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Review #1, by yegodsitskripaRemembering Sunday.: Heartbreak.

1st December 2010:
Oh my god. I absolutely love this song, and it goes PERFECTLY with this scenario. I loved the way you incorporated the real meaning of the song while at the same time, making it part of your story.
also, ATL,

Author's Response: Awh, thank you. :)
I'm glad that you like my story.

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Review #2, by yegodsitskripaTill Kingdom Come : This Is Only The Beginning

29th November 2010:
OMIGOSH! its over!! *cries* oh well. it was a GREAT fanfiction! this and temptation. temptation was actually the first fanfic i read on this site, and i fell in LOVE with it. :)
but this really brings it all together!! :)

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Review #3, by yegodsitskripaTill Kingdom Come : Remember Me As A Time Of Day

25th November 2010:
YAY! poor rose is finally free of her baby!!! and she's a mom! and scorpius is a dad!! haha i love how her mind works, even when shes giving birth. she's still as energetic and everything. :) GREAT chapter!!

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Review #4, by yegodsitskripaLove, Damned Love, and Statistics: I. The Girl

9th November 2010:
hahaha don't worry, staistics make the world go round. as a fellow math nerd, i completely understand. :)
haha i LOVE it.
i really like Ellain's character the most, but they all seem a bit, idk, bland... but still, GREAT story
ps, i love al's little crushhh

Author's Response: I understand how you can see they're a bit bland. I didn't try too hard on their characterizations since this was my happy fluff piece that I wrote for fun, though I might try to improve it a bit in the future. It's quite difficult to introduce what is essentially 3 OCs so quickly, and I have an idea of how to do it, but it's in the back of my list of things to do right now. When I procrastinate!

Thanks for leaving a review! (and yes, poor Albus! xD)

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Review #5, by yegodsitskripaThe Longest Walk of Her Life: The Longest Walk of Her Life

8th November 2010:
this is one of the best dramione one-shots i've read. :)
i love the very ending, how ron isnt a complete jerk and actually lets her go.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading! That's a pretty lovely review :)

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Review #6, by yegodsitskripaThe Fathers Aproval: Scorpius has a talk with Ron

8th November 2010:
YAY!!! ron wasnt a total meanie to him! thats too cute. i love the way Scorpius describes her. its adorable. :)

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Review #7, by yegodsitskripaWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twelve – Princess.

7th November 2010:
those idiots! (the parents i mean) i kinda figured something like this happened from the last couple of chapters, and yeah. its really sweet how much scorpius cares about ariadne. its cute :)
and i guess they're in 6th year? or 7th. idk
but about your little anecdote, i do believe he likes youuu :)

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Review #8, by yegodsitskripaWelcome to the Chase: chapter.eleven – Hidden.

31st October 2010:
haha i loved it!!! al is so sweet... :)
i DO like this blondie better! and now that hes more into teh story, yeah.
and dude, i swear the same old creepy sucky high school builder guy built our school. that darn old high school builder!!!

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Review #9, by yegodsitskripaThe Patil and The Potter: Gas Masks and Letters

29th October 2010:
oh no! no nerds!!! im indian so i get the entire "you must marry a guy with a huge salary thing" and awww i feel for pooja! jeez, and al sure seemed mad/jealous.. ooohh!!!
great chapter!!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks for the great review! I've gotten this whole thing from my own family, so it really wasn' that difficult trying to write it. Oh- and about Al being mad/jealous, I loved that part

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Review #10, by yegodsitskripaDouble Trouble: Chapter Twenty: Saying Goodbye

28th October 2010:
aw!!! so much has happened! but thanks for updating!! :)

Author's Response: Yes a lot did happen in this chapter. This chapter and the next one are setting things up for the next part of the Twins's story.

Thank you for your review!

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Review #11, by yegodsitskripaTill Kingdom Come : All That Follows

26th October 2010:
whoa. mark? huh. so he did get over his argument with her. awww.
mrs weasley senior... :(
great chapter, you really got the emotions across

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Review #12, by yegodsitskripaBedposts and Broomsticks: Cinderella

25th October 2010:
haha wow great chapter! thanks for updating!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!!

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Review #13, by yegodsitskripaGame: O Captain, Not My Captain

25th October 2010:
yay! ok, once again, i find roger to be an over reacting prat. im really glad the team approved of him :)
fav quotes :
"Bring in the boy? What this then, a ritual sacrifice?" said Hannah.
Rona lifted her arm in a half-hearted wave. "Close enough, it's a wedding."
Metaphors... are not your forte
haha i loved the second half of this chapter though. especially the part when Oliver couldnt figure out the password :)
GREAT chapter though! :)

Author's Response: I swear, the dialogue goes nuts as soon as Jason is in the scene. It's awesome and kind of scary. Mostly awesome. And Oliver, oh Oliver. So defensive about his intelligence. (He'll still argue that he's right about the answer, no matter what anyone says.)

Thanks for the review :D

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Review #14, by yegodsitskripaTelling Your Mother: Telling Your Mother

24th October 2010:
HAHAHAHA best way ever to break it to the 'rents! :)
lurved it! :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much, i'm so glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #15, by yegodsitskripaTale of the Pumpkin Thief: It Takes a Thief

24th October 2010:
hahaha voldemort.
i like scorpius in this story. He's quite, shall i say, planning/cunning. but then again, he is a Slytherin.
but yes GREAT story! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! His Slytherin qualities (like his Malfoy ones) are part of what makes Scorpius so attractive. :D

If you're interested in the seventh year story with more cunning and romance, I'd love you to read Our Little Secret.

Thanks again, and Happy Halloween!

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Review #16, by yegodsitskripaLipstick Stain: Because I Loved Her

24th October 2010:
this was a GREAT story. i absolutely loved it! its so frikking bittersweet!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it and took the time to review! -Kirsty xxx

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Review #17, by yegodsitskripaFamous Last Words: No Way...

24th October 2010:
OMIGOSH!!! i just discovered this story, and HOLYCRAPAMAZING! they are TOO cute together. ALso, Rose is incredibely brave for doing what she's doing.
fav quote->
Another thing, someone needs to give these freakin’ portraits a deck of cards or something because if I hear one more near sighted medieval warlock tell me I have spattergroit, I might hurt someone.
hahahahaha oh spattergroit :)
loved this chapter!

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Review #18, by yegodsitskripaWhoops?: Of Hen's Nights, Potions and Detention

23rd October 2010:
haha i just read this entire story up to this point now, and it was frikking HILARIOUS! :D
i love the random little plot twists and the way the characters act around each other!
but this was a GREAT chapter! (why are potions classes always the most awkward?)

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Review #19, by yegodsitskripaStars: Stars

23rd October 2010:
wow. that was a GREAT ending. i mean, it was bittersweet, but at the same time, it was like BAM deep.
its also really sad, cuz, arent the scamander twins luna's kids? so she already had experience with death.
great one shot though.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! For some reason, I just thought that that was something Luna would say. I'm glad you like it!

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Review #20, by yegodsitskripaDesire: Desire

23rd October 2010:
oooh!!! i like this story!
i really like Lily's role in this story, how shes already very mature. Also, i like the way the story ended, in a kind of bittersweet way. :)

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Review #21, by yegodsitskripaWolfsbane: Epilogue

21st October 2010:
AAAHH!!! such a good frikin ending!!! and i read the first bits of seven, and i cant wait to find out what happens. :)
i loved this story

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this story, and Seven. Your review has made me smile! :D

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Review #22, by yegodsitskripaThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Work to Do

21st October 2010:
haha i love your writing! those ravenclaws. sigh i really wouldnt mind having their brains...
but GREAT chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the reveiw!
Haha, neither would I, my dear - neither would I.

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Review #23, by yegodsitskripaWelcome to the Chase: chapter.ten – Destruction.

20th October 2010:
grrr.scorpius makes me mad in this chapter. i mean, i like his character, but he can be SUCH an idiot sometimes.
haha i just realized that ms. scamander is luna.
anyway, i feel like ariadne is a really good friend, i mean embarrassing yourself just for your friend, is really nice.
and i feel like rose over reacted, and i feel reaaallly sorry for poor ariadne.
but as usual, great chapter! :D

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Review #24, by yegodsitskripaGame: Fortune Takes a Holiday

20th October 2010:
so i just read this entire story so far tonight. (and yes im procrastinating) but still, it's GREAT! i love how your characters work together, and how you can incredibly random plot twists, but i love 'em!
about this chapter particularily, i feel like Roger over reacted, and that he was being a bit of a jerk.
and just saying, forget Harry, Ollie's the hottest Quidditch player out there! :)

Author's Response: Woohoo, I'm advocating procrastination! 8D I hope the plot twists aren't *too* random, but I do try to make sure everything fits together correctly and remember what the *real* truth is. Hee, I like how split everyone is over Roger. He's a justified jerk!

Oliver only gets better with age ;)

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Review #25, by yegodsitskripaWelcome to the Chase: chapter.nine – Fear.

26th September 2010:
GAAAH! omigosh FINALLY! that was a really good chapter though...i feel like Al already likes her a bit. :)
keep updating! :)

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