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Review #1, by smashed_crayonMISSING: Maid Of Honour: Chapter 1

16th December 2013:
Wow, this is great! It's funny and sophisticated, and doesn't have that teenage angst/girly edge to it (which I can't seem to stop putting into mine. Woe) Zilly reminds me a lot of myself at the moment too.
Also, the start of this is very similar to one of my stories, chasing madness. Kind of. Maybe. Yours is better. Anyway I think that's awesome.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm updating very soon. I'll check your story out- I'm sure it's just as good if not better! I try not to make the stories too teenage/angsty/clichey because i find it awkward to write, hahah. Thanks for reviewing! X

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Review #2, by smashed_crayon30 Days of You and Me: Trust

25th August 2012:
Loved it, looking forward to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really hope you like the rest of the story!

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Review #3, by smashed_crayonBeing Summer: The One with Lots of Talking

19th May 2012:
Nawww, Fred and Penny are too cute together! Another great chapter, well done ^^

Author's Response: fred and penny are adorable to write. i love them. update will be soon :D

ellie :) xx

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Review #4, by smashed_crayonBeing Summer: The Third One

20th April 2012:
I was just waiting for that to happen. This is such a brilliant story, it has been sitting in my favorites for a while, and I'm happy I finally picked it up!
Eager to read on (:

Author's Response: ahaha. i'd forgotten about that bit.

awh, well im glad you like it! i hope you enjoy the rest of the story too, and the next chapter is actually in the queue now :D

thank you, ellie :) xx

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Review #5, by smashed_crayonNothing Extraordinary: A Day in the Life

20th April 2012:
I'm loving this! And man, can I relate to Katie. That is me, without the famous father and magical powers and... Well ok, not me, but I can definitely see where she is coming from. Brilliant story, really. I can't wait to read on!

Author's Response: I think everyone has a bit of Katie in them :) thats what makes her so fun to write! Thanks for the review! =)

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Review #6, by smashed_crayonEnemies with Benefits : Spying and Revealing

19th December 2011:
She finally told Tosh! And it doesn't matter how unrealistic the reaction was, I'm too happy to care (:

(You know, it wasn't actaully that unrealistic. You did a good job)

Please update soon!

Author's Response: Woot woot! And yeah, the reaction was unrealistic but that's okay cause it was happy and the world needs a little more happiness (:

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Review #7, by smashed_crayonThe Time of Cupids: Booger Facials and Puppy Dog Faces

1st October 2011:
Oh, poor Victoria. How can she not be throttling Desmond right now?

I can't wait to see where this is going. Great first chapters! 10/10

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Review #8, by smashed_crayonRaining: Train Ride, Three Years Later.

26th September 2011:
WOW. That was a perfect ending. You know, this is the first story I have ever finished. Granted, it's only 17 chapters long, but still, feel proud.

I may be sounding a little sentimental and stalkerish here, but this is the first story I read on HPFF. It was at the very top of the 'humour' section, and I had no idea what made a story good or bad back then, but I clicked on it. And I loved it (:

I think you only had about ten chapter back then, and I didn't leave a review (sorry). I saw it again today and read all seven remaining chapters, and well... yeah.

Anyway, great job (: Can't wait to start the sequel!

Author's Response: Really? It's the first long story (well, only 17 chapters) I have ever finished. I feel proud and relieved and all of that - and a little sad.

Don't worry about sounding sentimental or stalkerish, we all are a little bit. The fact that this story still gets reviews makes me squee and fail and all that, and hearing your story has made me really happy.

Thank you so much reading and returning and reviewing! Thanks! :D

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Review #9, by smashed_crayonEnemies with Benefits : First Kisses and First Looks

23rd September 2011:
Well first, I'm going to say a typical UPDATE SOON OR ELSE... *eye twitches violently* so that you know how much I love this story (:

Then, I'll go on to mention how surprised I am that Hiedi'shavingtwinsholycrapIsodidnotseethatcomingwhatisshegoingtodo!?

And what's going to happen when Roxy finds out about Fred and Dessie? Because she will find out, won't she? I don't want Dessie exiled to the land of Hufflepuffs!

Ah, anyway, long review short, this story is pretty awesome. Can't wait for the update (:

Author's Response: HI!! First off, I love your stories! They're brilliant! AND I WON'T UPDATE THIS UNLESS YOU UPDATE YOURS. HA! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT!...heh.

TWINS! WOOT WOOT! I love twins so I'm super dooper excited to write when she haves them and stuff.

And you'll have to keep reading to find out (:

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Review #10, by smashed_crayonPatchwork: Accidental

17th September 2011:
Hey! I'm in love with this story already, and this review will have to be quick because I'm itching to read chapter two.

Your french was fine, you sound fluent (: And your writing style was quirky and cute and great and I love Louis and I love patch and, well, I can't wait for the rest of the story!

Author's Response: Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed the first chapter!

Thanks for the review. ♥

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Review #11, by smashed_crayonMore Sugar?: More Tea, Dear?

6th August 2011:
So here goes my long-due review:

'I love this story like I love chocolate and other such cliched sweets' would pretty much sum this up, but I feel like you deserve better, because it's just so amazing.

You know, this is nothing compared to the gushing review you would get if you UPDATED. But I know, your newly appointed Junior status over at TDA is very demanding, and therefore leaves you no time to come back and join us humble HPFFers.

But I really do love this. I love Astoria (I don't normally like Astoria. Feel proud) the idea is rather original, and you pull it off splendidly.

Plus the banner is rather awesome. Just saying.

Update soon, ok?

xx Tia

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Review #12, by smashed_crayonConfessions of a Walking Hazard: Hello there, Mr. Yummypants

17th April 2011:
Whoo, go Emelie! It was so cool of her to stick up for Lily like that (:

But what happened? With Lily, I mean. It all seems very mysterious...

And I like Henry. Nearly as much as I like Al. But not quiet.

Great chapter, update again soon!

- Tia

Author's Response: hi Tia! :)
I apologize first and foremost for not updating. work has been crazy lately. but that's not an excuse. I'm off for two more days while my life starts to settle down a little and i'll be writing like a madwoman! haha. I'm glad you like Henry. He seems like a good guy. As for Lily, that will all be revealed in a later chapter. :) Thank you for reading and reviewing. It means a lot to me! :)


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Review #13, by smashed_crayonLife According to Lotte : Drunken Idiot's According to Lotte

20th March 2011:
Favorite quote:

"Let me get this right," said Freddie, "you were a slutty mermaid with three shoes."

Another slice of brilliance served by Fred Weasley Jr.

Would you like fries with that?

That's genius!! I love it!

This chapter is my favorite so far, I think.

And well done for mixing up chapter 4, sounds like something I would do (along with you know, falling off the ground, swallowing earings, sanding my fingers off, setting my pillow on fire...good times)

You should see me now. I have flower on my nose, a wooden spoon in my hand, and an apron arond my waist. This is not a normal situation for me (though when it comes to sticky date, I'd do anything).

I LOVE the new banner!! I sat there staring at the comuter like a goldfish, and I watched it go through three times in a row!!

I would be the charmeine of that situation (though I'm not eleven).

This chapter is a definite 11/10 (damn straight, I just made that up), and I love Lotte, she's so cute, she actually reminds me of you.

Ok, I'll be leaving now.

I miss you!!

Tia-bone =P

I'm glad you like it, and the banner was really entertaining to make so i'm glad it's entertaining to watch. I would be Charmiene too - btw she's introduced in chapter 4 :S i'm such an idiot.
I just made pancakes actually, with strawberries and maple syrup, so i AM Charmiene haahahahaha.
i was going to say '11 isnt a number' but that isnt right, i meant 11/10 isnt a proper number but that also is its 1 1/10 so i think i'll shut up now.
Hahahahaha and ARE YOU MAKING STICKY DAT PUDDINGI AM TOTALLY ADDICTED! GAH SO JEALOUS and i hope you can come to my harry potter maraton :)

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Review #14, by smashed_crayonUtter Insanity: Of Oreos and a Very Evil Plan With an Unnecessarily Long Name

18th March 2011:
FIRST REVIEW B**TCHES!!! and I'm going to have to make this quick because my iPod is running out of battery.

SO. Great chapter! It was amazingly funny, I'm still laughing now.

Oww, my poor, poor ribs...

Alright, my iPod's about to die any minute now.


(Like my gangsta impression? It came with a pose ;)

Author's Response: so very, very gangster. not that i would know i live in the extremely ungangster silicon valley, california. lol. im sorry for your ribs, but i must say the fact that you liked it that much makes me absurdly happy

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Review #15, by smashed_crayonLiar: Would I Lie To You?

11th March 2011:

That was really really good. I don't mean this in a bad way, promise, but...this shocked me.

I think it's amazing and original and that you've done a really great job.

Keep it up, I can't wait to hear some more lies (:

But don't lie to me, yeah? You've got me feeling all paranoid now.

Anyway, great job, 10/10

Now onto other important matters:




And, also, did you go to that clothes store you were telling me about? If so, whaddya get? Caitlin said you had nearly $1200 saved up.

That's a lot of dresses and pretty shoes.

Loved the banner btw. And your CI. You're getting good at this whole graphic thing, it seems... =)

Anyway, time for me to make my ninja exit

Great start for your story (:


Author's Response: hahahaha seeya ninja! Glad you liked it too, i was worried nobody would :(.
ENGLAND AND WALES ARE FANTASTIC! And i had abour 1300-1400 dollars saved up so yay :) I've bought you a locket, a scarf and some little cute compass thing that i got one for me and you - keeping the wierd friendship gifts tradition haha - and i definitely will be updating soon i've got to wait for my new chapter for Life According to Lotte to go up first.
SEEYA SOON!!! Keep reviewing please :)


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Review #16, by smashed_crayonUtter Insanity: Of Happy Dances, old enemies, and chocolate frogs

5th March 2011:
Oh, I loved this.

It's funny (:


Story = Giggles
Giggles = Review

So we all win, right?

I love Cam (Sugar obssesion, happy dances, mouth orgasms and all), and I think this is going to be one hell of a story (:

- Tia

Author's Response: aww thank youu this made me happy. I think I like sugar even more than Cam does. She has a really random rant about gypsies in the next chapter that I hope you'll enjoy. a good reason to keep reading, yes?

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Review #17, by smashed_crayon:

2nd March 2011:
Third chapter!!

Happy dance time (:

Oh, poor Freddie. And Rose. And Lotte! Her plan didn't even work! How's she going to get Freddie NOW?

I like Farah (:

And now, succumb to my magical ninja powers, and write more chapters!!


Author's Response: I've got up to chapter six written on my computer! It's a matter of updating, sadly, my dear. But don't worry... I'm sure things'll work out eventually ;). And we see more of Farah in chapters to come!
And i am offended that you show no favourite quotes! Next chapter i expect my quotes Frenchie.
Haha, XXX MM

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Review #18, by smashed_crayonConfessions of a Walking Hazard: Butterfingers and Sir Snugglebottoms

26th February 2011:
No! Al has another girlfriend! He's not supposed to have a girlfriend! He belongs with Emelie! N o o o o. . .

I think I may be in love with Mr. Snugglebottoms. Even if he is imaginary.

Update this soon! And for now, it's going in my favorites (:

Author's Response: Hi!

Yes. Al has another girlfriend. Ugh. haha. As for Al belonging with Emelie, well, it will happen. It'll just take a little while. (Yes, I know. I'm evil.)
Sir Snugglebottoms says hello.
Your favorites? Thanks. :)


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Review #19, by smashed_crayonConfessions of a Walking Hazard: Slips, Trips, and Pumpkin Pasties

26th February 2011:
I love this.

I really do. I think I started reading this because of your banner (I watched I am number four today, and Diana Agron was in it. It's a good movie. You should see it ;)

Anyway, I started this cause I loved the banner, and now I love the story! It's brilliant, dear, and I'll be going straight onto the second chapter now.



Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you. Your review was beyond kind. :) (I also want to see I am number four. lol) I'm glad you like the story. It means a lot to me. :)


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Review #20, by smashed_crayonLife According to Lotte : Actual Birthday's According to Lotte

24th February 2011:
"That, Weasley, is a question I cannot answer. All I have to say for myself is that I am multi-talented, gorgeous and, hopefully, I can rock a denim mini onesie in the middle of a harsh Scottish winter. Actually, make a note of that I need to get Scorp to research warming spells."

Favorite quote, I must say.

Fabulous chapter yet again, May. I don't have much to say except that this had me laughing outloud (and also, falling off my chair. But don't tell anyone that).

Chapter three better be up there soon, woman!


Author's Response: Chapter three is in the queue since two or three days ago! And anyway, you just told the world about this whole falling off the chair business!
Haha, i experienced the disappointment. I thought i had an actual review! Haha, karma i guess.

Love MissMadeomiselle


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Review #21, by smashed_crayonLife According to Lotte : Birthday's According to Lotte

16th February 2011:
Amazing as always, dear.

But who would expect anything less of someone who has written an entire NOVEL and is having it EDITED?

(Well done again for that, btw)

There are quite a few spelling mistakes and such in here though. Nothing big, just little things.

I love how you have stepped out of the steryotypical 'Oh I hate this guy sooo much, I think I might just fall in love with him!' storyline most people go with.

*blushes and stares at ground* Not that I'm among that group. Nooo, not at all!

Anyway, I like that.

So well done, love. 10/10, I must say.

I adore Lotte, too. She's so cute! And of course, though we haven't met him yet, Salmon.

You know how it is with me and cats.

Poor Charlie.

I seem to have a rambling probleme. It's serious and damned near uncurable.

I must work on that.


Author's Response: Thankyou! I am sooo glad you like it. Those mistakes are because i am a lazy bones. If you spot any serious continuity errors please tell me! The second chapter is in the queue (which is mercifully short thank god its only 2 days, i was worried it would be like ten) and am currently writing more to go with it. i want to churn as much out as possible before i go away.
love always, Mayz.

P.S. i do intend to introduce Salmon properly in the third chapter ;)

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Review #22, by smashed_crayonFantasy in the Woods: Odd Happenings

11th February 2011:
Hey (:

Good frist story! The spaces bewteen the paragraphs are massive, though. But it's still good.

It was actually quiet strange, because when I reached the part where she hears the stream, I started wondering if it was a dream...

And it was!

Alright, here's alittle writing adivice: What you seem to do is write down EVERY single thing Hannah does, and every moment and action and all that...and you don't really need to do that. And also you could add other little meaningless details in, like memories or jokes, or things that aren't exactly neccessary for the plot, but still amusing.

You know?

Was I useless? I'm sorry, I might not be the best advice giver...but you definetly have nice writing style, that could be great with a little development.

But for a first story, this is pretty damn good (:

Cheers, smashed_crayon

Author's Response: thanks a bunch! this is an essay from one of my classes that i tweaked a little to post here, so it is full of details. if i write any more stories for here, i'll try to take your advise! thanks again for the review, now i can only hope more people will read this!!


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Review #23, by smashed_crayonBreathless: That Did Not Just Happen.

19th January 2011:
This is pure GENIUS! If you don't update soon, I may or may not have a break-down, start to develope an anxiety disorder, and begin to seriously worry my friends and family.
Ok, thats a little dramatic.
But still, keep that in mind.
Ahh! I enjoyed the moment! I'm happy you wrote more moments. I can't wait to read said moments.

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Review #24, by smashed_crayonFall for Me.: Fall for Me.

19th January 2011:
Wow this was amazing. Perfect amount of humour, perfect amount of serious, perfect EVERYTHING!

Ahh, I'm still smiling now. Gah, stupid smile.

I want my own James! I think I shall ask for one for my birthday.

Oh, and I loved the maximun ride refrence. I saw it, and it made my smile, because funnily enough, Im reading the series right now.

Yep! Pretty good aren't they? You should feel proud, really, because I put it down to read this.

. . .

Sort of.

Oh, now I'm hestitating bewtween a James or a Fang for my birthday. Hmm...decisions, decisions...

Alrighty, I'll stop rambling now.

But really, I loved this.

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Review #25, by smashed_crayonDistinctly Disenchanted: Chapter Eight

12th January 2011:
You should have dragged out those 1000+ words! Or 2000...3000...this story is addictive, so you better update soon.
I honestly felt a genuine heart sink when I saw that this was the last chapter, and that there was no more to read...
So update, yeah? I will be forever grateful (:
I love the storyline too, by the way.
Remus makes a great jester (when he's not actually performing), and Snape is a downright unpleasant bloke.
So I'll say this again, as annoying as it may be, UPDATE!

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