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Review #1, by michelle_ginny_potterLetters to L.C. : Valentine's Day

13th May 2014:
Yay! Sequel time!!:) It's so sad to see it all end after such a long time:') absolutely loved every minute of it!:)

Author's Response: I know, but all good things come to an end and all that sappy jazz. I'll see you next time, love!

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Review #2, by michelle_ginny_potterLetters to L.C. : McGonagall's Office

5th May 2014:
What?! One more?! Just ONE?! I like McGonagall's point of view:) it was very insightful! I hope u update soon:)

Author's Response: Don't hate me! Lenny has had a great run, but it is her time. Being in McGonagall's perspective was... different. to say the very very least ;D

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Review #3, by michelle_ginny_potterLetters to L.C. : Potter's New Years Eve Party (Part Two)

15th February 2014:
Omg!!! Yay!!!:) Finally!! Why did it take so long?! They are adorable and amazing and perfect! Please update quickly:) 10/10

Author's Response: I could give you a million excuses as to why it took so long, but they'd be just that. Excuses. I am truly sorry, but thank you for reading! I will try sooo hard to update faster

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Review #4, by michelle_ginny_potterLetters to L.C. : Potter's New Years Eve Party (Part One)

23rd December 2013:
The end?! But they still have a whole year left!!! Stupid Lenny hiding away, thank god for Marlene:) stupid hufflepuff:/ please update :) 10/10

Author's Response: Ahh darling, don't you worry about it. We will figure it all out in time. Marlene will always save the day!!

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Review #5, by michelle_ginny_potterLetters to L.C. : Christmas Eve

25th September 2013:
Hey! You're back! I would never leave you! Seriously i love Lenny too much! Her and Sirius are too cute! Please update quickly! 10/10

Author's Response: Awh thanks for not leaving!! And hopefully you haven't left since the last update... :/

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Review #6, by michelle_ginny_potterLetters to L.C. : Attempts and Fails to Cheer Lenny Up

9th July 2013:
Yay! You're back!! I missed good old Lennie:) what?! The end?!?! Why?! I loved their near kiss:) hopefully they will kiss properly and make up;)
10/10 (please update quicker :] )

Author's Response: No don't get sad! It was bound to end eventually, right? (tears tears tears)

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Review #7, by michelle_ginny_potterLetters to L.C. : Into Sirius's Mind

29th April 2013:
I loved Sirius' POV! I love Sirius in general anyway:) you better update quicker cuz i need this story!! Im addicted!! Please please please please please update quicker:) 10/10

Author's Response: I'm working on the whole update quicker, I swear! I just got two other stories too that I really can't let fall behind either now that I'm back in the saddle. I'm glad you liked it and Sirius POV!

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Review #8, by michelle_ginny_potterVictim: Chapter 6

29th April 2013:
I hate Crystal. So much. J is amazing! In your face Crystal!! I want some more Sirius/J and James/Lily action s'il vous plait:) and please please please please please please please update quicker!!! 10/10 :)

Author's Response: I hate Crystal but I love her too (if that even makes sense). I loved writing that little interaction at the end of the scene; J has deffo not lost her edge! There's gonna be a lot of Sirius/J action in the next few chapters *Hint Hint* and James/Lily will be making a few appearances soon too-the wedding should come fairly soon but I've not written that yet.
Update will come as soon as I can; I've got exams in a few weeks but I'll try my hardest to put one up in the next few days :)
Thank you so much for reviewing...I appreciate it so much!! xx

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Review #9, by michelle_ginny_potterVictim: Chapter 5

1st March 2013:
I really hope they break up because Crystal really annoys me!! And im also happy that J followed Sirius because she got to say what she felt:) hopefully Sirius finally finally realises that he loves J and they'll get back together :3 please update quicker:)

Author's Response: Crystal is just a needy, insecure little girl with a secret (next chapter is quite revealing about her btw).
I absolutely loved writing the last scene where they argued; I fancied some confrontation between the two considering they never actually argued before.
Next chapter will be submitted tomorrow so it depends on the queue but I promise there will never be a wait that long again :)
Thank you so much for the review :) xxx

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Review #10, by michelle_ginny_potterVictim: Chapter 4

25th February 2013:
I missed you! I have your story on my feed so i know when it updates and i literally have been checking it daily for the past however long its been:) and when i finally saw that you had a new chapter i jumped up and down and squealed like a little girl:) anyway.i really really really hate Crystal!!! She reminds me of this girl at my school>__< i love your story btw, if you couldn't tell;) Please update more frequently because it makes me very happy:) 10/10

Author's Response: Ahh I missed you too :) Reviews like this just make me smile so much!! I never meant for it to be so long without an update but time just ran away from me and then I realised that it had been like 6 months :o. I love your enthusiasm for my story!!
Crystal is sort of the girl I'd hate but I have a few plans for her that let me go in a different direction for a while *hint hint*
Thank you so so so much for the review and I hope you still enjoy the story :) xxx

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Review #11, by michelle_ginny_potterLetters to L.C. : Home not Home

20th October 2012:
Awww poor Lenny:'( i feel so sorry for her:( i want her happy again:) please make Sirius see the light and go out with Lenny:) and please hurry the next update!!! I check your page every day to see whether you updated today or not!! Im going crazy!!:p love your story:) 100/10:)

Author's Response: Hey you're like me! YOu like all the smilies and such :D. Lenny isn't a happy person, duhh. And do you think Lenny would take Sirius if he he came crawling back? She's too embarrassed and hurt. THank you so much, darling!

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Review #12, by michelle_ginny_potterLetters to L.C. : Protego

12th September 2012:
Finally!!! Took you long enough to update and to make Sirius realise that she is lenny! But i can't believe his reaction! I would've thought that he would be happy because its lenny! Ah well...hope you update quicker! *hint hint* ;) 10/10:)

Author's Response: Sorry!! For both the update and for making Sirius such an ass. Its him, not me I swear!

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Review #13, by michelle_ginny_potterLetters to L.C. : The Masquerade Ball

5th August 2012:
You. Are. Evil. How could you do that to Sirius?! If you're angry don't take it out on poor poor Sirius:( though i like that you finally let them kiss:) please update quicker:) 10/10

Author's Response: I'm not evil I swear! Okay maybe a little... but blame my parents for that one. Yes, I let them kiss! I hoped that made up for me taking so long to update!

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Review #14, by michelle_ginny_potterVictim: Chapter 3

1st July 2012:
Yay! Im sooo happy you put my name in the chapter!! This is the first time ever!:) I really liked this chapter:) im so glad that james and j are friends again:) how could you give Sirius a girlfriend?!?!? >:( 10/10

Author's Response: I Love To Show My Reviewers Just How Happy I Am With Them Lol :) I Did Like Writing The Chapter So I'm Glad You Enjoyed It. Sirius Has A Girlfriend For An Important Reason That Will Be Revealed Soon *Evil Grin* Haha. Thanks For The Review x

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Review #15, by michelle_ginny_potterLetters to L.C. : Dresses and Being Lenny

1st July 2012:
Omg! Why didnt you let them kiss!?!?! Evil person:( It would be really cool if Sirius realized it was Lenny at the ball:) 10/10

Author's Response: I had to give you a little bit of suspense! You'll find out all about the ball next chapter :D

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Review #16, by michelle_ginny_potterTruth Or Dare Slytherin Style: Order

23rd June 2012:
I love your story! I am really enjoying it:) please write quicker!:) 10/10

Author's Response: I'm trying. :-)

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Review #17, by michelle_ginny_potterLetters to L.C. : Changing

22nd June 2012:
Congratulations!!:) thank you for spending the time writing this:) I loved it!! Please write quicker!!! and somehow make sirius realize that its her! 10/10:)

Author's Response: Everyone wants Sirius to realize it was her :D! He will... eventually. I can't tell you when, though. That will give it all away! Update is coming very soon, hopefully I get it in before the queue closure.

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Review #18, by michelle_ginny_potterVictim: Chapter 2

16th June 2012:
I bet it's J :) please write quicker!!:) I love your story:) 10/10

Author's Response: I Can't Ruin The Surprise :)...Things Are Very Different When J Returns. Thanks For The Review...Next Chapter Is In The Queue xx

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Review #19, by michelle_ginny_potterInnocent: Chapter 22

4th June 2012:
I absolutely love your story!! J is a bit depressing sometimes, but I still think your story is amazing!! Please write a sequel! I need J and Sirius in my life!!!:) What would the sequel be about?
10/10:) ~michelle:)

Author's Response: I Know She Can Be Depressing At Times But I'm Trying To Make Her Happier Lol. The Sequel Is In The Queue Now So It Should Be Up In A Few Days :) Its Mainly Gonna Be About Their Life After School And I'm Gonna Try For Some More James/Lily In It Too. Thanks So Much For The Review And I Love That You Love The Story :D xx

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Review #20, by michelle_ginny_potterLetters to L.C. : The Hospital Wing

18th May 2012:
Yay! Sirius is finally realizing his feelings for her:) please write quicker!!:) and you should become a trusted author so you can update quicker:) what year are you in? Im in yr10 and we're doing some gcses:/ btw I love your story!!!

Author's Response: My fingers don't move as fast as they used to :(. I would absolutely love to be a trusted author, I think I just push limits a little too much ;). I'm actually in law school. Two more years left! Crossing my fingers I get through it. Thank you so mucchhh!

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Review #21, by michelle_ginny_potterLetters to L.C. : Marlene and Lenny Day

1st May 2012:
Ok, so i have finally given in, and im going to review a lot more.. I hope:p I absolutely love your story and I cant believe she didnt go to see sirius! :O how long is the story going to be? The longer the better:) 10/10:)

Author's Response: I hope you review a lot more too :). I'm very very flattered that you like this story so much! I'm thinking roughly 33 chapters. I'm not positive, though. There will be a sequel, however :).

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Review #22, by michelle_ginny_potterContrast: To Merlinís Belly-Button Fluff, And Back.

5th April 2012:
NO!!! Why?! write more please!!! Such a good story! Just an idea, but the ball could've been a masquerade one,and that they had to choose a partner and at midnight they had to see who the person was, and then claire and sirius would be ok again and they would've all been happy ever after! :)

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Review #23, by michelle_ginny_potterLove in the Past: Questions and Answers

31st March 2012:
Introductions, getting to know each sirius:)

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Review #24, by michelle_ginny_potterLove in the Past: Where am I?

31st March 2012:
I like the plot tweak...just saying:) I am, review number 3:)...10/10

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Review #25, by michelle_ginny_potterLove in the Past: Hogwarts Express

31st March 2012:
See, I have now reviewed 2 chapters...getting there slowly:) I dont know what to say...well, good job:)

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