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Review #1, by parashar_harryRoses grow at Malfoy Manor: The Transfer Student

3rd July 2013:
hello merope

how are you?

I never give up and knew that this story will have end. i always use to check the status. i was a bit frustrated but finally my patience paid off and we have 2 beautiful chpters.

actually i had read the previous chapter the day after it get validated, but couldn't get time to review.

story has moved a lot. u know i always had a feeling that moine and draco will have sad ending. I was not so surprised when i found out about moine illness.
Harry Potter still seems very much mysterious. If he is not a ghost as rose describe then what he has become?
Had harry has created horcrux . only possible solution comes in my mind, but he would do that?
Or may be I am curious!!

finally I have started liking lucious. Ron would kill him if he found out that malfoy is comparing his little hugo with draco lolzzz

so, potter family is back in action!!! yay i love it really. i reay liked the idea that lilly ran away, but praying to god that she will not fall in wrong hand.

will she end up in malfoy manor too??
hey please make moine and ginny reunion. both of them have suffered a lot.

2 chapters are up but still mad man/ sev is not in action.. hopefully he will come in next chapter.

still curious where those rose letters were gone!

so you have bring this girl for a love triangle. she seems nice but who knows her history.
really waiting for next chapter very eagerly.

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for yet another wonderful review. I am so sorry for such a long wait, but I am glad to say that I am back on track with writing.

I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter. There will definitely be more of the Mad Man in soon to come chapters. As for the Potter family, I couldn't resist to bring them back in! There will be a lot more of them too from now on.

As for Harry's ghost, I can't say anything at the moment. Hope you will like what I have in mind. Interesting idea about him being a Horcrux though!

A love triangle...yes, everyone loves on, don't they? But I guess it always happens like that in give someone up and then you want them back, only to find that they can no longer be yours. Looking forward to some Rose/Grace interaction in the next few chapters.

I will start writing chapter 17 at the end of this week. I would love to start earlier, but I have a scuba diving exam and some practical skills to get out of the way this week. Thank you for being patient.

Merope :) x

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Review #2, by parashar_harryThe Mysterious Case of the Twin Wands: XV. The Next Adventure

6th June 2013:
owo owo

one of the best ever i read in mystery section. i must say. I am reading this story since you had updated only 1st chapter and each and every chapter was top quality. what to say!

I had an intuition that bastard will be from hufflepuff and i was true. :)

so finally Harry broke the elder wand, but still he didn't do this in public, so my logic is still outside people will think that elder wand exist and is with harry. its my logic which just prop in my mind. Don't worry i do not belong to Granger. lolzzz
I love that line where rose told that we are grangers..

The most surprising thing was Ron's behavior...he and Draco are my one of the fav. character.
come on Ron how come u forgive malfoy so easily ..he called him scorpi...ohh God!!!
I was truly expecting that he will call malfoy.
Is our hermoine threatened him to behave like that!!

A bit sad that story is over but I am glad there will be a sequel.
A big big thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us.

Personally i was a bit disappointed to harry that he destroyed 2 hallows...they were very ancient treasure for wizarding society. ( talking like Peverell Society), but he didn't have other choice!


Author's Response: Thank you!

The issue with the wand is that very few people actually know about it in the first place. It's sort of a very well kept pubic secret. But just because it's gone doesn't mean it will stop causing trouble!

Thank you for the feedback! :)

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Review #3, by parashar_harryThe Mysterious Case of the Twin Wands: XI. Drunken Minds

4th April 2013:
i love this chapter, i am also a rose/scorp sheeper..but i am waiting so much to get mystery revealed that at some point i was disappointed that in reality story has not moved a bit.

i am guessing the cameo will be draco malfoy, i like his character.

Author's Response: Thank you for your feedback!

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Review #4, by parashar_harryKeep My Girl: Memories of Somebody Else's Life

19th November 2012:
really luv it.
be straight i am not so fond of maraduer era however i like to read lily/sev short stories or remus/lily. i started reading it because i thought its lily/sev fic.

but to be honest, i completely enjoyed it. this Aidan is sweet boy.
flow in this story was really good, story was moving very fast and i never felt bored.
why Aiden didn't come to escort lily, it would be more romantic as well as sadistic, seeing her luv getting married to someone else.
is he dead?

Author's Response: Hello again and thank you for reading!

As I see it, when they got married there was a war going on so many of those that joined the resistance against Voldemort would be out fighting. Also, I think it's rather cruel to have your ex give you away at the altar. I wouldn't do it, personally. And since we know Sirius was best man, Remus just seemed the right person for Lily to walk with.

Thank you for the feedback!

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Review #5, by parashar_harryThe Mysterious Case of the Twin Wands: III. Hestia Jones

18th November 2012:
one line .. i love ron. he has not changed a bit...:D.

little disappointed when read that scorp didn't know much abt her. i thought he would be boyfrnd..anyway its ur plot
going for next one to meet mysterious rose ...hahaha

Author's Response: Ron is one of my favorites to write, he is brutally honest at best. :D

As for Rose and Scorpius, all will be explained in due time. :)

Thank you again for the lovely comments!

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Review #6, by parashar_harryThe Mysterious Case of the Twin Wands: II. Parvarti Patil

18th November 2012:
really nice chapter.:)
little disappointed that parvati is still unmarried..:P
i was hoping that parvati is going to be murdered but its hestia turn so sad. u r killing all lovely characters one by one.
but as i remember hestia is already murdered in the book if i am not wrong ( or may be i am mistaken and forgot) leave it.

i am dreading now that what if killer is planning to kill minerva ..she is very strong character but if he did then story will be more instance. going to read next chapter...

Author's Response: Hello again!

thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I'm happy that you enjoyed it. As for the killing of characters, something has to set the events in motion. And Hestia survived the Battle and before that she was in hiding with the Dursely's.

Minerva will make an appearance further on, but I'm not saying anything more! ;)

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Review #7, by parashar_harryThe Mysterious Case of the Twin Wands: I. Dedalus Diggle

17th November 2012:
really i enjoyed it totally and going to add this in my fav. list. generally i prefer reading completed story as many time its frustrating to see author suddenly stop updating. but this plot is catchhy so i am taking risk..:)
may god bless ur writing and imagination and u never suffer author block..:)

Author's Response: Your comment totally made my day! Thank you and God bless you too! :)

I'm happy you enjoy reading this, the next chapter is written and will be posted in the next couple of days depending on the duration of validation!

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Review #8, by parashar_harryEnd of an Era: End of an Era

17th November 2012:
really good work. i must agree with u that its strictly cannon even a little detail like filius his only classmate nice work.
i always wonder abt fred jr and james sirius era!! what it would be like...see both are connected to masters of mischief makers from different era , anyway i am rambling now and lost in my own thought like minerwa lolzzz
nice one...10/10

Author's Response: Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

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Review #9, by parashar_harryKillian Earhart Vs The Weasleys: Killian Earhart Vs Hugo Weasley

17th November 2012:
nice chapters u know i use to check this story in a week to see it updated or not.
amazing flawless chapters.i think molly must have convinced james to play chess and he too understood that killian is a good choice.
waiting for teddy...:)

Author's Response: Really? There were still people checking for updates? That really touches me a lot :)

I'm really sorry it took so long; master writer's block got in the way and I pretty much abandonned writing but suddently, an idea hit me and I was able to write 3 chapters in a week! Only one left and it's a bit harder to write (I have a hard time with conclusions!) but it's coming soon, do not worry; it certaintly won't take as long!

I'm really pleased that you enjoyed the new chapters and although I already have my reason as to why James did what he did, I have to admit that the idea of Molly asking him would have been a great plan as well.

Thanks again!

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Review #10, by parashar_harryHarry Potter: Hallowed Existence: CHAPTER 26: MEMORIES BEST LEFT FORGOTTEN

27th September 2012:
really nice chapter...waiting for next post soon...

Author's Response: Thanks. Next post got a little bit longer to upload since my laptop broke down. Thank God I managed to retrieved my file

Just uploaded it and hopefully it wont encounter any difficulties with the validator

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Review #11, by parashar_harryThe Seer: Like Father, Like Son

1st August 2012:
awesome awesome awesome
i am ur one of the silent reader but this chapter made me to write review once agn after many chapters. i had a feeling that james will survive somehow and when his ghost didn't appear my doubt became strong and finally he is alive ..but who made the sacrifice, i hve a strong feeling that some one has used timeturner here ( as u r master writer in using it )...any way may be i will be wrong but i am waiting desperately for next chapter.

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Review #12, by parashar_harryGrowing Up Magical: Harry

3rd June 2012:
hello again ^_^
first of all when i saw the next chapter is about Harry, i became little sad ( sorry but its true), as JKR has told us so many thing abt him. so i was not interested in reading abt harry childhood.
but, u know how bad curiosity is!. so finally i decided to read it.
even though it was predicted that Big D would be there with his gang to torment our little harry, i must admit i never felt bored whiling reading this chapter. its so well written, that it seems jkr herself has has given us a new inside story abt harry :), really awesome work.
was that tree magical ! just grew in muggle london, like muggle born witches or wizards :P.
i was grinning when dudder was unable to catch harry.
p.s- i will read next chapter later as my final exam is going on, bye

Author's Response: No worries -- I totally understand your reason for not wanting to read this. I used to feel the same about writing Harry after JKR's already told us volumes and volumes about him, but I really enjoy writing his character, I've found. I'd like to write him long-term, if a plot ever came my way, but that's another story. ;)

As for the tree, I think it's more of the idea that Harry injected a few of his own magical properties into the tree. If that makes any sense. :P Sort of like Colin with the photograph, or Hermione with her books, I suppose. But maybe it had a bit of magic of its own, too!

Don't stress about reading the last chapter. :) Get to it whenever you have time, and thanks so much for taking the time to tell me what you thought of this story. I'm pleased you enjoyed it!

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Review #13, by parashar_harryHarry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood: Small Victories

31st May 2012:
really dark chapter, i must say. i am feeling very sorry for harry and mostly for little octavia. percy is in the control, poor man!
i like the ron character most, he is my fav too. in ur fiction he is now a grown man and he is not like harry side kick. thanks for that.
i know in the end octavia will be fine but i have a bad feeling that harry is not going to survive this war, there seems no reason to kill esme otherwise.
tanbera ordered that dada professor to dispose sord in the last chapter and he did it, but in my view its a bad move, now moine will soon figure it out, why she wanted to dispose the sword. i think sword is one of the way to destroy the book.
i am enjoying ur story completely. thankyou

Author's Response: Hello, again!

Just when it seems that everyone was about to be out of danger, Lady Tenabra manages to get the upper hand again. She's very, very clever.

Lady Tenabra isn't precisely sure why the sword needed to go, but the book told her to do it, so she did.

I'm glad that I've been able to hold your attention. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #14, by parashar_harryThe Road Home: Parental Permission

30th May 2012:
this story is completed, so i am reading chapters one by one.
just one thing, its really best mystery fiction i have read till now. i am so eager to know abt the next chapter that i am simply ignoring the little review box. i am sorry for that.
but its all ur fault, u have written so so well this mystery that any one will not want a simple break.
i have a very bad feeling that harry is dead and ginny is the mother of this child, then again who was the lady with malfoy, here i am assuming that the person she described is lucios

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Review #15, by parashar_harryHidden in the Wizarding World: A Dudley Dursley Story: Chapter 6: Party Time

29th May 2012:
u have written post- hogwarts in the era section, but this whole story is during hogwarts times isn't it?

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Review #16, by parashar_harryHidden in the Wizarding World: A Dudley Dursley Story: Chapter 11: The Epilogue

29th May 2012:
i enjoyed each chapter. its really amazing, this epilogue is perfect for this story, i would be little sad if in epilogue u would have created a stage where harry and his family are meeting. as this story is for duddley and his new frndz, this epilogue is awesome.
who cares abt vermon, his name even seems like insect.
so finally someone named his son after colin, i like this thing very much in it. and finally in future first time one dursley will go to hogwarts hurrey.

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Review #17, by parashar_harryHidden in the Wizarding World: A Dudley Dursley Story: Chapter 9: It's Time

29th May 2012:
so in this chapter duddley seems replica of harry. he is worrying abt his frndz and also feeling guilty that he let them go.
at one stage u have written " she cussed under her breath" , i think it should be she cursed under her breath.

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Review #18, by parashar_harryHidden in the Wizarding World: A Dudley Dursley Story: Chapter 5: Parental Problems

29th May 2012:
love it, our big D has completely changed. now he is wishing for learning the spell. bad luck he has not the evans blood which are magical.

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Review #19, by parashar_harryHidden in the Wizarding World: A Dudley Dursley Story: Chapter 4: Dumbledore's Muggle Army

29th May 2012:
perfect perfect perfect!!!
just one typo, i know some one must have told u already, while writing about daigon alley, instead of writing the owner, u have written he owner

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Review #20, by parashar_harryHidden in the Wizarding World: A Dudley Dursley Story: Chapter 2: Next Stop, Camp Muggleborn

29th May 2012:
it must be taboo, that gave away their location. duddley seems so changed, i think now he wants to be a wizard. now i am hating vermon even more. he is a most selfish person on this earth

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Review #21, by parashar_harryHidden in the Wizarding World: A Dudley Dursley Story: Chapter 1: Goodbye

29th May 2012:
first of all thank you so much for this story. i always wanted to read the story of duddley.
there were so many questions in my mind, but jkr simply ignore that family :(
this first chapter is really well written. i love the dedalus house, he always seems full of spirit.

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Review #22, by parashar_harryHarry Potter: Hallowed Existence: CHAPTER 7: REKINDLED

29th May 2012:
really perfect chapter, all the fight scenes among students were amazing.
i just don't know but i have a feeling that this slytherin girl has her own history against voldy. she seems so determined to fight against her.
but the length of chapters are really very short. it is breaking the flow of story, u can sum up last 2 chapters together easily. pls update next chapter a little longer.

Author's Response: Thanks. THis Slytherin girl might have her own history ;)

but that is still chapters away. I am trying to make the chapter longer but somehow after editing, it keeps getting a little bit shorter. anyway, next chapter will be a bit longer than this one.

thanks for the continued read and review :)

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Review #23, by parashar_harryIt Was Meant To Be.: It Was Meant To Be.

29th May 2012:
love it. nice one. first time i am reading this pair, and its adorable. maybe now draco will be with ginny.

Author's Response: Now there's an idea for a sequel.
So pleased you enjoyed the story. Thanks for the read and review.

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Review #24, by parashar_harryThey Brought the Great Alastor Moody to His Knees: Brought to his Knees

26th May 2012:
hello maraduer ^_^
i am so so sorry that i am reviewing this chapter after such a long period. its not like that i have not read this chapter, but i thought that i had left a review but today when i was checking any new story on ur page, i found that i havn't left the review for it. ( human error )

anyway i re-read this one agn, i am really surprised why less review for this fic. really both chapters are amazing, in the first chapter u have introduced moody really perfect and this one what to say fabulous.
i really enjoyed the house description. and all the security arrangement, only moody can do that.
in all arrangement that puzzle one was my fav.
all the fight sequences are perfect. really i was praying that he should win, but alas i knew that its not going to happen, first time he had to lost the battle.
i just don't know abt it, actually i am asking u only " is it possible to change in anigmi form without wand? " as peter did in this chapter.
p.s- i am ravenclaw in pottermore. ^_^

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thanks so much for your review, I really appreciate it, especially since no one has really read/reviewed this story much! Don't worry about the human error - it happens to us all - you're grand, it's fine! :)

I am so glad you liked the house description and all the security - my favourite bit was the puzzle complex too, so I am really glad you liked that! I am also very happy you liked the fight sequence - I really love writing them!

I know what you mean about using a wand to change into an animagus form - I am not sure on this one, I am basing this on the fact that Sirius could turn into a dog in Azkaban and he clearly didn't have a wand with him in there, so I figured that having a wand is not necessary for changing into an animagus form! Is that reasonable enough, considering Sirius could change form in Azkaban without a wand?

Thanks again for this review - I really appreciate it! Also congrats on getting into Ravenclaw - I got Gryffindor and am slightly worried the hat made a mistake! :)

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Review #25, by parashar_harryHarry Potter: Hallowed Existence: CHAPTER 6: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

23rd May 2012:
that's good chapter. but i am little sad from ron that, he was unable to defend katrina, i just don't want to imagine what was going to happen if charlie wouln't show up. i was bit surprised that ron was unable to overpower 3 wizards because in diagon alley ( may be i am wrong abt place ), he fought so many dark wizards single handly. anyway kingsley is safe, that's all matter.
there is one typo mistake, i think, in the last u have written george instead of charlie, i hope u will correct it.
waiting for next one.

Author's Response: Ron lost his cool that is why 3 wizards managed to almost defeat him when in Diagon Alley he was almost unstoppable. Thanks for pointing the mistakes. I will correct them once the story is complete since if I correct them now, new chapters will have to be pushed back since I am only allowed to submit one chapter at a time for validation

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