excite! ♥

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Review #45, by Toujours PadfootIn Dreams: one

4th January 2013:

Juliaaa I was creeping on your page while you watch an hour-long video of cats and this banner seduced my eyeballs. It's all glittery and Eleven is on it and basically that is all the reason I need, but I know this was inspired by Inception which is brill and you are brill and here I am.

Basically you are going to break me into Draco/Astoria. I've read very few, and of the few I've read I've liked...hardly any at all. I love the idea of the pairing but have always been hesitant to try for some reason, but since you're such an amazing author I'm really looking forward to it.

That said, ASTORIA WHAT IS GOING ON. A body in the snow, and she seems to have memory loss of sorts, and I will just click to chapter 2 now to see what happens. P.S. I liked the air slitting her throat description. Because I'm morbid.


omg that cat video. so disappointing. (by the way since I've rewritten this 6000 times I'm not sure three of the people on that banner are relevant anymore but it is the most beautiful banner I have and I DONT WANT TO CHANGE EEET)

aww, thanks! It's a funny pairing. There isn't really a fandom consensus as far as Drastoria concerned, I think.

I liked writing it. Because I'm morbid too. You're just as sane as I am.

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Review #46, by Toujours PadfootBreak Out: XIV.

3rd January 2013:
Okay live reading and reviewing, because I don't want to miss commenting on a single thing:

Ron grasping Hermione's healed wrist when she mentioned Bellatrix. I just. Can you write this pairing forever, please? I remember when you first started thinking about writing a horror Ron/Hermione and being so excited, and this exceeded every expectation. You have a special talent for dark stories, and an extraordinary knack for Romione, and together it's just this amazing, amazing experience.

The stars shone brightly off his skull-like head, and for a shining moment, he looked skeletal and deathlike.
- imagery ♥

I have never loved Ron as much as I do in this moment. So, so, so brave. And then - Mrs. Weasley’s mouth was covered from behind by her husband’s hand. That sentence was so powerful. I can only imagine how terrible it is for Arthur to watch his son step closer to the man responsible for the murders of two of his sons, as well as Harry, their symbol of hope, along with countless others. And when his wife's impulse is to cry out to him, wanting in vain to protect him somehow, Arthur has to stop her from doing that. Not only must he keep her from drawing attention to herself, but Ron speaks the truth. If anyone should have the guts to speak up to the most powerful, most dangerous wizard in the world, it's the boy who was chosen to be The Chosen One's best friend. I feel so incredibly proud of Ron right now, but I have to stop talking about him and continue reading.

YES. RON TRYING TO ATTACK VOLDEMORT. I mean, Voldemort deflected it, but THAT TAKES SO MUCH GUTS. And Hermione coming forward, standing at his side, levelly telling Voldemort that he had been had.

AHH I CAN'T TAKE ALL OF THESE FEELS. PERCY PROTECTING DRACO, CALLING HIM 'VOLDEMORT', I CAN'T. I am imagining Molly having an absolute meltdown back there behind them.

The Elder Wand's power dying with Harry, and "I think Harry would have something to say about that, too." - and all of them shouting Harry's spell, Expelliarmus, perfectly choreographed - it was the perfect, perfect way to avenge Harry's death. And it suddenly made me miss Harry so much, but I'm so proud of the others for killing Voldemort, too. Anyone can kill Voldemort without his Horcruxes. He's just a man, and any other man can kill him. He's the only one all along who never saw this because he was so obsessed with the prophecy.

And this is basically the end. Just one more chapter to go. HOW IS THIS ALREADY OVER. This is coming to an end, In The Red is coming to an end... :( I don't know what to do with myself. WHY MUST THINGS END.

Love, love, love this story. ♥

Author's Response: Now I feel bad, because this is the only review on this chapter I had yet to respond to until today. WHICH IS YOUR FAULT, FOR MAKING YOUR REVIEWS SO LOVELY/HARD TO RESPOND TO. ♥

I know that you know this, but dark/sad stories are my very, very favorite, and I'm so ecstatic that you think I have a talent for them! And that this story met all your expectations, because I think that's always something authors are worried about, living up to the ideas in their heads. I'm getting all mushy thinking about it now because you are just so supportive and I cannot even.

I adore how you're able to perfectly analyze basically everything I write! This story has been so interesting because it basically turned into a character study of every Weasley with the exception of Fred (boo) and maybe Ginny, and I love writing about them. Ron has been my favorite, I think, because here he FINALLY gets all his moments, without Harry around. And sometimes it's like he doesn't know what to do, once it's his turn to be the hero. He definitely has it in him, attacking Voldemort and fighting alongside Hermione, risking tons to go into London on a reconnaissance mission, but it's all still really new to him to have to do that at all. I terribly miss writing him in this setting.

YAY, PERCY GETS HIS DUE. I hate that people generally ignore him in fan fiction unless they're writing Lucy or Molly next-gen, and I decided a long time before this that he would play some important role in the war, whatever it is. This seemed like a way for him to prove his loyalties and make up for past wrongs. And of course Voldemort wouldn't have expected ONE person to try and kill him, let alone three, because he's so convinced he's invincible.

I seriously cannot believe I'm about to post the last chapter. I kept saying things about it... but now it's TIME. Thank you for reviewing every chapter, and talking with me about plotty bits, and reading snippets, and basically just yet again being my biggest fan and my biggest support system and YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST FRIENDS I COULD HAVE EVER ASKED FOR.

♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #47, by Toujours PadfootA Thing Called Transference : ego, ii

2nd January 2013:

Astoria was nowhere in sight, and Draco was tired of people sampling his wares for free.
- I think I just peed myself.

"She gotten tired of your dazzling wit already?" Draco smirked, and then hurried away, past the bar, where Blaise still stood sadly.
- I think drunk Draco is my favorite Draco. He's quickly loosening, which is probs not a very good thing. lololol, insulting Oliver as quickly as he can and then running away. And then he calls Blaise a pansy.

"Draco?" Ron gawked.

"All right, Longbottom!" Blaise shouted.
- I just made animal noises. Lily, you slay me. I love you so much. ♥ Luna's shacking up with Neville and Blaise's first instinct is to do a fist-bump.


Omg Lily are you serious, all of this sexual tension and I'm not going to see THE ROMANTIC SNOG. LILY. LILY. LILY. WHAT. BUT. SNOGGING. OR MORE THAN THAT, REALLY, I DON'T MIND SOME SMUT.

Lily I would read this story if it were 59843048 words long. I will probably reread this soon just because the stapler bit reminded me of Draco being a pest and this is basically the only story I love Draco in, and every time I think about it I just want to write Draco.

♥ 10/10 plz write an epilogue just for me in sland where naughty things happen. Will give you cookies.

Author's Response: SOROH ♥

This was really a good time to write. We were really intent on bringing back the Draco sass of chapter one. I made Draco more of a squirrel than mah frand wanted at first but when we both bought into it I think the result was pretty gr9. You know, if I may say so myself.

My friend said that a lot of the things Draco had to do in this chapter wouldn't make sense unless he was drunk, so it was the perfect opportunity to border upon crack!fic, which is always preferable to not bordering upon crack!fic.


also his undeniable charm

My friend is really good at writing humour. This is all her srsly. Blaise is so good. He can do anything and nobody is like wtf blaise stahp


I NEVER ALLOW THE ROMANTIC SNOG, WILL YOU NEVER LEARN. perhaps an sland edition will occur in future...

I am so happy that you love Draco. Besides me and co-writer and Julia you may be the only one...oh, Hannah, too. But other than these people you may be the only one. Also everyone else who has reviewed and reported love for him, but other than know ♥

I think you SHOULD write Draco. We can have an sland collab, all good times ahead.

-will work for cookies-

♥ ♥

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Review #48, by Toujours PadfootBroomhilde and the Founders: The Wheel of Plot Devices

1st January 2013:
I think I just died. I have tears in my eyes. Surely this is the most poetic thing that hath ever been written.

WIZARD FEUD. Merlin's "for the love of me" and "my beard", "my toenails". The orbs, the switching partners, the confusion of exactly what year this was; Helga changing her name to Tiffany for absolutely no reason. I CAN'T. I'M SO CAN'T THAT I'M IN PAST TENSE NOW. I COULDN'T.

"No ding-ding vithout the vedding ring!" shrieked Broomhilde, who was very Catholic and did not believe in premarital snogging.

I'm dead.

This whole chapter was brilliant. It's so hard pulling out quotes without wanting to quote everything - Salazar throwing up gang signs, Godric giving a rude hand gesture (A/N: these cropping up in the middle of nowhere) that's offensive in seventeen countries, the aitch in urbs, Merlin's teeny robes, and the thing that made me completely lose it - THE ASTERISK OF DOOM. I'm imagining this enormous symbol crashing down upon them all. You've just murdered an entire fictional universe with one press of your key.

♥ So much win.

Author's Response: Author notes in the middle of chapters, or worse in the middle of sentences, is a huge pet peeve of mine ;) I have to admit, my favorite part of this is the breaking the fourth wall scene. lol Too much fun on this one. I'm so glad you liked it, thank you for reviewing!

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Review #49, by Toujours PadfootThe Anatomy of Genius: The Anatomy of Genius

1st January 2013:
Sorry for taking so long! Had to go make supper before I got around to reading. What a lovely one-shot. The ending left me feeling so sad and a little bit lonely, with Lily finding that little bit of vulnerability she had always wanted to find in him, and in doing so breaking his heart yet again. Everyone always moans about how she broke Severus's heart, but it's hard to put yourself out there repeatedly when the girl repeatedly rejects you. No matter how much you laugh it off, that's got to sting. To have the ultimate girl of his dreams think he's ridiculous, and tell him so all the's so sad. And Lily's passed him off as so uncaring and unthinking about everything that she won't allow herself to think about how awful she must make him feel sometimes.

I loved the different tones in this. Sometimes it was funny, watching Lily try not to explode while James absentmindedly succeeded at everything while she killed herself trying to succeed at the same things, and then it gradually got more sobering, and by the time the tables have turned and Lily's standing there, triumphant in pulling something serious out of James, she can't glory in it because she's seeing at long last how her actions have affected him on a deeper level than she imagined.

A few parts I especially liked:

It was what she despised most: that he should love her without knowing her.
- There is so much truth in that statement. Finally accepting someone who's put you up on a pedestal is dangerous. It exposes you to their disappointment when they discover that the fantasy does not live up to the reality. Even if Lily liked James sooner, the second she started rejecting him and let him build her up inside his head in whichever way he liked, the worse everything would be later when/if he saw her for what she truly was and decided he didn't like it. Of course this must not have been the case, since they went on to get married, but it does spell a little something about Lily's avoidance of Snape. If anyone put that girl on a pedestal, it was him.

Potter did not think of those things. He simply did not think.
- Agh, people like this are so frustrating. There was a girl I knew in high school who was good at everything without really trying. Singing, art, math, writing, sports, you name it. People who worked solely in one of the academic fields she pursued weren't as good as her when she had no particular fondness for it. She simply did not have to try, so she couldn't possibly appreciate her success.

Lily threw her head back to look at the ceiling, the barrel arches leaping back and forth from column to column like dolphins alongside a sailing ship.
- loved this description!

"Will she be there?"
In your dreams, boy.
- Haa.

So there I was, feeling all warm and fluffy because of the snow and Lily dragging a drunken James back to Hogwarts, anticipating a kiss or something, and then suddenly he's gone and it's just his footprints left, melting away. And Lily is the one who's all alone. She kept searching for a weakness, digging and digging to find one, when all along, she is his weakness.


I'm finding myself genuinely wishing this continued, and in the next chapter we'd see another snapshot of their relationship, and in the chapter after that we'd see another one. So no pressure or anything, but YOU SHOULD TOTALLY MAKE THIS LONGER THAN A ONE-SHOT.


Wonderful job!

Author's Response: Okay, so I've left responding to this review for much too long, but I've enjoyed having it sit here because I get to read it again and again whenever I remind myself that I really should get to responding. Thank you very much for reading and reviewing this story - it was a fantastic treat to see your name on such a long and perfect review. ^_^

I'm actually glad that you wanted this one-shot to become a novel. There was a point as I neared the end that I also wanted that - it wouldn't have been difficult to expand this into their seventh year. The important thing about such a story is that it would have to show that both Lily and James changed. Lily just didn't fall for him suddenly, and I don't think that James would have simply pretended to change. They would have gradually changed one another before becoming the ultimate power couple of the Potterverse. They have to convince one another and, more importantly, themselves, that any relationship between them could work. In this one-shot, they're only approaching that stage - they're still trying to figure each other out.

What you've said about James's point of view is fantastic, and I wish more authors would try to show things from his perspective with a tinge of bitterness. Even if he is upper-class and self-assured, Lily's constant rejections would (eventually) wound him, and her insults would do more than damage his ego. That's one reason why I'd argue that James matured - he had to learn that he just couldn't have something because he wanted it, that sometimes (if not often) one has to suffer along the way.

In regard to the ending, you had it nailed earlier in your review when you traced Lily's course through the story - how the tables slowly turned in her favour. At the end, she finds herself as the one who has been rejected, she is the one left without the answer. She has an idea that James had done this for her, but is that the case? And she never finds it out (within this story at least). It's left hanging. She is left dissatisfied and so is the reader.

I take too much enjoyment from defying readers' expectations. :P A kiss at the end or some other kind of romantic closure would have made this too easily forgettable - just another Lily/James that shows them getting together. Instead, there's a twist, an emptiness. I actually love that you want to hear more about these characters and how their story continues - it means I've done things right. :D

Thank you so much for this review! It means a lot to hear your compliments and feedback. ^_^

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Review #50, by Toujours PadfootThe Calendar Girls: Celebrating

1st January 2013:
Hey, Val!

It's refreshing to see an OC whose life doesn't revolve around someone in the Potter/Weasley clan. Dom was a nice change of pace from the usual connection to Rose, James, Albus, Lily, or Scorpius instead. I liked Roxanne's prominence, as well, since she's generally so overlooked.

Wow, what a family! With all of the names, middle names, and nicknames, I had to run pretty quickly to keep up, but I think I've got them sorted. I like how you introduced concepts like adoption, gay relationships, and divorce into a world usually so straitlaced and traditional. In all of HP, I can't remember ever hearing about people who were divorced - and with their longer lifespans, this could mean lifetimes of unhappy marriages. Or maybe it's a world in which people magically never get unhappy with each other. Either way, I'm glad you introduced that dose of realism with having Dom's parents split up. And I think it rings true for celebrities probably - the divorce starts out amicably enough, but then rumors and lies begin to creep in, with photographers and articles and all that, and it turns very nasty very fast.

Amusing narration, great pacing - overall, I enjoyed it! Sophie sounds like such a wonderful friend. Support like that doesn't come often. Thank you for participating in my challenge!

Author's Response: To be completely honest with you, I'm supremely annoyed with more Roses at the moment. She was absolutely out of the question, and I have some things in stock for her afterwards.

Yes, the presentation of characters is a little confusing, but hopefully that clears up as the story moves on... The concepts you've mentioned were all extremely important to me -- magic solves a lot of things, but not an unhappy relationship (or if it does, I really would want to be a witch. It could come in extremely handy in the future!)

Sophie is a wonderful friend :)

Thank you for his review!

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