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Review #1, by RUMBLEROREComplicated: In Which Slytherins Speculate

23rd October 2014:
So I've been meaning to read this story for like a month now and I've had it open in a tab the entire time and I FINALLY got around to reading it and it is amazing! (idk if any of that made any sense) I'm so obsessed with Olivia and I really like Al too. The way that you write is incredible! Especially the parts where Olivia is drunk. You do such a good job at those parts. Honestly I love this story so much. I'm not sure how I feel about Louis at this point, but he has his upsides. Also, Joe makes me super uncomfortable but he's still adorbs. And idk if you were planning on developing more characters into the story or not, but I think it would be really nice if there was a bigger part with James in it. At least to see more of the interactions him and Al have. But idk. I just feel like I would like James' character. Even though Al is number one. Okay so this whole review is me rambling about nothing. I'm so sorry. I'm super excited to read more though!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for such a lovely review! I'm honestly so so happy to hear that you're enjoying reading.

And I'm glad you mentioned drunk Olivia...I feel I maybe enjoy writing drunk characters a bit too much.

There will definitely be a bit more James coming up, but Al's always going to be the main Potter brother in this one :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to review, I really really appreciate it!

Much love,

Emma xx

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Review #2, by RUMBLEROREGet in Line: Between The Bookshelves

18th September 2014:
yo this was really good...I hadn't realized that I didn't read this chapter yet and it was v good. i'm a fan of silas. also fred. duh.

Author's Response: DUDE. I forgot that your account name was RUMBLERORE. I've been geeking out for the past five minutes. And v big fan of Fred. Fred is everything. I need to borrow Keish's laptop cause I forgot to post the chapter image. WHOOPS.

thx v much for reviewing. u da bomb.

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Review #3, by RUMBLEROREGet in Line: Death To Cats Everywhere

12th December 2013:
yo I'm officially in love with this story now okayaayayayayyaayayyayy.

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Review #4, by RUMBLEROREWhat Means Most: Mad Thoughts

15th September 2011:
aww. can i just say that i love george and angelina. and luna. and neville. so obviously i liked this chapter since they were in it tons. well not really angelina, but still. :)

and where is luna's father staying? just wondering

Author's Response: lol, he's at ST Mungos, you know the hospital? I'm sure that was in there. I'm glad you like my picks in the chapter, a little random I know. Angelina isn't really a developed character here. My Hair brained schemes goes more into george and angelina. I think it's pretty cute, but out of my stories, it's different because it's from the POV of characters that aren't really developed all that much. So it's my interpretation :) It was fun :) I'm glad you liked this chapter! Thanks soo much for reviewing, my heart kinda gave a jump seeing a new review lol.

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Review #5, by RUMBLEROREEnemies with Benefits : First Kisses and First Looks

13th September 2011:
oh hey giiirrlll. this was a super good/cute/funny/andsortofdramtic chapter! I love fred. SO FREAKING MUCH. like its reached the "OMG MARRY ME RIGHT NOW!" stage. yeah, its bad. but you knoww.

...I have no idea what even just happened. balls to me.

k byee. ;P

Author's Response: oh heyy bud. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA SILLY BAFOON! ...don't even know where bafoon came from, but i like it so happy birthday ya bafoon. even though i wrote on your wall wishing you a happy birthday wished from THE fred weasley II himself, there are a couple more people that want to wish it to you.

Dessie: Happy birthday! Don't eat too much cake and explode.
James: happy birthday, bro. live it up while you still can
Logan: it's your birthday!?
Sydney: Happy Birthday! Have a great one! (:
Heidi: Give me your cake.
Roxy: I second Heidi's demand.

Yeah, you just wished happy birthday from my fanfiction characters so you should feel pretty darn special. BALLS TO THE WORLD.

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Review #6, by RUMBLEROREDiary of a Gryffinclaw: Breaking the Sorting Hat

8th September 2011:
hahah so i like this story so much, that i decided to go back and review all the chapters of it:) this one was really cute. my favorite part was at the beginning when al was making fun of the sunflower patch. WHAT A JOKER.

Author's Response: :) THanks so much!

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Review #7, by RUMBLEROREBeauty Queen: The Aftermath

8th September 2011:
omg. so i had to get all caught up on this story, because i had missed the last chapter getting uploaded i guess. whatver. but this is really intense.

HOGWARTS. HOGWARTS. im so excited. :) ahhh. hahah

also, im really sorry to hear about all of the stuff going on in your life right now:( it sounds pretty rough. but hopefully things will start getting better for you and your family. :)

but yeah, i loved this chapter. and the last one too! that pretty crazy intense part at Gringotts was done really well i think.

Can i just say that her mom is a butt-horn. seriously. she bothers me.

and i really love dom. she seems like a good friend for natasha. and their conversation was hilarious. :) the house-ism part was cute.

AND the sorting was done rather well if you ask me. hahah even though it wasn't meant to be a funny part, the line where the hat was like:
"The Slytherin house really does have some useful traits, although you donít have many of them so you donít have to worry about being sorted thereÖ"
made me crack up. just because the hat was like 'slytherins have tons of great qualities, but you dont have any of them. so you suck.' i mean, he didnt quite say it like that, but thats how i would've taken it if i were natasha.

but basically, the bottom line is that i really liked this chapter even though you werent crazzy about it, which means that the next chapter is going to be like super good! YEAHH. :) holla.

cant wait to read more! :)

Author's Response: Ah yay! I'm happy you liked the chappie :) The Gringotts part was pretty tricky to write so I'm super glad you were okay with it!

And thank you for your kind words, my family life is slowly getting back to normal. School started and everything so I've been getting into the swing of things with that and such.

I understand your frustration with Natasha's mother, but I kind of like her. I don't know its just she cares so much about Natasha, and she thinks that they both want this and that the both of them are happy. I think Natasha's the trickier one of the two, because she's so bent on trying to make her mum like happy.

I love Dom too! Although there are some things about her that annoy me. Such as the fact that in a SMALL way, she kind of reminds me of Nata's mum, you know?

I'm glad you liked the sorting! I thought it was pretty bad, especially the hat talking part because it was just SO hard to try and embody a hat. I did actually realize when I was typing it that it was a backhanded insult to Nata, but I kind of liked it so I kept it and figured no one would notice. I love Slytherin so I was just trying to make it sound good, you know how it is :)

So I'm super happy you liked the chapter, and I hope the next one lives up to your expectations! There will be many new characters introduced, and I love them all.

Thank you!

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Review #8, by RUMBLEROREDiary of a Gryffinclaw: Hogwart's Public Enemy Number Seven

6th September 2011:
soo, i REALLY LIKE THIS STORY SO FAR. and i accidentally had caps lock on because apparently i cant type. but im also too lazy to go back and re-type all of that, so it is staying capitalized. the sad part is that im not even joking. i literally just had an argument with myself in my head about whether or not i should go back and undo the caps lock. and now im telling you the totally pointless story of it. i figure it keeps me sane.

but anyways, like i said, i really like this story so far. its cute. and albus is so funny. really. i also love tabby. she is hilarious. :)

the only tiny advice i have would be to keep in mind that they are only first years, so im not sure if they would always be that sassy or whatever. but i suppose the next chapter will be in their sixth year, so it doesnt really matter anyways. :P

okay. thats about it. i cant wait to read more! :D

Author's Response: OMG First off, i REALLY REALLY LOVE YOUR USERNAME.

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Review #9, by RUMBLEROREWonderland: Two Hours. Seventeen Minutes. And Forty-Eight Seconds.

4th September 2011:
oh hot damn. this was seriously an amazing chapter. i mean, james, freddy, and paul mccartney all in one chapter is seriously verging on an overload of hotness. well, only the young paul mccartney. and i feel like he would probably be dead by the time this would be taking place, but maybe not. but let me tell you, he was very attractive in his younger days. just saying.

also, you have good taste in music.

i am so glad that i found this story. it is really really good! i always get so excited to see that its updated. speaking of which, i started reading this like on thursday? or whenever you just updated it, but then i had to leave my house so i never had the chance to review it...until now. obviously. but whatever...better late than never.

and i am so so so excited for her and james to be talking and hanging out agaaaiiinnn. you have no idea. SO EXCITED.

hahah my favorite part of this whole chapter was when spencer was yelling at freddy, and then james hugged her, and she was all happy about it. that was funny. :) the entire chapter was hilarious, but that would definitely be my favorite part.

uhh, yeah. i think i ran out of random stuff to ramble about so i guess i'll stop the review here. but i can''t wait to readthe next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Thank you!!! I'm glad that you liked the chapter! "Overload of hotness" haha :D You're right; Paul McCartney was a very beautiful man in his day! I did the math and in the year that the story takes place, Paul would be, like, 80 so hopefully he'll still be alive that point! The world is not ready to lose another Beatle!
And thank you, I really pride myself on my taste in music! I've always enjoyed classic rock and older music.
I'm glad that you found the story too and I'm also glad that you're enjoying it so much! I love James and Spencer together too and I hope that you'll enjoy the next chapter (which I began writing last night!) :D

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Review #10, by RUMBLEROREThe smile I gave her: The smile I gave her

1st September 2011:
this was the story i reviewed, but it never went through i guess. :P which sucks, because it was a freaking awesome review. really. im actually extremely upset that no one else got to read it, because it was hilarious. oh well.

i think i said something along the lines of how cute and adorable this was! i really loved james even though he was being a minor creep when he was watching her sleep at one point. pshh, i do that ALL the time. ...not really. but i would if i was james. because thats how awesome he is.

and unfortunately, i dont remember anything else i said, but thats okay i suppose.

...and i just thought i should mention that there are some little kids running up and down my street right now pretending to be wizards. i feel like i should run out there and yell avada kedavra just so they will shut up.

im not a fan of little kids.

BUT ANYWAYS, like i said before, this was a really cute should totally do more of them! :)

Author's Response: OH. MY. MERLIN. I didn't respond to it like I thought I did... sorry lol it's funny because you had trouble reviewing it, and I had trouble responding to it... hmmm. lol I'm glad you thought it was cute, I always think it's creepier that he asks her out all the time, at least this time he's keeping it to himself lol.
I'm also glad for the kids' sake you don't have a wand or magical powers lol. Now I know why you're a Slytherin lol :P
Thanks for the review! I probably will, We'll see what I come up with right? :) Thanks!

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Review #11, by RUMBLERORERoomies: Manly Movers, Immature Aidan, and Clueless Guys

1st September 2011:
I LIKE LOUIS. he's my fave:) pretty much because he just so happens to look EXACTLY like silas. how crazy is that? ;)

Author's Response: TOTALLY CRAZY. I don't know how these wacky coincidences happen, I really don't. (:

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Review #12, by RUMBLERORETurning the Tables: Haters in the Building

15th August 2011:
OHMYGOSHIWANTTOMARRYJAMES. ikdgfghwisjxnhbds. seriously. and freddy is such a poop-head. yeah. that's right. I just said poop-head. that's how we do it. ...yeah, I'll stop. I am glad dom and coco are tight again. it was making me sad that they were drifting apart kind of. but they are reunited! BAM. chaise just lost like ten points on my list because he is becoming friends with all of the gryffindors. but I guess I can't really blame him. but he still should've stuck up for dom and coco! even though james had it covered. I seriously just argued with myself there. that's skill. be jealous.

...I'm writing this at like almost three in the morning, and I have to wake up in three hours. LOVELY. but that's my lame excuse for this crazy review that doesn't really make sense and is probably scaring you right now. talk about scarred for life. my bad. just kidding. ...OR AM I?! bum bum buuummm. yeah, I am. okay. that was awkward.

so bottom line: I loved this chapter, as always. and I was really glad you updated so quickly. I can't wait to read the next chapter! :D

and I think I tell you this in like every review, but I feel like saying it are such an amazing author! I adore this story so much! its beyond great! :)

Author's Response: You want to marry James? While I'm sure Coco would be fine with him finally being out of her life and what not, I have a strong feeling that she might be a tad bit annoyed... although she'd NEVER admit it.

Freddy is a bit of a jerk, isn't he? But I think that's what I love about him. He can't seem to get one thing right and he's always saying the stupidest things.

And yes Dom & Coco are tight-ish again. Although I do think that they will never be AS close as they once were because they've already drifted a part a bit much for it to ever be FULLY healed, but I shouldn't tell you that as that'll be figured out later on.

And yeah Chaise definitely lost major bro points. Although he did have a reason, like you said, but still. Not cool.

No problem with arguing with yourself, I do it all the time, sometimes when I'm alone I argue with myself out loud, it's something I can't control. And don't worry I'm writing this at three in the morning too, I feel like a night owl because I stay up until five every morning and sleep through basically the whole day... which will be an issue once school starts up again.

I'm so so happy you liked the chapter, and I'll make sure to update just as quickly as this time, as long as the queue is on my side and whatnot. Also, you really flatter me by thinking I'm a good author. It's such a compliment for you to like my writing, and I feel myself grinning like an idiot because of it, so THANK YOU :)


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Review #13, by RUMBLEROREWonderland: Crazy

14th August 2011:
freddy is so amazing. just thought i should get that out there. hahah, I quite like him. and I really liked this chapter. it was funny. but it got pretty intense towards the end. for reals. but now you have me all excited to read to read the next chapter since james is going to be in it. *wink wink* ...I'm not sure why I threw that in doesn't really make sense there. :P whatever.

Author's Response: Thank you! I love Freddy too; he's pretty boss. I'm glad that you thought the ending was intense; I was hoping for that! And yes, James IS going to be in the next chapter so get excited!! (I know I am).
Thanks for reading and for the review! :D

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Review #14, by RUMBLERORESlipping: Curious

12th August 2011:
heeelllooo! I loved this chapter so much! it was really funny:)

OMGILOVESIRIUS. he's amazing. such a hottie.

haha, I also liked the part with the fifth(?) years and the 'charity'. that made me laugh.

the fourth year who kissed her was hilarious! hahah he kept repeating that he was fit. hehehe. silly fourth years.

and even though this review is pretty short, I really liked this chapter and I can't wait for the next one! :)

Author's Response: Aww thanks, I'm uploading the next chapter as we speak so it just needs to get validated. Gah I love Sirius too, and the fourth year is such a twerp. I think we'll be seeing more of him.

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Review #15, by RUMBLEROREI'll Catch You: Ready to go

11th August 2011:
hi. i missed reading your story:P i have had the busiest summer ever with traveling and summer work and crap. so i haven't had time to read this! GAHH. but i still am in love with the story and i'm so glad i'm able to read it again.

AND, i had to review this chapter because the hunger games are amazing. I LOVE PEETA. so muchh. i seriously cried when i finished the series just because i wouldn't be able to read about them anymore. how lame is that?! haha i even called my best friend when i finished the last book at like 3 in the morning on a school night to cry into the phone about how depressed i was that it was over...she was pretty pissed at me.

but anyways, i will definitely try to review the rest of these chapters soon! :)

Author's Response: Hey RUMBLEROAR! It's nice to hear from you again! I hope you had a good summer though!
I love the hunger games, Peeta and Gale have both have great but different qualities. I finished reading them in a few days because I couldn't get enough!
I look forward to reading your reviews!

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Review #16, by RUMBLEROREEnemies with Benefits : The Snowball Fight Tradition

11th August 2011:
hehehe, I love fred. I really do.

and you told me I was like a turtle. but I can't remember why.

and and and...its four in the morning and I have to wake up in like four hours. AWESOME.

ALSO, Do you remember how last summer you would come over to my house all the time and we would always eat alfredo pasta and nachos? we are so weird.

when I wished you a happy birthday on fb, I think I said something about the cat noises you used to make. hah. :)

Author's Response: dude same.

i don't recall calling you a turtle but then again, i don't recall a lot of things. i blank most of the time and space out which really is a problem cause then my contacts go all fuzzy and i can't see anything which brings me to the fact that i still haven't got my glasses from your house... i need to get on that.

right now, it's 3:13 AM and i don't plan on going to bed for another three hours and then i plan on sleeping in till 4 PM. HA. :D

how could i forget? those nachos and alfredo were banging. darn, now i'm hungry. AH, i want food! i just had some blueberry waffles like two hours ago but i'm still hungry... life is hard.

oh and thank you! popopopopopo logan lerman!

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Review #17, by RUMBLEROREWonderland: Advice from Robyn-the-Wise

8th August 2011:
unsdgirwgkjnsdjg. holy poop. i did not see that freddy bomb coming. that was a shocker. and i missed james in this chapter, which is rather pathetic considering he was just in the last one. whatever. he's just that awesome i suppose. but anyways, I LOVE THIS STORY. so freaking much. i cant even describe to you the love im feeling towards it right now. its really only a few steps away from me kissing my screen. ...awkward mental picture. and its all your fault for making this story so incredibly funny and cute. WAY TO GO. ahem. moving on. she totally should have kissed james right before he started tickling her. she probably would've if he hadn't started tickling her i suppose. hmm lets see, what else? oh! i feel so bad for her since she blew chunks all over james' feet. how nasty is that? but i mean, i would've too if i had gross little danny giving me a mental picture of their children which would be caused by them shagging(duh) and that in turn causes barf. poor girl. oh well, at least freddy can help james and her get back together again. is it getting back together? or are they still together and she just over-reacted? or were they never really together in the first lace? i mean, i was just one date. SO freddy can get them together! if he doesn't i will have to kick something. well, probably not. i like most of my shoes and i wouldn't want them to break.

oh jeez, i didnt realize how long this whole pointless review was. SORRY. my bad. but in any case, i am super excited to read the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: First off, you have the most amazing pen name; I love it :D
Thank you so much for the really sweet and lovely review! I had a goofy smile on the entire time I was reading it. I really appreciate how much you love my story; hearing people say such nice things about it make me so happy!
Spencer, being as unexperienced as she is with boys, would have never kissed James before he started tickling her - no matter how much she wanted to. I know it sucks but you won't be kept waiting too long for some Spencer/James. I'm sorry he wasn't in this chapter and he won't be in the next either but I SWEAR he'll be in chapter 7. PLEASE DON'T HATE ME; I MISS HIM TOO. It's necessary; I promise.
You're right about James and Spencer; they aren't exactly together. It was just one date after all. Let's hope that they'll be another one despite the puking incident (as for that, I'm a cruel author, what can I say).
And don't be sorry about the long review! I loved it! I'm 500 words away from finishing the next chapter and then into the queue it goes! Thanks for reading and for the wonderful review :D

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Review #18, by RUMBLERORERiddikulus: There Really is No 'Fun' in Funeral

8th August 2011:
so i just read your other story, and i have to say, you are an incredible author! both of your stories are so creative and interesting and im dying (hah, no pun intended. i am too funny) to read more of them.

I like this story quite a bit. especially louis:)) what a babe.

i like Georgette personality. its hilarious.

and let me get this straight, the main character's name is Georgette, and she has a twin brother named George? i didnt like that at first, but its growing on me and i think it has a nice ring to it. George and Georgette. George and Georgette. Georgette and George. fighting crime one criminal at a time. sorry. but it just seemed like a good slogan with their names and everything. ...on second thought, that was terrible. but im too lazy to delete that all, so im going to continue on with my awkward rant. hmphh. blaahh. okay.

i suppose thats it then for this review. i've thrown enough random useless rubbish into it to last you a lifetime. lovely. erm, well like i said before, i LOVE this story, and i cant wait for the next chapter of it! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I was a bit worried at first about their names, because it's honestly so cheesy, and your slogan is hilarious. I might just have to incorporate it.

I love your username/pen name/whatever you feel like calling it. A Very Potter Musical, anyone?

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Review #19, by RUMBLERORESlipping: Peculiar

8th August 2011:
omg, i love this story so so so much! its really really good. seriously. :)

hmm...lets see. i obviously love lupin. he's quite sassy. and howard seems like an...interesting character. i cant tell if i'll think he's funny or stupid or a complete jerk. its a toss up at this point really.

anyways, this story is really good, and i am excited to read more of it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I already have the next few chapters prewritten, so it's only a matter of time before they get validated. I'm not really sure how I view Howard either, but he's going to get a stronger role as the story progresses...

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Review #20, by RUMBLEROREEnemies with Benefits : Brother-Sister Talks

8th August 2011:
where the heck did turtle come from? just curious. i quite like turtles. they seem sassy.

and whaddup with freddie not being in this chapter? i guess he just didnt make the cut. poor fella. like that show called godfellas? maybe its goodfellas. that would make more sense. ...not really.


gahh, i just choked(?) on a breakfast bar while i was trying to type this. Its strawberry flavored. Nutri-grain. with more of the whole grains your body needs. also a good source of fiber. bfdbjkfjknfsjknsjn

okayy! goodbye. i cant wait to read the next chapterr!

Author's Response: Turtle? I may be blanking but I have no clue what you are talking about! I do like turtles though. They are totally boss.


I have never heard of godfellas or whatever the heck you are talking about. Sounds pretty special though!

Please stop choking on breakfast bars. That isn't good. I DON'T WANT YOU TO DIE.

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Review #21, by RUMBLERORETurning the Tables: It's Been a Really Really Messed Up Week

3rd August 2011:
ah! I loved this chapter! it was soo good:) I hope her and roxy become friends. because that would be fun...I forgot what I was going to say there. gahh. umm, oh! I really like james. and I'm glad that he apologized. :) yeah this is going to be a super short review, but I can't wait to read the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Aw yay you liked it :)

If her and Roxy were to become friends, they would have a long road ahead of them to get to that point.. I think. It would be fun, but I don't want to spoil whether or not it happens!

I'm happy you like James. I like him too even though he's a bit stupid and his apology should have been for something way bigger than provoking her at the feast. But the real question is: was he sincere?

Next chapter will be out soon-ish. Just gotta wait for something else to get out of the queue first. But thank you for reviewing :)


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Review #22, by RUMBLERORETurning the Tables: Be Careful What You Wish For

5th July 2011:
soo, I think I forgot to review the past few chapters BUT, I totally loved all of them! and this one. I'm really glad she punched fred. and I have to say that bailey is such a jerk. she needs to be punched too. *hint, hint* just kidding.

I love scorpius though! :) he's so awesome. hahah I hope they eat with him more.

and I kinda like roxanne now. I'm glad she isn't totally mean to corinne. otherwise the list of people needing to get punched would've been getting a little lengthy.

AND OMG, james didn't stand up for fred! :D ahh, when I read that, I seriously did some kind of awkward giggle/dance thing that even freaked me out, so be glad you didn't witness it. but I kind of like james. its hard not to.

AND I will def have to read your new are seriously one of my favorite authors on here, and all of your stories are so amazing.

I can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Yay you loved all the chapters! That always makes me feel good :) It was fun to write her punching Fred, I felt some strange satisfaction when it happened. I'm not sure if Coco will punch anyone else though, I think McGonagall would expel her if it happened again (but I do wish Bailey would get a little slap)!

I'm glad you like Scorpius! I love him too, and he's definitely going to be in more chapters. Roxanne I'm not sure about though. I don't really know if I like her or not, but I think she's one of those girls that just kind of say it how it is.

It's good you like James, I've been trying to make him be a bit more likable throughout the story, although it's pretty hard because he's soo stupid.

It means a lot that you like my writing! I can't believe that you like my stories and the response to this story has been so overwhelming!

The next chapter will be submitted as soon as I get back from vacation, which shouldn't be too long :) Thanks for a lovely review!

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Review #23, by RUMBLEROREEnemies with Benefits : Interesting News

5th June 2011:
hello dearie! jeez, I haven't been on hpff in like forever! stupid school taking away my nerd time. ...if that makes sense. whatever. so I was reading all of the other reviews for this chapter and some of them were really stupid. just saying. haha, I remember you saying how you wanted to put a preggo person in one of your stories, so I'm glad you finally did. :) but yeah, that's about it I guess. byee.

p.s. I was reading through our old emails and I was cracking up at how stupid we sounded from writing them mostly after midnight. we suck.

p.p.s. did I tell you I'm moving?

Author's Response: hey!! i haven't responded to reviews in for ever so i hope you see this!

we seriously do suck. i went back and was reading all of our edits and the notes that you left at random parts and i started laughing my butt off. popopopo logan lerman!

MY REDBULL! 80...I miss you, buddy!

and i knew that your house was for sale but i didn't know if you were like packing up and stuff

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Review #24, by RUMBLEROREFaking It: I'm On The Edge

29th May 2011:
ah! okay, so this is seriously going to be a mega short review, but I really liked this chapter...even though it was crazy dramatic! :) I can't wait for the next one! I might die in anticipation. haha:)

p.s. I love james. just sayin'.

Author's Response:
You're alive! :D haha, thank you though and I'm working on the next chapter :) Don't die on me O:

ps, i love you :)

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Review #25, by RUMBLEROREScratch your name upon my lips: II.

17th April 2011:
ah! so I was looking at this story, and I noticed that you almost have 100 reviews! :O yaayy. that's so exciting. I get excited whenever a story gets 100 reviews or favorites or whatever. haha I dunno, its just fun. I get the same way about birthdays too! I LOVE singing happy birthday to random people. I used to sing happy birthday to my friend every day for an entire semester. it was always in one particular class. the funny part is that people would think it was her birthday like EVERY time I sang to her. so they would join in, and then she would get pissed. so funny. but anyways, I just wanted leave another review saying happy almost-100-reviews! :)

p.s. I seriously cracked up at your story about how you used to stalk that guy and then had to ask him for directions. that was hilarious. I think I would've died. haha:)

Author's Response: OH MY GREAT GOODNESS - you're right!

I can't believe I didn't notice that before now! I am such a bad, bad person. I usually am the first to notice - like whenever a chapter hits a certain number of reads, or whatever. I always freak out, it's a truly wonderful feeling. Haha.

Hahha, thank you for wishing me a happy almost-100-reviews! I'm blowing out my candles as we speak!

And yes, I think that moment was one of the most mortifying of my life - but I don't regret it. It was great! ;)

As alwayss, thanks for reading&reviewing.

Allie x.

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