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Review #26, by ad astraGame On: Volume II: Envy - BookDinosaur - Ravencalw

6th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin


this is golden. this is absolutely fantastic this is draco malfoy at his arrogant preteen best and i lovehim you capture his voice so well i can picture him scowling at the fish outside the common room window having this little internal monologue. draco, my trash son

He’d just been making a little fun of Neville – who was his classmate, and nowhere near as good as him, and therefore fair game i can't fault your logic there dracie but people tend to raise moral objections to picking on hapless classmates

Potter was always stealing the attention. First, he had been lucky enough to be The Chosen One – and it didn’t matter that Draco’s dad, his whole family, were always muttering rebelliously about how without Potter they might have been in the middle of their glory days – and now he had apparently grown Quidditch skills along with a weird personality. Draco still didn’t understand why Potter had turned down his offer of friendship. They were supposed to be best friends. there is so much characterisation going on here and you manage it while still holding on to this whiney-eleven-year-old voice and it's so good??? because it's a really subtle way of pointing out both draco's sense of entitlement - which is impossible to ignore because that kid is the poster boy of entitlement - and the fact that he's lonely and had this expectation of a friend that ended up shattered and he's still too young to understand why

emily you are the bestest

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Review #27, by ad astraGame On: Volume II: Hagman - UnluckyStar57 - Ravenclaw

6th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin


you honestly have the best story ideas and this one is no exception i love it how do you even come up with this stuff

this is so typical of ron i can just picture him bored in the common room one day and deciding to mess with some itsy bitsy gryffindors and just fishing colin out of thin air. and of course he gets away with it because colin's muggleborn and can't actually know for sure that Xaocopate Tlugz aren't actually a real thing (although i love that he still keeps an eye out for them at Honeydukes anyway. bless colin creevey what an adorable wee muppet)

also like. using broken spellchecking quills for a rigged variation of hangman is ingenious??? you are far too creative for the rest of us mere mortals

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Review #28, by ad astraGame On: Volume II: Andromeda’s Game - UnluckyStar57 - Ravenclaw

6th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin


you probably already know that this is adorable, O Queen of Fluff, but i really love the dynamic you set up between ted and andromeda (and also the continuity with the Blacks not being allowed to play games) and andromeda's characterisation - i think this line says it all: Andromeda tried to be imperious again. “And what makes you think this will become a regular occurrence?”

also you should know that when i opened this story i lost it at classes were really starting to roast her goose and then i went away to do groceries and came back and laughed at it again and i don't know what it is about roasting geese that's so inherently hilarious to me but that's a gem of a line tbh

also speaking of gems of lines this one: He finally answered the redundant question. “Ted Tonks, at your service, Miss Black. Hufflepuff Quidditch Captain and All-Around Great Guy.”

She rolled her eyes. “It does not become a gentleman to brag upon himself.”
this sums up the difference between them so perfectly, it's like they come from different worlds (and they do) or different centuries (they probably don't) and you illustrate that so well a+

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Review #29, by ad astraGame On: Volume II: 52-Card Exploding Snap Pick-Up - UnluckyStar57 - Ravenclaw

6th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

this is such an a+ idea i love it so much and also how have i never read a story from Peeves' perspective? clearly i am Missing Out and i'm so glad you have introduced me to this world of poltergeisten hijinks. that's an adjective now i don't make the rules

Hermononucleosis Stranger so like, does the wizarding world have autocorrect and is this what comes out when you plug Hermione Granger into it because that is golden

Herman. Ms Lone Ranger i love everything about this apparently i have such a weakness for hermione being called ridiculous variants of her name

There was no need for her to get sooty before bedtime. this is such a hermione thing to think i can practically see her rolling her eyes and sighing a bit at the lack of imagination and how easy it was to outwit him

mallory for president

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Review #30, by ad astraGame On: Volume II: Cat and Mouse - UnluckyStar57 - Ravenclaw

6th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin


also you gave me a shoutout i do love minerva and i'm already crying with laughter because my cat is called minerva and i'm sure that's not news to you but sweet salazar this is fantastic

Minnie the Kitten i am sobbing i don't even know how i'm going to get through this i love it so much you're amazing and ALSO because this is meant to be a review with coherent feedback and stuff (?) i love that you've made Young Minerva transform into a kitten that makes so much sense and is also so adorable (especially because i'm picturing my minnie when she was a kitten and i'm so happy)

also DOUGAL. dougal

she secretly vowed to never play games as a kitten again. She would rather flirt as a human being, after all. can we talk about how this is the cutest thing to ever happen? i proclaim you Queen of Fluff that is your title from here on in

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Review #31, by ad astraGame On: Volume II: Irate Owls - UnluckyStar57 - Ravenclaw

6th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

OWLS PLAYING GAMES i am so here for this your entries are an absolute gift bless you

okay so this may be the two-seasons-in-two-days scrubs marathon i'm in the middle of rn but this line Unlike his uptight mentor, Hedwig, Pig was full of pep and vigor reminds me so much of JD and Cox and i actually just tried searching the Cabin to see if you were in the haven't-watched-scrubs camp or the scrubs-is-fab camp (spoiler: i couldn't go back that far) but at any rate i appreciated this line and even without scrubs references Hedwig as an uptight mentor is a such a beautiful mental image

As the owls had done with Hedwig a few years earlier, they summoned Pig on one of the rare occasions that he was sleeping. do these birds have initiation rituals

Pliny the Elder Owl i am SCREECHING

does this make me a.screech owl i need to stop

Birdies and gentleowls i can't

i have tears in my eyes you wrote angry birds/harry potter crossover fanfic and for some reason it's the greatest thing i've ever seen you need a knighthood

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Review #32, by ad astraGame On: Volume II: Spot the Nargle - UnlcukyStar57 - Ravenclaw

6th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

mallory have i mentioned recently that i love your ability to turn a phrase because i really do. your humour is deadpan and matter-of-fact and i live for it. exhibit a: (Nargles ate ideas as a light appetizer before their main course of Aimless Thoughts. It was a nasty thing for them to do, really.) i have so many aimless thoughts i could feed a Nargle for the entirety of its natural life tbh. maybe i already have

walrus-mustachioed professor is the best epithet for slughorn i've ever seen




NEVILLE/LUNA THIS IS ADORABLE i'm sorry i have no chill but this is the thing ever “Thanks for, um, saving me from them, Luna.” bless him i love everything

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Review #33, by ad astraGame On: Volume II: Dominoes - UnluckyStar57 - Ravenclaw

6th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

mallory you are a gift you really are

there is so much going on here i don't know whether to be touched by the sibling bonding going on here or laugh at sirius being - well - sirius. siriusly. kudos on the characterisation this line was amazing: But Sirius Black did not approve of the disapproval of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black, so he did as he pleased. He went around in the Muggle world, had very Bad Behavior, and was a General Tomfool. And… he played games.

(it is now my dearest headcanon that Sirius has at least once in his life proclaimed himself as General Tomfool and i get the feeling i'm going to end up with a lot of dearest headcanons going through your entries)

“Are you ready for the dominoes race of a century, little bro?”

“Oh, bring it on!”
doesn't this scene just make you wish that regulus didn't die alone trying to make his big brother proud and that sirius didn't die before he discovered what regulus had done i mean

i'll see myself out

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Review #34, by ad astraGame On: Volume II: Photosynthepranks - UnluckyStar57 - Ravenclaw

6th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

Mallory! I have decided to go through all (read: maybe 5-10) of your HC entries for this round because you piqued my interest in them SO MUCH during the writing process. i'm excited to see the finished products

firstly, how have you managed to personify plants?? i mean, i'm pretty sure i will come across weirder things in this collab and there are also weirder things in the wizarding world anyway but let's talk about this bit for a sec: Plants are quite intelligent and they have a lot of time to think while they do photosynthesis all day, but when it comes to revelry and rumpus, they are as mature as five year old children. And magical plants play the simplest game of all and how i want to compliment your characterisation of magical plants. i love it. this is golden

Oliver blinked. “I haven’t done anything to you, Percy. I don’t even want to talk to you right now! I swear to Merlin, you’re so annoying sometimes!” i am going to believe 100% that this is the beginning of a tropetastic hate-to-love percy/oliver and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise

this is going to be such a party thank you for writing this

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Review #35, by ad astraOutsider: The Unexpected Visitor

28th June 2015:
Hi Yumna! I saw that you didn't get any reviews during the last HC round and didn't want you to miss out!

First things first - I love the premise of this story. Dudley having a magical child is one of my dearest headcanons and I'm so excited for the rest of this story. Your characterisation of Dudley here is fantastic - how you've identified the things that forced him to grow up and become a better man, and how he slowly but surely overcame his upbringing. And the story of him meeting Preeya and standing up to his family is just perfect - it must have been a real turning point for him to realise, fully, the intolerance of his parents and the issues with his upbringing. I never thought I'd end up admiring Dudley Dursley, but you've given his character a real sense of determination and courage.

He's still far from perfect, of course, with the obvious issues he has with Nora's magic, but you've made it clear he's acting out of concern for his daughter - his experience with magic was overwhelmingly negative, after all, and he doesn't want Nora to get involved in the magical world as he knew it. I really hope he comes around, though, and I'm looking forward to meeting Nora in future chapters.

fantastic start!

Author's Response: First off, it means so much to me that you took the time to review even after the event is over! Thank you so much!
I'm so glad you liked Dudley's development as a character. And you're right, he's still far from perfect. You will certainly meet Nora in the next chapter.
Again, thank you so, so much for the review. I really appreciate it! :)

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Review #36, by ad astraDon't Forget Me: My Hero

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin



i demand explanations i cannot believe this i thought everyone was exaggerating but no you killed Rose. my precious Rosie and you made James kill her omg why

you should write a 50k novel about this and i will review every single chapter with just "why Tammi why" you know you want to

Don’t forget about me James.

You’re the only one who promised that you wouldn’t.
you took my already shattered heart and stomped on it with this line. Rose is dead and James has blood on his hands and Albus is in Azkaban for it just. waiting on his brother. trusting him. relying on him to save him and get him out. because his entire family has abandoned him and he's innocent but he just wanted to save his brother and oh no

i'm upset. it's 3.17am and i am very very upset

Author's Response: Elisabeth, I am sorry! I'm a big meanie who apparently wants to destroy everything :P

There will be explanations, you will know why James done it, and why it was Rose, and why/how Albus came to take the blame.

Hahaha I will write it! AND I HOLD YOU TO THOSE REVIEWS :P

*hugs you*

I'm sorry!

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Review #37, by ad astraCold Blood: Broken Pieces

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

sweet salazar whoever this killer is they sure have a thing for harry. i mean like there are definitely better ways to get your crush's attention than systematically murdering all his enemies #voldemortinlove

“Oh, that’s right,” you murmured into his ear. “You need to use the loo.” not gonna lie, i was fully expecting an actual toilet to drop from the ceiling and kill him. that'd be a fitting way for mundungus fletcher to die, don't you think? that was terrible i'm sorry

your killer is a torturer too. warm breath, pearly teeth, clearly an altruist. you've made them almost likeable, except for the penchant for grievous bodily harm

She nodded in response, her face lighting up with a warm smile. She loved it when Ron surprised her with his affectionate gestures, especially when she really needed a distraction from her work. love a bit of romione in the midst of all the murder. cutie patooties

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Review #38, by ad astraCold Blood: Bitterly Truthful

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin


on mundungus fletcher. does that mean i'm right was the killer after good old dung? does he have hair? i think he was balding come to think of it #3amthoughts

Ron snorted. “Marietta hated Umbridge? That’s hard to believe given how she betrayed us at school.” okay this is excellent characterisation because we all know ron weasley is a+ at casting shade and also holds grudges for approximately ten million years

Harry recollected the events of his parents’ murder; the flash of green light illuminated the air around him as his mother’s screams resonated in his ears. He watched Cedric drop to the ground like a doll, with just two words. He watched as a green bolt narrowly missed Ginny. “I change my mind,” he said. “No one deserves it. No innocent person deserves to have their life taken away. And no one who can cast it without remorse should be given such a painless escape.” sweet Salazar that is some good characterisation. harry is so noble and has such a traumatic history, and i was almost expecting him to unmask some Hidden Dark Thoughts especially about umbridge but that wouldn't have been consistent with his character. kudos to you awesome job

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Review #39, by ad astraCold Blood: Chocolate and Bubbles

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

i feel a weird sense of trepidation every time i read a fluffy scene from you because there's this knowledge in the back of my mind that their happiness will end in tragedy or violence or maybe a mix of the two but James's birthday party is so adorable look at the happy Potters and wee James blowing out his birthday candles! i assume Ginny's pregnant with Albus here?

and OH LOOK THE KILLER'S AT JAMES'S BIRTHDAY PARTY. what did i tell you right there erin. ALSO i think i kind of guuessed this earlier but obviously the killer's some kind of vigilante getting back at anyone who's ever harmed harry and i am so curious about who they are which is kind of the point of a murder mystery? a+ job with that

who is the bald man?? why was my first instinct mundungus fletcher? i just remembered mundungus fletcher had hair. it's 2.30am i cannot be blamed for this

who else is bald and has wronged harry and has a lot of gold?

your killer is terrifying. and has excellent teeth. this doesn't narrow it down at all

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Review #40, by ad astraCold Blood: Light up the Dark

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

erin my dear i'm sorry i never got around to reading the rest of this story but we both know i'm pretty trash at reviewing and at least it means i get to review you for points ey viva la salazar

Xenophilius Lovegood Erin why would you kill Xenophilius Lovegood he was my favourite nutty wizard and poor Luna losing both parents and being the one to find him too oh no and this line How her father had taught her the beauty and mystery of life and death, showing her that her mum’s death didn’t mean it was the end. How he was the reason she grew up to be a strong, unique young woman.

i digress.

Even this lion of a man wouldn’t be able to find you. No one would be able to find you. No one knew your secret. i forgot you throw these little snippets from the killer's POV into this story and it adds so much suspense and mystery to the whole thing - to be close enough to the killer to get their POV and their thoughts but never close enough to know who it is.

luna is an actual angel bless her soul

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Review #41, by ad astraThe Internal Monologue of Jamie Nott: Okay, so maybe it wasn't very romantic

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

Jamie, by way of your parental supervision (hi Em)

Fourth wall? What fourth wall? Hello readers! I've told you about me. Why don't we hear about you? What's your story?

Yes you, you who is currently reading this. Hello there!
I thought I was being so sneaky, Jamie, and you knew all along.

Gail has got her tentacle wrapped around me tightly in the abdomen area—that was the strange squeezing sensation I felt. She's lifting me into the air and—good Merlin, NO! And here I was thinking that strange squeezing sensation was you overcome with feelings about Devyn. I've done you a disservice, Jamie, I should have realised a rogue squid tentacle when I read one.

Do you speak Squid? Or do you and Gail just have a deep understanding that transcends language? Incidentally, did you name her Gail or did she tell you her name? I'm intrigued.

Devyn levitates me to the Hospital Wing after we find out how hard it is for me to move. You're a lucky man, Jamie.

Analysis Paralysis. Grumuck is a witty little banker, isn't he? I need to start using this in real life all the time.

Cheerio, my man.

Author's Response: HIYA, LISA!

Parental supervision? That's probably more like it. Em is almost like a second mum sometimes. Or a first one since my mum probably doesn't know I exist anymore. And I mean that literally. And when I say literally, I mean that actually literally.

About that fourth wall. Em told me that people from beyond this thing called a 'fourth wall' know my story. That's where these letters are coming from, she said. Are all people from beyond the 'fourth wall' some sort of overlords or all-powerful deities?

Did you? Hmm. . . tentacles and feelings are radically different things, though. :P I like you a lot, you're funny. I mean that in the best way possible, of course. Ah, that's alright, Gail's a very sneaky one. She's quite the trickster.

Do I speak Squid? In a sense. I can communicate to creatures beyond humans and house elves. I guess you could say that I do speak Squid. And fairy. And Pixie. And others. Gail told me what her name was, yup. :D

Thank you so much, Lisa. I guess I am. Devyn's. . . amazing, though maybe that's a bit of an understatement and not the right word. . . Devyn is. . . Devyn. She's unreal to me sometimes.

Grumuck, sweet, old, grumpy Grumuck. He's the best.

Again, thank you so much for these wonderful letters. I really, really do appreciate them. They make me feel a tad less alone.

Cheerio to you as well, Lisa,

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Review #42, by ad astraThe Internal Monologue of Jamie Nott: A Romantic Picnic by the Great Lake

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

Jamie (c/o your ever-benevolent overlord Em)

Oh Jamie. Bless your beautiful awkward besotted stumbling soul. This monologue of yours was a delight to read and not because I enjoyed your discomfort. at all

Am I allowed to emasculate you a bit and call you adorable? because you totally are. you're an absolute cutie-pie. Look at you making quiches for the girl you like and bringing her berries and having a favourite house elf.

Speaking of, I look up at her. She sees the awe in my face. Her eyes are brightened.

"You just changed my life," I whisper.

She leans in closer to me. "I know," she whispers back.
Jamie my boy, I'm sorry, but I feel like you and Devyn were on different pages during this particular exchange. The berries sound amazing though, I'd love to be fed one by a pretty girl next to a lake

I hope your brain is almost literally returned to you unharmed soon, because you're going to have a hard time getting through the rest of this scene - I mean experience - without it. Godspeed, child.

Author's Response: Hello again Lisa!

The ever-benevolent overlord. That's the best description of Em that Em's ever seen, I bet.

Yes. You is right. I is awkward, bestted, and stumbling. It's very kind of you to say that I am in a beautiful way. I really appreciate that. Thanks, Lisa. And I like chatting with you, too. These letters from you are a delight to read as well.

Yup, lots of discomfort here, there, everywhere, in a box, with a fox. . . I'm rambling. Sorry.

Funny thing about this emasculating bit. . . I haven't really specified my gender yet, now haven't I? Hmm. . . In any case, I shall gladly take this 'adorable' compliment and the 'absolute cutie-pie' one. I'm red. Any more of this and I'll be scarlet. And any more after, I'll likely combust. I mean I am so glad you think all of this is cute. . . I hope Devyn thinks so. Gingky did say it was a good idea.

Different pages? Yeah, you're right about that. No need to apologise though, I'll just try something else, 's not your fault, Lisa. :D Well, berries are best fed by pretty girls next to lakes! I mean, not that it's a regular thing for me or that it's just any girl--just Devyn for me.

Scene! Hahaha!! As if it was a movie or a story. You're very funny, you know? Thanks for the godspeeding and the lovely letter, as always.


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Review #43, by ad astraThe Internal Monologue of Jamie Nott: The Two Laws of Hogwarts

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

Dearest Jamie (c/o Em 'pointless_proclamations')

Firstly, I greatly appreciate your Laws of Hogwarts. The first one almost seems like a trope of the genre, you know? Not that I'm suggesting your life is fictional or anything. Just an observation. Keep it real.

Your internal monologues are stellar, Jamie. You're obviously a witty kind of bloke and I appreciate your take on the world, especially things like the Rambunctious Order of Redheads and your matter-of-fact Devyn Yang is my best friend. This is our 7th year at Hogwarts. While I have plans to go back to South Africa and start working in a Magical Creatures Sanctuary, Devyn has plans to become a chef. I think I may be attracted to her.

A grand proclamation. I think your author has a thing for name-dropping herself into your life. I mean, what? Author? I didn't say author. Do you have any close friends called Em, perchance? Authority figures in your life? All-powerful deities? Just asking.

'll take any excuse to spend time with the Hippogriffs and to avoid having to drink this goo, however kind enough he was to make it. All class, Jamie Nott.

10/10, would read again.

Author's Response: Hello there Lisa!

Tropes? I guess you could say so. The laws do apply to the overwhelming majority of Hogwarts students and alumni. Sometimes, it almost seems like it's fictional. You know, when so much of the world don't know that this other part of the world exists. . . like my mother.

I am tickled pink you like reading my thoughts, I suppose. Thank you for complimenting my brain (?).

Again and again, thank you for all these compliments. Never really thought of myself as witty, I guess.

Haha. Good Merlin, you had me very, very confused for a moment. Yes, I have an Em. She talks to me sometimes. Are we friends? I'd say so. I never really considered what she is, though. I don't really know actually. Maybe she is an all-powerful deity. Hmm. . . I'll have to ask her.

Em? Are you an all-powerful deity?

*. . .*

She's not replying right now, I think she's sleeping.

Anyway, 'all class,' yup. . . that's me. . . well, that's me trying, at least.

Thank you for your thoughts, Lisa! You are amazing fun to chat with.


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Review #44, by ad astraUnravel. : Millicent.

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

Erin. Erin this is amazing oh man

This is so haunting and so different to the last two stories, but so uniquely yours as well - the mental illness, again, and the chilling quality that you pull off so well, and this was next-level brilliant and so unexpected. I was expecting something that would make me feel sorry for Millicent, especially with this line That’s not to say you didn’t have any feelings. There were those times when your cousins would come for a visit, and call you names that would tear through your skin but you took this in a completely different direction.

There's something so sinister in the fact that Hermione's Polyjuice cat hair came from Millicent's robes in light of what you've written here. I don't know whether you're depicting schizophrenia or psychosis or something entirely different - I'm not an expert - but you've done it so well and I cannot get over how well second person works for this story. It's absolutely perfect. Sometimes second person POV can seem gimmicky, but you couldn't have made a better choice here. The synergy between your language and content is amazing.

This is so incredible I can't even deal

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Review #45, by ad astraUnravel. : Blaise.

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin



i don't even have an excuse for that i just love this chapter so much has anyone told you recently that you're an amazing writer i mean they probably have but i feel the need to reiterate

i love your Blaise. he's so cold and formal and his upbringing as a pureblood is just threaded throughout his voice, but there's such a tenderness in the way he talks about Theo as well and sweet Salazar you know how to turn a phrase. It was a gradual process, like a fire being cradled from a single flame. All I remember is when I first noticed just how dark your eyes are. So dark, they seem soulless, causing a chill to run deep into my bones, making me shudder and gasp in wonder. They are an exhilarating sight to behold - scary, yet, so unbelievably captivating at the same time. But of course, my reactions to those are invisible to anyone else; hidden deep within layers of untold secrets. You may call me a coward, a deceiver, but we all know bravery isn’t a trait we commend ourselves for. your depictions of Slytherin House are the literal best and I feel so proud to be a Snake right now??

relishing her chance to show me just how intense a single encounter could be. This line is incredible. actually that whole section is incredible but I probably couldn't get away with quoting the rest. how are you so good at this


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Review #46, by ad astraUnravel. : Pansy.

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

I can tell why you're sending everyone who dislikes SuD-verse Pansy to this story, because this explains so much about her behaviour - especially towards Draco. My heart absolutely broke for her in this and knowing that Draco will, eventually, end up with Astoria just kills me even more. I feel so so bad for her right now

I feel like you've been told this a hundred million times but your depiction of mental illness is so so good here - OCD and bulimia? and the way you've tied them both together with Pansy's relentless pursuit of perfection, the role her relationship with her mother plays in that, and the constant refrain of Pansy Parkinson. Designer. Future Malfoy. Proper, perfect, Pureblood. is just so perfect. You've lifted Pansy from canon -the way she behaves around Draco, especially in HBP - as well as SuD and everything she does makes so much sense. And her relationship with Draco breaks my heart. I would never have thought I would think this about Pansy Parkinson but I just want to wrap her in a blanket and give her a hug and say "babe you are worth so much more than this"

erin you're destroying me

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Review #47, by ad astraTurbulence: Chapter 1

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin


This chapter tho. I love Astoria with every fibre of my being, she's so bold and compassionate and unflinching in her ideals, and taking Pooja under her wing the way she did just melts my heart. The more you build up her backstory in here, the more everything she does in Sturm und Drang makes sense, and you've obviously put so much thought into her characterisation and it just shines here.

And your worldbuilding YES i love your worldbuilding and the moment i saw your story I was excited about the prospect of you creating a new wizarding school and you did not disappoint. especially the bit about the magical signature and the wall talking to the wand to make sure it was being held by its owner - I love this kind of detail. and the inscriptions? and i can't wait to find out more about the Scripting class and all the other classes that are different from Hogwarts and the animagi class??? I'm such a sucker for magical schools

I'm interested in the way the wizarding war has infiltrated even the American school with those boys being supporters of You Know Who and Astoria's parents warning her that he's back, and i'm looking forward to seeing how that continues to affect her school life as the war in England plays out. i'm just looking forward to the rest of this story in general, so you should update it *nods*

you're the greatest

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Review #48, by ad astraTurbulence: Prologue

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

Erin erin erin erin erin erin erin i am SO EXCITED you got me invested in Sturm und Drang and now there's a companion fic about my bae Astoria YAAAS

REAL TALK THO this story showcases what I love about your writing. You do mental health like nobody else in the world and your passion for it and familiarity with it shines in this story. And you have an uncanny affinity for the unusual and the unsettling, like this bit: Fifteen minutes later, the two women found Ana lying on the ground, red welts beginning to form where the sun caressed her skin. And Tori kept running and running, past the still form of her best friend who lay on the little jutting stones, focused on the game where she would run, and Ana would follow. I honestly thought Ana was dead reading this, because of the haunting sense you imbued the scene with, and even though she's not you've left this lingering feeling of wrongness and it's just so good.

Your depiction of the Greengrass family is so perfect as well - the subtle ways that mental health issues affect a family as well as the big ones, the way you've shown the level of desperation they reach and the cruelty of shipping Astoria off to America in order to not "compromise" Hector's ideals...I can see the Astoria of Sturm und Drang here and especially her motivations for opening a rehabilitation centre.

tl;dr you are a goddess and I love this

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Review #49, by ad astraSturm und Drang : Sensed

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

I sigh and tune out Pansy’s jabbering while I look around the dimly lit area. Draco is such a loving and attentive partner. I can see why all the girls swoon over him. What a fine specimen of man. Pansy is so blessed

a typical Gryffindor prank. Those losers never have a sense of actual creativity, always playing the same pranks and making the same jokes. I would have to plug my ears permanently if I was to join the England team with such idiots on it. Sure, they’d fly well, but I wouldn’t be able to listen to their chatting without throwing up every time. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve given up on the idea of ever being a part of that team. this gives me a Lot of Emotions because look at Draco trying to convince himself that no, he would never want to be part of England's team at all ever, they're a bunch of losers and he totally doesn't want to be one of them

oh wow this is FANTASTIC. DRACO AND PANSY IN A FITTING ROOM goodness gracious, Draco, what would your mother think? And all to get away from a polite conversation with your sort-of-boss Draco you are an adult. Supposedly. I love him he's so useless and terrible

She glances at me and catches my eyes on her as I try to figure her out. Her ideas puzzle me, her attitude about life so different to any other Pureblood I know. She's much nicer as well, weirdly enough. But she's a smart one, quite devious. Astoria Greengrass is going to be an interesting character to work with your crush is showing, Draco. find your chill

Erin I love this story and I love you please keep writing it yes

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Review #50, by ad astraSturm und Drang : Oppositions

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin


apparently Astoria roasting Draco turns me into a crowing frat boy? i'm sorry

I love this chapter so much and I'm going to give you a list of reasons why: 1) Astoria roasting Draco. i live for this now it's amazing 2) Sly innuendos. I see what you did there 3) Draco is such a terrible person this is amazing. it gives me life he's just so unapologetically, obliviously awful. Summoning his house elf to do his community service for him and barging into Nott's counselling session and that line of Thanks, but I’m not weak. I don’t get affected and I don’t need help. There's bad boys and then there's awful people and Draco falls squarely into the second category. I can't wait for all the juicy character development you've got in store for him through this story, Erin. I'm rubbing my hands in glee at the very thought of it.

I love Astoria more with every chapter. She's such a boss and I'm so glad she's taking Draco down a peg or two because lord knows he needs it

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