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Review #1, by leannemariesnapeLexis Logos Lord: Ginny

25th August 2013:
Your vocabulary is beautiful and the idea of the story is really interesting! Love it so far! Look forwards to reading more! :D

Author's Response: Thank you Leanne.

Glad you're liking it. Next one's in the queue.

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Review #2, by leannemariesnapeThe Worst: Dreading The Worst

14th May 2013:
Heya! I come bearing a review- as requested!

This is a really interesting premise!

The first paragraph of the story is so lovely. I really like it; it's so descriptive, which I genuinely really like. The best way I could describe the opening would be, it was like slipping into a nice warm bath- the only difference being that it's a piece of writing, and not a bath. Anyway, I digress.

The very first phrase that Dominique says is a complaint... I'm going to be completely honest and say that it made me smile. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but it immediately reminded me of her connection/ relation to Fleur.

As a reader, I really like the idea that she's a hard -working, dedicated young woman. Personally, I don't think that we see much of her character in the introductory paragraph, but that's not a negative in any way at all. Character is what the later chapters are for! This first chapter has done a good job in making me want to get to actually know her character, which is a good sign of writing. (At least it is in my opinion, haha)

As a criticism, the only thing I noted was that, the werewolf community must have been extremely docile, if they were willing to provide interviews, and warnings about the full moon. But at the same time, I think it's kind of resolved with your explanation that Hermione helped them gain a better level of treatment in the wizarding world.

I'm rather intrigued by the potential dynamics of Dominique and Teddy- especially given Bill and Lupin's connections, and how the two of them grew up hearing about werewolves in some way. I'd like to know whether their opinions change at all for better or for worse at any point in the story.

I liked this quite a lot. It was very readable, and it's a fascinating premise. I look forwards to seeing how it develops and what happens! This review isn't too critical, and that's mainly because there's so little to criticise!

Have a lovely day! :D


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

I am glad you liked the first paragraph of the story, as I put in a lot of effort into it.

Haha I am pleased that little bit made you smile and made you think of Fleur. After all, she is Dominique's mother!

I am glad you like her character so far even though you didn't see much of that here. Ah it's flattering that you want to get to know her =)

Well, I think that this being the Next-Gen era, and what with Hermione making life better for them (at least a little), they would be willing to give interviews and get their voice heard in the magical community.

Ah you'll see more of the Teddy-Dom dynamic further into the story, and hopefully have your needs fulfilled xD

Its great to hear that you found this readable and fascinating. It is a high compliment for me that you don't have a lot of criticism to give me, thank you!

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Review #3, by leannemariesnapeCracks in the Pavement: Death

3rd January 2012:
Wow. This is an excellent opening chapter of a story. The initial few lines did a very good job of drawing me in.
There is a strong sense of realism in this story too, with how Arthur is feeling after the loss of one of his sons; how Percy is feeling- the guilt, etc; Ron's turning to drink; Arthur's reliance on Molly. It is a really very interesting and intense first chapter, and I look forwards to reading more.

Leanne x

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I'm glad that you enjoyed the beginning of the chapter- I used the generalizations about families as a way to introduce the struggles of the Weasley family and I'm pleased that it worked out.

I'm pleased that you thought it was realistic- that was something I really tried to focus on while writing, to ensure that I did their emotions justice.

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Review #4, by leannemariesnapeLetters to Harry: Letters to Harry

30th November 2011:
This was a short and sweet little one-shot. I really enjoyed it- a bit of fluff now and then is a very good thing for the soul! I thought that you got off to a strong start with this, and did a good job of showing where and when we were seeing Harry. The first little thing that struck me however, was when Harry welled up at the thought of seeing Dobby. Whilst Harry is a very emotional young man, in my personal opinion he wouldn't be upset to the point of tears over Dobby, though I would imagine him feeling very sad. This isn't really a major issue, though.

Another thing that struck me is the thought of Ginny driving. I don't know why but I never really imagined Ginny to be someone to drive. Harry, of course, but the image of Ginny driving is a very strange thing to me. Though again, this is just my mind. It didn't affect the quality, nor did it affect the plot of the story. I'm just being crazy. I really liked the dialogue that you gave Ginny however. She was very frantic, and also relaxed. We could see it was the same person we knew from the books, but at the same time, it was obvious that having children had matured her and also her speaking patterns which I really enjoyed.

I feel like I'm being picky with this next point. I wasn't keen on introducing Hermione as Ron's wife. Hermione was just as close to Harry as Ron was, so that felt a little awkward to me. (Again, personal opinion, though).

But those letters! They were so short and sweet! I loved them. Perfectly in character for the age, and also just so adorable! Especially Ron's last letter. It was a very Ron-ish thing to write, and it is obvious that he cares about Harry, but is too Ron-ish to actually say it. So cute!

The spelling was perfect, and the grammar was good- I didn't spot anything, but I'm awful when it comes to grammar anyway, so what do I know!? I think that some of thes sentences were a little bit long, but I think that is just something that can be improved over time, without giving much thought to it.

I hope this review was somewhat useful. It's such a cute little story!

Leanne x

Author's Response: Ahh thanks so much. Really glad that my characterisation was good, I really wanted to get it right in this as it's so short and also nex gen. I'm also glad that you did mention the points about Ginny driving and Harry being over-emotional because it's nice to hear your reaction to everything. Glad you thought the letters were good, as they make up a bit part of the story.
Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #5, by leannemariesnapeBetter nearly late than never: Better nearly late than never

25th October 2011:
This is a cute one-shot, and I think it has a lot of potential! I thought that it was written quite nicely, however, I also think that it would be a good idea to separate some of the block of the first part into smaller sentences. I think it would help the story become more readable.

I like your style of writing, however, I noticed one tiny typo in that at one point there is a "my" rather than a "his". It was only a tiny little thing, though, so it wasn't a big deal.

I think it would be a good idea however, to add in some detail, maybe about how cold, damp and frankly uncomfortable he'd be, riding on a motobike for a few hours.

I really like the minimal dialogue that you have, which I think makes the piece very cute. With a good beta, I think you'd have a really adorable story on your hands. ^_^

Well done!

Leanne :) x

Author's Response: Thanks leanne, really happy you liked it. I think I will go back and split that first bit up, when I first saw how long it looked I thought I needed to change it as well.
Thanks for all your help on it as well!
-Lizzfizz x

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Review #6, by leannemariesnapeHistory To Be Repeated: The start of the trail...

3rd October 2011:
Oh, Hi there! I bet you're shocked to see a review from me! :P

This was a great start. Your description was excellent, and I could really imagine myself in the scene, among the chaos. I really liked Rowena's thoughts on the things happening around her, and also the characterisation you've already given her.

The only thing I can think of to criticise is that it could possibly benefit from being longer. Looking forwards to more chapters. ^_^


Author's Response: I know it needs to be longer, but having nearly finished the next chapter, this seems like an introduction... haha :L

Thanks so much for the review, it is really helpful to hear what you think about the story... plus it seems to boost my ego a bit! :L

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Review #7, by leannemariesnapeThe Most Evil Mind of Lysander Scamander: Chapter 1 - My Most Evil Mind

27th September 2011:
Hello! Here for your review! My initial reaction to this story is "what kind of craziness have I stumbled upon?!" which I guess is a pretty good reaction. :P

I always thought that Lorcan and Lysander were much younger than everyone else, but since there is no official date for anyone other than the trio's kids births, I'll let that slip. :P

Your characterisation is also interesting. The narrative is very clear, and in the characters voice.

Other than that, I don't think that there is really anything to comment on, especially since it's more of an introduction, isn't it?

Leanne :) (P.s. Sorry for how long this took to arrive :/ )

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Review #8, by leannemariesnapeTear me in Two.: The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

23rd September 2011:
Hello! Here with your requested review!

Strangely enough, I have been meaning to review this for the last couple of days :). This is a really interesting concept, and I really like the narrative of the story in this. It does seem like Fred's voice, which is awesome. :)

Awh, I loved the bit about Fred loving Hermione. It's so sweet, and deep down, I wanted those two to be together, so that was a nice touch.

I also loved how Fred had kicked Peeves out of Hogwarts and become a ghost his self. I can only imagine the amount of hassle that would have caused. ^^

I liked some of the smaller touches also, like with Hugo picking his nose and things like that. I like also how he has a preference over Fred, which I think would only be natural for him.

It is very well written, with no spelling or grammar mistakes, and I really think it is an interesting concept.

I look forwards to later chapters of this, because I'd love to read about how things go for Fred and Fred. :)

Leanne. :)

Author's Response: Hello!!! Welcome to the page of horridness, however I will defend you from those evil creautres and we will later tak e a skip in the park ^_^ Make any sense? Probably not ^_^ Onward...

:O Really? and you only just stopped by *shakes head* but you are here! :D and that is what matters most! Your the second person who has said that it does really sound like FredI and To be honest I can not write the Weasey twins at all - weird coming from someone who has humour as their fortay O.o - so for to people to say that makes me smile lots ^_^

!!! I know! I so wanted them together as well, they do sort of make the "it" couple as an item, and I am now a firm believer of if you are bestfriends or too close of friends almost like brother and sister you should stick that way, which is probably why I didn't like Ron/Hermione.

Poor Peeves... o.o Poor thing, evil Fred!! Maybe it didn;t cause hassle? x Hugo, the idiot... Picking his nose!! -.- Gross little child :P yes ^_^ Preference ... x

No spelling or Grammar mistakes?? Must be a miracle!!! O.o My Grammar, spelling is horrid !!! :D

I hope ou come back for futurue chapters, when I can get a grip on them O.o Silly things, chapters, they really are. Specially when you have a serious case of writers block. :P

~Karni. xx

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Review #9, by leannemariesnapeDescending: Descending

23rd September 2011:
Hi! Here with your review! :)

Wow. This was fascinating. I loved how it was out of order. It made the story seem chaotic, and I thought that it added to the questioning of Harry's sanity. (Although, there isn't much to question, is there!?)

I loved how he constantly looked around, seeing death-eaters, and flashes of green. I'm sure it would be difficult leading a normal life after having such a stressful adolescence, and you really wrote about it well.

I loved the beginning where he said don't look on the floor, and then it was explained later, also. It was a really nice touch.

The mirror in the end was brilliant, also. It was a very good way to end the story, in my opinion. The ending was really simplistic, yet very dramatic, adding to the depth of this story.

Such a fascinating concept, and it was written so well, too. I really enjoyed it. Definately think you should concider more stories like this in the future. :)

Leanne :)

Author's Response: I wrote it sort of jarring and rough on purpose, and I'm glad you appreciated it. :) It seemed to confuse some other people! It was heavily inspired by William Faulkner and Cormac McCarthy (brilliant writers, I recommend them both highly) so it's a bit abstract.

I'll definitely consider writing more stories like this, it was one of my favorite things I've ever written. :3 Thank you for leaving such a lovely review!

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Review #10, by leannemariesnapeTheir Finest Hour: The Shadow Spreads

23rd September 2011:
Hi! Here with your review :)

Wow! I love this! I can't believe nobody has reviewed this already! It is a very strong start to the story.

You showed a very interesting portrayal of Paris during this time. Grindlewald seems really scary, and I liked how he was still surprised by the power of the Elder wand, as I'm sure many people would be, if they were in posession.

I liked the conversation between Slughorn and Dumbledore. They both seemed perfectly in character, and I really liked Dumbledore's thoughts, when he was alone- the inevitability of the confrontation. Very good start.

I noticed this is your first fanfiction, too! I'm jealous! Your stories are already much better than mine. ^_^

You have a really interesting concept here, and I'd love for you to re-request the other chatpters, too!

Well done! :)


Author's Response: Thanks for the review Leanne, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #11, by leannemariesnapeWhispers Like Prayers: It's Enough

23rd September 2011:
Hello! Here with your review! :)

I really liked this. Remus/Sirius is a pairing that I've always been interested in, but never got round to reading. This one was very sweet.

It was interesting to read about Sirius's thoughts that Remus was the traitor, and it added a really interesting dimension to the story and the chemistry between the two. Your descriptions are to die for. Honestly, the opening paragraph was just amazing. I could picture it all in my mind vividly.

When it gets to the day of James and Lily being killed, I thought that it was a really good description of everything that happened, and it helped me to visualise some of the events more clearly in my mind.

Having people know he was innocent was also a really interesting twist on this point of view. Maybe things would have been better like this, after all, what with Peter being caught. Especially for Harry...

Also, the image near the end of Sirius with baby Harry on his chest, and Remus to the side of him was really adorable.

I noticed that in some places, some of the words were joined together, but it didn't really take away from the story.

I really enjoyed this! :)


Author's Response: Hi there!

Remus/Sirius is the best ship ever! ;) You need to read more of it. It's definitely a bittersweet, angsty pairing.

I feel like I've briefly touched on the subject of betrayal in my other fics so it was interesting to try to make that a key point of this fic. I think the betrayal just reiterates the fact how much they care for one another - that their need for each other outweighed any of the bad that was going on in the war.

Descriptions are one of my strengths so I'm happy that it worked well for you. That's my goal!

I really wanted a happy ending for my pairing so I thought this was the best way to approach that. I wish it was canon...that Harry got to live with people who loved him and he knew about magic and his parents and how loved he was.

The joining of the words was intentional. I'm not quite sure how to describe their purpose though. It's something I do often enough in my fics though.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #12, by leannemariesnapeAway From It All: Let's Go

22nd September 2011:
Hello! Here with your requested review! This one-shot really surprised me. Your version of Victoire reminded me of myself. It was really interesting, and the more of it I read, the more of myself I saw in her. Anyway, I doubt you're interested in that, so on with the review! ^_^

The memory of her youth was really well done; I loved the little touch of Arthur wanting a muggle BBQ. I think it would be typically him. Plus, the thing with Ron was also just classic. I had a mental image of Ron running around in the background with his trousers on fire, with Harry and Hermione chasing after him trying to put it out.

The interraction between Teddy and Victoire was also really nice. I liked how shy they were when they met, and how much she came out of her shell when she wasn't around her family. (*Shifty look*...)

As I was reading, I noticed that you have the sentence “Come one, won’t you talk to me?” , which I assume should be on, rather than one. (Although if it was intentional, and I just misread the sentence, feel free to shoot me ;) )

It was interesting, because most people seem to write Vic as the daughter who looks more like Fleur, and Dom as the one who looks more like Bill. So reading it the other way around really was very interesting. I guess that's the beauty of next-gen, isn't it.

I hope this review was of some sort of use to you. It seems more like a ramble to me. :S

This was a very cute story, so well done!

Leanne :)

Author's Response: Hi Leanne! :) Thank you for the lovely review.

You know, that exact scene with the BBQ played out in my head that way as wel, it works out to be quite a visual scene despite it not being detail heavy.

With Teddy & Vic, I really wanted to show that she really could only be herself around Teddy, that no one else could bring her out her shell like he did, so I'm glad you saw it that way.

Ha! That sentence definitely wasn't intentional! I've corrected that at least 3 times and for some reason, I keep putting the wrong version in! But, an edited version is the queue- it's just that one spelling error - so that'll be that fixed.

Sometimes it's nice to stray from the norm, and this is exactly how I envisioned Vic, it seems more 'her' to me.

Again, thank you so much! :D

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Review #13, by leannemariesnapeWhat Only We Know: Closely Guarded

21st September 2011:
Good first chapter! It was interesting that Dom is not veela, like her sister. It makes the story very interesting. I'm curious to see what Teddy's thoughts on all of this are...

This was really well written, and the conversation between the characters flows really nicely. You left the story at an interesting point, and I look forwards to reading more about how Dom is going to react towards all of this.

Leanne :)

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you thought that was interesting. Hopefully Teddy's thoughts won't disappoint you :D

Thank you, it's lovely to hear that the conversation flows nicely. I'm glad you thought that it was an interesting point to leave the story given I wouldn't want people to be bored by the end of it all. Thank you for your lovely review! ^^

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Review #14, by leannemariesnapeInterviews with Redheads: Ginny Age Eight

20th September 2011:
This is a really interesting story, and I like the insights into the Weasley kid's past, and the interviews are great, too. I thought that Ginny's memory is adorable! I loved how Arthur let her get away with flying. It is so much like Arthur, and it obviously set her in good stead for her future! I look forwards to the next chapter! ^^

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Review #15, by leannemariesnapePurpose and Priorities: Partings

17th September 2011:
I'm such an emotional freak when it comes to the friendship that the trio have. I swear to you, I was crying at the end of this. First we have Ginny saying her goodbyes to Harry, and then the trio's goodbye. It was truely heartbreaking.

Everything they said was perfect for their character, and was just... lovely. I adored how Ron was being humourous, almost as a way of putting a wall up, but then, with his little speech at the end. It just added to the sadness and at the same time happiness.

You know they'll stay so close as they're older, but at the same time, they are becoming their own people.

They're finally grown up!

Author's Response: I, too, am an emotional freak when it comes to the trio (though I prefer to think of it as 'ridiculously sentimental' :P) This is probably way more emotional and sentimental than the trio would have ever been, but I wanted to give them a moment where they actually said out loud how much they meant to each other. I'm glad that the emotion came across for you.

I'm also glad that you appreciated the bits of humor that are thrown in (mostly by Ron). Harry is pretty sentimental guy, and Hermione has an overly emotional side to her, but Ron is not so much. Excessive emotion just makes him uncomfortable, so I think he would have to crack jokes to lighten the mood, but that doesn't mean he isn't feeling the exact same things.

Thank you again for reading and reviewing this story. It really means a lot :)


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Review #16, by leannemariesnapePurpose and Priorities: Choices

17th September 2011:
This is a really cool fic. I liked the differing points of view, and I liked the reasoning behind each of their thoughts on what would happen next. I think for people who have had "adventures" for the last seven years of their lives, it would be only natural to wonder what would happen next, which is why this is so interesting.

The nightmares were a good touch, and I liked it when Ron felt guilty whenever Harry and Hermione mentioned what happened when he was away, which I think would be very realistic, considering the circumstances.

Well done! ^_^


Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! This was one of my very first fanfics (I wrote this chapter and 'Before the Dawn' at pretty much the same time) so I always love getting feedback on it.

I'm glad you thought it seemed natural and realistic. I just wanted to explore what it would be like for our favorite trio of heroes in the aftermath of Deathly Hallows, once they had recovered and were starting to think about moving forward. Specifically, moving forward in three different directions. It's a point pretty much all friendships hit at one time or another, but due to their history, I think it's even more compelling for the trio.

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Review #17, by leannemariesnapeAt Great Personal Risk: Natural Talents

17th September 2011:
I wasn't expecting the characters to be sorted into those houses! I was expecting Lily to be Slytherin and Sev to be in Gryffindor, and everyone else in the same houses. This makes the story even more interesting!

Sorry, this review isn't useful or anything, haha. But, I really like how this story is going and I'm interested to read more :)


Author's Response: I'm glad you're still enjoying it. I mixed things up with the houses, and you'll find I do that a lot in this story -- it's not a pure one-to-one switch.

Thanks for another sweet review :)


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Review #18, by leannemariesnapeAt Great Personal Risk: Two Owls

17th September 2011:
Wow. This is a really good concept and I'm addicted already! :D I'll definately be reading the next chapters, because I'm fasincated by how this story will go.

It was really well written and I look forwards to more. :)


Author's Response: Hi there! I'm so glad you like it and plan to read on :)

Thanks for the kind review!


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Review #19, by leannemariesnapeRumors to Keep Secret: Their Secrets Keep

11th September 2011:
This is a really interesting pairing, and I'm really surprised no one has thought about it before! It is really interesting, and reading a fic in Hagrid's POV was really cool. I'd love to read something about the later years. Yeah, this was really cool! Loved it! :D


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review. I'm currently working on expanding the story, especially to include the later years while she is a ghost.

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Review #20, by leannemariesnapeFinally Got It Right: Part Six

6th September 2011:
Just read this without stopping- I didn't leave reviews because I was so desperate to move on. I loved this story. It's so interesting and I think you made it easy to see the different traits of her parents that Luna gained. It was just adorable, feel good brilliance! Well done!


Author's Response: Thank you! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the story.

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Review #21, by leannemariesnapeThe Tournament: I Get Tricked

5th September 2011:
This really is a great start! I really liked the idea that there would be another tri-wizard tournament eventually, and I'd imagine there would be even more restrictions and precautions than before! I liked that Scorpius was sure it would be Al- I mean, it would be totally believable if he had become the champion!

I loved the conversation between the two. It was very natural and flowed very well. I also liked his little "Hey Rose" thing. I do hope you continue to write this, because I'd love to read more!

Grammar and spelling were perfect, too. I really enjoyed this first chapter. :)


Author's Response: Wow! I'm glad that you like it. I really hope to continue this, but at the moment I am having a hard time thinking of the challenges. My Grammar and Spelling is perfect? Awesome! I'm so glad you enjoyed this :D

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Review #22, by leannemariesnapeSnow White: My Insanity's End.

4th September 2011:
I love this story. It is very dark, and sucks you into the story, which is great! I loved your character of Hesper also and I'd love to read more about her. Well done! This story is definately going in favourites! :D

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Review #23, by leannemariesnapeHues of the heart, house and home.: Colours

3rd September 2011:
This is a very clever story! The colours were well explained and put into a context that I have never really thought of before. I liked how Godric and Salazar are quipping at one another, and the reference to Jesus being sold out for silver. It was a very good touch! I also really liked how the language of the story was old fashioned- it was really nice, but at the same time, it was still easy to read! Plus, the banner is absoloutely stunning!

Well done on this story! XD


Author's Response: thank you so much. this is a lovely review and I am so happy that you found it a nice story to read. I am also blown away by the banner, completely unexpected.
Thanks, this has brightened my day

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Review #24, by leannemariesnapeSplinch: Not much ado about nothing

2nd September 2011:
Review 5/5!

This was an interesting chapter! I liked seeing Rose taking the lead with Quidditch. I liked how she acted showing that she is clearly a natural leader!

And, ooh! What a twist with the DADA teacher! Just from her description I had a feeling it was going to be an Umbridge of some form! I'm surprised she got a job considering her background! Haha. No spelling or grammar problems!

Well done!


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Review #25, by leannemariesnapeSplinch: Happenings

2nd September 2011:
Hi! Review 4/5!

This was interesting! I really like the idea of a prefect common room, and I can just imagine all of them in the common room, discussing their prefectly duties, and such! XD. I like that Hermione has a book! I was like- Yay! haha. So, what was the voice she was hearing? Curious...

Charity Longbottom seems pretty cool, too- like a bit of a rebel! I love seeing paternal Neville! Very cool! I don't think there was any spelling or grammar mistakes, therefore, well done on this!


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