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Review #1, by iloveronReturn of the Dead: Dearly Departed

30th June 2011:
:'( I get sad everytime i hear Sirius's name i cry

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review

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Review #2, by iloveronThe Cullen’s come to Hogwarts.: The Last Day Of Hogwarts

29th June 2011:
Finaly finished it took i think 730 days not to mention not remembering the name but its done and its sad :'( poor Hermione and Edward. Is there more? I need it trust me i took time out of my life for this

Author's Response: ahh i know its took me long to finish it :( im sorry
but dont worry their is one more chapter to this story before it ends and then yes :) i am going to do a sequel
there will be a little wait for the last chapter tho because i go on holiday for a week but as soon as i am back i shall but it up and start on the next story x
natalie xx

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Review #3, by iloveronThe Boy Book: Neville and Luna

26th June 2011:
Awe.:) I wish thats stuff was real and we would see if i was ment to be with my boyfriend and if i was (everyone says we are) ment to be then my charm would be a football(american) or tools. I wish there could be another chapter about the there kids finding love like Neville and Luna's dauther could find love and we could see there worries too.
Loved it :)

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Review #4, by iloveronTruth, or Dare? : The End of War

25th June 2011:
is there more? i must read u r great and i cried when u put He opened his arms. “I welcome death, but bear in mind Tom, you will never be the greatest sorcerer in the world.”

Author's Response: yes, i nearly cried too! i will try and get the next chapter posted ASAP!!

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Review #5, by iloveronA Second Chance In Life: Thing Are Looking Up

1st March 2011:
love it but there should be a twist like:
Cat should get engaded to Draco and Pansy was dead and she was pregnate and Ro and Ash we mad at Draco
If you use this could you mentione my name
with love,

Author's Response: Thanks for the idea - it's awesome! :) xoxo

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Review #6, by iloveronA Mother's Dying Wish: Revelations

23rd February 2011:
AWWW Draco is so sweet I will follow this entill the end your my fav author.

Author's Response: YOU are so sweet. Thank you!

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Review #7, by iloveronA Mother's Dying Wish: The Wintertime Waltz

22nd February 2011:
I LOVE IT.^_^ It is romatic w/ boring parts

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Review #8, by iloveronA Mother's Dying Wish: Dumbledore's Surprise

21st February 2011:
Malfoy I new it. I want to read more

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Review #9, by iloveronThe Real Potters: Where It All Begins: Double Potions

27th December 2010:
whaat Happensss next tel me

Author's Response: haha well, Ill have the new chapter up as soon as the queue is reopened!! :) I would tell you but then i might be risking one of my readers ;) keep reading!

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Review #10, by iloveronHermoine Zabini?: Telepathic Troubles

4th December 2010:
A chapter name could be telepatatic trouble

Author's Response: thankyouu!

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