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Review #1, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: A Letter from Ron

22nd June 2014:
Ah, another excellent chapter. So glad I could
finally read it!
Hm. I felt really sad about the Kingsley and Dean thing. Ugh. Someone save them! lol
I loved that Hermione and Draco went to the movies! Gah, it was so cute!
That was the first time I had ever thought about how weird it would be to not know about movies and movie theaters! Gah, I'm so greatful to know about them! Haha
And the apartment scene was so cute and exciting! I feel like I know them, I swear! I was so happy for them!
Happily ever after? :)
Then Ron owls.
Wow, he is late! Granted, he didn't know where she was, but still. I wish he hadn't, I was so content with them being lovey and happy, but I'm sure I'll enjoy the drama that will I'm sure follow!

Oh, and I read your response about wanting to read my story, which made me super happy, but i will warn you: it needs a bunch of work at the moment. It's taken me forever to write it (mainly because I would leave the site for months at a time and not write. Oops). I literally started it almost 4 years ago, when I was roughly 13/14 and since then my writing has gotten a lot better, but yeah the earlier chapters need some work. I didn't beta them and was atrocious at grammar, which is a problem and I also would forget things I would say so there would be I consistency in later chapters. Once the chapter that's In the queue gets published I plan to start fixing it, because I know it needs work. I'm just warning you a obviously you're free to read it. Just be warned - it's not best the quality this is. Bah. Like the plot itself I think is fine, but I dunno. Gah, sorry to make this review so much about my story, I just wanted to like prepare you I guess. Haha I mean from my reviewers it's not just awful - it's just confusing In places and I need a beta, but you can still follow if. ah well, that's WELL enough about me. .-. Sorry!

Well, great chapter to your excellent story!

Author's Response: Yes, I personally love the movies. I literally go almost every week so I am glad I made Draco enjoy it too (well, sorta o.O) And everything could just never be perfect for the couple. Darn me lol.

I can't wait to read it! I'm sure its great since you have so many reviews and favs! And I'm not a stickler for grammar since I am horrible at it! But either way, it is a popular fic and just can't wait to read it =D I will get to it probably in a couple of days! I'm literally almost finish with the other fics I have. I really can't wait ^___^ >

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Review #2, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Honeymoon

22nd June 2014:
I loved loved loved this adorable, fluffy chapter! :)
Hermione and Draco finally finally seem to have admitted to each other of their true feelings!
Gah, I'm Soo happy!
Draco's proposal...omg I could have cried! It was so sweet and perfect and beautiful and just agh I loved it.
They're swimming/skinny-dipping scene was cute, and sweet.
Then their shower scene was sweet as well.
Gah, I hope all that doesn't sound creepy O.o lol I just thought it was sweet!
And wow do I wanna go on a honeymoon like that!
Great chapter! I loved it!

Author's Response: YES THEY HAVE! Believe or not I had no intentions of this happening. I intended to wait until the end, but then duh they would have figured they liked each other WAYYY before that! Yes, Draco was SOOO nervous, he's so cute. NO it doesn't sound creepy at all! I do want to go on a honeymoon like that too considering it is all secluded, BUT I am not a billionaire (unfortunately) and cannot afford my own private island lol HOPE TO SPEAK TO YOU SOON AGAIN =D

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Review #3, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: After the Wedding

22nd June 2014:
This chapter was adorable. Ugh. I can't get enough of their cuteness. You're such a talented writer, really.
I want to go on a cool vacation like that! Loll that's so romantic. I'm curious though as to what Hermione was thinking when she asked to drive given the fact that she didn't know where they were going! lol
The potion his mom gave him was so funny. Lol. I laughed bunches.
Oh; and why did he freak out about the marriage certificate? I was confused. Lol.
But yeah, I don't have too much to say about the chapter other than that I loved it and it was fluffy and cute and ugh I want them to admit their feelings!
But in other news, today I was watching Dramione videos online (bc I have no life at the moment lol) and there was one to the song Somebody to die for (a song which I personally love) and it totally reminded me of your story. I so recommend watching it or at least listening to the song. Maybe it's my imagination, i dunno.
Oh, and you always thank me for my reviews, so I want to say you're welcome! But really, you do not need to thank me. I'm happy to do it. Thank you for giving me this phenomenal story to read. And also, you/this fic has totally inspired me. I found my muse I guess bc I was reading and then suddenly a plot bunny just appeared and I've been writing like mad. (No worries, it's not even near the same plot as this if that's what you thought), it just gave me an idea. I don't even remember the last time I was really into writing. I needed something new - everything on my page is so old and just not nearly up to my writing now and just ugh. But yeah, you've sparked up my love of writing again, so thank you!!! But, enough about me.
10/10 (as if I would give you anything else! LOL)

Author's Response: HI again ^__^ LOL I'm glad you thought they were cute. They are comfortable now very much with each other! When Hermione asked to drive, it was like challenge. To prove herself too. As being the little clever witch she is if she was to drive, she would find out where they were going BUT Draco is clever as well! I would def. listen to that song! AND I am pretty sure you have more than a life than me! I'm always on here. I literally asked my fiance why do I have so much time to write & play xbox & work & go out & go to school. I think I must sercretly own a time turner that I do not know of.

I am REALLY happy that I could inspire you! I would love to read your fic. I been meaning to tell you to that I will be reading your Dramione fic novel VERY soon. After, I get finished with two other fics which I don't know why I picked up HAHAHA it's not like I have other things to finish like video game campaigns FF7 or Assassin's. *glances around nervously while giggling nervously* So, expect me soon on your fic =D Thanks so much for R&R!

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Review #4, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Wedding Day

21st June 2014:
This was, despite Lucius, utterly beautiful.
Gosh, I felt like I was there. Wow, there was just so much emotion and it was just mezmorizingly beautiful.
Her dress just seemed so gorgeous, and perfect.
Narcissa, I think, has really grown to care for Hermione and I believe they will have a great relationship.
Lucius...oh, Lucius. I momentarily could not figure out if he was Draco's father - a grown man! - or a 6 year old little boy angry that another child got a lollipop and he got a sticker and is angry about it. That may be a lousy comparison, but he needs to ACT HIS AGE. Geez. Causing a fight in the middle of a wedding? That's classy and mature *inserts 'ok' emoji*. I didn't predict him trying to pay Hermione off to not marry him - but I really should have. That is SO him. Ugh. He's such a slimy...jerk.
Now, is it completely terrible that I like Rabastan?..I'm not entirely sure if he's good or bad or what, but I still like him. I dunno.
I applauded Narcissa for standing up to Lucius! *applaudes*
Now, the wedding (yes, I'm back to that again - my thoughts are like a junkyard, random stuff everywhere) I just DREAM that my wedding will be like that, minus the fight. It sounded so pretty.
But overall, I seriously will forever dream of a guy loving me the way he loves her. Gah. I guess that's typical girl though?
Oh, and I'm so scurry brained I forgot to mention this a couple chapters ago, but you mentioned a fiancé and I dunno how long you've been engaged or anything and I'm not going to pry, but congrats! I wish you two a lifetime of happiness! He supports you writing hpff (from what you said at least it seems that way) so I approve. Haha. I don't trust people who don't like harry potter. that's an exaggeration, but people who like it definitely earn brownie points.
Well, it seems as if my long reviews have returned! Lol

Author's Response: THANK YOU! I always feel the best stories are the ones that can evoke emotion (in my opinion at least, my fav stories always tend to make me emotional). I honestly REALLY REALLY (x5) wanted to make it 100% beautiful & peaceful, but I knew it would be unrealistic if Lucius didn't do something. He is a desperate man! He'll do anything including acting like an immature prat. No, I REALLY like Rabastan ALOT especially more in later chapter that I had wrote, but have no posted yet. Narcissa loves her son & Hermione very much to the point where she finally took a stand! Yes, Draco is to me a perfect combination of sweet, romantic, loving, but also overprotective and jealous which shows he is caring! THANK YOU so much. It's been a couple of years since we'be been engaged, but thank you nonetheless =D He does support me very much! He does like it, but not to the extreme like I do lol. It great to share common interest ! ! But as always thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: By the Shore

21st June 2014:
Oh. My. God.
These two STILL don't see the others feelings?
How thick are they?
They keep going through this same, repetitive circle of rudeness, followed by a cute fluffiness of genuine love, to neither admitting feelings to believeing their feelings are only one way.
Gr, I love em, but I also really wanna slap em.
Great chapter though and I CAN NOT wait to read the wedding! It's finally here!!

Author's Response: NO they don't! Bleh! I ask for patience b/c it will get slightly frustrating ^___^ read on and hopefully you won't be disappointed =) THANK YOU SOO SOO SOO x a billion for reviewing EVERY chapter. IT MEANS SO MUCH!

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Review #6, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: New Year's

21st June 2014:
Aha, another excellent chapter.
I, for once, don't have much to say, except that THIS is why I ship Dramione, 100%. It's so bloody fantastic. I love their competitiveness and just their relationship in general.

Author's Response: I'm super glad you liked this chapter ! It was one of my fav to write b/c they were funny in the way they interacted with each other. =) Anyway, even if it was a short review, I appreciate it nonetheless!

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Review #7, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Prophecy

21st June 2014:
For two rather smart people, they are not very god at reading people. It is so obvious to everyone that they are into each other. It is so clear and yet they still can't see it? Wow. Are they EVER going to admit it to each other? Jeez.
And I like the prophecy stuff honestly. :p
I had picked up on Narcissa's comment early on as well, it was actually one of my favorite lines in the whole entire story this far.
Well, I had said several reviews ago that Blaise and Astoria should get together and whaddaya know, they might me! Yas.
It's hilarious in and awkward way that everyone is picking up on what they did. LOL. I didn't know walking differently happened, but ah, learn new stuff every day.
Great chapter, I thoroughly enjoyed.

Author's Response: They see the hints, but they are SO overcome with insecurities and doubts! I like the prophecy too, but there are so many aspects that I have to keep in mind and I don't want to confuse myself (lol) or make it seem like I forget. Yes, they might! They have no one else but to lean on each other! Well, one of my best friend's mom always said you can tell by the way a girl walks lol (this was back when I was in high school) I always thought that was interesting. I could never tell though! haha. Thanks so much for R&R!

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Review #8, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Happy Christmas

21st June 2014:
Gah this chapter made me soo happy!
Wow, I see now why all those others you mentioned hate Blaise. Ugh.
What. A. *insert profanity*
He used one of the unforgivable curses on her?! Um yeah, unacceptable.
But yeah, I was super mega happy for Hermione and Draco in the chapter! It was so emotional and perfect and agh, everything you'd dream of.
Well this chapter was just really finding out Blaise was a real jerk and Dramione getting it on, so I guess I don't have much to talk about!
So yeah, 10/10 :)

Author's Response: YAY! LOL I knew it wouldn't have been broken for too long! He is! He is! I still feel bad for him. He's having a hard time! HAHA! I hope you didn't mind the scene. When I wrote it I was so afraid how readers would react, but then again it is a Mature fic. Thanks for leaving another review! =D

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Review #9, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Leaving You

21st June 2014:
My heart is broken.
Ugh. Sad, devastated, frustrated just AGH.
Very well written chapter though.
Glad he's rid of his feelings for Astoria.
But dang Hermione...that's not cool.
Ugh. Poor Draco, I just wanna hug him.
(PS - one a side note - you mentioning nature vs nurture made me so excited bc not only is it relevant but as a psychology lover I actually know about that and idk that just makes me feel smart idk)

Author's Response: NO! I will fix you heart! Just continue reading! Yes, he SHUT ASTORIA DOWN! DARRRNNN or other word that would fit alot better with a d too lol. Yes, I always found it interesting that generations end up in the SAME house. Like is it because they are born with those qualities/traits OR are they raised to act a certain way & believe in certain things & put certain traits first? I don't! I think it is interesting! Since I am a psy major =P Thanks for reviewing! I always look forward to them!

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Review #10, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Christmas

21st June 2014:
WHAT?!?! NO!
gah, now I can't even focus on the insanely cute and fluffy moments of the majority of the chapter, all I can even think of is the end.
Why the HECK did Draco agree?! He better not go through with it! He better not!
And Astoria...WHY can she not back off? Bah. He. Is. Engaged. Or at least he was, I don't know at this moment.
I guess I know why she can't though, she loves him. And that makes me think of a piece of advice my mom has always given me. She would always say, "Hanna, don't give your heart to anyone you could not see yourself marrying, because you can't help who you fall in love with." And I think she was right. Bah. He's engaged though. She's beautiful and young, she can find someone else! And he's been with her sister! She's the seconds! Ugh.
And Hermione is SERIOUSLY going to go find Blaise? No.
She goes from Ron to Draco to Blaise?! No no she needs to not.
Great chapter, but ugh much frustration.

Author's Response: YES as I said before I am a drama girl lol And reality is that not everything is so fluffy and perfect. Yes, he still is engaged. Even if he cheated, they would still need to be married b/c of the unbreakable vow. That is BEAUTIFUL and wonderful advice. I agree 100% Hermione is def. frazzled at the moment. Too much heartbreak for a woman to handle! Thanks for reviewin ^__^>

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Review #11, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Granger's Eyes

21st June 2014:
I'm at a loss for words..
Which is a statement that's about to contradict itself because Im sure this will be yet another long review.
But, oh well.
*does happy dance even though one legged giraffes can I'm sure dance better than me*
That made me Soo happy. I was super scared he would kiss her to "say goodbye" or whatever lame excuse he would give it. I would probably be nearly as devastated as Hermione.
The kitchen scene was SO great. They're too cute. I even liked the roughness - it was called for and it's not like he beat her in any way.
But the real thing I love is the end.
Gah! Happy happy happy.
Now all he needs to do is tell her bc I think she's already admitted to herself that she's in love with him.
Love love love.
Finally, good no, GREAT news.!!

Author's Response: NO, he didn't I am not into cheating AT ALL! Whether he likes her or not, I didn't care as a writer. I do not personally approve of cheating! So, nope Draco you aren't going to be a cheating git. LOL I will dance with you! I thought that argument was cute too when I wrote it b/c even if they are mad at each other you could see as a reader that there were hints that they liked each other. Yes, so the first step he admit to himself. Step 2 admit to her. =D thanks so much for the constant reviews!

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Review #12, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Live in the Moment

21st June 2014:
Oomph. JUST when I thought that things were going smooth and there was finally going to be a chapter where nothing bad actually happened, just a bunch of adorable fluff that strengthened what they have and what they are...BAM.
Freakin' Astoria waltzed in.
Ugh. Why.
I don't think she's bad. And I do think she loves him. But I WANT HIM WITH HERMIONE, HIS FIANCÉ. Ugh. Like, just like Blaise; she should just respect that she's crossing boundaries and move on. AHA SHE COULD DATE BLAISE!! That would be perf.
Draco as well needs to be like "hello, I'm engaged". Kissing other girls is not okay.
They can say it isn't a real engagement, but it is. No, they didn't get engaged originally out of love and stuff, but nevertheless they are still engaged and are actually getting married. So yeah. It is real.
And they are (I think?!?!!) falling in love.
And other girls do not help!
Please Draco, do not kiss her! Ugh.
This chapter, prior to the end, was super cute.
That was super cute. And I love how he's trying to spend time with her interests.
But, on another note, Blaise needs to go away from Hermione. He's just crossing so many boundaries and just ugh. I like him, I really do, but he needs to halt. Like, bye Felicia.

Author's Response: LOL I have to say I LOVE drama so I couldn't help myself! I like Astoria too. She is very much loves him so she won't give up. I agree with you. Draco should respect her enough NOT to kiss her! Oh, yes they are very much in love although Draco has not admitted to himself yet though. I thought the broom scene was fun too! It would give me such an adrenaline rush! LOL thanks for R&R! =D

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Review #13, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Kidnapped

21st June 2014:
Er. Mah. Gawd.
My brain is literally going about 9000 miles her hours right now. So much happened, in a way.
Okay, where to start...
Draco: He's, in his own way, a total Prince Charming. Wow, never thought that I would say that. But when I think of Prince Charming I think of a man who fights to protect and save his woman. (In movies that is. I'm realistic and don't think I'm going to be saved from a dragon by a prince lol). And that's what he's doing. He's going about it in a slightly for evil way (almost killing that guy, but I get why), but he's still going to great lengths to protect and save her. Gah. LOVE IT. And he's doing it, I feel, for more reasons than the unbreakable vow. He genuinely cares for her.
Hermione: I FEEL SO BAD FOR HER. Ugh. That's scary and sad and just agh. I want her safe and with Draco.
Evelyn: SHE IS SUCH PURE EVIL!! God. I don't know what her motives exactly are, but she needs to cool it.
Farrow: ugh. He's such an animal. That's all I have to say.
Now, finally, the end scene.
BLAISE SAVED HER?! I don't know how to feel about that. I have mixed emotions. He seems to be trying very hard to win her over and blah blah blah, but I just keep getting this bad feeling and I think it's an act and that he's really bad. I know he's already a bad friend - going after your friends fiancé is not okay. - but I think there may be something evil there. I hope I'm wrong because I really like him (even though I guess I might come off as hating him - I really really don't. I hate that he's coming between her and Draco). Ugh. Draco is gonna be p.o.'d. Happy that she's safe, but still mad. Very mad.
And I read your response and yes when I said bro code I was thinking of the show guy code, which I also watch. I just couldn't place the name of the show. Lol. So yes, I have seen it. I'm from Texas so I have seen it and enjoy it a lot.
But omg. I love this story so much.
About how long is it going to be? Gosh, I don't want it to end, but I also want to know what's going to happen.
Well I really need to stop typing now.
Great story, great chapter, you know the drill.

Author's Response: Yes, you are right although Draco doesn't notice it. He likes Hermione and he is barely ever thinking of the unbreakable vow. He is protecting her b/c he cares. He may be a little brutal, but he gets the job done. Yes, a twist. Blaise did save her. I'm glad you don't hate me. I honestly really don't I feel more pity towards him, but a lot of readers can't stand him. HAHA so you do watch guy code and Blaise needs to sit and watch it b/c he has no guy code. Thanks again as always for reading & reviewing! =D

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Review #14, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: The Makeup

21st June 2014:
And the Queen of Cliffies is at it again!
I'll just go ahead and start with the end: HERMIONE IS KIDNAPPED?!?!
Dangit, she just had to stay outside, just couldnt go with Draco. Ugh. DARN HER STUBBORN INDEPENDENCE!
Ugh. I would go with him because
1) he's Draco. I mean c'mon.
2) he's mega protective of her
3) yes, she's a tough width but how many times has she already gotten into trouble recently? Several. So agh.
The frustration!!
And what's Worse, Draco didn't even see it. .-.
Ooh, it's going to be really exciting though when he has to save her; I assume.
Okay. Now on to the rest of the chapter.
I'm super happy she forgave him over killing that guy. Yes, he's muggle born as well, but that isn't justification. It was either her or him and Draco obviously wanted to keep her safe so yeah.
I loves Cherry helping Draco cute. Ah the cuteness.
The bank scene was sweet too.
Gah, holy sweetness.
I think what I like about Draco's character is he's figuring out how to be a good guy. He's learning. I mean he's basically had a very difficult time growing up - not financially, but I mean c'mon, when he was like 16/17, he was ordered to kill the headmaster - and he's always just been given stuff because of who he is and stuff and now Hermione is showing him (un)intentionally that it can't always be that way. He's learning how to treat her properly. He's learning learning learning. And she is too, learning that is. Draco is very different, but still, she's figuring that out.
But O M G. They need to get over their petty stubbornness and admit that
1) they LIKE each other as more than friends
2) they are attracted to each other
Like gosh. Lol.
But yeah.
And I'm glad you liked what I said about Bellatrix being a nun, Lucius a goose, etc. Lol. I have a very odd sense of humor.
I promise I will get all the chapters R&R, but I'm not the faster reader and things keep getting in the way.
I promise I do have somewhat of a life. Haha. I don't spend all my time on here, although some days I wish I could. Haha

Author's Response: I agree. Hermione hasn't the best of luck, but it is part of personality to be independent as she is actually very capable like in the chapter "How Much Could A Person Mean?" She was able to fight. She of course had to forgive him once she gotten over the initial shock b/c she knew this is war and things get out of control. Yes, I agree, Draco is slowly learning to be nice and to love really. It is VERY sweet. Hermione is stubborn, Draco is a coward lol so it becomes complicated and many misunderstandings!
YES! I like your sense of humor! It's very similar to mine! LOL And take your time reading it is no rush. ^__^ Thanks as always for R&R! =D

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Review #15, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Masquerade Ball: Proposal

20th June 2014:
Alright, let me start by saying - thank you for dedication.
You update regularly with amazing chapters, you actually respond to the reviews, you KNOW YOUR STUFF. You research. Like you mentioned Pottermore. You mentioned Fantastic Beasts and wiki previously, the list continues .8 just really really like that. You put a lot of work into that, it's obvious you're trying hard to give us a great story and I appreciate that and you're doing a phenomenal job. Now, onto my review of the chapter which I will try and keep short because I am exhausted.
It was short & sweet and I liked it.
I figured out before Hermione (props to me LOL) that the man was Zabini. It was clear.
I loved the confrontation between Blaise, Hermione and Draco. It was well done.
Blaise, although he did make excellent points and is very smart, NEEDS TO BACK UP AND DATE SOMEONE ELSE.
I don't know if he genuinely likes her, just wants to anger Draco for some reason (which is working!!!) or what, but he needs to like have some bro code and back. Off. That's just disrespectful and rude and he's clearly trying to hurt Draco. What type of friend does that?
Well, that's all for tonight I think.
I'm exhausted and seeing as the next chapter is a long one I believe; I just don't think I will be able to fully function enough to enjoy it .
So thanks; once again, for this marvelous story and I will be sir to be back tomorrow for more!
Gah; I don't know what I'm going to do when I catch up and there isn't another chapter ready yet. .-.

Author's Response: Thank you. It means alot to be recognize for the hard work. I do research like crazy for EVERY single fic I wrote. Whether its opening up the books or wiki or Pottermore. I read on alot of this stuff before I write. Despite Dramione isn't real, I want to try to still have basic things in the wizarding world real and realistic. I am super happy you got the hints with Blaise. Blaise, sigh, he has so many motivations and when it comes to that, friendship is the least of his concern. I like when you said "bro code" LOL it reminded me of Guy Code on MTV (american) as I do watch it lol I don't know where your from so I don't know whether you heard of it. ANYWAY, Slytherin tend to believe in self-preservation so they have be kind of self-centered and their #1 are themselves. Glad you enjoy it and enjoy your night as well! =D

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Review #16, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Masquerade Ball: Surprise!

20th June 2014:
Omg. I keep telling myself to sign out and go to bed, that the story will be here tomorrow, but I can't tear myself away from it! Ahhh!
This chapter was so cute. I love the idea of the poly juice and everything, it's brilliant.
And I was SO thrilled that Hermione and Draco found each other! And they both connected in many ways!
While I was like "OH GET SOMEE!" I was happy that the spell wore off when it did bc I dunno, I'm thinking they will probably have their own er night like that in the future and this way it's more special. Idk.
But yeah, FORGET Ron. "Can't control himself bc she's a veela" my butt. That's pathetic.
Hermione can do (and is doing) much better ;)

Author's Response: I understand the feeling. There been times where I neglect everything, just reading up to 4am. I'm glad you like the ploy juice potion! I always felt like masks aren't ever enough to really hide identities and add the potion to really ensure they won't know each other (Draco would be hard to miss anyway). You are the first reader to be happy it wore off lol although waking up the next morning to each other would have been a thrilling surprise, I felt like you as a writer. Their first time needs to be special. Yes, Draco is much better for her (in my opinion of a Dramione obsessed person). Mucho thanks for R&R like always ! =D

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Review #17, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: It Hurts...

20th June 2014:
These recent chapters have been putting me through so many emotions and everything. Agh.
First off, Hermione needed to chill when she yelled at Draco! Yes, the man was muggle born, but he still TRIED TO KILL HER.
Draco saved her, so that makes him a bad guy? Oh no no no.
I like Hermione and Narcissa's blossoming relationship. I like that they're learning to get on well. It's nice.
The clock idea is very nice, I like it.
Draco...I just wanna hug him. I love him.
And Hermione and Draco are completely in love with each other, and I think they're starting to see it! Eek!
I can't wait for the Masquerade party! How exciting!
And I feel bad about Ron, but I'm kind of relieved in a way because
1) she's engaged
2) that way she should feel less guilty about what she had to do
I love Ron but Draco is just so...dreamy.
And I agree with Draco - they are much more suited to each other in several ways, in my opinion.

Author's Response: Hermione was offended b/c Draco called the man a mudblood which Hermione is too. The thing is Hermione is mad b/c she is noble. She doesn't believe in killing anyone. And felt that Draco could have handled it better like with a stunning spell. But Draco thinks differently. He works on the emotion and has somewhat of a disregard with morals & so on. The clock scene was really just put to continue to build a steady relationship between Cissy & Hermione. I HAD to do something about Ron. I hate bashing ROn b/c I do like him so much especially in the canon, but something had to be done and I remember him always being flustered over veelas. I agree too. Ron has so many qualities that are great and make him a wonderful person, but in Dramione there's would be one of earned respect and challenging to each other and something less boring and more realistic. Really love reading your review. Thanks!

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Review #18, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: How Much a Person Could Mean?

20th June 2014:
Alright. Let me just say that I have had an account on here for nearly 4 years (4 years in August) and visited quite frequently prior to making this account. I have read a LOT of HPFF FanFic. Good and bad.
Now, I can genuinely say that this is the best chapter of any fan fic I have ever read.
Frankly, I could see/visualize it all. It was like I was in a movie. It was intense, exciting, kept me wanting more.
I would go into great detail and probably max the character limit, but I am practically shaking and am mess tears after that chapter and I simply MUST keep reading.
But this was an amazing chapter.
They're It was
I couldn't have imagined in any better.

Author's Response: I am so glad you liked it! I have to say this is by far the most intense chapter I had to write. I was in a movie when I was writing. I was there. I had such vivid image of it. Ah, don't get emotional! Even though I understand the feeling. I've cried over fic, I have yelled at fics, I had literally curse at fic (I have a sailor's mouth, its so bad! T__T) ! Glad you enjoyed this chapter! x1000 thanks for R&R! =D

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Review #19, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Keeping Promises

20th June 2014:
Goodness. I keep thinking she isn't going to get any worse and then suddenly...SHE DOES!
At first I just thought she was a *garden tool* who had petty and jealous that Draco was ending their..whatever it's called..but now...sheesh!
She's evil!
Does she not understand that the way to a boy's heart is NOT to poison his fiancé? Like what? Does she think he's going to be like "oh Evelyn, thank you for murdering my fiancé and the woman I love! In gratitude I want to run away with you."
Like no.
That's not going to happen.
Before that would happen, Dumbeldore would front a rock band and Bellatrix would become a nun in a church led by pastor Voldemort.
So yeah, she needs to chill!
Dang, I was so excited when Draco was going like he was gonna hurt her! Normally I don't want people hurt, but geez.
But O M G Draco is totaly falling in love with Hermione.
Head over heels,til death do us part, LOVE.
Gah. I love it.
Draco's jealously is h o t. Wow.
Zabini is really nice and all, but he needs to BACK OFF.
I Just think he's overstepping boundaries because that is his friends fiancé. He's crossing a line.
He either likes her or is pretending to, and that's not ok.
And Hermione needs to see that, it's disrespectful to her fiancé, whether they love each other a lot or not.
Which she totally is falling hard for him too!
And I was sooo happy she's going with him bc it's sweet and that way she sees first hand what's going on!
I felt mega bad for them with that paper! Geez, Rita Skeeter is so awful. The article was great though, exactly what she would write, I'm sure of it.
Does that paper see France? I know Ron will eventually find out and I know he'd rather hear about it from her than see it. You know how he jumps to conclusions, like in deathly hallows when he thought Hermione and Harry were a thing!
Well, I think this is my longest review yet..oops!
Well, 10/10

Author's Response: Oh, you haven't seen the worse of Evelyn JUST YET =X She isn't just a lol garden tool. She is a horrible woman. The way she think is a little maddening. At this point, she is thinking, "I NEED TO GET RID OF HER" It's like one-step at a time for her. I LOVE your references: Bella being a nun etc. I laughed so thank you! HAHA. Are you losing patience with Zabini? =O LOL i can't wait to see your reaction in later chapters! I also read past articles that Rita wrote about Hermione & stuff in the canon. That helped writing this article in this fic. No, the paper does not see France. Ron is still in the blind (which is worse b/c he will feel everyone was keeping secrets from him!) His head will blow RIGHT OFF! lol Thanks! It is always a joy reading and responding to your reviews!

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Review #20, by I_trusted_Snape13Night of Betrayal: Night of betrayal

20th June 2014:
I will DEFINITLY be checking for your story!
This was exciting and made me want to read more
Scorp and Rose were 100% canon. (Well, when you take ok account their parentage and how they could easily be.)
It was really heartbreaking too - Malfoy is a jerk.
Gah, loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! It's my first non-romantic fic n i was worried how it will turn out. I am so happy for all ur support! Two chapters of the main story has validated n now i have started to write the third one. Thanks once again. ^_^

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Review #21, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Engagement Party

20th June 2014:
I loved it, a lot.
So for starters, the Rita Skeeter scene was perfect. Rita was completely canon, as awful as that is (I greatly dislike her character). The interview scene I thought went well and it was clear how honest and genuine they were being.
Those are real feelings.
Slowly, but surely they are falling in love.
And I think that is a thousand times better and more realistic and more beautiful than any love at first sight thing. (Which I personally find cliche and do not believe it to genuinely happen, thinking someone is attractive is not the same as falling in love. But enough ranting about that lol.
They are just too cute.
It's a constant reminder of why I ship Dramione.
A GOOD Dramione story.
Draco's jealousy is just so cute. And really really not tbh. I like it when guys get jealous tbh.
Blaise seems to have a crush on Hermione. That's cute. I like him. I want her with Draco, but it's still cute.
Evelyn...yeah SHE NEEDS TO GO. Bleh. Don't get me wrong - it's extremely interesting reading about her. But gosh.
Oh, and I forget to mention on the last chapter review I left: Draco leaving Hermione roses was just to asdfghjkl gah I MELTED.
Great chapter; but of course
And I'll check out when meet the author page when I can! My name on there is Lupinandtonks14, and I'lll stop by!.

Author's Response: I am glad you enjoyed this. I have to say this is probably the longest chapter I written. Yes, the more they talked about each other, the more they realize so many good qualities about each other! So, it is a slow process from practically hating each other to loving. Its def. step by step. Now, Rita! Sigh I did research her to help through the process. I remembered it seemed she didn't have such a strong like for Hermione, almost seemed against her. So, I did dropped sutble hints in there that was like AH, Rita you sly...witch (or insert other word that rhymes) we know you are going to twist her words around. I don't believe in love at first sight. I agree with you, that is just attraction. Sure that could be the basis to start talking to a person, but never for a full fledged relationship! I think jealousy in guys is hot and Blaise he's cute for now. HAHA and Evelyn is no where near down making an appearance. And the roses that to me was like a hill they just overcame. He is showing her a sweeter side. Thanks for reviewing. I seriously look forward to your reviews!

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Review #22, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Protection

20th June 2014:
Friends. They're friends. Draco and Hermione. Hermione and Draco. They're friends and have admitted to themselves. And to each other. Omgomgomg. I'm so happy. Maybe too happy...but oh well. :)
I L O V E their relationship. It's so cute.
Oh, and the worst father in the history of the world award goes to...*drum rol* LUCIUS MALFOY!
He. Is. The. Worst.
And I don't think I've ever mentioned it, but I love Hermione helping him with his nightmares. It's beautiful.

Author's Response: YES! Friends. I wanted to slowly build their relationship and what better way than being friends? It sets a basis of support and commitment and just getting to know each other! Yes, Lucius is the worst and he get HORRIBLE later. Lucius def has a complex in this story. TO prove himself b/c during Voldy he was a follower who messed up quite a few times. NOW as leader he wants to assert his power and no one can question it or him including his son. Yes, Hermione is so sweet. in that way. She always had such a loving heart =) thanks for reviewing like always

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Review #23, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Messages

20th June 2014:
Wowza. Okay, so I am being as truthful as I know how to be when I say this: write a book. I am no publisher, but I bet it would be a hit. You're a phenomenal writer already and the more people write; the better they get.
Okay, so the picture Draco and Hermione took sounded adorable, that whole seen was great. So cute, playful, couplish.
You can clearly see the developing relationship between them and I love it, a lot. They need to admit to themselves that they're developing real feelings for each other. Ahh!
And Hermione and narcissa's growing relationship is great. She is slowing warming up to her future daughter in law!
The patronus thing was nice. Gosh, if Hermione isn't falling for him I most certainly am! Lol. But, I have a habit of falling for that type of guy (minus the wizardness and everything).
The end though where he came in crying...I MUST keep reading! Ah!
I think I did a better job shortening my review though! Lol

Author's Response: AW, THANKS! Yes, my first fic was sorta horrible and I ended up deleting it. haha. Thank you so much though. Yes, they are slowly taking notice of each other in a positive way! ^__^ I am super happy. Sometimes I felt that Hermione & Cissy's relationship might have been rushed or unrealistic, but I'm glad you find it nice. LOL Yes, even though Draco is difficult alot of readers like him and I do too! Can't wait to hear from you soon ! =D

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Review #24, by I_trusted_Snape13Don't forget where you belong : Quidditch practice

20th June 2014:
Wow, Ginny is crazy.
And so Angelina dated Fred and them wed George?

Author's Response: Yes, but George and Angelina aren't married yet.

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Review #25, by I_trusted_Snape13'Till Death Do Us Part: Branded

20th June 2014:
I just have so many thoughts and emotions running through my head right now that I don't hardly know where to start. But; I am working on shortening my lengthy reviews, so I'll try and get to the point, just quickly summarize.
Lucius is a big jerk. A big, colossal jerk. He needs to go back to Azkaban or get turned into a goose or something. Bleh.
Draco's protectiveness of Hermione is so sweet and really got tbh. I believe it's genuine. I think it's like this: he isn't her biggest fan and feels like he can insult her and such, but he doesn't want anyone else doing the same. Idk but it's cute.
I still think Blaise is great though.
OMG I LOVE CHERRY SO MUCH!!! I was so scared Evelyn was going to hurt or kill her omg. Please don't kill off Cherry! Dobby's death was probably the hardest death in the series for me. I sobbed and sobbed. I threw the book down. I couldn't see through my tears I was a mess. Drama queen; I know. But gah. Please don't get rid of Cherry! And I love that Draco is learning respect for the elves! So cute!
Evelyn is SO much like Bellatrix it's uncanny. Gah. I hate her almost more than Lucius. Ugh. You can kill her off, I won't cry. Lol.
I felt so bad for Hermione getting branded in this chapter like she was cattle. I figured it would happen, but still. Lucius shouldn't have assaulted her to do it.
I like Narcissa, but she needs to grow a backbone and stand up for herself and her son to her husband. I know it's canon, but still ugh.
Great job as always.
Lol yet again I failed at leaving a short review. Im sorry! I like to be thorough! :/

Author's Response: Turned into a goose. LOL that is my favorite part of this review & in the wizarding world it highly possible for that to happen. You are spot on about Draco. He is tbh very complicated and conflicted in this fic.
I'm glad you still like Blaise ^__^ I like him too!
NO I promise I won't kill Cherry. I'm not really into killing people. I understand your pain with Dobby. I cried everyone: Sirius, Dumbly, Tonks, Remus etc. literally everyone. The most I cried for was Fred. That really broke my heart and even thinking about his death is bringing tears to my eyes right now. SO, I understand your pain. Evelyn lol yes I don't like her along with another character you'll see make an appearance again. & I wanted Evelyn to resemble Bellatrix, almost crazed, but yet romantic, but a little more sane. lol It wasn't very nice to assault Hermione and force the branding on her. But they are Death Eater, can't expect much! Thanks so much for leaving me a long review. I enjoy reading them!

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