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Review #26, by Voldys_MoldyBreathless: Family.

15th March 2012:
so, i just wanted to let you know that i saw you had updated this story and i literally gasped. i was also in the middle of singing to the radio, so it sounded really funny. that's how awesome your story is. i love Breathless. but, god! why can't al and adele just get together? why can't they just get over their screwed up past and stay together for blake's sake? well, i suppose i'm being a bit harsh. but i'm still mad at them! grrr... UPDATE ASAP SO I CAN FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

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Review #27, by Voldys_MoldyBang: There are way too many people that run for fun.

12th March 2012:
so, i noticed that you hadn't had any reviews yet for this chapter (which should definitely be a crime). i'm going to be a nice person and review for the first time in forever.
heh heh heh...that clicking noise? TOTALLY CAMERAS BELONGING TO THE PAPARAZZI. Jamesie-boy is quite the sly little ninja/running dude, isn't he? probably already figured out that pictures of him tucking Aimee's hair behind her ear are going to plastered across the Quidditch Post by tomorrow so that he can claim her as his "girlfriend". anyways. Mark and Brent are awesome. i wish i could have brothers like them. I love Aimee. she's amazing. Molly's pretty cool, too. anyhoo. please update soon! i have faith in your amazing updating abilities!

Author's Response: bahahaaa, thank youu :) i think you're a very nice person.

OH MY GOSH, YOU'RE RIGHT. well, it was fairly obvious... yeah, im /great/ at plot secrets. not. james is a very sly little ninja, all secrets and lies and covers and whatnot. aimee is in for quite the ride. MARK AND BRENT ARE AWESOME. even though mark has no morals and a temper and brent is a bit of a selfish git, they ARE AWESOMEEE.

update will be very soon,

ellie :) xx

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Review #28, by Voldys_MoldyDéjà Vu: Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

9th February 2012:
i love you so much right now. finally Sarah's gone! YES! JAMES AND ARTEMIS WILL BE TOGETHER!
by the way, you better never end this story. like, ever. because if you do, i will be incredibly mad at you. but i'd be totally cool if you spree'ed it. or if you, you know, UPDATE BREATHLESS.
anyways. UPDATE NOW. i want to find out James's reaction to Artemis's secret! and, more importantly, i'm shocked that Sarah blackmailed him. that you-know-what! Artemis should have an epic show-down with her that will leave Sarah in tears and will end with a slow clap celebrating Artemis's awesomeness. yes. that is what should happen. oh, and several intense snogging scenes with James. that would be cool too.

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Review #29, by Voldys_MoldyWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twentythree – Cold.

28th January 2012:
loved it. that. was. BRILLIANT. (but you still need to update Breathless.) regardless. i've got to say, i really loved this chapter. i like Al and lot more now than i used. as a matter of fact, he used to be a bit of a flat character in my opinion. but now he's much more dynamic. anyhoo, that was a lovely chappie. please update soon! oh, and will we get to see more of James? i'd like to, personally. he seems like a good (albeit addicted to smirking) guy.

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Review #30, by Voldys_MoldyTeam Rosius: Like, Totally!: TOTALLY Realistic Chapter

27th January 2012:
I...I don't know what to say...That was amazing. No, really. I laughed so hard. It was just...brilliant. So funny I can't even begin to describe how funny it was. I just...words fail me. For once in my highly vocal and outspoken future-author life, I am speechless at the sheer awesomeness of your fantastic story. The way you make fun of every stereotype to be found in fanfiction (Albus Severus's GREEN EYES coming readily to mind) is absolutely ingenius. The lack of magic, Scorpius's abs, the teen pregnancy, the plethora of Wealeys, Cho Chang, all of it. I will never look at fanfiction the same ever again.

Author's Response: this review is reallyy kind of awesome! =D thank you so much for taking the time to read and tell me how you felt about the story! i had an ah-mazing time writing this so it was TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY OHMG SO WORTH IT!
mille grazie

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Review #31, by Voldys_MoldyPretty Boy: Part 2, Chapter 2: Ironic.

17th December 2011:
you are not an awful person. well, you are for not updating breathless. but that's besides the point. i mean, come now. if you continue to write brilliant chapters, then who could possibly dislike you? loved this chapter. poor Louis. ah, well. i can't wait to see what happens next.
*cough cough update Breathless cough cough*

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Review #32, by Voldys_MoldyBeing Summer: The One After That

20th November 2011:
i'm sorry. i didn't get past the chapter image for about a minute. gahh!!! he's so ogle-able. anyways. lovely chapter, and i did indeed love Fred. he's awesome. and a lot different from Freds in other stories. but i love him regardless. thank you so much for being a good updater with this story! it seems to me like i favorite a lot of stories that have very erratic updating schedules, so this is a welcome break! love this story and love the chapter.

Author's Response: WHAT? WHAT? You ogled my husband!? Well, pfft, fnarrr, pfft. Mine. MINE, I TELL YOU!

Anyway... I'm glad you like Fred. I thought he might be annoyingly weird, so I'm glad he's not.

Ah, thank you for the comment on the updating, because I have two WIPS, and I update them one after the other, one chapter of each, and because the queue is about 6 days at the moment, I'm always worried that readers will get annoyed because they've had to wait two weeks.

Thank you for such a lovely review,

Ellie :D

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Review #33, by Voldys_MoldyAll That's Left: All That's Left

10th October 2011:
oh my god. that was...amazing. i honestly felt like crying towards the end. that was just beautiful. so emotional, so well written...fantastic job. 10/10. it really makes me think about suicide and death and depression and all that other lovely stuff. nobody really wants to talk about it, or think about it, or even acknowledge its existence, but it's there. and thank you so much for writing about it in such a wonderful and caring manner. please keep on writing. HPFF would benefit from a writer like you.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I've gotten a lot of feedback on this, and I really needed it. I was really unsure writing this, as the topic is so sensitive, and I have issues acknowledging its existence as well. So I try to make people see that it is real, and I am thinking of writing a companion piece or two to go with this. Thank you so much.


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Review #34, by Voldys_MoldyPretty Boy: Part 2, Chapter 1: Now Suffer My Wrath

9th October 2011:
anyways. PLEASE update soon. i waited for FOREVER (okay, so it wasn't THAT long, it felt like it) for this chapter.

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Review #35, by Voldys_MoldyRoomies: Murder Weapons, Banshee Wails, and Awesome Cousins

2nd October 2011:
Love. This. Story. I don't care how long it takes you to update. Its just so fantastic. Dom makes me want to stab my eyeballs out with a plastic fork and then make her eat them. Rose is awesome and definitely has an element of badassishness. But its mostly the "you can't come in without food" rule. That's just awesome. So, yes, definitely worth the wait, and I really like it. Until next time!

Author's Response: Haha agreed, I can't stand Dom! She's so annoying. I love Rose though, she's a boos. (:

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Review #36, by Voldys_MoldyHe was Harry: He was Harry

25th September 2011:
that was excellent. you truly are an amazing writer. it was very sweet, and somehow simple, but it conveyed all the feelings and emotions of that time perfectly. fantastic job.

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Review #37, by Voldys_MoldyTug Of War: The Mark Wood Complaint Association

25th September 2011:
i did indeed enjoy. i'm liking Stella more and more, and i'm starting to think that James is even more of git as the story goes on. he's kind of hard to read, too. it's like sometimes i think that he might be trying to cover up feelings for Stella, and then sometimes i'm pretty much 100% positive that he hates her guts. fantastic story so far, please update soon!

Author's Response: i'm glad you enjoyed :) haha that is generally the trend, people like stella more and hate james' guts, probably because he makes his feelings so unclear! Keep reading! thanks for reviewing :) x

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Review #38, by Voldys_Moldyp.s. i love you: Green.

24th September 2011:
wow. you're such an amazing writer. that was incredibly sweet and so - real. it was like i understood how James Potter I fell in love with Lily Evans more than i ever have before, all because of a little over a 1000 words. you have such an amazing voice. in your writing, i can always feel what your characters feel, and i can always imagine, just picture in my mind's eye, exactly what the scene looks like. i can see Lily crackling with her defiant fire as she glares at James with eyes like emeralds, or a forest after rain. i can picture James as he realizes that Lily is the one for him, and will always be for him, as he sees her confidence dancing like flame around her crackling aura.
1000 words and i know what James felt, and i will always be able to picture it, picture it in this one scene.

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Review #39, by Voldys_MoldyExchange: Chapter 4

24th September 2011:
good, definitely. i really like Delilah, actually. she's just so no-nonsense and devious when it comes to the Plan. please get the next chapter up soon, because i'll be waiting for it! oh, and i think there will be a party next chapter and the Plan will progress further.

Author's Response: I know, I love Delilah! She's just so straightforward. Anyway, I have the next chapter in the que, so it actually should be up by tonight.

Why are you so good at guessing my storyline? Well, I guess after any Quidditch Match there's a victory party, but still. And she always progresses with the Plan. I rarely write a filler chapter.


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Review #40, by Voldys_MoldySpeaking in Rainbow: Oompa-Loompa Orange

20th September 2011:
never. pfffttt!!! i can't write that without laughing. of course i forgive you. fantastic chapter, btw. can't wait for the next one.

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Review #41, by Voldys_MoldyCrime and Punishment: In The Art Of Confrontation

20th September 2011:
what is it with you and cliffhangers? i mean, i know they're awesome, but i can only take so much until i go crazy. anyways. i did indeed like the kiss. it was very...interesting. a lot different than how it happens in some other stories. that bet was really stupid. but somehow i'm not surprised that she got severely injured. not one bit. and i'm also not surprised at what happened with Henry Nott. so, please update soon! (thank you for that fast update after chapter 14!)

Author's Response: sorreee! Please don't hate me! i'll update asap!

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Review #42, by Voldys_MoldyKismet.: Of Almost-Kisses & Soapy Sponges

18th September 2011:
heh. that was pretty funny. the i-want-to-kiss-you scene. and i totally thought they were going to eat each others faces off, even though it's only three chapters in. anyways, please update soon, i really like this story!

Author's Response:
Glad you found it a little bit funny.
You probably won't see an update for this story for a while. I want to get ahead with Spiraling, since I know more about what I want to do with it. Maybe after I'm less distracted with Spiraling, I'll turn back and work on Kismet. But as for now, it's basically.. on hold? But not on hold. Eh, whatever.
Thanks for the review.

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Review #43, by Voldys_MoldyCrime and Punishment: In The Art Of Rejection

17th September 2011:
YOU CAN'T DO THAT. IT IS LEGIT NOT FAIR. LIKE, SERIOUSLY. I MEAN, COME ON! CHARLIE - JAMES - KISS - WHAT?! okay. okay, i'm good now. that was NOT a cool cliffy. not cool. but it was kind of necessary, in a way. god knows there was a lot of suppressed sexual tension between those two, anyways. either that or it was just hatred. but you know what they say: there's a thin line between love and hate! but i'm not kidding here. you've GOT to update ASAP. i'm DESPERATE to find out what's going to happen. grrr.oh, and the failed Operate Broom Cupboard was also very interesting, what with the fact that owen tried to kiss charlie...that was just...weird. but also genius, so.

Author's Response: hahaha sorry to keep you on a cliffhanger, i know how mad it makes some people! thanks so much for the great review! x

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Review #44, by Voldys_MoldyDeteriorate : Murky

17th September 2011:
that was a pretty heartbreaking chapter. but i kind of want to slap rina upside the head. i mean, really? can't you just accept the fact that your friends love you and are worried about you? can't you just admit that, yes, they do care, and not EVERYONE thinks you're a selfish bitch? ughh...but i'm happy with that ending. rina kind of opens up to herself, and talks to her friends (though not to much, she still does), and has them forgive james, which is just fantastic, even though he really can be a huge jerk. anyways. yes, so, excellent chapter, please get the next one up ASAP.

Author's Response: Definitely was:(
But yeah, she makes me mad too. She's just got a good amount of stuff to work out, and being a teenage girl, when her mind picks out something to get stuck on...we all know what happens. You'll just love Allison soon;)

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Review #45, by Voldys_MoldyExchange: Chapter 3

17th September 2011:
oh, man. i can already guess what's going to happen. she's going to have this awesome revenge plan (which all those gits totally deserve) and then she's going to end up falling for one of The Gits. or she could just completely humiliate them and not die. either way, it's gonna be AWESOME.

Author's Response: Okay, this story could go one of two ways (I haven't really decided yet) and you just guessed both of them. I guess I'm not very good at the mystery bit...I never was good at keeping secrets. Oh well!

She's not gonna die, I'll tell you that. Then I wouldn't be writing this.

peace out.


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Review #46, by Voldys_MoldyEnemies with Benefits : First Kisses and First Looks

14th September 2011:
i hope you ate ten pounds of cake for your birthday. i totally would, too. i really liked that chapter. mostly because of all the things that you mentioned. yeah. i liked the snogging scene, but i really want a fred's pov! i love his pov! oh, and i'm somehow not surprised about dessie and james snogging. i mean, they were just curious, right? it's not like they had some torrid love affair that nobody else knew about. so, please update soon! or update a different story, because i like most of your stories. you're a very good writer. and i think that roxy is totally gonna find out about dessie and fred and they're gonna be SO screwed. it's going to be hilarious.

Author's Response: Haha i like how you take pleasure in dessie's misery, but then again so do i (:

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Review #47, by Voldys_MoldyExchange: Chapter 2

10th September 2011:
so. i like this story. it's pretty interesting. i mean, you usually have all those kids (albus potter, scorpius malfoy, etc.) being nice people, but in this story they're just massive gits. and i also like the plot you're starting to set up. nice job, and i'll definitely be reading and reviewing more chapters.

Author's Response: Yeah, I wanted to write it from a different point of view. Because in most stories it's from their friend's pov, and that's usually in a good light. So I wanted to write it from an unpopular, bullied-by-everyone pov.

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Review #48, by Voldys_MoldySimplicity: Of Brothers, Sisters, and Atrocious First Dates

8th September 2011:
i really liked this chapter. heck, i like this whole story. i just think the idea of a vastly complex romance has been done to pieces, so i'm really glad your writing something so straightforward. it's also really good, soo...anyways, please update soon! that was a bit of a cliffy.

Author's Response: thanks! yeah, I wanted to go against the gradient. (:

I'm glad you like it& thanks for reviewing.

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Review #49, by Voldys_MoldyBreathless: Ten Million Fireflies.

2nd September 2011:
Oh yes. That could have been very awkward. Hmm... Well, please update soon. Great chapter, btw. Oh! Please do an Al Pov next chapter. I really want to hear what he's thinking.

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Review #50, by Voldys_MoldyEverybody: The Charity Case

1st September 2011:
Excellent story. Not cliche, and your writing style is wonderful.

Author's Response: Glad you like it, thanks for taking the time to review!

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