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Review #1, by Alphonse DHarry Potter and the Winters After the War: Medical Leave and the Coming of Spring

10th November 2011:
Dear Mrs. Granger

WOW!! what a way to end another chapter of Harry's life. I will have to admit the fact that I honestly really want more!! but I'm actually quite happy you left things the way they are. I know I've mentioned before how much you've inspired me, and I've actually began to start my own fanfiction, which i would love to sometime reference to you work as it has the most detailed world of all the other stories I've read. As you centered around Europe and parts of the middle east, I have started writing focally on the far east india and china. Harry's adventure there and him becoming a mentor to an Auror to be from America. I hope you enjoy it and please give me feed back on each chapter.

Thank you sincerely,
Alphonse D

Author's Response: Alphonse D,

Thank you for your review and good luck with your story.

I rarely have time to read any more, much less to review anyones work or to do more writing myself. My thought is it is something you should do if you enjoy it. Sharing it with others is fun, and it is a blessing when then enjoy it too, but to me it is the creative process that I enjoy.

Good luck as I've said and I'm glad you like the end of my story.


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Review #2, by Alphonse DHarry Potter and the Winters After the War: The Aftermath

30th March 2011:
My dear Ms. Granger,

I apologize profusely for not having commented on your work in a has been a trying year, thus far...but my spirits are always up. Finally getting the time to catch up on all Ive missed, and I must admit, it was time well spent. Reading these passed few chapter have definitely been the greatest escape from my day to day life..

Thank you so much for giving your heart into this story, I will definitely look forward to whats more to come.

Inspired greatly,
Alphonse D

Author's Response: Dear Alphonse,

Thank you very much for taking the time to review. I know it is an inconvienence to stop reading and write something on the spot. I do understand that there is effort by my readers when I do recieve a review, so I thank you for doing that.

I'm glad my story provided a good escape from real life. That is what fantasy is all about, afterall. It has often been an escape for me to first imagine my story, then to write it for others to read. It is a pleasure to learn that my means of escape has worked for others as well. Thanks for sharing.


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Review #3, by Alphonse DHarry Potter and the Winters After the War: The Magic of Fiancees

16th November 2010:
Another amazing chapter Mrs. Granger.
I do like the careful steady pace that Harry and his team take in the investigation and his personal life. I wish i was naive enough to believe that things are well and great for Harry though I am very much aware that all these wonderful pass-times are just an eye of a very wonderful storm. in which i am very much looking forward to reading.

Sincerely Alphonse D.

Author's Response: Alphonse D,

Thank you for your review. I like your term for what is going on ... the eye of the storm. I think that is probably true. Harry and his team are being careful and methodical, but they are also taking extreme chances. They are confident at the moment because it's worked for them, but you know what they say about becoming too confident ... it can lead to mistakes or errors in judgement.

Until next time ...


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