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Review #1, by AWorldBeyondWho needs a story plot when your OC is this FOXY!!: Ummm...... Meh!

7th April 2011:
LAWLS to this entire story and slap meee for being guilty of a few of those cliches. but god. seriously. it cured a bit of my bronchitis. not really, but it made a bed ridden girl chuckle.

Author's Response: Oh gosh, yeah a few of those I am sure, can be found in mine. I love a little cliche just not in the gallon load lol. Glad that it made you chuckle =D. I hope that you manage to feel better. Thanks for the review :-)!!!

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Review #2, by AWorldBeyondIt Was Only a Kiss: Dirty Little Secret

8th March 2011:
you wrote this in your freshman year of high school? well miss, i am very impressed. this story is really well written

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Review #3, by AWorldBeyondAnnora : Slytherin

9th February 2011:
i like(: a lot actually, its very well written and you seem to have nailed draco spot on. im a bit amazed that someone as 'ugly' as amycus could produce megan fox, but hey, girls gotta be hot right? overall, definitely looking forward to updates

Author's Response: Heyy,
Thanks I'm glad you like it and think it's well written! I'd had some negative feedback on my portrayal of Draco so that's nice to hear :) Aha, that is all very true :P
Thanks for reviewing
Lily :)

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Review #4, by AWorldBeyondHow to Love a Potter: Appalling Apologies

26th January 2011:
i really love how its written in the tone that a malfoy would think in. very composed, dignified, and proper. really love how this story is coming along, and taylor momsen is an awesome pick to portray liz

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Review #5, by AWorldBeyondMidnight: Change

28th October 2010:
God this story is amazing, I can't even put it to words. Please update soon, I wish I could find this in printed book form

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Review #6, by AWorldBeyondMidnight: A Dead Geranium

19th October 2010:
Massive bio test in two days. Spent my entire day in the library studying, and what do i do when i get back to my dorm?
I stumble upon this. one chapter and i'm hooked
this truly is amazing, the imagery is beautiful, and the imagination it takes to come up with a truly unique plotline like this is very impressive. one chapter, and i applaud you. the play on words, the alliteration, the metaphors, gahhh

well done mate

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) I hope the bio test went well!

I'm thrilled you like Midnight. It's fun to write, and wonderful that people read it and enjoy it! I try hard to get the right words, and to get the images onto the page as clearly as I imagine them.


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