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Review #1, by GoldenGirlWhat I should have told you: What I should have told you

1st March 2006:
Nice story, I like it. Keep writing

Author's Response: Actually this is a one-shot... thanks for reading anyway!

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Review #2, by GoldenGirlThe Mauraderette: Prologe

16th January 2006:
Call your story 'Trust' its simply and to the point. Haven't read ur story, sorry

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Review #3, by GoldenGirlBefore I Knew Better: A Heart Now Cold Was Warm

1st January 2006:
It wasnt a very enjoyable read, i'm afraid. Snape was so...out of character. And how is Eleanor dying better than marrying someone else? Keep writing though, it was fairly good for being so OOC. ;) Later.

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Review #4, by GoldenGirlKreacher's Fairytale: Kreacher's Fairytale

29th December 2005:
"...And her fairy blood-traitor, the scum, gave her a beautiful gown, and glass slippers..." HAHAHA! Thats so hilarious. I loved it so much! Tankies for the nice story ;)

Author's Response: Lol, you're very very welcome. And thank YOU for the nice review :)

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Review #5, by GoldenGirlMiserable Me: Chapter Two

29th December 2005:
Nice once! I enjoyed reading it! Cannot wait for another chapter.


Author's Response: Thanks! I'll be sure to keep you updated. =)

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Review #6, by GoldenGirlThe Night the Potters Fell: The Night the Potters Fell

23rd December 2005:
I agree with Gracie. Yes, I HAVE read the 6th book but I still believe in Snape.... there is no evidence that suggests that it was Snape there that night, who could have been Pettigrew! Or, it just could have been a crew member who was accidentally there at the momment and messed up the scene.

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Review #7, by GoldenGirlHogwarts Sanitarium: Traumatic Trials

21st December 2005:
YAY you updated! me wubb u =P Anyways, you are such a brilliant writer. The way the words just flow its like I were listening in on a real conversation. It seems so realistic, truly amazing! And the idea of the story is so cool, who in the world could've thought up something so cool? Hee hee. Excellent job, I CANNOT wait until the next update! So please hurry it up!

Author's Response: Hehe! Thank you so much! I'll update soon!

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Review #8, by GoldenGirlLove From Point to Point: Intronductions and Hairplains

21st December 2005:
Um, excuse me but you will HAVE TO CREDIT ME FOR THE BANNER if you continue to use it. Otherwise I will have to unfortunately get a moderator to take it or even your story down. So, kindly credit me for the work put into your banner. Thank you.

Author's Response: OMG! I am so sorry, I was just so excited about my story getting accepted and an awesome banner to go with it! I will fix it right this second.

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Review #9, by GoldenGirlFor You I'll Die: For You I'll Die

17th December 2005:
Erm...I did not make that banner? Incase you were confused, the actual banner is located in my gallery at the Dark Arts....

Author's Response: oh, sorry...

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Review #10, by GoldenGirlAs Lovers Go: As Lovers Go

11th December 2005:
zomg that was beautiful *tear*

Author's Response: Thanks! *hands tissue*

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Review #11, by GoldenGirlRemembering: Remembering

8th December 2005:
*tear* Oh my gosh. That made me cry :'( especially when it came to Harry :'( Gah...beautiful! Well written, nicely done! :) *sob sob* lol...

Author's Response: Sheesh, I was going for sad, but I honesly wasn't trying to make people cry! Thabks, and I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #12, by GoldenGirlMiserable Me: Chapter One

6th December 2005:
Brilliant! I really enjoyed reading this :) I haven't read many stories that had Myrtle as a main character, but I think you portrayed her very well!Uh...well as far as CC goes all I can think of is that wouldn't Dumbledore tell Myrtle to call him Albus, not 'Sir'? But, other than that, it was superb. Bravo :-D lol.

Author's Response: Thanks, Lauren! I do enjoy writing about characters who I feel are somewhat underrepresented, and I'm glad you liked my characterization of Myrtle. About the way she addresses Dumbledore - Harry and all the other students always address him and the other male professors as "Sir," and I actually seem to remember Dumbledore getting a little annoyed at the young Tom Riddle for not calling him "Sir." So, I don't know why it would be different for Myrtle. Thanks again for the lovely review! =)

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Review #13, by GoldenGirlCheating and Love: Come back home!

3rd December 2005:
Awww, it was cute! The only things that irked me a bit was the fact that when Draco said "How's Dean, Ginny?" it said that GINNY had said it, when it was obviously DRACO. And, also, Draco was a tiny bit OOC ;) But other than, lovely. Good job! ++

Author's Response: Thanks so much, and I'll change that error as soon as I'm done of all these reviews, and thanks for the tip!

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Review #14, by GoldenGirlFrom Prince to Prat: From Prince to Prat

18th November 2005:
Aww, so cute! Poor little Cissy and her robes. Lol! That was a great story, loved it completely. Thanks for the nice read!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! =)

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Review #15, by GoldenGirlHarry Potter and the War of Prophecy: The Beginning of the End

7th November 2005:
Hey! this is actually quite good! :-D I enjoyed reading the first chapter, it was almost flawless!!! :-D cant wait to read more!!!

Author's Response: Hey Thanks! Glad I could write something you enjoyed so much...

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Review #16, by GoldenGirlHogwarts Sanitarium: Bring in the Clowns

24th October 2005:
Oh, well...I'm glad you updated ^^ It was a great chapter, but it was sort of...boring :-/ lol but good all the same! please update soon....

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #17, by GoldenGirlHogwarts Sanitarium: Where am I?

22nd October 2005:
pnh! *please no Holly xD* update soon! please. update. soon. for. me! xP love your story btw ^^

Author's Response: Please no what??? Thanks, I promise the update shall be very soon!

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Review #18, by GoldenGirlA Missing Weasley: Home with the Weasley's

13th October 2005:
Hehe, the de-gnoming was cool ^.^ again, good job!

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #19, by GoldenGirlA Missing Weasley: The Meeting

13th October 2005:
lol good job ^^ *goes to read next chappie*

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #20, by GoldenGirlObliviate!: Obliviate!

11th October 2005:
Wow! This is simply the best fanfic out there! I love how she totally changes after the curse, its amazing. Its wonderfully written, good job!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot, GoldenGirl! Reviews like yours always make me smile. I'm so overwhelmed you think it's the best fanfic out there! Thanks for your review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #21, by GoldenGirlHogwarts Sanitarium: Where am I?

11th October 2005:
I was just wondering, where did Ron's dad/mom come from? sorry if this has already been answered.

Author's Response: We've met Molly, who is Mrs. Malfoy, but we haven't met Arthur yet.

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Review #22, by GoldenGirlJournals and Diaries: Ginny's Diary

10th October 2005:
Ugh...I'm sorry ='(

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Review #23, by GoldenGirlHarry Potter - Pizzas Unleashed: 2. We're Off To A Remote Island In The Middle Of Nowhere!

10th October 2005:
What can I say? ROFL

Author's Response: lol thanks again =)

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Review #24, by GoldenGirlHarry Potter - Pizzas Unleashed: Attack of the Pizzas

10th October 2005:

Author's Response: thanks! =)

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Review #25, by GoldenGirlHogwarts Sanitarium: Where am I?

9th October 2005:
write more soon!! *puppy dog eyes*

Author's Response: Thanks, I will, soon! I just need to type everything up and submit!

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