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Review #1, by littlemissyThe Hidden Riddle: Dumbledores truth

12th February 2012:
What a lovely start!
I have really enjoyed your story so far, I thought your first chapter was really heart wrenching so I really liked the humour that the twins brought to this chapter (the Weasley twins are always my favourites!)
I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next and what awaits Adora as she starts Hogwarts.
Please update soon, I'm dying to know what was in that letter lol! ;)

Gemma x

Author's Response: Thank you Gemma, it's really lovely to know you're enjoying my writing!
A new chapter will be up as soon as possible, I just need to type it up as I like to write free hand.
Don't worry, in the next chapter you'll find out,
Keep reviewing please x

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Review #2, by littlemissyBlood and Shadows: Access to the Restricted Sections

9th September 2011:
Another great chapter!!
I'm really intrigued now, I can't wait to find out what's happening between Draco, Blaise and Nott especially after what Draco said about him!! :)

I can't wait to see what happens next x

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Review #3, by littlemissyLittle Green Book.: Chapter One.

4th September 2011:
I'm really enjoying your story so far, this chapter was great!
I loved the prologue and I can't wait to see what happens between Draco and Hermione and how they got to where they were in the prologue!!
Great writing, I hope you update soon I can't wait to read more x
~ Gemma

Author's Response: I love your graphics ^_^ Thank you for the review hun ^_^ xx

Hehe; x

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Review #4, by littlemissyBlood and Shadows: Quid Pro Quo

3rd September 2011:
I just want to say I'm really enjoying your story so far!
I couldn't help reading a few lines to help make your Chapter Images and I got so caught up in your story I didn't stop till your last chapter!
I'm totally intrigued what Easter is and I really like your characters so far, I think you have done really well with Hermione and Draco!
I'm desperate to read more lol! Please update soon!
~ Gemma x

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I love all of the images you've provided for me and hope that you could continue doing the images for my story. Next update is on the way!

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Review #5, by littlemissyInsanity: Kidding

31st August 2011:
I couldn't help coming and checking out your story :)
What a great start, I really enjoyed this chapter and I can't wait to see where you take this, the summery sounds really good!
I can't wait to read more, I hope you update soon :D
~ Gemma x

Author's Response: awwwh!you made my day at way too early in the morning(: Thank you so so much for reviewing! I have the next chapter up for validation(: this one was really short, so the next one should be a significant amount larger.
Thanks for making my day
Hugs and Kisses,

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Review #6, by littlemissyTo Seduce a Gryffindor: To be a Malfoy

17th August 2011:
That has got to be the funniest thing I've read in ages!!
I Loved it, fantastic work hun! :D

Author's Response: cheers hun - glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #7, by littlemissyAfter a Fashion: Chapter 1

1st August 2011:
That was a really lovely first chapter! It was so sweet between Hermione and Ron and I loved that last line!
Great writing, I can't wait to see where you take this story! :D

Author's Response: It's you!!! Thanks so much :):):)

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Review #8, by littlemissyBroken: So it ends so it begins

27th July 2011:
I've never been a next generation fan but I started reading when stumbled into your story by accident, I was looking at your gorgeous banners *blush* and after reading a few chapters I found I had fallen totally in love with your characters and I couldn't stop reading! I have to admit to giggling along with that last chapter, it made me smile when Ron said his line, I'm pretty sure my Dad said the same to me when I told him I was getting married! ;)
I loved reading, thank you!

Author's Response: thank you so much hun. i am really pleased you enjoyed it and wow really?? that is kinda cool, lol.


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Review #9, by littlemissyResonance: End of Chapter 73

22nd June 2011:
I just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic story!!
I started reading your fic the other day quite by accident, and I was completely hooked, I have loved every single minute of it and I have had quite a few late nights trying to finish chapters, as I just couldn't stop reading lol! :D

I fell in love with your characters from the beginning and have rooted for them all the way through, I have loved the emotional journey as Snape helped Harry to heal and vice versa, I've laughed, cried and followed every emotion throughout this amazing story and I have just found you have written a sequel too! So I'm off to start reading once more.
Thank you!

~Gemma x

Author's Response: You are too kind! Thanks for the comment.

Oh, and read slower.

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Review #10, by littlemissyHaunted: the Life and Times of Regulus Arcturus Black: Diamonds in the Dust

4th June 2011:
Hi, I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying reading your story!
I caught a glimpse of your chapter while doing your CI's and just fell in love with your writing, I couldn't help but read more lol!
I love your characters, Ive never really been a fan of Regulus but I found myself totally intrigued with him now lol and I keep trying to tell myself that Barty is still the bad guy, but I think I'm warming up to him too, and I'm also glad Regulus finally ended it with Sarah. ;)
Can't wait for your next chapter x

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much. :) I'm glad that you gave the story a shot and even more so that you actually liked it. ^.^ Thanks for leaving a review. Those gorgeous chapter images should be the queue in few days! --Jenna

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