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Review #1, by InsertOneTotallyEpicNameHereLay Under The Milky Way: It's Kind Of Naturally Backcombed, Actually

7th November 2010:
I know I've probably reviewed this before, er... Can't remember. [Can't remember a lot of things, but let's ignore that.] However, I have recently re-discovered this smashing piece of comedy fiction, and I want you to start writing it again.
Or else.
It's brilliant.
[Note the capatilization.]

Author's Response: Why thank you!! Sorry it's taken me so long to respond and update but I lost my account details and I've only just found them after a few years!! I'll try and get the next chapter done ASAP!!

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Review #2, by InsertOneTotallyEpicNameHereAnything You Like: Chapter One

13th August 2010:
I like it. I really do. She's funny, so far a well developed character, and I could see this happening. It's not that terribly cliche, "oh, I love Sirius, he's my best friend, but he doesn't see anything in my horrid, horrid features that my father horridly beats me to," ...y'know? Haha. It's good. Also, it's a definite plus by the fact that she's actually very funny!

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Review #3, by InsertOneTotallyEpicNameHereAll This Time: The Start of A New Year

12th August 2010:
I like it. Has an actually plot, and it's not just mindless, "oooh, I hate that bitch Lily Evans, and oooh, I hate that whore Sirius Black," Haha. Very nice indeed.

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