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Review #1, by CheeringCharmAverage Ally. : Rule Number Two: You Make Your Own Life.

12th February 2012:
Exciting start to the story, i love the rambling tone and all the comparisons! Im feeling that this is going towards a brother vs. brother fight for Allie? :D

Good start and i really like the flow of your story there are some mistakes when it comes to grammar and word use though, i suggest a beta?

Really good start to your story and you display place and characters clearly :)



Author's Response: Thanks for the reviews =D I thought I might as well reply to them both at the same time in the post =D
I'm glad you really like the story and Ally so far! :D
I tend to ramble in stories, its the way I am =D
The next chapter is up and waiting in the queue as I speak :D
Hmm it could sort of turn into a brother vs brother but it isn't. Does that make sense?
Thanks for pointing out the mistakes, a couple others have as well and I have requested for a Beta but its just waiting for someone to pick up the request :)
Thanks again for the lovely feedback :)


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Review #2, by CheeringCharmAverage Ally. : Rule Number One: Life Isn't Always A Happy Ending.

12th February 2012:
This was a really great start to your story! I really like it, we get to know the character, her irony, her childish associations at once! wonderful, simply magnificent :D

I spotted one or two mistakes in your text, one being "I also can walk on my hands" wrong order of the words, it should be "I can also walk on my hands", just so you know :)

Lovely start and now I'm eager to find out more about this Allie :D



Author's Response: Thanks so much for the lovely review! =D
I'm glad you enjoyed it and Ally does seem like something special! :}
Thanks for noticing, I've finally got a beta so hopefully it will all be sorted in a month or so! XD
Hope you enjoy the rest of the story =D


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Review #3, by CheeringCharmTricks Of Telling : August Four; 2002

11th February 2012:
First of: I've never seen a doctor who episode. haha but i still really enjoyed this start, it takes a really nice spin at the end where harry says that he understands what it's like to be special.

I think you capture Hermione particularly well :)
a really good start and a very enjoyable read


Author's Response: YOU MUST WATCH DOCTOR WHO! Seriously, it's amazing!
Thank you for an amazing review! I am getting along to reviewing your story. Sorry for taking so long.
But seriously, this review made me smile! Thank you so much!!
*huggles back*

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Review #4, by CheeringCharmFix you: Chapter 2

11th February 2012:
Good chapter,
continues with the nice flow the prologue set out. There are a few typo's and awkward phrases here too, nothing that I dont think a beta would be able to help you with, or a second read through. Just to make it a bit easier :)

just to take two examples: write stuff instead of stuffs, and take away extra unneccessary words like in this sentence:
" If this was the 90s, my notes might have offended the house elves instead" just remove the instead and it creates a nicer flow with the continuation :)

I do just these faults myself and thats probably why i pick up on them.

It's a very good start to a story and an enjoyable read :)

Author's Response: Another review? Yay! No wonder, I adore review swaps. Thank you for pointing out my mistakes. I really hope I can get a Beta.
Once again, thank you for a lovely review. It really means a lot.

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Review #5, by CheeringCharmFix you: Prologue

11th February 2012:
Good start, you tell alot about what we are to expect from the relationship between both Methelda and Albus and Methelda and Mary Jane. I like the trivia about spiderman, my absolute favourite comic haha
I found two typo's it says the mary jane is a quite girl instead of quiet and then in the authors notice it says arthurs notice...
You write with attitude and thats very amusing

Author's Response: Thank you, CheeringCharm. Your review really did cheer me up.
I am glad you like the relationship between Albus and my OCs. About the typos. I definitely need to edit my chapters. There are so many errors that keep popping up.
I write with attitude? Really? Wow. Thanks.
*huggles back*

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Review #6, by CheeringCharmThe Essence of Insanity: The Essence of Insanity

20th September 2011:
HAHAHA oh my lovely story! amazing I absolutely loved the behind the lookingglass theme of it. All the changes and the antonyms you made the carachters become!

I would've loved to see a sensible Luna though XD

What i really liked was all these "well go for it because it seems to reach for a plot climax" so great it's like she knows she's "dreaming" but still believes in it.

I loved it :D


Author's Response: Hello there! Thank you so much! :D I smiled so much whilst reading this kind review! :D And yes! Now that I look back, I see that the story indeed become similar to Behind the Looking Glass! Originally I just wanted to do something crazy and insane, and I've always adored the name Alice, so poof! It became the insane story it is! :D

And I'm so glad you loved the different characters and the ways I changed them as much as I do! But oh! A sensible Luna would be cool! I never thought about that! If I ever re-write it or if I make a sequel I'll be sure to add that and credit you for the idea! :D

But yes, I couldn't help but add the "plot climax and sudden change of events!" bits in there! :D

But I'm over joyed that you loved it and I thank you once more for the lovely review! Tata! :D

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Review #7, by CheeringCharmEscaping Fate: Chapter Thirteen

19th September 2011:
Happened more than I probably realised in this chapter but it's a great steppingstone out to bigger things, for instance WHAT is going on between Ron and Caitlin??? oh my... and between Harry and Melissa??? It seems like the dream-couples have some competition from the american girls!

Your writing is wonderful, really paints up the scene and settings of every part.

My absolute favourite part of this chapter was in the very beginning:

"She was having nightmares, of her old life, her old friends, of her family, of her Derek, and of what she could only assume was Voldemort."

The "of her Derek" made the loss seem so much more brutal and horrible, I didnt really get how much she loved him first but that made it clearer.

write longer! haha update sooner!

*Loads of huggles*


Author's Response: Hi there! :D So, I think only part of your review got posted, but I could just be wrong! :P Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review, you are absolutely AMAZING! :D
I am so glad that you got a feel for Melissa's loss, and how much he (and her family) meant to her. I am really working on developing that part of her character. (:
I am trying to write more and update sooner, this college thing is just a lot different than I expected! Haha, but hopefully I should be updating soon! I'll keep you posted!
Thank you again, so so so much!!

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Review #8, by CheeringCharmSomewhere in Brooklyn: Somewhere in Brooklyn

14th August 2011:
This is a great story and I am really impressed with the way that you have caught Luna, it really is her and all the details with the silk spiders and orange snails are make her just as I imagine her to be.

I dont know much about Theo, escept that he's a slytherin, but he definitly has a character and flaws which makes him seem real and anchored to the ground in comparison to Luna who is air and magical.

Your way of writing gives the story dizzy edges and that makes the whole every-day-thing magical despite none being performed at all.

I really like the way Luna asks him if he can see love and how she makes him realise that you don't always have to see to believe.

Lovely story 10/10


CheeringCharm Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review. I'm glad you think Luna was Luna. It hard to write her. Harder than I thought!

Really happy that you liked it! ;)

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Review #9, by CheeringCharmInvestigate This!: Chapter 1

13th August 2011:
Investigated! Haha
So after reading your other story i just had to check this one out and its just as funny as the other one :)
Im literally laughing to myself while reading it!
I loved the detail with the purple cats, and i very much liked the way vic is so cynical to the whole marriage thing, really agree with her though 18 is too early!


CheeringCharm Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Howdy! (that sounds weird in my head because I'm nowhere near american but whatever lol) I'm really glad you like my humour writing, I'm pretty new to it but I have to say it's really enjoyable to do. Most likely because I think I'm hilarious and I laugh at my own jokes. awkward haha. I'm in the middle of writing the next chapter so it should be up nice and soon! Thanks a lot for reviewing, Alex :)

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Review #10, by CheeringCharmTell Her This: Tell Her You're Into Someone Else

13th August 2011:
OH NO! theres no more chapters! :(
I absolutely love this story the humor the characters and the plot twists oh, and ofc Rons advice!
Your writing really brings out his feelings and his stupidity,the episode with the love potion did that especially well... (my favourite chapter!)
Im so following this story really cant wait for the next chapter!


CheeringCharm Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Hi again! I'm so glad you like the story so much, it's such a nice thing to hear! And thank you so much for liking the characters, the main reason I did this was so I could work on characterisation, especially from a guy's POV so that's a massive compliment! Thanks so much for reviewing again! It made my day, I'm off to read your review for It now, you're so kind for reviewing so much! Thanks again, Alex :D

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Review #11, by CheeringCharmFree: Free

12th August 2011:
Aww! I love your writing you make every step of the characters so certain and it really feels as if you know exactly where they should step and where they shouldn't, like a masterful pupeteer!

The way that you describe Scorpius development throughout the story is amazing, really. From being insecure and somewhat disliked (or well held at a distance) to being secure and complete and the thing that I am most impressed of is that his change doesn't seem exaggerated, because you do it so gradually :)

My favourite part of the story is when Scorpius is asking Rose out, and she just won't get it! that made me smile because it makes everything more realistic than if you'd made her understand it at once (and is more like the way some *cough* me *cough* would react)

I absolutely loved this story! and I really hope that I can be as good a writer as you are someday :D


CheeringCharm Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Wow thank you! This story I did feel very secure in where the characters were at and where they were going, so I'm glad that came across.

I think Scorpius's change was almost a subtle one, so that other people wouldn't even really notice that no one was holding him (and he them) at a distance, but just think they were getting to know him, you know? Through Rose, because she's boisterous and silly and gets in trouble (through no fault of her own!), and everyone would assume that if Rose thinks Scorpius is okay, then he must be. I think they complement each other well. Or I hope they do, anyway. Similar enough but different also, if that makes sense.

Thank you so much for the lovely review! *hugs*

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Review #12, by CheeringCharmIn the Palm of Sin: Temptation in its highest level

11th August 2011:
Your writing is catching and the way you place the words and the sentences are to use the word for Regulus words, sensual, this piece really captures the feeling of being in love, a passionate kind, and it must be so hard for her to feel so small and unseen... especially being asked out by his brother.
I quite liked this piece it tells more than just the feelings described :)


CheeringCharm Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking time to review this! It truly sucks that she was asked out by his brother and not by the boy she liked. Yiks that one has to truly hurt , don’t you think? And you it must be hard for her to feel so small and unseen



PS: *hugsies back*

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Review #13, by CheeringCharmTell Her This: Tell Her You Missed Her

11th August 2011:
nice start to your story, I love Em too! she seems like someone that could be my best friend all likable and not stuck up at all :)

James on the other hand... would have some problems with him his very narcissistic nature and self-centered thoughts haha Russell is awesome- really! (I'd be sooner to fall for him or Fred than for James XD)

you write in a really engaging tone and it makes me want to read more and more so I'll most likely hand you a review at the last chapter as well ;)


CheeringCharm, Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Hey! :) I'm really glad you like her, especially from the first chapter! I felt I may have been struggling to get her character across properly which makes me twice as happy that you like her! Aww, James is a cutie to me, well, maybe not a cutie but I think he's adorable, as adorable as a 17 year old guy can get! Haha. I find it funny how many people love Russell (admittedly I'm one of them). Thanks on the engaging tone thing, that's such a nice compliment to get, it made my day! Thank you so much for reviewing and I hope you like the rest of the story too! :D Alex.

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Review #14, by CheeringCharmRaindrops Filled With Memories : When it rains it pours

11th August 2011:
Oh how sweet!
your story is all full with aww's and aah's, i quite like the way you make Ginny a bit embarrassed to tell him why she likes the rain but then does because she doesnt really have any option :D

your language is lovely and the way you describe situations and memories in just a sentence are impressing :)

Really liked this story! *huggles*

CheeringCharm Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Thank you, so, so, so, much! I'm super happy you liked it! I think Ginny is a a tough person, so admitting something so cheesy would be hard for her. I glad you liked.

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Review #15, by CheeringCharmTrust Me: Trust Me

11th August 2011:
Lovely story! reason i read this is that Snape is one of my absolute favourite characters, and i must say that you pictured him pretty well, the way he's so anxious and pressed for time really comes through and his love for her.
I particularly liked when Lily told him Harry is her son too and that he has to make the very hard decision to leave her.

lovely one-shot


CheeringCharm Hufflepuff

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Review #16, by CheeringCharmEscaping Fate: Chapter Twelve

11th August 2011:
WOW! really, when i first saw this story my thought was, oh... 12 chapters, i might read and review the first, but that was quickly forgotten when your words captured me. I can without doubt say that i am so very impressed by the way you tell a story, the tone and style are really (in want of better words) great.

The action, the relationships, the plot itself are all really fascinating and makes me eager to read the next chapter.

the second point where i thought "oh, this might be hard to swallow" was when Remus and especially Harry was brought into it but as i continued reading you've really made it quite your own thing, of course the HP books will always come first but when i look away from them I really like your trio of american girls stirring things up at Hogwarts :D

My favourite of the girls that i'd like to know more about is Alexis, because it really feels like she's in for trouble but then I reallyreally like Caitlin! I am so happy that you made her a Hufflepuff and really hope that it will show that it's not the "spare" going into my house ;P

Cant wait to read the next chapter! and again, so well-written and well-thought out that I really couldnt tear my eyes away :D


CheeringCharm, Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Hello dear! I'm so sorry that this took so long for me to reply to, but I was out of town on vacation, and some real life problems came up!
I am so, so, so flattered that you gave this a chance, and read the story! I don't even have a clue what else to say...this review has entirely made my day, and given me a kick to get to writing again! :D Oh! And Caitlin is most definitely not the "spare" so no worries, I think you'll like what I have planned for her! (: Thank you so, so much! I truly, really appreciate it!

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Review #17, by CheeringCharmA One Time Thing: A One Time Chapter

10th August 2011:
Lovely, absolutely lovely :)
I like the way you tell their story and how he blew their cover but my absolute favourite part is where his sanity is questioned! haha perfect! french+veela blood, i mean what else than hot temper is there to be expected? :D

You go on to clichs many times and some lines has been heard before but that doesnt matter cause you tell them in a new way!

Ive been wondering about them and this story shows what i expected, that they fight alot haha and love alot


CheeringCharm, Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Review #18, by CheeringCharmA Beautiful Injustice: A Beautiful Injustice

10th August 2011:
Good piece, I quite liked the voice that you gave to him although he does seem a bit childish doesnt he? :)

I like the way you made him a bit selfconcious and unsure about it and how he really fell for her. It mustve hurt him alot to hear her throw those words back at him!

You have a special way of writing, the paragraphs that are separate tell litlle parts on their own and alot together which is kind of like puzzle-pieces, really liked that!


CheeringCharm Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Hey thank you so much for your review. I guess I never really thought about my paragraphs that way but I'm glad that you liked it! And I'm glad that you think that my writing is kind of like puzzles pieces and they all fit together. Thank you so much!


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Review #19, by CheeringCharmFor the Sake of Victory: For the Sake of Victory

10th August 2011:
I really liked this story, especially the way that you tell us that only "special" wizards/witches are allowed to pick their houses... And the way that Severus got to pick his house! that he didnt want to be a rawenclaw or even a Gryffindor with Lily but decided on his heritage. Gives him a bit more depth I feel :) and your characterization in all was pretty good! Dumbledore felt very wise.

I particualrly liked your language, it's quite calm and solemn in a way... gives the real feeling of trust.

and thats what im most enchanted by, Severus determination to follow dumbledores orders.

I really liked this one-piece, and you did a great work with the characters, didnt add anything that wouldve seemed fake on them :)


CheeringCharm, Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. It means a lot.


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Review #20, by CheeringCharmPanorama: Haunted

10th August 2011:
This story is so catching, really couldnt tear my eyes from the words! the first part, with the dream is written in such a manner that i feel the fright and the sense of running...

Your language, style and way of writing conversation and action are splendid! amazing!

I really cant wait to read more of this story, I mean if the start made me jumpy what's the continuation going to do?!


CheeringCharm Hufflepuff

Author's Response: eeep thank you so much! :D I'm really glad it was catching, and that the dream part did that! ^^ have to admit I was rather proud of that bit of writing!

thanks for the review and awesome words :D

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Review #21, by CheeringCharmSuperiority Complex: Murd- er, Tension on the Hogwarts Express!

10th August 2011:
I DO! well, want to see the rest if it i mean, not marry you XD (lame I know but to quote Gaga "I was born this way")

I really like this story, they're so competative and I can really recognise that! as well as the whole bunch of friends seems to be good characters, only need a few more chapters to get a bit more depth :)

I really like the way you made her nickname second place and the way that this was all "light" reading because I simply wanted to know the next challenge and character to pop up (OH like pop-up books! -sorry)

you probably know that you're a great storyteller but i'll write it anyway:

You're a great storyteller.

reason that i picked this story out of your gizillion ones was that it was missing some reviews! so here you go :D

(just one question, Nick? if im writing this to the wrong author I'll say excuse me for the rambling and enjoy the praise ;P)


Author's Response: HELLO! Psh, just admit it, you want to marry me too ;D (Bahahaha, only just into the review and you make me lol already.)
This isn't actually my best, actually xP (Which is possibly why it was missing some reviews, but thank you!) So I'm still at ends as to bother writing the rest of it. But, well, maybe you've persuaded me a little. Hehe. There will be plenty more challenges and characters to come if I do write it though, I can tell you that! (Pop-up books. LOL.)
Um, no, not.. really.. but, thank you. :) (I'm so rubbish with compliments about writing. Which is surprising, given the size of my ego... xD)
Ah, yes, the Nick thing! See I started writing on here before I joined the forums, and I wasn't so sure about using my real name so Nick was my NICKname, if you get my awful pun? :P But then I met all you guys on the forums who were comfortably using your names and I sorta decided I didn't wanna be known as Nick because it was a stupid pun and rubbish. :/ But ahahah.
Thank you SO SO much for this review Cheery, I loff you! *hug!*

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Review #22, by CheeringCharmOne For Courage: One For Courage

10th August 2011:
The conversation is realistic and the whole set up for the story is great! your way of telling it is so realistic and i can see everything happening before my eyes and i really like the way Alicia and Blaise are so against the whole thing...

my only problem is that Draco marries Angelina... any other characters would be perfect but i really cant see that! :)

It's a great story and them sitting in the bar is really funny, so unlikely I really liked that they're both seen as blood-traitors and that there's objections from both sides and that their friends towards the end have to accept their differences and that when it's love blood-line doesn't matter!


Author's Response: They're officially the weirdest ship ever. I think if I changed it to Theodore Nott and Katie Bell - just saying something - the story would be the same, since it's all about Blaise and Alicia, who I, after writing this, think are quite compatible ;)

Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #23, by CheeringCharmOf Wolves and Wizards: Water

24th April 2011:
first of all a really good chapter your text just makes me addicted :) I just found a few small mistakes this time eg. "swan" instead of swam but there wasn't many!

I actually kind of expected it to be something like that being the cause for her fear! but you wrote it so well with a childs voice and everything.

I particularly liked Teddy being there for her both in the present time and in the past...

wonderful chapter!

Author's Response: Ahhh grammar, I really am going to get a beta, I swear I will, so eventually all of those typos will be fixed. I'm also glad you sort of expected it because I dropped a couple of hints along the way so it wouldn't seem so out of the blue. :p

Writing it in the child's narrative was sort of awkward to do but it turned out nicely and I'm happy that you liked it. As for the Teddy overlap thing I'm glad you liked that as well.

*HUGGLES-thanks so much!-HUGGLES*

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Review #24, by CheeringCharmOf Wolves and Wizards: Decided

19th April 2011:
Lovely Chapter!!! (can't keep away from this story despite the BIG borrowed-have-to-read-pile that's lying next to me)

I really liked the slow tempo of this, matched the tempo in the story and the waiting...

My favourite part in this chapter was when Victoire sat at the table and they started the "interrogation" - That's just so horrible! haha (though it's one of the most amusing things there is to be the interrogator :D)

Oh and the ending was just so cute!

update sooner! haha


Author's Response: Sorry to keep you away from you have-to-read-pile but I'm glad you think my chapter is lovely! :p

The slow tempo was needed to bring things back down a notch but don't worry, things will be very dramatic and exciting again soon!

As for the interrogation, I was laughing a little at Victoire the whole time. Being in that position is never really that fun but it was much needed humor. I finished the next chapter all ready and will probably post it Thursday or Friday.

Thanks so much! *gianthuggle*

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Review #25, by CheeringCharmOf Wolves and Wizards: An Escape

16th April 2011:
I'm so happy there wasnt a cliffie here :)

lovely mother-daughter moment! really true and I loved that you put it just after Victoire being like a mother to Dom :)

must say that Im not the complete opposite to Victoire if my bf was at the hospital... I wouldn't even be able to rest... but I guess that goes for everyone...

update soon!


Author's Response: Lack of cliff hanger FTW ;)

Victoire-Fleur have a good mother/daughter relationship so I thought I would make that clear to everyone, and Victoire really does mother Dominique sometimes, they're very close as sisters when Dom is being mature. :p

I agree completely, I remember my friends and I thought our BF's were getting kicked out of school, we were crazy anxious. Having a BF in the hospital would be 20 times worse!

There are about 1,000 words left for my next chapter so hopefully it'll be up by the end of today!

Thanks again CheeringCharm, I luff you!! *huggles*

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