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Review #1, by Lightinthedark52Impose: Coming And Going

12th June 2017:
Great chapter, looking forward to more updates

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Review #2, by Lightinthedark52Indisposed: Detention

12th June 2016:
I just came across your story. I am throughly enjoying it! Looking forward to your next update. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Writing the next chapter :) xx

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Review #3, by Lightinthedark52Identity: Misadventures

20th November 2015:
I just caught up on the last few chapters and wow! Incredible, I love it. Ginny's POV is making me wonder if she came closer to dying in your version than in canon, and if that could of had any serious effects. The dreams of being Voldemort, still hearing his voice.

Also I get the feeling your adaptation of Harry's third year will be much different! Seeing as..well, obviously with relationship with Remus & Sirius is different, Pettigrew is loose and Crouch is also already loose.

That's going too far ahead though! I'm excited for the upcoming chapters as their second year comes to a close. Thank you for the time you take to write for us, I look forward to your new chapter every week! They make Wednesdays extra-awesome. And the weeks you can't because of school/life-stuff, don't feel bad, there are priorities and it just shows you have yours in order. Hermione would be proud. ;)

Anticipating the next chapter on Wednesday!

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Review #4, by Lightinthedark52Initiate: Harry And Higgs

26th June 2014:
I started reading Innocent a little over a week ago then found my way to this sequel. I have to say, I love it! You're an excellent writer. This is quite possibly one of my favourite fanfics that I've ever read (and I've read many fanfics). Even though it's so AU, it still feel canon because of how well your characterisation is. I've never read many AU fics in the past because I'm a huge fan of canon, but this may have changed my mind. I can't wait to keep following the updates of this story!

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Review #5, by Lightinthedark52Roses grow at Malfoy Manor: The Transfer Student

16th August 2013:
Seeing as I didn't review on this chapter yet, I will. I'm sure you've figured out by now that I always read the chapter immediately but wait until I'm in a mood to review before I do, because I think it deserves a proper review instead of a half-hearted one.

I'm gonna start with the scene where Rose was almost tortured. I'm glad she was spared, although I found it hard to believe that Scorpius can do wandless magic. Despite who his step-dad is, that's extremely advanced magic. Even as a sixth year, Harry who was exceptionally good at DADA struggled with just non-verbal magic. I more see wandless magic as being done by accident when emotions are really really high or otherwise only performed by the most powerful and disciplined wizards. And even those wizards prefer to use a wand when performing magic..just though I'd point that out.

I feel really sorry for Hugo in this chapter. Especially as he isn't 'sweet little Hugo' to her any more with his rebellious streak, and their relationship is shaky it's probably even harder to shoulder that knowledge. I love that he ran off to the dungeons- it makes complete sense to do something that would distract his mind at the moment. I definitely think Draco was making more sense than Hermione in that scene by the way.

As for Grace...I don't know, something about her seems a little funny to me. I don't trust her, admittedly. And where did she come from all of a sudden? How did she get a school ran by dark wizards to accept her in the middle of the term? It's just all very suspicious. And of all the students for her to befriend, it's Scorpius. Son of Draco Malfoy who is illegally housing 3 refugees, and step-son of Dominus Blackwell.

I'm glad that Rose and Lysander finally broke up! Finally! I'm just shipping Rose/Scorpius so hard in this story, and the there's all of Lysander's highly suspicious behaviour. Which just made me realise, both Rose's and Scorpius' other romantic interests (Lysander and Grace) are suspicious to me. Hmm.

I'm so so happy to see Ginny, James, Albus and Lily! I didn't expect to see them tbh, but as I love them as characters I'm definitely not complaing. I can't wait to see where you go with that plot.

I can't say that I'm looking forward to the next chapter this time, cuz I've already read it. =P I'll leave a review on that one soon too! I am definitely looking forward to updates though. ^_^

Author's Response: So sorry for the delay in updating/replying to reviews.

Yes, it does seem unbelievable that Scorpius managed to do wandless magic. But at the same time, he is able to handle his emotions rather well in this channeling his magic in such a way is a possibility at least for now. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this for now, but I would like to give him this ability in this story.

I feel bad for Hugo too, but things will change for him very soon. As for Hermione, she is not really herself any she wouldn't be making much sense. Draco however, will keep his head on his shoulders for a while longer.

I personally don't like Grace Preddle. But that doesn't mean that she cannot be a likable character. She did nothing wrong (yet anyway, haha) and she is sweet by nature. So we'll see whether she can be trusted or not. :P

Lysander and Grace should just get together and be suspicious together. Rose and Scorpius were made for one another and should be together. If only it were that simple...but maybe one day.

I couldn't leave the Potters out for much longer. I just had to experiment with their characters!

Thanks again for your lovely review.

Hopefully you will enjoy the newest chapters too!

Merope :)

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Review #6, by Lightinthedark52Demented: Dragon's Breath

16th August 2013:
So, I think after about two weeks of checking daily for a new chapter I should do your story the honour of reviewing it, because it's definitely captured my interest.

I first found and read the story a few weeks back, and can I just say that I love it so far? When I first saw the summary I was captured by the originality, and intrigued although I was a little sceptical as to how you'd pull off the half-dementor thing.

I absoloutely love how you've written the story so far. One of my biggest pet peeves in fanfics is when the muggle world sort of invades the wizarding world a bit too much, or the wizards are a bit too muggle. I guess it's because I'm a big canon lover. I think you've definitely written it as a wizarding world story which is a big plus to me, personally.

The only unrealistic bit is how long they've stayed in London. It seems like a day or two in London would of been enough once the focus was on feeding as opposed to just hanging around together because that's a LOT of school she's missing, especially being that they're both taking NEWT level classes. Even if they're both really smart, I can't see Dumbledore wanting them out of school more than necessary with Voldemort on the rise, or why it's take more than a few days for her to feed.

I really do love this story though, it's excellent, and I'm definitely looking forward to an update. :)

Author's Response: Well first off I must thank you for such a lovely review! I'm very happy that you like the story, but even more thrilled that you're willing to give constructive criticism. :)

I'm sure this is partly on my fault for not being more specific on the changing of times, but they really only have been in London for about 24 hours! They start out coming in the wee hours of the morning then romp around London mostly talking, meeting her mum, getting food, meeting Ivan, etc. and then they go to his party...the next chapter takes place the morning/afternoon after that. I think that it was more implied than outright stated though and I'm sure there were other people who felt the same way. I'll definitely be doing some edits to make this more clear then. Because you are absolutely correct. They wouldn't be just wondering around London for days and days and weeks. And, as will be addressed in a later chapter (16, I think), this is not a normal trip for Elaina.

ANYWHO. You are completely correct and I'm sure this was just my fault as the author, not being able to clearly convey what I already know in my mind. As previously stated, I will be editing this. But I will get the next chapter up very, very soon. As in, the next few days ;)


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Review #7, by Lightinthedark52Roses grow at Malfoy Manor: A Cottage Left Behind

19th June 2013:
So, as usual, I had to wait til a while after I actually read the story to review because I wanted to give a proper review as this story deserves one.

I think this chapter was wonderful. The characters, the plot, your writing on the whole was really good and interesting to read.

To be honest I read the chapter prior to this one first because I couldn't really remember what had happened before, and it definitely triggered my memory and had me enraptured by what was going on in the story.

The twist with Hermione being sick wasn't shocking to me, as I knew something had to be coming, but that didn't make it any less sad or impacting. The play of emotions was well written.

The parts with Hugo really interest me as I guess I find it kind of relatable. I'm curious as to who that girl is though, and I hope he meets her again. I get the feeling that's not the last we'll be seeing of her in this story.

I personally see Narcissa as having the softer, nicer side that she hides in fanfictions, but I like the way you turned that around and made it Lucius instead. It's interesting to see that perspective of him and I'm glad he was so nice to Hugo.

The part with the Potters was probably one of my favourites. It just seems so real, the way they's how I'd expect them to feel. Poor Lily. I always imagined James to be the one to have that kind of outburst but come to think of it it makes sense for it to be Lily.

Rose's story is the part that has me most curious and anxious for more though. I'm interested to see what happens with that whole love triangle between her, Scorpius and Lysander, not to mention find out what is going on with Lysander. Clearly he's not up to something good. Then the whole thing with the's just so many cliffhangers/plots I'm excited to see resolved.

I'm really glad you're back to writing. I don't know what happened to stop you but I understand real-life dementors very well and it's completely understandable that you had writer's block. I hope you're doing better now and that you heal and recover from whatever it was. I missed your updates, and it's nice to have you back and look forward to them again.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for this amazing review! You just made my day!

Yeah, I didn't think the twist with Hermione would be too shocking since I've been giving clues throughout the story. Let's just see what happens next between her and Draco.

You found the part with Hugo relatable? Me too in a way...I enjoy writing his parts quite a lot. BUt it won't all be bad news for him...soon enough he will have some happiness as well. I think he deserves it. As for Dawn, he will definitely meet her again as she will become quite an important character in the story.

Lucius Malfoy, for some strange reason, is one of my favourite characters from Harry Potter. So naturally, in most of my stories I try to show the readers the softer, kinder side I see in him. This story is no exception. I'm glad you enjoyed that scene...there will also be a lot more of Lucius in the chapters to come. Narcissa as well. It's funny when the enemies of your parents are close to becoming your allies.

I'm really, really, really glad you liked the scene with the Potters. I was slightly worried about that, as I initially didn't intend to have them in this story. However, the new ideas I have about the later part of the story/ending, make it vital for the Potters to be introduced!

Rose...yes, this story is turning out to be more of a Scorose than a Dramione. I hope you like that. Rose is probably the main character in this story so her character will be developed a lot more from now on. I wonder if the readers will change their opinions about her.

Thank you so much, once again, for this amazing review and for the encouragements! Yes, real life Dementors are quite horrid, but the worst is over now and I am very glad that I am back to writing and posting. I really missed it.

Thanks for sticking up with Roses Grow at Malfoy Manor for so long! Hope you enjoy the next installments as well.

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Review #8, by Lightinthedark52Roses grow at Malfoy Manor: The Ghost of Gryffindor Tower

2nd January 2013:
Are you going to update this story again or is it inactive? I'm just asking so I'll know if to keep checking it for an update or not..

Author's Response: No it's not inactive. I'll start again in one month, after uni and exams are out of the way. I had a horrid writer's block in the past year (mostly due to personal matters), but i'm back on my feet in terms of writing so I will give this story another shot soon.

Apologies for the delay.


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Review #9, by Lightinthedark52Roses grow at Malfoy Manor: Lilium Longiflorum

7th January 2012:
Hey! I'm so glad that you finally updated, I've been looking forward to this chapter.

Hugo is, of course, an awesome character. I love the scenes with him, period. And yes, I have figured out the identity of the mad man, which confuses me a bit. Doesn't the fic follow canon with the exception of the epilogue? Or did I just assume that? Either way, it's a pretty interesting twist! I can't wait to see how Snape and Hugo's.. acquaintance (?) develops!

That Professor Jugson seems like a nasty one though.. reminds me of Bellatrix a bit, except even worse. Bella's words weren't that poisonous. Maybe a cross between Bellatrix and Umbridge. :O Well, in male form lol.

I'm glad that we see some history behind Rose and Scorpius. Yes, she was being melodramatic and she herself recognised that, lol, but she is after all a teenaged girl. So that suits, although she was described as mature for her age when she was a child, she sort of sounds more like her age now that she's older. Like a teenaged girl.

I'm really curious to find our more about this Lysander though. Hmm, I think there's still more to come on him so I'm looking forward to that..

Hermione does come across as a wasted, selfish, almost heartless mother, which does not reflect the Hermione we know in the books. I do realise that this Hermione has gone through different, terrible experiences though. I also, personally think there's a method to this madness. Or in other words, a reason behind why she behaves this way. Personally I'm wondering if she's going to die. I mean she's pushing everyone away, throwing her life down the drain. surely their must be a reason.

All in all, looking forward to the next chapter! I understand the school thing but I REALLY hope you update sooner this time! =D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review-it is as always greatly appreciated!

I am thrilled you like Hugo's character. I enjoy writing about him so I am glad you love the scenes in which he appears. The identity of the mad man is supposed to be confusing right now. You're right...this story does follow canon with the exception of the epilogue. I have tried to work out a way to make Snape's character fit in this story without going against canon too much. There will be an explenation in later chapters, perhaps when Hugo gets to know him better, about how Snape ended up being the mad man of Malfoy Manor. This is all I can say at the moment.

Professor Jugson is horrid. He reminds you of Bellatrix? That's interesting. Hahah...yes, I guess he is a bit like Umbridge in male form...only slightly sadder.

I tried to make Rose appear as a teenage girl in this chapter. I know she was described as a mature character...but I had a small feeling that making her appear too mature would make her appear slightly unrealistic. Hence the melodrama of this chapter.

There will definitely be more of Lysander in the next few chapters. I personally find him a very interesting character (not the way I developed him...but the way he was created by J.K. Rowling. But then can't not be interesting when Luna Lovegood is your mother.)

There is definitely a reason behind Hermione's behaviour. I'm glad you thought that. Whether this reason justifies her behaviour towards her son and Draco remains to be seen by you (and the readers in general).

I am nearly finished with chapter 14 and I aim to post it by the end of this week if not sooner. I may even post it today if I finish in time.

Thanks again for your wonderful review and sorry for the slightly late reply.

Merope :)x

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Review #10, by Lightinthedark52War of the Exes: The Way We Were

21st October 2011:
Oh my...
I think I've figured out the secret. It's sort of obvious, to me in a way. My mind just picks up on when people are hurt over something, even if it's just in a story. And earlier on in the coffee shop I realised something, but didn't completely understand it. This chapter just makes the whole thing click though, it makes complete sense.

I don't have everything figured out though- there's two ways it could go. One could explain for the warning on morals, and the other one would just be plain heart breaking.

It's funny, the plot is so ridiculous yet so believable- cuz it's Ron and Hermione. I'd of expected Miss Weasley to have had more sense and put it to a stop, but then there'd be no story.

Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter! When might there be an update? Just so I have an idea when to check back. =)

Author's Response: I too think it's obvious, but on the other hand I'm slightly guilty about it. lol. It's so horrid!

It does explain a PART of the moral thing, but not all of it.

Exceptions have to be made. It IS fanfic after all! ~writergirl8

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Review #11, by Lightinthedark52Roses grow at Malfoy Manor: The Show Trial of Arthur Wilkes

26th September 2011:
Dominus is an interesting character to add in... hmm his coldness really adds to Hogwart's atmosphere. Okay, this is probably the first time ever but can I give a bit of constructive criticism? Honestly Dominus' character leaves an impression of just the typical cold-hearted death eater. I think maybe it feels like there's a surface but no real depth to him kinda thing? What I'd suggest, if you haven't already done it, is maybe sit down and develop his character- his history (from birth to now), personality, likes, dislikes etc. If you already did then I'm sorry for suggesting it... I don't know, it just feels like he has less depth than your other characters, if that makes sense? I mean, so far he seems to be the cruelest of them all but that's about all I can gather.

I have a new hatred for Astoria lol. Poor Scorpius. :( I'm getting to love that character more and more with each passing chapter.

I'm getting reallyyy curious as to what happened between Rose/Scorp so hope that comes up soon! =D

I feel so bad for Hugo that he had to walk in on that. :O I'm interested in seeing how his character develop and reacts to all these different things going on.

This story seriously never fails to capture my interest and keep me wanting more! As always- love love love your style of writing, the descriptive language etc
Hope you update soon. =D

P.S. I read this since the day it came out but now got a chance to review. =/

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review! I really appreciate your feedback.

I agree with your opinion of the character of Dominus. I tend to get carried away and just write about how evil he is and what evil he can do. I will follow your advice and try to develop him more. Now that he's Astoria's new husband and Scopriu's step dad, it will be easier to build his history.

I can totally understand your hatred for Astoria. She is a b*tch. As for Scorpius,, I'm really glad you like him more and more.

What happened between Scoprius and Rose will definitely come up soon. I hope you will lie that.

You like my writing style? Thank you! I'm flattered and I will try to keep it up and improve it.

Thank you once again for this wonderful review and I am really happy you like the story so much. I will try to update soon, but I've just started University this week so my new routine is all over the place. But I'll do my best.

Thanks again,

Merope :)x

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Review #12, by Lightinthedark52The Opposite of History: Starry Night

1st September 2011:
So beautiful. :) I love it!

Author's Response: thank so much for reviewing. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #13, by Lightinthedark52Reverse: Runaway

1st September 2011:
Haha, I love this. The plot is so unique and pretty awesome.

I actually don't mind the lack of humour, i love the dark/angst-y feel to this story. Hope you update soon. :)

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks so much! I find it a lot easier to write angsty stories with a dash of humor. Don't know why! And I will, thanks for the review!(:

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Review #14, by Lightinthedark52Roses grow at Malfoy Manor: Of Letters, Brooms and Books

1st September 2011:
Oh my.

One Word.


The letter at the beginning really tore at me... and it wasn't in the least bit confusing, which is pretty amazing seeing the huge time jump. But it really appealed to me emotion-wise and put you in Rose's shoes perfectly to see things fully from her perspective, the darkness of the story but in a way that isn't too 'heavy' where the reader feels hard to read it.

The letter sort of worries me, she should be smarter than that, it makes you want to rip open the computer screen an yell at Rose "DON'T DO THAT! IT'S DANGEROUS!" I mean if the castle is run by Voldemort and his Death Eaters now, that seems highly risky.. would they not search mail? O.o It makes me think: What if they found the letter, figured out from the 'Uncle Harry' bit that iRon Weasley's daughter is at Hogwarts and that's why they've been summoned to the Great Hall? Hmm.. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

But seriously, your writing is so beautiful. the description is wow. And it's so... descriptive, yet not tedious to read. It makes you want to read it, it's not heavy-loaded.

There's something about Lysander I don't particularly like. >.< Okay, yes, I'm a Rose/Scorpius fan, but it's also the fact that Scorpius thought the words 'She doesn't know anything,' and that he looked sad before walking away from her... something has to be up there. Plus the way he was when they were younger in the previous chapter... he's definitely got a big heart. He considers her a great friend. The way he wanted her to have some of his cake at his birthday party, he grew up with parents who could afford anything he wanted yet he was still so.. humble in a way. He still would not boss them around and felt awkward when others (like his mom or her friends) put Rose or Hugo in their place.. he didn't look down on them at all or seem to consider himself superior. So I really like him in this story for that as well.

Oh wow this review is getting really long, I'm sorry lol. Oh! And I like seeing Hugo's point of view. but Hermione's been through so much, I hope he doesn't unintentionally put her through more stress with his rebellious/mischievous behavior, because I'm sure hidden behind the offence in his heart, he's still sweet little Hugo who loves his mom and big sister more than anything.

One thing I'm wondering.where's Astoria? Lol, seeing as her relationship with Draco was so shaky.. did they ever patch things up or have they separated? And does she live elsewhere or at the manor? Though I'm sure that will be answered in time.

Another thing, I love Neville! How they let him remain a Professor their though, I'm wondering.

Anyways, bottom line: I LOVE the time change. Who knew this story could get that much more awesome- but it did. Wow... seriously, can't wait for the next chapter. Please try to update soon :-)

Author's Response: Oh Merlin! Oh Merlin! WOW...O.o what a review!! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a wonderful and encouraging review! It really means a lot to me when readers take the time to feedback!!

I'm really glad you liked the letter. I tried keeping it as "true" as possible. There were elements of the letter that I can relate to, as I'm sure many readers can as well, but at the same time it was a rather alien experience, putting you guys in her shoes. I'm really glad you didn't find it confusing despite the huge time difference. This comment is very encouraging. :)

Yeah, it worries me too. I like your reaction, by the way. :P Rose knows the danger she is putting herself and her family as well as the Malfoys, in if the Death Eaters were to find out. But she has reached the point where she needs to feel a sort of adrenaline rush and take a chance. An explenation as to why she send letters despite the Death Eaters running Hogwarts will come later from Rose herslef. Especially when someone else of particular interest will find out about them. This is all I can reveal at the moment.

Thank you so much for your comment regarding my descrpition. I like to load my writing with imagery, but still keep it to a bearable level.

I don't know whether I like Lysander or not. I guess his character will be revealed more as teh story goes on, and then I will be able to judge his actions. There's definitely a good side of him, because Rose wouldn't date him otherwise. And there's also a werid part of him since Luna is his mother. But maybe there's also a darker side of him...I guess we have to wait for him to open up more. But I totally agree with you about Scrpius. I love him more. :P

Please don't apologise for your review getting too long. I really love it and I really appreciate you taking the time to leave such a long review. Such reviews really do make my day. They're amazing. Thank you.

I lso agree with your comment about Hugo. He's angry at a world he thinks stands against him, he lost his father before having the opportunity to have many memories of him and on top of everything he's a teenager. But behind all that, you're right, he's still that sweet Granger/Weasley boy with cruly hair and big eyes. :P

The Astoria question will probably be answered in time, though I can assure you she is hinidng under no bed. If this makes any sense at all.

I love Neville too! Someone else asked me why Neville is allowed to teach at Hogwarts despite the fact the killed Nagini and all that jazz. Well, even in the real HP book Voldie was reluctant to kill off purebloods, afraid that they would decline in numbers so much that muggleborns and half bloods will be the dominant blood statuses. Neville is a pureblood and even though he stood against them in the past, the Death Eaters prefer to keep him low with threats, rather than killing him straight away. Their aim is no longer to kill off anyone who they don't like, but rather to indoctrinate them into blind obedience. You'll find out more aboout Neville's past anway. my reply is getting long. What can I say? Once again thank you so much for such an amazing review--you really are too kind to me. I am thrilled you enjoy the story so much and I will post chapter 13 soon.

Merope :)x

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Review #15, by Lightinthedark52Roses grow at Malfoy Manor: Father of Petals

13th August 2011:
I intended to review this chapter a while ago, but now getting around to it. As you know I absolutely LOVE this story, it honestly is probably my favourite on HPFF- or at least one of them.

Even though it's AU concerning the the epilogue in DH, it's still so canon in the sense that the characters are so well written, everything is believable etc. Put that together with the addictive plot, your awesome writing skills and good grammar, and you have be captured into reading this. =D

I seriously loved this chapter, how could I not? The Father of Petals scene really took the win. it was heart breakingly beautiful.. that rose garden is really interesting. The plants in Malfoy Manor seems to enjoy torturing poor Rose don't they? lol :)

I looking forward to the leap in time in chapter eleven by the way.. it sounds interesting. Looking forward to the next chapter.. any ideas when it will be up? ;)

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you sooo much! I love your reviews-you are too kind to me!

I'm so glad that you find the story and the characters believable as I do try and sometimes feel like throwing my laptop against the wall in frustration. But then I get back on track, so thank you, your comment really encourages me! :)

The "father of petals" scene was quite emotional to write but I enjoyed it nevertheless. So I'm really glad you thought it was well written. :) You are right though, the plants of Malfoy Manor do like to torture poor Rose.

I've already posted chapter ten, so it should be up soon. I'm glad you're looking forward to the leap in the time frarme, because I know I certainly am.

Thanks again for your wonderful review.

Merope :)x

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Review #16, by Lightinthedark52Reverse: Wasted

9th August 2011:
I'm really enjoying this. :)

I think the prejudice is blown way out of proportion, as I can't really see Harry or the Weasleys (excepting Ron) raising their kids to think with those old mind frames, as they saw first hand the disastrous consequences it could have. So that does seem completely unrealistic to me, but the awesomeness of the rest of the story makes up for it enough for me to love it. =D (Yes, that was a compliment haha)

I'm not sure what will happen next. but I do know what I want to happen is for you to update quickly. Three chapters in and I'm already hooked. Keep writing, and can't wait for your next update!

Author's Response: I think if J.K. had written this, I'd definitely agree with you but as I have tried to write more of a young adult version of the Harry Potter world, I feel like it works. Although, you're probably right, I think I may have blown it up a bit(; I'm very glad you like it though(:
And it will be up soon! Next few days! thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by Lightinthedark52The Opposite of History: Friends or More?

8th August 2011:
This story is beautiful.
Usually I find some kind of flaw, either bad characterization or something or the other, but so far haven't seen any in yours. It's just beautiful.. :)

Waiting to see how the plot develops, I know all stories has that peak point where some catastrophe happens and the readers go crazy waiting for updates, lol.
Also hoping to see some of Albus, James and the other family members!

Keep writing, this story is amazing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the kind review. I am glad you do not find my fic flawed and are simply enjoying the story I have woven together.

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Review #18, by Lightinthedark52State of Mind: State of Mind

27th July 2011:
This is beautiful.
Great job, and hope to see you write more. You have a talent as a writer. keep it up.

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Review #19, by Lightinthedark52How Far Would You Go?: The End?

20th May 2011:
Awesome, update soon! =]

Author's Response: Updates on the way! The story id fast reaching its conclusion, but will it be a Draco/Hermione or a Ron/Hermione?

Love Pepper

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Review #20, by Lightinthedark52How Far Would You Go?: No Choice

23rd April 2011:
I love your quick updates! You've got talent in this area.. definitely know how to keep a reader wanting more. Can't wait for the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: Next chapter up soon, must get validated first!

I've almost finished writing it and the ending is one you won't believe.

Love Pepper

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Review #21, by Lightinthedark52How Far Would You Go?: Dark Rising

21st April 2011:
This is going so good... any idea when the next chapter will be up? I can hardly wait. I love your stories.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm currently snowed under at work and I have run out of inspiration, but I know where its going and as soon as I get time, I'll be back into it.

Love Pepper

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Review #22, by Lightinthedark52Roses grow at Malfoy Manor: Torn Roses

20th April 2011:
Loved it! It was worth the wait.. still hate the waiting part, but that's just a result of rl i guess. I'm curious about the mad man too, as well as how the relationships will develop.
I absolutely love that Hermione didn't kiss him back and it lead to her realising she loved the kiss and they the two of them avoided eachother for a while blah blah blah (typical scenario.) I love how she slapped him and broke down in tears.. that you keep her love for Ron intact and kept true to it, didn't make him(Ron) out to be a jerk in order to make Draco/Hermione work. Her grief for Ron is still there, showing that she still loved him.. I'm intrigued to see how you'll have her fall for Draco.
Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you for your great feedback! I really, really appreiate your comments. The mad man shall be revealed in some future chapter. Lol...I know that's not helpful but this is all I shall say.

The kiss scene just came to me. I know Hermione is a strong woman...but she is still human. The only reaction that I could picture after Draco kissed her was breaking up in tears. I'm really curious to how their relationship shall develop too.

Thanks again for reading and for all your lovely feedback!

Merope :)

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Review #23, by Lightinthedark52The Truth's Consequences: The Argument

9th April 2011:
Hey there, I just started reading your story..
I'm going to be completely honest. When I read the first few chapters, I thought there just wasn't enough detail with characterization.. like it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. Overall I kept reading because the plot of the story was so unique, it captured me...I expected Draco to be the father in the beginning, and if it was I wouldn't of continued reading to be honest.. but it being Lucius surprised me and I loved that twist! I've seen it before, but this is the only story where the author hasn't abandoned it haha. The first time I read that idea I loved it and actually always wanted to write it myself, but never got time.. so I'm glad I found a good story that (I hope!) will be completed!
These last few chapters have REALLY improved though.. I can see Hermione and Draco's characters as being believable in them. And now? With this last chapter? I'm excited for the next one! I was so disappointed not to see the little '>>' button to click for the next chapter! This chapter deserves so many more reviews that it's gotten so far. It's so good.
I also LOVE the fact that your updates are so quick! You just started this year and already passed 10 chapters. Loads of people update just a chapter per month and stuff.. I love quick updates though, when authors don't update quickly the excitement and interest of the story fades away for me.
The only real downside to this story for me is Ron's character. I hate when people make him out to be a git to get the Draco/Hermione thing to work.. he really doesn't have to be! And I know Ron is kind of a git sometimes (okay, a lot), and a lot of Dramione fans/writers tend to hate him but he's actually not that bad of a character.. personally I think people dislike Ron because they all see a bit of themselves in him.. all of us treat people badly sometimes. OK I'm rambling, I'm sorry...

Anyway I really hope you keep up the speed of updates you've had so far! Hope to see an update really really soon, I'll be adding this story to my favorites and checking often. :) If RL happens to get in the way, well I would understand.. I hope it doesn't though! Can't wait for the next chapter, you have such a great plot.. I'm sure one day you'd be writing an book of your own with an amazing plot! Keep it up and keep writing! :)

Author's Response: WOW! Thank you so much!!! I really did try to get a unique take on this story because I was tired of reading (and writing) the same story over and over again. I am really glad you did take to it because I really enjoy it when people like my work. I try to update fast because I happen to be very impatient with other people taking so long to update, usually I write most of the story before I begin posting it. I don't make Ron a git for Hermione and Draco to work out in the majority of my stories. Sometimes, yes he has to be, but I never really liked Ron, and I try to take how I feel he would have really reacted and use that in my stories. And I probably do see a bit of myself in him lol =] And one day, I do hope to write my own book and I love the fact that I have fans here who already believe me =]=] Thank you again, so very, very much!

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Review #24, by Lightinthedark52Roses grow at Malfoy Manor: The Portrait of Abraxas Malfoy

7th April 2011:
Hey, this story is amazing! I understand that RL can be in the way of quick updates, but I really hope that this story gets updated soon..any idea when? Just so I'll know when I should check back. Cuz I've been checking everyday.. :p

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm really glad you like it and you're kind of sucks that RL gets in the way, especially since RL is waay more boring than this. LoL. I will try to finish writing chapter seven during the next two weeks--I'm really sorry it's taking me so long. Maybe sooner, but I can't promise anything...I have my A-levels in a few months and I have tonnes of work to do. I will try to do it asap. Thank you for having the patience to read this story.

Merope :)

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Review #25, by Lightinthedark52My Possibly Crazy Neighbours: Explosions

7th April 2011:
Hey.. amazing story. You said there wouldn't be another five months between updates though, and it's been more than five months. :( Oh well, RL gets the best of us sometimes- I understand that completely.
This story is really amusing and a joy to read though so.. hope you update soon. :)

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