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Review #1, by JamesPotterLivesOnRanny: Sleeping Beauty

26th August 2011:
did you make the chapter image? i like it :D

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad that you're enjoying this, you're very kind!
Thank you! Yes, I did; I like to make them at the moment, I went on a bit of a kick and made a few a little while ago, so I'm pleased that you like it! :)

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Review #2, by JamesPotterLivesOnAnd Capers Ensue: Hogwarts, A Mystery

14th August 2011:
I remember sometime in tda you had a pretty vector of one/ is not a total stalker ^_^
THEY SOUND SO CUTE! but evil, am I the only one here? yes?
I can only imagine Scorpius dining one fine wine with puny flitwick
hehehhee funny images.
so this is a pretty bad review but for most of the chapter I was jawdroppig at your epicness. I bow down.

Author's Response: Ooh! You remember! That's not exactly what they look like in here (the one in my TDA was more like a drag...remlin), but there were socks involved.


Scorpius goes all out. Candlelights and all.

Thank you so much! ^__^

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Review #3, by JamesPotterLivesOnSincerely, Victoire: Prologue

4th April 2011:
First favoriter and first reviewer? i'm just awesome like that :D
AWW THIS IS SO CUTE and so sad at the end. I could really feel the emotion especially with Fleur!
Great job! :)

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Review #4, by JamesPotterLivesOnAlways At War With The Butterflies: Belle of the Boulevard

10th March 2011:
great chapter :) i love how ravenclaws won! ( me being a fellow ravenclaw :P)
can't wait for the epilogue :)

Author's Response: Haha, yeah! Thank you for the review.

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Review #5, by JamesPotterLivesOnTarot Cards: -snogging corridors.

4th March 2011:
I loved how you portrayed James and Sirius as very conniving and manipulative people. It's a very interesting perspective :)
Please update!

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Review #6, by JamesPotterLivesOnVanishing Act: Chapter 10

24th February 2011:
GASP! i didn't leave a review for this chapter?
wow it was amazing!
it was a rlly nice twist that scorpius ACTUALLY got married to Lily... but i kinda want to slap him for it XD
p.s. before... it was good yelling cause scorpius is sexy ;)

Author's Response: JamesPotterLivesOn,

GASP! i forgive you(; and i, what the heck? make it more complicated, and don't worry, i want to hit him too:P i did leave you with a cliffy. and i'm so glad that it was good yelling(;

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Review #7, by JamesPotterLivesOnThe Grand Conclusion : Rosadora Weabley

23rd February 2011:
it's me :) random reviewer
i think this is a really good start to the story and a very interesting plot :)
continue GOOO WRITEE! :)

Author's Response: Hello, random reviewer! Thanks a TON for reading! I will definatley continue this and yes, I am in the works of writing it! In the mean time, keep an eye out for my one shot Just Fine, about Dominique Weasley. Stay tuned!

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Review #8, by JamesPotterLivesOnMorocco: CHAPTER TEN

20th February 2011:
just a question, how many more chapters of this are there? :)

Author's Response: hey thanks! glad you like it.
there will be about another 4/5 chapters to go at this stage.

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Review #9, by JamesPotterLivesOnMuppet Chronicles: Drinking, Lists, and More of the Girls

14th February 2011:
this is a really funny and cute story! :)
but you haven't updated since 2009 so i'm wondering is this abandoned?

Author's Response: Wow - I didn't even realize it had been that long. Thank's for the review (: I'm actually not sure. Sometimes I pick up on stories I haven't written in ages and other times I just don't. I'm in college now and don't have as much time, unfortunately. I'd bet more on it remaining unfinished than me adding another, but I always kind of hope that I get back around to writing these again.

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Review #10, by JamesPotterLivesOnNormal? That's Weird...: Home Again, Paranoia, and Madam Rosmerta’s

13th February 2011:
i loved rose's angerfest against james.
that felt satisfying to read :)
and everyone getting drunk was rlly funny too XD

Author's Response: JamesPotterLivesOn,

It was very satisfying to write XD

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Review #11, by JamesPotterLivesOnCurious Happenings at Number Twelve: Headquarters

12th February 2011:
just started to read this story and it seems very interesting :)
just wondering how old is Nora?

Author's Response: At this point in the story, she is 22. :) Thank you for reading!

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Review #12, by JamesPotterLivesOnVanishing Act: Chapter 9

9th February 2011:
i'm usually too lazy to leave reviews but i say your little sad face... and it touched my heart :)
well also this is an AWESOME-POSSUM (rhyming is lame, i'm so ashamed. wait did i just make a rhyme there too?) that i just had to leave a review :)
i want to see what happens between rose and scorpius :)
P.S. plz update normal? that's weird... too? i kno it must be harder to write now but all of us fan's are here for you :)

Author's Response: JamesPotterLivesOn,

IT WORKED! The sad face never fails(: And you are definitely 'awesome-possum'. XD

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Review #13, by JamesPotterLivesOnThe Art of Breathing.: Burn out.

3rd February 2011:
i just read this story in about... 2 days with the exception of school and stuff :)
is that a record?
i think i also might have cried 20gazillion times
the ability to create such a story that is sometimes so light-hearted and funny but sometimes brings tears to eyes is astonishing.
your an amazing author and i can't wait for the epilogue :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this lovely review! Reading this in 2 days is BEYOND impressive and I'm so honoured! Thank you :)

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Review #14, by JamesPotterLivesOnWelcome to the Chase: chapter.sixteen – Bewildered.

29th January 2011:
that is freaky girly fandom o.O
but it was pretty damn funny :)
i love how scorpius pulls of everything with class.. even if it's kissing a certain red-headed weasly ;)

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Review #15, by JamesPotterLivesOnTo Bloody Your Hands: Reliving A Forgotten Past

29th January 2011:
oh c r a p...
good luck to rosie :)
great chapter :D

Author's Response: XDDD, thank you! (=
Yes, indeed. XD, g'luck, Rose. C:, I'll tell her that. XP

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Review #16, by JamesPotterLivesOnVanishing Act: Chapter 4

19th January 2011:

Author's Response: JamesPotterLivesOn,

Is this happy yelling or angry yelling?

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Review #17, by JamesPotterLivesOnIt Has Always Been Just a Game: Epilogue

17th January 2011:
That was a great story :)
Just wondering is there going to be a sequel?

Author's Response: Thank you very much :)

There will be a sequel! And the last few chapters will be on another site so you can read the actual story before the sequel :)

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Review #18, by JamesPotterLivesOnTo Bloody Your Hands: ''So How Do You Like You Muggles?'' I Like 'Em Dead

15th January 2011:
That was quite a well... violent ? chapter

Author's Response: I know. =_=, don't worry, though. I'm not a violent psycho in real life, XD. I'm actually really, like, non-violent. ;3
MY CHAPTER VALIDATED? XD, I had no idea. o.O
Thank youu! ;3

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Review #19, by JamesPotterLivesOnOperation: Speak Now: Case 1

13th December 2010:
ok basically this is going to be an epic story.
i can feel it in my bones >:D
i'm actually listenint to speak now right now and it surprisingly makes the story all the more intense XD
just a little tip can you umm mention the main character's umm you know name? it's marlene right? marlene mckinnon?
anyways i'm rlly happy your updating deja vu and i love ALL of your stories the same. just wondering are you going to be updating find your love any time soon too? well like after the updating spree for wttc :D

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Review #20, by JamesPotterLivesOnNormal? That's Weird...: At Peace, Finally

13th December 2010:
great chapter!
it was more shorter than usual but it was like a little epic moment :D
and u finally unveiled that she and malfoy and allie-poo used to besties :D
awesome! can't wait till the next chapter
when is she returning back to ol' hogwarts?

Author's Response: JamesPotterLivesOn,

Thanks, hun! You make me smile. Yes, they used to be friends. And I think the next chapter she'll be back because I'm too lazy to think of some sort of awesomeness that she'll encounter in Romania. ;D

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Review #21, by JamesPotterLivesOnBreathless: This Is Insanity. Can I Go Home Now?

12th December 2010:
you're amazing. like absolutely AMAZING.
do i hear the messiah? XD
period. ever.
anyways, AMAZING CHAPTER i love good old family rivalries ;)
just wondering what's your new story operation speak now about?
can you maybe tell us the titles of your other new stories? XD

Author's Response: hahaa (: Operation: Speak Now is a James/Lily, and if you've ever heard the song speak now by taylor swift...well, that's pretty much what it's about.
the other two stories are both very VERY different for me. one of them is in the POV of an indian boy, which is really difficult for me to write since i'm an indian girl and voice has pretty much totally changed in order to accomodate for Jay (the main character.) it's called Masala Mix.
and the other story is a Luna/Rolf, told in Luna's POV as soon as she's starting to become less-dreamy and more...there, which is also quite difficult for me to write. it's called Clair de Lune and it's very romanc-y.
i hope everyone likes them, they'll be out soon!

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Review #22, by JamesPotterLivesOnTo Bloody Your Hands: Would You Come Back From The Dead For Me?

6th December 2010:
just wondering which country do you live in?
i'm in chilly canada right now with my hands freezing off from the cold XD

Author's Response: Heehee. THANK YOU! XD
I live in Holland, but I'm not Dutch.
I've been wanting to go to Canada for so long! XD
Uuuurgh. Yeah. It's cold in Holland as well. The ground us, like, covered in ice. :S, I keep slipping, XD.

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Review #23, by JamesPotterLivesOnNormal? That's Weird...: The Ball

3rd December 2010:
just wondering are you posting new chapter images for the rest of the chapters?

Author's Response: JamesPotterLivesOn,

eh, I will...eventually... I mean, I've got some made and all, but there are loads that I have yet to even consider making, so it'll be a while.

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Review #24, by JamesPotterLivesOnThe Fame: Homecoming.

30th November 2010:
Awesome chapter! I like the new insight on vivian's father.
I absolutely love this story! When are you updating again?

Author's Response: Hi :)
SO I know I'm about, like a year late. But please excuse my tardiness. I am however, continuing the story so please please keep reading. And thanks a whole lot for the review ! It really means a lot.

Oh, and Vivian's dad's story is a reach peach compared to her mothers. Did I mention I have an unhealthy obsession with tragedies?
Okay, now I'm ranting.
Thanks again though ! And keep reading. I have like a gazillion plot bunnies!


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Review #25, by JamesPotterLivesOnTill Kingdom Come : Remember Me As A Time Of Day

25th November 2010:
^yep that's how excited i am
hey are you writing ANOTHER sequel to this?
i dunno i'm just wondering XD

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