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Review #1, by EmandemThe Human Factor : The One Where Lily Makes A Decision

6th January 2016:
It's been so long and I don't remember all the nuances of this (and I'll leave a better review for the next chapter) but: "I loved his illusion. He loved mine." I am very into Pippa's angsty retrospective realizations about her past relationship. And when she says that he could only love her illusion because that's all she gave him! I wish she'd stop doing it, but I so deeply sympathize with her need to make everything somehow /her/ fault, you know,

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm sorry about taking so long to update, even I had to do a reread of the story to write the next chapter. I'm glad you like the story though, makes me happy. Yeah, she needs to snap out of it, but her past with him is all she's got left so she clings to it. And yeah, we can be a bit hard on ourselves that way, I personally feel guilty for things that aren't my fault. Thanks so much for the review and I hope you are having a wonderful day. xxx

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Review #2, by EmandemMerry Go Round: Merry Go Round

6th January 2016:
This type of mood-driven, confessional-type piece aren't always my cup of tea, but I think you made this work! The format you chose for this really helped pack the punch; it's more a collection of jumbled thoughts than a strictly linear narrative. She talks of merry-go-rounds and it is very obvious that this is a low.

I would have liked to see one of the highs as well, maybe (although she does say she ends up crying no matter what, so speaking of "highs" might not be accurate lol). Other than that, I have no con crit! You managed to convey the merry-go-round concept very concisely, especially in the ending, when she acknowledges that she knows, rationally, that things won't change, but she can't help but hope.

Author's Response: Hello :) Thanks, I'm so glad you thought I pulled it off well, the idea just came randomly in my head. Thank you and yep, this is one of the lows. Thanks for your suggestion, I may edit it sometime, but yeah, you're right, the highs would just be tears held back, trying to convince yourself that everything is great. Thank you, that's a huge compliment. Thanks for the review, it's been lovely to read and made me very happy. I hope you have a wonderful day. xxx

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Review #3, by EmandemThank Me Later: Of Unfair Slits and Swooping Backs

6th January 2016:
Classic fake-married spies shenanigans, I used to love this so! But honestly the best part might just be Ron and Harry being such /dads/ and "Harry will be in later to give you your first assignment. I wont. I enjoy life."

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Review #4, by EmandemPretty Boy: Part 2, Chapter 3: Idiocy Abounds

6th January 2016:
Don't ask me how I ended up here in 2k16. Memory lane~ and all. ANYWAY your stories were always the most ridiculous and the most fun, I can't believe I'd never read this chapter of Victoire having 10 CHILDREN & Louis being a mom to three of them.

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Review #5, by EmandemOur Post-Relationship Friendship: Five hundred and sixty eight days before

1st March 2015:
In a bout of nostalgia for this site I was like "remember that one time someone wrote a series about you but actually about Percy Weasley's daughter". Which brings us here.

This is so promising and I'm sure it would have been Good after you'd finished it and polished it up a bit! I hope nano went okay (two... years... ago...).

I love Stacey and Seb and unhappy society marrieds Malfoys, and I love that Molly and Dexter had this unexpected cameo.

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Review #6, by EmandemTug Of War: The Times Have Changed

4th February 2014:
You can't leave us here! Not when I was so sure that he was into her like she wants him to like her. I hate that stupid code and James strong Gryffindor values sometimes. Just when everything was starting to come around with everyone else, too. At least you got Rose and Scorpius sorted out (after five years of hate and a year of backstabbing, etc etc - I loved that line btw).

It's great how you manage to make the story light-hearted and hilarious even through all of the drama going on with literally all of the characters. ALL OF THEM. Except maybe Fred; he is awfully easygoing and shameless, too much to get caught up in all that. And how the lot of them continues to be friends despite of all the misguided meddling (which is the best part! Especially in the Albus-Stella friendship; they are both terrible at plotting and giving relevant advice). That showdown scene with the girls is very close to my heart (CHOCOLATE FUDGE!).

I am glad that Stella followed Albus' aforementioned advice, though. Outright rejection (FOR NOW) and eating lots of sugary greasy fattening food with her friends (except for Rose, who is now happily on her way to become a X-rated movie star) totally stumps awkwardly talking about the weather and throwing hissy fits over virtually nothing, every time. I feel like their whole relationship thus far has been passive-aggressively liking each other from afar; this last scene I think is the closest they've gotten to honesty (sans New Year's - but James was allegedly 'slightly drunk' then, so it doesn't count), even if everything they said came out wrong.

I almost forgot - Luke Corner is everything. He's like a more functional Albus. I really liked his conversation with Stella about their mutual pathetic-ness. Maybe he can be her junk food eating partner instead of the girls? That seems like the start of a beautiful friendship. His situation with his best friend seems so hopeless, though. Make him happy in the end?

Also how everyone was like 'James is being cruel, can you mellow him out?' and Stella was trying to be all inconspicuous 'Me why me James and I no' and then the exasperated tangible collective eyeroll 'Save it you stuttering ineloquent idiot; everyone knows.'

I left you this monstrous review (by 'review' I mean 'brainfart') in the hopes that you'll be inspired by it to update (and FINISH) this thing.



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Review #7, by EmandemBreaking the Quidditch Code: King Henrik

20th October 2012:
I got out of track with this story ages ago, around chapter 37. I just read like 17 chapters of this in one go. For a while I actually considered not continuing to read it (I know, I'm ashamed of myself, there are no excuses) because I was starting to hate Mr Flynn and nothing good was happening in those chapters and I thought it was never going to end, but when I saw it was actually finished I couldn't help myself.

I had a lot of 'meaningful' things I wanted to say in my review, but I forgot most of them. Off the top of my head, I loved James staying with his parents during break; his pseudo-reconciliation with Harry made me all warm and fuzzy inside. His relationship with all of his family members in the last chapter, really. And Albus :)

Also, I love Rose and Bink. I totally called it. Their first date was the best, what with Rose not being aware of it at first. Hopefully we'll get to know what happens with them in the sequel. I'm thinking they're still together though, if he was keeping secrets from his friends with her. Not that they were together to begin with, haha.

And obviously James and Avery. Even though they didn't end up together, at least they're best mates again. And we all know it's just a matter of time until they get together again.

The open try-outs scene was totally unexpected. I loved it (was it by any chance inspired by Katniss scene with the gamemakers before her first Hunger Games?), but I was confused at first. I didn't know at the end of chapter 53 if I had missed/forgotten a huge part of the story or if James was going mad or what. Though it bugging me how he got out of Hogwarts. I thought that was basically impossible unless you were Dumbledore (once againn I'm beginning to sound like Hermione).

So yeah, I liked the open try-outs because James was so desperate and hopeless, but he's so talented that not even Mr Flynn could keep him out of the Tornadoes (and Avery with the Harpies, yay! That letter was so cute - goes to show James isn't the selfish idiot he likes to pretend he is).

That's all I can think of by now, sort of. This was the very first story I read on this site, just saw it on the recently added list the first time I was on it and clicked away. I can't believe it's finished (and that there's going to be a sequel). Just know that I love you for writing it, and for having your humour and creating all these wonderful and wonderfully heinous characters.

This might be the longest review I've ever left. And it's completely well deserved.

Author's Response: Lookatthisreviewomg!

Well, I'm super glad you decided to chug through the sad/distressed parts of the story to find the light at the end of the tunnel. I really appreciate it :)

Rose and Bink are such a great pairing. There is something about them that absolutely clicks. They shouldn't like each other, but they totally do. I love that about them.

Actually no, it wasn't inspired by The Hunger Games, but I completely get where you see that. The open tryouts were planned before I read Hunger Games. But it makes sense, doesn't it?

I took some liberties with next gen, in terms of him being able to leave the castle. And it's just my opinion, but I feel as if that close to the end of the year no one would really bat an eye at him leaving the castle. He used the Marauder's Map to leave the castle, but I think they still realized it and notified Harry, but Harry said to let him go because he trusts James. that's just how it went down in m yhead, but since it wasn't exactly imperitive to the situation, I didn't add it in. but I totally understand where you're coming from.

James would love to think he's selfish, but he's so the opposite.

I can't believe this is the first story you read. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out this story and follow along for all 54 crazy chapters. I really appreciate. And thank you for the absolutely beastly review! I hope you enjoy the sequel!

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Review #8, by EmandemThe Human Factor : The One With All The Lies

20th October 2012:
So my brain's not functioning well right now (remember that conversation we had about 4 am last time? It's kind of happening to me right now). I didn't want to not leave a review, though, so here I am.

"We can't all be made of glass, itd be a bloody catastrophe." Brilliant line. I'd forgotten just how much I liked Albus. What's wrong with him, by the way? I think I'd assumed he had a bitter personality, you know, he hated the world as a whole just because, but know I suspect there's something more.

I get excited every time we get information about the elusive Him. This particular bit surprised me a lot; for some reason I'd thought he had betrayed Pippa, not that it was her doing the rejecting. Or was it both? I distinctly recall Pippa saying something about being betrayed by him. I might be switching up stories, though. Or just in a sleep-induced delusional state.

Also, what's this about Cassie not wanting to know about Albus and Pippa? I do remember that moment, but I'm starting to think I didn't read enough into it. Or am I reading to much into Pippa's comment at the end of this chapter? She was being quite a bit melodramatic, come to think of it.

I don't know. I'm just confused about everything, if you hadn't noticed. I'll head to bed now before I keep writing inconsistencies.

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Review #9, by EmandemIssues of Epistemic Modality : Oxford Commas

20th August 2012:
Dexter and Molly have now officially become one of my favourite couples ever. This type of plotless 'let's-watch-them-living-happily-ever-after' stories usually bore me to death, but really, the dialogue is so amazing and they're so un-sickeningly perfect and easy, in that unconventional way of theirs, that I love it instead.

I'm going to end this review here before I get awkwardly fangirl-ish and freak you out. Bye

Author's Response: Aren't they just the most adorable? I usually hate those plotless things too, which was why I thought I was just going to write this and then never upload it but then... welll, I couldn't resist it. And I'm glad I did post it because of lovveellly reviews from people like you! :D

Thank you! :)


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Review #10, by EmandemAll the Abstract Nouns: Fifteen

19th August 2012:
I'd been meaning to read this forever and for some reason never really got around to it until now, and I'm really glad I did.

Some people may think you're woefully wrong, but I think this is admirable because one can tell you were being completely honest while writing it. Personally, I can relate a lot.

Another thing that I liked about this was how each Molly was different while still being essentially the same, if you know what I mean. You could tell how the things that were important to her and the dynamics of her relationships with the other characters changed overtime. Unsurprisingly, I'm particularly fond of Dexter.

I think the ones I liked the most were Eighteen and Fifteen. Eighteen, because the characters seemed to practically walk off the page, and this one... I'm not so sure why, I guess I've always been sort of interested in the whole body image thing and caring about your physical appearance but not really. And, in the story as a whole, Molly's struggle between wanting to fit in and wanting to be her own person hit home.

I'm going to go check the sequel right now before I get sidetracked.


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Review #11, by EmandemThe Human Factor : The One With The Quidditch Match

19th August 2012:
4 am seems to be when you get most of your writing done, doesn't it? Haha, it doesn't show, though; this chapter didn't feel all that rough to me.

I missed Pippa so much. Hopefully your writing bug will stay; I don't want you to decide you don't like writing anymore!

Onto the important stuff - I wasn't expecting the quidditch match (probably because neither was Pippa), but I'm ecstatic it finally happened; that subplot had been dragging on for too long. Now I'm wondering whether she's going to retire or what, or if her breakdown really made her see she had to change her ways and she's going to try to be a (gasp!) nice person for once. Doesn't seem likely, though.

And Pippa/Albus, yay! I do believe this is the closest they've been as of yet, and also the most human and honest we've seen both of them act. For a moment there I almost thought they were going to kiss...

"Those words comforted me because that meant that nothing was changing." It really is ridiculous how Pippa insists to remain in denial about something or another. You just bared your soul to your worst enemy, after consciously wanting to catch the snitch, which would have ruined all your best laid plans Pippa, of course everything's changing.

Author's Response: That is quite true, I end up start writing at like 11, get addicted and keep writing till 4am. Truthfully, I'm answering this review at 4am. I guess I'm just a night owl or something :)

I'm glad you missed Pippa, that means a lot to me :) And don't worry, I do adore writing, it just sometimes, it dulls a little, but I promised myself I'd finish this story. I can't leave until you've read the ending, or at least learned about albus demons, or maybe who the hell is him is aye?

Haha, yeah, It was finally time for it, I just hadn't managed to fit it in. Who knows? And Pippa a nice person? Hm ;)

And yep, this chapter was pretty heavy for them :) Yes! They took a little step in this chapter, but who knows whether this will last. And yes, instead of attacking Pippa, Albus was rather calm, even when he lost it a bit with her, it wasn't malicious as it normally was. And a lot of people thought that, haha.

Yes :) She hates change, thus she is in constant denial. She doesn't care about Scorpius, could easily live without Cassie etc And yes, it is, but Pippa will never realize that :) Because she wants everything to stay the same and will constantly cling to that.

Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day. xxx

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Review #12, by EmandemTo Kill a Mockingboy: It's A Girl's Name

26th May 2012:
This is a great start and your premise is interesting. The interaction between the characters feels natural, especially the Potter family and the bickering between James and Lily.

The Lightning Book is extremely creepy; I wouldn't think it that weird if it hadn't been delivered specifically to James in the middle of a storm by this mysterious person. Honestly, the book itself almost made me laugh, because it's so... I don't know, snarky? smartassy? The part were it's like "you can only break one rule, but you've already used that privilege by freaking opening me up, so I'm just sort of waving this opportunity-to-get-out-of-something-that-wasn't-really-ever-an-opportunity-at-all in your conceited face" just gives off this vibe (I mean of snark/smartassness).

The only thing I'm not so sure about is Daphne. She seems great, but it seems to me she has the potential of being too great (I'm talking Mary-Sue-ish). It's too soon to tell, but I'm just saying you should keep an eye out for that. Also, it's totally obvious were her relationship with James is heading. Hopefully there'll be some twist somewhere/it won't be a central part to the story.

I want to read the next chapter, but I haven't got much time and since I saw it's around the 7000 mark, I'm sort of dubious to start it. I'll be sure to come back later to check it out.

Author's Response: Thank you! I was going for realism, so I hope I can keep it that way.

I've not written this story in ages and lately I've been incredibly sick of the Mary-Sue style character, and looking back over my chapters, I totally understand what you mean about Daph. I might go back and edit her so she's not so perfect.

And the whole James-Daphne thing... let's just say I'll be very surprised if anyone expected where it's going to go :')

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Review #13, by EmandemPredators and Prey: Predators and Prey

3rd April 2012:
You know a story is going to be good when you're already laughing halfway through the author's note. And it was; it was crazy genius.

I was expecting James to be more shallow. The whole predator thing made it seem like he wasn't looking for something steady. The last paragraph really manages to sum everything up, in my opinion.

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Review #14, by EmandemGold: Guilt

3rd April 2012:
The last time I reviewed this I threatened to let loose a serial killer on you if you didn't update. And then you did, two chapters, and I didn't notice. That's almost an hypocrisy on my part, don't you think?

So now on to the actual review. I'm really excited that James' Stupid Plan of Illegal Proportions a.k.a. The Cause of Gold's Impending Doom is finally in motion. James has actually grown on me for some reason since it began.

And now Scorpius is being all weird. Come to think of it, he had been slightly absent in the previous chapters. I bet the lass he has in mind is what's screwing with his head.

I'm not even going to comment on Albus. Except to say that his mixed signals have me on edge.

Oh, you know Moaning Myrtle? Her name is spelled Myrtle, not Myrtal.

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Review #15, by EmandemThe Heartache Squadron: SHE GOES OUT WITH A BANG

2nd April 2012:
The end? SO SOON? Haha, this story is awesome. I really like how simplistic your stile is (at least in here). Goes to show one doesn't always need to elaborate and use big words to get one's point across.

I'd tell you who I like better, but I'm not even sure.

I like Daphne because she really did only see James as a nuisance.

I like Gemma because she's got a reasonable reason to hate him, and she's the most essential one to The Plan.

I like Josephine because she's sort of an extra whoe doesn't really fit in with the group of crazy feminists or hate James (I honestly doubt she even knew what everything was all about, she's just that adorably simple-minded).

I like Pippa because she had a character arc and it made me so proud when she finally told (unconscious) James that she wasn't called Phyllis.

And I like Gloria because of reasons. Which I can't recall at the moment, but I really do like her very much. I was rooting for her and James from the beginning, or somewhere along those lines, though now I think she could do better. James seemed pretty bland; I don't understand how he could have possibly caused such a fuss. Admittedly, his real participation to the story consisted on flirting with almost every character and being tied to a chair, all the while managing to be completely self-absorbed.

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Review #16, by EmandemIgnorance Is Bliss: Well, This Is Awkward

2nd April 2012:
You don't know this, but this was the absolute first story I ever read in this site. This was before I even had an account, so I'm pretty sure I never left a review, though I remember being awe-struck by it when I read it. Surprisingly, I still remember most of the original characters and what was going on with the plot after something like two years.

I liked this chapter, especially towards the end. Ethan and Rose don't seem to have much chemistry; they don't really get each other's humour or anything. And that scene with Jacob - I could almost feel the awkwardness. Though I have to say that Rose's confrontations with Albus and Scorpius at the beginning were way melodramatic. Then again, it's Rose we're talking about...

Please don't let so much time go into updates again. Please.

Author's Response: It's really good to hear that you've enjoyed Ignorance Is Bliss! Ahh I'll really try to update soon, its just.. I'm finding it hard enough to write my lit essays, let alone stories! Hopefully I'll get it done soon-ish though :)

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Review #17, by EmandemConstitution: Prologue

2nd April 2012:
This sounds interesting. Lily seems like quite the politician, isn't she? Apparently sweet but secretly conniving. I'd say she's too young to run for Minister, but it's believable because she's so ambitious. I can't wait for the real story to begin.

The idea is great, in my opinion. I think you leave too much on the open is here, though. It may have been better for you not to reveal that Lily and Lysander (who I'm pretty sure is going to be running against her) were involved back in the day, and that this impacted her life quite so much. It would have made for an awesome plot twist if we didn't know it right away. However, it all depends on how you flesh out the story.

I hope you update this soon.

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Review #18, by EmandemStill Delicate: Epilogue

2nd April 2012:
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this was completed. I think it's amazing that you finished Still Delicate even though it's been ages (I just checked - about four years) since you started Delicate. And not only that you finished it, but that it always sort of maintained the same tone, and you kept Rose's voice pretty similar through it all.

I mean, here everyone is basically the same they were in Delicate, except with grown-ups problem. (This is supposed to be a compliment on how your characters rarely ever seemed OOC or one-dimentional).

I loved the happy ending, though I've got to admit that I was almost rooting for Tom at one point. Rose and Scorpius were driving me crazy with their two-stories long indecisions and bad timing, haha.

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Review #19, by EmandemPretty Boy: Part 2, Chapter 2: Ironic.

7th January 2012:
She's clearly sooo not over him. A tad, at least. Or maybe I'm wishful thinking. Or Louis is, and we will never know better because the story is from his POV...

I'm glad to see everyone's still as awesome as they used to be. Except Louis because he gets progressively awesomer with time.

Can you please not take forever this time? I know you have a lot of stories going on, and probably a life, too, unlike some people, but really. Please?

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Review #20, by EmandemGold: And so it Begins

18th November 2011:

Just when it seemed they were sort of making progress, James' stupid Masterplan comes around for real and Gold doesn't let Albus say anything about the kiss that he absolutely couldn't remember and they go like one step forward, three hundred steps back.


And what does acting 'normal' mean, anyway?

Sorry I'm not focused enough right now to critique properly. Really, it's a miracle I'm even typing this up.

I'm holding you to your word that you're not giving this up, by the way. If the next chapter isn't up by next summer (see, I'm even giving you a long deadline) I'm going to be really mad at you. Which you would have no way of knowing... unless I sent an axe murderer to your home...

I'm kidding, if you can't tell. Just blame sleep deprivation if it's too weird.

Author's Response: Hey!

haha 'one step forward, three hundred steps back' does seem to describe their relationship perfect though!

and WOW...that was a pretty...effective...way to getting me to update. LOL! The next chapter is already up! :)

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #21, by EmandemThe Heartache Squadron: SHE HOLDS GRUDGES

5th September 2011:
I love how once they make the connections they all just start sort of talking to themselves. And Josephine's comments just kill me. Her being completely unaffected balances out the other's anger.

I can't wait for the plotting. In which I suspect Gemma is going to play an important part.

Author's Response: They do all talk to themselves, don't they? They're all really busy being outraged and scandalized. And Josie's simultaneously the most deluded yet clairvoyant one.

Indeed Gemma will play an important role! Onwards we go! :D

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Review #22, by EmandemFind Your Love: Everyone Chokes a Whole Lot

28th August 2011:
I can start seeing the similarities with Breathless now, but I like this one much better. Much. BETTER.

That's because I like Rose and Scorpius more than I do Albus and Adele. And their situation is way more exciting, because nobody knows it's all fake, so they have to pretend to be in love while Al/Adele don't.

You probably know this already, but this is also similar to the film The Proposal.

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Review #23, by EmandemThe Human Factor : The One Where Secrets Are Revealed

28th August 2011:

Pippa just couldn't keep her mouth shut when it mattered the most, could she? On the bright side, everyone got to see what's going on with Damien, which will bring some sort of reaction. Probably a greater fall-out, because he was kissing the queen of the devils, but this is better than this nobody-knows-what's-up-with-him business that'd been happening lately. So really, I guess we should be thankful to Albus for his little revenge. It's almost scary how he knew that this was going on, obviously unlike everyone else.

I really liked the first paragraph. It shows how much Damien influenced Pippa's outlook on life, making this situation all the more suckish. And this line:

"We thought it would be a good time to celebrate it as neither you nor Damien attended the first time because you didnt exist." It seems like something Pippa would say, in the way that they explain stuff that is obvious, or something like that. I can't really pinpoint it, but I guess some of her quirks are family-induced.

And this one, too: "I wouldn't touch him even if I had a choice between that and being a pleasant person." Haha, just classic Pippa.

On the unbright side, this chapter had a lot of misspellings. Not like, I couldn't understand anything, but it did turn a little annoying toward the end. Say, here:
"Fred raised an eyebrow at me as he leaned (closure)." That's closer.
"I didnt have adventure in my bones, I had (cautious)." That's caution, I think.
I still dont understand what Im agreeing (too). To. Okay, this one's stupid, but I figured that since I'm being telling you about the other ones, I might as well tell you about this one.
"I might know their name if they (was)nt so boring(.) I muttered." That's weren't, and a comma.

Oh, and this one is not about spelling, but this: You dont know any secrets Nott. He told me.
Should be punctuated like this: "You don't know any secrets, Nott," he told me.
This last one is an example for other punctuation stuff.

Sorry if I'm being annoying, I just know that some people like to be told stuff like this so they can fix it. If you don't, then never mind me. I'm going to continue reading no matter how you spell, so yeah.

Author's Response: Hi! Yeah, man, if this was a soap, that would be the ending for the week!

Haha, nope. She wanted a reaction. She got one, but not one that's going to make her life any easier. Maybe. It's a fall out cause people feel betrayed and once you get to talk to him, you'll see why he's been stressed etc. I'm actually portraying his relationship with the she-devil on a friends so I'm excited to see how it will come across. Albus just knows everything. People tend to tell him stuff. And he's a bit of a lurker. Doesn't sleep much etc. Haha. His power is knowledge.

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked that line. The opening for 12, which I have written is one of my favourite openings yet. (Yeah, I put a lot of thoughts into my openings).

Exactly! It's a trait that is passed down through her parents! I'm glad that came across. It's also a Scorpius trait. Always state the obvious.

And I'm glad you thought that was classic Pippa. I had a lot of fun writing it!

I've changed all the ones you've pointed out! Thanks so much for doing that, I appreciate it a lot! I tend to get so caught up writing that the words get a little jumbled when they hit the page, if that makes any sense. I'd rather you'd tell me every time, cause silly mistakes like this can be easily put right and I don't look so stupid :P I'm so glad you'll stick around with me though, that means a lot to me.

Thank you so much for the help and the review! It means a lot to me and I hope you have a great day. Your reviews are always so great to read.


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Review #24, by EmandemTo Be Human: II

8th August 2011:
Albus is so bitter. I always thought he seemed like that because the story's on Pippa's POV and she's pretty biased when it comes to her, not to mention she doesn't like people in general. It makes me wonder more than ever what this 'thing in his past' is. I'm guessing it's not family issues because he seems to go along fine with James, or as fine as two people as different as them can be. Plus, neither Lily nor James have a similar attitude towards life, although that just might be that they have a different way of coping. I probably got it all wrong.

I love that Albus likes flaws. Is something I can relate to a lot, even if I know much people don't understand it. It's nice to see characters who have real problems for a change.

Author's Response: Nope. He's just so bitter period. Yes, you may be right :) Lily and James are perfectly adjusted individuals in some aspects :) But maybe like you said they have different ways of coping. I'm so glad you love that, it crops up in a talk in chapter 10 :) I'm so glad you can relate to it! thank you so much, I try to make the problems real :) Everything a normal person has to go through you know? Thank you so much for the review.


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Review #25, by EmandemThe Human Factor : The One Where Everyone Is Sort Of Civilized

8th August 2011:
Sensitive topic, I see. I love Albus and Pippa's insomniac meetings on the common room; I feel it's the only way they sort of bond. That was actually a bit of a heart-to-heart shouting match.

It's too bad Damien and Pippa had a fall out. I love his character, but he does need to be knocked down a few. And Pippa needs to sort her stuff out as well, so that is necessary.

I can't believe she made the team. I can't believe how she made the team. It was pretty original.

Who is that pretty girl you're using for Pippa now? I know the first one was Natalia Vodianova.

Author's Response: Hi! I hope you're okay.

Exactly. They feature quite a bit, both of them have sleep problems, it's one of the first thing that they share. Exactly. They're civilized, walls were lowered in this chapter but of course, it won't last long.

Yeah, but they'll be okay eventually. Haha, yes, he does. Exactly. They both have some stuff to do.

Thanks! I had fun writing that scene. And I'm so glad you find it original.

I'm using Rosie Tupper now because in my head, at least, she was always how I imagined Pippa but I saw that banner and fell in love with it. Rosie just has that fragile look about her, which Pippa does have, which is why she manages to get away with half the things she does, she just looks innocent. Haha.

Thanks so much for the review, your support means a lot to me. xxx

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