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Review #1, by I_trusted_Snape13The Marauders: A baby...

3rd August 2012:
Aw, this was cute! The characters were done well and very realistic to their canon selves. Lol Great job!

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Review #2, by I_trusted_Snape13Forever In Love: Forever In Love

26th July 2012:


I love Draco/Astoria stories and this was adorable. I loved how you showed Astoria's nerves and the details were great.

The Fred Weasley letter was so sweet and something I did not see coming!

The last line was brilliant too!

All in all: great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D I worked hard on it, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #3, by I_trusted_Snape13Saying Goodbye: Goodbye, love you.

26th July 2012:
Oh wow! This made me cry! I love Fred and remember utterly sobbing when I read it in the book! This was brilliant!

Then one day when Ive fulfilled my promise down here and Ive lived the full life you were robbed of and death knocks on my door well teach those Marauders what being a prankster is all about, that the pupils became the masters!" I ADORED that line (':

Great job! :D

Author's Response: Thank you. You weren't alone! I almost quit reading in protest! It's the only thing I think she got wrong, Fred should not be dead! I cried and cried almost like a real death in my own family!

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Review #4, by I_trusted_Snape13A Very Teddy Christmas: Planning

24th July 2012:
Awh, I liked this! It was neat seeing this through Andromeda, basically. Good job!

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Review #5, by I_trusted_Snape13Hogwarts for dummies: Have yourself a merry little Christmas

24th July 2012:
Awh :(

This was a completely saddening chapter! I feel so bad for Cece and I feel her father needs to accept what's happened and grow up! He's a mess! It's just plain sad!

Well, I still love Louis and Cece together, but I think he's much more in to it than her. She's still obviously completely in love with Al...

Well, this was a great chapter and I'm really looking forward to reading more!



Author's Response: Yes I know it's sad, it's a deep chapter hahah. Thanks for all the compliments! x

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Review #6, by I_trusted_Snape13Hogwarts for dummies: Month-aversary

24th July 2012:
*Goes to pick out party outfit*

Yay, there's going to be a party! There just can't be a story with James and not be a party! Like every story with him I read, he has a party. But, this one is special! It's not a birthday party - it's a new year's party! Yay! I can't wait for that chapter!

No, Cece :( I don't want her to break up with Louis! He's such a sweetheart! When he gave her that necklace and explained it meaning it was another "AWH" moment and I literally said "Awh!" outloud!

I'm SO sure that the reason Alice was upset is because she likes James and I'm sure James like her too!

Gosh this story is so amazing!

I'm off to the next chapter!



Author's Response: I'm sorry I can't reply to your reviews as well as I would want to but I have to do it quickly, because then I won't have internet for a few days. But thank you so much! Your reviews mean so much! And I am glad that you are so excited about the party (:

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Review #7, by I_trusted_Snape13Hogwarts for dummies: Turtle arrangements and muffins with James

24th July 2012:
*Squeals and jumps around in utter delight becuse James is back!*

James is back! This may be surprising or stupid, but he's totally my favorite character! I agree with Cece in thinking that there's probably more than stupid to him. I think he's a really cool character, and he seems funny and like he cares a lot about his friends and family. Who cares is he aces potions? I bet the girl is Alice xD I guess I'll find out later though?

So...I'm excited for Louis/Cece's date! I think they're a really sweet couple and I totally ship them together! Afterall, she shouldn't have to just hold her breath and wait for Al to suddenly ask her out, especially since he has a girlfriend! I'm glad she's got Louis, I think she'll really learn to like him and that it could save her some pain.

I'm not sure what I think about Megan though. I go back and forth a lot, but that may just be because I want Al and Cece to get together, eventually. Right now, though, I want Louis and Cece together!

I think Rose is just the perfect little blend of Ron and Hermione! :)

Prudence is so...yucky! Jeez, I can't stand her! She entertains me, but I stil hate her! Lol

I loved when Cece went down to the kitchens and saw James! I thought that was not only a nice touch, but also a sweet moment.

Gosh, the guys in this story..! If only they were real...;)

Well, I want to see more Scorpius/Rose stuff, please? (:

Well, I'm off to chapter 13! I can't believe I'm almost out of updated chapters! D:



Author's Response: I love James too-so so much! And yes you'll have to wait to see who's the girl he likes ;) And I'm glad that you like Louis and Al! :D thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by I_trusted_Snape13Hogwarts for dummies: Albus (the ball pt. 2)

24th July 2012:
I liked reading the story from Al's POV!

I totes knew he liked her! It was really nice to see the story told from his point of view!

Well, I'm off to the next chapter. (:



Author's Response: Thank you dear!!! (:

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Review #9, by I_trusted_Snape13Hogwarts for dummies: Hit me with those green eyes (The ball, pt. 1)

24th July 2012:
*Squeals loudly and crazily enough that my family looks at me as if I've just grown antlers and turned purple*

I loved this from beginning to end!

About halfway through this chapter I decided something: Forget Al, I'm rooting for Louis! I really like his character! He seems really charming, sweet and gentlemanly and gahh, I love him.

I was thrilled when Cece kissed him! Forget being mad at you - I was nearly jumping up and down like a crazy person!

I know I may be the only one on your reviews saying this but, I'm now a Cece/Louis shipper! He seems like a great, sweet guy! Gosh, I think they're adorable together!

I still think that Dom knew all along that Cece likes Al and that she's been tricking her...but perhaps I'm wrong.

Well, I would write more, but I must know what happens next (and see Al's view of the world Lol)

My fave chapter BY FAR! I loved it!

Go Louis and Cece! :D


Author's Response:
Oh I am so glad that someone likes Louis! It's so good that one “Fan” (if I may call you that) is a Louis/Cece shipper! It makes me really really happy! Yeeey you! Thanks for your lovely reviews

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Review #10, by I_trusted_Snape13Hogwarts for dummies: Preparations

24th July 2012:
*Squeals becuase this was probably one of my fave chapters (even if it wasn't hugely important)*

I loved this chapter! I'll try and make my review short N sweet simply because I must read more of it!

I'm so very excited for the ball! I'm compeltely pumped up about it! I expect a lot of drama though!

I think it's sweet that James and Alice are going to the ball together! Awh!

I loved this chapter and I thought it brilliant having James find out. I really love James, he's one of my faves! I want him in this story more! (Hint, hint! ;)

Well, I'd write more, but I must keep reading. I adore this!



Author's Response: Oh thank you, I hope you like the ball chapter (:x

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Review #11, by I_trusted_Snape13Hogwarts for dummies: The fantastic voyage of Mr. Hunfensnuggle and his inevitable geyser of doom

23rd July 2012:
*Decides that Albus Severus Potter has no brain (along with his weird name!) and does not know true love if it hit him in the face on a broom and that he should be yelled at for being so horrbily oblivious to the world around him!*

Okay, I'm calm now! it bad that I actually kind of like Megan? I don't think she's horrible and from the way Cece/Candy loves Al, she must have good taste in guys. I doubt she's picked up on Candy's obsession...

I really hoped that Al was about to ask her to go to the ball with him!

Why did Louis have to muck things up!?!? :(

I was so sad when I found out that he asked Megan (although I saw it coming.)

Great story though, I'm still completely obsessed with it! I've been reading it each and every chance I've gotten since this morning! It's brilliant! I promise to leave a review on each chapter too!

I love how realteable Cece/Candy is...I'm discovering that I'm a lot like her! Lol I dunno if that's a good or bad thing (; I've acted the same way to girls before when I was in her sitch..

So, a toilet brush, eh? (; Lol I laughed so much!

Well, I adored this, to sum things up!



Author's Response: *Decides that Albus Severus Potter has no brain (along with his weird name!) and does not know true love if it hit him in the face on a broom and that he should be yelled at for being so horrbily oblivious to the world around him!* hahahahahahaahhahahahahahahaahah I LOVE YOU! Oh and I have no words to explain how incredibly happy I am that you like Megan! Because everyone seems to hate her and I feel so bad because she's in the story and everyone hates her. I mean it's not really her fault hahah as you said, she just likes a perfectly good guy. What's wrong with that? Hahaah yes a toilet brush! :D

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Review #12, by I_trusted_Snape13Hogwarts for dummies: The match

23rd July 2012:
*Stops her petition of Al and Cece being together, long enough to want to scream at idiotic Al*

Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious!

I was so excited at how well the Quidditch match went! Go gryffindor! :D I loved the match!

I was glad Rose interrupted Louis and Cece - that was destined to be a very terriblly awkward conversation! Eeek! Glad it was avoided!

Rose freaking out about Scorpius and Prudence (Yuck - only Pansy would name her daughter that! Lololol), it was rather hilarious!

I was so excited when Al said he would go get Cece a drink! But then what does he do?! Goes off with MEGAN?! GAHHH! NO!


I wanted to scream (that) at him!

Why does he have to be so bloody stupid?!

Gosh, I really hope he doesn't make a mistake with her!

Dang, I normally leave way too long reviews, but now I must end this because if I don't find out what happens, I'm fairly certain I will die!

9145441541(-1 because of Al's dumbness)/10


Author's Response: hahahah I've been meaning to tell you how much I love the beginning bit where you say what you are doing/feeling. This one especially is really great! Hahaha sorry for Al's dumbness. And thank you for your wonderful review! It was brill as always x

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Review #13, by I_trusted_Snape13Hogwarts for dummies: Hogsmeade and other stories

23rd July 2012:
*Squeals in complete and utter delight from the total cuteness overload*

There's a reason this type of thing is 'cliche': it's popular! People love to read it! Don't hate on yourself so much, this was perfectly adorable! I loved the ending the most out of all of it! Was it full of fluffiness? Absolutely. But, I still adored every single word of it. It was perfect.

I thought the Three Broomstick's scene was cute and very well done. It's so clear how much Cece despises Megan! Haha

I'm actually not hating Megan so much! I don't want her with Al (AT ALL!), but she still seems like she could be an okay person.

I felt bad for Louis! He seems like a sweet guy (I can't really figure out how he and Dom are related, like at all haha. Especially since they're twins! They don't act a like! Haha), and he's seemingly oblivious to the fact that Cece is completely in love with Al. Porr Lou.

I liked that Lou and Megan had some time together. Maybe they'll get together then Al and Cece can have their turn? (:

I loved when Al told her the story! I thought it was so sweet!

I loved the ending most of all though, it was precious! Silly James, interrupting things ;). Lol I wish he hadn't walked in! He killed the mood with his beard talk! Lol But, it's so obvious that Al has fallen for Cece (thank goodness).

I SO hope they get together very soon!



Author's Response: Oh thank you for all your lovely compliments! And yes, I don't hate Megan either, but yes we just don't want to see her with Al haha (:
I know! It physically hurts me to put Louis into any emotional pain, I like him so much and he is so sweet! I feel so bad for him! Well sadly some complications are on the way haha, it has to get bad before it can get worse.

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Review #14, by I_trusted_Snape13Hogwarts for dummies: Double dates and French connections

23rd July 2012:
*Runs around holding picket signs supporting Al and Cece being together*

Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious!

This chapter, even though it was pretty short, was so completely and totally full of information! Oh wow! This was full of stuff!

First off, lovely chapter images, as always. Louis looks a lot like the way I imagined him to look! Awesome! And I'm like "OMG" Cece is Georgina from Gossip Girl! I love Gossip Girl! Your chapter images are amazing, to be perfectly honest.

Yay for Cece (and all the other Gryffies) for the extra five points!

I could see a lot of Hermione in Rose in this chapter - which was good. I liked it better than her being like an off the wall character. All your characters are very true to their genes, to me at least. Which is very nice.

I was SO right about the Louis thing!!! I was pretty sure something like that was going to happen! When Dom said that she needed to talk to Cece, I was like, please let me be wrong! But, it ended up being exactly like I thought!

I thought it was sweet that Al seemed a little disappointment, but I felt bad for him and Cece! Neither of them want Cece/Louis to be a couple, but...they can't change it!

Stupid Dom! Why'd she have to open her big veela mouth? :'( Lol. Sorry, not meaning to hate on your character, but gah! I want Al and Cece together!

I'm looking forward to the Hogsmeade 'date' should be interesting! I have NO idea how Cece is going to get away from dating Louis though! I mean Rose 'told Dom' and Dom believes it (or is at least acting like she believes it) and if I were Cece I'd be kinda scared to break up with Louis, solely because of Dom!

I want Megan to just go jump off a bridge! She doesn't have to die, but she needs to disappear! She's messing things up! Maybe her and Louis can run off together??!! Lol I'm now a BIG Al/Cece shipper! :D

That last scene made me laugh a lot! Oh Molly...

Well, I completely love this story and these characters. You keep their normal, teenage feelings and reactions to an amazing level of beleivability! It's very realistic!

I still just can't believe this! (Even though I kinda predicted it :p ) This should make the story even MORE interesting though! :)

Whoa, I need to take lessons on quitting rambling ;) Lol

9472784641236/10 (;


Author's Response: I love Gossip girl so much!!! *screaming with excitement because you love it too*ok I get carried away, sorry. And I think Georgina is SO pretty everytime I see her I just stare. And I am in love with Chuck! God he is to hot to be in this world. And Blair is so pretty! I am a bit obsessed with gg as well (I tend to have loads of obsessions).
I personally would like Megan to drink a disappearing potion, and I am the only one who can make her do it, but for the sake of the story I can't. Oh sigh...

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Review #15, by I_trusted_Snape13Hogwarts for dummies: You're a rainstorm and I'm a house of cards*

23rd July 2012:
*Squeals in delight from the fluffiness of this chapter*

Gahh, this story is totally, completely, one hundred percent, absolutely, addictively amazing. I'm already so obessed with it!

I'd seen it updated in 'Recent Stories' before, but had always just kept going because I was never a huge Al fan. But, (before you think I'm intentionally trying to bash bucket loads of hate upon your incredible story) I finally decided to read it and, I must say, I'm in love with the story. And Al. Gahh, if he were real.Cece would have competition from other Americans than Megan (; Bhahaha!

I love fluffly chapters and this was great! Absolutely great!

I was so happy in the beginning that Al and Cece got to walk to class together AND spend class time together as partners, rather than him being stuck with Megan! It was "AWH!" worthy, definitly!

I loved the Quidditch stuff! It was so funny and her thoughts about Al, his chest and the shower was completely hilarious! I was literally laughing out loud!

I liked the interaction between Cece and Louis and I must know what Dom told him! I hope she doesn't cause any sorts of drama with that! Like if Louis finds out, then he might tell Al and then it'll be a HUGE mess! I could just see how it could become bad! But, then again, this couldvery well just be my apparently overactive imagination! haha!

I liked that little-brother-who-can't-help-a-girl-out-and-carry-her-bags Hugo was in this chapter! Haha! Don't get me wrong though, I like Mr. Hugo, I was just saying..he could have been much more gentlemanly! So, he wants a tattoo?! And of the Dark Mark, no less!? This child clearly got a lot of his genese from Ron. Ron always was absentminded to things...he clearly behaves much for like irrational Ron than by-the-books Hermione! I loved Cece's comment about Hermione too, I can just imagine how much trouble little Hugo will be, he's only a fourth year?! Gosh, I would never show my face to Hermione again if I were him, I'd be way too scared!

I think Al and Cece's friendship is changing! :D I'm starting to think that maybe Al has a little crush on Cece, but he doesn't want to admit it or thinks it'd be weird since she's friends with Rose and Molly or maybe he doesn't know how she feels (if he doesn't, he is clearly an oblivious guy!!!). Well, maybe I'm getting carried away. Lol He just seems interested in her! Yay?

The chocolate covered strawberries scene was awesome and adorable! I must say, I agree with Cece: Dark Chocolate beats White Chocolate. But, stawberry beats chocolate. Lol All in my humblest of opinions! Lol

Gosh, I still love the characters too! And the potions scene was very cute - Molly was very true to her parental heritage! Lol. I like James - apparently he can be smart about somethings? I hope they win the house cup! And I really want to see more Rose/Scorpius coming up too!

Whoa, reviewing this sure does make me ramble. Again, I hope you like long reviews. I have a knack for leaving them! Haha



Author's Response: I get you! I am so totally in love with Al! I mean I wasn't really a fan before I read this one story and now I'm just head over heals for him! I want to marry Albus Potter!
Yes, yes Hugo must learn some manners hahaha he does not know how to treat a girl (: Yes the Dark mark is quite bad, I wanted to show how the younger generation don't have respect for what happened during the war (well yes I am one of them, I'm not really like a history fanatic, but I just think it should be out there haha, I don't really know what I'm saying!)
And there will be more Rose/Scorpius in the future, but I have to disagree with you. Chocolate kicks strawberry's ass hahaha sorry, that's my humble opinion (:

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Review #16, by I_trusted_Snape13Hogwarts for dummies: Quidditch for dummies

23rd July 2012:
Holy mother of Merlin! (Whoa, I think I've been reading way too much Harry Potter related things xD Lololol)

This was another amazing chapter! I was completely hooked from the very beginning!

I know I've said this already, but Cece is so hilarious! She's super witty and it makes it a lot of fun to read!

At first when I found out that Cece and Al had a class together I was so freaking excited! I thought that maybe she'd work up the courage to talk to Al and eventually get her feelings out! It was an exciting moment to me! Haha!

Then when she tripped over the rock (by the way, I nearly died laughing! If I was her, I'd be so embarrassed lol, but it was so funny to read!) and Al caught her! That was just asdfghjkl; amazing! Prince Charming/ I think so! :D It was so sweet!

Gr Megan gr! She needs to back off! I think there's going to be some major drama and that she's going to cause some severe issues! If Al goes out with her, I will yell at him. So what if he's just a character? Albus Potter will get a yelling at! Lol Him and Cece are meant to be! :D

I dislike Megan, though really just because she's getting in the way of Cece and Al being together! I think her character is entertainign though and I'm glad she's there. (Wow, I wonder if I make sense sometimes :p)

When Cece accidentally agreed to try out for Quidditch, I was dying of more laughter! I felt her pain, I'd definitly do that! Lol I'm not 16/17 (I can't remember her age :p) I'm 15, but I'd still be the same way in her situation! And I'm no good at sports either! Haha

When she tried out for Quidditch, I thought it was entertaining and very believeable! The playfullness between her and Al was so very cute! It was an "AWWH!" worthy moment!

Then when she made it..! I was like OMG! This should be very interesting! I was happy for her that she could maneuver the broom - I was concerned! Lol (Dang, I think I get too attached to chracters! Lol Oh well!) I can't wait to see her keep playing Quidditch! At least she's with Al? (;

I also adored the score count between her and life. Very nice touch!

Oh and I just caught that joke in the last chapter was a reference to friends! I was excited! I love friends - it's by far my favorite show! So, in reviews, some people seemed put off about it being taken from there, I say don't worry about it! It was so funny, Friends is awesome, and people steal quotes and stuff from places all the time. (I know I do! xD). I thought it was great!

Well, I'm rambling once more! Lol I hope you don't mind long reviews! I type a lot when I'm reviewing stories I love! I will definitly recomment this - it's probably in my top 3 of next gen stories! I can't wait to see where it goes! :D



Author's Response: Oh thank you! I am so happy you liked the fact Al and Cece have a class together, at first I worried it might be a bit cheesy. And I also fall down a lot, sadly nobody is there to catch me ): no prince Charming for me (yet, I hope!)
Ok so I know exactly how you feel about Megan because I watch Grey's anatomy and there is this meant to be couple but then he has a wife and I really hate her cause they get back together and I really want him to be with his soulmate meant to be girl who's really sad because he left her haha, but actually I love the wife, she is like my favourite character and it's really hard! Haha sorry I'm rambling, but I just know how you feel (:
Cece's 16 and yeah I'm not really good at most sports, although I love and play volleyball 4 times a week and I do swimming and I love skiing, but I suck at everything that we have to do at school hahaha :)
It means so much that you like my story so much and I am really happy that you're not yelling at me for the friends thing and I love friends so much! It's just one of my favourite things in world!

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Review #17, by I_trusted_Snape13Hogwarts for dummies: Underneath

23rd July 2012:
Oh my goodness gracious!

This was another amazing chapter - I love it so much already and I'm only just finishing chapter 2!

I love the characters!

Cece is beyond hilarious. Her views on the world (and on Al) is so funny and relateable! Her crush is so cute, she's like obsessed with him! Haha

Rose seems really cool too - you can see the Ron/Hermione in her genetics and everything by the way she talks/ acts (and the fact that she is a prefect), but you can also tell that she's her own person. Am I making sense?

I love Al too! He's seems like that funny, charming, boy-next-door type of guys! I look forward to seeing Cece and Al's relationship change (if it doesn't by the end, I will cry!) and grow. Right now though, I think it's cool that he's not in love with her. (Or if he is, that he won't admit it Lololol) It makes for an even funnier story and everything!

James seems great - even if he is stupid, which he is. No disrespect to your character - but he definitly isn't the brightest crayon in the box! Lol But it's pretty funny, and he seems like a good guy! Plus the hopsapien thing was hilarious!

Dom is very interesting! I've never read her written this way before - it's a nice refresher! She seems a bit manipulative, and I kinda think she's not as dumb as Cece thinks she is..I also like that you made Dom and Louis twins, that was a nice touch. And it's funny that she things Cece likes Louis! Lol I was laughing so much! At least she doesn't know the truth? Right? Lol

I think it's really funny and it'd edited well - there aren't a lot of spelling/gramar issues. That is always a plus! Lol

I like how you included the flashback and everything! I think it's neat to get to actually know about the character and everything and it's nice to know about her background.

I was SO happy she got to ride with Al, but then I felt bad for her that Lily was in the way! Lol Talk about Awkward?

Her daydreams about their future children are hilarious! But, I think she needs to discuss names with Al! Bhahaha! Lucifer Wulfric? haha Well, I'm not sure if it's as bad as Scorpius Hyperion (Seriously, do his parents love him? xD) it's not great! Haha The name makes him sound evil! Lol

I like the way Cece and Al talk/ laugh about their names, pretty funny stuff.

Well, I'm off rambling again :p Lol Sorry if you dislike long reviews. On stories I love, my reviews are typically (not always :p ) Ling. I never really leave long reviews on stories I dislike (; Lol I adore this! It's by far one of my fave stories on the archives - and it's only just begun! yay!

Oh and I love your chapter images, they are gorgeous! I was wondering though, who the guy is you picked to portray James? He fits what I think James would look like, but I don't know who the actor/model/singer/whatever he is lol is.

Great job! I love it a lot!

11/10 (;


Author's Response: Hello. So I am happy that you like Cece's crush on Albus because I usually act that way when I like someone. I mean I become a bit too obsessed, which is never good hahah and it usually doesn't end well for me. Let's hope Cece will have more luck ;) Wow what you said about Rose makes me feel so uh-well weird, cause I didn't really try to make her Ron/Hermione and well I think it's a compliment I don't deserve because I didn't do it on purpose, but I am very very happy that you see her that way-that means I had a bit of luck!
Yes I love writing James, he is probably my favourite character to write-along with Cece of course. And yes he is very dumb lol so you didn't offend “my” character at all. I'm glad you like Dom, I tried to get her exactly the way you described her! Yes, she's not dumb at all! Cece just doesn't like her haha
Are you kidding me? You're reviews are starting to make me fall in love with you (joking, please don't run away!). I cannot explain how much I love and appreciate them! Well credits to the CI's go to mostly the artists at TDA and the guy I picked to portray James is Adam Brody. He looks just like James in my head. Have a nice day and thank you again!

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Review #18, by I_trusted_Snape13Hogwarts for dummies: Flying fish and morning wake-ups

23rd July 2012:
I'm already completely and totally obsessed and in love with this amazing story! It's compeltely and totally brilliant!

I didn't spot a bunch of spelling/grammar issues that needed fixing, which is always a HUGE plus!

I really, completely adore your characters! Cece, or Candy Cotton haha, is beyond hilarious! I was laughing throughout the entire thing! Al seemed really chill and funny and James...well, James seemed dumb. Haha But he was still funny! Dom was interesting too, even if she wasn't terribly nice. It's nice to see Dom played this way, it's different than the way most people (including me :/ ) write her. I like Rose too! She seems funny and like a good friend! As for Hugo...he needs to go get some manners and learn to help a girl out! Lol

I love the way your characters act - like real life teenagers! With real crushes and feelings! This is how teens really act - but teens in fan fic don't tend to be portrayed that real! This was great and very funny!

Cece/Candy's look at the world is SO funny! I was laughing the whole time!

I felt SO bad for her when Al said he sees her as a cousin though! But, I bet she's going to work on changing his mind!

Haha I can't imagine having a name like Candy Cotton! Lol That's so funny and crazy!

I also love that your narrarator is an OC, not a canon next gen character! Very original!

The way Cece acts around Al is completely hilarious and realistic and I like the way Rose acts thinking about Scorpius!

Wow, I think I've been rambling...but I just totally already love this story!

I loved this story from beginning to end! It's a new storyline and with amazingly awesome characters! I'm SO going to keep reading *adds to favorites immeadiately* I am SO glad I discovered this story! Great job! I'm on to reading more now!


Author's Response: Ok first I must say how much I love YOU because my heart basically cried of happiness when I saw what long reviews you left me! I cannot say how much this means to me so one huge THANK YOU to start it off.
I am so glad that you like my story and that you took your time to tell me exactly what you like. Well I am really happy that you think I portrayed the characters well and I am so glad that you founf it funny! I really don't deserve all your praise! Thank you again hahaha but I will never be able to thank you enough! Xxxx

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Review #19, by I_trusted_Snape13To Woo a Ghost: Modern Girls

23rd July 2012:
Hahahaha! I laughed all the way through this! I've never read a story about the ghosts! Good job! I loved!

Author's Response: Thanks for such a great review! :)

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Review #20, by I_trusted_Snape13The Playground: The Playground

22nd July 2012:
This was so beautiful! Amazingly well done! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! This was my first HP fic ever, and I still have a soft spot for it - so nice to see it still getting some love. :-)

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Review #21, by I_trusted_Snape13Fall For You: Burying the Hatchet

21st July 2012:
Aw, Scorp and Rose are friends now! Yay! :)

Author's Response: haha I wouldn't say friends.but sure :)

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Review #22, by I_trusted_Snape13Fall For You: What are Cousins for?

21st July 2012:
I liked this story! It's very believeable with the characters. Keep going! :D

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll try and update soon.

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Review #23, by I_trusted_Snape13The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face: Teddy Loves Victorie

20th July 2012:
Aw! Teddy/Victoire are such a cute couple! Good job, I liked this a lot! :D

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Review #24, by I_trusted_Snape13On: On

20th July 2012:
asdfgjkl; I'm like sobbing now! This was completely, totally, one hundred percent, rivetingly beautiful. Remus/Tonks was always my favorite ship and this completely did them justice. I loved how they were with him, but not. And that they got to see him off for his first day at Hogwarts. Teddy was adorable and Harry took his role as Godfather and handled the situation perfectly. I just loved every word. Teddy making him friend was so cute and I loved how Remus could not be scarred and feel aged and how Tonks could move freely...gah, I just adored this. You deserve so much higher than a 10/10. Brilliant job!

Author's Response: aw, *hugs* don't cry!

I'm sort of speechless at how to thank you enough for this! I'm so happy you loved it, espeically as a Remus/Tonks shipper! They're my favorite too.

Harry was so fun to write as a godfather! Again, thank you so much for your kindness, it means so much to me! I'm so happy you liked this!

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Review #25, by I_trusted_Snape13Tonks and Lupin: The suit of armor

20th July 2012:
Awh, this made me cry! I thought it was really beautiful - although a little short :p. I'm a sucker for Remus/Tonks and I liked this. Them dying gets to me everytime... :'(. Great job.

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