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Review #1, by hawthornheartJaded: The hardest part of letting go

10th December 2014:
You really need to work on tense. You go back forth between past and present tense. And you flip genders often too.

Author's Response: I know and I'm working on it :) I already found a beta and once the stuff gets edited, it'll be reposted, thank you for still reading it though.

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Review #2, by hawthornheart'Till Death Do Us Part: Granger's Eyes

8th April 2014:
You've done this multiple times, I just wanted to help you a bit with this:
1. You always say "templates" when you mean "temples"
2. You need to keep your tenses straight. You mix present and past tenses quite often.

Author's Response: thanks for pointing that out. I am definitely going to have to take the time soon to edit all the chapters. thanks though

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Review #3, by hawthornheartDon't Forget to Breathe: Crystalline

28th February 2013:
This story is good, even if the timing doesn't seem right. There's plenty of mistakes but nothing a good beta couldn't help you with. Mostly grammar or awkwardness in the wording.

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