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Review #1, by I_love_SiriusMonster Inside: Interrogations

29th September 2007:
She can't sleep... but she slept on the train?

Author's Response: yeah ^^ after I wrote that one chapter I think she's just getting used to being up durring the day, sorta like someone who lives on the other side of the world would have trouble going to sleep for a while ^^

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Review #2, by I_love_SiriusLife As A Girl: Chapter 10

28th September 2007:

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Review #3, by I_love_SiriusLife As A Girl: Chapter 1

28th September 2007:
James's eyes are hazel.

Author's Response: Yes, I know they are. I've been reminded of that alot of times. I'll go back and fix it when I have the time. Thanks for the review.

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Review #4, by I_love_SiriusLook at me: Still no good news comes

26th September 2007:
why was Sirius at number 12?

Author's Response: it wasn't grimauld 12, but just a number 12....I wrote that without thinking of grimauld 12..I understand now that it might get confusing. I'm sorry for that. Maybe I should change that soon!

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Review #5, by I_love_SiriusSwitching with Sirius: A Rush Of Reality

23rd September 2007:
I'm waiting for the next one...

Author's Response: ...alright. But did you like this one?

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Review #6, by I_love_Siriuswith birds in her hair: Those butterflies never really fly away

21st September 2007:
only 1 comment: =)

Author's Response: yay! thankyou. and heres a smile for you: =]

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Review #7, by I_love_SiriusI Watch you Go: Pranks, Prats, and Pathetic bribes

20th September 2007:
Way too short! But all nice stories are short, and all bad ones long.

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Review #8, by I_love_SiriusLines Crossed: Taking Action

23rd June 2007:

I like the storyline!

Author's Response: Haha, sorry thanks for the enthusiasm but I've already found someone to continue with this story!


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Review #9, by I_love_SiriusSaving Ana: Merry Christmas I Guess

20th June 2007:
In other words, cool!

Author's Response: cool...

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Review #10, by I_love_SiriusThe Power Of Love: Unable to be friends

19th June 2007:
Sad. I love it.

Author's Response: I'm so glad! Thank you so much!

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Review #11, by I_love_SiriusHave A Little Faith...: Sorting Hats and Second Attempts

31st December 2006:
This is a review just to support you. Good luck with your story!

Author's Response: thankyou!
your support is much apreciated!

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Review #12, by I_love_SiriusPerfectly Imperfect: Not so Plain Jane

31st December 2006:
Lemme guess. Sirius!

Author's Response: Yay! You're my 50th reviewer! Thanks for reviewing! Well, I can't say who it is yet... muhahaha, Lol. Sorry!
Love ya
PearloftheOcean a.k.a Sonia

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Review #13, by I_love_SiriusI Thought Kats Always Landed on Their Feet: This whole school is weird

31st December 2006:
Wow, poor thing didn't get to read her own letter and her mother didn't even tell her about what this all meant.

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Review #14, by I_love_SiriusThe Darkest Shade of Black: Off to Hogwarts

28th December 2006:
Awww. update soon!

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Review #15, by I_love_SiriusThe Man With Two Souls: The Man With Two Souls

21st December 2006:
I managed to force the tears not to even come in my eyes :p I beat y'all! Anyways, real sad, but after JK Rowling killed off Sirius, I guess the deaths after don't matter anymore, because I got used to them. I wasn't even sad when Dumbledore died. I hope this isn't going to happen for more reasons than one. First, I'd rather Harry get killed by The Prominent V rather than have him suffer such an empty life, second, "So this is what Harry Potter’s soul was like. He was weak and full of emotion; his strength had died with Riddle." this part is so unplausible and impossible in my mind(but most probably not yours), because he chose Gryffindor, and the Sorting Hat actually let him in Gryffindor when he said not Slytherin, it saw "the other soul in him", and that was the good part he inherited from his parents, none of them were cowards. His parents died to protect him, what other proof of bravery do you need? Even Neville ended up strong. Third, "His eyes glared back at him. They were no longer green, like his mother’s, but hazel like his father’s" that is also sad to me, because he has no lasting memory of his mother, and where does it say that Voldie's eyes are green? I always thought they were red :p. This story has a spoiler after Dumbledore and the Horcruxes, but still a nice and sad story! Good one!

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Review #16, by I_love_SiriusWhat Would I Ever See In Ronald Weasley: one

21st December 2006:
Gregory Goyle, Vincent Crabbe. Have I reviewed here before? Anyways, its a nice story.

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Review #17, by I_love_SiriusShe Hates Me: Chapter 26

18th February 2005:
Oh, another cliff hanger? How evil!

Author's Response: sorry, honey. thanks for the review though.

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Review #18, by I_love_SiriusUnexpected Love: The Reason

11th February 2005:
I realised that its the 70's, when Hoobastank wasn't even formed yet.

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Review #19, by I_love_SiriusShe Hates Me: Chapter 24

14th January 2005:
Of course it was a taster! That didn't even so much a burn me!

Author's Response: glad to hear it. thanks for the review

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Review #20, by I_love_SiriusStranded!: Schnooglepies Letting Go and the Rescue

5th January 2005:
The sequel should be a romance fic about Lily and James! I love those fics!

Author's Response: OOh I know, me too! I LOVE L/J fics, but I simply cannot write them! ^^

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Review #21, by I_love_SiriusStranded!: Schnooglepies Letting Go and the Rescue

5th January 2005:
Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!

Author's Response: Lol. Thanks for your review! The Sequel is up!

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Review #22, by I_love_SiriusDark Days Pass But Are Never Forgotten: Another Number

5th January 2005:
I've been waiting for months!!!! SOON? MY ELDER SIBLINGS ARE COMPLAINING TOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #23, by I_love_SiriusChristmas Wish: Lunch and Lessons

1st January 2005:
You spelled Crucatius right.

Author's Response: That's a relief. Now I have 80 reviews so I'll update on the 2nd.

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Review #24, by I_love_SiriusDark Days Pass But Are Never Forgotten: A New Minister

22nd December 2004:
You're going to go back in time and add a chapter for us? Wow, I never felt so grand before!

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Review #25, by I_love_SiriusLife. Or Something Like It: September

13th December 2004:
IT ISN'T HERE!!!! Nice Chapter, good luck with the next one, cuz IT ISN'T HERE!!!!

Author's Response: um i don't understand if u mean the second chapter it is up!

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