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Review #1, by Scribbled Scriptsetc. etc. (and life goes on): A Lesson in Persuasion

1st July 2012:
I'm sorry that I ramble and write lengthy anything because of it D:>

You truly are my favourite author and graphic maker(: Oh the feels you made me have over this fanfic! I haven't read fanfiction in forever, hadn't the time. You have successfully combined all the traits I would ever find desirable in a bloke into the characterization of Albus, who is one of my all-time favourite Next Gen character; plus, you used Logan Lerman as him. My senses have been murdered to say the least, haha XD Your writing combines wit, romance, and correct English (something, unfortunately, can be lacking in fanfictions...) creating the result of me not getting a wink of sleep (even after my mother repeatedly told me to sleep since I have to wake up early tomorrow). I can't seem to describe how much I just love this story. My heart beats alongside Clemence's; I always do have a weakness for romance stories. You've written the perfect Slytherin, the person you'll love to hate, yet also love to be. They aren't bad people, just ambitious and know what they need to get it. Their methods can be ruthless, but not always, and I believe you've describe that perfectly in all of Clemence's actions and words. I'm so addicted to this story, and to be quite honest, I hate first person. It's...just...not me to say the least. Some stories are best told that way, but I find most get a bit overly emotional for me. I'm just sort of rambling praise, can't ever seem to gush in a non-ADHD way... swalinieohnvjbeobewoian38y34n80dgubs I LOVE THIS STORYYY! There, that's just the best way to put it, haha (x
I really do wish I can write with the humor you have. All my wittyness comes out as snarky or too dramatic for a romantic comedy storyline; probably comes with the dramaticness in which I act out my life. Dramatic person writes dramatically, go figure. As I admire you and all, I was just wondering if you can answer my question? I've been in a rut for writing for ages now. I'll have plot bunnies, but they never grow up; I can't seem to make an actual story out of them. Or there's the other thing, where I can see only a part of the story, but I can't seem to fill in the gaps of the rest. But with all my questions, I have this one big one. Is it better to just write and see how it goes or meticulously plan the whole thing before even beginning? I can never decide which is better, which is what produces a good story. It seems pointless just writing, but not having an actual final product since I'll probably end up changing it so much it'll be different from what I originally envision if I just aimlessly write. The problem is just that it's aimless. But then I feel that might help me get out a good story if it's spontaneous. What's your advice, oh wise author of this story? Haha, sorry about the question, I just value your advice.
I hope you update soon, and that finals weren't too bad. It's summer now! I hope yours will be nice and relaxing c: ♥

Author's Response: AHH. SQUEEFEST. Hee, I've gotten a lot of reviews saying I've cost them sleep lately. They shall suffer my late nights with me. I always appreciate when people like my Slytherins. Looking at ambition and ruthlessness from another angle, you know? I always imagined Slytherins being a very principled group of people. They might play by different rules at times, but they're honest and upfront.

It's totally all right, it's very hard for me to find a good first person fic too. If the voice isn't just right, it doesn't work, so I'm super picky. ASJLHFLFHSA! keyboard smash is fully appreciated ♥

If you have a problem building an actual storyline, try to get comfortable in your world and just imagine it. Let your characters walk around on your brain. What are your characters like in the beginning and what do you want them to be like in the end? What's changed? What hasn't? It's this kind of purpose that keeps me anchored. etc has changed a lot and so has its planned ending, but not its endgoal. There are things I want my readers to leave with when they finish reading about Clemence and Albus. This is what allows me to think of so many scenes to choose from, because there's a lot that I could potentially use to show (for example) that Clemence is more hypocritical and vulnerable than she thinks. As long as I remember that's one of my goals.

I like to start writing and see where it goes, but in ruts, I just have to muddle through. It can feel like work, but I know there will be easier chapters later. From what I've seen, no author likes planning. I think, if you don't plan on writing serially, it's fine to just start writing wherever and connect the bits. But planning is very helpful if you start publishing online before you're done with the whole story. You can always go back and edit of course, which is what I do. But I do wish I could rewrite some parts of my stories quite often.

I like to use a lot of my "gaps" as a place to describe the setting and characters a bit more. Like, I'd set the scene in a new classroom or with a new professor. I can also slip in details I haven't had time to put in before. I generally write the more "boring" scenes better, just because I'm more careful about making sure they're well-written so they're not a waste of space. The best part is when I can find a scene I thought wouldn't fit, and I'm able to merge it with a different scene. Sometimes, it's good to challenge yourself to think of an entirely different scenario that could still fit with your plans (it's easy to get too used to your plan and miss something better).

It is summer! But unfortunately I've got school and work anyway ;A; but it is nice and cool! And there is still plenty of time for fun ♥ thank you for your review! c:

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Review #2, by Scribbled ScriptsQuest of a Lily: Chapter One: Prologue

31st August 2011:
This sounds like a promising start to your story(: Hope to read the next chapter soon.

Oh && at one point you said "Piss of", instead of "Piss off" You use said a lot, maybe switch it up a bit more next time? Variety of word choices is always good(:

Author's Response: Thank you!

Yeah I know :/ I wrote that beginning of the story a while ago, and am just starting up with it again now. I have a few mistakes in it and I'm trying to get a beta for it! I recently started trying to switch that up! Someone else told me that today too! I am working on it though! So don't you worry!

Thank you so much for the review! I'm hoping to post another chapter soon :)


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Review #3, by Scribbled ScriptsGame: The Secret Has a Temper

7th January 2011:
Usually I stick to some certain eras and certain couples. It's rare for me to go out of those specifics to read other stories which is something that really limits my reading range, but I'm glad I do when I see stories like these that really capture my attention. Great beginning! I'll continue reading later as I need to finish my homework, haha(:

Author's Response: Hi! :) I know what you mean; lately, I've been expanding my reading list a lot too and I definitely don't regret it. Hope you enjoy ^___^

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Review #4, by Scribbled ScriptsTen million fireflies and a Lily: Ten million fireflies and a Lily

2nd January 2011:
Awee this is sweet! I like the occasional songfic every now and then, not much of a fan of how some are writen. . . but I'm glad I found this(:

Author's Response: aww, thank you! :D I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #5, by Scribbled ScriptsBroken: Somebody get me Through this Nightmare

2nd January 2011:
You are one of the few people I've read who wrote with such vivid details! I love one people do that but not in some forced way. Everything flowed nicely and everything felt so realistic and vivid that I can see, hear, basically feel, each and every emotion as if this was some movie that I was pulled into. Please keep on writing as fast as you can! I truely can barely wait for the next(:

Author's Response: thank you for such a lovely review hun - i am pleased you are enjoying it and the next chapter will be up ASAP!!


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Review #6, by Scribbled ScriptsDelicate: Call Me Mum

29th December 2010:
After obsessively reading as much as I can for the past two nights, seriously at night, I FINISHED! Almost pulled an all nighter reading this the first time and did pull an all nighter today! And I think I'm in love! The story is just plain, quote Scorpius, 'brilliant'! There were more than just a few times when I find myself in stitches laughing my buttocks off, but I can't laugh too loud since it was sorta the middle of the night when I was reading it. Haha(: I love how everything is writen very realisticly yet there was enough spunk, wit, and loads of sarcasm from Rose to keep this utterly entertaining! Heck, you even have enough drama in there to keep me, the drama obsessed one, amused! You most certainly do deserve recieving that Dobby award! This story is like a drug. I get high off the hilarious sarcastic remarks within it! Now I shall be off to favouriting you as one of favourite authors...wait, I already did that and faved the story so all that's left to do is post this review and go read the sequel! Off I go!

. . .

What is with me and all these exclamation marks? Maybe it's from lack of sleep that I'm hyper...Anyways, Tooduloo~!

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Review #7, by Scribbled ScriptsDancing With You: You've Made My Day

29th December 2010:
I quite like this story! It's very cute and yet realistic. Enough fluff to have me awe but not too much that'll make me or one of my friends who hates fluff gag! Actually, I love it!

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Review #8, by Scribbled ScriptsMeet The Potters: Meet The Potters

27th December 2010:
ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!! It's very realistic, yet humorous at the same time. One of the few funny stories I've read that is seriously written and not in random, funny haha way. I love it!

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Review #9, by Scribbled ScriptsMistake: October 31, 1981

31st July 2010:
I seriously am in love with this story. It was quite sad with the ending. I wish the Marauders could of had a better ending, but there wouldn't be much of a story for the HP series would there? I've recommended this story to my friends who love Marauder Era stories, and by far this is one of my favorites. It's always fun to write about the eras not covered in the books because they simply weren't covered in the books. Haha!

Ironically, I sometimes RP with my friends in a Marauder Era HP game, and I've made a character named Jazz. Which was the whole reason how I've found this series. I've typed in Jazz in the TitleSummary part of finding a story to see what I'll get and this is the only one I've truely liked. Though it slightly amused me the slight details that were similar between our two Jazzes. Well, it at first slightly weirded me out, but then it became amusing. Though you won't be seeing what my Jazz is like as I'm still writing my fanfic, work-in-progress and not quite done enough to show on the site either. My Jazz does in a way live across from Potter as she rooms with Lily a lot who does live across from them, likes Sirius, is one of the best friends of Lily, cousin actually, and there are a few others but those are a few reasons I rather keep to myself. But anyways this is an amazing story dearie.

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