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Review #1, by BellatrixCrucioYouThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Moscow Midnight

19th July 2011:
Yay! Another great update! I just love this fic so much! I get so excited every time I read a new chapter! The Bryson thing completely caught me by surprise!! I love the twist! And Kylie's reaction and the way she had to find out! :D Great stuff! I'm glad Matt got his feelings out for jaz. Even though it obviously didn't go well, at least she knows. Now they have the oppertunity to grow closer in a romantic way if she so choses to let that happen. Although...Remus. Ugh. He's adorable too! I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever happens between them.
Not much action between Kylie and Sirius here. I look forward to more of them. They're so cute.
Really good update! I can't wait for the next chapter! I know the phrase is overused but, update soon!! Great writing as usual! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Aw, it means a lot that you enjoy my story so much! I tried to have Kylie's reaction match who she is - you know, crazy, random, and kind of all over the place but focused at the same time. Matt's deal, well, yeah, it was pretty bad, but it could have gone worse... somehow... And I'll try to resolve the whole conflict in a way that suits everyone. No matter what, remember that Remus DOES get Tonks in the end :D
There wasn't a whole lot in this chapter, but I hope I made up for it with everyone else's drama. Don't worry - the next chapter should have some fluffy, satsifying moments!
I'll try to post as soon as I can, and don't worry - it's not overused. Just extremely popular.

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Review #2, by BellatrixCrucioYouThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Dirty Tricks

6th July 2011:
Really loving all the quidditch! Always do. And again, I enjoy the longer chapters. Gives me more to look forward to when you update. I was excited to see chapter 30 pop up! :)
As usual, your writing is fabulously amazing and the plot continues to stay original which is great. A few funny moments that I enjoyed as well as some intense events that I also liked. I'm happy that Hogwarts won this round, proving James is the best captain around (but who didn't know that?).

Sirius and Kylie have a few cute moments which is always nice. I like seeing their interactions. It's clear that Bryson likes Kylie, but especially in this chapter. I just hope Kylie doesn't start to annoy me like she did a few chapters ago with her excessive "flirting" with the other guys. I'm sure it won't be a problem though. I still like Kylie as a character. Maybe I'm alone on this but I think I may have prefered Kylie and Sirius before they actually got together. They were adorable with all the build up and flirting. However, if they ever break up again I shall be very upset because I still love them together.

Anyway, great update and I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm sure things will really start getting more intense as far as quidditch goes. 1466544/10

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Chapter thirty actually shouldn't take too long - it's going through the revision process now, which means it's all written and just waiting for Spellcheck (which is, by the way, the best invention known to man)!
I'm glad that there is enough variety for you - sometimes I worry that there's too much drama or too much humor in a chaoter, and then I fret and stew until I get so fed up with it that I post it anyway. James really is a good chapter, in spite of his insanity... but that's why we love him.
I don't think Kylie will be very flirtatious in the chapters to come - she's learned her lesson from her fight with Sirius, and is much more aware of how she acts. It's interesting that you prefer them single together - not many people have that opinion!
The next one should be up as soon as the queue opens!

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Review #3, by BellatrixCrucioYouThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Fragile like Clay

14th June 2011:
For the first time since reading your fic do I have anything that could be taken as slightly critical to say. I looove the chapter, but it was incredibly sappy haha! But I guess that's what extreme love does to people. Besides that, I really enjoyed the idea having to do with the clay hearts and I also love the length. Longer is always a plus for me! Sirius and Kylie are clearly made for each other and I'm glad they made up quickly both for the sake of their sanity and for the Quidditch team. I always love seeing your fic pop up on the first page! Youre a pretty quick updater. Much better than I am :p
Great job and I am eager to see where this goes next!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Yeah, it was rediculiously sappy, but I kind of had to do it - make up for the last chapter, you know? Longer will definately be the pattern for upcoming chapters - yeah, it may take a while for me to churn them out, but hopefully they wil be worth it. Like I said before - quick make up because of that last chapter. My updates will really slow down in the near future, which isn't a good thing, but... such is life?

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Review #4, by BellatrixCrucioYouThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Depth

8th May 2011:
Oh my goodness!!! I absolutely love this chapter!! And the quick update ;)
Sirius is the most adorable thing ever!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it and, yeah, Sirius is kind of cute :)

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Review #5, by BellatrixCrucioYouThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Uptights and Overnights

27th April 2011:
Yaay! :) As always, I was so very happy to see another chapter! I'd been missing your story.
I'm totally not one for fics involving a lot of Quidditch, so I was skeptical to read this story to start out with, but oh man is it so good! I actually love how you write Quidditch. The game was so intense! And I might as well say this in every review, but once again, I'm in love with your portrayal of James. Best I've read. He sounds beastly at Quidditch ;) I like. Buuut...not as much as I like Sirius.
Sirius and Kylie are adorable. Love the midnight snogging session. I was worried you wouldn't add any moments with them in this chapter. Looove it!
Glad everyone's okay after that match!
I cannot wait to read more!! Don't keep me waiting! :)


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Sorry it took so long for an update - some complications arrived that hadn't been anticipated, and we had to deal with all of those!
I tried to add some things for the non-sports oriented people, such as romance and humor, so it's good to hear that there is enough in it to make you enjoy the ride! James is pretty obcessed, which isn't a bad thing... and I'm glad that you like Sirius so much!
I thought that this chapter needed some lurve, so a midnight snogging session felt like a necessity. I'll try to post soon - working on the next chapter as we... type?

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Review #6, by BellatrixCrucioYouNothing is Fair When it Comes to Love in a Time of War: Nothing is Fair

7th April 2011:
So I'm not really one for slash fics (especially involving Sirius as I like to think of him as Mr. Lady's Man) but this was good and really well written. I liked the whole scene with the bar and the annoying lady. This one-shot is extrememly engaging and I devoured it. Which is good since I'm picky. I also enjoy the ending with the Dark Mark.
I'm now off to go see if you have any other works. If you don't, please write more! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad that you gave it a shot despite your preferrences. :) And thank you for taking the time to leave such a nice review. --Jenna

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Review #7, by BellatrixCrucioYouCaprice: Miles from Normal

26th March 2011:
Basically I just finished reading all of the chapter that are up so far. I really like it! I've scrolled by this story multiple times, not thinking anything of it, and I'm glad I finally decided to click on it. I adore Sirius and Cappie together! They would make the cutest couple ever, of course! :D LOve all the action as well!
You're a great writer and your story is wonderful :)
Excellent job and I can't wait for more! Update soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you finally decided to give it a chance :) and i'm especially glad you liked it :) Thank you so much for your lovely compliments :) they made my day! I hope you continue to read and let me know if you like the upcoming chapters :)

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Review #8, by BellatrixCrucioYouThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Bulls, Boys, and Beaters

12th March 2011:
First of all I looove the length of the chapter! So much goodness!
I'll start by saying Kylie is so darn hilarious in this chapter and Sirius is so darn cute! Ha! I love them even more when they're together. I like their moments throughout and I like that you don't go overboard with the kissing. It's just enough. They're sweet :)
Also, loving the quidditch stuff. The ending had me wanting more!!! Poor Ethan (even if he is in Slytherin). James is an asshole but I still love him. Iabsolutely cannot wait to see Hogwarts destroy the other team in the next chapter! Hopefully nobody else gets injured.
Excellent writing as usual! I always get super excited to see an update from you. Good job and keep it up!
I know this sounds overdone, but update as soon as possible!!



Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
I was worried there for a little while that it might be too long - but I guess not, seeing as the overall response to it has been great!
We've been deprived of their relationship for so long that I was hoping to add some more of it in this chapter - the sweet moments that we've missed from when they first started to develop feelings for each other. I enjoy snogging as much as the next person, but a story that's just kissing isn't much of a story at all.
With Kylie around, people are always going to get injured - just usually people on the other team. Ethan really isn't that terrible, just in the wrong house, and James... Well, he's James. Enough said.
Thanks again! Unfortunately, however, it might be a while until my next update. My computer totally just crashed, which means I am stranded without microsoft office and a keyboard. I'll try to resolve the problem soon, though!

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Review #9, by BellatrixCrucioYouThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Official

23rd February 2011:
Yay! As usual, seeing your updates makes me happy! This was a good one and I liked seeing how Sirius and Kylie are as a couple. Everyone's reaction to them makes it all the better :D I can't wait to see what happens next! You really are an excellent writer! I'm convinced that the way you portray James is the best I've ever read.
Keep up the good work! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Haha, I'm glad that I inspire happiness! They are finally together, after a great many chapters of (sometimes) pointless rambling! I'm glad that you like my James, even though sometimes he's kind of a vile piece of work! Thanks - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #10, by BellatrixCrucioYouThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Entering Round Two

7th February 2011:
Holy crap! First of all this had to be the quickest update ever! Second, yes!!! They are finally together! I was hoping they would be ;) I looove this story so much and it only gets better and better! You're such a great writer and I love how you betray Sirius. I quite enjoy Kylie too. I can't wait to see how their relationship goes in future chapters! Excellent, excellent! Please try to update soon! I'll be waiting not so patiently! 37462875636/10

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
I know - it was so fast! I have to give props to the validators for that wonderful feat. The queue went from seven days to a few hours in nothing flat! I figured it was time for them to finally hook up, though what kind of trouble they can get to is up in the air right now! Thank you so much for the complements - I'll try to update soon, but the short wait didn't let me quite catch up on my chapters haha!

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Review #11, by BellatrixCrucioYouThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Chocolate Wine

6th February 2011:
What a lovely surprise to see a new chapter! I looove this chapter!! Kylie and Sirius are so adorable! Why aren't they dating yet? Kylie needs to. Realize her love for him! Cute day at Higsmeade and that kiss better signify something...she better like him now! Haha! Please update soon! I don't like this cliffy! You're amazing at writing! Keep it up! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
The two have their issues - I guess that THAT is the reason they areboh still single! I'm glad you liked the whole date, and the kiss - things will be rapping up this little adventure shortly! Thanks again!

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Review #12, by BellatrixCrucioYouDirty Little Secret: The Truth

29th January 2011:
Well, well, well...look who decided to finally update ;) Glad you did. This is a good chapter. Sad, yet good. I'm glad everything's out there now. We know the secret and right now I just feel really bad for Amy. The ending was rather heartbreaking. Good thing Sirius is there. I love how he's handling this whole situation. He's been very sweet. Lovely job as usual and I can't wait for the next chapter! Please don't make me wait so long for it! Keep up the great work! :)

Author's Response: Haha xD I know my updates are terrible, sorry about that! I'm really happy you liked it and that you didn't think the story was completely bonkers! I promise to try and update sooner!
Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by BellatrixCrucioYouFragile Things : Ch. 15 - Gryffindors Know How to Party

29th January 2011:
Oh yay! Nice surprise to see this chapter up! I like all the Sirius action toward the end! Those Gryffindors and their parties...
Good job as usual! Can't wait for more! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed all the Sirius, haha :)

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Review #14, by BellatrixCrucioYouThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Pinky Swear

28th January 2011:
Yay! This is just what I need when I'm home sick. I was wondering when this chapter would make its appearance. Good job as usual! Kylie and Sirius are acting particularly cute in this chapter. I can't wait for their date in Hogsmeade! Should be interesting...they really need to get together. They're like a couple but...not. Haha! Don't keep me waiting too long!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
I've been trying to keep the upload of chapters pretty constant recently, so maybe you can keep un-homesick! Their Hogsmeade date will hopefully be up shortly, where the cuteness might have the habit of continuing. Yeah, the couple that has yet to happen... but maybe soon!

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Review #15, by BellatrixCrucioYouThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Transition

17th January 2011:
Yay! I was extremely happy to see this chapter up! Sooo good like usual! Poor Remus and his furry little problem :(
Sirius and Kylie were totally cute in this chapter and I can't wait to read what happens when they go to Hogsmeade together! they need to get together!!
I can't say it enough but I love your writing and your plot! One of my favorite fan fictions for sure! Keep it up and please update quickly!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Yeah, his issues don't seem to end, do they? The Sirius/Kylie relationship will happen eventually - just give it time to blossom and bloom and eventually errupt into flames (because, come on, it's Kylie and Sirius - something is bound to catch on fire). Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it all!

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Review #16, by BellatrixCrucioYouThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: The Perils of Moonbeams

9th January 2011:
Gaaah!!! Hfgskfbhwr so good!!! I have been waiting not so patiently for this chapter and it fulfilled my wishes more than I could have hoped! I love how Kylie found out a out Remus being a werewolf! Absolutely perfect! I also love the cute little moment between Sirius and Kylie in the beginning. They really need to get together soon! Amazing writing as usual! Well done! The only thing I hate is that cliff hanger! Please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Haha, random banging on the keyboard good? I think I managed something satisfactory here! I really am sorry about the wait - it has been really long, but it's not totally my fault. Just some kind of bad luck, really. I was kind of tired of everyone always just explaining Remus's issue, so I figured that I would have a little first-hand experiances. I'm glad you liked it! I'll try to make sure the next chapter gets posted soon so you won't have to worry about the cliff hanger for too much longer!

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Review #17, by BellatrixCrucioYouDuck and Cover: Blame It On the Changes

8th January 2011:
I've read all of the chapters that have been put up so far in the last 2 days and I love this fic! You're really good at writing and your plot is original. Love Avery and Sirius. They're totally cute together. I don't think the fluff is vomit worthy; I like it. Nice job and I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
10/10 :)

Author's Response: Wow 2 days?? Thank you for taking so much time to read my story! : ) And thank you for sayig I'm a good writer and have an original plot. I'm glad you like them as a couple as well :) The next chapter should be out in 2 days so thank you so much, glad to have a new reader :)


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Review #18, by BellatrixCrucioYouMy Possibly Crazy Neighbours: Explosions

24th December 2010:
Over the past three days I've read all eleven chapters and I'm addicted!! Actaully I'm sort of obsessed! This is a really original story. I love how Sirius likes a muggle and that it's summer. I like the whole summer feel to it. It's hard to explain. I enjoy how you portrayed Sirius and this fic is really hilarious! Also, your writing is excellent! Really good job! :)
I'm eagerly awaiting more!!! Please update as soon as you can!

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Review #19, by BellatrixCrucioYouFragile Things : Ch. 13 - Derek In The Role of Professor

20th December 2010:
I'' take the pleasure of being the first reviewer :) Nice as usual! I can't wait to see what happens in the DADA class. I think some fun with duelling seems appropriate ;) Quidditch tryouts should be interesting as well. Good job! I'll be waiting not so patiently for more!!

Author's Response: By all means, please do! lol. I'm glad that you liked it, thank you very much!! :]

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Review #20, by BellatrixCrucioYouFalling To Pieces: He Looked Left; She Turned Right; Meant To Be Together But Not That Night

14th December 2010:
hsdjhdgncgfh! WHY STOP THERE?!!

OMG this chapter was so intense and amazing! Finally he understands about the kiss and then Dee has to freaking run away like always! I don't even know what to say because I'm so stunned and I wasn't expecting this at all!

This chapter was so good! When I came on and realized that chapter 8 was up I think I literally had a spazz attack! I've been waiting for this!! Please please update soon and don't wait as long as last time!!!
You're amazing and this is my favorite fic ever along with Fall For Anything.

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Review #21, by BellatrixCrucioYouThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Sirius's Science

12th December 2010:
Oh wow. Where do I start? I came accross your fic yesterday and I just read the latest chapter. Oh my!! I am in love with the whole thing!! I absolutely adore how you portray Sirius and your OC is likable as well. This has to be the funniest fic I've read in a long time; I couldn't stop laughing! Your writing is excellent and I love the dialogue! I've been putting things off just so I could hurry up and read all the chapters because I'm so addicted! This is now my new favorite Sirius/OC fic! Please try and update as soon as possible! Especially with the ending to this chapter...hehe steamy indeed. Their relationship is so perfect and I can't wait for the big scene where they just kiss passionately! XD I'm eagerly waiting!! Really, really well done!!


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
I'm glad that you like it so much, and that I've gained a new reader! I tried to keep Sirius and Kylie both as origional as possible while still being realistic - I don't like the cookie-cutter characters that are all the same. Dialogue has always been something that I've been nervous about, so I'm glad that you've enjoyed it! Hopefully you haven't been pocrastinating about anything too important! Thank you so much -it means a lot when I get as many wonderful complements as the ones you have given me. I will update as soon as I can - a chapter is in the queue, and I'm trying to create the next one. I absolutely love the epicly long number out of ten!

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