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Review #1, by ShelbyBlackRegulus Arcturus Black: Now I Was Gone

10th April 2013:
I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE THIS! Ee, I'm so happy! You're so great, I'm glad I have you as a friend!

Day...week...month...YEAR made!

Love lots ShelbyBlack.

Author's Response: Aw sweetie I'm glad you enjoyed this! It was a fun piece to write and I'm glad I've got you as a friend too! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing.

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Review #2, by ShelbyBlackStar Crossed: Trouble

18th December 2012:
I'm back again! I promised a longer review and I shall deliver :D

First of all, I'm so sorry I didn't reply after every chapter, hopefully this review might make up for it a bit! But I do want you to know that I loved every chapter and every word of them!

Okay lets get this started...

Regulus is like...I can't even...I mean, this boy gets me in fan girl mess, it's quite sad really. In my defense both Sirius and Regulus do, and as we all know Sirius/OC's aren't hard to come by. I complain about the lack of Regulus/OC and completely went past this one in my regular searches D: What is this madness?! Please for the love of Merlin do not abandon this, you're amazing and this story is amazing.

Oh no he DIDN'T, siriusly Regulus?! Siriusly?? You had to look at her? *facepalm* Silly boy. Regulus is beyond perfect as well as Addie, their lovey relationship doesn't even make me cringe :D Which shows so much about your writing, it terms of how believable and real it is.

I'm literally on edge throughout every chapter praying to Merlin that Regulus or Addie don't get caught by someone (Amos/Slytherins/Lucy so on) Eeppp! So scary! I know what would happen! And I really don't want to know D: But I do also...but ahhh!

Now with this whole Sirius business...
I really don't want Addie to be with him, let Regulus have the girl for once Sirius :'( Tehe!

But siriusly, I love you for making a Regulus/OC that I can actually enjoy and not cringe at!
Your writing is wonderful, simple and well thought out :D I love that I can feel a lot of your passion for this story throughout your writing, which makes me want to stick around until the very end :D

Now I will be waiting (not so patiently) for the next wonderful chapter! If you need anything whatsoever don't hesitate to message me here or on the forums :)

Much love,

Author's Response: WOW! Holy mother of merlin, the length of this review! I'm flattered!!

I'm so glad I'm not the only one though! I first decided I wanted to write a Regulus/OC when I actually found a decent one, but I can't remember what it's called now, so I can't recommend it, sorry!

But yeah, then I started imagining senarios, and somehow came up with this fic! But I digress... the basic thing is that I'm the same as you - Regulus works that mysterious, dark and interesting (as well as brave) thing that definitely makes my heart flutter!

But yeah, I loved writing that moment! I knew everyone would be like *omg he so didn't* and the thought really made me laugh! Plus, I just love a little bit of drama, and as the fic gets heavier from this chapter it was a good way to kick it off :)

Well, you'll have to read on to see, I think you'll like the next chapters -they're very interesting!! (although you may cry...)

Feeling so mean now though, doing little hints like that ;)

But truly, thank you for the absolutely lovely comments, you really make me feel a lot more confident in my writing and I promise I'll try to get the update speed sorted out because you've been such a sweetheart :)

Thank you for the offer, if I ever do I'll be sure to call on you! Lots of love to my loveliest reviewer xx

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Review #3, by ShelbyBlackStar Crossed: Christmas Kisses

17th December 2012:
Definitely not cliche love :)
Merlin I love Adrienne!
And as always, I love this, and can't wait to get to the next chapter!


Author's Response: oh, phew! Being cliche is a big fear, there are definitely hints but I'd like to think it's not MASUVELY cringey :) thank you x

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Review #4, by ShelbyBlackStar Crossed: Festivities

17th December 2012:
My two loves, Sirius and Regulus! Yay!

I promise a big review soon, I usually could drawl on and on but I'm so anxious to get to the next chapter!! Ee!


Author's Response: They are amazing, I'll say that! :p

But that's quite alright, what a compliment really!

thank you x

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Review #5, by ShelbyBlackStar Crossed: It won't end well

17th December 2012:
What...I can't even...ah!!!
Giggling like a little fan girl, I love this Regulus!
Your writing and flow is so superb, it's all so natural!

Eep next chapter I go :D


Author's Response: Giggles?? Awww, yay! I managed to make someone laugh! :) :) :)

Thank you very much though, I'm so glad to see you're enjoying it and the way I've written it :) x

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Review #6, by ShelbyBlackStar Crossed: Staring

17th December 2012:
Love, love, love!
I thank Merlin that in my (usual) desperate search for a decent Regulus/OC that I found this, and I thank HPFF Forums for the recommendation and naturally I thank YOU!


Author's Response: That forum post really was lovely and complimentary, and I'm so glad someone was kind enough to mention my work!

Lovely to see you like it, please do keep reading!

thank you x

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Review #7, by ShelbyBlackStar Crossed: History of Magic Class

17th December 2012:
Reasons why I love you/this story.

1. You've created a Regulus so true to how I envisioned him.
2. You're writing is quite flawless, comfortable, witty and just plain enjoyable.
And last but definitely not least...3. You've actually created a Regulus/OC (which I love already) and for that I'm forever in your debt!

Till the next chapter my dear!

Author's Response: Awww, you're too sweet :')

I'm so happy you like him, I just hoped for the best and went for how I imagine him - but glad we're on the same page :)
And that's SUCH a compliment, considering there are far, far better writers than I on HPFF - it's just that most of them aren't writing a Regulus/OC!

(I wisely chose a quiet field.)

Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #8, by ShelbyBlackDecadence: The Sun.

8th December 2011:
Wow, this is incredible! Your writing blows me away, not just in this story. You can see the careful selection and thought into your words, it's impeccable! The first two paragraphs are perfect, as is everything else, but the first two captured my desire to read this wonderful story.

It's such a original fanfic, and I have a fair idea on what is happening, that is to say, I have a fair idea what is happening and have no idea where it will go from here! Which is great! I will definitely be keeping an eye on this (must tell me when there's a new chapter)

I love that all your writing is unique. I haven't read much of your work but it's, simply put. You have a gift for making words work in a way I haven't seen before. You can make the most darkest of situations into something unbelievably beautiful and natural. I can envision everything you wrote with ease. I have a particular fondness for OC's and I have a feeling I'm really going to love her.

Well done dear!
Much love, ShelbyBlack.



I really like this as well - its all colourful imagery and its something different and I put effort into making it perfect, simple and something that someone can relate to. So hopefully I've done that! :)

I'm glad you think its so original too - I do try to keep my stuff fairly new and exciting, because that's what I like and its fun to plan new things!

I'm SO glad you think that I'm staying to my "true self" in a way with this because a lot of me has gone into various pieces of writing that I've done and I'm happy you recognise that!

I hope you will come to love her and feel like you're travelling along with her in the few weeks of her life in this!

Thank you SO much again - you were brilliant in reading and reviewing this. xxx

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Review #9, by ShelbyBlackDon't Lose Me: Don't Lose Me

19th May 2011:
ShelbyBlack here for your review! Sorry for it being so late though!

This sensitive issue affecting Arthur and the repercussions it had on those that loved him, I think you handled it brilliantly. I see Arthur and Molly as the father and mother of Harry Potter, so it was quite heartbreaking to read them in this position. After everything they had been through, this would be their downfall, it's terribly sad and you done well at portraying them in this situation.

Your writing it flawless, the flow is perfect! (I could even see some of your physical therapy lingo throughout that, which made me smile.)

"Life is full of misery, loneliness and suffering - and it's all over much too soon." I believed you used this quote nicely, the way I saw it is that this represented this situation, naturally. While they lived through the misery, loneliness and suffering of many situations in their lives they always had each other to fall back on and that's what made this story even more heartbreaking. The lived wonderful lives, it's sad that they have to live through all these things again, life is all over too soon, but they lived and loved and that's was what was important. I think you can take this quote two ways, either the negative or the positive. I think amidst all the negative in this story you manage to still capture the love and the positive in the situation. Her love and courage out ways this ordeal, if Molly can't do it, who honestly could? But...that is what I got from this, maybe you were headed in the opposite direction. I think if you manage to get people to interpret their own meanings behind a story such as this, then you've done an amazing job! So to your final have definitely made me think about life and the importance of living through all the bad and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and to love and be loved in return.

Thank you so much for entering and for this amazing, lovely story!

Author's Response: Thanks for issuing such a great challenge! I had a ton of fun writing this, even though the subject matter is so sad.

I really honestly cannot help but use my PT lingo it's like ingrained in my mind!

Thanks for the kind words on my writing :)

I think Molly and Arthur really had amazing lives and to have it end this way is so sad but it was important to me to depict Molly loving her husband and sticking by him no matter what you know?

I'm glad that I made you think about the importance of life, and I'm glad you took the time to review my story!

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Review #10, by ShelbyBlackLook at Me: Let's Go Back to Yesterday

19th May 2011:

Just had to get that out while I sit here in awe at the profound brilliance of this. Oh and I'm ShelbyBlack :3 (Here for your review for my challenge)

I loved this. I can't begin to explain how much I respect you as a author. I'm in awe of you and your writing.

The way you've done this sensitive topic is jaw-dropping, literally. I am amazed, I think you've done such a great job!

"Where there is love, there is life" You've used this perfectly. Fred's love is undeniable, and at the end of the day he knows that without it, he wouldn't want to have a life without love...without her. Which brings me to another thing, Nemesis. You believe how scared I got by the end of this, I actually thought that she wasn't real. I was hoping that he didn't make her up...

But, what I got from it and their relationship and history, in a way I saw her as his nemesis. "An opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome." She was his inner rival in a way, and I think that was clear through his emotions and his discontentment.

Definition: "Nemesis - The Greek goddess of vengeance. By extension, a "nemesis" is an avenger. One's nemesis is that which will bring on one's destruction or downfall." This IS her, this is what she is to him. His downfall. But seeing the positive in the situation he prevailed, it's truly powerful message.

Well done love, you met both criterion amazingly! Thank you SO much for entering!


Author's Response: Haha, awwh thank you! I've been getting love for this baby and I've been quite ecstatic that everyone seems to have liked it :D

I was a bit worried at first that I hadn't quite done the challenge properly, but then I decided to leave it - I was happy with the way it was and how it ended and everything. It was a bad situation that had a happy-ish ending and not everything has to have such a bad ending (even though I adore sad endings :P).

I actually ventured into the idea of Fred making up Nemesis completely, but it seemed a bit far-fetched considering his condition (which I'll leave up to you to ponder upon!).

That is exactly spot on how I pictured Nemesis to be because her name really did just say it all. I was wondering how I could end this and what name would really fit and not have it be anti-climax. An original definition of Nemesis is "distributor of fortune" which means neither good or bad because she isn't in a way. If this fic was in her POV you would feel more conflicted, but the fact is she needed to do what she needed to. It was neither good or bad... it just is what it is. (:

I'm so glad you enjoyed this so much! :D Thank YOU for making the amazing challenge and allowing me to write this!


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Review #11, by ShelbyBlackIt Goes On: Leaving Home

19th May 2011:
Hey lovely :3 I'm finally here for your review! Sorry for the lateness of it though!

"I could not live a life without it. But they started abusing it and they started abusing me. They didnít see me as the caretaker, they saw me as the Squib: the guy who couldnít do magic. That was the worst insult a person could get. My parents couldnít even look at me after my eleventh birthday. They never said they were ashamed, but I saw the hollowness in their eyes. Their only child, their son, was a failure. But they never saw that magic was as much a part of me as it was them. I just couldnít do it, but I still breathed it." This is what made it for me, what made me feel for him. I could believe this, see it going on in his head. It gave me chills, this whole story did!

I have a whole list here about the things I liked!

I loved reading about his life, this is the first time I've read about him and I didn't question it once throughout it - he's perfect...he is Filch. It's such a heartbreaking story, I actually felt like I was reading his final thoughts of being alive. That's how well you portrayed his love and devotion for Hogwarts and his job. Him having to leave everything he knew and loved, was done so so well. Your writing was brilliant and it all flow very well.

His spitefulness just adds to this, you can tell he is hurt but also that he has been like that his whole time at Hogwarts, because he didn't get to have want he wanted most in life. But, he is still happy (if that's the right word to use) that he gets to have the chance to be there, as he couldn't imagine his life anywhere else. "It was that notion that had kept me going. I needed magic as much as a person needed air. I needed to be by it, I needed to see it. It was my life, and trying to act like a muggle would never have worked; I was still different from them."

You had picked Alienation for your theme in your story. It worked perfectly, I think you did this extremely well! "...led by a Thestral. They had become visible to me after the war, like they had for so many others." < I loved this, it gave me a chilling image. But not only that...Filch had survived the war, however, old age caught up to him, he not only is being pulled away from the only thing that made his life satisfying but he is being forced to leave his home, his life.

After reading this I feel like I know why Filch was as cold and hostile as he was. Your quote was used perfectly. Yes, he was being forced from his home, but life went on, whether he believed it or not, subconsciously he knew it and he was and had to live it.

Well done! I loved it! Thank you sooo much for entering!


Author's Response: Sorry it's taken me so long to reply! I'm just speechless from all of your lovely words! I'm so pleased that you felt like I used the quote well and thank YOU for giving me the tools to write this story! I've wanted to write Filch for so long but was lacking the inspiration for it!

I'm so pleased that you didn't question him, you have no idea how great that makes me feel for being able to explore his character and have other people believe your vision as well.

I really loved writing this challenge and thank you again for all your lovely compliments!

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Review #12, by ShelbyBlackTurning To Ash: Turning To Ash

18th May 2011:
LIZ! :3 I'm here for your review!

I loved this! It was so dark and chilling. I could picture everything that was happening, your description was brilliant. Walburga is an evil woman, but brilliant, they way you wrote was ah-mazing!

The plot of this story blow me away! "As long as there's life, there's loss, Narcissa," WOW!


Your writing and flow of the story is awesome! Not to mention the so unique, the combination with the other challenge worked perfectly! I really liked the other quote :3

Honestly, you fulfilled the requirements for the challenge perfectly and created a truly magnificent story.

I'm in awe.

Thank you for entering! xxo

Author's Response: Shelby! ^_^

Yay! Thank you! I'm so, so honoured you loved this, and you could picture everything. Hehe, well you know that I love writing evil characters ;) I'm so pleased you liked her portrayal! She was fun, but difficult, to write. :3

I'm so pleased you liked the plot! Writing bitter characters is so much fun - you can twist everything good around to make it dark :3

The ending was almost sad to write, but I'm so pleased you liked it's uniqueness! I adore the Phantom quote I was given, and I knew it would sit well with dear Walburga :3

Thank YOU for having such a brilliant challenge! It was fantastic to be a part of it. :)

-Lizzie xx

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Review #13, by ShelbyBlackThe Wedding: The Wedding

18th May 2011:
JANE! *hugs* Thank you for being to patient :3 I'm finally here!

Wow...siriusly? This is great! I LOVED reading about Bellatrix's marriage. I'm in awe of your Bellatrix, it's spot on. I don't think I've ever gotten that many chills while reading something (other than the crooked man haha) Bellatrix's mannerisms are so amazingly perfect, it's brilliant!

Your topic 'acceptance' is perfect in this, your interpretation of her life and the topic go hand in hand, along with her love. The quote was chilling, I had tears in my eyes! It was unbelievably fitting! Her devotion and undeniable love towards Voldemort is so amazing!

Jane, thank you so much for participating! You're very welcome my dear, you've done great, I loved it!


Author's Response: SHELBY!! *hugs* Don't worry about the wait - the fact that you made it here at all just makes me so happy! :3

Thank you so much for all your comments (and for the placing!). You really made my day, and I cannot thank you enough for the review. This was such a fun challenge to write for, and I really thank YOU for issuing it!!

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Review #14, by ShelbyBlackIllusion: Illusion

18th May 2011:
*hugs* Hey lovely! I'm here for your long overdue review, sorry about that :3

I actually read this ages ago, but hadn't had the actual time to discuss everything I wanted too! The first time I read it, I cried hehe! Wow...this is totally awesome!

I absolutely LOVE the storyline, it's so original and unexpected! Where to start? I think this is such a believable story, definitely something that I could see happen! You've picked "adolescence" as your first criteria, you have done an excellent job as conveying this issue throughout the story.

"I won't tell anyone what you did. I won't humiliate you. But if you ever tell anybody what I did that first night, I will never talk to you again." This absolutely broke my heart! The things girls will go through for love, for somewhere to be've displayed the characteristics of being a teenager very subtly and nicely :3

I get all giggly when I read this, which in my case is a good sign when reading HPFF (means I'm enjoying it)

THE QUOTE *flails* This is another story! WOW! This is the first one that was submitted that had it in the actual dialogue. It was so nice to read, I love that like the others you've not only used the quote but understood what it's conveying! The way you've put this in your story is brilliant. I practically had a fit when I saw it! It fits so so well!

Love, thank you so much for this entry! I loved it!

Author's Response: Don't worry! :3
Wow, you cried?!!! Thank you! :D
Thank you :) As soon as I got the quote, I knew I had to do an affair story :)
Awwh, I'm glad you think I showed her as a teenager!
Thank you :)

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Review #15, by ShelbyBlackThe Completely and Utterly True Story of Drey, his Orbs and Hermione: The (thankfully) Only Chapter

24th March 2011:
LIZA! THIS.WAS.SO.AWESOME! Siriusly hehe ^_^ It was so funny! I'm so proud of you for creating a "horrible" story when you are such a brilliant writer! I loved it!

Love, Shelby

Author's Response: Shelby! *squishes* Thank you, dear! I'm rather proud of myself, too- it was harder than I thought.

Thanks for the awesome review. :)

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Review #16, by ShelbyBlackThe Shadow's Edge: Fading Strength

12th March 2011:
Liz. You have NO idea how much this means to me. I've never recieved something like this. This truely is the BEST present I've ever recieved.

I cried, obviously. Your writing puts me in awe every single time I read. It's beyound anything I have EVER read.

Sirius. You've done him so perfectly. I've got chills from it. Your explanation throughout on his pain and the experince of him in the prison, was so vivid! I could picture him and everything he did.


This was AMAZING!

Love, Your Twin Hippogriff!

Author's Response: Naw, Shelby, I'm so pleased you liked this! Right, now I have a lot to top for your birthday, it seems. O.o hehe XD

Eeep! I didn't want you to cry!! D: And now I'm crying :'( I'm so, so honoured you like my writing *huggles*

Hehe, this was the first time I've written an entire chapter from his point of view, so I was kinda worried, haha! Ekkk, I'm so pleased about that! You have kinda reassured me, hun ^_^


LOVE YOU TOO, TWIN HIPPOGRIFF!! *SUPER SQUISH* Just please don't eat a poor, defenceless little ferret! :P
Love, your twin ferret :D

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Review #17, by ShelbyBlackBlackest of Occasions: Blackest of Occasions

4th March 2011:
WOW! OH MY GOD! THIS IS AMAZING LIZ! I'm literally in awe!

Your writing is so so so so amazing! AH, I honestly don't know what to say. I'm lost for words!



Author's Response: SHELBY! *SQUISHES*

Eeeep, thank you so much, hun! This has made my night! I'm thrilled you liked this so much!!

*blushes* You, my lovely Shelby, are much too kind :) THANK YOU!!!


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Review #18, by ShelbyBlackMy Beautiful Sister: Ruby.

4th March 2011:
*10/10 DUH!

Chills Ely...CHILLS! This was amazing, I loved it ^_^
The loss she felt was so evident, it was painful to read! Your writing is flawless! YOUR AMAZING *HUGS*

Lots of love, ShelbyBlack

Author's Response: SHELBY!!! *squishes*

Aw, I'm hoping it wasn't too painful...THANK YOU!

Lots more love,

x Ely

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Review #19, by ShelbyBlackMagic Unknown: Wand-ering About

19th February 2011:
Here for the last review :D

Wow! I really really like this chapter! The wand, blew me away, that was amazing description, I'm in awe of your creations throughout this story! I can't wait to see where this goes, siriusly!

I hope these reviews have helped somewhat! I'm here if you need help, to talk or anything :)

Lots of love,

Author's Response: Thanks! I spent a lot of time researching certain things that I thought would add to the mystery of the wand. I hope you follow the rest of the story, as you seem to really like these first few chapters. Thanks for the reviews!

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Review #20, by ShelbyBlackMagic Unknown: What Child Is This?

19th February 2011:
Back again for another review!

I have to say, that I see great improvements in your writing :)

And wow...your description and depth of your story line is amazing! I can't wait to see, what's instore for all this!

The OC character, I haven't felt particularly taken to him, realistic wise. Maybe it's because of the action going on? I don't know. But with a story like this a realistic and relatable OC is vital. Maybe showing more emotions and thoughts? This is his story...yet I feel there is little of him, just of what's happening to him, displaying his motives, values, feelings and thoughts makes the readers involved and invested in the characters.

Siriusly...I'm loving the fact that Sirius is alive, oh, and everyone else haha!

Great work!

Lots of love,

Author's Response: Thanks again! Yeah, I know the OC's development is kind of short in these first couple of chapters. I try to go more in depth the farther into the story I go. I have ideas for more emotion-displaying later in the story, but right now I'm just stuck trying to finish Chapter 6! Haha, well, thanks again!

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Review #21, by ShelbyBlackMagic Unknown: Better Late Than Never

19th February 2011:
Hey it's ShelbyBlack from the forums for your review!

Now props to you for creating a unique plot! AU is one of my all time favourites, so reading this was fun. Thank you for requesting I read this!

Now I know you asked for critisim and opinions on this, so here it is.

First off, try to stay away from starting sentences with 'Adam' or alike, often. I saw it in the first paragraph, in some cases it can turn people off.

Adam did this. Adam did that. He did this. Adam did that.

"The skies were dark and cloudy, a stark contrast from the bright, sunny skies seen earlier that day"

I like this :) I always love to point out things I loved in stories, and this just caught me...couldn't really explain why though!

Also I have to say something about when he first saw Harry, I literally got chills! Imagining seeing him before you, would unreal. Chilling! But this also brings me to another point. Adam seeing these men in robes, and the strange occurences he gets from his emotions. You've mentioned he is a Harry Potter fan, as are we, so upon seeing these things our first thought would comparing the similarities of his real life with the books? Maybe that's just me though.

This plot can go very far, and I am very thrilled to see where it goes! Your pairings intrigue me! So thank you for requesting and so sorry for the late review!

I really enjoyed this, and I have to give you BIG props for this being your first story! It's great for a first, I have only one chapter on the archive so I know how it feels, we can only get better, right! So I hope this has helped, even if it's a tiny little bit, and know that I'm always a comment or PM away if you have any questions!

Lots of love,

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I tried to add a little suspense/surprise in this first chapter, but I know that the writing style is a little rough since it's my first time. Thanks again!

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Review #22, by ShelbyBlackMalice: Chapter III: Worlds

19th February 2011:
ShelbyBlack from the forums again for your last review! ^_^

Okay, the dialogue.I loved it! This chapter quite obviously is made up of pure dialogue, this is definitely not something everyone can get away with. You've peformed it great though! Your description between is so expressive.

Evie, is brilliant. Honestly. I love her. She is so believeable as a character, you've done great in creating a realistic OC! As the thread says, I love them! So over time I've become harsher when it comes to which ones I find realistic and whatnot but you have, not only created an amazing character, also an original world. Unique story. This.Is.Amazing.

I'm so happy you asked for this to be reviewed by me! Your an amazing writer hun. And again I'm sorry for the delay! Oh and have I already mentioned that I love it? Hehe!

Lots of love,

Author's Response: Awww, you are seriously the sweetest reviewer ever! Seriously, thank you so much for all these lovely compliments ^_^

I'm glad you like her and that you think she's well developed! That's always my main goal :) and you're very welcome, I will definitely be requesting some more reviews!

Thank you so much! :D

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Review #23, by ShelbyBlackMalice: Chapter II: Death and Discovery

19th February 2011:
Hey there, here is another long awaited review!

Wow...this chapter definitely was action packed!

I love the development of this OC character, she seemed very realistic to me. I'm excited to see more personality and history with her. Also, her relationship with her adoptive parents is so amazing, I really hope to see more history and memories about that in the future :) Losing two parents in one week? That's so tragic! You've very successfully conveyed her emotions, I felt what she felt...meaning, I cried hehe!

Your dialogue was brilliant! I love description, this is true (which you do well might I add!) But yes your dialogue flowed very well and very realistic!

Lots of love,

Author's Response: Thank you!! As Evie is the central character in the story I thought that she needed the most development and fleshing out, and quickly too. Yes, there will definitely be more moments like that in the story :) I'm glad you liked my dialogue too!

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #24, by ShelbyBlackMalice: Chapter I: Abandonment

19th February 2011:
Hey lovely, it's me ShelbyBlack from the forums! I'm so sorry about the late reviews!

I cried, it was so heartbreaking. You've been able to show these emotions with such strength! As it has been said before, her apparating straight after the birth made me confused. I couldn't imagine what that would take out of you, so her doing that so soon seemed highly unlikely.

I love this story...and I know these reviews are supposed to be critising and helpful, but I can't seem to do this on a story so perfect! Best story with potential? You definitely deserved that! The story is so original, i've never read anything like it. I'm super excited to see where all this goes hun!

Lots of love,

Author's Response: Hello! It's not a problem at all, as I'm absolutely terrible at replying to reviews normally!

Wow!! Sorry, I just squee'd a little at you saying you cried :P (I think that makes me a bad person...) it's great because it feels as if I've expressed the emotions well enough! And yes, major facepalm at me having her apparate so quickly. I should have made Edith do it ... wait ... *light bulb pops up*

I'm SO glad you liked it! I could just hug you right now! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #25, by ShelbyBlackMy Future Pups: My Future Pup

8th February 2011:
Oh my god it's up!?
I love this story, you know that right? And you know my feelings towards it! It's WONDERFUL AND AMAZING! Ekk I love it so so much! WELL DONE I'm so proud of you my little Slytherin!

Lots and lots of love xox

Author's Response: hehe thanks hun! :) I feel rather proud of this one two considering it was my first first person, and it was my first one that i started over more then once!! :D xx lots of love jess.

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