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Review #1, by ginnypotter242No Strings Attached: one.

12th August 2015:
Oh my God Lisa, I am so incredibly happy that you did this you have no idea :D And of course, you somehow have the power to take a totally cliche plot and turn it into this amazing story that's still unique even with a cliche at every turn. I don't know what to expect from this!

Ahh, Scorpius! He's like a cute little puppy that has made some very unwise decisions. His award- that's amazing! "beet red bisexual"- that's difficult to say five times fast. I don't think I've ever seen a Hufflepuff Scorpius- I've seen him in Slytherin, Gryffindor and obviously Ravenclaw, but I think Hufflepuff has been mysteriously absent from the list. I like how you characterized him though! He's so sweet and stammering and I'm literally imagining him as a floppy-eared puppy.

And Rose, oh your characterizations of Rose in every story you write is just fabulous. She's so brash and dramatic in this chapter and I just love how she is compared to Scorpius' quieter, shyer side. (Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff friendships are just lovely, aren't they?)

Ooh ooh, I'm excited for this story. You have a talent for making expected things unexpected, and I'm literally in love with your writing. (Seriously, is that your superpower? Writing amazing things and the ability to make things unique in a totally amazing way??) I'm loving how you still get the different sexualities in here even doing a Scorose pregnancy fic! Gahh, Lisa I just love how you write all these characters so much. So much love right now :D


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Review #2, by ginnypotter242The Lucky One: Madness

28th July 2015:
Hello, here for another review swap :) And this one was a Taylor Swift songfic, so I had to read it.

Oh my god, I feel so bad for Luna! She's changed so much! I can't believe how much the press is hounding her, and how famous she is. That has got to be so incredibly terrifying- I would hate being surrounded like that! I can totally empathize with her anxiety with being surrounded by a big group of people though- it can get rather suffocating, and I'm sure it would be even worse if they were all calling your name and shouting at you to sign an autograph!

That's horrible! How did that reporter get in her house?? Taking pictures of her while she was asleep is just so incredibly creepy- who does that?! That's just disturbing, I feel so bad for Luna! I don't know how she's gotten through that! Oh, poor Luna, she really does need to go to a different country and just get away from everything for a while!

I think you wrote very well to fit in with the prompt! I love his song, and I think you fit the quote in well, and the story fit in really well with the feel of the song. I really enjoyed reading this! Luna's characterization was so different than it is in the books, but you gave a good reason for her to have changed so drastically and I think your characterization fits very well with everything that she went through! Great job :)


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Review #3, by ginnypotter242Atonement Is Coming: A Shadowy Threat

28th July 2015:
Hi Kaitlin! Here for the review swap!

OH my God! This was so interesting form the very beginning! I really like the time it's set in, just a little after the war ended. Most stories set in this time period are centered on the Trio and Ginny and the Weasley's moving on after everything happened. This is a really interesting plot, and definitely one I don't see all too often.

The idea behind this story is amazing. Half-bloods and Muggleborns getting revenge on purebloods is a great idea- because let's face it, there is no way people wouldn't be upset after a war on that scale. I like where you're going with this! It was really interesting to see who was a part of this- they're all people that we know, but not people that we'd think of as bad people. Penelope and Roger? I would have never expected they'd be a part of this. (Now Michael Corner, I never liked. So I'm not very put out at him being a part of this). That's the thing though- no one will really suspect them, will they? That's a really nice touch to this story! Having unexpected characters that we actually know from canon be the villains, so to speak, is rather unique and adds some excellent qualities to your story, and definitely makes me want to read more!

This plot seems really well thought out and something that might actually happen.
Oh, McGonagall and Kingsley! What's going to happen to them? Someone has to notice that the fakes aren't them sooner or later!
Your writing style is honestly so incredible! I love love love your characterizations of the different characters, and I think you wrote (real) McGonagall and Kingsley's conversation very realistically- it seemed very true to their characters.

This was an extremely good start to your story! It was interesting and captured my interest from the very beginning. I didn't want the chapter to end! I'm very intrigued to see what is coming up next, and I definitely want to continue reading! Excellent job on the first chapter, I'm excited to see where this story goes!


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Review #4, by ginnypotter242Game On: Volume II: Keeping the Nerves At Bay - UnluckyStar57 - Ravenclaw

15th July 2015:
Aww, James is so cute! He's so nervous! He's quite like Ron, isn't he? This was a really cute story, and I love how Teddy was acting all big-brothery towards James. It really shwoed their relationship well, because that's exactly what I think Teddy would have done. And poor James, worrying about what his Mum would think- of course she'd be proud of him! Why wouldn't she be?! This was just so sweet, and the ending was perfect. James really does love Quidditch and I'm sure he really did go on to be a professional player. It's amazing how well you put in James and Teddy's personalities into such a short story!

This was a very sweet little story! I really like it :)


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Review #5, by ginnypotter242Game On: Volume II: Magical Croquet (Reprise) - UnluckyStar57 - Ravenclaw

15th July 2015:
Ooh,this was an interesting twist on the game! I don't know much about croquet to be completely honest- I remember I used to play in my backyard when I was little, but it was very casual and I don't think any of us really knew the rules completely. I liked how you added the magical touch to this game though! And Dominique's personality was great. I don't see much of her being proper and the peacemakers- if anything, she's usually portrayed as the opposite. But I really like how you flipped that around and made her proper and all. And the way she dealt with the rumors was great- she held her head high and beat them horribly.

Her Slytherin-ness really shined through in this story, with her comebakcs and cunning little attitude. Great twist magical twist on the game!


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Review #6, by ginnypotter242Healing: The Importance of Communication

11th July 2015:
Hello again! I figured I'd finish reviewing this story :)

Ahh, yes! Harry and Ginny worked things out! Yay! I loved their conversation. Obviously Ginny would be very ticked off about Harry running off, and the was shown very well. But she's *so* in love with Harry, that she can't stand not talking to him ( not to mention, she is a Weasley. So she's stubborn obvs) But I like that she cornered him by the bathroom. There really is no other way to get him to talk, is there? I'm so happy they're back together, they (as my penname kind of says) are my OTP so I'm very happy with this chapter.

Okay, Bill, Charlie and Percy: I love that you didn't make them go all macho, overprotective older brothers on Harry, and instead encouraged it. We know Ron was overprotective, but I doubt every single one of her brother's would be all "I'll kill you if you touch her" and I'm glad you didn't make them like that :)

I really love this story! Great job :)


Author's Response: Thanks for coming back! And sorry I'm ages late in telling you that!

Yup, they worked it out. I love them as a couple so I wasn't gonna have them fighting...but Ginny was a bit annoyed. And she's not exactly a lovey-dovey girl. So, she just told it to him straight. Hopefully he took notes.

As for the brothers - nah. Harry's been adopted into the family. They're probably really grateful their little sis likes him and not some other bloke.

Thanks again!

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Review #7, by ginnypotter242Healing: The Wages of War

11th July 2015:
Yay!! Fred's okay! Well, he's alive at least, but I will accept that. That is a really interesting way of keeping him alive. It's a unique idea, but it's very plausible! I like Madame Pompfrey's conversation with Harry. the fact that she immediately assumes that he's there because he's injured is great- he did injure himself quite a lot!

Poor Fred though! I am beyond thrilled that he's alive, but he seems to be in so much pain! I hope he ends up at least mostly okay. Harry, silly Harry always feeling guilty over everything. I like that you included a conversation with Charlie here. We don't get much of him in the books (and absolutely none in the movies), so it was cool to see a conversation with him in this story. He was very well written, and acted pretty much how I think he would in this type of situation. I love that Fred and George were still able to joke around a bit, even though one can;t talk and one's a near zombie right now- it's very fitting to their characters.

Harry's coversation with Charlie in the hallway was great. Obviously the Weasley's wouldn't be happy with the idea of him helping pay, but Harry' arguments were valid and I'm glad that Charlie listened to them. It's so sweet that Charlie views harry as another brother, especially as he isn't around very much.

It was hilarious that Charlie and George just sent Harry into a house with all three Weasley women- two of which he has seemed to be actively avoiding. That should go over well (I'll say again: poor Harry!) I'm so happy for George. Life without Fred at all is devastating, and the fact that he had felt that for even just a little while will make him that much more conscious of it. Great job on this chapter- I'm really loving this story!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

Author's Response: Hehehe. I'm glad you will accept it. I figured, I brought him back from the dead, I can't do it completely scotch free. And I'm glad you thought the idea behind it worked! I had to think for a long time about that.

Fred is in for a long recovery, though. And yes, Harry is feeling guilty about EVERYTHING. He's good at that.

Charlie is one of my favorites! I wish he'd been included more, so I try to use him when I can.

I love getting Harry "adopted" into the Weasley clan, so I tend to do things like that conversation with Charlie, and making everyone look after him. Because we all know, the boy could use someone to look after him.

WEasley women are a little scary, aren't they.

Thanks again for reading! Loved your reviews!

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Review #8, by ginnypotter242Healing: Coming Home

11th July 2015:
Poor Harry! He has had so much pressure on him! And he really is so young- he's only 17, I can't imagine having the weight of the world on my shoulders at that age! I love how you wrote him all hesitant to come in and guilty. He is someone that takes all the blame on himself, and none of the success, so of course he would feel bad for Fred's death/injury. Molly is so sweet though, and the way she was comforting him was a total aww moment. I am totally in love with their relationship. Harry always seemed a little awkward around Mrs. Weasley, like he didn't want to get to close or he was unsure if she'd want him to get close. I love how you wrote Mrs. Weasley in this, you really showed her motherly side, both with her thoughts about Fred and the rest of her children, and her actions towards Harry.

And oh my gosh, the part with Molly talking to Lily's gravestone? That was he sweetest thing, and definitely something I can see Mrs. Weasley doing. Great job on the characterization here! That was such a sweet speech that she gave too! I'm so glad that she considers Harry a son, but she made it known that she wasn't trying to take Lily's place. I also love that you made Molly assume that Lily really did know what was going on- she just knew that Lily would've looked over her son, just as Molly would've if it had happened to her. I'm glad that Molly brought daisies to Liy's grave as well. The remark about her not setting much in store by societal conventions was great- plus my headcanon is that Lily hated it when people brought her lilies (but she loved daisies so...) So that was a nice touch! Okay, and the part with Lily at the very end, with her saying thank you to Molly- not going to lie, I actually teared up a bit. I'm so jealous of how well you can write emotion- you do it so well, and it fits just perfectly in everything. Great job on this chapter!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

Author's Response: Hi there! Sorry I'm almost three years late responding to this. Not sure if you will ever see it, but I wanted you to know I appreciate your review just the same!

You are right - Harry is just a kid, and everyone forgets that. He's a boy that's seen too much and had too much pressure on him, and it's all coming out now.

And Harry really, really needed a little mothering, and I don't know anyone better to give him that than Mrs. Weasley. She's one of the best fictional mothers ever. So, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The second part was just something I've wanted to do for a long time. It's like, Harry is so loyal to his parents - has so much love and longing for them - but the sad thing is that they are gone. He really needs to let himself be loved by people who are still here to do it. And Molly knows that, but she doesn't want to overstep. I just saw her wanting to make sure she "told" the Potters that she won't try to replace them, but she wants to be there now for Harry, and help him.

Thank you so much for such wonderful compliments! This was an amazing review!

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Review #9, by ginnypotter242Healing: A Little Wounded

11th July 2015:
Eeep! I'm so happy right now, I actually squeaked when Molly got George's note! Please don't let this be a distraction- he's not going to die in the hospital, is he?

Oh, how I love Ron. He's so under appreciated. I like how he just screamed at everyone to shut up. Poor Ron, he's so frustrated, and then he walks in to the Great Hall to find his family screaming at each other and his dead' brother and twin of missing. I can see how that would make him a tad ticked off. And Harry! Of course he can be crying and happy- I would be too if that happened to me!

McGonagall is the best. Seriously, she;s amazing. I liked Harry's reaction- "are you kicking me out?" it was so like him! And everyone referring to The Burrow as his home- that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and I'm so happy for Harry! He's so happy about it, it made me smile when he said the word 'home' himself. He's very right about Molly as well- she doesn't give up! And I wouldn't put it past her to start sending Howlers.

I just love your writing style! You're writing his story so well, and the emotion in it is so realistic and I can practically feel what the characters are feeling. All your characters so far are in perfect characterization too- there's not anyone that OOC. This was another great chapter, and it's very interesting to read. I like the idea you have so far, and I'm very interested to see where this goes. Great jpb on this so far, I really like it!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

Author's Response: I'm so glad I could make you so happy! That's what I was hoping for when I wrote this story - to fix the horrible sadness of Fred dying.

I promise not to kill him from his injuries in the hospital. Is that better?

AH! You loved my Ron moment! So many people just miss it. But Ron needs more love - and he's capable of being grown up and in charge of things.

McGonagall and I have an understanding - teacher to teacher. I actually really love writing her. And this was a fun scene to do. For her to be caring, and yet exasperated and giving Harry the push he needed to see things correctly.

Thank you so much. I'm blushing! Your compliments make me so happy! Thank you for reading!

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Review #10, by ginnypotter242Healing: Prologue: No Words

11th July 2015:
Wait what? What just happened? Is Fred not dead? Please let Fred not be dead, I will love you forever if you let him live!

Okay, the beginning of this was amazing. George's thoughts were absolutely heartbreaking to read, and I loved how everyone was treating him softly and carefully. His thoughts were phenomenal though, and I almost started tearing up as he thought about losing his other half. "How he wished it was still yesterday" okay, ouch. That line almost physically hurt me to read- the pain in George's thoughts was so transparent and incredibly sad. I could almost feel his heart breaking! This is honestly so well written and the emotion behind it is so real! I love the way you've written just this first chapter, and I can't wait to read more.

George noticing the rest of his family was a sweet little moment- even in the middle of such a tragedy, he was able to think about the rest of his family, and Harry and Hermione. is was really sweet.

But oh my God, what happened with Fred? Why was the light red- does blue mean dead and red mean...not dead? If she's taking Fred to ST. Mungo's, there must be a chance that he's still alive! I honestly didn't expect that at all. I can't imagine what George must be feeling at this point- extremely confused, still heartbroken, but a little bit hopeful. Don't make this any worse, I'm begging you. I will actually cry if Fred dies just a little alter than originally.

Great job with this chapter! It was very well written, and the emotions in the chapter were perfect. I love it!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

Author's Response: I have a soft spot for Fred. Okay, forget that, he's tied for my all-time-favorite HP character. So, there just might be the slightest possibility that Fred is not dead...

But, yes, back to this review. Thank you so much. It was so crushing to write George mourning like that. It was like pouring all my frustration that Fred was killed in the book onto paper. I'm so glad you thought it was a good portrayal of George and how is grief might have been.

As for the fate of Fred, you'll have to read on for that.

Thank you so much! Such an emotional review! I loved it!

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Review #11, by ginnypotter242Lily, I'm a Werewolf. : Lily, I'm a werewolf.

11th July 2015:
Aww! This was sweet! I love Remus/Lily friendships- they're so cute, and Remus needed someone kind like Lily for when he got all self- depreciating. I really liked how you played this out! Poor Remus was so nervous. To be honest, I always thought that Remus had told Lily earlier- or allowed James to tell her- like back when they were in school But I really like the way you did, right before the wedding. it'd be a good time for Remus to tell her!

I love love love that you had Lily already know. She's smart, so it's very fitting that she had figured it out- I mean really. Remus isn't the best liar, if we'e being completely honest here. So it was only a matter of time before she realized the pattern. her reaction was just perfect though. Very Lily-ish, and fitting in perfectly from what we know of her personality. Remus' reaction was great as well- I love how he was indignant that she was laughing, and then outraged because he thought James had told her- both very realistic reactions. I like that Lily used "furry little problem" as well- it was really funny, especially because she didn't know James called it that. Aww, they really are soulmates!

The ending was completely adorable. Lily threatening Remus because he called himself a monster? Spot on- exactly what she would've done. Poor Remus though, he always thinks so lowly of himself. Remus is amazing, he needs to have more self esteem!

This was a great story, and I loved how you wrote Lily and Remus. It was really sweet to see their interactions with each other, and their friendship is just beautiful. Great job Meg!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

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Review #12, by ginnypotter242In Every Stitch: Eight

11th July 2015:
Aww Lizzie! This was so freaking sweet! You wrote Molly's character perfectly. Her motherly, nurturing side is exactly what convinced her to take in the lonely, scrawny little boy and I think you captured that wonderfully.

Her reasoning behind everything was great. I liked how she didn't have many reasons to be thankful to Harry yet, and she realized it, but she still had her own reasons to do it for him. Molly is a very motherly character and cares so much about her kids, and she very easily adopted Harry into her family. The fact that she cared so much about him, even though she had only met him once and didn't even know who he was, and made him a sweater because she heard he wasn't expecting any presents is exactly Molly's character, and the way you wrote her thoughts and reasoning behind that were just amazing.

I really really liked the line "Because I have room in my heart for one more child." It is perfectly fitting of Molly's character, and it is so true. Throughout the series, Molly adopts so many children into her family. This line is just perfect, because she always has enough room in her heart and I love how it's a reason for her to make the sweater.

The fact that Molly already considers Harry as one of her children is wonderful, and I absolutely love it. You wrote this story really well Lizzie! The way it was written was great, Molly's characterization was perfect and I'm super impressed that this was in 2nd person- it works so well! Really great job on this, I love it!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

Author's Response: Sara! You're back! YAY!

D'aww! You make me smile! I'm so glad you enjoyed this! It's definitely one of my favorites. So is Molly. I was terrified I'd mess her up, and I'm glad you don't agree with that! It makes me feel so much better about my writing!! :D

"Because I have room in my heart for one more child.' is easily one of the best lines I've ever written (I'm not trying to brag or anything, it's just one of the few that I'm really proud of!). I think that it's so true of Molly. She continually opens up her home, her arms and her heart to everyone who needs it, and I think it's incredibly admirable. It can be heart to take someone in like that, but the fact that she so readily takes in Harry is the reason why I love her so much!

Thanks so much for reviewing Sara!! I love getting reviews from you!! :D

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Review #13, by ginnypotter242How I Live Now: I.

11th July 2015:
Oh my god Jess, this was amazing! Lily's thoughts throughout the entire thing were perfect and I was totally enraptured in this story.

I loved how you wrote Lily's thoughts- about James being gone, about being trapped in the house, and the flashbacks to how she used to be. Being trapped in their house for however long they were there had to be taxing, and I think you did a wonderful job of showing that.

The flashbacks to her first battles was a great touch. It really showed how the war has changed her, in only a couple of years. She's gotten so tired of fighting and so frightened, and it's very realistiic that something like that would happen- Lily has a child (who's marked for death) and husband(who still goes out on dangerous missions) and is fighting a war (that is trying to wipe out people like her) and has been fighting for three or four years. So I think her actions and attitude reflect her perfectly and it is something she would've felt.

The part on Halloween was heartbreaking, but so well written. Lily's thoughts- thinking she heard the gate, remembering leaving her wand in the kitchen and realizing she's not the same girl that had fought Voldemort before- were perfect. The line about "No, that past me is long gone. She has died entrapped in these four walls." was so well done, and it fit perfectly.

Agh, Jess this story was great! I loved everything about it- it was super well written and perfectly in character and I honestly didn't ant it to end! Great job, this was an amazing story to read!

~Sara (Gryffindor House Cup 2015)

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Review #14, by ginnypotter242The Last Goodbye: Farewell

11th July 2015:
Okay, angst was definitely rampant in this story. Are you *trying* to make me cry Lizzie? I'm so sad now! Harry's thoughts about Hogwarts being different and not the same home anymore were just heartbreaking. It was the only real home he had ever known, and so many things got ruined for him because of the war! (Though really- he almost died at Hogwarts like five times. Not the most homey place, right?) But his thoughts were just so self-loathing and sad. He's right though- he needs to put it behind him.

Oh my god. The name! You *are* trying to make me cry, I know it! SO many people died, and they were ll so close to Harry! His thoughts about each of them were devastating, but I love how he thought about each person and what they were like and what they meant to him. Fred, Sirius, Remus and Tonks and James and Lily really got to me though. And Harry crying and apologizing for them dying was so upsetting!

I do love that Ron, Hermione and Ginny were there for him though. It plays to the truth of the Golden Trio- plus Ginny- that they are always there for each other. I love that they were able tog ive him some comfort. Hopefully Harry can eventually forgive himself, even if he can't actually ever say goodbye.

This was a great story Lizzie! Don't worry about it, you definitely got the angst good on this one!

~Sara (Gryffindor, house Cup 2015)

Author's Response: Sara!!

Was I trying to make you cry? Well, yes actually. Glad to know that I succeeded. ;P

Hehehe, I really shouldn't revel in others' sadness, but... I can't help it. I'm so glad that this made you sad! (I sound so sadistic right now)

The names were probably the hardest part of writing this. I had to pick and choose which names I wanted to write about, and I have to say, I definitely shed a tear or two as I was writing it.

Harry wouldn't have been able to ever truly recover from the war without Ron, Hermione and Ginny. That's the truth of it, and it only made sense that I include them here - even if they didn't play a big role. Just their presence is enough to show the support and love they are willing to give Harry, which is what I love most about them.

Thanks so much for reviewing Sara! I really appreciate it! You're incredibly awesome!!

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Review #15, by ginnypotter242Meeting Norberta: Reunion

11th July 2015:
Oh my god, Hagrid! This was hilarious. I'm so happy that Hagrid go to go see Norberta- he was so upset when she left! It's nice that he was able to go see her, and I'll bet he's thrilled to be around so many dragons in Romania- I'd say it's close to the best trip of his life :)

I like how they had to give Hagrid the safety talk, and Hagrid just thought that people didn't realize that dragons weren't that dangerous. Well, obviously not so much to *you* Hagrid, but to normal humans...! That is a very good characterization of Hagrid though! It's definitely something I could see him saying in the books!

And of course, he would forget about all the rules. Probably not the best time to call out Norberta- especially when Norberta happens to be a rowdy, upset fire breathing dragon. But I love that he was able to calm her down and pet her- only Hagrid would be able to do that. The caretakers expressions were hilarious- I liked Douglas' comment about needing to go over the safety rules again! And of course, Charlie isn't even that surprised :D He's a Weasley of course, he's used to the unthinkable happening.

One thing I;d like to mention: Hagrid's accent didn't sit quite right with me. It seemed pretty close, and it's obviously not a huge deal since there isn't much off, but it just seemed slightly off for me on some of the things he said. Of course, accents are hard to type, but maybe look over that a bit?

This was a really cute story, and I loved Hagrid's characterization. He seemed so realistic, and the plot was adorable. Great job!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

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Review #16, by ginnypotter242Between Us Girls: Between Us Girls

11th July 2015:
Aww! Rose is so adorable! Her first crush- and of course, it's on Scorpius. I guess her mother didn't see that coming!

I loved Hermione's thoughts throughout the story. It was very like her to completely freak out over something Rose said, even though it's not a huge deal. And the way Ginny dealt with it was great- she was so amused and it was very in character for her. I liked how she kept bringing up that Rose was 'almost ten' and mentioning her own feelings about Harry when she was that age. But Hermione's little freak out (and eye rolling) was spot on for her character. We saw that a lot in the books, she went overboard with little things and overreacted to a lot of stuff, and you captured tat perfectly here. And even better, you didn't make her attitude towards things exactly as it was when she was 11-18. I could tell she was older in this, and her reactions reflected her age and maturity.

Hermione's reaction when she realized it was Scorpius Malfoy that her daughter thought was 'hot' was beautiful. Her mind went into fast forward, as it often does. Her thoughts about him sneering and saying mean things are something that I think would have actually happened, as I'm sure she'd be a little hesitant around him at first. Especially if she thought he was going to break her daughter's heart.

This was a really good, cute story, and captured Hermione's personality perfectly! Great job :)

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

Author's Response: Aww, you found my fluffy piece!

Hermione would be one of those high-strung parents, I believe. Also, with her pragmatic attitude, I think she'd do quite a lot of eye rolling when it came to relationships with young people. There's not much point to them, and eventually someone gets hurt, so why bother? Unfortunately, it's part of growing up, and I think she realizes that on some level.

Thanks so much for scrolling all the way down and finding this. I tend to forget that it's here!


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Review #17, by ginnypotter242My Journey On...: My Journey On...

11th July 2015:
Oh, Fred! I think his death was one of the worst in the series- I cried my eyes out when I read it the first time! This was a lovely way of showing what happened after he died though! I like that it was Lily that came out to greet him- it was a good parallel with Molly and Harry and Lily and Fred.

Fred meeting the Dumbledore's was so cool! I liked his thoughts as he was wandering through the train- about not ageing, clothes not changing (which really sucks for some people. Fred will be in tattered, dirty clothes for the rest of his...err death). The fact that his mind kept going to George was so incredibly heartbreaking- because it's one thing for us to see George lose his twin, and that's sad enough (seriously. Sad enough. No need to elaborate on that!) but to see Fred losing his twin brother- and he can watch him in the pensieve just hurts all the more.

That being said, I love the pensieve idea! I love the idea that the people who died can look down and see what's going on in the world of the living. I think it's only fair that people like Lily and James (and Remus and Tonks) should be able to watch their children grow up, since they can't actually be there.

The note at the end! That was so sweet, and a perfect touch with the wording. Molly has looked out for Harry all these years, and I love that Lily said she would do the same for Fred. That's a really good parallel there!

Ugh. Fred stories make me cry. It's so unfair! :( You did a great job writing this though, it was a very good story!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

Author's Response: Hi!

I applaud you for reading this, since it's an old piece of writing now.

Fred, I agree totally!! I bawled my eyes out, poor George, poor Molly and all the Weasley's. I can definitely see a parallel of Molly looking after Harry, so of course Lily would do the same to Fred.

At least he had clothes on :p Who knows what might have happened otherwise. Haha, this is just a bundle of sadness I know.

I mean we've seen the pensieve been used for memories, so why not looking into the real world. But yes it makes me happy that Remus and Tonks could watch Teddy grow up.

*hands tissues*

Thanks, so much for reading and reviewing!!

-Sophie :)

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Review #18, by ginnypotter242Game On: The Game of Life - Dojh167 - Hufflepuff

6th July 2015:
Ooh, The Game of Life. I used to love that game when I was little- my parents, sister and I would play it all the time. It takes a really long time to play though! I love how you added magic to this game. The flying cars and money flying of its own accord and the people moving into the cars and such- that is such a nice touch, and seems so realistic. And Lucy’s line about “What is it with Grandad and flying cars” was perfect. It is so something that one of Arthur’s grandkids would comment on if they had heard that story, and I love how Lucy just casually mentioned it.

I do have one comment: When Lucy finds her cousins in the shed, you wrote Molly a couple of times- was that meant to be Lucy, or did Molly show up as well?

I really do love all the Next Gen kids here. They seemed very in character. And Hugo’s quip about taking the game money down to the village- that was great. That seemed like something Ron would say, and it is totally fitting to have his son say that. I loved Lucy’s reaction to getting a baby girl- poor thing seemed so embarrassed! And of course, it’s just right that her cousins make fun of her for it. It wouldn’t be the Wotters without some decent teasing, now would it?

This was such a cool idea for the game! The way it was enchanted was perfect, and the kids confusion over different parts of it was spot on. Great job with this story, it was a really nice one to read!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

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Review #19, by ginnypotter242Game On: Death of Me- AdinaPuff- Hufflepuff

6th July 2015:
OKAY are you trying to drown me in feels? Why why why did it have to be Fred's death? I refuse to accept this story for what it is.

But in all seriousness, this was a sweet story. I liked the interactions between George and Angelina, and how you set it up. It gives a reasonable platform for their relationship to build on. And I like that George wasn't going to therapy at first. It seemed like something he would actually do, since he would be so unaccepting of Fred's death at first. The different questions they had to ask each other were great- but totally heartbreaking at the end! George is so lonely, and it's so upsetting. "My favorite memory is Fred"- I really don't think that was *necessary* unless you are actually trying to torture everyone. I liked that George became more serious when he was talking to Angelina, and it showed how the war and Fred's death changed him. It was very realistic and I think very much how George would've acted in that kind of situation.

The ending game was the best thing ever. Blindfolded broom obstacle courses? Omg, that doesn't sound dangerous at all. I can totally imagine Oliver going crazy for that- and then immediately implementing it in team practices. This was a great story, even if it did drown me in sad Fred feels :(

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

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Review #20, by ginnypotter242Game On: Volume II: Spot the Nargle - UnlcukyStar57 - Ravenclaw

5th July 2015:
Aww! Luna's just adorable. She's so sweet and innocent in this! I love how you gave Nargles more background, and how Luna thinks of them. She obviously knew more about them than what we get in the books, and I like the way you wrote the information about them. Luna's characterization was so well written here! You really got her little absent-minded, unique way of thinking and seeing things. And I love the part at the end with Neville- I'm guessing he was actually stuck in place by enchanted mistletoe? Luna's thoughts- that the Nargles got to him- were just great. And she went on a rescue mission for him- such a good friend :D
The incantation she uses for the Nargles is great. I can definitely imagine her getting some strange looks, but I can also imagine people recognizing her and being all "Oh, there's Luna again..." This was a very cute interaction between Neville and Luna. I especially like how Neville just 'blinked his consent'- it seems like something he would do, he would be so shocked, poor baby. This was a really inventive game! I really like it :)

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

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Review #21, by ginnypotter242Stuck On You: Slipping Faith

28th June 2015:
Aww, Fred and Lydia get to spend more time together! I feel bad for poor Lydia, it's difficult to be in close proximity to your secret crush, especially if he's a jerk and you're scared of how he'd react if he found out. And stupid friends- why would you tell people about your friend's crush? That's horrible.

I liked your characterization of Audrey- you didn't make her all stuffy and uptight like Percy. You gave her a nice sense of humor- which she needs, especially dealing with Fred. Going to the bathroom had to have been awkward- I wonder what they'll do at home, when there's no stall? Is the toilet close enough that the other can actually stay outside the door this time? So many awkward dilemmas!

I feel bad for Lydia- her family doesn't seem that interested in her. She has both her parents, but they're both too busy to pay attention to her- that must suck. She seems like a (relatively) nice person, she should have someone that cares about her more!

I'm in love with your characterizations of these characters. They're so different, yet they mesh together so well and I love the dynamic between George and Fred and Fred and Lydia. It all seems so natural when they're talking to each other, it's not forced or awkward or stiff :) Greta job on this story so far! I'd love to read more :)

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

Author's Response: They do! and I agree with you, I feel bad for her too :P Writing them together is going to be fun!

Thank you! I do like this Audrey, but she's not as fun as my other Audrey in my Percy story. I want to give Percy an Audrey that would loosen him up a little and be liked by her nieces and nephews.

Oh yeah, it's going to be so awkward for them! It's exciting. :D

Poor Lydia, we should all just hug her tightly *hugs her*

Thank you! I am so happy that you've said that, I can't stop smiling!

I am going to have to get writing some more of this story!

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Review #22, by ginnypotter242Stuck On You: It's Like I'm Stuck

28th June 2015:
Well I disagree with Fred and Lydia- I think there's a fair bit of sexual tension going on here! Fred and Lydia are amusing. I like their relationship so far, and this seems like it's going to be a very interesting story.

Methinks Lydia was getting a bit detailed with Fred's looks! Is he really such an egotistical jerk if she keeps talking about how attractive he is? ;) Their bickering back and forth was really good though, and I loved that Lydia stuck up for herself and wouldn't let him walk away with the last word- I can relate to that.

The potion is really interesting. I wonder what kind of potion or combination of potions could create an effect like that! What has George been up to? Speaking of George: he is golden. He just kept coming out with the puns which is a total Fr- George thing to do. I like that you made them just not able to step away from each other rather than actually physically stuck together. It's definitely n original twist on this story! How far apart can they stay from each other without feeling nauseous?

This seems like it's going to be a really interesting story. I like Fred and Lydia's personalities, they seem to mesh well some sort of twisted, bickering sense of the word :)

Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

Author's Response: Haha there is so much sexual tension between them. Yay! I'm so glad that you find them amusing :D I love writing them.

Oh yes! I think that she's definitely into him, she talks about him a lot :P YAY! I love that you can relate :D

George has been up to not labelling his potions haha. And he's so much fun to write! With his puns and not really helping in situations. :D Thank you :D

Ahh, that will be tested pretty soon.

Thank you so much! I am going to have the write the next chapter soon.

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Review #23, by ginnypotter242Turbulence: Chapter 1

28th June 2015:
I like the school you made. You definitely made it have it's differences from Hogwarts, yet the basics be pretty much the same.

I like Astoria's thoughts during this chapter- her thoughts and emotions show that her mental illness is not gone, but that doesn't mean she's a loner or doesn't have friends or anything. I love your descriptions of people- you make their thoughts and actions seem so real.

I love what you did with Pooja and Durant and Fey- you captured the racism that plays a big part in America very well. And I love that you seem to be paralleling Voldemort's take over of England with his pure-blood supremacy with some white supremacy going on with Astoria in America. It's a good plot point :)

I like Pooja. She seems pretty cool, and I hope she and Astoria become friends. I also like learning about Astoria's heritage. I've never thought of a biracial Astoria before, and not of Asian descent either, but it seems fitting for her.

I really like what you're doing here! I can't wait to find out more about the different characters and see how their lives and relationships progress- also how Astoria deals with her mania and bipolar disorder. This is a very unique take on these characters, and I like how you're writing them :)

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

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Review #24, by ginnypotter242Turbulence: Prologue

27th June 2015:
Ooh, a story about Astoria Greengrass- I don't see many of these! I quite like her character too.

You do a really good job writing about different mental illnesses. You described mania pretty well, with her not noticing anything that happened to her or Ana, and then not paying attention to her mother. It was very well written out, and Mrs/ Flint's reaction was a good comparison to how people treat someone with mental illness- looking at them in horror, saying there is something wrong with that person. It was very well done- sadly enough, that is how mental illness is treated by a majority of our society.

Oh! Mr. Greengrass got me so angry! It wasn't even muggle medicine! It was a potion that they took from muggle medicine and expanded on- that's infuriating that he wouldn't use it to help his daughter simply because it was associated with Muggles! Poor Astoria, she doesn't deserve that. And then, to ship his daughter out to another country for the same reason- Oooh,I dislike him! I feel so bad for Mrs. Greengrass as well- it must be horribly hard to have a child diagnosed with something like that so young, and then to have her husband refusing treatment for such petty reasons.

I hope that Astoria is okay at this school in America! It'll be interesting to see how you fashion a completely new school. Daphne is rather annoying though- how much older than Astoria is she? Does she know what's going on, and she's prejudiced because her sister is 'different'? It's so upsetting when your own family doesn't support you in situations like this!

This was a really great start to the story!

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

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Review #25, by ginnypotter242Angel of Small Death: the wretched and joyful

27th June 2015:
Gahhh! This was so cute :P I just love the way you write Scorpius and Albus. I felt so bad for Al at the beginning of this! He's so lost, and I can tell that he loves Scorpius so much- it has got to be so difficult to love someone so much, and not be able to do anything to help or be able to fix it.

Ginny and Harry's conversation with Al was perfect. They were both so in character to how they would be at that age, and the story of their breakup after the war was great. It seems like something that totally couldn't happen (and I totally wouldn't mind getting a fic of that entire story, if you ever feel the need to write it ;) ) But they were both so supportive of Al and his decision and were so comforting- well Ginny was. Harry was, as she said 'useless'. They were exactly as I pictured them being as parents- supportive and comforting but not overbearing or telling Al what he should do.

I just loved Al's and Scorpius' interactions in this story. Al was so understanding when he saw Scorpius having a panic attack, and it was precious that he didn't even notice that he was kneeling in broken glass at first. And then Scorpius cleaning him up afterwards was adorable!

And the proposal! I was not expecting that to come! I think I actually squealed out loud when that happened, it was so incredibly sweet! (And especially after what happened yesterday in the U.S- I was extremely happy to read that!) I'm so glad that Al didn't leave him! I could just imagine Scorpius' expression when he heard how close it was. I don't know when I started loving these two- I used to be a hardcore Scorose shipper- but I can't get enough of them now, especially your versions of them! The talk at the end about dreams and all that was just delightfully charming as well :)

~Sara (Gryffindor, House Cup 2015)

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