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Review #1, by MonicaTerryEM12+ Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature Tutorial: 12+ Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature Tutorial

8th January 2011:
This is too cute, haha! And thanks for setting the record straight on how far to go with a 12+ love scene!

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Review #2, by MonicaTerryEMMasquerade Secrets: Chapter 1

22nd September 2010:
I really like this one so far, it really brings this sort of extra element that other Dramione stories don't. I love the fact that they didn't recognize eachother! And, for the first time ever, I actually picture Draco to be nice! Plus, I didn't know you could order Muggle drinks! Hahahahaha, very good job :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it. Yeah, I figured that they would be Muggle drinks offered if it's a ball about unity. Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #3, by MonicaTerryEMFootsies!: Imax Article

21st September 2010:
Hahaha, excellent! I thought it migh've been Dobby, but I wasn't sure! I'm glad that's what happened in the end, it was very creative. You said your mom helped you think of the ending? Kudos to her! Thanks for such an enjoyable fic, it made me smile :)

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Review #4, by MonicaTerryEMFootsies!: Large Tome of at Least 1000 Pages

21st September 2010:
I did enjoy this one a lot better than the first. The spacing made it so much enjoyable and easier to read. I also like how at first it looked like Rione was a no-go! But now there's two major couples in this fic! Awesome job!

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Review #5, by MonicaTerryEMFootsies!: Twenty-foot List

21st September 2010:
Awesome idea! Short, sweet, and to the point! I also liked how you brought the Ron/Hermione element in! One thing you could work on is maybe separating the quotations a little more, or put a line break when someone else is talking. Great story, though! Time to move onto the next chapter!

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