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Review #1, by Phelia FrazFlesh Memory: Pranks and Reveals

18th April 2014:
I love this story. I also understand not having a lot of time to write. I am going through nursing school and have a job and i must admit that my story has pretty much been left on the back burner. Anyways I can't wait to read the next chapter when its up!

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Review #2, by Phelia FrazBound To You: Bullet Proof, Nothing to Lose, Fire Away, Fire Away.

7th January 2013:
In my corner, rocking myself i just keep repeating that Pans baby is not his and the world will once again be OK. LOL I really do like this Tril...

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Review #3, by Phelia FrazChasing Fate: An Excuse To Be Close

21st December 2012:
I can not believe that i am going to say this... but i don't want Hermione to leave Dean. LOL and I am a huge Dramione fan! lol it's the only ship I like. But you make Dean seem like some freaking saint and I just love him. LOL great story.

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Review #4, by Phelia FrazWizards: Chapter 5

15th July 2012:
I love how easy it is for Hermione and Luna to meet Blaise again. I can't wait to see how bad it gets when Harry and Malfoy meet up again! This story is great!

Author's Response: Thank you so so much! :)
I'm currently working on the next chapter, and I'm having a hard time deciding how bad it's going to be when they see each other. XD

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Review #5, by Phelia FrazBroken: Stop Loving You

9th February 2012:
I want to cry! Or throw something. Not sure which. Great story!

Author's Response: Thanks!! And thanks for reading!

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Review #6, by Phelia FrazThe Half-Blood Prince and the Muggleborn: Chapter 24-Confession

26th December 2011:
OK I love this story more than ever now! Ahhh what is going to happen. I can't wait!

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Review #7, by Phelia FrazNanny Wanted!: Chapter 14: As long as you want me to.

29th August 2011:
As always this story is amazing!

Author's Response: thank yoU! :)

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Review #8, by Phelia FrazNanny Wanted!: Chapter 13: Getting to know you, getting to know more about you.

2nd August 2011:
I am moments from crying right now. I wish that I hadn't started this story until it was finished because each chapter puts my heart in my throat I want to know what happens next so badly! This story is really great!

Author's Response: aw, thank you! i'm very flattered by what you've said! :"> if you want, you can read the teaser of chapter 14 here: http ://amnitaleandra .tumblr. com/post/8554363004/nanny-wanted-chapter-14-teaser (just remove the spaces for the link) :D

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Review #9, by Phelia FrazChoices and Chances: A Cause for Celebration?

13th February 2011:
NOOO this was way to short! I loved it though.

Author's Response: The story or the chapter? Did you like it when Draco turned into a canary? George's new costume? (Extended disillusionment charms) Let me know.

Love Pepper

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Review #10, by Phelia FrazYou're Not Alone: Winter Holiday Horror

3rd February 2011:
I really do enjoy this. But hey i hated Ron even in the books lol

Author's Response: Me too lol!

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Review #11, by Phelia FrazYou're Not Alone: Dealing With It

3rd February 2011:
I believe it right after she was saved by harry and ron she turned around and saved their butts. I believe that she could see herslef i him and teh professors asked her to. You know her and her school work. keep it up

Author's Response: I AM gonna keep it up! THANKS!!!

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Review #12, by Phelia FrazArabesque: The Perfect Arabesque

28th December 2010:
Sorry just found this story and i think that i missed apart. what was in the box that lady malfoy gave to draco?

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